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  1. Is mail order ok for my setup?
  2. Any help HPT?
  3. transbrake/nitrous wiring
  4. Dyno tune in my area
  5. Who here runs without O2s?
  6. ECM Locked? engine speed not 0, rpm not zero or flash memory problem
  7. gm tech 2 w/ candy..wont do the 316 crank position relearn????????
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  10. Lt1 F1R 19 psi boost .... how much timing
  11. Noob to tuning OBD question
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  14. Help Converting EFI Live Tune to HP Tuners Format!!
  15. search HPtuner OEM MAF and injector table
  16. Nashville tn
  17. MS4 tuning high altitude
  18. Tuner question
  19. Tuning for E10
  20. PCM reset itself, no idle now.???
  21. Code P1518 New 408 Stroker won't idle!
  22. need help with this tune
  23. HP Tuners 2 bar SD OS
  24. HP Tuners Unable to Locate VCM
  25. 4l60e shifting trouble
  26. timing trouble
  27. Screwed up fuel trims and slow o2
  28. HPT: bigger TB and Intake ???
  29. Stuck in Speed Density????
  30. pcm learning tune.
  31. Is ther a different version of VEMaster for the 1993 LT1s?
  32. I should pass emissions with it all looking like this right?
  33. AEM Wideband connection to V2
  34. LS1 PCM questions
  35. HPT: Injectors data calibrate ???
  36. wide band?
  37. What is the 'speed' in speed density?
  38. Cant disable LTFT for VE tuning
  39. How does braking effect ECM output?
  40. Diablo Tune
  41. hanging idle?
  42. editing pcm with hp tuner . os issue?
  43. 95 t/a swaped to a ls1 (scanner wont comunicate)
  44. 102mm Throttlebody question
  45. TPS codes and problems along with rear abs sensor??Need help!
  46. A4 to M6 Tune Question
  47. ECT Sensor Mystery
  48. tuning advice
  49. I need an update on the HP Tuners,regarding a 2009 4.8 Truck
  50. Help! How to put tunes on my EfiLive v2
  51. High Low Octane Q
  52. Take a look at this and tell me what you think.
  53. Custom EFI Live tune;failed emissions big time
  54. Windows 7 with HP Tuners?
  55. Backfiring?
  56. Maf help
  57. Pros and cons of SD Tune?
  58. Unsolved mystery!!! 01 z28 problem plz help!!!!
  59. FAST™ XFI™ Fuel Injection Training Course Open For Enrollment
  60. Crank to do it
  61. TM removal ?
  62. Quick tuner question
  63. Davie / South Florida - Formato Fasterproms Tuning April 12th and 13th
  64. SCT gm tuning package
  65. GM PCM controlling a non-GM running gear
  66. flashing check engine light
  67. Who has their own HP Tuners program for Datalogging?
  68. locking out the o2 sensors
  69. I have a 98 pcm,what are my option for my twin turbo build?
  70. Calibrate my Racepac and wire a GTO LS2 into a miata
  71. Possible bad IAT sensor?
  72. help me understand
  73. speed limiter delete with diablo
  74. setting up raf in hptuners
  75. price question??
  76. Torque specs for ECM connectors
  77. Techrod Wiring Harness
  78. 98 TA Speed Density NEED HELP
  79. HPtuner 4400 checksum error
  80. 2000 Trans Am, 4 Knock Sensor Codes, Need help Fixing...
  81. lost power while flashing PCM
  82. Corvette code help
  83. aem uego & msd 6010....datalogging?
  84. Dreaded PO121!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  85. Need injector flow table for HPT
  86. Help with ECU
  87. bogging at 2000
  88. 95 lt1 using tunercat / intake backfire
  89. transmission problem code
  90. Fast classic issue
  91. Turning off the INOP, Brake light, Service Vehicle, Security Light???
  92. Best "How To Book" on tuning with HP Tuners
  93. Idle smooth but runs rough under throttle
  94. vcm editor
  95. fast b2b
  96. Drivability problems
  97. Big stuff 3
  98. Gains for stock car tune ?
  99. LTFT problems
  100. Please look @ tune, air flow issue after cam swap
  101. 98 m6 pcm to 02 m6 pcm swap
  102. Problems after replacing O2s.
  103. poping under 2000 rpms
  104. Ls1 ecu connectors where to buy
  105. Anyone heard of or dealt with this tuner?
  106. TBSS tps problem. HELP PLEASE
  107. LC1 Analog output splitting
  108. Take a look at my IFR table, new to tuning.
  109. stand alone wiring harness
  110. Has anyone experienced this?
  111. MegaSquirt 2
  112. 98 ls1
  113. Please help with 4 year high idle problem.
  114. Ive been Rhino tuned!
  115. Leave the Predator tune on PCM for LS6 swap?
  116. Simple (aka noob) question(s) :)
  117. Dtc p1041
  118. So i got the P1153 code, ???Which side????
  119. air fuel ration guage??
  120. Speedo recal for TH400
  121. WB portability with hptuners
  122. Anyone ran into this starting problem before (car sitting for 2 year)?
  123. PCM question
  124. HP Tuners Cylinder Balance Q
  125. Trouble Code???
  126. Need help with idling and surging issues...scanner numbers inside
  127. Diablo Predator Features???
  128. Lean After Nitrous Plate Install?
  129. What does pin C2-50 (Vehicle Speed Output Circuit) do?
  130. who does your tuning ??
  131. 98 ls1 pcm question
  132. Question about the DiabloSport Predator and custom tune.
  133. Engine Stuttering Hesitating OBD Data
  134. LQ4 to LQ9 pistons
  135. efi101
  136. hp tuner ?
  137. big cam running o2 sensors?
  138. Will a pcm from a 98 A4 work with a 98 M6 car??
  139. where can i find this harness ?
  140. lookin for bluecats #
  141. A4 Torque Management Question
  142. LT b1 and LT b2 going crazy
  143. 1998 to 1999 Swap
  144. Deleting O2's with Predator
  145. Cluster swap issues
  146. Difficult startup after a reflash??
  147. Temp tune for bad knock sensors?
  148. PCM code P0496
  149. ls1 pcm control L92?
  150. Dyno'd low & have some knock issues
  151. Can I do it
  152. AFR for idle
  153. WOT Lockup Help
  154. help
  155. DTC P0171 Fuel Trim System Lean Bank 1; can't find a leak
  156. HPTuner Scale for Red Top Ford Injector
  157. Can you use auto torque management as poor mans traction control?
  158. P0230 Primary Fuel Pump Circuit
  159. Wire fed straight to positive terminal?
  160. obd hook up
  161. Gen IV DBW - Idle TPS??
  162. what year computer and harness is this
  163. HPtuner new user help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  164. SES Light P0154
  165. PCM tuning
  166. hp tuners
  167. Need some help on OBD II error code
  168. 05 5.3 harness with 02 Camaro ECU ?
  169. O2 Sensor/No Cats
  170. hp tuners
  171. bs3 no fuel
  172. Dual Flash/Prom LSX PCM - looking for expert knowlege.
  173. Lt's stuck at 25 when not cruising
  174. ABS fault in DIC
  175. HPT vcm scanner will read DTCs but nothing else...????
  176. Put myself in a Jam.. Tune myself (no experience) or take it to a tuner? Where in MI?
  177. New Circle D converter and will not shift into 2nd until 6300 RPM tuned with HP Tuner
  178. Unique VSS problem?
  179. Bolt on m6, what have you gotten from a tune?
  180. Running Lean...time for a tune (Indiana-ish area)
  181. How do I use my LC-1 using both HP Tuners and AFR gauge?
  182. Have to start car 5+times in order for it to stay running after reflash
  183. Help P0154 SES Code
  184. How does this look?
  185. VE tuning problems...VE tables Maxed! Help
  186. hypertech junk
  187. RS4 Performance Chip
  188. Need help quick. P1626
  189. Resetting PCM?
  190. I Need A Tune!!!
  191. Trying to scan 2010 ss
  192. Engine on and wideband off, can it damage sensor?
  193. knock sensor question
  194. Lots of bolt ons, how much hp did an NA tune get you?
  195. xfi iac status problem
  196. Sd. What in place of MAF??
  197. LS1 PCM Pins: HELP!
  198. Launch Control/2-Step for LS1...
  199. Pcm spark tuning
  200. HP Tuners licensing
  201. po420
  202. MEFI 4B Tuning
  203. I need help! LS3 into 2002 Z28 tune.
  204. I got mail order tune today , installation tips
  205. Bs3 rpm
  206. Gremlin pissing me off......
  207. Need HELP! with P0332 knock sen. code
  208. low idle on start up
  209. Programmers/Tuners...Do You Know How I Can Do This?
  210. 58 tooth ls2 crank in a 24 tooth ls1 04 GTO...
  211. Car Idealing High little help please
  212. Very interesting electrical issue.
  213. Need to find a place to have my car tuned
  214. Central Indiana, speedometer PPM reset?
  215. 98 maf tables vs. 99 up Help
  216. OBD 1 switch
  217. Help with tune please
  218. Ground for LC-1 Wideband
  219. Timing for a 6.0 with Trex
  220. question on my new car
  221. Where to get a tune
  222. un-steady under 2000rpm´s
  223. Anyone else replaced LS1 with LS6, Harness OK?
  224. fan temps
  225. FAST wideband
  226. Oil Pressure Sensor Volt vs Oil Pressure Formula
  227. HELP new cam backfires
  228. pcm for 5.3
  229. Maf readign way too high
  230. Can I get my Diablo Tuner to work with an LS6?
  231. Is this Possible? (HPTuners experts enter)
  232. Tunning ?
  233. Tuning out error codes: no message vs disable
  234. ecm questions?
  235. Where is that darn Oil Temp Sensor?
  236. How to diagnose a vehicle speed sensor VSS
  237. How big of injectors and still idle??
  238. Enhanced PID's over CAN protocol?
  239. wait to tune for ls6?
  240. HP Tuner Vs. EFI Live
  241. Which airflow tables do I need to adjust?
  242. fuel presure
  243. Need help throws no codes runs horrible.
  244. ls1 engine custom tunes
  245. car wont stay running after motor install..
  246. WOT 2-3 Shift
  247. Maximum power @WOT
  248. Have Diablo, custome tune worth it? Almost stock.
  249. LC1 via the fuel tank pressure sensor
  250. Jet DST and converting from cal... how reliable?