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  1. PCM Help
  2. No injector pulse..Help
  3. High idle?
  4. Check out my logs... I'm getting horrible MPG. Any ideas?
  5. obd1 to obd2 conversion ?
  6. Install complete now need tune
  7. Where is my problem (car not turning on)
  8. Will This Wideband Sensor Work with My Gauge?
  9. tuning ?
  10. BS3 and remove stock PCM??
  11. mail order tune need help
  12. need help with setting my 4l60e up (hptuners)
  13. DBC vs DBW
  14. Replaced PCM, now I can't get my trans to shift right!!
  15. Best LT1 tuning options?
  16. O2 Sensor
  17. Need ls1 basemap with efi live and big cam
  18. New Parts Installed need help!
  19. need base MS4 tune
  20. Getting into tuning
  21. Dyno / Tuning around Huntsville, AL
  22. Underhood fuse box pics
  23. Need Some Help
  24. tunnercats help
  25. LS7 starts and then dies
  26. C0045
  27. fuel presure
  28. LNC-002 & HSW wet kit
  29. TTS Datamaster Download?
  30. Vcm making me crazy
  31. electrical problem need help
  32. pcm can read tune but can't flash, failed bootloader
  33. re-tuned my mostly stock SS
  34. HP Tuners application key? Anyone have an old one I can use?
  35. Need help with Speed Density Tune
  36. looking for a ls2 cam sensor
  37. Installing a BBC carbed into 01 TA????
  38. Dyno Dash?
  39. should i use predator on a tunned ecm
  40. I'm looking for a 2001 fbody .bin file (not .hpt, not .tun)
  41. Best Approach For Tuning My 427?
  42. Avg Tuning Time
  43. True tuning expertise?
  44. bcm or not
  45. planar vs. thimble O2 sensors
  46. Tenn FI tuners
  47. obd-2 port not working
  48. LC1 wiring question
  49. Kind of a big tuning issue
  50. Help...wierd O2 sensor signal
  51. Hptuners in a Virtual Machine (os X)
  52. Simple to use stand alone Data Logger?
  53. idle problem on new ls1 + hot cam
  54. Need tuner recommendations in the Kansas City MO surrounding area-cammed LS7
  55. 2010 Camaro TCM Issue
  56. Need 85mm maf and 98mm lid
  57. Is it ok to eliminate Burst Knock Retard?
  58. p0500 code help please...
  59. oxygen sensor keeps going bad
  60. Help With Codes
  61. 2003 hummer help
  62. odd problems! help?
  63. 2, 3, or 4 02 Sensors?
  64. help delete codes
  65. PCM s/n decodes
  66. Low end Sputter
  67. Stage 2 Intake and Tuning Results
  68. Tuners in arizona/california
  69. first startup of LS2 402 on stock 98 tune?
  70. 98 fi car d1sc 408cu 125duty cycle?
  71. A4 staying in 3rd gear after trans swap!!
  72. HELP Surging after blackwing and cold weather
  73. Need help HP tuner ???
  74. Banish's GM EFI Tuning Beginners Guide or the beginner course at the Tuning School?
  75. Anyone Used Rev and an Interceptor or DashHawk?
  76. PO171 and PO174 help...
  77. gm performance parts pcm
  78. 6speed pcm to automatic?
  79. Need help big time with pcm someone help me
  80. P0430...P1133...P1153...and a P0430 PENDING...HELP
  81. Spark advance problems!!
  82. DTC lookup software
  83. Using a single O2 sensor
  84. Rear o2 readiness tests not completing.
  85. HP Tuner???
  86. So i through the code p0430
  87. HP Tuners question..
  88. FAST Xfi harness to retain gauges & A/C??
  89. crane cams
  90. Tuning A4 in PCM vs Trans Controller
  91. Do I have to run knock sensors?
  92. p0120, malfunction??? on my 5.3 jeep wrangler
  93. BMW M3 w/ LS1 1500rpm stumble?
  94. Bad PCM?
  95. No starter, no gauges, OBD2 not working either
  96. Looking for a basic Hptuners tune
  97. Running a wideband with HP Tuners Std.?
  98. Need an STS tune
  99. Power Window Switches flash every 8 seconds
  100. !cats pass emissions with a tune??
  101. newb tunning a turbo car
  102. still getting SES light in the morning
  103. 01 vette "reduced engine power"??
  104. So who's the LS1 GOD?
  105. P0135 - How much to fix?
  106. Mail order tuning
  107. Car failed smog test.. but passed emissions... need help!
  108. Gauges recommended for tuning?
  109. MSD 6010 timing curve question
  110. Cam'd LS3 help
  111. Trifecta Tunes First 2010 Camaro V6!!
  112. Ordered a new questions
  113. HP Tuners VCM Suite standard or Pro
  114. My car seems to have lost a couple cylinders...HELP
  115. CA Emissions IDEAS..
  116. A/F way off.
  117. hpt file to efi live file anyone can help?
  118. just bought diablo sport predator and i need a custom tune
  119. Master efi tuner - gm efi...pre-order now
  120. Tach signal wire for 05 vette
  121. Do it all Standalone
  122. EFI Live 98 2bar sd base tune?
  123. o2 heater sensor
  124. Universal o2 sims
  125. changing pcm
  126. 382 Stoker Tune. Drives great. Looks funny.
  127. SLP Diablosport vs mail tune
  128. PCM Pegged out (MAF)...
  129. holley 950 help
  130. flooded parking lot....intermittant
  131. what does adjusting impact factor do?
  132. lq9 silverado tuner
  133. Can someone help me with o2 sensor wiring?
  134. Need some Predator Codes
  135. Custom Predator tune, where to get one.
  136. wondering how much a tune will benefit me
  137. Time for a new tune?
  138. What type of tune?
  139. G8 GXP tuning
  140. Left bank ?
  141. Replacement ECM, rough idle?
  142. Gm uses microsoft
  143. Oil Pressure to PMC
  144. LS1 Conversion With Issue of Computer Pulling Timing after Running for a while!
  145. Random Cylinder Missfire Code
  146. knock sensors problems
  147. 8.1 Tuning and timing
  148. new to wideband stuff
  149. DTC code P1351 Help needed!
  150. '04 Vette 18:1 in CL, 14.5:1 in OL. Low dyno numbers.
  151. closest ls1 dyno/tuner to nashville
  152. tunning ?
  153. vortec computers..all the same??
  154. Holley's new EFI system?
  155. need to re-set RPM limiter
  156. stuttering
  157. tps problems .86 v to 2.79 3% to 56% tp%
  158. HpTuners Question
  159. Throwing codes w/ no performance s/s
  160. Playing with lt1 and tunercat
  161. O2 sensor front and rear any difference
  162. Anyone have a tune for NA 402 with 9.5:1 CR? For 07 Vette?
  163. Tuning books for efi live?
  164. CONFUSED and LOST!!! please help, no start or gauges
  165. Pcm Pin Out Diagram
  166. Lt1 gurus please come in!!!
  167. Bad O2?
  168. ? about getting car to start better. highly modifed car.
  169. Changed bottom end to won't start
  170. tune problem, wont rev past 6100 rpms please help
  171. Turbo build tune???
  172. Got codes need help
  173. need best scanner which one?
  174. ** ECS mail orders tunes, still only $149! **
  175. Injector Flow Rate vs KPA...
  176. tuning in or around indiana? teachers?
  177. 93' z28 pcm communication failure?
  178. Weird decel problem?
  179. A/F super lean - dyno results...ideas?
  180. Help with dtc codes!!!
  181. Need help from tuners!! PLEASE
  182. Which Software
  183. Va Speed. We'd like to apologize.......
  184. Point me in the right direction for a tuner in/around CT for my Turbo LS2/350z
  185. datamaster transmission help
  186. Code!! P0801
  187. Megasquirt help!
  188. PE NA and PE Boosted target AFR?
  189. speedometer signal help
  190. LT1 Communication Timeout - Any Ideas???
  191. SES code P0118
  192. car running hot or not?
  193. Having some serious idle issues
  194. need help with wiring harness
  195. car randomly shuts off
  196. need help with MAF
  197. need internet for tuning
  198. timing ratard for nitrous (IAT)
  199. PCM/BCM data stream info needed
  200. LS1 blew up, now has a 5.3
  201. How many misfires are acceptable?
  202. fuel pump wont prime sometimes
  203. i need my rear 02's tuned out
  204. Lost and need some help on issues.
  205. gm asa cam
  206. Questions about chips.....
  207. LT1 tuners in here
  208. Need help car doesn't go into BLM
  209. megasquirt piggy back?
  210. SLP Diablosport tuner
  211. Wiring Question
  212. HPtuners help
  213. Wideband Woes! (AEM)
  214. no Tac signal - LSX swap / '91 Z28
  215. obd2
  216. Just finished my m6 to a4 swap, dies when i put into reverse or d
  217. Who uses the AEM EMS?
  218. Re-tune after another cam swap?
  219. converting 98 to 99 Harness and ecm
  220. silverado tune?
  221. only starts with battery charger
  222. Switch from Auto to T56..ECM Problem of course
  223. BS3 won't read cranking RPM
  224. Does tunercat & TTS Datamaster work on Windows 7?
  225. Does anyone have an ASA.tun file?
  226. no start got fuel got spark wtf?
  227. How easy was HP Tuners for you to learn on?
  228. Fuel Pressure 70psi after Racetronix Install?
  229. Good book for learning HPTuner software..
  230. ls1 ecu wiring schematic?
  231. Lean Spike Driving Me Crazy
  232. Random misfire help
  233. 98 pcm
  234. ls1 going carb, i need controller info
  235. rear o2's
  236. 2 pin oil pressure switch
  237. I need an FI starting tune
  238. Autometer A/F guage....any good?
  239. SCT Tuners...
  240. Are the M6 and Auto harness different
  241. Fuel level input Ohm Range change?
  242. help with tuning for new cam
  243. Couple of codes bothering me
  244. can you convert lbs/min flow into approximate horsepower?
  245. Hp tuners help
  246. The tuning school
  247. Identifying year of PCM and Harness
  248. Just a couple questions
  249. LQ4 with a 4L60e
  250. systems not ready