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  1. Computer Hardware ??? for the Computer Geeks
  2. Which ECM?
  3. handheld tuners...
  4. Resetting insturment cluster
  5. Tuning after header installation???
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  11. 2002 Malibu VATS delete
  12. Looking for tuner around Rome, Ga.
  13. Voltage for MAF and IAT sensor please help
  14. Check engine light and HyperTech chip
  15. who can program 98 LS1 pcm?
  16. [pls help, tuning issue
  17. 2010 truck with 480hp crate engine tune?
  18. popping and stumbling at part throttle under load
  19. How do I tell a good tune from a bad tune ?
  20. Water Temp ground pinout
  21. Shift table issues with 4.10s
  22. High rev at park to drive shift
  23. Start stutter?
  24. In P/N, better idle w/ IAC disconnected
  25. Noob question!
  26. Codes. Do I need to replace stuff?
  27. scanner says......?
  28. How to tune GM EFI engines
  29. jet chip help?
  30. Bad MAP symptoms
  31. Tuning TCS timing retard
  32. automatic hits revv limiter before shifting?
  33. Bad Experience with Dallas Performance
  34. cant connect to computer
  35. would i gain anything?
  36. p0131 code
  37. Only fix or bandaid fix for OTR intake stalling?
  38. LS3 MAP sensor with '98 PCM?
  39. car cranks but wont start! :(
  40. TSP Mail In Order Tune?
  41. deleting o2s front and rear
  42. What do you use to datalog your LSx?
  43. How hot does the computer get??
  44. Need Your Help ASAP: NO START PROBLEM
  45. High Idle issues with IAC connected.
  46. Help with HP Tuners and 2010 Camaro auto
  47. MAP voltage to high?
  48. tuning qestion
  49. what sensor is this?
  50. Shift Light with HP Tuners
  51. Tach Gauge issue
  52. Wierd LTFT readings after car sat for 2 months
  53. F.A.S.T. Handheld tuner
  54. Kudos to Frost!
  55. VE Tuning @ 416
  56. ECU switch?
  57. A little DTC help for a LS1 noob
  58. no help searching ls1tech
  59. What MAP and MAF should i buy?
  60. E85 Support in Gen IV
  61. 85 maf on a 98 camaro
  62. Greg Banish tuning DVD
  63. car was running fine yesterday...
  64. Possible bad computer?
  65. Service Engine Error Codes help
  66. tuning for lsx
  67. Tuning questions
  68. Car wont idle and doesn't accerate
  69. mixing parts
  70. Mail order tune question
  71. Need Help
  72. Corvette randomly stays at 2000rpms ??
  73. My early conclusions on CL vs. OLSD vs. OL with MAF vs. OL MAF ONLY...
  74. HP Tuners question
  75. Can anyone else feel their 02's switching under part throttle?
  76. Help weird tune or sensor problem?
  77. WONT START help asap
  78. LC1 Lagg using non-EIO
  79. lil help?
  80. Tuning issue?
  81. Tuners come in
  82. Installed AEM eugo wideband afr jumping around.
  83. Bad gas or something else
  84. looking to get my car tuned
  85. what are these DTC's from?
  86. LS1 Running Rich?
  87. EFANS...Problem
  88. Bad Injector Driver?
  89. Help with L92(LS3) into a 98 Camaro
  90. datalogging
  91. hypertech max energy
  92. Surging/RPMs Bounce when I take turns or stop
  93. Need to tune 1998 Firebird Formula
  94. part throttle stumble
  95. Map sensor symptoms p106 please help
  96. random idle missfire
  97. car wont pass all the monitors. need help
  98. tune for a 02 ws6
  99. codes thrown by HFC/removed cats...
  100. Engine Races to 3500 RPM Upon Start
  101. who publishes the best book on tuning an ls1 with hp tuners?
  102. Tuner in the Austin area
  103. terrible gas milage
  104. P0135 o2 heater circuit
  105. 1998 firebird 99 & up conversion Fuel level Gauge inop?
  106. Need Help w/HPTuners
  107. 98 a4 can this be tuned
  108. Top tuner in So Cal ?
  109. About to order wideband, have a couple questions
  110. P0102, LS1 running awful
  111. Can I run a wideband instead of a front o2 sensor?
  112. Tune for Ls6 intake and 373s?
  113. AEM, Holley Dominator or BS3
  114. asa cam tuning
  115. TRUE 15 mpg all city real-world driving in my 402 L92 top-end
  116. Carl or CJTUNES
  117. Throwing a PO650 & a P650 Pending??
  118. Leaning out OL to avoid smell
  119. 98 formula won't start after engine. Swap
  120. C5 PCM Question
  121. need a tune in lower michigan
  122. rich to lean
  123. Can I put an 01 Silverado 2500HD computer in my car?
  124. Modern Muscle = GREAT customer service
  125. Will a 05 corvette computer work on a 05-06 gto?
  126. Just to be safe
  127. DTC'S HP Tuner's ?
  128. Ls2 mass air flow sensor problem?
  129. Can someone look at this EFI log to make sure that my lockup clutch is bad?
  130. Need help/advice please
  131. Anyone having luck tuning the new 102 DBC?
  132. p0308
  133. Tach Output help
  134. got my pcm back today...the radio displays "Loc" ???
  135. STFT VE Tuning
  136. dyno question
  137. 94 lt1 missing after warm up
  138. How do you know what tune you have?
  139. RWTD tuning....i think I am getting screwed over...please help
  140. ls6 intake tune question?
  141. Need a cheap handheld to adjust some small things
  142. 2004 LS1 Corvette PCM/ECU in a 1998 LS1 Camaro?
  143. Tuners in Michigan
  144. o2 sensor problems
  145. Cheapest Way to Flash ECU Back to Stock
  146. Firehawk hesitates at WOT HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  147. Pulling a belt, low alt. voltage making the car run lean...Any answers to this?
  148. PCM, ECM, TCM Part Numbers Database
  149. Primary O2's...can they be tuned out?
  150. LS1 harness, LS6 ecu does not fit
  151. LS6 MAF wiring
  152. How long of a wait for Frost?
  153. PRNDL setting "HP tuner"
  154. tac module--throttle--computer compatibility
  155. Starting E85
  156. What is a good wide band o2 sensor?
  157. Burned pin on PCM, fix?
  158. PCM from Auto to Manual
  159. Help on 08 motor musclecar swap ecu
  160. 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Readiness
  161. How to reset the security light on a 02 z28
  162. p0300 question
  163. LC-1 install in rear O2 sensor bung?
  164. What sensors does the LS1 PCM need to see for Cruise control to work?
  165. difference between LS1 f-body and LS2 truck harness????
  166. what year DBW
  167. need some tuning
  168. found gen3 timing tuner underdash???
  169. Mail order tune, car won't idle.
  170. Low speed surging after tune and cam install?
  171. p0300 Code after Heads and Cam
  172. Tuned By Frost?
  173. 99 5.3 pcm into 99 m6 f-body
  174. Best wide bands out there
  175. where do i find a computer?
  176. catalitic converter ?
  177. PNs for PCM Harness Seals
  178. Worth it to tune a stock T/A?
  179. please help
  180. EFI Live COS Wiring
  181. Oil pressure switch
  182. Best Wide Bands Any Opinions
  183. 4l80e on trailblazer Ss ecu
  184. LSX swap... Cam position sensor and tach...
  185. in need of
  186. Help, 0 degrees advance off the line
  187. How hard to tune solid roller?
  188. Idle
  189. OK to drive w/o tune? heads/cam ls1 | f-body manifolds | cat converters
  190. Mail Order Diablosport Tune?
  191. Efi live tuning help
  192. Relocating knock sensors to ls2 spot, sensitize
  193. Add PCM fan control to 2002 Tahoe?
  194. Ses p1441
  195. P0443 and P0449 Error Codes
  196. Placement of wide band sensor
  197. What is tunable?
  198. Halltech
  199. Question on code scanner
  200. Tune question????
  201. P0152 after dyno tune and rain
  202. hypertech programmer
  203. Is HP Tuners right for me?
  204. Easier to tune SD or MAF?
  205. CEL on
  206. Source for PCM Connectors anyone?
  207. wont run
  208. wont crank
  209. Who to get computer tune from????
  210. Thermostat?
  211. Question about tuning suites
  212. Fasterprom's Gettysburg PA Tuning Session April 1-9
  213. logging with hpt standard
  214. What would cause high injector DC?
  215. Miss fire issue
  216. Need a stock lt1 tune
  217. 02 t/a wont idle
  218. how safe is WOT without wideband?
  219. TunerCATS issue with Read/Programming
  220. Tuning For Converter
  221. NGK WB which brand of sensor
  222. Help please!
  223. Is it safe to run motor with no O2's
  224. iphone REV app on my car !!
  225. can i drive it like this to tuner
  226. what to tune when the pcm gets shiped..
  227. Want to upgrade my MAF.
  228. tuning o2 codes out
  229. o2 codes
  230. Codes galore
  231. Tuner In NE Georgia
  232. LS6 Intake DS Predator Tune?
  233. big dip in dyno graph-have a look!
  234. Looking for someplace that tunes
  235. lt1 mail tune 11.7 afr
  236. 3bar OS with 2.5map sensor from cobalt.
  237. Need advice for PCM
  238. Replaced Alternator, now AFR's are lean...
  239. PCM question
  240. Problems with Torque Converter Lockup
  241. 03 Cobra with LSX413 tuning question
  242. Trouble tuning.....Grannyshifting
  243. Mods, Tuning & Gas Mileage
  244. little help
  245. Im in north county (San Diego) need to delete VATS
  246. Anybody now
  247. Tuning out TSC light?
  248. Is hp tuners enough
  249. have you?
  250. Looking for .bin file?