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  1. 42lb Racetronix SMP injectors- Need injector tuning data please!
  2. EFI Live basic help
  3. Guys using HPTuners come in please!!!
  4. BS3 and a LS1 PCM to run gauges COME IN!
  5. Asr light after m6 swap and question about m6 segment swap! Help
  6. Popping and farting then smooth
  7. School me on the 98 pcm swap
  8. Turbo and 02 sensors. Hptuners
  9. o2 sensors not cycling
  10. tuning out delay in DBW
  11. Fuel Pump Relay Control Circuit....
  12. 2bar map tuning question
  13. Is frost still doing tunes?
  14. Head swap LQ4 timing suggestion?
  15. HC ls1 going really rich mid dyno pull
  16. What tune file should I start off tuning from? 427 stroker C5
  17. Tune?
  18. PLX power source and hp tuners eio ground?
  19. Lq4 harnesss????????
  20. column lock fuel disable-abs dtc
  21. Is it ok to run this pcm with my mods??
  22. P0174 Lean Bank 2 DTC
  23. Tuning for 42lb SVO injectors - Can someone confirm these values?
  24. Codes? not sure what to do
  25. in need of tuner, asap please
  26. LS7 DBW on dyno, loosing throttle at end of pull.
  27. 95 chevy no spark
  28. looking for a pcm flasher in or near ohio
  29. How to add airflow?
  30. irradic timing at idle ?
  31. Programming the ECM
  32. H/C much timing?
  33. Timing ?
  34. Professional Tune Question
  35. Any AEM ECU users around?
  36. Hp tuner question..
  37. Hp Tuner help
  38. Bought an RX7/LS1 project... several codes
  39. What AFR under decel?
  40. car ran like crap at the track
  41. E85 and injector scaling
  42. tune near ok
  43. Any way to use new style knock sensors on 411 computer?
  44. 5.3 swap running pig rich
  45. 411 vs. e40 ECM's
  46. If Holley fixes the "coil issue", then...
  47. is my PCM toast?
  48. black smoke idles crazy stalls sometimes help!!!!
  49. 5.3 shorting out knock sensors
  50. How to pull timing hp tuners
  51. My Car hates A/C!!
  52. LS1/T56 Harness work with TH400?
  53. two issues in lsx conversion
  54. cylinder #8 misfire
  55. 2001 6.0 and 5 speed swap in mudtruck idle issue and timing sticking
  56. Question about the obd2 test
  57. Random misfire
  58. p0332 code help
  59. TX obd II emissions help
  60. Wideband that can use laptop as controller?
  61. help with a couple codes
  62. Limp Mode? Car becomes unresponsive while driving on the highway!?
  63. Tuning gremlin - falls flat at 6200
  64. holley hp efi help
  65. speedo problems
  66. 30lb Orange Top Bosch Injector Data
  67. 42lb greentop injector data
  68. 383 LTx tuned DM log ..Opinions or Help with tune?
  69. Baro Adjust
  70. Diablo Tuner
  71. Clutch in disables throttle cracker??
  72. Gains from bolt on tune??
  73. Tuner in Central Texas
  74. Flash GMPP ECU and load friends VIN...Will his HP Tuners work?
  75. Pretty sure I blew up my PCM...
  76. Changing from 6.0 to 5.3, do I change it in HP?
  77. Throttle Body ?? TUNE
  78. No Dataport Communication
  79. once in a blue moon miss
  80. afr's and cat damage
  81. P0654 and p0748
  82. car not shifting right after gear install
  83. VE AFR histo quit working hptuners
  84. E85 mpgs. What are you guys getting?
  85. Using wideband output for PCM?
  86. pcm/dyno tune
  87. multiple missfire
  88. max hertz on a stock ls1 2002 maf
  89. pcmforless
  90. 2002 ws6 a4 wot issue
  91. descreening a maf?
  92. tuning injector help
  93. Did you tune out P0343 / Cam position sensor? Come in here, need help!
  94. ***~~~frost~~~***
  95. help installing a maf
  96. I have a p0101 code
  97. New dyno tune but won't run at parcel throttle. Help!
  98. Abuse Mode??
  99. 98 z28 torque management
  100. HP EFI tune/ output help
  101. inTune now supports lots of GM apps back to 1999!
  102. TB SS MPG with Tuning
  103. Looking for timing table for TSP 228r cam and 243 heads!
  104. NYS inpection FAIL
  105. DFW Tuner
  106. Trouble Codes
  107. Bank 1 Sensor 1 problems
  108. HP TUNERS offer
  109. Can anyone tell me what engine wiring harnesses are compatible with a 2001 camaro ss?
  110. does any of this explain bad mpg?
  111. Explain knock in my log
  112. Serial Number Blank, won't allow to reflash. EFILive v2
  113. Holley: I need Harness 558-309 for my setup ASAP!
  114. 2005 c-6 rear o2 light on ??
  115. Goes to 0 timing in gear, cause?
  116. Opinions on log. (HPT)
  117. Is my LS7 MAF in an ok spot
  118. Adapting AEM LS1 ECU in different vehicle
  119. Need help fixing these codes Please!
  120. speed density tune
  121. Long tubes ses light..
  122. EGR monitor for 2001+
  123. Is there such a thing as "most easily tunable" injector.
  124. Albany NY Area and surroung ares(BEST PLACE TO GO FOR A TUNE)
  125. bolt on car getting a cam install
  126. car wants 30% increase in VE after FAST intake
  127. Tune or o2 Sensors?
  128. Lean across board on warm start
  129. Why does the VE table change by itself?
  130. 04 ls1 engine management
  131. I want to slow it down
  132. Diablo tuner troubles
  133. Tuning problem - way lean everywhere?
  134. $2500 for 30rwhp????
  135. 02 into 99
  136. Help disabling my theft system
  137. Autometer Speedo VSS hookup?
  138. After street tuned, PCM no longer retards timing to 0 under deceleration...??
  139. trading PCM and harness, will it work?
  140. code: 1336 crank relearn ?
  141. put in a clutch that weighs a total of 23 lbs, car wants to stall (UPDATED)
  142. just did longtubes, used denso 234-...corvette no communication to o2s
  143. Holley HP/ Dominator EFI Help Needed
  144. HP EFI Tach Wiring
  145. Knock after sitting in hot traffice 4.5+
  146. Car won't start after holley dominator efi install
  147. Arizona emissions fail***UPDATE**PASS!
  148. mail order tune for heads/cam/rear mount turbo?
  149. Gears for HPTuners.
  150. 2001 Camaro SS computer tuning and programming
  151. qestions about efans.
  152. Not detecting OBD2 protocol
  153. Question about non ethanol gas and tuning.
  154. kansas city area tune?
  155. 98 knock sensors vs. new type
  156. HPtuners EFI live Bluetooth support?
  157. edcmat-l1 tuning in Pittsburgh 5/18-22
  158. edcmat-l1 tuning in Frederick Md 5/16-17
  159. Tune in Park vs. Drive. vs. Neutral?
  160. Misfire count, knock retard. How much is too much?
  161. help with my 98 turbo ws6
  162. Holley EFI demo software
  163. 5.3 Turbo 2 Bar Siemens 80 Tune Question
  164. Knock sensor and missfire problems!! Please help!!!
  165. Idle issues with EFI Live and LTX?
  166. What is the differance!
  167. 80lb injector data base tune
  168. False knock?
  169. PCM bad?
  170. HPT erasing PIDs/histograms when they're unsupported.
  171. DFCO Not possible with loose converter?
  172. Newb question on wideband readings
  173. recommended tuner in colorado
  174. PCM gaskets
  175. 95 ls1 vats issues
  176. Tune and pcm relearn.
  177. Surging idle problem
  178. F.A.S.T. , BS3 or Holley EFI?
  179. Spark Correction
  180. msd 6ls install with stock pcm tuning help
  181. 08-12 CTS wiring diagram V6.
  182. F.A.S.T. Guys In Here Please
  183. what spark plugs are you runnin with your frost tune?
  184. How to reset PCM
  185. Whos using a Innovative LC-1 with HPT Pro?
  186. WS6 LS3 2002 A4 tune file
  187. why wont my truck start?
  188. LT1 tuner in Charlotte NC area?
  189. stock tune
  190. ODB2 Scanner/Logger Download?
  191. NGK AFX wideband and E85
  192. Heelp!!!
  193. need help on my car for tunning
  194. Wide band harness extension
  195. Is this burst knock? Log, tune and config inside
  196. Map sensor help Please
  197. Problem with skip shift electrical plug
  198. tune getting worse?
  199. EFI Live and HP tuners in same PCM?
  200. Need a tune
  201. Some surge with TCC Lockup.
  202. WOT issue
  203. Flashing gauges under acceleration
  204. Weird SES light
  205. low oil level light
  206. Email tuning, HPtuners and more
  207. Good Tuner in the NC Area?
  208. Sensors not completing cycle
  209. Can anyone review this HPT scan?
  210. Lc-1 wideband
  211. Why is my car knocking at randomly rpms?
  212. 0411 into 98 f body cradle?
  213. LQ4 with cam and more... but no tune :(
  214. why wont hp tuners read ECM?
  215. Help me identify this harness, 98 or 99+?
  216. new tune, no MAF ?
  217. GMPP controller
  218. holley dominator EFI does someone have a parts list?
  219. Yay or nay to dyno tune after just exhaust & intake? (LS2 C6)
  220. warren (ls1) to E40 PCM/ECM (ls2)
  221. 99-02 Harness in my 98 TA
  222. EFI live, 160lb injs, E85, resistors, only runs WITHOUT the fuel pump on?
  223. Will oil affect wideband readings
  224. hypertech question
  225. EFI Live COS ???
  226. Any mail order tuners not need the PCM sent in?
  227. Scan only questions
  228. Pcm for less tune
  229. wiring one fan off the stock PCM and harness.
  230. Ls376/480 Diagnostic??
  231. Wideband questions?
  232. RPM Surging at Constant Speed
  233. Need info on Tuners for a stock 99 ss
  234. DBW Throttle Body Response (hanging rpm)
  235. P0300 after heads/cam swap
  236. problems with swap harness and 411 pcm
  237. 0411 pcm reflashing
  238. Rapid Motorsports?
  239. O2's not switching properly..tune related?
  240. o2 sensors, where should they be placed?
  241. PCM Question
  242. Maybe a pcm problem??
  243. Tuning help!
  244. New to HP Tuners - 1st Initial Tune, Log, would appreciate some feedback!
  245. what programmers will work for my 98 ss
  246. Running a Cam untuned in an Ls3.
  247. 07+ E38 ECM OBD2 port wiring
  248. mod harness ecu trouble 4.8
  249. wide band o2 graph
  250. Where does this plug in go???