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  1. ODBII Wiring
  2. Why are my STIT's staying at zero?
  3. Going from DBW to cable TB question
  4. PCM Case Needs to be Grounded? WTF?
  5. Need help??? Pulled crankshaft sensor connector off wires...
  6. Ignition/accessory wiring problem
  7. What's this mean and is it bad?
  8. Why does my car keep dying at idle?
  9. Tune Question!
  10. ls1 frankenstein help!!
  11. Trouble with PCM
  12. Handheld tuner and a already set dyno tune...?
  13. Got CEL after A/F Gauge install....Help
  14. H/C/I 98 Z won't idle/ surges
  15. Help wanted!
  16. High LTFT
  17. looking at buying a car maybe a tune problem
  18. lc1 ?
  19. will a handheld tuner solve my problem?
  20. finally got tune after 92 fast install
  21. Help OBD-2 port is not working....
  22. 2011 Camaro SS Support is ready!
  23. 2002 tach signal wire
  24. Would like to learn how to tune.
  25. Inconsistent tune?
  26. green top 42lb inj table needed
  27. how to tune a MAF car????
  28. O2B1S1 stuck in 0.44 - 0.46 range
  29. Wiring diagram/circuit board diagram TCS Switch?
  30. Bad ecu
  31. po327, knock sensor low circuit signal, won't go away
  32. questions regarding vats and bcm.
  33. Getting MAF HZ to come up in histograms
  34. Anyone using the Innovative OT-2/I-Phone App?
  35. Bought new camaro, need some help!!
  36. Running without a MAF
  37. p0133 and p0153
  38. Help, Injector bank 1 showing no activity.
  39. need pinouts gm 19166569 ecu
  40. new be ve tuning question
  41. Idle surging problems, RAF/VE/Spark dialed in
  42. problems passing inspection with 2005 gto
  43. Dyno tuning and wheel hop
  44. Q. security light..
  45. E38 PCM issues.. Showing false speed!
  46. DBW harness into drive by cable?
  47. Oxygen sensor questions
  48. Malfunction Indicator Light....
  49. Car starts and dies now after battery drained dead...
  50. Trans. tuning Question
  51. speed density or dyno tuned?
  52. WTF!!! lost .5 sec. off my ET after upgrades.
  53. OLFA table stock or 1.00 with WB tuning
  54. Good street dyno tune
  55. Thoughts on wideband location??
  56. O2 voltage reading??
  57. Any tuners in the Asheville, NC area?
  58. Wideband is 13.2 wot is that to lean for LS3?
  59. Vortec 4.8 & 5.3 to T56...what about my PCM?
  60. HP Tuners SD tune on future boosted motor
  61. Should I get err tuned?
  62. idle dip
  63. Looking for tune in Midwest
  64. fan settings?
  65. Just got the dtc p0430
  66. How long does tuning take?
  67. Help with passlock 2007 GMC van 4.8L V8
  68. idle tunning timing
  69. help car keeps dying the heat
  70. So how exactly do our knock sensors work? Im brainstorming here...
  71. anyone have a copy of there tune with a XR281HR 112 LSA
  72. Dyno Tuners in Ohio
  73. trouble deciding...
  74. air bag light, odometer rest
  75. Control Circuit Cylinder #6?
  76. installed '04+ pcv system.....retune necessary?
  77. Diablosport tuner to tune out rear o2 sensors?
  78. VE Tuning Help
  79. Can something in the pcm cause 1 cylinder to run different than the others?
  80. my cam only car dont have street manners ...
  81. How much timing does traction control pull?
  82. Ls2 Turnkey, odd behaviour at idle
  83. toyota swap help
  84. Questions regarding using a different PCM then OEM.
  85. Help..I have a 95 LT1 with a D1SC need tuning help
  86. Can't get all parameters to show(hptuners)
  87. 01' Camaro Engine/pcm in 98' Trans Am
  88. ProCharger Ls1
  89. Idle with A/C Problem
  90. pcm pin for map sensor
  91. IAC Issue
  92. PCM will not connect to HPT
  93. back o2's what do they do and will this fix my problem
  94. First day out, now I have a P0336 Crankshaft Position Sensor code...
  95. Tune Necessary ?
  96. O2 parameters
  97. Online tuning classes???
  98. G-Force Chip?
  99. Lc1 just stays lit when powered up
  100. could this be limp mode?
  101. efi live help pleaseee
  102. LY6 No start no injector pulse
  103. IAC Signal
  104. o2 plug ripped off, need help with which wire goes to which
  105. Jumps to security mode for no reason
  106. what causes . . .
  107. First logged test drive, LOST about config setup HELP !! LOL !!!
  108. Bank 1 & 2 O2's Side Specific
  109. Will TCC Duty Cycle make car gain speed?
  110. P102 code help. Keeps blowing ENG SEN fuse
  111. IAC Trouble
  112. need advice for 402 drivability
  113. Conditions for "ABS INOP" & "TCS OFF" & "BRAKE" warning lights?
  114. Multi cylinder missfire and insuficient switching on both O2s
  115. startup/idle tuning after cam
  116. break in before tune?
  117. IAT Readings "Hot" Normal???
  118. Ls9 tuners please step in
  119. Where can I buy new oxygen sensors?
  120. Drivers side o2 going nuts.
  121. Need a base tune to start tuning from-01 z28
  122. no maf hertz reading on a 2002 gen3 truck computer?
  123. No crank and security light is flashing, help please!!!
  124. any one with window and radio problems cutting off please read
  125. IAT issues?!?
  126. EFI live then HPTuners, same ECM, possible?
  127. Bad crank or cam sensor?
  128. sd tune on a 98 firebird
  129. 98 Engine and 6 speed in a 69 Camaro.
  130. cam swap and using efi live but im lost
  131. GMPP E-Rod LS3 Tuning
  132. Mike Norris Rocks !
  133. u1016 loss of comunication with VCM !!!!
  134. HP tuner credit/license question
  135. Tuning Columbus Ohio
  136. Alternator Wiring
  137. HPT 1.0 help
  138. need help, looked for everything, plz help
  139. LQ4 in G-Body Swap keeps stalling
  140. Possible MAF problems...
  141. Bucking and crappy MPG.
  142. Gauges not working, car doesnt start!
  143. Should I Have The Error Code P1153 Shut Off?
  144. help with a wierd lean spot (log inside)
  145. 4L60E won't shift 1-2 at WOT
  146. HELP!!!Everything works, except speedo after engine swap.
  147. WIll anything read airbag codes?
  148. Datalog software for 96 obd II?
  149. BS3--initial startup (or lack thereof)
  150. 1000rwhp with mas air
  151. Standalone Harness problems
  152. Tune LS1 pcm for LS2 knock sensor setup
  153. P1416 code...replaced one side?
  154. injector bank issue
  155. Another knock sensor thread
  156. L98 conversion, won't run. ?? Checked all
  157. 98 Ls1 fireing order? was it different?
  158. hello help
  159. Help
  160. please help with a tune to get my car running
  161. serial data, which wire???
  162. how do i know if my firebird has a tune on it!!
  163. Very Happy! (TunebyFrost)
  164. hptuner start up bin
  165. Hooking Up 3 Bar MAP Sensor
  166. knock retard
  167. ever since i did my swap i get this
  168. any difference in the LS PCMs for camaro?
  169. Looking for a tuner (BS3) "Houston area"
  170. Base G8 GXP(LS3) w/ Cam Tune
  171. Desperately need E38 TCM wiring Help!
  172. Help with VE Tuning Please!!!
  173. Hp tuners 80lb injectors rich idle....Idea's?
  174. Oil change light? Oil's new
  175. bs3 going from gas to meth?
  176. cruise control
  177. codes after motor swap.
  178. DTC 410 and 412
  179. problems after dyno tune
  180. Help what power inverter do i need for a laptop with no batterie? sine wave question
  181. d585 spark dwell time
  182. LM7 swap... what needs to happen to make it run...
  183. Couple issues, can someone look at my log?
  184. What Fuel Pump and reg. for Boost
  185. Boost controller
  186. Another LC-1 to hpt question
  187. O2 sensor question Speed Density
  188. drive by wire 2000 5.3
  189. Chicago Area Tuner Search
  190. Help with my Tune, check out the logs
  191. Cam Position Sensor
  192. 99 truck to 99 vette ecu?
  193. No Spark
  194. New Alternator Charge System Fault
  195. 2003 LS-1 STock Vet- Tuner
  196. how to get service engine soon light out?
  197. HP tuner license question
  198. Fan wiring
  199. question about tuning wot at track or street?
  200. need help adjusting my idle (dbw)
  201. No power to OBD Port and fuse is fine
  202. ECM or Boost controller
  203. Want to buy HPtuners
  204. PCM wont send sigal to Alt.
  205. Digital or Analog - Tach Output
  206. LTFT & Possible Fuel Pump Issues
  207. 98 PCM update to 2001 PCM
  208. ? wiring vss to abs sensor
  209. tune in missouri
  210. Another speedometer question
  211. Help Me Please!!!!!!!
  212. Oxygen sonsor question
  213. tps problem
  214. Help!
  215. OLSD, CLSD, CLOSED, OPEN, MAF???? a good read
  216. LC-1 not working
  217. Stock pcm help
  218. harness hookup question
  219. Tune time.... Who?
  220. Mega squirt for ls motor
  221. Stock PCM or aftermarket stand alone
  222. need contact info for blue-cat tuning in ashland ky,
  223. hp tuner question?
  224. Good scan tool???
  225. Body harness firebird vs transam
  226. Retune needed after converter install?
  227. Tuned by Jeremy Formato Yesterday!
  228. HP tuners VCM controlled shift light
  229. Measuring injector duty cycle.
  230. Injector scaling table
  231. ls3 spark dwell table for 01 f-body pcm
  232. Dyno tuning my car
  233. high rpm miss and have replaced everything!!!
  234. Wondering who people are taking there higher hp cars to for tuning
  235. Can I use the tapped holes at the front of the heads as ground?
  236. can an LC-1 replace stocker?
  237. FIX FOR: Win 7 + HPTuners = no install
  238. Formato's Fasterproms Gettysburg, PA Tuning From Friday Aug 20th Thru Sat. Aug 28th
  239. wont idle in park/neutral after tranny swap
  240. going from maf to speed density tune
  241. SLP Predator help!
  242. P0171 and 02 sensors after motor swap....
  243. Calibrating speed in Tunerpro RT V5
  244. efi live cable
  245. Help truck all of a sudden started acting crazy!!
  246. HP tuners wont load into laptop with vista??
  247. Modifying someone else's tune
  248. Help I have power everywhere but car wont start????
  249. Taking Your A6 to The Next Level - Tuning to have the best of both worlds
  250. Efilive turbo tune - getting less timing then commanded