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  1. Need some help with HP tuners, Car is running wierd on bank 2
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  4. How much will a cam only change on a Turbo affect tune?
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  7. banging exhaust pulling timing.
  8. Aem ems
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  10. Voltage drops to 12.9 under load/high rpm - concern? voltage stabilzer any help?
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  12. 99 F Body PCM to drive 04 Miata tachometer
  13. Input and separate maps of the 0411 flexfuel PCM?
  14. Map and tps issues
  15. started a few times day one... now it won't start at all.
  16. HpTuners or Holley HP
  17. Question on what tables control getting the best idle.
  18. Negatives to high timing at idle?
  19. 94 LT1 running rich
  20. Low Pulse Width Offset Adder vs BPW (Tuning)
  21. Crazy STFT readings
  22. car will not start
  23. Third gen with broken speedo/tach
  24. LS 6.0 conversion
  25. %Change to AFR Ratio Table Question!
  26. PCM Failure? Need Help
  27. Stall on coastdown
  28. A beyond repair car
  29. Newbie: Need Help Diagnosing Miss
  30. HELP! car wont start after BCM fix
  31. 04 ctsv only good for 2bar map?
  32. DTC codes and emissions
  33. mail order tune w/ 85mm maf question
  34. Fast 102 woes
  35. Don from Slowhawk
  36. Large cube timing
  37. Won't shift 2-3 when it hooks
  38. Trash 98 PCM & start over?
  39. Tcs light?
  40. Frost Tuning - My Review
  41. In dire need of OS
  42. Tuner Locking Removal.
  43. SOLVED: MAF with no 12V, throwing code, have power at fuse, question.
  44. LT1 fast xfi & xim ls7 coils no start
  45. Speed density question
  46. c5 corvette tunning
  47. Going very lean at idle/ low throttle
  48. 2012 Camaro SS tune???
  49. LS1 Hunting Idle
  50. wide band question
  51. tsp 100mm maf
  52. knock sensor code
  53. LS1 to 5.3, which values to bring over?
  54. Basic EFI Live questions
  55. using truck computer in ls swap???
  56. What should A/F be at idle and cruising
  57. Autocal unlockable?
  58. Why does it studder when shifting at low RPM?
  59. SES and check gauges light wont go off with no codes
  60. Another tuning question... VE Tables
  61. 2007 5.3 Silverado speed limiter
  62. 2005 Chevy Z71 5.3 Something Not right
  63. Help, Holley HP going 9.0afr on brake.
  64. Troubleshooting Cooling Fans
  65. TPS reads 26% and 1.8 volts when closed???
  66. newb ? about hp tuners
  67. PCM or opti problem
  68. IAC motor question
  69. LTFTs after filling gas tank
  70. Flashed VCM w/o key in the ignition
  71. MAF Tune Problem
  72. Need help!!! Driver side O2 keep adding fuel for unknown reason....
  73. experienced tuners need to hire for help on Torquer V2 issue
  74. Tuning issues...L Trim and S Trim
  75. Retune?
  76. cartridge maf & IAT
  77. Does anyone have a VE table for a 427 with a fairly large cam that they could share?
  78. Just pulled the trigger on hpt pro!
  79. do i need a tune from ls1 to a 6.0
  80. Looking for a good tuner in the STL area
  81. Just got a used Hp Tuner Pro what to do?
  82. wire harness ?
  83. P0300 code but car runs fine
  84. Anyone have a diagram of what wire goes to what on a 98 harness
  85. TSP 224 CAM VE values at idle strange
  86. E85 Help
  87. Video: What type of rev limiter is this?
  88. stalling trying to idle
  89. Need to richen my SD tune (EFI live)
  90. My brand new Innovate Wide band Inop.
  91. IAC screw pic?
  92. 4.8 dbw to dbc
  93. can some one look at my tune please? ls3 top end 408 with ls3 injectors
  94. Big thank you to Steve Williams at Frost.
  95. 383 LT1 TunerPro Datalogs...PLEASE HELP!!!
  96. Can I run a wideband instead of a front o2 sensor?
  97. low rpm/ light throttle surging
  98. HELP: A/F dropping to 7.4?
  99. need a tuner
  100. PCM Placement
  101. Quick question on hc tuned ls1
  102. tuning and ls1 work
  103. Trick Flow 515 kit/Random Misfire
  104. Need help understanding a STFT problem!
  105. Will I be ok with out a re-tune
  106. issues with tune
  107. HyperTech Max Energy Tuner
  108. holly EFI anyone running
  109. can't find an IFR converter.
  110. Help with custom tune
  111. Dtc p0118
  112. kc metro tuning
  113. im getting ready to tune my car
  114. Tune Going Lean - Out of The Blue???
  115. 1998 a4 to 1999ss m6 complete swap questions
  116. Advice requested please.
  117. Do you think my tune is off?
  118. 98 PCM Bad?
  119. Can HPtuners be used with an Ipad to tune a car?
  120. What are the dangers of tuning your own vehicle?
  121. Tuners or people who live in altitude come in
  122. How to tune for 5.3L + T56
  123. Need a tuner in Mpls/StPaul Area
  124. hp tuners to diablosport question
  125. Plug change now flashing ses
  126. edcmat-l1 tuning in Chicago 8/28-29
  127. 0bd2 to usb cable
  128. Help with a green wire to the MAP ?
  129. What Wideband Do You Use/Recommend?
  130. Truck randomly shuts off/afr bouncing around all while cruising.
  131. Holley hp efi spark modifiers
  132. Lean Spikes
  133. Cutting off at 110!?
  134. hp tuner mpv1?
  135. 94 Formula A4 Question
  136. Wiring up a "tow haul" switch and using it as a drop gear button..
  137. Do I need to find another tuner??
  138. corrected dyno # = crank hp???
  139. Diablosport Trinity
  140. Help with Innovate LC1: Error 8
  141. P0102 fault sensor
  142. ASR light on
  143. need good tuner in Southeast for speed density...
  144. Master Engine Tuner Magazine update
  145. need info on FAST XIM setup
  146. Dead PCM?? Help please!!!
  147. can low voltage cause TPS codes? P0121
  148. p2138/p1516 help. Bad pcm? Update
  149. shift points with power programmer???
  150. idle issues, no codes, would like some help
  151. Z71 bog.
  152. adjust idle or retune?
  153. Check out my vid, weird idle issue
  154. tune in tulsa oklahoma needed....
  155. Megasquirt ?
  156. data for DEKA/Siemens 60 lb injectors?
  157. 98 PCMs
  158. Tuning bigger injectors
  159. PO704 Low Input Clutch Switch Error
  160. tach not working
  161. ls1 stand alone harness - help me identify the oxygen sensor connector, harness side
  162. HP Tuners.....Tired of the rip off.
  163. Removed EGR and AIR
  164. need some help guys. multiple codes.
  165. Las Vegas Tuners
  166. Efi live help
  167. oveheats in 3bar tune but not in 1 bar?
  168. HPTuners/LS3 injector swap runs VERY lean
  169. P0336 help
  170. Installing a New Holley Dominater, Few ?'s about the BCM
  171. Anyone in Long Island, NY w EFI or TunerCat ?
  172. codes:p0103,p0412,p0418 help
  173. Question about injector wiring...
  174. Throwing Codes
  175. Who to tune my 6.0 s10?
  176. LS2 won't start after Battery replaced reset vats to off?
  177. Overheating--poor (rich) tune?
  178. About to get Frosted
  179. preset tunes and switch in between them
  180. Truck is giving me hell!!!!
  181. Looking for a "basic" scanner
  182. Knock sensor question?
  183. Critique my 1st logs from VE/MAF Tuning
  184. My chuck cow experience.
  185. 04 GTO taction control / Skipping
  186. Where Can I buy Efi Live Tunes for my 2000 Z28
  187. Just found out I have a 94-95 PCM in my 97 z28.. help
  188. LM1 hookup
  189. Negative voltage at knock sensor wtf, is this correct?
  190. HELP - No cam signal -
  191. Need help with speedo settings
  192. LS1 running very rich after street tune
  193. need complete system of coil packs and how the ECU fires them
  194. occasional high idle
  195. TC or tune
  196. iac setting on hp tuner
  197. aps tuning okc???
  198. Help!!!!!!
  199. best tuner in Colorado?
  200. Tuning issues...
  201. Need help - Knock sensor, retard, recorded w/ Livedata
  202. PCM Needed for LS2 Drive By Cable Conversion??
  203. How much timing at freeway cruise speeds
  204. ignition problem
  205. How long does it take to veiw after posting a tune in HP Tuners bin file Repository
  206. egr ground wire has voltage ?
  207. Any Tuners in Arkansas?
  208. looking for a hp tuner for 98 ws6..does anyone make one?
  209. the tuning school advanced books
  210. 97 lt1 with vortec distributor and 0411 pcm WILL NOT START
  211. p0200 code help
  212. how long to wait after getting a tune and going to track to test car
  213. holley efi injector tuning question
  214. p0353 cyl 3 no fuel or spark
  215. Anyone have a copy of Pantera EFI Software?
  216. What to adjust for bracket racing
  217. tuning
  218. LT none EGR headers flash or chip?
  219. p0135 and p0300 stumped
  220. No response from knock sensor
  221. good hp tuner in okc area
  222. Looking for TSP Tune?
  223. 93lt1 383 tuning help needed..
  224. Unplugging purge solenoid for tuning.
  225. Fuel pump 12V circuit partial short to 5V - 99 Trans Am
  226. DBW pedaling not working
  227. HP tuners - do you need credits to read and log a PCM?
  228. PCM Communication Failure/ VATS problem
  229. problems tunning FIC 114# injectors, ready to give up.
  230. Tuning in Southern California!!! Ready now.
  231. tech2 clone
  232. IAT Sensor Placment In A CAI
  233. What can or can't be tuned?
  234. looking for some advice on my setup
  235. Aftermarket harness options
  236. looking for a 98 to 99+ pcm re-pin diagram
  237. 2013 GM Gas support now available!
  238. Holley Dominator Harness Question. Help Needed ASAP!
  239. mail order question??
  240. Wiring harness
  241. dbw pedal question
  242. need tuning help asap :(
  243. False knock? And your opinion on how I'm doing so far.
  244. E67 Pinout; Anyone Have One?
  245. Knock Issue - 10* upon entering PE (LS7 swap)
  246. Need a Tune in California
  247. Tuner in KC? First tune.
  248. crank relearn ? / bad coil drivers ?
  249. Someone to tune?
  250. some tips for me to start tuning