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  20. tuning
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  34. tech2 clone
  35. IAT Sensor Placment In A CAI
  36. What can or can't be tuned?
  37. looking for some advice on my setup
  38. Aftermarket harness options
  39. looking for a 98 to 99+ pcm re-pin diagram
  40. 2013 GM Gas support now available!
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  62. Frost is a fraud to some
  63. I think I toasted my MAF
  64. Dead at the key
  65. car runs hot,like 208 to 210??is that normal?
  66. scanner powers up but cant communicate with pcm??
  67. Does anyone know of a how to to repin my 98 harness for 99up ecm??
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  75. Can I use T56 on a PCM that came out of a A4?
  76. OBDII to OBDI question
  77. p0332
  78. have a chance to buy a 6.2 out of an escalade. couple questions
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  80. Self Learning Systems
  81. Pcm
  82. GEN3 Vs. GEN 4 PCM's, am I missing anything
  83. LS3 C5 Vette in LIMP, after a small repair. WTF!?
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  88. Aeroforce Interceptor wiring
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  92. Hitting Wall At 5000 RPM
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  103. What is the real difference in these systems?
  104. Car wont idle after being stored
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  106. Flashing Check Engine Light
  107. Bad ecu???
  108. Howdy :)
  109. Wideband stopped working. Help Please
  110. Traction control
  111. going to smaller cam cause car to be rich?
  112. Quick Question
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  114. Msd 8964
  115. lean condition on take off, help please
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  118. please help 02 sensor prob not reading
  119. calling all tuners something is wrong i need help!!!!!!!!!!!
  120. I am overwhelmed...
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  122. Bad gas mileage
  123. Looking for cheap/free scan software to monitor RPM so I can check tach signal
  124. Need insight, idk of right section
  125. Won't pass emissions, readiness monitor issues
  126. Stock PCM vs aftermarket such BS3 and FAST and AEM
  127. P1133 P1153 problem
  128. Truck PCM into f body on 5.3 swap?
  129. (video) I'm surprised by this.. my swap idles ok but dies in gear.
  130. 25.6 afr setting and runs great. why
  131. Looking for MightyMouse! BS3 Questions
  132. Ls6 Injectors & tune
  133. Do I need to adjust my ltfts again after battery disconnect?
  134. O2 sensor/tune question
  135. Any tablets work for tuning? If not a small cheap netbook?
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  137. Map sensor fitment?
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  140. P0107, p0332
  141. Knock Sensor Codes
  142. n00b question for geniuses like yourself about general diablo predator tuning?
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  144. Car shuts off and on by it's self
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  146. help with holley hp ecu, come on in soundengineer plz lol
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  148. Codes P0200 and P0300. Bad o2 sensors? Bad ECU? WHAT!?!?!
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  156. tune it myself or get it tuned
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  159. Huge thanks to RPM! I picked up a TON of power today!
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  165. Cunningham Motorsports!
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  179. 97 LT1 O2 disable
  180. Trying to pull down AFR's during WOT
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  182. NW102 ETC area scalar??
  183. Quick Question...
  184. Will monitors pass with REAR o2's disabled?
  185. O2 Sensors at 450mv
  186. 2008+ 5.3 ecu/tcm flash
  187. Tuning program
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  192. Vats
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  194. Verifying Fuel Enrichment?
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  196. Idle Air Motor Question
  197. How do I hook up my dyno jet 2 wideband to hptuners
  198. false knock?
  199. Tuning out lean condition
  200. tuning injectors
  201. data logging - autocal
  202. P0327 - KS Low Input Bank 1
  203. 99 Z28 A4, Predator Speedometer GearRatio
  204. York PA Tuner
  205. mail order: TSP vs Frost
  206. Speed doesnt go above 30ish
  207. Where to buy E67 ECU?
  208. Idle -> WOT vs. VSS
  209. pat g number?
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  211. Back to the Tuner - idle/short shifting
  212. edcmat-l1 tuning in Chicago, feeler thread
  213. edcmat-l1 tuning in Frederick Md 7/13-14
  214. Yhasi | Movi & Movi Pro | Mac OSX Scan & Diagnostic
  215. 4l80e swap problem with vss
  216. LT1 Engine tune or mechanical Problems
  217. 2001 computer in a 99 car. Having problems with the voltage
  218. death of a pcm
  219. Started car up and now theres electrical problems, need advice
  220. throwing both knock sensor codes, but car runs fine
  221. What gear am I in and am I on the brakes?
  222. what can cause a lean condition besides tune
  223. Anyone have AutoTAP for DOS?
  224. Is there a way to deactivate o2 with predator tuner
  225. Taking the car to Sickspeedperformance tomorow!!
  226. code P0123....Help at track
  227. Predator u7193
  228. AEM 30-1220 on a 1998 PCM? What is needed?
  229. Camaro Seems to forget how to run! SELF RE-SETTING PCM?!
  230. running secondary injectors on stock PCM, will this work?
  231. audible knock
  232. 408cutting out at 5200 rpm
  233. P2101 where to begin?
  234. Need a Tune
  235. Low Voltage While Flashing OBD2
  236. Consistent Negative STFTs
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  238. Tuning Book - Master EFI Tuner - GM EFI
  239. going to track first time with race gas and boost, any advice?
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  241. Holley HP EFI LSX, Slow start, Random idle swing
  242. Dead Speedometer, Just Replaced VSS...Nothing
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  246. What would cause my car to run lean and how do I diagnose it?
  247. Will clearing codes make your PCM not ready for inspection?
  248. Anyone use map sensor from 3800 series II supercharged engine?
  249. LQ9 Pulsed Cooling Fan output?
  250. Retune for E10?