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  23. no please
  24. P0352 & P0650 (have already ruled out coil/wire/plug)
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  26. Bad gas mileage
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  28. resetting fuel trims
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  31. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
  32. WTF is up with this 2001 camaro speed density
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  35. Thoughts on IAT/ECT tables
  36. 55 chevy Ls3
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  38. Several Codes and High Idle
  39. hesitation question.
  40. Anyone wanna double check a tune for me?
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  44. rewriting 03 s10 pcm to 03 express van
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  49. Diablo Predator: "Maximum knock fast spark" the same as knock retard?
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  52. High Idle
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  55. Modifying LS2 harness 24x to 58x
  56. Help! Bank 2 50% More Fuel Then Bank 1
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  61. looking for a local tuner
  62. Spark Plug Spreadsheet
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  75. Getting weird knock
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  78. p0102 code after tune.
  79. Trailblazer ss pcm
  80. why PO327 after a Tune? this seems to happen alot
  81. Bogging at WOT or under load
  82. Alternator
  83. swapping PCM's
  84. disparity in my 02's dangerous?
  85. ETC scalar question
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  88. ses Light comes on after 70mph
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  90. 30% tps at wot
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  92. 02 z28 error during writing tune. PCM fried.
  93. Need major help!!!!
  94. EFILive error message w/ pictures
  95. I bet you can't figure out why I'm running rich (datalog)
  96. MEFI4b, Ingenius 2.2 and Vista
  97. Trans going into limp mode from time to time need help
  98. rev limiter
  99. aeroforce scan gauge
  100. what sensors are required to run motor?
  101. MSD 6010 for efi
  102. Question About Timing being pulled.
  103. Idle issue
  104. need help with engine codes
  105. MegaSquirt Plug and Play project
  106. 04 GTO MAF different then 99 F-body?
  107. newbie tuner
  108. Ned help with some ses codes
  109. 2004 envoy 5.3L engine starting issues. Any suggestions?
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  111. first tune
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  113. Disable LTFT
  114. what is all needed for proper DIY tuning
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  124. Can setting the P1626 to "no mil light" cause these issues? Ideas?
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  128. passing inspection with a efilive2 bar OS
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  131. Need help please..
  132. reduced engine power
  133. Nebraska Tuner help me turn off VATS
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  135. What side to mount WBo2??
  136. Not getting full timing for some reason????
  137. Hptunes general setup help (fuel)
  138. P1637 - Can Link ECM/ABSCM Circuit / Net Help
  139. Brand new to tuning need help
  140. Homemade cable from wideband to logger?
  141. Colorado MAF Part# 12579352
  142. p0327 & p0332 after head/cam swap - newish sensors & wiring checks out
  143. Please help asap!
  144. Need help bypassing vats
  145. e85 afr wot
  146. Help!!
  147. LC-1 help..
  148. 4.8 4l60-e in third gen camaro pcm tuning info needed
  149. WTF! a/c and ses issue...
  150. hp tuners
  151. error $0331 when reflashing
  152. Problems after PCM basic tune... Please, help/ideas
  153. Can't locate problem P1637 CAN Link ECM/ABS Control Module Circuit/Network
  154. Turn around time
  155. dfw tuning
  156. Can someone give me some fan settings for an E38 with a 160 stat?
  157. 5.3/auto swap dbw hesitation ?
  158. Rely on old tune for break in period on new stroker?
  159. Which Wideband for HPTuners?
  160. Ls2 gto need tuning in las vegas
  161. po650/ ses light not working
  162. Racepak setup help
  163. UPDATE - SPARK PLUGS - High RPM misfires - No MIL or DTCs
  164. PCM Cooling Fan Commands
  165. No communication from dlc. HELP!!!
  166. MSD 6010 please?
  167. NEW from Tick Performance: Knock Sensor Upgrade Kit (for 97-98 LS1 Engines)
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  169. Share Transmission Tune?
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  172. base tune for ms3 via efilive
  173. Bigger Maf
  174. Getting Tune by Cartek Racing
  175. 160 degree thermostat-do i need to tune for this
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  177. Car bogging like hell off the line
  178. LQ4 swap if you can
  179. Not LS, but tuning related...
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  183. GTO: Lingenfelter MAF Wiring Assistance
  184. IAC counts high and dont change
  185. LT1 running 24x efi swap, hesitation, stumlbling
  186. Quick help, wiring AEM UEGO to EFILive v1
  187. Vortech
  188. 4 wire harness conversion
  189. PCM help
  190. Can losing PCM sync with datamaster indicate a bad PCM?
  191. Car will not start (Very little spark)
  192. MAF problem..
  193. Exhaust Leak at WB
  194. HP Tuners website down again?
  195. best tuner for FI in the dfw area?
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  198. le2 cam degreed to spec from comp cams
  199. Best DynoTuner in or near Wisconsin
  200. 01 ls6 no throttle response code error p0122
  201. Please critique my first tune !!!
  202. SS wont start-pop hood-starts?
  203. SS wont start-pop hood-starts?
  204. Car Falls on its Face
  205. accel DFI problem:
  206. How much timing
  207. 2011 Camaro - Dealer detect reflashes?
  208. ECT sensor
  209. datalog and misfire
  210. P0121 with NO a/c
  211. looking for help using hp tuners in Indiana
  212. P1870 Tuning Issue
  213. Hypertech programmer
  214. e38 standalone, no power to MAP,ECT and alll 5volts form gray connector
  215. Best place to get big stuff 3 (bs3)?
  216. Running A/C causes SD car to get real rich
  217. A/F Using a ScanGauge 2?
  218. Help odd STFT issues
  219. PO174 System too lean (Bank 2)
  220. engine dies when brake booster is blocked
  221. Master efi tuner - gm efi available!!
  222. In Memory of Shawn Sankey
  223. Strange fueling issues...........
  224. south eastern tuners
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  226. Tuning Tips
  227. no spark new cam and crank sensors
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  230. security light flashing after tank swap/diy two pumps
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  232. VE correction factor?
  233. 2 Bar OS and Emissions
  234. performance tuner
  235. hp tunner
  236. LC-1 wiring question
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  240. Obd2 code
  241. Low speed surge
  242. Trying to contact an HP Tuners Rep
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  244. untuned for a year
  245. Jet dynamic spectrum tuning software
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  247. Harness/pcm ??
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  249. charging question.
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