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  1. Pump Gas and Race Gas Tune Change
  2. Tps A circuit go off
  3. master tuner efi book
  4. H/C/I/E car won't stay running right, I need some help
  5. Performance chip
  6. LT1 timing
  7. Electrical Gremlins
  8. Reflashing ECM
  9. Dyno Tune
  10. I'm so confused!
  11. reduced engine power for 3rd time, LS2
  12. Hp tuners question
  13. Tuning from CMS?
  14. 98 PCM/ front mount
  15. New Delphi LS1 MAF design
  16. 2 free credits
  17. E38 issues
  18. 98 pcm on 02 ls1
  19. Plx wideband afr, trying to log afr on efi live
  20. PCM and heat
  21. Pcm removal from engine
  22. new motor woes
  23. PO102, PO117, PO135, PO155, P1114 all at once?
  24. Throttle body code
  25. If I change the cylinder volume for a 427 from a 346 will it make me go lean or rich?
  26. Intake Air Temperature IAT sensor question
  27. Missfire/down on power 383/5.3 truck heads
  28. Can I start my car without a gauge cluster?
  29. proper shielding for wiring
  30. Help with high Idle!!!
  31. Which "ECM Type" do I use in WinALDL for 94 trans am auto?
  32. 6.0 lq 4 swap
  33. Maf problem
  34. Predator o2 sensor ?
  35. Who would you choose Pat G or Corey Henderson?
  36. LC1 Wiring question.
  37. need data logging help.
  38. Little help please
  39. Maf, open loop tuning, which tables, 95 OBD1 using tunercat.
  40. What happens if I do this....
  41. megasquirt anyone?
  42. Rich at idle OLSD??? Tune attached, any help? EFILIVE
  43. Speed Density tune question?
  44. Please help.
  45. Tuned by frost
  46. possible check engine light?
  47. Who all does decent mail order tunes
  48. does HPTuners transfer credits?
  49. need computer help
  50. half gas pop 02 6.0 swap.. help please
  51. 99 Harness problem
  52. hp tuners maf table for slp with out resistor
  53. Delphi 3 Bar MAP Question
  54. segmented cam gear tuned to work on half moon cam gear motor?
  55. Which wideband?
  56. speed limited?
  57. 99+ coolant temp PCM pins
  58. turbo 5.3L swap, which PCM?
  59. hptuner issue
  60. Hitting limiter on 1-2 shift only?
  61. Cold start: idle problems, Warm start: runs fine
  62. Boost with Holley Dominator EFI
  63. COT ? no cats
  64. COT ? no cats
  65. Would I need a tune?
  66. Re-tune for higher stall converter?
  67. Hptuners rev limiter
  68. 6.0 harness pin-outs
  69. tuning question
  70. Can ANYONE help with a VSS issue?
  71. ALDL Cable
  72. How does Torque Management work ...
  73. Anyone got one of those desktop dyno deals?
  74. P0174 only.
  75. How to turn off AC Clutch relay and pressure circuit???
  76. Tuning info for 98 boosted setups??
  77. VATS need help!
  78. Tuning out rear o2s
  79. M6 Segment Tune Swap
  80. Dyno Tune in NC
  81. Tuned once, shop is out of business...
  82. IAC Valve Differences
  83. Possible PCM issue? Updated with New issue and Link!!
  84. i need help lol..... iat and ect reading neg 38 deg
  85. Wideband?
  86. bad to drive on bigger injectors w/out tune?
  87. Single or dual channel?
  88. HP tuners data logging problem
  89. Glorious random misfire
  90. data like problem
  91. This is probably a beaten horse.. BUT...
  92. 98 pcm
  93. Stuttering mid to high RPMs @ WOT
  94. Raptor shift light help!
  95. Disable DTC and engine dies
  96. Efilive repository link in sticky is broke?
  97. Need! idle relearn procedure for a 1998 A4
  98. Nascar's ecm....
  99. Line Pressure on stock 4L60e w/ shift kit & SS4000 Yank
  100. tuner cats/ jet dst
  101. LS1 PCM Cooling Fan triggers
  102. What exactly is a Speed Density Tune
  103. If I change OS, will my EFI License still work?
  104. laptop computer tuners?
  105. pcmforless
  106. E38/T42 Computer Bench Harness
  107. woot! I'm still stickied! :)
  108. Where to get discount on efi live
  109. 98 to 02 pcm swap
  110. If You Have Ever Purchased an E38 ECM and Overwritten It, Please Read This
  111. pcm tune where?
  112. tuning for the best
  113. U 1000 "Class 2 Data Link" - What is this???
  114. 96 S10 LSx swap, OBD2 data issue
  115. LS3 Crate engine won't idle
  116. Good beginner hp tuner pro tips
  117. no power
  118. Why won't ecm go into pe mode?
  119. PCM out of an 05 2500HD
  120. P0121 tps code questions
  121. 0411 PCM pin 24 red connecter
  122. Cylinder 6 misfire!!!! Help!!!!!
  123. Tuning help
  124. Tuning Help Please! 4.8 with big cam.
  125. 07 TBSS LS2 dead throttle randomly
  126. looking for dyno tuner
  127. 98Z 3200 stall tune needed
  128. HPtuners and VIN registration ?
  129. Throwing 7 codes......where should i start?
  130. VSS; does aftermarket support this for me?
  131. check engine light will not work! why???
  132. Compatible Operating Systems for a 2012 E38 ECM?
  133. anybody have an Ohms vs Temp table for a GM Coolant Temp Sensor -40*F to +284*F
  134. Holley dominator efi ,any good???
  135. no dash lights. fogs or radio
  136. Virginia emissions question
  137. 4l80 harness with 4l60
  138. Diablo Trinity or Frost Tune, or HP Tuners Tune?
  139. LM2 issues
  140. PCM vs. Alternator
  141. Help!!!
  142. Is 85% Really Full Throttle on an LS3?
  143. Will HP Tuners Recognize a Brand New, Unprogrammed ECM?
  144. Just installed 98 FTP lid/85mm MAF
  145. HP tuner credits..
  146. auto to manual tune file vs emissions
  147. truck pcm w LS1
  148. are these cam sensor #s normal ?
  149. 4.8 harness w/ Upgraded PCM to LS1
  150. retard timing
  151. lost crank signal
  152. '99 FB airbag light on, code B0051
  153. Anyone running a Dual Curve MAF?
  154. Hard time getting ahold of Frost...
  155. Think I got ripped on a Diablo Predator U7198...Vin locked and pissed!
  156. 98 pcm and trying to run a 4l80e
  157. Idling too high in neutral and when rolling - how to fix this??
  158. SD tune for turbo 5.3
  159. At wits end....need help
  160. 1st gear transmission slip.....Wiring issue? Need help
  161. First fire up...runs but dies and won't start.
  162. stock maf or 85mm SLP maf
  163. P0128 randomly pops up.
  164. frost tuning on my 05 silverado?
  165. ls1 randon idel spike
  166. MAF stuck at 0.31
  167. PCM Compatability Question
  168. KR going off under load. is this normal?
  169. IS this LEGAL?!? hp tuner question
  170. 98 camaro 6speed tune, Do you have one? few HP tuner questions as well
  171. ASR light always on - switch is dead
  172. Replaced both O2 sensors still getting P0131/0151
  173. Best mail order tune
  174. Anyone work for GM, or GM race shop?
  175. GMMP LS2 controller work with LS3 gold blade throttle body?
  176. Whats the differance ide like to know
  177. Used predator prices?
  178. timing too high?
  179. just back from dealership now have SES light!
  180. Factory Wiring Harness...Need some help!
  181. Will I need to tune out VATS on a 98 pcm
  182. VSS wires??
  183. BS3 or holley dominator efi?
  184. what to do?
  185. Cold start issue...have to pump gas initially...2004 GTO
  186. questione:AEM standalone
  187. trans tune question
  188. O2 sensor plug volts??
  189. LSX PCM questions
  190. Hp tuners question
  191. P0122 p01635
  192. sputtering in all gears in idle help
  193. Will a mail order tune work for me?
  194. user XP and DL time
  195. setting 4>3, 3>2, and 2>1 downshifts hp tuners?
  196. OBD2 scanner android app
  197. Help with VIN code!!!
  198. need a tune for my stall.
  199. voltage drop
  200. What's the point of tuning VE?
  201. E40 ecu question
  202. Predator tuning
  203. 85mm MAF Question
  204. pcm buying time
  205. Just got HPtuners have a question
  206. Turbo wot pulls with hptuners...log and tune inside
  207. Richer Idle?
  208. Timing question
  209. ls3 Block, Heads ,and Intake .. 98 PCM hard tunning
  210. Dallas Dyno tuner?
  211. how many cell hits are you logging for wot pulls?
  212. Do tuners block the PCM so you can't read anything from it?
  213. buying tuning software used, what should i look for?
  214. Need to locate 2 pins...
  215. Dyno vs Mail order tune
  216. Confirmation that crank signal is bad
  217. False knock issues
  218. Still having idle issues, experts inside!
  219. p0068 dtc
  220. My p0134 story
  221. want to switch to speed density
  222. Need help-HP tuners and VIN question
  223. Need stock '98 A4 HPT tune file
  224. 2010 Camaro VSS issue (ideas?)
  225. IAT sensors
  226. schematic noob (determining polarity)
  227. what would cause the o2's to be acting like this? (hp tuners chart .jpg)
  228. Is this wideband any good?
  229. Just replaced 02 V6 Camaro MAF, now I have this problem...please help.
  230. Can I just cut wires at the computer?
  231. What does the PCM use when the throttle position sensor is unplugged?
  232. Factory Wiring Harness, PCM, Open Tune...and EFI Live
  233. hp tuners vs efi live
  234. TX G-Force motorsports or Clearlake speed??
  235. Needing some help....Driveability issues
  236. Tach Signal
  237. delphi pcm? and software...this is a strange one.
  238. conversion harness questions
  239. Tulsa, OKC, possibly texas tuner
  240. cold start problems, leaking injector or just need of tune
  241. PCM corrupted
  242. LS1 PCM in a S10 1993 truck ??
  243. EFI Live....but its used and the old version!
  244. Identifying my PCM
  245. Anyone care to comment on my VCM/HP Tuners E85 Tune and Log?
  246. DTC P0131, 0133, and 0151?
  247. 94Z28 BCM Question
  248. 383 LT1 Tuning Problems
  249. Spark Advance at WOT Bolt-on Ls1
  250. 1992 GMC Pick Up Code 51