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  1. what is the best afr for a stock ls1
  2. Abit rusty can somebody run down tuning for me
  3. Auto tap, EFI Live and HP Tuners
  4. Swap efi live tune to hp tuners.
  6. Throwning p0343 code
  7. Z06 codes not making much sense..
  8. ls6 cam in 5.3
  9. Need Help: OBDII Scanner does not plug in!!!
  10. Case learn issues in swapped/hybrid car
  11. rear o2 sensors and cats
  12. Thank you to Poconojoe and G-body for their help
  13. Scangauge mpg going wonky, MAF CEL, stock MAF no idle...
  14. 1999 wireing harnes to 2000 PCM?
  15. What Pieces to a wideband do I need?
  16. Confused on which would be cheaper for me. EFI Live or HPTuners??
  17. PCM Choice for Engine Swap?
  18. Tuning with EGR
  19. Starting fresh
  20. Injector duty cycle goes up and down at WOT
  21. Dyno tune vs mail order tune?
  22. torque converter lock up
  23. AEM wideband & my car's 02 sensors not jiving after tuning...
  24. Differences in the 1998 computer and the newer years
  25. Tuner expert.....question
  26. Procharged 403 wont pull past 5500 RPM....
  27. Why do I still have a lean idle in closed loop?
  28. Air bag light on and will not start.
  29. Help! Need LS6 pinouts
  30. Tuning suggestions for Eastern PA
  31. aggressive tune vs. conservative tune?
  32. Can somebody look over this tune?
  33. Dynamic Spectrum Tuner
  34. IAT thermistor alternate P/N
  35. Locating a REPUTABLE tuner...
  36. Where to?
  37. still at the wiring...
  38. Easy tuning question
  39. SES codes tuned out
  40. ECT problem
  41. Jet Dynamic Spectrum Tuning:
  42. hp tuners, cutom tune or pcmforless
  43. studdering and cant find problem
  44. Can dealer disable VATS?
  45. 5.3 tuning
  46. Worth getting tuned?
  47. so who the best tuner in the Chicagoland area
  48. constant blinking SES light for a few minutes?
  49. 3 bar MAP does it replace MAF on forged inducted car
  50. What Is Wrong With my Car?I get IAC Counts set and warm up it Goes to Hell!
  51. How Would you Know if Your IAC is No good?
  52. pcm codes
  53. multiple codes:one wire in common;please help
  54. Cold Hard Start
  55. Look at my logs.
  56. Better Electronics?
  57. lingenfelter trg -002
  58. Locked Tune?
  59. efi live tuning nearly stock engine ??
  60. VATS & Passkey Bypass question.... ???
  61. installed lc1 and now trying to connect to hptuners
  62. Lm1 in place of Factory 02
  63. 1998 Formula pcm options
  64. Megasquirt 3
  65. O2 harness adapter
  66. mustang emissions question
  67. FAST intake problems?
  68. Power to the pcm memory
  69. tune out rear 02 sensors
  70. Cold Start Tuning
  71. NEED HELP WITH A/f readings
  72. Wut to check 1st? p0440
  73. Whats the purpose of deleting the MAF
  74. EFI Live help
  75. Throwing 5 codes. Need suggestions on fixing.
  76. ls2 engine and guages in 68 camaro need help.....
  77. P0405 Code EGR Sensor
  78. Who can unlock a HyperPAC?
  79. EFI Live here I come...
  80. Pcm ??????? e 40 need quick answers thanks
  81. need 09 g8 engine n 79 truck need tuned n missouri
  82. Injector Tune Question
  83. which is better?
  84. Help please
  85. MSD Timing Twister
  86. mast ecm on a oem l92 denali engine harness
  87. Do I?
  88. obd 1 tunning
  89. 6.0L Map reading backward?
  90. Bcc
  91. Force motor current tables
  92. SD Tune worth it for a Street Car? [MAF Q's]
  93. How to bypass LS1 timing tuner v1.1
  94. Need help tuning 5.3 for cam
  95. Need a tune. "Frost"
  96. Experience w/ Holleys Avenger EFI??
  97. Good tuning tool for a first time user?
  98. EGR, AIR Delete SES light question
  99. Got codes P1133 and P1153
  100. HP TUNERS on Inside Drag Racing
  101. I need a PCM bracket for 2000 F-body
  102. Stock LT1 in a 95 Z28
  103. 408 Idle Hang:3000rpm help!!
  104. v6 to ls1 swap in camaro
  105. Need help!!! i need a 2005-06 gto dash harness diagnostic diagram
  106. tunedbyfrost mail order tune
  107. newb question with hp tuners respitory.
  108. tips..dues and donts using the diablo sport u 7198
  109. maggied CTSV idle and surge problem
  110. P0300 and P1637
  111. LS7 Speed sensor wiring
  112. lt1 tuning
  113. Changing VIN with HPT help
  114. 1979 corvette body control module
  115. trouble with 2 codes
  116. Jet DST
  117. What is to much TPS Voltage and Whats Not enough TPS Voltage?
  118. HPTuners...Unlicensed File?
  119. How to do it? Bs3, 8 coils, and no factory style crank reluctor wheel.
  120. Need some help(i posted this on hp tuners too)
  121. Speak up if your from rockhill
  122. auto tap question
  123. speedo help!
  124. Wiring harness - what PCM?
  125. Curious about SD tuning
  126. 2002 ECM in a 1998 Formulaw speed density tune
  127. Injector timing and ignition timing, Please look.
  128. HPTuners Reinstallation
  129. Is possible to disable vats with EFILive?
  130. P1637 Generator L-Terminal circuit
  131. A few questions on tuning VE tables using HPT Pro & a wideband...
  132. what is the difference between a auto harness and a M6 harness
  133. best PCM to use?
  134. Speed Density Tune with Open LT's
  135. A few questions on tuning with superchips flaspaq
  136. LOw idle issues and sometime dies on the decell and coming to a stop!!!!!
  137. Is there a After Market IAC I can get Cheaper than Stock?
  138. How hard can it be driven w/o tune?
  139. where can i download HP tuners?
  140. Yank SS4000 and Tune?
  141. Idling Issues
  142. For 1998 LS1...?
  143. LS1 computer question
  144. Question about HPTuners
  145. HPT rev limit help
  146. MSD 6AL ignition box?
  147. Improving stock tune?
  148. Computer cutting out on hard launch
  149. Would this be similarly tuned with tr224 ?
  150. PCM Diagnosis, 2001 Camaro z28
  151. 1994 Camaro ABS, security, and Airbag lights on.....Want them off
  152. Rough idle at times, hesitations
  153. Looking for LS7 Tuner in SF Bay Area- Preferrably the South Bay
  154. Anybody have '06 Holden TCM file. EFIlive.
  155. HWere do i find an E40 computer? not too pricey...
  156. Security system issue
  157. HP Tuners Down?
  158. Laptop wont install .NET 1.1
  159. Getting HPtuner but have a tune is it locked
  160. Predator u7198x
  161. ls1 PCM on lq9?
  162. Wideband wires.
  163. Random trouble with idle/start
  164. BS3 log problem
  165. Why are my RPM's dropping?
  166. Looking for a good tuner
  167. Mystery Problem - Car revs by itself
  168. Can someone help me understand DFCO?
  169. is pcm bad/going out
  170. GM VDR scan tool 1996-2011
  171. Bog
  172. service engine soon light!
  173. gas station smell poor idle and dies at lights
  174. 100% stock, need a tune ?
  175. CRazy!!!! 06 GTo gauges in 68 camaro... wat somputer and harness do i need?
  176. evap and air injection
  177. LS1 LS3 and Truck Injector Connections
  178. car is running rich...
  179. Knock Sensors
  180. LC-1 installed. AFR jumping all over the place!
  181. Stock '99 Spark Tables... Why the dip?
  182. TPS sensor/Tune Question
  183. Motor swap a couple of options, help please?
  184. A ground is a ground...right???
  185. sick of this bs!! knowledgeabale help needed!
  186. p300 misfire
  187. Can some Explain Start up Friction Airflow and Start up Airflow Initial to me Please?
  188. A4 to M6... Segment swap!?
  189. List of PIDs for LS1 cars?
  190. Force motor ??
  191. Need a wideband to mount in car and datalog
  192. What do I need?
  193. Spectacle Solutions - Memphis
  194. Need to get a '94 LT1 back to stock tune
  195. Car tuned without cats, will installing cats affect tune
  196. How do Mail order tune's work?
  197. exponetionaly runs worse.
  198. Bought predator on ebay
  199. Tunes
  200. Vin ID from ECM??????
  201. P1626 & BCM, is it fried?
  202. 6.0 Stalls when shifting from R to 1st
  203. LSx swap with 4L80E/cam, mail order tune? Who should I go to?
  204. Weird startup and gauge Issue
  205. Mysterious Problem!
  206. Harness and ecm question....5.3 into 69 camaro
  207. Trans tune problems!
  208. DBW pedal is 100% WOT at 1/2 pedal travel
  209. What would change from cold motor to hot motor?
  210. Newbie has question regarding custom tune
  211. Going to take the plunge on HP Tuners
  212. need help with ses code PO410?
  213. ignition probs
  214. LS3 Engine with 4L80E?
  215. What year harness & computer to run DBC on LQ4?
  216. Why people say 02 sims dont work?
  217. LTB1 +25 now
  218. draining battery
  219. p0300 misfire?
  220. 06 gto engine harness with ls1 computer?
  221. Can someone please check my HP Tuners scan file?
  222. Will a 99 gauge cluster will work in my 98Z
  223. Using LCD+Notebook+Tuning software as Gauge Pkg???
  224. TPS Problems!
  225. gto computer and harness DBW delete?
  226. 01 Z28 need tune advice concerning cam. Austin tx
  227. Reccommendations for tuning on a dyno
  228. Did I program my LC-1 wideband wrong?
  229. my ltft's are +25% whats the deal?
  230. Frost tuning questions
  231. 02' 6.0L ECM in 99' Z? Also 80e to 60e????
  232. any one make a plug-in tuner for 98 ls1
  233. A/f ratio wide band install
  234. What are the neccessary sensors i should run on my ls2
  235. 24 and 58 tooth reluctor wheel?
  236. What pcm and tuning software for lq4 turbo m6 build?
  237. MAF Tuning Issue: AFR varies with Load at the Same Frequency
  238. 96 355 LT-1 running rich, need some ideas
  239. 04 vette pcm
  240. Ignition switch wiring
  241. Need Tune
  242. just had car tuned < 1 week ago - is another tune required if I upgrade MAF ?
  243. Autometer wideband a/f ratio install.
  244. Ground side of IAT and ECT sensors?
  245. EFI Live + wideband
  246. TPS reads 0 at all positions. Which wire is cut/shorted?
  247. Killed another MAF. Need some good advice
  248. Blue Cat tuning in Ashland Ky? Need Info Please....
  249. Tuning in Houston
  250. IFR is really low in HPT ?