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  1. Just installed Brand new denso rear vette o2s and code p1133 pops up
  2. speed and odo wrong after tune?
  3. Remote tuning for driveability issues?
  4. Dedicated Scan Tool?
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  6. Basic tuning help and understanding for a noob.
  7. Tsunami Cam in a 347...(surging)trailer hitching, while at cruise speeds
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  9. How much will a tune help me?
  10. minimal mod tuning
  11. New to ls1!!
  12. Split BLM headache
  13. holley dominator global tune needed, please help!
  14. Dies when coming to a stop p0101
  15. throwing knock sensor code?
  16. Wideband O2 Extension Harness
  17. What's your Cammed LS1 M6 idle at ?
  18. Tuning a larger TB
  19. serious problem and no one can figure it out.
  20. FlashpaQ tuning diablo sport
  21. My experience with idle tuning
  22. speedo question
  23. procedures????
  24. Just added heads
  25. Cam and headers. Got some codes?
  26. Can i start my new engine without a tune?
  27. Desired Idle for G5x3 112LSA and AFR 205 62cc
  28. Should I get a tune
  29. TBSS + 4L80E: TCM / File?
  30. Need base tune; hp tuners; 4psi; 60# injectors
  31. 98 to 02 ECU with EFI live
  32. Trouble codes inspection failed help
  33. 92-90
  34. Both fans, and removing AC?
  35. need help with P0300 and P0332
  36. Pro and Cons to Mail Order Tune Vs. Dyno Tune
  37. How to correct MPH??(HP)
  38. MSD 6LS Tuning on 408LSX
  39. DBW speed limiter
  40. What if I have normal injectors and flex fuel tune?
  41. No Spark..... No RPM.....
  42. Weird tune issue - MAF related? Ridiculously rich...
  43. Need help! no injector pulse!
  44. Realistic Tune Numbers
  45. Help please...MAF, or MAF-less???
  46. Please Help with log.
  47. will hp tuner read trans codes?
  48. cheapest way to see oil pressure via obd2 scan tool
  49. Transgo = delayed 2-3? + MPH vs RPM upshift question
  50. 12200411 ecm numbers
  51. Engineered Performance???
  52. Tune DOne heck Yeah!!!!
  53. wideband erratic
  54. Need Injector data.
  55. Open loop idle issue
  56. pop in the intake
  57. Engine stalling going from speed to idle
  58. GMPP Gen IV Harness and Gen III LS6
  59. Tuning Software Updates
  60. o2 sensor issue
  61. E85 tune in WI
  62. new to HP tuners, have screen shots of histograms need advice
  63. Hanging Idle and "Cruise Control"
  64. Engine likes running at <11:1 in PE mode
  65. help w/TPS plug wiring
  66. Question for tuners regarding rpm limiter and gear selection (manual trans)
  67. high idle from time to time
  68. STFT & LTFT enabled
  69. Secondary Fuel Pump on PCM
  70. tuning out torque management
  71. How to tune out idle issues after automatic swap?
  72. what ecm will work?
  73. adjusting shift points
  74. Loose PCM
  75. Do I need to pull some timing?
  76. Safe to drive to tuner?
  77. LS1 cuts out at 6800 rpm?!
  78. 6ls help
  79. BLM Question
  80. a/c not working because of tune?
  81. AEM WB sensor #
  82. VHP Tuner (Vinci/Crane Cams) Question
  83. Need a HP Tuners 4L80E 4x4 file
  84. HSW controller
  85. Tune with fast 102 vs ls6 intake??
  86. Standalone or Tuned PCM?
  87. Question for all who have Frost Tune
  88. Injectors
  89. first tune tommorow, how to prep????
  90. O2 sensors and MAP not reading?? Related?
  91. Atlanta tuner needed and A/C load cutout and ABS VSS questions
  92. Can I remove my computer and my lights still work?
  93. hp tuner 99' LS1 high speed fan control
  94. Siemens 60's idle issues, any advice?
  95. EFI live Version 1 help!
  96. 2008 LS2 cam sensor wiring pictures or diagrams please?
  97. O2 Sensor Help with HP Tuners!
  98. is JET a good tuning program?
  99. Need some help. O2 sensor flat line.
  100. Stupid question about ecu
  101. FI tuning - timing and afr
  102. Big tire=no abs/asr!?!?!
  103. HELP, LS2 not getting injector signal, starts on starting fluid though
  104. HP tuner to FAST
  105. tuner in nj
  106. HP Tuner saying cable not connected!!!
  107. 5.3 swap only wot, help
  108. How did you wire your wideband?
  109. Speed Density Tune, Codes: P0102, P0103, P0106
  110. frost tune review
  111. Air/Fuel Ratio Question...
  112. 56 Belair with LS7 o2 problems
  113. efi live help
  114. B1001 cannot tune pcm now.
  115. 4l60e VSS vs RPM Shift question?
  116. asr/tcs reverse module
  117. Just installed My Hyperpac Today
  118. Just installed My Hyperpac Today
  119. 02 readiness still won't clear
  120. red/blue harness question???
  121. ASR troubles
  122. Need EFI LIve in MD area or reasonable distance
  123. Logging for TCS tune?
  124. Dtc p1626...
  125. idle too low???
  126. HPTuners PID to log Boost in PSI? Anyone?
  127. Someone care to share injector table, have a RICH WOT issue
  128. HP Tuners Histo Help
  129. Efi live or go tuners, need to be able to do truck and car
  130. 2psi boosted camaro, breakup at high rpm, bouncing afr's
  131. NA motor mail order tune vs nitrous mail order tune
  132. p0155
  133. made minor tune changes, now it starts and dies
  134. Tuning a tuned pcm
  135. Mefiburn
  136. Checklist for holley dominator setup
  137. SE WI Tuners
  138. P0158, P0174, P1153 Consistently...
  139. Tuning Question, Please help!
  140. TTS datamaster log
  141. How can I tell if this PCM is DBW or DBC
  142. Any local tunners?
  143. New tuners, don't do this...
  144. Does my PCM need refashed ?
  145. Help Please!!
  146. Diablosport experiences...
  147. Super Rich at wot, bank 2
  148. Wideband
  149. E 38-ls2, 4l80e tuning questions
  150. Oil temps
  151. IAT -38* then when jumped reads 285*
  152. wide band guage display the condition of the 02 sensors?
  153. Headers equal tune?
  154. hp tuners delete question????
  155. Before and after
  156. Mail Order Tune: Need your input
  157. detecting false knock
  158. Only seeing 1.2V reference for tps
  159. Quick question
  160. Pulling vacuum up top, intake, exhaust or both?
  161. Idle question
  162. BCM (abs and active handling) tuning?
  163. having issues with a 2005 cobalt ls 2 door need help about to kill car.....
  164. hp tuners and lc1 wideband through egr problem
  165. Need help tuning C6 ZR1 with 2.35 pulley.
  166. re-tune after cutting cylinder heads down?
  167. I am stumped need help
  168. 2.5 bar os for ls1 ecm
  169. .tun to compare
  170. LM1 wires are cut
  171. Will a tune help any?
  172. 1998 Corvette PCM vs 1999-2000 F Body PCM
  173. 2005 L33 Tach Output?
  174. Computer for Pontiac firebird -95
  175. Bad o2 sims???
  176. Question about the air injection pump
  177. tunerpro rt and data logging 95 lt1
  178. code 122.....TPS
  179. please help!! traction control question
  180. p0133/p0153 02 sensor slow responce
  181. anyone else fed up with HP tuners beta versions?
  182. Knock Sensor Sensitivity and Threshold Values Difference Based on year?
  183. 55 Nomad with LS1 o2 problems
  184. cruise control?s not working after sitting.
  185. Dumb down lambda
  186. help idenify fbody computer
  187. Couple questions about frost tune
  188. PE Modifier Rpm
  189. Too much IAC kills motor?
  190. 99 computer pin ?
  191. wheres the cheapest place to get a hp tuners pro
  192. Issues with 4l80e lockup...
  193. What CEL codes for no cats?
  194. trouble with car starting
  195. Did LS1Edit go bust?
  196. start up high rpms
  197. E-Cutout...need a tune?
  198. need help id'ing some connectors that are in the loom for the trans....
  199. MailTunedByFrost
  200. Dyno tuning question
  201. stalling issue, please help
  202. park neutral rev limiter??.. something weird
  203. tuning diagnostics
  204. Need help with SD base tune and idle. please
  205. HELPP Random Stalling
  206. thinking about buying a tuning program *BEGINNER*
  207. Th400 swap now codes poping up
  208. ECU will not read for state inspection
  209. how much hp should i gain with tsp tune
  210. question about diablo tuner
  211. need help to choose the right hp tuners for lt1 24x conversion
  212. quick tuning questiona..E85 and open loop and O2 sensors
  213. Candi Module
  214. Would it hurt to drive before tune
  215. Please help 02 dropout in 98
  216. Interesting Behavior on a 2001 Z28 LS1
  217. will a aem digital wideband work with e85?
  218. does a 99-04 pcm switch ground or power?
  219. Predator won't communicate with car ECU!!!!
  220. fic 2000cc or fic 2200cc injector review
  221. Lean, Can I Drive to a Tune?
  222. po171 & po174 codes
  223. Need help from the pros....
  224. Any good tuners?
  225. Bad knock sensor?
  226. Had VATS disabled and still wont crank
  227. RE-tune for age?
  228. gauge cluster problem
  229. Good tuners Near SC
  230. Tuner???
  231. eps 236/242 tune efi live
  232. Tuning WOT a/f: linear or richen near peak TQ?
  233. how and what to tune an LQ4 in a 98 ss
  234. Predator tuneing HELP PLEASE!!!!!
  235. running stock cam with ss4000 yank shift suggestions???
  236. Still getting knock with low boost and meth
  237. Slight surge under light throttle
  238. might be ressurecting an old idea but... lean cruise how to do it??
  239. PCM swap & emmissiions
  240. Computer for tuning?
  241. Pcm question
  242. buying hp tuners
  243. Ls?
  244. crank no start
  245. Tuners around south Mississippi?
  246. Tune
  247. Removing rear o2's without tune?
  248. what is this port for? Chip? Picture inside?
  249. How to wire a tach in my 01 ss camaro ?
  250. 4L60e to t56 swap, can I use automatic PCM?