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  1. code reader!
  2. idle issue after tune please help
  3. missing .5* of timing from commanded at WOT
  4. NEW 383 tune question HELP
  5. what timing to run in my 6010 msd box for startup
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  7. pcm
  8. EFI Live OS swap?
  9. ignition timing
  10. Need LT1 OBD1 A4 Shift help please. Datamaster file
  11. non lsx car fuel pressure help/question
  12. I need a 98 PCM
  13. LC-1 or LM-1.....which is preferred?
  14. I have been told I can get my HP Tuners to read my wideband????
  15. Old LS1Edit .. Tuner can't get into my PCM?!
  16. Which stock GM vehicles use 42# Delphi injectors @ 59 PSI?
  17. po102 again...
  18. Magnacharged ctsv---knock sensor issues
  19. ? on 5.3 harness w/ls1 ecu
  20. Need help with a pcm swap 98 to 99+
  21. Idle issue after Fast & L/T install....WHERE TO ADJ.???
  22. 3 Bar SD Tune... leaning out when hot. Help.
  23. WOW! just installed my diablosport tune.
  24. 2 Step with Hp Tuners
  25. EFI Alchemy in FLA?
  26. Gonna dyno, what a/f / spark combos to try?
  27. HELP! LS1 GTO idle w/MS3
  28. p0420 please help, quick question.
  29. Tuneing on open down pipe
  30. Hitting rev limiter on 1-2 shift ???
  31. Anyone use a Gen II Scan Gauge?
  32. testing coil packs with a DVOM
  33. tuning for gears need help
  34. Tuning process/advice
  35. Do I need a new PCM? or is this fixable
  36. thrown codes
  37. Looking for simple datalogger/code reader/dashboard
  38. Logging 2 bar MAP in HPtuner only hits 105kpa
  39. Manual to Auto (I know)
  40. o2 sims
  41. How does the PCM control A/C?
  42. Weird computer question
  43. 93 z28 has speed limiter
  44. p102 help
  45. how can I tell if my car has an hp tuner?
  46. Help! New laptop and wont read AFR through AC
  47. HP Tuner Credit Question
  48. is this at all posible???? skip shift came BACK!!!??
  49. Corvettes of Westchester
  50. All out performance Springfield MO
  51. HP Tuners 2.22 and 2.23beta on the same computer, How?
  52. ABS INOP Light
  53. DLC & MIL wiring questions
  54. Cold Start Problem
  55. HP Tuners logging through AC wire? how?
  56. Running cool, is this a problem
  57. Pressure sensing spark plugs
  58. HP tuner. unable to open file?
  59. 98 Z28 question
  60. Need help with speedometer recalibration
  61. LT1 with classic fast questions
  62. E-Mail order tuning?
  63. Need HELP!!!
  64. just wondering
  65. Autometer tach issue.
  66. base tune help
  67. Need some tuning advice-Vinci owners help..
  68. Underload backfire/misfire/not sure "log info" included
  69. Formato Fasterproms Tuning and Porting Gettysburg June 20th thru the 27th
  70. 08 ls3 vette chassis
  71. quick HPTuners question
  72. Throttle Cracker without VSS input?
  73. Just got Frosted but hitting rev limiter.
  74. dyno results are in.. not what i expected
  75. Electrical Q
  76. How to reset/relearn TPS?????
  77. could stock timing still be to much?
  78. HP Tuners; SD Tune; Illinois emissions
  79. Low RPM stumble...driving me nuts!
  80. TPS Flicker
  81. Hypertech or Custom Tune?
  82. shift light
  83. Need help! My car won't start
  84. Speed lab dyno testing Spring Grove, IL
  85. Runing Way Rich...all the damn time.
  86. West Chester, PA: Complete Street Grand Opening - $200-$250 Dyno Tune Special!
  87. Bad Problem!
  88. Odd electrical issue need thoughts
  89. Weird ETC WOT log
  90. Bank 2 Sen. 1 on drivers side???
  91. Refrase--> Dash/gauge cluster issues
  92. Frost's dual chip/tune mod for the ECU
  93. TAC/PCM/LS3 TB confusion?!?!?!?!
  94. Converting to a 1 wire O2?
  95. Ignoring O2 Sensors
  96. What are you shooting for with YOUR AFR's ?
  97. Rough idle then dies
  98. PCM swap ?
  99. Help! Need HpTuners file for 4L80E swap!
  100. Knock sensors
  101. Passenger Side Coil Packs are all out.. What to check?
  102. New L92 runs but backfires?!! why?
  103. how to enter speed density mode with 5 Wire MAF
  104. how to change fuel curve and injector size with a predator
  105. HELP: Have check engine light on in 2 LSX vehicles
  106. LS1 upgraded - programmed? how?
  107. programmer/flash tool question
  108. Truck PCM providing shift light capabilities?
  109. AFR ratio gauge question
  110. riddle me this?
  111. LS2 Vats ?
  112. Electric fan comes on too early
  113. Anything wrong with this data?
  114. Idiot light question
  115. P0410.. Help.!!
  116. Are miles stored in the PCM or in the gauge Cluster?
  117. starts and then stalls
  118. Need help with DTC readiness checks
  119. Help LC9 runs for 2 sec. then shuts off
  120. Finished Rebuild - Fuel Pump won't turn on, Power at Ground Pins
  121. P2761, burned boot, and misfire underload at RPM
  122. o2 sensor stuck at 447mv
  123. lt1 pcm hates me
  124. About to attempt the 98 to 99+ PCM swap. HELP
  125. bs3 nerd question riohms and ECM VALID
  126. Feedback On Data Logs
  127. Early Rev Limiter in 1st and 2nd Gear??
  128. hptuners need COS info
  129. cam with no tune.....
  130. What Are The Limits of the Stock PCM?
  131. Trying to Reset my PCM I guess?
  132. TPS voltage way to high at idle...Please help ASAP.
  133. need help, car dies...
  134. wire harness that goes across the radiator
  135. '03 lq4 pcm
  136. vss input for e38 LY6
  137. Diablo works for brothers Corvette, not for my SS
  138. Quick question, Help please
  139. bin file question
  140. OBD2 and my LS6 PCM. Getting em to talk
  141. My first attempt at getting my car right...
  142. Cold start AFR error
  143. O2 not ready, not drive cycle
  144. LS2 Wiring?'s
  145. still having KR problems even after new plugs and wires
  146. anyone local to pittsburgh pa?
  147. pcm shift light for 2nd fuel pump
  148. could i use hp tuner to retune a car which is SD tuned by EFI live ?
  149. Map light keep going on even with new ones.
  150. Gas Gauge and EVAP
  151. Differences in 99-02 tunes?
  152. 99' Firehawk (High idle, surging and throttle sticking)
  153. PCM will not go PE
  154. Is my PCM toast?
  155. Lucas 38lb/hr fuel injectors tuning? HELP
  156. Inj Flow Rate table - L76 Intake
  157. re-pin ECU?
  158. new motor, tuning questions?
  159. Non LS1, but tuning question...
  160. SpeedInc?
  161. Local tech saying VATS resistor bypass works without BCM??
  162. Park/Neutral Vs In Gear on a 6-speed with HP Tuners
  163. Going SD... questions...
  164. PCM relocation Problems
  165. Hey guys can I buy a junkyard computer and...
  166. first time owning a cammed car - normal behavior?
  167. P0137,p0151,p0332. Any suggestions?
  168. Floored car, now voltmeter reads 18 volts, altenator?
  169. Check engine light flashes
  170. Need Vortec 454 (7.4L) bin file
  171. MAF Problem Help Please!!!!
  172. 10k+ foot elevation tuning/mods
  173. How can I run 2 computers in a 2010 camaro one stock & one with a tune ????
  174. please help very weird tunng issue
  175. Cms
  176. Idle problems
  177. LS1 / T56 in old school chassis - ECM Help.
  178. how long do WB o2 sensors last?
  179. lt1 self tuners come in
  180. Service Vehicle light
  181. help with pcm issues!!!!
  182. Eratic idle and stalling
  183. Strange Adaptive Idle Spark issue
  184. Motor runs but no power
  185. Is reflash software really a J2534 in diguise?
  186. need injector flow rate tables for stock ls3 injectors
  187. fuel gauge not working 97 to 99 conversion
  188. Bolt on tune
  189. Tuning Before Install?
  190. knock sensors 2000 vs 2002
  191. 6 months & alot of frustration later, she's once again dialed in!
  192. What could cause only 88% TPS when Floored on 06 GTO??
  193. Oil Pressure Sender Voltage?
  194. lean bank 1 lean bank 2 code 171 & 174
  195. Need Help, No Spark...
  196. AIR pump
  197. Best tuner in Sc, Nc, Ga Area??
  198. Weird o2 readings
  199. 402 need help tunnig injectors racetronix
  200. Need a good tuner within Mo,Ks,Ok,Arkansas area.
  201. dreaded code #101 & #174
  202. cruise mode perameters
  203. Reverse lockout with SES?
  204. ECU harness
  205. Tuners for LT1s in MD???
  206. 2004 gto trouble code P0154
  207. Denso 154 lb high impedence injectors. Something isn't right.
  208. Vats Bypass plug and play?!
  209. Does my 01 SS already have a tune? With A/F Graph Pic
  210. Are these MAF readings messed up???
  211. Which Wideband?
  212. p2138 code - more info inside
  213. Results from Gettysburg Tuning Trip - Dyno Results Inside
  214. Why does MPH effect shift RPM if it is supposed to hit one and then the other?
  215. Mass Air Flow Sensor / Open Loop
  216. Short pulse adder in HP Tuners for Ford Greentops
  217. bogs falls on its face when shifting into 2nd WOT
  218. GMPP ECU Kit Question
  219. Please help !! P0036 Crank code
  220. HP tuner/wideband question?
  221. TPS and MAP Signal Voltage Low
  222. HELP! car won't idle & LC-1 DB gauge not reading right
  223. Firing/Fuel issue, car dead at stoplight.
  224. O2sensors
  225. Lean?
  226. Question
  227. Cylinder volume in HP tuners - change or not?
  228. Bs3 install no spark
  229. Please help p0355 intermittent
  230. another frost thread
  231. p0102 wont go away + car runs like sh!t
  232. Random dying, free sandwhich for answer
  233. please help ( engine and uder dash harness )
  234. regualr shift light on ls1?
  235. ls1 tuning help
  236. throttle hysteresis
  237. Should I keep my pcm? Orrrrr
  238. Rough Starts When warm MORE INFO
  239. P0104
  240. 4l60e shift speeds
  241. p0300 MIL code
  242. Ok To Run New Headers !EGR W/O Tune A Few Days?
  243. looking for table causing lean idle
  244. AEM wideband shows 19.88 all the time in HPtuners
  245. Ltfts after power loss?
  246. pcm help
  247. Charging problems HELP PLEASE!!!
  248. Started up the new LS6; purrs like a kitten
  249. Weird problem with slight misfire.
  250. PCM issue or Ground Issue...