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  1. code po106
  2. tune in hawaii?
  3. Do i need a tune after stall
  4. Cam tuning with and without headers??
  5. diablo sport predator 2 gm series
  6. Maryland/NY tuning companies
  7. Buffalo/Rochester-NY tuners?
  8. Is there a possibility that a PCM could accept a tune but still be bad?
  9. 04 got heads cam tune today numbers...TQ Low?
  10. What type of engine control and programming to use?
  11. TPS Values out of range?
  12. Anyone have experience desoldering, programming and resoldering chips?
  13. 0 vaccuum
  14. PO134 and P0101 What the hell.
  15. Open Loop Slowing Me Down?
  16. Opinion Change LS1 Edit to Hp Tuners
  17. predator is it worth it
  18. VERY high Eq Ratios (?)
  19. Can my tuner "borrow" my EFILive V2 to tune my car?
  20. Lm1 problem?
  21. Part Throttle Shift Pressure w/ Diablosport
  22. Idle relearn anybody???
  23. maf vs speed density
  24. Does the clutch switch affect fueling?
  25. Injector scaling issues
  26. Erratic timing during spool up...
  27. Just posting some readings at idle
  28. high/low timing table ??? when??
  29. SES need help pulled code using HP Tuner.
  30. wtb hptuners
  31. PO134 after LT install........Insight?
  32. BCM question?
  33. hooking up LC1 wb gauge..
  34. silverado truck tune
  35. hp tuners or efi live
  36. weird wideband readings
  37. large injector tuning - E40
  38. evap leak problem
  39. In need of a stock 2004 LQ4 tune for manual transmission
  40. Hand held tuners for the 1998 model year...
  41. FAST 37 lb./hr LS3 injector data
  42. PCM after nitrous backfire.
  43. Need Good Tuning Advice...
  44. Couple of codes: P0101 and P0135/0155
  45. Car Starts, then dies within 20 seconds
  46. e38 ecu VSS output problems
  47. what pcm to use?
  48. Intermittent SES Light on 2000 SS I Just Bought, Any Ideas?
  49. Can you guys tell if i have a blown head gasket?
  50. tuning with hpt 1bar maf rtt?
  51. Not my LS1 this time.
  52. switched computers on LS6 no spark
  53. Service Engine Soon Light.
  54. ltft's maxed after getting car back from shop rear end work why?? MIKE L please help!
  55. what happens at 70 seconds??
  56. Stalling -- rpm gauge dies / motor running
  57. L76 injector values
  58. ls3 carb motor question
  59. where to find tuning sites
  60. PLX wideband w/guage need help hooking it up.
  61. frustered...
  62. Need help pin out for a 98 chevy
  63. where to get pcm flashed???
  64. 4l60e pulse pr minute
  65. multiple codes, hopefully related
  66. Msd 2 step
  67. Just finished turbo build, first time using HPT, having issues. . .
  68. Is this a EBCM or BPMV Issue?
  69. Lc-1
  70. What Idle MAP pressure w/ H/C/I swaps do you generally see?
  71. A4 Shift Settings
  72. PCM fuse
  73. suggestions on who to use for harness and ecu
  74. I think im having computer issues...reflash needed??
  75. ABS INOP, Brake, and SVS lights turned on
  76. Wideband acting funny....
  77. Electrical probelm after tranny install.
  78. Tuning help
  79. PO121 code after LQ4 swap
  80. need help, data log attached
  81. tr224 bin file request.
  82. Torque Mgt & Knock Learn Factor: Help please
  83. LS3 40# injector tables on LS1 PCM...
  84. OBDII Scanner can't connect(Resolved)
  85. speed density tune in Oklahoma City?????
  86. Just Finished my Wideband O2 LC1 Install Lots photos
  87. not use if not factory tune warning...question
  88. Four SES Codes.. Help
  89. need name of good tuner around desmoines iowa
  90. Retard Modules and PCM readings
  91. slight misfires, driver side only
  92. I need some tune info
  93. Way lean!20-23/guru's help!
  94. Tuning Help Please
  95. gauges stopped working
  96. low voltage on knock sensor??
  97. LC1 ground questions. did search and found conflicting answers
  98. MS4 and Dart 205's tell me what is wrong here.
  99. BS3 Updates
  100. AFR not scanning
  101. Safe Rev limit for an LQ4?
  102. OBDII CAT monitor not running
  103. no spark
  104. fast standalone question
  105. 2004 LQ4 auto to manual tune: questions about this
  106. SES light & 2 codes NEED A LITTLE help
  107. MAF readings at Idle/WOT
  108. What the hell is this INSIDE my pcm?
  109. Help with a H/C Trex!
  110. Need HP Tuner .bin file
  111. TUNING HELP~ Battle Creek, MI
  112. Performabuilt transmission...What tuning needed on install?
  113. Which predator to buy?
  114. who does dyno tunning in tenn.
  115. Predator Tuner?
  116. attempted maf tune.
  117. Finally got the timing up. now please help me get this one little tweak.
  118. why is my car getting leaner?
  119. xfi tunes
  120. New O2 sensors
  121. Accel DFI, intermittent no spak, no start issues.
  122. what sponsers offer mail tune
  123. Another motor with KR problems.... AFR ok, very low spark, and still getting KR!
  124. Do I need a Tune
  125. pcm harness diagram
  126. Runs better in open loop?
  127. accel gen 7 install, no power wire for starter
  128. Ford Racing #30 injectors
  129. Issues with my tune/O2 sensor
  130. Dead PCM?
  131. reset superchips programmer
  132. need help big stuff 3
  133. Hypertech question? (I know there junk)
  134. e38 ecu speedo and tach problems
  135. Need a raw .bin
  136. Left my car at a gas me out!
  137. Need Rear 02 sensors tuned out in Oregon
  138. Rev limiter wont change!
  139. LM1 LMA-2 RPM converter TPS and VSS hookup
  140. Little lean? Too much timing?
  141. My KR and octane table problems
  142. AUTOTAP Question...
  143. Newbie about pcm/ecu's and tuning. Help me please.
  144. Diablo Sport Tuner II worth it?
  145. ITB tunning
  146. thinking of buying HP Tuners
  147. GM EFI Tuning Beginners Guide DVD
  148. Scanner wont read my car
  149. Good Dyno tuner for a 355 LT1 around Kansas City
  150. what can fix these codes
  151. sd tune ?
  152. pcm lock?
  153. HP Tunners Credits
  154. Tps,map sensor
  155. MIL Installed
  156. do you think a tune would help this setup alot
  157. tach / e 38 setting - # of pulses ?
  158. factory tune wont work
  159. tunning transmission?????
  160. Oxygen Sensor Wire Switch
  161. Help-fuel pressure problem
  162. VSS question
  163. Newb to 2 Bar MAP tuning.. HELP!
  164. PCM Question
  165. looking for a tuner
  166. Stock tune what to expect
  167. tcs code help please
  168. My ECTs and AFR are dropping and stopping the motor
  169. Need help tuning with efilive using a .hpt file
  170. how to run LS1 out of car
  171. SCT Dash Scan help
  172. Is down
  173. Help With my LS1m Scanner
  174. OBD2 Connector Location
  175. E38 vs E40 vs E67 - live tunable?
  176. Tuning School
  177. single or dual wideband setup?
  178. Mail order tune?
  179. Would a gauge cluster from an 01 work in a 98?
  180. Mail order tune using a new PCM.
  181. GM Tech 2
  182. Truck PCM reflash to Camaro PCM?
  183. Getting a tune, question
  184. No Cats, Need PCM information
  185. Yet another "won't fire" thread. Help
  186. Threw a AIR code.
  187. Looking to buy efi live v2
  188. i'm lost...
  189. Need help !!
  190. Reverse Lockout Malfunction after new Master
  191. Tuning with HPT ..Need advice
  192. AIM/Yahoo/ICQ
  193. Just got HP Tuners
  194. anyone with El Torro cam or similar please read
  195. Big stuff 3 please
  196. need help....with electrical prob.
  197. Problem with alarm and car wont start. NEED HELP ASAP
  198. MS4 Tuning with HPtuners ?
  199. Need help cant find problem
  200. Breaking down please help asap!!!!!!!
  201. I want Lambda..efi live
  202. wideband wiring...
  203. P0300 code in Idle
  204. obd 2 to usb, will it flash my pcm or do i need a converter
  205. Clutch Pedal Switch PID or Sensor number?
  206. 2000 Camaro Z28 - stock LS1 trouble
  207. ECU for LSX?
  208. 263/242 110 (g5x3ish) VE table needed
  209. tuning in camaro 2010
  210. How complete does my car need to be for a dyno tune?
  211. anyone help with the iat tables
  212. How to tune the car to open loop at all times??
  213. Best Tuner in the boston area
  214. SD tuning for bracket racing
  215. Protocol guru's--question re: 11-bit and 29-bit CAN identifier?
  216. Marine SD tune needed (W/O 02 sensors)
  217. Houston Area Tuners COME IN
  218. Slow tach?
  219. Whats the stock shift point for the 2-3?
  220. 3Bar SD tune, please take a look.
  221. E85 tunners look at this.
  222. do i need to retune my SD tuned car???
  223. LS6 to LS2 injector Question...
  224. Tuning a TSP 228R Cam
  225. 06 Corvette ECu/PCM Pinout or Wiring Diagram
  226. New motor, passenger side fires, driver side doesnt
  227. laptop wont connect to pcm
  228. Big cam, rich idle...
  229. 80 lb/hr Deka injector data, Please help
  230. whats going on here? -short-
  231. 04 LS1 pinout question
  232. lnc-002 wiring question.....
  233. 02 voltages dropping
  234. Getting more timing out of Predator?
  235. Pittsburgh area.
  236. Fried ECU?
  237. siemens injectors #5255
  238. NEED HELP! Codes!
  239. p0307 help
  240. a brief on SD...
  241. car wont stay started
  242. Question about 98' ECU
  243. tps showing throttle idle open loop
  244. IAT pin location
  245. Just bought a Diablo tuner for a ls1
  246. I need a tuner in the Minneapolis area.
  247. Check gauges light?
  248. Hanging idle, what to look at
  249. Po102 & po155
  250. LS1edit Q's adjusting MAF table and PE vs RPM