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  1. Adjusting for larger rear tires?
  2. OL TO CL Question
  3. LS1 swap in 3rd Gen Camaro, No Start. Help!
  4. Idle surge on my 402 LS2
  5. transmission tuning question
  6. Clarification- 98 to 01 PCM Swap -Fuel Segment Q
  7. JET DST anyone use it?
  8. Tuning Mess with smog?
  9. Stock total timing
  10. speed inc. good or bad?
  11. TCS OFF, no DTC codes?
  12. Does GM have a proprietary scan tool?
  13. Stock Short Pulse Adder table values?
  14. LS2 Running on 4 cylinders....Help!
  15. need a tuner in carrollton tx area dfw
  16. New owner: Need help chasing a gremlin
  17. Can the 98 0-90ohm fuel sender be wired direct to the 98 cluster?
  18. 98 s10 gas gauge calibration
  19. Difference between E38's
  20. Who's the best LS1 Tuner around Joliet, IL to use?
  21. IAC Steps too high, and dyn air vs idle desired no close>>
  22. Ve/maf/pe/ltft
  23. Ev1 to Ev6 Injector help.Please
  24. Is my pcm fried?
  25. VE tables dialed in. When I renable the MAF it Runs very Lean?
  26. TPS throttle position sensor fluctuating after its cleared HELP hp tuners
  27. Dyno Tune Locations?
  28. tuning questions..
  29. 01 T/A full exhaust/boltons do I need tuned?
  30. maf problem?
  31. Cam position sensor keeps going bad?
  32. Need new engine harness
  33. LQ9 pcm question
  34. Ford 39lb Injector questions?
  35. 6l80e efi live tuning question
  36. How difficult is it to go from cam only tune to H/C tune?
  37. Where to get a chip burned for a 93 LT1 f-body
  38. bank 1 o2 (50mv-950mv) - bank 2 o2 flatlined (430mv-450mv)?
  39. Pedal not responding "p2138"
  40. Dynamic airflow
  41. my eyes are watering! is my car running rich? it may be a stupid question!
  42. looking four procharger file hp
  43. Should I get retuned?
  44. How big of injector for stock 01 ecm
  45. Ltb2 +25
  46. Help! Car won't start!! Attempting first start!
  47. Tunning in CT
  48. code deleting
  49. Should I replace these parts before getting a tune?
  50. Can Somebody gimme some insight on my tune?
  51. pcm?
  52. p1153 Code
  53. misfire with no codes, need help please!
  54. Lc-1 mount?
  55. (chicago area tuners welcome) where should i go for tuning in northern illinois???
  56. Timing Curve for LS turbo car
  57. Normal o2 mv range?
  58. Nitrous And Transbrake Wiring Hookup
  59. Mail order tune
  60. did i get the right cable?
  61. tuning noob, need some starter advice....
  62. NEED HELP! could a tune burn up a piston?
  63. what table is this lean idle in? HP Tuners
  64. speed density
  65. Tuner in Southwest Florida
  66. E-85 and n/a tuning
  67. LC-1 and cobalt AFR gauge wont read right help!
  68. 98 T/A going l92, can I use a 2002 harness???
  69. Help codes popped up tonight
  70. Good place to get unlocked emailed HP Tuners tune for 6.2 Escalade
  71. Will a stock 2002 vette tune work on a 98 z28 stock??
  72. security acces denied after tsp tune... windows 7 the problem, or what!!
  73. Powdercoated PCM?
  74. Frost pcm and tune
  75. Do I need a LQ4 PCM?
  76. What Wideband O2 for EFI Live v2?
  77. Upshift at full throttle (4L60E)
  78. Backfiring.....Possible to be Tune Related???
  79. Couple Qs regarding 02 sensor and placement
  80. Tuner in NE Texas?
  81. Start up Problems
  82. will a tune fix this?
  83. Engine Hot / AC turned Off message
  84. Dablosport InTune
  85. runnin rich both banks
  86. PCM Remap/Tune
  87. DLC issues!!-01 Z28 LS1
  88. Adjusting MAF question.
  89. How To Unlock LS1 PCM?
  90. mike bruce?
  91. VE table does nothing?????
  92. Can't read/connect through OBDII port now
  93. svo red-tops
  94. Tuned By FROST!!!
  95. Holley Dominator EFI on LSX Platform
  96. My Tune File - Can someone take a look?
  97. Confirming D585 truck coil dwell time idle through low RPM improvements
  98. Tune with one program and later another?
  99. Tune ok?
  100. Please Help ,Backfiring Through Exaust
  101. Tuner near Cleveland OH?
  102. Racetronics 42# scale? Anyone? Where to start?
  103. 98 T/A sd tuning
  104. can't see misfire
  105. Want to get the car running before sending it to the tuner?
  106. HELP Can't Get by Inspection and im in a real jam
  107. do i need to get a tune?
  108. looking for a computer for a ls1 mustang swap
  109. help...PCM locked
  110. engine vibration/misfire
  111. running msd 6010 with carb passenger side plugs fowled
  112. What year truck computer to use?
  113. help please..very rich!! p0103 maf high frequency, any suggestions
  114. Good place to send PCM for a base tune on a D1SC?
  115. diablosport 2?
  116. concerns about MAF?
  117. P1416 - AIR system has been removed, for a long time...
  118. Wideband 02 Sensor Placement
  119. Ls1edit software transfer
  120. PCM wiring issue, pics included (huge pics)
  121. Car stalls when clutch is engaged or sometimes when car stops
  122. In a jam!!
  123. Steve at is the MAN!
  124. Po442
  125. 98 to 99+ pcm swap. Need some help
  126. Trouble codes on Ls3
  127. HPTUners with windows 7
  128. 07 4.8 LY2 injectors
  129. P1336
  130. who has been tuned by livernoise motorsports??
  131. Bank 1 dumping fuel?????????????????????????????????????
  132. 8.1 Marine Injectors (17113739) What's the deal???
  133. A Few High HP Formato Tuned Cars...869 RWHP SS, 640 CTSV, 554 Z06, 782 GTO, 490 FRC
  134. just picked up hp tuners help with autometer wide band hookup
  135. Car stalls when clutch is engaged or sometimes when car stops
  136. 99 vette new engine back in wont stay running - codes
  137. wiring on swap....
  138. Transplanting an ls1 into an lt car, do i need the adld connector?
  139. Speedo issue
  140. tuner question
  141. Tuning School???
  142. LM7 5.3 Tune in My Jag Conversion
  143. Fuel Pump Harness
  144. Anyone recomend me a good book for a beginner?
  145. missouri tuner needed!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????
  146. rich at WOT 11.5 AFR
  147. comparison tune
  148. Question about tuning 98 Camaro(handheld tuner)
  149. Is there a tune expert here?
  150. MAF table scale by 134%...strange?
  151. advice please...
  152. Options for tuning '97 C5?
  153. AEM EMS - problem wit idle control valve and setting base timing.
  154. looking for tuner in the USA near the New brunswick border
  155. fuel gage not working?!
  156. Damage car?
  157. O2 sensor/Wideband question
  158. Code P0507
  159. Help with Scan tools
  160. Passenger o2 sensor stuck?
  161. Bad start up, idle, and no LTFT
  162. O4 Truck PCM?
  163. stock tachometer not working
  164. TPS question??
  165. SD tuning upper rpm
  166. What are the odds?
  167. Need professional help on a tune, who to call?
  168. PCM/VCM Tuning VS a Bully Dog Gt Tuner for Gas Chevy Engine 6.0
  169. Help needed, starts but wont run
  170. Got 2 codes driving me nuts
  171. Tune help !
  172. p0353 p0354 p0355 and p0357 all came up
  173. Yet another crank re-learn question
  174. whats the diff in std and pro hp tuners
  175. idle surge as soon as pcm sees wheelspeed
  176. hp tuner prob
  177. Tuning an ASA Spec LS1
  178. How much will dyno tune help my full bolt on 01 WS6?
  179. need a tune to fix a tranny problem
  180. cant get to idle
  181. will i need a tune?
  182. Limp Mode 3800 II GTP HELP PLEASEEEE!!
  183. Cant get idle puslewidth down and stable? Well versed guys inside
  184. LS timing advance goes to 0 at WOT
  185. Leaded fuel and O2 sensors
  186. Looking for hpt bin file for 2002 Express van
  187. Check out this log?
  188. Speed density LS3 tune?
  189. bad tune? or bad combination of parts?
  190. ECH Blue/Red Connectors??
  191. n/a vs n2o tune
  192. Checking temps from pcm
  193. P0327/P0332 Help
  194. code 420, 2001 Firebird
  195. DBW tps shows 100% at only 60% pedal travel (very sensitive pedal)
  196. P0171
  197. Best handheld tuner? Does it exist?
  198. Formula_LS1 log
  199. EFI Live tune
  200. 2000 LS1 tune
  201. At what level of a FI build should i step up to a aftermarket computer?
  202. Help ! Lq4 skipping popping backfiring rough idle gauges going crazy
  203. HEY SPONSORS! Alternative to Dashhawk?
  204. Trans Tuning
  205. do i need a tune to run a 150 shot of nitrous
  206. H/C guys, how much spark at idle on average seeing?
  207. Tuner in NE Texas
  208. can ecm be programed not to see misfire
  209. Misfiring Intermitently on all cylinders
  210. HELP HELP MAP sensor problem
  211. what wideband are you tuners useing?
  212. reset cpu to stock without tuner?
  213. help.. ecm and program for lq9
  214. Tuner wants to drill a hole in my TB
  215. SD tuning option
  216. Help My camaro wont run right bad ecu tune?
  217. is a 96 3.8 Camaro PCM OBD2?
  218. anyone have a ultra guage
  219. no spark help please
  220. 2002 TA + 370ci + LS3 top end + HP tuners Pro = no spark or fuel...
  221. PE commanded AFR leaning out at WOT??
  222. C0236
  223. Help Check engine light ?
  224. ECT thinks its overheating
  225. Need Help....??? speedo makes car idle high?
  226. AEM UEGO Wideband
  227. Need Help, Summit Racing's Version Of LC-1, Gauge Wiring
  228. How much timing?
  229. Quick cluster question
  230. Need help with testing MAP Sensor
  231. I have 2 HP Tuners - hows this work?
  232. Quick stock O2 sensor question
  233. Northstar Challenge. Possible!?
  234. when is a rich idle with a cam too rich?
  235. Resetting oil change light?
  236. Anyway to tune a 98PCM for dry Direct port N20
  237. Car dies at 5500RPM
  238. car will not rev past 2000 unless i ground 32+34
  239. p0300 misfire HELP!!!
  240. Formato's Fasterproms Gettysburg, PA Tuning From Oct 19-24th
  241. PCM Question
  242. what does this mean reflash ? help?
  243. Buy Tuning software, or have it done by a pro?
  244. trustworthy tuner in indianapolis
  245. 98 pcm wanting to do a 2 bar.
  246. Help, please check out my tune
  247. Low idle and vibration 2000 SS automatic
  248. best tunner in or around Missouri !!
  249. PCM Fail
  250. ASA LS1 won't run once car at operating temp