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  1. EFILIVE pls hlp ????
  2. help fouled plug ?
  3. Need help deciding on a tuning solution
  4. New big injectors and now rpms going up and down
  5. Problems with Diablo
  6. Wideband O2 Sensor Placement
  7. diablo super chip? questions.
  8. Throttle follower decay question
  9. gauges dont work after heads cam install
  10. Want to go back to stock
  11. check engine light code P0803
  12. Hp tuners or EFI live - Which one is better - Looking to buy
  13. DBW to DBC Confusion...
  14. is hptuners scanner helpful if car won't start?
  15. VCM read Failed at loc 6000 error checksum
  16. Can I Fix A Tune With A Handheld?
  17. What is wrong with my tune / do I need to send my computer off? Professional help plz
  18. chip burner eprom tuner? tx
  19. Todd @BlueThunder2racing
  20. Can't stay connected to lap top
  21. Looking for a Tuner in the PA WV VA MD area.
  22. looking for a e85 tuner in nw indiana, mich, ill
  23. Nelson Tuned PCM, what is the Tach setting? 4Cyl or 8Cyl?
  24. Hp tuners how old are you?
  25. did 99+ pcm swap in a 98 fuel guage with fuel segment
  26. The Buck Stops Here (cam surge gone)
  27. finally got to the track
  28. Mailorder tune , big problems after cam.
  29. need help getting HTP to download
  30. HP tuners question
  31. Eliminate 3rd gear lockup with hp tuners?
  32. Changes in weather effect tune?
  33. Help With Stripped Down Control....LM7 in a Jeep, Very Basic
  34. 1993 Pontiac Firebird LT1 w/major problems!!
  35. 402 stroker hp tuners help
  36. Question bout maf tables
  37. Ed Hutchings still tuning?
  38. fast injectors do u like em?
  39. being to rich on the afr hurt boost levels
  40. ses
  41. need help LS3 in 02 Fbody
  42. 2000 a4 wiring harness, what goes where?
  43. O2 sensor question
  44. Multi-tune options?
  45. Drive by wire vs. drive by cable and tps
  46. need help bad
  47. help! n2o tune setup
  48. timing question
  49. anit-theft mode help
  50. Service engine light
  51. P0220 adjustable
  52. gauges and codes
  53. map only hits 50 kpa??
  54. cat O2 sensor computer trick to read good emissions or what?
  55. How to turn off dash lights....
  56. HPT Trany Help please
  57. commanded afr at wot
  58. tuning software
  59. whattype of tune will i need?
  60. Will a 99+ gauge cluster work in a 99+ harness swapped car
  61. Fuel trims out of range sometimes
  62. bucking V6 camaro
  63. 3 Bar Map
  64. high idle, tune related?
  65. tune parameter
  66. buy hp tuner
  67. New DiabloSport Trinity Update! 1999 - 2006 vehicles now supported!
  68. Is this a dumb idea? Wideband wiring idea...
  69. Service engine soon
  70. flutter between 1300-1800 rpms?
  71. tuning issue?
  72. Ngk Afx wideband
  73. Tune out ASR
  74. Dual Fans - dual problems...
  75. P0157 Long Tube no Cats
  76. Painless wire harness
  77. No signal from ALDL (DLC) with engine running.
  78. PCM Electrical Question
  79. HP Tuner or EFI Live?
  80. heads up display!!!
  81. 402 stroker tune
  82. Anyone wanna take a look at this tune?
  83. 98z28 with 2000 wiring harness and pcm no gauges work
  84. Start up help.
  85. 98 harness and pcm on 02 lq9...hp tuners
  86. Cant get injectors to fire - w/ driver box
  87. 99-02 harness into a 98
  88. Bad experiences with 1_bad_ls1 mail order tunes?
  89. ODBII port working now. Pls give some advise on this tune/scan
  90. What wideband should I get???
  91. Do I have to get a tune?
  92. tuner vs scanner
  93. Twin turbo 404
  94. loking for a base tune
  95. Lean Misfire
  96. Tune out codes??
  97. 58x to 24x Wheel
  98. rough running but rich?
  99. HpTuners 5.3 w/'02 ls6 cam no emissions looking for tune file
  100. p0101 & bogs - What next?
  101. What to change for just injectors? I forgot.
  102. Strange Idle
  103. Ls1 camaro turn off after warming up. Need help.
  104. Programming PCM for Swap
  105. Autometer WB gauge and HP Tuners ??? How to
  106. HP Tuners SOS from Florida
  107. Bad WOT Backfire-Turbo-Need Help-HPT Scans Included
  108. Tuning Software
  109. Bolt On Tune Sale
  110. pros cons of removing maf
  111. ETC Throttle Oddity? Scan inside..
  112. best sponser to buy hpt?
  113. Never Tuned, input appreciated
  114. efi live misfire pids wont monitor.
  115. What questions should you ask your tuner?
  116. speedometer recal only with diablosport
  117. Wideband sensor and gauge Qs
  118. P0327 knock sensor code question
  119. 2 bar map question
  120. What pcm is this?
  121. Tuning for e85
  122. Idle related problem...would need some direction
  123. Tuning at Idle - Open Vs Closed Loop
  124. Disconnect MAF ?
  125. 408 intake backfire issue help!
  126. HPT suite 2.22 install in Window 7
  127. Point me in the right direction
  128. Where Do You Find That Table?
  129. HP Tuners EIO
  130. I got a mailorder tune...but (problem, need quick help)
  131. HP tuners VCM Suite v1.0 Questions
  132. STFT Question??
  133. PLX wideband question
  134. HPT,E40 SD--tables that control AFR@startup & first seconds of run time
  135. Truck wont start
  136. Closed loop makes car go LEAN
  137. 95 lt1 - obd1 pcm
  138. Quick Question.
  139. SD back to maf
  140. lq4 & zo6
  141. Went lean on bottle, could tuner have added fuel?
  142. Where should I mount my wideband sensor
  143. Dead spot part throttle
  144. Mastach aldl pinout help
  145. SES code PO155B. Help please
  146. what is the exact reason(s) speend density is better?
  147. Surging & car kills
  148. LT1 - OBD1 - 4L60E to TH400 swap - PCM need flashing?
  149. no start issue
  150. Need help TPS problems
  151. Vats bypass???
  152. Reset air bag system after DERM replacement?
  153. turning off O2s with HP Tuners
  154. Oxygen sensor problems
  155. For Sale: Superchips Flashpaq
  156. datalogging with autometer nexxus gauges and hp tuners pro
  157. swapping PCM
  158. Aftermarket MAF causing problems?
  159. P0452B Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Low Voltage
  160. Looking for a tuner in MI
  161. can my wideband commander be fixed?
  162. mods and no tune question
  163. PCM code reader and tuner
  164. Anyone have a copy of Calibrate Success DVD for sale?
  165. ANOTHER SET BACK, wire harness??????
  166. File Error
  167. Need help with PCM swap. Willing to pay. Need ASAP
  168. MAP code
  169. where I can get or order??
  170. Please help O2 and knock sensor prob (screw NY state inspection)
  171. pcm tuning
  172. Weird Security Light Issue. NEED HELP
  173. anyone know the pcm connector part numbers?
  174. LS3 in LS6 CTS-V ECM compatibilty issues?
  175. N E 1 Use a Autometer W/B 4 Hp Tuners?
  176. ASR off and still get the Trac Light, I need you insight!
  177. Converter Locks/Unlocks...Tuning Advice
  178. Who Can build me a Tune for my Truck?
  179. dyno tune or buy hp tuners
  180. Quick programing question, 4L80E
  181. 5.3L/4L60E in a 67 C10 issue...PLEASE HELP
  182. Is my MAF/tune FUBARed?
  183. speed density tuning how do u like it?
  184. Still Running Lean...
  185. I had 16 codes showing!! HELP!!
  186. 98 Trans am with 2002 computer
  187. P0300, just a tune needed????
  188. cold start question
  189. New to this
  190. FAST 90 Swap Idle Issue. Speed Density Tune
  191. help
  192. Turbo timing
  193. Finding the right BCM
  194. Which programmer 2 use..?
  195. wide band with 0-1v output
  196. 94 camaro gauge issues
  197. dyno tuning in iowa???
  198. automatic headlights
  199. Rob Raymer at Evans tire in Richmond Ky yesterday
  200. PO327 & PO332 Knock Sensors
  201. tune questions
  202. Electrical?
  203. Injectors in Banish DVD?
  204. Dyno Tuner in near Nashville????
  205. Handheld tuning options for '98 cars?
  206. Ford style TB (TPS)
  207. Low Impendence or High?
  208. stockish running lean?
  209. What would cause no fire on cylinders 2,3,5,8
  210. Auto to manual help
  211. Props to cunningham motorsports
  212. Tuning after LT's and LS6 Intake?
  213. Rich / Lean Codes
  214. Question bout EFI live
  215. 98 pcm
  216. Changing parameters with someone elses diablosport?
  217. datamaster
  218. what to set timing table? cam, heads,
  219. Unable to communicate with OBD
  220. MSD Timing Twister shutting down
  221. Ubuntu?
  222. Fan issue - they just wont turn off
  223. Frost Tune Question
  224. P0430 help!! Won't go away!
  225. Hypertech programmer, one quick question..
  226. Can I use a 98z harness to put a 5.3 in T/A?
  227. Tuning with a netbook or with a laptop?
  228. Tuning after LT's and LS6?
  229. Speedometer question
  230. What tune for Yank ss 4000? Mail order ok?
  231. Aeroforce pt401 scan gauge on a 1998 trans am problems any help???
  232. Retune needed for start up w/ new cam?
  233. wont start ,spark on one bank????
  234. Wideband's which would you choose from these 3 and why? (AFX, LC-1, AEM)
  235. 2007 STS-V Wont Downshift Manually
  236. Revs Hightower with tps plugged in
  237. 94 lt1 into 96 ta spark and no fuel pump
  238. Help Needed: Intermittent hard start...
  239. good tuner in the nashville area
  240. Maf calibration, in the PCM or maf itself?
  241. Need pcm tuned for 4.10 gears who can do it?
  242. Have a few idle tuning questions ("LS6" with stall)
  243. how to get IAC's into range??
  244. Frost tune and tr230 cam only. Anyone running it?
  245. Looking for a decent set of instructions for Dynojet Wideband Commander
  246. Hyperpac Programmer or PCM tune?
  247. Bluecat Tuning in Kentucky...
  248. Need help with a P0106 Code
  249. Advice on timing adjustment
  250. Tune Question