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  1. speedometer recal only with diablosport
  2. Wideband sensor and gauge Qs
  3. P0327 knock sensor code question
  4. 2 bar map question
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  12. Point me in the right direction
  13. Where Do You Find That Table?
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  19. HPT,E40 SD--tables that control AFR@startup & first seconds of run time
  20. Truck wont start
  21. Closed loop makes car go LEAN
  22. 95 lt1 - obd1 pcm
  23. Quick Question.
  24. SD back to maf
  25. lq4 & zo6
  26. Went lean on bottle, could tuner have added fuel?
  27. Where should I mount my wideband sensor
  28. Dead spot part throttle
  29. Mastach aldl pinout help
  30. SES code PO155B. Help please
  31. what is the exact reason(s) speend density is better?
  32. Surging & car kills
  33. LT1 - OBD1 - 4L60E to TH400 swap - PCM need flashing?
  34. no start issue
  35. Need help TPS problems
  36. Vats bypass???
  37. Reset air bag system after DERM replacement?
  38. turning off O2s with HP Tuners
  39. Oxygen sensor problems
  40. For Sale: Superchips Flashpaq
  41. datalogging with autometer nexxus gauges and hp tuners pro
  42. swapping PCM
  43. Aftermarket MAF causing problems?
  44. P0452B Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Low Voltage
  45. Looking for a tuner in MI
  46. can my wideband commander be fixed?
  47. mods and no tune question
  48. PCM code reader and tuner
  49. Anyone have a copy of Calibrate Success DVD for sale?
  50. ANOTHER SET BACK, wire harness??????
  51. File Error
  52. Need help with PCM swap. Willing to pay. Need ASAP
  53. MAP code
  54. where I can get or order??
  55. Please help O2 and knock sensor prob (screw NY state inspection)
  56. pcm tuning
  57. Weird Security Light Issue. NEED HELP
  58. anyone know the pcm connector part numbers?
  59. LS3 in LS6 CTS-V ECM compatibilty issues?
  60. N E 1 Use a Autometer W/B 4 Hp Tuners?
  61. ASR off and still get the Trac Light, I need you insight!
  62. Converter Locks/Unlocks...Tuning Advice
  63. Who Can build me a Tune for my Truck?
  64. dyno tune or buy hp tuners
  65. Quick programing question, 4L80E
  66. 5.3L/4L60E in a 67 C10 issue...PLEASE HELP
  67. Is my MAF/tune FUBARed?
  68. speed density tuning how do u like it?
  69. Still Running Lean...
  70. I had 16 codes showing!! HELP!!
  71. 98 Trans am with 2002 computer
  72. P0300, just a tune needed????
  73. cold start question
  74. New to this
  75. FAST 90 Swap Idle Issue. Speed Density Tune
  76. help
  77. Turbo timing
  78. Finding the right BCM
  79. Which programmer 2 use..?
  80. wide band with 0-1v output
  81. 94 camaro gauge issues
  82. dyno tuning in iowa???
  83. automatic headlights
  84. Rob Raymer at Evans tire in Richmond Ky yesterday
  85. PO327 & PO332 Knock Sensors
  86. tune questions
  87. Electrical?
  88. Injectors in Banish DVD?
  89. Dyno Tuner in near Nashville????
  90. Handheld tuning options for '98 cars?
  91. Ford style TB (TPS)
  92. Low Impendence or High?
  93. stockish running lean?
  94. What would cause no fire on cylinders 2,3,5,8
  95. Auto to manual help
  96. Props to cunningham motorsports
  97. Tuning after LT's and LS6 Intake?
  98. Rich / Lean Codes
  99. Question bout EFI live
  100. 98 pcm
  101. Changing parameters with someone elses diablosport?
  102. datamaster
  103. what to set timing table? cam, heads,
  104. Unable to communicate with OBD
  105. MSD Timing Twister shutting down
  106. Ubuntu?
  107. Fan issue - they just wont turn off
  108. Frost Tune Question
  109. P0430 help!! Won't go away!
  110. Hypertech programmer, one quick question..
  111. Can I use a 98z harness to put a 5.3 in T/A?
  112. Tuning with a netbook or with a laptop?
  113. Tuning after LT's and LS6?
  114. Speedometer question
  115. What tune for Yank ss 4000? Mail order ok?
  116. Aeroforce pt401 scan gauge on a 1998 trans am problems any help???
  117. Retune needed for start up w/ new cam?
  118. wont start ,spark on one bank????
  119. Wideband's which would you choose from these 3 and why? (AFX, LC-1, AEM)
  120. 2007 STS-V Wont Downshift Manually
  121. Revs Hightower with tps plugged in
  122. 94 lt1 into 96 ta spark and no fuel pump
  123. Help Needed: Intermittent hard start...
  124. good tuner in the nashville area
  125. Maf calibration, in the PCM or maf itself?
  126. Need pcm tuned for 4.10 gears who can do it?
  127. Have a few idle tuning questions ("LS6" with stall)
  128. how to get IAC's into range??
  129. Frost tune and tr230 cam only. Anyone running it?
  130. Looking for a decent set of instructions for Dynojet Wideband Commander
  131. Hyperpac Programmer or PCM tune?
  132. Bluecat Tuning in Kentucky...
  133. Need help with a P0106 Code
  134. Advice on timing adjustment
  135. Tune Question
  136. pcm swap
  137. Anyone with a Frost tune have bucking?
  138. installed fast 92 leaning out?
  139. Please help p0102 code frost tune truck maf 1998 TA
  140. Interesting combination of codes..
  141. Stand alone hareness
  142. Dyno-tuning near St. Louis
  143. need help; lost conn.
  144. FAST & BS3 Processing Questions
  145. Where to mount my 3 Bar MAP?!?!
  146. Fuel Trims at +20%
  147. Need a tuner in Ontario
  148. Drivers side 02 sensor pegged
  149. Help.. Bank assignment table ?
  150. need help asap anyone
  151. 2000 camaro z28 battery draining problem (short circuit)
  152. Fuel Level Sensor Voltage (P0463 code)
  153. Tuning advice. Please guys....
  154. Converting a HPT to EFI Live?
  155. 07 trailblazer hp tuners bin files wanted
  156. programed pcm issue?
  157. What is a SD and how is it better than a MAF ?
  158. 6L80E torque management pulling timing on shifts
  159. lc-1 blinking 9 times
  160. ~ ASR off by default ~
  161. LQ4 wiring
  162. Aeroforce gauge in 1998 trans am wiring
  163. Lazy Tac
  164. Tuning issues with 243/TR230
  165. afr wrong?
  166. Innovative LC-1 Wideband vs Narrowband
  167. Different 4l60 rpm/shift points on nitrous vs na
  168. lookin for cheap way to get my 6.0 truck motor running
  169. dear 2xLS1
  170. whats the best tune program??
  171. Tuned By TMR ( Twisted Minds Racing)
  172. wot shifts and lockup disengaging at cruising speeds
  173. Clutch anticipation switch
  174. 95 ICM question
  175. MAF sensor w/ Carb Style intake??
  176. Frost tune?
  177. looking for input code P0131 low o2 input
  178. Mass Sensor ?
  179. Diablo Sport Tuner.. 2000 Z28... Stock... Help..
  180. Ls controller kit for 5.3 vortec
  181. Anyone use the aeroforce air/fuel sensor kit with gauge
  182. Hydrogen Generation
  183. Tuner Needed Pittsburgh/Western PA
  184. Can a bad o2 cause a missfire code
  185. what tuner to use? with stand alone wire harness
  186. EFI Live trans question
  187. Check my tune
  188. AEM Wideband Kit problem
  189. not an LS question. Vortec 305 vs 350 PCM
  190. Swapped Column. Now No Start.Help!!
  191. Installing 4L80E, please instruct me on getting tune right
  192. Auto To M6
  193. Best Tuner In Richmond Va. For Gen 1 Chev. With Twin Turbos And Holley Stealth Ram?
  194. Any michigan tuners?
  195. Diablosport
  196. Turn off VATS/Security
  197. cluster swap
  198. Need help with two wires!!! Please...
  199. New virtual dyno software for hptuners
  200. P0300 Code,misfiring on 2,3,5,6,8 cylinders
  201. Narrowing down the O2 problem
  202. passing obdII emission testing in ohio
  203. Another LY6 no injector pulse thread
  204. Maf?
  205. Lma-3 auxbox mounting location?
  206. factory tach not working
  207. GM Performance Trans Controller
  208. TBSS misfire
  209. COdes
  210. Efi live scan cable not detected
  211. Email Tune,Whats the best thing????
  212. tune after rebuild.
  213. Help me understand VE tuning
  214. hptuners serial interface
  215. dyno tune or not?
  216. new 02's now more codes!?
  217. Can completely draining the battery wipe a tune?
  218. NO Ltrim OR Strim readings???
  219. Changed for 2 to 3 bar and wont start Hptuners software.
  220. Is there a hidden OLSD table causing lean idle for a few minutes on a warm start?
  221. 2002 engine harness and pcm into a 98 car question
  222. Fuel level gauge issue after tune...
  223. CTS-V tuning input needed. EPS 226/230 cam
  224. hp tuner help
  225. How do I know if wide band is right?
  226. LY6 Turbo with EZ TCU'ed 4L60e?
  227. options or suggestions needed
  228. Wtf is p0128
  229. How not to tune!!
  230. Bigstuff3,timing variation
  231. Wideband
  232. MAP Sensor
  233. doin an engine swap...
  234. PO410 and PO420 help
  235. (Long Shot) Extrememly Random "Power Reduction Mode" with a 2007 Hummer H2
  236. Diablosport for egr and air
  237. Need help with tune up on lt1 in st.louis
  238. Stock c5 tuning?
  239. tuners? 102 versus 92mm throttle body for lsx102
  240. Aftermarket LS1 PCM Mount Options
  241. How many credits to read PCM data?
  242. 4.8L LR4... Should i use a 4.8L ecu or LS1 ecu?
  243. Can you mix gauges and sending units?
  244. tune after fuel pump install?
  245. LS1 Coils on LT1 with XFI?
  246. lsx376 e85 and pump gas
  247. Basic Tuning Question.
  248. Creating a "tuning" harness for blue-green PCM... what do I REALLY need?
  249. MIL question
  250. LS9 injector tables for f-body?