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  1. 2000 camaro z28 battery draining problem (short circuit)
  2. Fuel Level Sensor Voltage (P0463 code)
  3. Tuning advice. Please guys....
  4. Converting a HPT to EFI Live?
  5. 07 trailblazer hp tuners bin files wanted
  6. programed pcm issue?
  7. What is a SD and how is it better than a MAF ?
  8. 6L80E torque management pulling timing on shifts
  9. lc-1 blinking 9 times
  10. ~ ASR off by default ~
  11. LQ4 wiring
  12. Aeroforce gauge in 1998 trans am wiring
  13. Lazy Tac
  14. Tuning issues with 243/TR230
  15. afr wrong?
  16. Innovative LC-1 Wideband vs Narrowband
  17. Different 4l60 rpm/shift points on nitrous vs na
  18. lookin for cheap way to get my 6.0 truck motor running
  19. dear 2xLS1
  20. whats the best tune program??
  21. Tuned By TMR ( Twisted Minds Racing)
  22. wot shifts and lockup disengaging at cruising speeds
  23. Clutch anticipation switch
  24. 95 ICM question
  25. MAF sensor w/ Carb Style intake??
  26. Frost tune?
  27. looking for input code P0131 low o2 input
  28. Mass Sensor ?
  29. Diablo Sport Tuner.. 2000 Z28... Stock... Help..
  30. Ls controller kit for 5.3 vortec
  31. Anyone use the aeroforce air/fuel sensor kit with gauge
  32. Hydrogen Generation
  33. Tuner Needed Pittsburgh/Western PA
  34. Can a bad o2 cause a missfire code
  35. what tuner to use? with stand alone wire harness
  36. EFI Live trans question
  37. Check my tune
  38. AEM Wideband Kit problem
  39. not an LS question. Vortec 305 vs 350 PCM
  40. Swapped Column. Now No Start.Help!!
  41. Installing 4L80E, please instruct me on getting tune right
  42. Auto To M6
  43. Best Tuner In Richmond Va. For Gen 1 Chev. With Twin Turbos And Holley Stealth Ram?
  44. Any michigan tuners?
  45. Diablosport
  46. Turn off VATS/Security
  47. cluster swap
  48. Need help with two wires!!! Please...
  49. New virtual dyno software for hptuners
  50. P0300 Code,misfiring on 2,3,5,6,8 cylinders
  51. Narrowing down the O2 problem
  52. passing obdII emission testing in ohio
  53. Another LY6 no injector pulse thread
  54. Maf?
  55. Lma-3 auxbox mounting location?
  56. factory tach not working
  57. GM Performance Trans Controller
  58. TBSS misfire
  59. COdes
  60. Efi live scan cable not detected
  61. Email Tune,Whats the best thing????
  62. tune after rebuild.
  63. Help me understand VE tuning
  64. hptuners serial interface
  65. dyno tune or not?
  66. new 02's now more codes!?
  67. Can completely draining the battery wipe a tune?
  68. NO Ltrim OR Strim readings???
  69. Changed for 2 to 3 bar and wont start Hptuners software.
  70. Is there a hidden OLSD table causing lean idle for a few minutes on a warm start?
  71. 2002 engine harness and pcm into a 98 car question
  72. Fuel level gauge issue after tune...
  73. CTS-V tuning input needed. EPS 226/230 cam
  74. hp tuner help
  75. How do I know if wide band is right?
  76. LY6 Turbo with EZ TCU'ed 4L60e?
  77. options or suggestions needed
  78. Wtf is p0128
  79. How not to tune!!
  80. Bigstuff3,timing variation
  81. Wideband
  82. MAP Sensor
  83. doin an engine swap...
  84. PO410 and PO420 help
  85. (Long Shot) Extrememly Random "Power Reduction Mode" with a 2007 Hummer H2
  86. Diablosport for egr and air
  87. Need help with tune up on lt1 in st.louis
  88. Stock c5 tuning?
  89. tuners? 102 versus 92mm throttle body for lsx102
  90. Aftermarket LS1 PCM Mount Options
  91. How many credits to read PCM data?
  92. 4.8L LR4... Should i use a 4.8L ecu or LS1 ecu?
  93. Can you mix gauges and sending units?
  94. tune after fuel pump install?
  95. LS1 Coils on LT1 with XFI?
  96. lsx376 e85 and pump gas
  97. Basic Tuning Question.
  98. Creating a "tuning" harness for blue-green PCM... what do I REALLY need?
  99. MIL question
  100. LS9 injector tables for f-body?
  101. OE 2004 LS1 ECM with carb
  102. Hooked up Timing Twister- Factory Tach Bounces now
  103. hp tuners vats delete newb ??
  104. having a dumb moment and cant get the computer back in my car
  105. Anyone use the aeroforce scan gauge
  106. Which would you choose?
  107. cpu problem?
  108. Need help re-tuning G8 GT for altitude....
  109. Who can UNLOCK a computer?? Please help..
  110. Code 42 with MSD on LT1
  111. Delphi MAF HELP
  112. looking at making my own harness
  113. EFI Live repository questions
  114. P0101 code what else besides MAF?
  115. Slp maf meter is a damn joke what a waste
  116. Tuner Southern Indiana, Indy, Louisville, Ky area?
  117. Need Help, ABS light came on in the rain
  118. Air Bag Light came on, please help
  119. Anyone know of a cheap scan tool to measure iac counts
  120. Diablosport Predator: Unit 1: error unlock (253)
  121. need help with v6 trans am
  122. There is really no way to tune out the abs light?
  123. Looking for good fbody tuner around Paducah, KY??
  124. LS1 Cam & Crank Scope
  125. 396 Tune help
  126. 2.73's to 3.73's tune
  127. O2 sensor location for tune
  128. mpg SUCKS!
  129. Computer Hardware ??? for the Computer Geeks
  130. Which ECM?
  131. handheld tuners...
  132. Resetting insturment cluster
  133. Tuning after header installation???
  134. help 98 ls1 egr/tuning question?
  135. Is this HP Tuners $650 version?
  136. 02 partnumbers for 02 Trans am
  137. G8 GT E85 Tune, Thoughts, Ideas, Comments?
  138. Twin Turbo Z06 Tune help
  139. 2002 Malibu VATS delete
  140. Looking for tuner around Rome, Ga.
  141. Voltage for MAF and IAT sensor please help
  142. Check engine light and HyperTech chip
  143. who can program 98 LS1 pcm?
  144. [pls help, tuning issue
  145. 2010 truck with 480hp crate engine tune?
  146. popping and stumbling at part throttle under load
  147. How do I tell a good tune from a bad tune ?
  148. Water Temp ground pinout
  149. Shift table issues with 4.10s
  150. High rev at park to drive shift
  151. Start stutter?
  152. In P/N, better idle w/ IAC disconnected
  153. Noob question!
  154. Codes. Do I need to replace stuff?
  155. scanner says......?
  156. How to tune GM EFI engines
  157. jet chip help?
  158. Bad MAP symptoms
  159. Tuning TCS timing retard
  160. automatic hits revv limiter before shifting?
  161. Bad Experience with Dallas Performance
  162. cant connect to computer
  163. would i gain anything?
  164. p0131 code
  165. Only fix or bandaid fix for OTR intake stalling?
  166. LS3 MAP sensor with '98 PCM?
  167. car cranks but wont start! :(
  168. TSP Mail In Order Tune?
  169. deleting o2s front and rear
  170. What do you use to datalog your LSx?
  171. How hot does the computer get??
  172. Need Your Help ASAP: NO START PROBLEM
  173. High Idle issues with IAC connected.
  174. Help with HP Tuners and 2010 Camaro auto
  175. MAP voltage to high?
  176. tuning qestion
  177. what sensor is this?
  178. Shift Light with HP Tuners
  179. Tach Gauge issue
  180. Wierd LTFT readings after car sat for 2 months
  181. F.A.S.T. Handheld tuner
  182. Kudos to Frost!
  183. VE Tuning @ 416
  184. ECU switch?
  185. A little DTC help for a LS1 noob
  186. no help searching ls1tech
  187. What MAP and MAF should i buy?
  188. E85 Support in Gen IV
  189. 85 maf on a 98 camaro
  190. Greg Banish tuning DVD
  191. car was running fine yesterday...
  192. Possible bad computer?
  193. Service Engine Error Codes help
  194. tuning for lsx
  195. Tuning questions
  196. Car wont idle and doesn't accerate
  197. mixing parts
  198. Mail order tune question
  199. Need Help
  200. Corvette randomly stays at 2000rpms ??
  201. My early conclusions on CL vs. OLSD vs. OL with MAF vs. OL MAF ONLY...
  202. HP Tuners question
  203. Can anyone else feel their 02's switching under part throttle?
  204. Help weird tune or sensor problem?
  205. WONT START help asap
  206. LC1 Lagg using non-EIO
  207. lil help?
  208. Tuning issue?
  209. Tuners come in
  210. Installed AEM eugo wideband afr jumping around.
  211. Bad gas or something else
  212. looking to get my car tuned
  213. what are these DTC's from?
  214. LS1 Running Rich?
  215. EFANS...Problem
  216. Bad Injector Driver?
  217. Help with L92(LS3) into a 98 Camaro
  218. datalogging
  219. hypertech max energy
  220. Surging/RPMs Bounce when I take turns or stop
  221. Need to tune 1998 Firebird Formula
  222. part throttle stumble
  223. Map sensor symptoms p106 please help
  224. random idle missfire
  225. car wont pass all the monitors. need help
  226. tune for a 02 ws6
  227. codes thrown by HFC/removed cats...
  228. Engine Races to 3500 RPM Upon Start
  229. who publishes the best book on tuning an ls1 with hp tuners?
  230. Tuner in the Austin area
  231. terrible gas milage
  232. P0135 o2 heater circuit
  233. 1998 firebird 99 & up conversion Fuel level Gauge inop?
  234. Need Help w/HPTuners
  235. 98 a4 can this be tuned
  236. Top tuner in So Cal ?
  237. About to order wideband, have a couple questions
  238. P0102, LS1 running awful
  239. Can I run a wideband instead of a front o2 sensor?
  240. Tune for Ls6 intake and 373s?
  241. AEM, Holley Dominator or BS3
  242. asa cam tuning
  243. TRUE 15 mpg all city real-world driving in my 402 L92 top-end
  244. Carl or CJTUNES
  245. Throwing a PO650 & a P650 Pending??
  246. Leaning out OL to avoid smell
  247. 98 formula won't start after engine. Swap
  248. C5 PCM Question
  249. need a tune in lower michigan
  250. rich to lean