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  1. Looking for reputable tuner in the DFW area
  2. i have SES codes help?
  3. LY6 VVT stock cam tune?
  4. 4l80E will not make WOT 2-3 shift
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  8. GM's new PCM's and Tuning them.
  9. PCMForLESS?
  10. PCM Speed signal 100 mph
  11. Won't idle with oil cap on...ideas??
  12. Disable fuel while reflashing? UPDATE: Cyl fill up with fuel, really quick! HELP!
  13. Jeremy Formato tuning & porting in Gettysburg PA October 23-29
  14. Computer keeps resetting itself
  15. LQ4 Low Hp...HELP lol
  16. In need of help with 5.3 wiring harness
  17. PCM or CPS
  18. Take a look at my tune please
  19. Slow speedometer needle???
  20. Retune after switching from ORY to TD X setup?
  21. Tuning help
  22. Recommend tuner in Hartford CT area
  23. Hp Tuners Vs. EFI Live
  24. critique my tune.
  25. Power dropping off above 3500??
  26. Air removal and SES question
  27. maf/tunning question
  28. Diablo Custom Tune
  29. 98 ls1 in a 01
  30. Question EGR
  31. stand alone harness help?!?!
  32. Idle issues, and few codes (live data pictures added)
  33. rich or lean
  34. spudders when i release the trans brake
  35. Need some help Diablo Tunning
  36. terrible mpg and p0171 p0174 codes
  37. Problems after bad Engine Ground.
  38. tuning for cat delete
  39. recomendations for a timing controller
  40. Transmission shifting issue, anyone care to look at my tune file??
  41. having idling issues
  42. Someone HELP!!! Looking for PatG
  43. P0137 p0157 codes
  44. Innovate LC1 problem.... ugg
  45. LS1 lean/choking under hi-throttle
  46. IAC help
  47. driving coils
  48. tuner locked ls1 ecm
  49. need help,timing twister trouble
  50. Here's one for the LS guru's
  51. Hitting rev limiter on 2-3 shift with built trans
  52. Good Tuner shop recommendation in North Dallas/Collin County area
  53. HELP.. TSP 100mm MAF Calibration.
  54. P1637 CAN Link ECM/ABS Control Module Circuit/Network
  55. Security light flashing!!
  56. Trouble at track last night after tune..
  57. Tuning help in Massachusetts
  58. Need Tune advise - Motor Plate & Soild Motor Mount please come in
  59. Can a car lose a tune over time?
  60. 98 wiring harness 99 pcm??
  61. Lt1edit
  62. Changing injector data
  63. Advanced Tuning Question- High RPM throttle cut and limp mode
  64. 2003 truck pcm 0v to knock sensors?
  65. General Tuning Software?
  66. Mass air flow and V.E. tuning advise needed
  67. Need a tune
  68. Questions for anyone with EFI 24x
  69. Can't get it to idle
  70. aem to oem pcm
  71. gutted car/big stuff 3 come with wires?
  72. C5 - Car will crank and not start / Reduced Engine power - P0606 and P1518
  73. Tuning issues RESOLVED!
  74. Hanging and fluctuating idle after head intake swap-help
  75. hahaha....figure this ridiculous sh1t out......**UPDATE**
  76. LMA-2 Setup on LT1
  77. hawaii?
  78. Your tuning solution EFI LIve, HP, Innovate
  79. Which programmer?
  80. looking for dyno tuner
  81. HpTuners ECM swap?
  82. do i need a IAC
  83. P0101 code and O2 sensor bank one sensor one codes
  84. plx air/fuel wideband problem help!
  85. At what RPM should I shift?*Dyno Graph
  86. on board monitor test $07 and $0C
  87. innovate wideband error?
  88. Who sells ALL NEW...COMPLETE wiring harnesses.......
  89. Spark tables question
  90. Thoughts on this build 402ci ls2 w/ 540rwhp
  91. MAF, H2O's, & VATS
  92. 2001 4.8L Silverado throwing lean codes.
  93. sd tune... do i need a t.p.
  94. EFI LIVE Scan tool
  95. 341 rwhp I was expecting more
  96. Spark and fuel look alright?
  97. P0200 "Injector Control Circuit" after heads, intake, and injector swap.
  98. ls1 stating problem
  99. HP Tuners, 01 PCM and E85. Looking to compare tunes
  100. Will putting my pcm in another car lock it out?
  101. Random misfires at idle, all cylinders
  102. HPTuners 2012 Tahoe, Escalade & Silverado Support added
  103. Finally had my car dyno tuned today !
  104. HP Tuners 2bar MAP OS
  105. New Sponsor: Unleashed Performance
  106. wiring dilema
  107. Granatelli MAF performance
  108. How forgiving is a stock PCM?
  109. PCM ECU LQ9 pinout?
  110. Need LS2 Tuner in Oklahoma area
  111. any good nitrous tuners in kansas city???
  112. looking for location of pin connector (pic inside)
  113. LS1 staying in open loop, need help
  114. EFI Live price increase!!
  115. Reprogramming GM crate engine kit controllers?
  116. hard to start
  117. Speedo Bouncing?
  118. mail order or email speed density base tune?
  119. 2006 c6 reluctor issues
  120. BCM harness same for v6
  121. obd2 black box
  122. LT1 383 Computer change?
  123. Nelson Perfomance
  124. Holley domninator EFI for LS7?
  125. cluster help !!!
  126. Autotap Express Diy
  127. HP Tuners in Socal area needed
  128. Looking for some assistance...again.
  129. How will car run when going from 28 to 36lb injectors?
  130. AutoTap Diagnostic VS AutoTap Express DIY?
  131. Scan tool
  132. Unknown PCM *Newbie*
  133. O-2 tuning app
  134. still getting po327 & po332 after replacing sensors and harness, what next?
  135. idle timing?
  136. 6.0 Z71 problem
  137. Speed density tunes skewed by altitude?
  138. PCM case
  139. Need 42# Stock injector data
  140. Any idea's?
  141. What kind of timing do you run WOT on E85?
  142. E85- What changes in tune would yield better MPG?
  143. Is the exact ECM needed to avoid Tech2 Reflash cost?
  144. Megasquirt 3 instalation writeup
  145. HPTuners 2012 Corvette Support added
  146. Quick Question on Tune for Lq9 S10 Blazer
  147. This makes no sense
  148. Please help!
  149. TSP Tqr V2 and washington Sniff test
  150. Issue MAF Lingenfelter 100 MM
  151. O2 sensors max and A/F goes very rich during deceleration. How do I fix it?
  152. stock pcm with boost
  153. Burning up o2 Sensors, why?
  154. A/C idle settings in EFI Live
  155. Elm 327 bluetooth obd2
  156. Throwing Codes PO410, PO412 and PO418
  157. Car throwing p0102 code and wont run
  158. is a tune needed just from switching from 241's to 243's?
  159. Skip shift = shift light
  160. Diablosport Predator question
  161. Holley dominator guru's
  162. Please Help With my Code Confusion.
  163. Wanted: tuner help in Lenoir, NC
  164. Please Help
  165. DTC ? Ignition coil 6
  166. Idle tuning. Car has hard time staying running when hot.
  167. Air intake and maf needs a tune?
  168. 5.3 70 nova wiring ?'s
  169. Diablosport InTune?
  170. SCT Pro rookie, need help figuring VE, MAF tuning setup
  171. Is there an issue swapping PCM's
  172. Cluster swap
  173. TPS signal randomly goes to 0%
  174. SD tune to maf question
  175. Engine surging problem
  176. EFI Live cable question
  177. Need Cable NW 102 Scalar #
  178. No reading from MAF in HPT
  179. OBD1 To OBD2 Plug conversion?
  180. Can someone please help me with this code.
  181. HPtuners Config Files
  182. Anybody have a cam only tune I can look at?
  183. Is this normal?
  184. open port 2.0 for tuning obd II
  185. would i benefit from a mail tune
  186. 1999 camaro pcm pinout issue
  187. I need a walkthrough for tuning out VATS
  188. PCM losing HP Tuners Tune?
  189. HPTuners 2012 Camaro V8 Support added
  190. Maf only tune?
  191. Any Good Tuners in Northern Utah?
  192. 2012 Corvette, Camaro SS first to market tune support!
  193. TPS voltage is bouncing around???
  194. HPT "Unable to locate PCM" after M6->A4 swap wiring
  195. Diablo tune (temporary) and shift kit.. Will it be ok? What to adjust?
  196. PCM failure
  197. Getting a hlod of BS3
  198. Tuning Gen 5 camaros
  199. This might be DUMB, but can you tune a fuel gauge....LOL
  200. Ls2 runs great cold dies instantly at 185??
  201. Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  202. picking an ECU: GMPP vs junkyard
  203. Diablosport Predator question
  204. O2 sensors not ready
  205. Is there a correlation between AFR reading and rich smell at idle
  206. throttle body question
  207. Prob. isnt the right section...screw size
  208. Intrument Cluster Fuse
  209. Abuse mode in different OS's
  210. LQ9 "N" code tuning
  211. I need a tune file for stock ls6 in a fody with a m6
  212. High idle at lower altitude or something else?
  213. Keep blowing Eng sens fuse?
  214. running rich or dumping fuel
  215. Emissions readout
  216. 4l60 line pressure?
  217. tuning issue...with cam
  218. what diagnostic software?
  219. Tuner
  220. tuning 0411 ecm
  221. Need help with Lt1 tune and TC apply
  222. Torquer v2 Tuning Help! Need BIN!
  223. Needeing a tuner near Tulsa
  224. Tuner appreciation
  225. engine misfires only on cold start up
  226. OBD-II PID for Torque (Android)
  227. DTC P0704 clutch switch circuit
  228. Fixing TH350 idle dip when shifting from park/neutral into gear
  229. How to go about Cam Surge tuning
  230. Help: camshaft position sensor signal low
  231. LC1 as Narrowband issue
  232. Intermittent hot start problem
  233. What kind of tune?
  234. any way that tuning can cause PO332 & PO327
  235. edcmat-l1 tuning in Pittsburgh Aug 29th til?
  236. what is the max rpm for an ls1 computer?
  237. Surging on COLD START idle after FAST90 and New Tune [ HELP! ]
  238. Any one in fort worth have a tech2 scanner? HELP!
  239. Need help from a tuner with ls1edit
  240. No start condition, ATAP keeps disconnecting. Is there any way to test the PCM?
  241. High pressure a/c sensor
  242. Just ordered HP Tuners
  243. help with diagnostics....
  244. LT1 Tuning Options - Need Suggestions
  245. Learning, Maybe?
  246. help no start
  247. Need help/advice.poss pcm failed?
  248. HELP! h/c/i guages or fire...
  249. no please
  250. P0352 & P0650 (have already ruled out coil/wire/plug)