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  1. O-2 tuning app
  2. still getting po327 & po332 after replacing sensors and harness, what next?
  3. idle timing?
  4. 6.0 Z71 problem
  5. Speed density tunes skewed by altitude?
  6. PCM case
  7. Need 42# Stock injector data
  8. Any idea's?
  9. What kind of timing do you run WOT on E85?
  10. E85- What changes in tune would yield better MPG?
  11. Is the exact ECM needed to avoid Tech2 Reflash cost?
  12. Megasquirt 3 instalation writeup
  13. HPTuners 2012 Corvette Support added
  14. Quick Question on Tune for Lq9 S10 Blazer
  15. This makes no sense
  16. Please help!
  17. TSP Tqr V2 and washington Sniff test
  18. Issue MAF Lingenfelter 100 MM
  19. O2 sensors max and A/F goes very rich during deceleration. How do I fix it?
  20. stock pcm with boost
  21. Burning up o2 Sensors, why?
  22. A/C idle settings in EFI Live
  23. Elm 327 bluetooth obd2
  24. Throwing Codes PO410, PO412 and PO418
  25. Car throwing p0102 code and wont run
  26. is a tune needed just from switching from 241's to 243's?
  27. Skip shift = shift light
  28. Diablosport Predator question
  29. Holley dominator guru's
  30. Please Help With my Code Confusion.
  31. Wanted: tuner help in Lenoir, NC
  32. Please Help
  33. DTC ? Ignition coil 6
  34. Idle tuning. Car has hard time staying running when hot.
  35. Air intake and maf needs a tune?
  36. 5.3 70 nova wiring ?'s
  37. Diablosport InTune?
  38. SCT Pro rookie, need help figuring VE, MAF tuning setup
  39. Is there an issue swapping PCM's
  40. Cluster swap
  41. TPS signal randomly goes to 0%
  42. SD tune to maf question
  43. Engine surging problem
  44. EFI Live cable question
  45. Need Cable NW 102 Scalar #
  46. No reading from MAF in HPT
  47. OBD1 To OBD2 Plug conversion?
  48. Can someone please help me with this code.
  49. HPtuners Config Files
  50. Anybody have a cam only tune I can look at?
  51. Is this normal?
  52. open port 2.0 for tuning obd II
  53. would i benefit from a mail tune
  54. 1999 camaro pcm pinout issue
  55. I need a walkthrough for tuning out VATS
  56. PCM losing HP Tuners Tune?
  57. HPTuners 2012 Camaro V8 Support added
  58. Maf only tune?
  59. Any Good Tuners in Northern Utah?
  60. 2012 Corvette, Camaro SS first to market tune support!
  61. TPS voltage is bouncing around???
  62. HPT "Unable to locate PCM" after M6->A4 swap wiring
  63. Diablo tune (temporary) and shift kit.. Will it be ok? What to adjust?
  64. PCM failure
  65. Getting a hlod of BS3
  66. Tuning Gen 5 camaros
  67. This might be DUMB, but can you tune a fuel gauge....LOL
  68. Ls2 runs great cold dies instantly at 185??
  69. Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  70. picking an ECU: GMPP vs junkyard
  71. Diablosport Predator question
  72. O2 sensors not ready
  73. Is there a correlation between AFR reading and rich smell at idle
  74. throttle body question
  75. Prob. isnt the right section...screw size
  76. Intrument Cluster Fuse
  77. Abuse mode in different OS's
  78. LQ9 "N" code tuning
  79. I need a tune file for stock ls6 in a fody with a m6
  80. High idle at lower altitude or something else?
  81. Keep blowing Eng sens fuse?
  82. running rich or dumping fuel
  83. Emissions readout
  84. 4l60 line pressure?
  85. tuning issue...with cam
  86. what diagnostic software?
  87. Tuner
  88. tuning 0411 ecm
  89. Need help with Lt1 tune and TC apply
  90. Torquer v2 Tuning Help! Need BIN!
  91. Needeing a tuner near Tulsa
  92. Tuner appreciation
  93. engine misfires only on cold start up
  94. OBD-II PID for Torque (Android)
  95. DTC P0704 clutch switch circuit
  96. Fixing TH350 idle dip when shifting from park/neutral into gear
  97. How to go about Cam Surge tuning
  98. Help: camshaft position sensor signal low
  99. LC1 as Narrowband issue
  100. Intermittent hot start problem
  101. What kind of tune?
  102. any way that tuning can cause PO332 & PO327
  103. edcmat-l1 tuning in Pittsburgh Aug 29th til?
  104. what is the max rpm for an ls1 computer?
  105. Surging on COLD START idle after FAST90 and New Tune [ HELP! ]
  106. Any one in fort worth have a tech2 scanner? HELP!
  107. Need help from a tuner with ls1edit
  108. No start condition, ATAP keeps disconnecting. Is there any way to test the PCM?
  109. High pressure a/c sensor
  110. Just ordered HP Tuners
  111. help with diagnostics....
  112. LT1 Tuning Options - Need Suggestions
  113. Learning, Maybe?
  114. help no start
  115. Need help/advice.poss pcm failed?
  116. HELP! h/c/i guages or fire...
  117. no please
  118. P0352 & P0650 (have already ruled out coil/wire/plug)
  119. I need to learn the PCM?
  120. Bad gas mileage
  121. hptuners checksum 4280 error
  122. resetting fuel trims
  123. where do you get the PCM pins for cheaper
  124. 1998 Firebird running issues
  125. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
  126. WTF is up with this 2001 camaro speed density
  127. p0101 help
  128. high idle!!!!!!!!! help please!!!!!!!!!!!
  129. Thoughts on IAT/ECT tables
  130. 55 chevy Ls3
  131. Hp tuners, LC-1 and 2005 cts-v question
  132. Several Codes and High Idle
  133. hesitation question.
  134. Anyone wanna double check a tune for me?
  135. What's the verdict on EFILive 2 step (Valet mode)
  136. Tripped a bunch of SES codes after !cats
  137. Dyno Tuning trouble
  138. rewriting 03 s10 pcm to 03 express van
  139. a few noob tuning questions
  140. help with tuning with hp tuners
  141. Slow Camaro
  142. EFI live... I don't understand.
  143. Diablo Predator: "Maximum knock fast spark" the same as knock retard?
  144. LS1 99-02 with AIM Sports MXL Strada
  145. '01 WS-6 intermittent stalling and power loss
  146. High Idle
  147. Where is a good place to get your car tuned in illinois near chicago
  148. OBD2 to OBD1
  149. Modifying LS2 harness 24x to 58x
  150. Help! Bank 2 50% More Fuel Then Bank 1
  151. dyno tune and diablo predator
  152. Looking for E38 Speed Density Cam Only Base Tune
  153. FI tuning. What is safe and too safe?
  154. Header Install, Cat delete, tune edit required?
  155. looking for a local tuner
  156. Spark Plug Spreadsheet
  157. 4l60e shift points with 4.11 gear
  158. a4 to m6
  159. LT1 cold start idle tuning
  160. LT1 383 Tuning Requirements???
  161. LS1 swap part throttle miss
  162. Surging with base tune, tune the main issue? *Video Inside*
  163. erratic starting issue
  164. GM SCT guys, need help
  165. Weird problem help please
  166. Need Tuning help in Wichita Falls TX
  167. Question about changing wheel diameter in hptuners
  168. 46 degrees of timing. STOCK LS1 tune
  169. Getting weird knock
  170. Codes p0102 and p0803 Need help..
  171. SES code check with out scanner?
  172. p0102 code after tune.
  173. Trailblazer ss pcm
  174. why PO327 after a Tune? this seems to happen alot
  175. Bogging at WOT or under load
  176. Alternator
  177. swapping PCM's
  178. disparity in my 02's dangerous?
  179. ETC scalar question
  180. EFILive and AEM UEGO showing different readings?
  181. best tuner around......was closed??
  182. ses Light comes on after 70mph
  183. Tuning after rockers install??
  184. 30% tps at wot
  185. help tuning questions
  186. 02 z28 error during writing tune. PCM fried.
  187. Need major help!!!!
  188. EFILive error message w/ pictures
  189. I bet you can't figure out why I'm running rich (datalog)
  190. MEFI4b, Ingenius 2.2 and Vista
  191. Trans going into limp mode from time to time need help
  192. rev limiter
  193. aeroforce scan gauge
  194. what sensors are required to run motor?
  195. MSD 6010 for efi
  196. Question About Timing being pulled.
  197. Idle issue
  198. need help with engine codes
  199. MegaSquirt Plug and Play project
  200. 04 GTO MAF different then 99 F-body?
  201. newbie tuner
  202. Ned help with some ses codes
  203. 2004 envoy 5.3L engine starting issues. Any suggestions?
  204. Reading Wideband Questions
  205. first tune
  206. HELP! 36lb/hr GTP injector hp tuners
  207. Disable LTFT
  208. what is all needed for proper DIY tuning
  209. knock retard question
  210. EFI Live & HP Tuners on Sale plus LC1 for $129shipped
  211. OBDI PCM Issues?
  212. injector size question
  213. Email tune?
  214. 4 codes after tuner has it???????
  215. OBD2 Blowing Fuse
  216. Accel Gen 7 IAC issue
  217. Best tuner around..........
  218. Can setting the P1626 to "no mil light" cause these issues? Ideas?
  219. Old (serial) hptuners interface question
  220. HPTuners VE Tuning issues...
  221. FS: Tune Tuning School (LSX Specific)
  222. passing inspection with a efilive2 bar OS
  223. harness swap question
  224. Did I kill my PCM?
  225. Need help please..
  226. reduced engine power
  227. Nebraska Tuner help me turn off VATS
  228. Question about map sensor linear and offset 2 bar map hp tuners...
  229. What side to mount WBo2??
  230. Not getting full timing for some reason????
  231. Hptunes general setup help (fuel)
  232. P1637 - Can Link ECM/ABSCM Circuit / Net Help
  233. Brand new to tuning need help
  234. Homemade cable from wideband to logger?
  235. Colorado MAF Part# 12579352
  236. p0327 & p0332 after head/cam swap - newish sensors & wiring checks out
  237. Please help asap!
  238. Need help bypassing vats
  239. e85 afr wot
  240. Help!!
  241. LC-1 help..
  242. 4.8 4l60-e in third gen camaro pcm tuning info needed
  243. WTF! a/c and ses issue...
  244. hp tuners
  245. error $0331 when reflashing
  246. Problems after PCM basic tune... Please, help/ideas
  247. Can't locate problem P1637 CAN Link ECM/ABS Control Module Circuit/Network
  248. Turn around time
  249. dfw tuning
  250. Can someone give me some fan settings for an E38 with a 160 stat?