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  1. Had VATS disabled and still wont crank
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  3. gauge cluster problem
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  6. eps 236/242 tune efi live
  7. Tuning WOT a/f: linear or richen near peak TQ?
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  10. running stock cam with ss4000 yank shift suggestions???
  11. Still getting knock with low boost and meth
  12. Slight surge under light throttle
  13. might be ressurecting an old idea but... lean cruise how to do it??
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  15. Computer for tuning?
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  17. buying hp tuners
  18. Ls?
  19. crank no start
  20. Tuners around south Mississippi?
  21. Tune
  22. Removing rear o2's without tune?
  23. what is this port for? Chip? Picture inside?
  24. How to wire a tach in my 01 ss camaro ?
  25. 4L60e to t56 swap, can I use automatic PCM?
  26. spark cutting out
  27. P1637 code w/ no fuel pump prime
  28. can some one look at my base tune?
  29. lt1 & megasquirt
  30. wideband oxygen sensors and long tube headers
  31. help with a baseline tuen
  32. mildly tuned with little power
  33. Car won't start
  34. Vehicle anti theft fuel shut off
  35. Commanded AFR issue please help!
  36. 5.3 Turbo First start tune...a few questions
  37. G8 PCMs
  38. No STFT data and no downshift
  39. bipolar e67pcm
  40. Converting 98 PCM to 99-02
  41. 4.8 A4 Converted to 400ci + 6x
  42. Power enrichment calculation
  43. Frost Cooling Fans Temperature
  44. Loading up at idle issues help...
  45. Need to locate a wire...
  46. Security light help.
  47. CASE learn for diag ONLY or performance also?
  48. Thinking about getting NGK AFX wideband
  49. survey on tuning
  50. LS6 DBW conversion
  51. HPtuners assistance needed in RI/MA (high HC emissions)
  52. Botched tune? Please look
  53. Removing Torque mgmt on 02 A4 Camaro with EFI Live???
  54. Please look a my OBDWIZ log
  55. Noob thank you
  56. 91 to 101 octane do you have to change timing?
  57. Any tuners in or around the knoxville,tn area??
  58. Cylinder #7 misfire
  59. mail order tune need slight retune after ls6 manifold swap?
  60. Help me make a tuning decision with my 98 TA!?
  61. ls1 injectors on 5.3 tune
  62. Oscilloscope Advice?
  63. How do I create a VE table for boost?
  64. Convert 2001 Camaro to Vette electronic throttle
  65. HP tuner and the need for a Vin#?
  66. In need of a GM wiring expert (in or near Michigan) to wire my car
  67. HP tuner for Dummies?
  68. 2001 ls6.0 ac cooling fan quandary
  69. Once tuned, will a car run at 14.6 AFR in most situations?
  70. hptuners on two computers
  71. P0352 After swapping 5.3 to 95 bird
  72. Any tuners in the south??? MS, AL, LA, FL?
  73. converter want stay locked... HELP!!!
  74. 6L80e to 4L80e Swap
  75. I have a shifting rpm question?????
  76. I have a 4.8 and swapping in an LQ9. can i just swap in the LQ9 computer?
  77. All Tuners and techs, look in here. Is this problem tune related?
  78. Odd timing drop
  79. Noob wideband tuning question
  80. Need a good tune near clarksville TN
  81. will this fan switch work with my pcm? [diagram]
  82. Would plugging a vacuum leak affect my tune so it wont idle anymore?
  83. PCM acts like it lost its tune... WTF HELP
  84. frequent P0101 along with P0171, P0174, P0137
  85. BMW Vin in LS1 Computer?
  86. code 0704
  87. guage cluster
  88. Any tricks to getting PCM back in place (2002 WS6)?
  89. need a 99T/A program
  90. hp tuner pro and vats
  91. Need input on supercharged z06 tune.
  92. LTFT's High
  93. VA speed
  94. Non working O2 sensors
  95. hypertech power programmer worth $80.?
  96. P1415, pics of Check Valve...replace your valves :)
  97. Please help!! codes inside and im at a loss of what to do.
  98. Need help making decision on which direction to go with tuning and fuel setup
  99. Anyone who tunes near Augusta GA???
  100. anyone tried Benchmark Tuning near chicago?
  101. p0300 random misfire
  102. LT1 PCM Problem/Question (HELP!)
  103. Tuning Question
  104. Problems with wideband PID in HP tuners
  105. Performance Chips
  106. Who is the most knowledgeable tuners here?
  107. Starting on Megasquirt ms3x questions
  108. 04 ecm trade?
  109. Does a bad front o2 sensor make car run rich?
  110. ABS inop, Traction control off, and Low traction light come on
  111. Double rpm rise on startup
  112. Scanning...? Start here.
  113. ebay ecm
  114. Knock Retard on Deceleration...?
  115. wont start at all!?
  116. Case Learn
  117. Holley Annihilator DIS???
  118. HELP, LS2 into a 74 Vette won't start
  119. Question about HPTuners and Wideband
  120. Need help, any tuners willing???
  121. running rough, please help
  122. LS2 58 tooth wheel = 60-2?
  123. 2008 e38 Vats issues..
  124. Msd Map sensor two bar fuel mgmt. Where do you get the plug to splice into.
  125. Street Tune vs Dyno?? Pros/Cons
  126. 4L60e will not upshift at WOT
  127. Get a dyno tune or use Predator for now?
  128. LS7 Injector Data
  129. Where art thou Frost?!!!!!!
  130. obd1 0b2 question
  131. Anyone do any Ls2/lt1 in Puerto Rico
  132. electronic trouble
  133. bad pcm symptoms??
  134. edcmat-l1 tuning in Pittsburgh week of March 19th
  135. edcmat-l1 tuning in Fredrick Md March 9th-10th
  136. got another log done. input please
  137. help with bosch 160lb tuning at idle
  138. is LC-1 plug and play for HP tuners pro?
  139. Runs weird
  140. 12592618
  141. Couple of questions on swapping to a 99+ ecu.
  142. Learning HPTuners after modifications??
  143. Abs inop
  144. HP tuners Pro
  145. which software do you like and why?
  146. Bench harness for OBD1
  147. Frost tune ?
  148. Anything to be gained?
  149. 97 lt1 tuning ?
  150. OBD II emissions question
  151. data logging for my 98
  152. O2 sensor not responding
  153. A little confused on how tuning software works.
  154. AIR/Tuning/SES Light Help
  155. plugs
  156. reasons for misfire
  157. holley efi tuning
  158. Pulling data from the last row - AIT
  159. Basic Tune and Tach Inop?
  160. HP tuned my 2000 Camaro SS can the tune be reset to stock Settings????
  161. PCMforless tuning
  162. Help me with V6 to V8 swap
  163. Didn't get many responses in the FI section so I figured I would try here???
  165. Not shifting into Overdrive could that happen due to bad tunning??
  166. ***HELP*** P0300 Code right before Emissions!
  167. Harness Pin Out Differences?
  168. Tuning the start with the defroster on...
  169. o2 bung question for innovate db wideband
  170. Help me out with stalling
  171. Flex Fuel Retrofit?
  172. Question about new tuning and mods.
  173. airbag light
  174. t56 swap blow ign fuse
  175. Driving for tune after cam install?
  176. Noobie,help me decipher these graphs
  177. WOT Fueling Issue - Look Inside
  178. HPP3 Weird results
  179. Had my 2000 camaro ss hp tuned yesturday and it wont shift into 3rd gear!
  180. Check my tuning thought process
  181. is there a table for (cold) start-up that affects AFR?
  182. tuning a 98 Z with HP tuner
  183. MAF Tuning 1998 Z28
  184. 03 sierra 4L80e swap now no lockup and hard 1-2 shift
  185. UPDATE P0420 & p0430(codes gone after repairs) Now P0054
  186. Tuning 2 engines with 1 handheld
  187. Wideband Gauge mount...Radio Power Supply.
  188. Question on WS6 tune with Diablo Trinity Tuner
  189. Can u flash a v6 ecu for ls1
  190. Tuning for Gearswap--GTO
  191. GF Tuners
  192. Some input for AFR at WOT
  193. found my old autotap
  194. NW Indiana dyno tune
  195. Last 2 issues with my tune (hopefully)
  196. Please explain how I am to properly set up my blm boundaries
  197. Pump Gas and Race Gas Tune Change
  198. Tps A circuit go off
  199. master tuner efi book
  200. H/C/I/E car won't stay running right, I need some help
  201. Performance chip
  202. LT1 timing
  203. Electrical Gremlins
  204. Reflashing ECM
  205. Dyno Tune
  206. I'm so confused!
  207. reduced engine power for 3rd time, LS2
  208. Hp tuners question
  209. Tuning from CMS?
  210. 98 PCM/ front mount
  211. New Delphi LS1 MAF design
  212. 2 free credits
  213. E38 issues
  214. 98 pcm on 02 ls1
  215. Plx wideband afr, trying to log afr on efi live
  216. PCM and heat
  217. Pcm removal from engine
  218. new motor woes
  219. PO102, PO117, PO135, PO155, P1114 all at once?
  220. Throttle body code
  221. If I change the cylinder volume for a 427 from a 346 will it make me go lean or rich?
  222. Intake Air Temperature IAT sensor question
  223. Missfire/down on power 383/5.3 truck heads
  224. Can I start my car without a gauge cluster?
  225. proper shielding for wiring
  226. Help with high Idle!!!
  227. Which "ECM Type" do I use in WinALDL for 94 trans am auto?
  228. 6.0 lq 4 swap
  229. Maf problem
  230. Predator o2 sensor ?
  231. Who would you choose Pat G or Corey Henderson?
  232. LC1 Wiring question.
  233. need data logging help.
  234. Little help please
  235. Maf, open loop tuning, which tables, 95 OBD1 using tunercat.
  236. What happens if I do this....
  237. megasquirt anyone?
  238. Rich at idle OLSD??? Tune attached, any help? EFILIVE
  239. Speed Density tune question?
  240. Please help.
  241. Tuned by frost
  242. possible check engine light?
  243. Who all does decent mail order tunes
  244. does HPTuners transfer credits?
  245. need computer help
  246. half gas pop 02 6.0 swap.. help please
  247. 99 Harness problem
  248. hp tuners maf table for slp with out resistor
  249. Delphi 3 Bar MAP Question
  250. segmented cam gear tuned to work on half moon cam gear motor?