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  1. timing too high?
  2. just back from dealership now have SES light!
  3. Factory Wiring Harness...Need some help!
  4. Will I need to tune out VATS on a 98 pcm
  5. VSS wires??
  6. BS3 or holley dominator efi?
  7. what to do?
  8. Cold start issue...have to pump gas initially...2004 GTO
  9. questione:AEM standalone
  10. trans tune question
  11. O2 sensor plug volts??
  12. LSX PCM questions
  13. Hp tuners question
  14. P0122 p01635
  15. sputtering in all gears in idle help
  16. Will a mail order tune work for me?
  17. user XP and DL time
  18. setting 4>3, 3>2, and 2>1 downshifts hp tuners?
  19. OBD2 scanner android app
  20. Help with VIN code!!!
  21. need a tune for my stall.
  22. voltage drop
  23. What's the point of tuning VE?
  24. E40 ecu question
  25. Predator tuning
  26. 85mm MAF Question
  27. pcm buying time
  28. Just got HPtuners have a question
  29. Turbo wot pulls with hptuners...log and tune inside
  30. Richer Idle?
  31. Timing question
  32. ls3 Block, Heads ,and Intake .. 98 PCM hard tunning
  33. Dallas Dyno tuner?
  34. how many cell hits are you logging for wot pulls?
  35. Do tuners block the PCM so you can't read anything from it?
  36. buying tuning software used, what should i look for?
  37. Need to locate 2 pins...
  38. Dyno vs Mail order tune
  39. Confirmation that crank signal is bad
  40. False knock issues
  41. Still having idle issues, experts inside!
  42. p0068 dtc
  43. My p0134 story
  44. want to switch to speed density
  45. Need help-HP tuners and VIN question
  46. Need stock '98 A4 HPT tune file
  47. 2010 Camaro VSS issue (ideas?)
  48. IAT sensors
  49. schematic noob (determining polarity)
  50. what would cause the o2's to be acting like this? (hp tuners chart .jpg)
  51. Is this wideband any good?
  52. Just replaced 02 V6 Camaro MAF, now I have this problem...please help.
  53. Can I just cut wires at the computer?
  54. What does the PCM use when the throttle position sensor is unplugged?
  55. Factory Wiring Harness, PCM, Open Tune...and EFI Live
  56. hp tuners vs efi live
  57. TX G-Force motorsports or Clearlake speed??
  58. Needing some help....Driveability issues
  59. Tach Signal
  60. delphi pcm? and software...this is a strange one.
  61. conversion harness questions
  62. Tulsa, OKC, possibly texas tuner
  63. cold start problems, leaking injector or just need of tune
  64. PCM corrupted
  65. LS1 PCM in a S10 1993 truck ??
  66. EFI Live....but its used and the old version!
  67. Identifying my PCM
  68. Anyone care to comment on my VCM/HP Tuners E85 Tune and Log?
  69. DTC P0131, 0133, and 0151?
  70. 94Z28 BCM Question
  71. 383 LT1 Tuning Problems
  72. Spark Advance at WOT Bolt-on Ls1
  73. 1992 GMC Pick Up Code 51
  74. gains from tune in bolton/stock M6 car???
  75. electrical issues need help
  76. Shift points after headers
  77. any issues with running a 2002 5.3L w/ a 1998 firebird PCM/harness??
  78. NGK AFX Controller Location
  79. Injector help, 400RWHP Bolt-on LS6
  80. MAP sensor code error
  81. Speedo hookup without using transmission?
  82. Cleaned MAF and WOW!!!
  83. cartek c5r 427 readiness test
  84. tune with rear o2 delete
  85. OL Hunting idle diag
  86. Small physical dimension PCM options?
  87. Wideband/Gauge questions
  88. Are my O2s sleepy (image inside)?
  89. Running speed density for turboed chevelle
  90. spark plug suggestions...
  91. no crank no start
  92. Not starting....
  93. Rolling only high idle???
  94. What in the world is wrong with my fuel gauge? *Nothing to do w/the sending unit!
  95. Went from m6 to a4
  96. P0200 Only, can't put my finger on it...
  97. Changing VIN to match current swapped vehicle
  98. closed loop tuning
  99. Bucking and surging?
  100. car running too rich
  101. Changed MAF, runs poor
  102. Using HP Tuners Without Application Key or Account Info?
  103. 383 LT1 PCM problem?
  104. Random misfire
  105. How close are Frost tunes
  106. HP Tuners Injector flow vs Kpa. Why does it change?
  107. TPS won't reset to 0%
  108. DBW computer for blue/red harness?
  109. Check my codes plz
  110. Does Anyone have CAN network diagram?
  111. Idle Surge help please
  112. First Time Tuner (HP) where do I start?
  113. writing 6.0 tune on my 5.3 computer (hptuners)
  114. Cam/crank sensor question.....
  115. Do wideband O2 sensors wear out?
  116. please help ls swap wiring problem
  117. Check this $#i+ out!!!
  118. Random Misfire
  119. Tuning Necessary? Typhoon to FAST Intake
  120. Missing o2's.
  121. Dash won't light up and car won't start?!?!
  122. Delete front o2 codes, will pay and ship
  123. Big spikes in timing advance
  124. Erratic idle, battery, gauges........ HELP
  125. SES code p0135...
  126. Locked diablosport tuner
  127. What does this dyno graph say about the tune?
  128. Codes thrown
  129. Rlz engineering in nc
  130. VCM suite not working properly
  131. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
  132. Problems logging the wrong AFR with HPtuners
  133. 98 vs 99+ pcm
  134. 750 ohm 1/4 watt resistor
  135. Where should I start
  136. Swapping a 2001 SD M6 PCM into a 2002 MAF A4 car???
  137. OBD plus Can scanner that works for SES, SRS and ABS
  138. What happens if a 5.3 tune is run on a 4.8 motor?
  139. megasquirt3 injector choice
  140. o2 sensor suggestions and header install
  141. 6l80 Tunes, show and tell!
  142. 408 turbo on a 98PCM?
  143. Tech2 questions 05 GTO
  144. who does thunder racings mail in tunes
  145. Chassis dyno
  146. Idle Dips In Reverse Only
  147. Random idle surge on '98 LS1 *Tune/log attached*
  148. Effect of compression on tune?
  149. help with tuner for ls1.
  150. Random misfire code on one bank
  151. 04 GTO harness,pin out for fans
  152. best tune, more boost?
  153. Tuning differences between 98 and 99+ ls1's?
  154. SD Tune w/out Running a VSS
  155. No power in drive
  156. PCM/cam sensors/LS2 Throttle body
  157. Idling high. Not TPS or IAC. Help! HPT log.
  158. ASR problem
  159. p0102 code
  160. mail order tune with heads/cam install
  161. cam idle set? TSP torquer v2
  162. Maf
  163. replace O2s with widebands
  164. PE table question....boosted applications
  165. help with tuning and cost of tune
  166. Help keeping it running
  167. Need help understanding tuning software
  168. Cam sensor compatible?
  169. Take a look at my Tune please.
  170. Holley vs bigstuff3???
  171. swapping mid tubes for longtubes,do I need to retune?
  172. MAF reading
  173. On-Vehicle Dyno
  174. Jet DST ?
  175. tuning
  176. When to tune for bolt-on's?
  177. 2001 truck 5.3 pcm.
  178. What size injectors do you tell your computer you have? E85 question.
  179. Tps value
  180. Optimal RPM for MPG tune
  181. 94 LT1 TunerProRT nor C.A.T.S. working????
  182. BEST Computer Tuner?
  183. HP Tuners ?
  184. Switching from SD Closed Loop to SD Open Loop Questions!
  186. 2005 LQ9 and FBody wiring/PCM
  187. mac mentor scannor review need help
  188. Bin File Help... Tuner Cats need a factory 98 camaro
  189. P1626?
  190. Injector Pulse Width vs Battery Voltage Table
  191. Problems after Aeromotive fuel system install. Question on tune.
  192. Tune with head cam install
  193. Good deal on GM IAC Valves (PN17113598)
  194. NA E85 Tune, looking for some input
  195. PCM limited to 8k how?
  196. 5.3 in s10, blade style maf ???
  197. Wideband test pipe ?
  198. rear 02 sensors
  199. Turning stuff off via HP Tuners
  200. LS1 in 95 Trans-Am runs for 2 seconds and dies..
  201. HP Tuners Standard version without Wideband
  202. EFI Connection 24X
  203. help with a tune
  204. Need to get OBDII (dash side) port? Where to buy?
  205. P1639
  206. Help with VE tuning....log and tune inside
  207. NGK AFX Powerdex with NTK sensor standard?
  208. I think I have a bad tune!!!
  209. LT1: Timing Curve for best performance?
  210. Texas Speed MOT or Frost MOT???
  211. Have you guys seen this - Dyno-Shaft On-Vehicle Dynamometer
  212. Clearing unnecessary codes forever?
  213. A few tuning questions for my 67 Nova wagon
  214. 5,000-6,000 miles a year, street car, sea level all year round.....SD tune????
  215. Any input on this tuner?
  216. The NEW inTune is shipping this week!
  217. Diablo Tune out AIR
  218. Why is my motor running lean
  219. HP Tuners MPVI Box
  220. Rough engine idling question
  221. Fan tuning question
  222. North Alabama Tuner????????
  223. "Attached PCM's serial number missing"
  224. LQ4 misfire issues
  225. O2 sensors tuned off
  226. vci number a4 to m6
  227. HP Tuner scaner, what can I scan on a Gen 3?
  228. Dyno Tune Near Nashville/FTCKY
  229. After Tex Speed Pack. 1 install on my Automatic Ls1, running weird on OD and Drive
  230. holley HP EFI short install, and a little how to
  231. EFI Live - New Tuning Tutorial question
  232. truck ecu on fbody question
  233. ls1 edit??? need help
  234. p1683 code
  235. th400 tune question
  236. Help with identifiying HPTuners MPVI Version
  237. Manual to Auto?
  238. Does anyone have injector data for trick flow injectors?
  239. EFIlive Cylinder Numbers???
  240. Help! There's a unicorn in my engine bay, somewhere
  241. 97 or 98 Fbody PCM into 97 Vette?
  242. 4L60e -> th400 tune?
  243. Lean at idle
  244. Mefi4b harness
  245. P0740 & p040
  246. A4 to M6 swap PCM tune
  247. problems with tuning shift points!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  248. how important is ifr on a speed density tune 60lb siemens
  249. best tuner for 98 pcm
  250. Mail Order Tune