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  1. HPtuners - Flash someone else's stock tune?
  2. DoD with Manual Transmission
  3. 4l80e segment swap northwest indiana
  4. hooking LM-1 to EFI live
  5. dyno tuning in dayton ohio or thereabouts
  6. Can't Load my mail order tune
  7. Throwing Codes
  8. which pcm can i used?
  9. High RPM miss
  10. retune needed?
  11. m6 to a4 problem
  12. Help !! Dead on vacation!!
  13. Looking for a 100mm Maf table
  14. Boost timing
  15. Have LS1 PCM but 5.3 under the hood
  16. DB Gauge reads differnt then efilive pid and cant connect to lc1 using lm programme
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  18. 2011 Camaro/Corvette support is here!
  19. Running very rich... NW Indiana tuners?
  20. Speartech?
  21. Wiring diagram for under the dash.
  22. flashing check engine light after tune?? not cool..?
  23. NEed Accel Gen7 DFI pingout for connector
  24. electric fans staying on.. pcm tune problem??
  25. Electrical Gremlins... SS won't start...
  26. 2002 Z28 check guages light when accelerating
  27. mulitple misfire ses light set an flashing but car runs fine?
  28. has anyone used the Beeprog+ device programmer
  29. tuning issues at idle on maggied LS3
  30. Need wiring diagram
  31. ECM Reflash questions.
  32. trying to decide on a wideband
  33. Trans Swap/Converter Install tuning info.
  34. de-pin PCM?
  35. ls.. specific bs3 tuners st.louis/memphis?
  36. ls with bs3?
  37. Speedometer vs. Rev Limiter PCM Tuning
  38. Engine Knock with 93 Octane??
  39. Tune or mechanical problem ???
  40. "hc value" Help
  41. Looking for a tuner
  42. Got a free Vericom, is it decent or junk?
  43. Developed a miss and lean Bank 2, HELP!
  44. Car randomly dies like the pcm is losing power
  45. Is there a way to test the IAC?
  46. PLEASE point me in the right direction.
  47. Need help identifying
  48. ls1 missfire
  49. TPS sensor gone bad..
  50. intake backfire
  51. Quick question over tune and LSA
  52. 5.3 wire harness to 3.8 harness
  53. Gen3 to Gen4 knock sensors?
  54. I have an old LS1 Edit cable throw it away?
  55. Stripping PCM/Body Harness of unneeded wires. Pros please check out and advise. TYIA!
  56. Any good tuners in New York area?
  57. Any good tuner in west Tn area
  58. ECM/Wiring issue
  59. Hesitation
  60. from ls6 to ls2 " knock sensors"
  61. Do I need the cd in the laptop to use HPT?
  62. L92 early rev limit, trouble with VSS....
  63. Formato's Florida Tuning Schedule for July:
  64. Rich on both banks after tune.
  65. For WOT AFR : VE or MAF?
  66. Dying alternator? What are the symptoms?
  67. A/C problem - PCM related
  68. Can i ''tune out'' the knock sensors??
  69. BEYOND DESPARATE! No O2 signal after starting! Does work before starting!
  70. Wideband single senor... best placement??
  71. LS1 running rich on bank 1
  72. 2000 z28 random miss
  73. sputting under light load with lean spikes
  74. Best o2 sensors for ls1? (lts+ory)
  75. Storm . . . HELP
  76. o2 sensor switch and test.
  77. help with going to a 99 pcm in a 98 car
  78. How to deal with Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response?
  79. Hypertech Power Programmer Tuning on 98
  80. anyone use accel dfi gen 7
  81. ac surge and then die issue
  82. Speed density tunes and sensors
  83. Single Turbo Ls1---- Change of Plans...Motor is coming out:|
  84. Need replacement for LC-1, what options do I have? AEM, Fast?>>
  85. Megasquirt + 36-1 Wheel + Truck Coils = What is needed?
  86. Best Tunner in Michigan
  87. Best tuner for the money
  88. ls3 cranks but no start when hot in f-body
  89. need a trans tuned in chicago. any help would be great.
  90. Knock... maybe?
  91. please hlep car shuts of when launched at the track
  92. Mass air system VS speed density
  93. Car ran without a key ????? HELP!
  94. P1637 with rough runnning..
  95. New motor - bogs terribly off idle, undriveable
  96. Air Fuel Ratio with RPMs
  97. Anyone know what the abs sends to the pcm for spark retard siganl?
  98. Online Log Book
  99. Feedback on Hypertech programmer 3
  100. HPT or EFI Live phone contact.
  101. Connecting an LC-1 to HPTuners MPVI
  102. How many HP Tuners Credits to tune 2008 Grand Prix GXP, and where to buy?
  103. Map sensor relocation kit ?
  104. Lm7 running on ls1 stock tune?
  105. Someone help me out please
  106. Has anyone used a Predator to adjust an hp tuner dyno tune?
  107. Ls1 tuners around philly who's good!
  108. Experienced tuners, need opinions & help
  109. lost tach signal
  110. Quick Maf and tune question?
  111. Will at DBW harness work with a DBC TB?
  112. Help with shock sensor removal
  113. Bolt-on Car tune E.T.
  114. Why Does B2S1 Fluctuate Weird At Idle? Scan Attached.
  115. Tunner question. I want to deside. Diablo,LS1Edit,HPTunner
  116. Taking a tune from a 2002 LS1 and transfering it to a 2000 LS1
  117. new head/cam tune help!
  118. Poll: P0343, What fixed it for you?
  119. Question on 00 & 01 PCM
  120. Numbers are awfully low after tune...what's the deal??
  121. Help getting my car started
  122. tuners in NORcal?
  123. Tune it yourself?
  124. Twin Turbo getting a retune. Look at my current Dyno graph!
  125. ABS INOP, Brake Light, Service Vehicle Lights
  126. p0307 after doing mopar combustion chamber cleaner
  127. Weird wiring issue.
  128. Need help!
  129. No spark after moving maf
  130. How do you tune for a manual 4l80e?
  131. Knock sensors
  132. Need HP Base Tune for T-Rex cam
  133. Ses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  134. open loop with short term trims enabled ?
  135. New tune, some issues I'm having
  136. inaccurate fuel gauge or someone is stealing my gas? ha
  137. Bank 1 is lean! Help please
  138. need help, security code...
  139. Is lean cruise possible for an LS2 GTO?
  140. wont pass inspection
  141. Running siemens 80s in your car..check in ,tips ,etc
  142. Scan Tool Question - Controlling Emissions - P403
  143. no start
  144. DTC 33 Problem
  145. dynotune pricing.... how's this sound to u guys?
  146. PCM out of a 02 s10
  147. Tuning question? Speed density problems
  148. LS1 TPS Sensor Specs
  149. Running way to rich!
  150. gto gauges
  151. Tunercat error message
  152. My car cuts out at 85 MPH!!
  153. vats questions, searched and searched....
  154. Can anyone recommend a stand-alone harness for 12586243
  155. Need help with Timing Tuner "HP in a box"
  156. EFI Live upgrade?
  157. OBD II not working
  158. Need DFW Tuner
  159. My car is a gas guzzler
  160. Help needed for 383 supercharged LT1
  161. Antilag using hptuners
  162. Looking for Cos5/Efi Live
  163. My car has 3 Codes.... What do I need to check ?
  164. What sensors do SD tunes remove?
  165. Do i need a tune? help!
  166. Voltage issue
  167. Need Tune In Southwest Kansas
  168. HELP:::what is the best way to do this swap
  169. Valet Tune??? Prevent strangers from joyriding my car.
  170. Please help electrical issue
  171. How accurate can a mail order tune get A/F raito
  172. fast system on a camaro
  173. Need start-up tune
  174. Somebody with Efilive, please help
  175. Traction Control
  176. Help identifying o2 locations
  177. Noticed a little idle problem and found some dtc
  178. 02 zo6 timing tables in a stock truck on 93 octane?
  179. Looking for input what Tuning software to buy
  180. BS3 Help
  181. a few questions about a mailorder tune
  182. Idle VE tuning seems to be wrong....
  183. LSx Distributor
  184. Desperately need help-No Interior Gauges
  185. Help! Intermitent no start
  186. L92 error codes????
  187. PRC 5.3 Ls1 set up's timing?
  188. Normal KR?
  189. 98 pcm.... searched and searched
  190. IAC Delete???
  191. Strange issue - bad PCM or reluctor wheel?
  192. help with tach hookup
  193. Cold Startup Tuning
  194. Shift Tuning question
  195. Stock 26s to Stock 28s, need help
  196. HP tuners Tuning help
  197. Help diagnosing a truck
  198. E38 Pinout for OBD II Port
  199. Need a tuner In the northwest suburbs illinois
  200. pcm hookup question
  201. p430 and p420 and check engine light on
  202. SCHEDULING: CSP's $200-250 GRAND OPENING Dyno Tune Special! June 7-20th!
  203. Why NOT to do mail order tunes - 66 rwhp gain inside!
  204. Knoxk sensor readings..... problem
  205. Base Running Air Tuning Help
  206. complete newbie
  207. How to check if coils are firing?
  208. Easiest-to-tune injector type in the 60# range?
  209. Walker Dyno tune in Trussvile AL (phone#)
  210. Reset PCM after O2 sensors install?
  211. Injectors going up in DTC when wet N20 kit comes on??
  212. Code PO343 hard starting cam sensor fix LS1 LS6
  213. need someone in Fort Worth area tune my car
  214. hard start
  215. Where can I get these??
  216. Idle issues, cant do the idle lol
  217. Setting Idle on a LS1
  218. Car only runs for 3 seconds- LT1
  219. EGR settings in Tunercat w/ LT1
  220. New motor in - Problems
  221. Weird KR issue....
  222. How much of a change in the tune?
  223. Question going from ls6 intake to vic jr and 90mm tb.
  224. SEs light wont come on? what are possible causes?
  225. 1999 vs 2001+ ECU
  226. need help!!!
  227. Avalanche speed limiter?!
  228. My wires broke from connector.
  229. how much timing on 93 octane fuel?
  230. How Much Timing At What PSI Are You Running?
  231. Holley hp and dominator efi ecu for LSX
  232. Any Megasquirt 3 info out there?
  233. predator erased my custom tune?
  234. EFI deleting codes.
  235. fuel trims on stock 2002z28
  236. Speedo reads 50mph with truck OFF!
  237. quick ? about HPTuners
  238. Stupid po327
  239. shift points
  240. Pcm lost connection while reprogramming..
  241. New guy help with shift points
  242. Anyone have the injector flow vs map kpa table for 83# injectors.
  243. Warning lights in dash???
  244. DBW throttle quits after flooring it
  245. Plugs after running at the track
  246. Where is the wire to go to the temp gauge from the PCM?
  247. M6 to T400 tune?
  248. modified stock timing table
  249. Speedo and Odo not registering Miles
  250. Ls1 speed densiety tunes?