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  1. p0300 rain today.
  2. Low Elevation to High Elevation
  3. help!! looking for a tuner
  4. Repositioned MAF to a better location. Will this affect my tune??
  5. Help with LS1-Edit programmer
  6. turbo tune
  7. Need some help with these codes P0332, and P1133?
  8. Laptop died while downloading from the pcm...
  9. Phone Apps For Diagnostics?
  10. Suggestions for mail order tune
  11. P0440. Need help!
  12. Setting up LC1 in EFI Live
  13. Am i going to need a need a tune?
  14. Idle issue on cammed LS1
  15. Need a tuner
  16. installed pcm, won't run
  17. Misfire codes common with cam only car with no tune?
  18. Has anybody tuned for economy?
  19. T56 to 4L80E tuning
  20. How to "turn off" knock sensors???
  21. Need Help with E85, HP Tuners & a NA Motor Tune
  22. In the numbers? Nailing down a hesitation problem.
  23. Racetronix impedence converter connectors?
  24. maf tuning problems .. slp related ???
  25. Mild annoying idle issue
  26. Base tune for 2000 trans am m6 with bolt ons and tr230 cam
  27. please HELP I want ls1 programing file
  28. In the market for a tuner
  29. 2010 6.2L L99 Camaro Engine swap Jeep, speedo reads 158 MPH
  30. E85 tuning and opinions for dd...
  31. Boosted application LS1 PCM or Truck PCM???
  32. Tuning question from new guy
  33. what do i have to do to change my pcm from 98 to 99 or newer
  34. AEM's new Infinity-10 Standalone
  35. So Cali tuners?
  36. looking for someone to tune my 6.0 ECM
  37. Crazy signals 454 LSX HP Tuners
  38. AKM Cable issue
  39. EfiLive PID questions.
  40. Operating system conversion issue HPT
  41. L92 only starts once per flash
  42. Wierd issue need help!
  43. Computer tuning with the 4L60E. help.
  44. Not making power on nitrous
  45. How to Read code with Aeroforce?
  46. ecu swap?
  47. LS2 9s impala computer trouble???
  48. LS computer compatibility
  49. help no gauge power or diagnostic power lights flash
  50. HCI LS1 only making 423rwhp/381rwtq
  51. EFI live tuning for new injectors, couple questions
  52. LS1 with BS3 won't start
  53. Question about SD tunes
  54. Pulling Timing with HPtuners
  55. P code and Idle/IAC help
  56. 98 LS1 won't run P0102 and P0506
  57. Anyone tuned their VortecMax?
  58. Where is a good sd tuner around the St. louis area?
  59. Forged 347 First time start up problem???
  60. can we activate DoD when we want?
  61. MAF problems..NEED HELP
  62. SES light help
  63. need help no tps or map voltage
  64. Need Advice with innovate Products
  65. Can I use the diablo predator to load a decent tune on my car
  66. SES Light. PO157
  67. Dumb as a hammer, fast as a snail
  68. PCM From Motor Swap
  69. high maf frequency code on a 98 camaro
  70. Low threshold after o2 delete
  71. HP Tuners and EFI Tuning book offer
  72. HP Tuners Special 4th quarter offer
  73. Will HP tuners tell me if cam sensor is bad?
  74. 99 SS won't run
  75. getting idle right with HP tuners
  76. lean when hot?
  77. WTF.. Please help me with Warm Starts
  78. Has anyone reflashed an entire PCM from EFI live 1 bar
  79. EFI Live, Rich at Idle correction...
  80. Electric fans with non fan PCM?
  81. AEM Wideband Question.
  82. Emission Question
  83. Anyone know a place for free obd2 software
  84. what tuner???
  85. My tuner says get BS3
  86. strange 2-3 shift issue. rev limiter from a dig, shifts fine from a roll.
  87. Auto Meter Tachometer install on LS1 12200411 pcm
  88. XFI and XIM or EFI Connection 24x?
  89. searched but no answer. P0174 code help.
  90. Installed LC-1 w/ serial connection but EFI live not reading signal
  91. Low power at high rpms, slight missing feeling in mid range
  92. Holley Domitator EFI users
  93. car is misfiring after powershift datalog inside
  94. where/how to learn HP Tuners?
  95. car starts and immediately dies, not VATS
  96. Air Fuel Ratio Questions
  97. wireless driod engine scanner $45. legit??
  98. 02 volts - Good? Bad? Indifferent?
  99. Where did my brake light go??
  100. crank relearn procedure wont work
  101. PCM identification
  102. Need to fix, wrong OS loaded on my pcm
  103. Disimiliar header primary temps
  104. No TPS Signal Help!
  105. low rpm hell!!!!!
  106. Plug heat range vs Altitude
  107. LSX PCM on Toyota 3UR-FE V8
  108. 98 ecm on heads/cam car idles high - sometimes
  109. EFI Live Real Time Tuning
  110. Tech2 questions
  111. Noobie injector question
  112. Looking for stock numbers
  113. Pro's c and Con's of going with speed density tune
  114. Need speedo recal for 4.10 gears, who do i go to?
  115. Issues with Start Up
  116. 1998 z28--need advice-lq4 swap--wiring questions
  117. 411 ECM Power
  118. Do you guys use ignition boxes?
  119. p1336 "ignition system or missfire"
  120. Slow throttle response Fast102
  121. Anyone have a hp tune similar to mine?
  122. Software that supports both formats?
  123. Dual Injectors, HPT capable?
  124. How to modify cranking advance in HP Tuners??
  125. Looking for a base tune 230/238 cam
  126. Knock sensor adjustment??
  127. Looking for tune file
  128. Overdrive comes in to soon
  129. What are these idle control parameters?
  130. 98 ecu and engine sensor harness
  131. Knock retard @ cruise
  132. 408 with a p0336
  133. 99 Corvette Computer how do I add 4L80 trans
  134. Need to replace map sensor
  135. not responding?
  136. Why would O2 sensor get this color??
  137. Stock 99 timing file
  138. 98 Trans-Am
  139. 2000 ws6 complete rebuild, no key on, SES light on, BCM beeping
  140. Warm start, needs throttle?
  141. MAF lbs/minute at idle?
  142. 95 z28 pcm (black connector) what wires are these?
  143. Can i use a stock ecu for timing control?
  144. HP tuner, EFI LIve and Innovate Sale
  145. LS3 TPS/PPS Pinouts
  146. Installing heads. Do I need a tune?
  147. 98 Z28 tuning problems
  148. 04 Z06, installed headers, runs like crap, needs tune already?
  149. Reluctor Wheel/ PCM question
  150. Greater than stock cam, will driving 60 miles to dyno tuner hurt engine?
  151. 2400 stall on a 2800 tune
  152. Strange shutdown that I can't explain...
  153. Most versitile PCM?
  154. Switching PCMs
  155. Newbie - Speed density tune on summer only 66 Nova in Michigan?
  156. I think I killed my PCM
  157. Transam file same as camaro?
  158. Take a Look At My LT1 Datamster file please?
  159. Extreme lean idle and cruise ???????
  160. Corn spark plug reading?
  161. Going nuts.....another in-depth tuner question..$50 Paypal whoever figures it out.
  162. Code scan/clear for 98 Trans-Am
  163. Air Fuel Ratio question..
  164. MSD 6010 wont go over 7500rpms.
  165. funny smell at start up...
  166. 2003 2500 5.3 stalling issue
  167. Idles, but when I give it gas, DIES! HELP!
  168. ls1 w/ 4l60e harness layout help
  169. need help
  170. Tuning for 2-3 WOT shift on limiter..RPM
  171. at a delima????
  172. 5.3 base tune w/ cam etc... Questions
  173. Is HPtuners capable of checking fuel rail psi
  174. Pesky High Idle
  175. Difference in tune using 93 octane w/o ethanol?
  176. 408 Cold Start backfire and hesitation?
  177. MAF problems
  178. Tune on a stock car?
  179. Have a P0420 Code after Header Install ?
  180. Fouling Spark plug Please Help !!!!!!!
  181. 99 Silverado BIN
  182. What should my long term fuel trim % be?
  183. Can a 40-100 O2 reading cause an 80 hp loss?
  184. 94 z28 lt1 no pulse at the injectors?
  185. Random misfire in closed loop only
  186. Email tuners
  187. Would this be possible ?
  188. "Performance Shift" button
  189. Need some help....LS2 GTO 226/234 cam P0106 Code...
  190. Michigan HPtuners Users?
  191. list of what will pull timing???????
  192. 2012 GM truck support now available!
  193. Cooling fans not working
  194. Autometer Wideband Problem
  195. Drive to Dyno-Tune
  196. Found Vacuum Leak- what is it though? Picture
  197. need help programming with my diablo sport
  198. need a tune?
  199. No start...need help troubleshooting!
  200. 416 L92 - timing over 40?
  201. Fans (not cooling fans) on LS1
  202. Spark falling to negative and amost dieing at idle
  203. Using wideband o2's in place of narrowbands?
  204. Anyone using Megasquirt 2 with 58x for ignition?
  205. HPTuners connection issues
  206. 5.3 timing drop to -10 on accelration
  207. Map, baro @ wot
  208. Is my car driveable?
  209. All of a sudden I've got codes..
  210. Secondary Air Problems
  211. Map code messing with TCS
  212. hp tuner and 98 t/a
  213. Need some help. No start issue 24x
  214. 402 ls2 Firehawk dyno
  215. 408 Stroker: possible ignition issue??
  216. Frankenstein engine P0342 camshaft code
  217. Tuning software
  218. pcmforless...hmmm
  219. What is needed to tune?
  220. Running rich and check engine light?
  221. Question on hp tuners standard vs pro
  222. Removing door wiring harness
  223. 99 Firebird O2 simulator for post-converter sensors
  224. will this throw an SES code????
  225. Is this normal anyone help
  226. Need HELP p0101, p0106, p10300, and a pending code p0171
  227. MAF Vs. Speed density
  228. High idle, speedo reading sitting still
  229. 98 fuel system settings after fuel segment swap?
  230. Can/bus diagram ?
  231. does anybody use the FAST handheld programmer?
  232. 1st diagnostic
  233. tps
  234. finally bit the bullet! (FROST)
  235. pcm misfire
  236. DTC 410/412 Check engine light - can't pass State Inspection - HELP!
  237. hptuners PCM shift light wiring
  238. need help getting started with hp tuners
  239. Dyno Tune in SF Bay Area
  240. Brake light and ABS Light on
  241. High IAC count?
  242. 98 to 99 pcm swap fuel level pcm wire ?
  243. Looking for reputable tuner in the DFW area
  244. i have SES codes help?
  245. LY6 VVT stock cam tune?
  246. 4l80E will not make WOT 2-3 shift
  247. change computer now car do not start
  248. Brain dead Camaro (HELP)
  249. Trying to Pass Inspection-P0171 and P0420
  250. GM's new PCM's and Tuning them.