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  1. Can someone take a stab at this.....maybe PCM related
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  28. wireing harnesses
  29. refresh my memory...
  30. gm vdr(vehicle data recorder) / scan tool 1996-2010
  31. Opinions on my thoughts/plan...
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  43. lq9 swap
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  47. whats the stock pcm limits
  48. Are these number OK or a bit low?
  49. need help with my wiring harness
  50. Where can I get the computer reprogram
  51. Wideband!?
  52. needing tuned
  53. Tuning My Car.
  54. Do I need LTFT trims
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  58. New to Tuning..
  59. im thinking about getting into tuning myself
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  61. anyone know how to fix this code???
  62. jet dst/mxscan
  63. LC1 will go lean as soon as the coolant reaches 192*
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  66. need help
  67. knock warning system?
  68. misfire after cam install
  69. E38 ECM, does it have the TAC.........
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  71. Mail order Tuners!!! Step Inside!
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  74. Can anyone explain the details of how the LS1 control system works?
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  81. 2000 Stock 6-Speed Tune
  82. O2 sensors
  83. Help
  84. HELP spedo not working after header/full exhaust install
  85. looking for pcm pin outs and wiring diagram
  86. ecm/pcm recommendations
  87. GMPP LS3 E67 ECM on my Blazer Won't Start.
  88. Mail Order Tune
  89. Can you swap front and rear O2 sensors to get rid of code P0133?
  90. ECM vs. PCM vs. ECU?
  91. Where can I get pins for PCM and blue and red covers for terminals
  92. Have an AEM wideband need cable for tuner to use??
  93. Who has FI Setups that make 900+RWHP?
  94. 98 PCM, Big Cam Issue
  95. Crate Motor Tune
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  97. LC1 setup (ground offset)
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  124. lookin for Mike Brown
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  128. '07 Sky engine swap
  129. '04 CTS -- can I get the VIN through a J2190 message?
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  132. I Don't Know Nothing
  133. LS1 EDIT anybody still using this?
  134. my tune has gone to shit
  135. rear o2's
  136. Check engine light with BS3
  137. Tuner ?
  138. 3 bar
  139. 1999 Camaro Fuel Gauge not working after 1998 tank install
  140. help with tuning
  141. Stand Alone....
  142. Hypertech Hyperpac
  143. Wideband calibrating
  144. Need Help with TBI tunning
  145. Diablosport DS downloader
  146. Frustrated
  147. What to do for blank ecm?
  148. datalogging with aem wideband.
  149. LC1 Calibration
  150. O2 sensor ?
  151. MAF & Boost
  152. Nothing serious just annoying...
  153. How do i fix the KR on my car
  154. For you wiring gurus...
  155. air/fuel kits?
  156. Trans tuning
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  158. Need stock '97 M6 .LT1 file (LT1Edit)
  159. Check this out: Is YOUR TACH this slow?!?
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  161. Diablo Tune
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  166. Swapping front and rear O2's
  167. Need HP Tuners bin file for SD 415
  168. AFR question.
  169. tune question
  170. i have no idea whats going on
  171. Lose MAP readings when convert to SD tune.
  172. help!! misfire on cylinder 4
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  183. tuning A/F w/ new MAFT
  184. tapping pcm
  185. tuning the right
  186. Tranmission Logging w/Datamaster
  187. adding a screened maf
  188. 2 step help
  189. does this look like bad o2's?
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  195. how much timing?
  196. Will I pass emissions in CT?
  197. lt1 map sensor circuit high code
  198. HP Tuners related- Simple questions step inside
  199. compared tuners
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  202. Do i need a wide band O2 setup for mail order tune?
  203. new to tuning just got HP tuners!! reading pa area
  204. STUMPED?? 02 sensor issue
  205. Power Programmer problems.
  206. ls2 stand alone pcm pinouts needed
  207. 2000 A4 pin#47
  208. Computer flashed Vats deleted no fuel?
  209. New to hp
  210. head and cam ecu tuning
  211. Random Cylinder Misfire Code after Cam swap
  212. Mail Order Tune From SLP?
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  214. who should i get to dyno tune my VVT LY6?
  215. Do you need a wideband o2?
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  219. Wiring harness help
  220. anyone converted a 2008 LS3 M6 e38 HPtuner tune for a e67 ECM
  221. Short to ground? No start (again)
  222. 02 Camaro SS rough idle and thick smoke
  223. Possible Computer Problem
  224. Bad PCM symptoms??
  225. boost with stock e38ecm/maf
  226. Ls 1 edit
  227. NEED smog tune!
  228. PCM Help
  229. No injector pulse..Help
  230. High idle?
  231. Check out my logs... I'm getting horrible MPG. Any ideas?
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  233. Install complete now need tune
  234. Where is my problem (car not turning on)
  235. Will This Wideband Sensor Work with My Gauge?
  236. tuning ?
  237. BS3 and remove stock PCM??
  238. mail order tune need help
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  240. DBC vs DBW
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  242. Best LT1 tuning options?
  243. O2 Sensor
  244. Need ls1 basemap with efi live and big cam
  245. New Parts Installed need help!
  246. need base MS4 tune
  247. Getting into tuning
  248. Dyno / Tuning around Huntsville, AL
  249. Underhood fuse box pics
  250. Need Some Help