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  1. pcm tune columbus ohio?
  2. any lt1 tuners in memphis
  3. lc1 wiring
  4. How much Altitude change allowed before retune?
  5. hptuners wideband offset
  6. P0704 Code and throwing codes for both O2s.
  7. need help slight vibration.....
  8. HP Tuners question
  9. Which tuner is right for me?
  10. GMPP LS3 controller-anyone from GM think you can help?
  11. Sniffer Emissions
  12. Tuning software?
  13. Is it ok disable "power enrich" and "boost enrich when tuning in HPTuners?
  14. The Process of Frost (Review)
  15. A4 To M6 Tune?
  16. Fast managment tuning question
  17. Using 83#injectors HPtuners only goes to 63....
  18. Help TPS 1.25v from pcm at the plug
  19. Dyno tune now or wait until summre blen gas?
  20. please help ( P1111 and P0113 )
  21. Input on troublesome codes
  22. Low res circuit code 0016
  23. Hp tuners learn here!!!
  24. Need to change driver side cat, will it shut off SES?
  25. will this harness fit the d585 truck coils
  26. Passing OBD II with EGR, AIR, and rear O2 sensor tuned out
  27. Using A Predator Programer To Play With Shit Points When I Have A Custom Tune
  28. Stall converter tune question
  29. Generator L Terminal P1637? / Possible alternator problem?
  30. Wideband AFR Problem?
  31. AFR at WOT in the 3k area??
  32. Bosch or AC Delco front O2 Sensors?
  33. got Dyno tuned today
  34. Throwing bad o2 sensor codes after axle install and tune
  35. fbody gauges and truck harness?
  36. p2008, p0020, p1000
  37. HELP!! denso o2 sensor part# ?'s ls1
  38. Knock Retard???
  39. Cruise Control won't work after wheel spin
  40. Will a PCM reflash at the dealer reset my tune?
  41. Idling Problem
  42. HELP lt car puting ls in it!!
  43. Gainesville and South Florida - Formato Fasterproms Tuning and Porting
  44. gear change - speedo tuning
  45. data logging and turbo math help
  46. True Respect! Frost!!!!!!!!!!!!
  47. Intial Tuning for speed density and 60 lb injectors.
  48. o2 questions? need help!
  49. looking for the best how to and learning info for useing HP tuners
  50. trying to see how much of need i am for a tune...
  51. Hooked a battery charger up,Now my WS6 wont run???????
  52. Hp pro or standard. Turbo car way to rich
  53. tuning with converter swap?
  54. Random engine misfire code- please help
  55. Looking for a tune
  56. anyone know how to get ahold of Glenn Lipinski?
  57. New LS3 only runs at 3000-4000 ????
  58. need help 04 GTO 402 stroker!!!
  59. About to get a tune
  60. o2 sensor problem
  61. Worth it to get a tune right now?
  62. I Read the VCM with the DOORS OPEN !!!!
  63. LS3 5th Gen Pin out diagram?
  64. tune question
  65. 24 byte 98 PCM question
  66. Airflow error to Effective Area
  67. need youR help guys need tune software for 94 trans am(LT1)
  68. 98PCM to 99+PCM Questions
  69. Wideband power
  70. Where is the injector scaling chart ??
  71. WB AFR shows something differnet to O2's
  72. needing a hptuners bin for 5.3 turbo
  73. narrowband O2 and LC-1
  74. Car won't start with new injector data
  75. where do i find iac counts
  76. O2 sensor question
  77. Dissabling the rear O2's & AIR
  78. engine wire harness question
  79. Please help!!! Very frustrated
  80. question 98 ls1 ecu and limits for 4l60e tuning
  81. 1987 shortbed chevy with a 6.0and a 4L80E
  82. answer needed asap. attn foff667
  83. Horse power house
  84. Can a Automatic PCM be flashed for a Manual Transmission?
  85. ABS Inop and Spazzing Lights
  86. Tune and use as generic scan tool
  87. Bad BCM?
  88. P0152, P1133 and P1152
  89. (LT1 OBD2) Anyone use Auterra Dynoscan?
  90. Can you adjust your a/f with the lc1
  91. Need help/info....
  92. Why am i getting this p1510
  93. 1999 Camaro Wiring Diagrams
  94. Datamaster logs - Something not right with my LT1 - Any ideas?
  95. Wiring up an ls6
  96. Idle Issues: hanging at 12-1400
  97. Re-flashing to stock parameters?
  98. Hp Tuners credits
  99. LC1 error code 2
  100. ground locations
  101. Summit EFI tuning DVD
  102. Timing under WOT ??? help!
  103. vin and os
  104. Would a modified MAF turn on bank1 and bank2 lean condition codes?
  105. '96 LT1 VIN into a '02 LS1 PCM? EFI Live/HPT
  106. Wiring Spek A/F Gauge for Wideband
  107. video of "part throttle lean" condition!! tuners please advise!!
  108. MAF bad?
  109. HP Tuners Issue can read but not write to computer
  110. tuning and wide band questions
  111. Engine light on a 05 Malibu due to opened gas cap.
  112. Help idle problems
  113. If I buy a new PCM...can I have my current tune dumped into it.....
  114. Wideband question on installing?
  115. help me learn from this log
  116. MA tune needed
  117. Front Oxygen Sensors - Intermittent Problem
  118. Who has racecar tuning tips?
  119. who is considered the best tuner in PA?
  120. intermittent low oil light even with sensor unplugged
  121. O2 Simulators
  122. types of tunes
  123. ls1 swap in a toyota with dbw help!
  124. Can someone take a stab at this.....maybe PCM related
  125. Another "which" wideband question
  126. Its been awhile, and I'm rusty
  127. Racepac dealers...
  128. Can Datamaster datalog AEM Uego wideband?
  129. PIST, Car finally done and my tune goes to Safe mode..
  130. diablo predator + Gear settings ((Need help))
  131. Whats the (BEST) Wideban/AFR tach ????
  132. DBW throttle pedal compatibility
  133. Need help engine swap cluster acting up.
  134. Fast or big stuff3
  135. CEL off with o2 codes on?
  136. Autotap question
  137. Richer and Richer at idle with SD tune
  138. hp tuners bullshit
  139. dynotune?
  140. is this a decent wide band guage?
  141. Impact of Exhaust Flow on Tune
  142. E67 ECU FI tuners or tunees CHIME IN!!
  143. Rear 02 Sensor Question
  144. 99+ knock sensors on 98
  145. totally new to tuning, diablo predator
  146. Wait4Me tune and Diablosport compatibliity
  147. L92 VVT e38 cam swap tune with a t56?
  148. Tuners in Houston area
  149. do i need a tune
  150. Clearing Codes Permanent?
  151. wireing harnesses
  152. refresh my memory...
  153. gm vdr(vehicle data recorder) / scan tool 1996-2010
  154. Opinions on my thoughts/plan...
  155. weird iat issue on h/c ls7
  156. Where would one learn to tune professionally?
  157. obd1 Tuning software
  158. 99 pcm ?
  159. Truck maf from a 99 sierra 5.3 is it 85mm?
  160. 2000 TA LS1/T56 tune issues
  161. Tuning a turbo LS1 with EFI Live
  162. Wideband placement
  163. h/c ls7 wont start easy
  164. P0160 code(heated 02 sensor)
  165. tuning gains from headers
  166. lq9 swap
  167. WTF LC1 wiring question
  168. need help with tunercat
  169. P0157 O2 sensor Bank 2 Sensor 2 - Help
  170. whats the stock pcm limits
  171. Are these number OK or a bit low?
  172. need help with my wiring harness
  173. Where can I get the computer reprogram
  174. Wideband!?
  175. needing tuned
  176. Tuning My Car.
  177. Do I need LTFT trims
  178. HELP! My diagnostic connector isn't working?
  179. tuning&injectors?
  180. HP Tuners to FJO wideband Q's
  181. New to Tuning..
  182. im thinking about getting into tuning myself
  183. Steering sensor code
  184. anyone know how to fix this code???
  185. jet dst/mxscan
  186. LC1 will go lean as soon as the coolant reaches 192*
  187. Tuners in So-Cal???
  188. po327 code
  189. need help
  190. knock warning system?
  191. misfire after cam install
  192. E38 ECM, does it have the TAC.........
  193. Do I need MAF and rear O2?
  194. Mail order Tuners!!! Step Inside!
  195. How to remove pins?
  196. C5 PCM question
  197. Can anyone explain the details of how the LS1 control system works?
  198. PCM - Feedback?
  199. Help! Did M6 to A4 swap...trying to load A4 tune with LS1 edit...
  200. tune or not after ls6 intake?
  201. lt1 meets turbo now time for a tune...?
  202. tuner in arkansas?
  203. Mass Air vs Speed Density
  204. 2000 Stock 6-Speed Tune
  205. O2 sensors
  206. Help
  207. HELP spedo not working after header/full exhaust install
  208. looking for pcm pin outs and wiring diagram
  209. ecm/pcm recommendations
  210. GMPP LS3 E67 ECM on my Blazer Won't Start.
  211. Mail Order Tune
  212. Can you swap front and rear O2 sensors to get rid of code P0133?
  213. ECM vs. PCM vs. ECU?
  214. Where can I get pins for PCM and blue and red covers for terminals
  215. Have an AEM wideband need cable for tuner to use??
  216. Who has FI Setups that make 900+RWHP?
  217. 98 PCM, Big Cam Issue
  218. Crate Motor Tune
  219. VE tuning on a '99 C5
  220. LC1 setup (ground offset)
  221. About 20 miles after tune car pops a P0101 runs like crap? At a total loss..
  222. Do I need a tune after gear change?
  223. EFi live help
  224. I need a tuner. Who can do it?
  225. any problems with dashdaq
  226. Tuning a GMPP PCM
  227. No start issue. Need help!!
  228. 08 Z06 Misfire Issue
  229. Looking for a Reliable Tuner in or near OH!
  230. Which tune to go with?
  231. LS3 Hot Cam Tune
  232. Where do I take it for a TUNE???
  233. PO704 code help!
  234. Data Link Connector PROBS and QUESTIONS...???
  235. SD tune and total conversion?
  236. Can anyone use HP Tuners?
  237. Tune Issue?
  238. Need Tuner near Yuma,az
  239. Is it safe to start and drive my ls1 without a tune?
  240. wierd idle
  241. 98 sd ???
  242. Tuners please come in..!!!! VIDEO ADDED
  243. Is this a startup tune issue??
  244. 2006 5.2 Wiring diagram
  245. After 180 amp alternator pcm acting funny.
  246. bigstuff3 tuning
  247. lookin for Mike Brown
  248. Tuning for Speed Density, wont pass State Inspection
  249. Anyone know a way to settle down a PLX Wide band?
  250. Can tuners give there opinion on this?