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  1. dyno question
  2. 94 lt1 missing after warm up
  3. How do you know what tune you have?
  4. RWTD tuning....i think I am getting screwed over...please help
  5. ls6 intake tune question?
  6. Need a cheap handheld to adjust some small things
  7. 2004 LS1 Corvette PCM/ECU in a 1998 LS1 Camaro?
  8. Tuners in Michigan
  9. o2 sensor problems
  10. Cheapest Way to Flash ECU Back to Stock
  11. Firehawk hesitates at WOT HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Pulling a belt, low alt. voltage making the car run lean...Any answers to this?
  13. PCM, ECM, TCM Part Numbers Database
  14. Primary O2's...can they be tuned out?
  15. LS1 harness, LS6 ecu does not fit
  16. LS6 MAF wiring
  17. How long of a wait for Frost?
  18. PRNDL setting "HP tuner"
  19. tac module--throttle--computer compatibility
  20. Starting E85
  21. What is a good wide band o2 sensor?
  22. Burned pin on PCM, fix?
  23. PCM from Auto to Manual
  24. Help on 08 motor musclecar swap ecu
  25. 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Readiness
  26. How to reset the security light on a 02 z28
  27. p0300 question
  28. LC-1 install in rear O2 sensor bung?
  29. What sensors does the LS1 PCM need to see for Cruise control to work?
  30. difference between LS1 f-body and LS2 truck harness????
  31. what year DBW
  32. need some tuning
  33. found gen3 timing tuner underdash???
  34. Mail order tune, car won't idle.
  35. Low speed surging after tune and cam install?
  36. p0300 Code after Heads and Cam
  37. Tuned By Frost?
  38. 99 5.3 pcm into 99 m6 f-body
  39. Best wide bands out there
  40. where do i find a computer?
  41. catalitic converter ?
  42. PNs for PCM Harness Seals
  43. Worth it to tune a stock T/A?
  44. please help
  45. EFI Live COS Wiring
  46. Oil pressure switch
  47. Best Wide Bands Any Opinions
  48. 4l80e on trailblazer Ss ecu
  49. LSX swap... Cam position sensor and tach...
  50. in need of
  51. Help, 0 degrees advance off the line
  52. How hard to tune solid roller?
  53. Idle
  54. OK to drive w/o tune? heads/cam ls1 | f-body manifolds | cat converters
  55. Mail Order Diablosport Tune?
  56. Efi live tuning help
  57. Relocating knock sensors to ls2 spot, sensitize
  58. Add PCM fan control to 2002 Tahoe?
  59. Ses p1441
  60. P0443 and P0449 Error Codes
  61. Placement of wide band sensor
  62. What is tunable?
  63. Halltech
  64. Question on code scanner
  65. Tune question????
  66. P0152 after dyno tune and rain
  67. hypertech programmer
  68. Is HP Tuners right for me?
  69. Easier to tune SD or MAF?
  70. CEL on
  71. Source for PCM Connectors anyone?
  72. wont run
  73. wont crank
  74. Who to get computer tune from????
  75. Thermostat?
  76. Question about tuning suites
  77. Fasterprom's Gettysburg PA Tuning Session April 1-9
  78. logging with hpt standard
  79. What would cause high injector DC?
  80. Miss fire issue
  81. Need a stock lt1 tune
  82. 02 t/a wont idle
  83. how safe is WOT without wideband?
  84. TunerCATS issue with Read/Programming
  85. Tuning For Converter
  86. NGK WB which brand of sensor
  87. Help please!
  88. Is it safe to run motor with no O2's
  89. iphone REV app on my car !!
  90. can i drive it like this to tuner
  91. what to tune when the pcm gets shiped..
  92. Want to upgrade my MAF.
  93. tuning o2 codes out
  94. o2 codes
  95. Codes galore
  96. Tuner In NE Georgia
  97. LS6 Intake DS Predator Tune?
  98. big dip in dyno graph-have a look!
  99. Looking for someplace that tunes
  100. lt1 mail tune 11.7 afr
  101. 3bar OS with 2.5map sensor from cobalt.
  102. Need advice for PCM
  103. Replaced Alternator, now AFR's are lean...
  104. PCM question
  105. Problems with Torque Converter Lockup
  106. 03 Cobra with LSX413 tuning question
  107. Trouble tuning.....Grannyshifting
  108. Mods, Tuning & Gas Mileage
  109. little help
  110. Im in north county (San Diego) need to delete VATS
  111. Anybody now
  112. Tuning out TSC light?
  113. Is hp tuners enough
  114. have you?
  115. Looking for .bin file?
  116. Lq4 swap tunning questions
  117. ls6 ecu in ls1
  118. which computer
  119. BIG, BIG, BIG Thanks to you FROST
  120. Opinions on Innovate's OT-2 Controller
  121. question/help..
  122. SLP Fan bypass Kit?
  123. Need a good tuner.. Tulsa, OKC, KC, ect
  124. whats the best tuner out in the market?
  125. What aftermarket ECU and why?
  126. 1998 trans am pcm diagram help!!!
  127. odd pcm/elect question
  128. 4l60e trans tuning after stall
  129. what tuning software is best for me?
  130. Car wont run now!
  131. Where to get a 98 pcm?
  132. tech help needed please!! with dtc code0201
  133. EFI Live - Forced Induction - 2 Bar Sensor
  134. stumbling idle after swap
  135. Thinking of SD swap, need tune close can mail order get? Ohio tuners?
  136. tunning question
  137. pcm swapping and p1336
  138. O2 sensor heater problems?? should the the heater allways be on with the ignition or
  139. Is it safe removing egr?
  140. need help fuel gauge and tach nt working
  141. Help- SES Light on P0134, P0135, P0154, P0155
  142. Cylinder 7 misfire. Bad tune?
  143. Knock sensors
  144. Computer suggestions for boosted 98 TA?
  145. wont rev over 6000rpm in 4th but will goto 6800 in 3rd
  146. questions understanding reluctor rings
  147. How should I go about this....
  148. PCM Reflash...
  149. What is a 93 LT1 PCM worth nowadays?
  150. Cranking Issue
  151. program for a newbie
  152. Will someone take a look at my log (hpt)
  153. Computers and tunes
  154. Good tuner in or near San Antonio?
  155. Misfire in 1,3,5,&7
  156. Swaping ECM ??'s
  157. How necessary is tune after H/C/I swap?
  158. Sensitizing LS2 location knock sensors
  159. Diablo tuner near El Paso TX
  160. motor swap, ecu help needed witch ecu would be better!!!
  161. A/C wiring for 2006 truck PCM and harness
  162. PCM Tuning for Grand Prix GXP
  163. Any good tuners around me?????
  164. What # for 2 bar map
  165. Help when the time comes for tuning.
  166. LSx swap, auto to manual and anti-theft questions
  167. PCM question
  168. Wideband o2 datalogging
  169. Gen III ecm - vvt (e40?)
  170. "low octane KR multiplier vs. cool temp"
  171. trouble logging MAF in HZ with HP Tuners on a Magnacharged Silverado SS
  172. couple pretune questions
  173. DTC help and suggestions
  174. Can anyone ID my harness?
  175. O2 sensor trouble codes P0134 P0154 P0174 and long tube headers??
  176. Diablo (CMR) tuners......Questions!
  177. Changing speedo settings = bricked computer??? HELP!
  178. No Crank/DLC Issues
  179. AEM wideband installment
  180. Superchips error code 037
  181. Running lean, o2 issues, lc1 installed
  182. Fuel pump wire in PCM, Ground or 12v?
  183. Jet power control module any good?
  184. FAST Intake
  185. Throwing B0026 & B1001 Codes -- Help!
  186. wheres my pcm located?
  187. any advice on a tuner
  188. Standalone EMS questions and advice needed
  189. Keep or ditch front O2's for Open Loop tune
  190. MAF translator to fix my stock maf swap?
  191. How to run LS2 with LS1 alternator?????
  192. RPMs drop and bounce
  193. hand held tuners
  194. 120lbs injector offset values
  195. Tuning for Small Cam????
  196. Aem ems?
  197. Service Vehicle Light
  198. Hptuner ?
  199. high comp. and timing
  200. check engine light on codes are...need help figuring out why
  201. False Knock on start up
  202. What operating system for HP tuners
  203. New to tuning, questions on setup
  204. quick M6 to A4 question..
  205. Knock Sensors?
  206. Right bank wont fire.HELP NEEDED
  207. P1153?
  208. logging shift torque
  209. FAST XFI Experts COME IN!!!
  210. what does this code mean
  211. Would you drive this 200 miles to the tuner?
  212. does frost offer a discount for a retune?
  213. anybody know hat the KOEO and KOER tests actually test
  214. Newb switching to 3-bar SD Tune... questions
  215. what's best tune Maf or Mafless ?
  216. LS6 Wire Harness to Coil/injector Plug ?
  217. WTB HP Tuner Pro and Wideband
  218. Maf or map tune ?
  219. Top 5 tuners in dfw??
  220. 2010 Camaro PCM Swap
  221. Tuning/wideband placement questions
  222. Rearend Change
  223. Transmission shifting 1>2>1>2>1>2 @ WOT
  224. need some help
  225. Emissions delete?
  226. C5 Idle Relearn?
  227. need some help with DTC's
  228. PO118 engine coolant temp sensor problem
  229. Injctor size base tune?
  230. timing curve, carburator?
  231. wideband o2 location?
  232. good tuner in the n.c.-s.c area
  233. Jeff @ JR racing
  234. P0300 random miss fire slightly modified 4.8L
  235. LS3 swap failed smog.
  236. Please Help. LC-1 through EGR on 01 car...
  237. Injectors flow rate for 1999 camaro
  238. PCM Help
  239. Thanks For Your Time Geoff!
  240. Street Dyno (Redhardtopsupra's newest blog)
  241. need stock tune
  242. Surging Idle. I'm out of ideas and need your help.
  243. Hpt?
  244. What extent of tuning do I need?
  245. ABS Problem
  246. Fuel pressure accuracy via OBD-II?
  247. 02 TA How to Adjust Timing Table with HP Tuners
  248. What frequency is the GM LS1 Knock sensor looking for?
  249. Any Tuning Schools Around IL?
  250. Splicing 02 sensors