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  1. 02 zo6 timing tables in a stock truck on 93 octane?
  2. Looking for input what Tuning software to buy
  3. BS3 Help
  4. a few questions about a mailorder tune
  5. Idle VE tuning seems to be wrong....
  6. LSx Distributor
  7. Desperately need help-No Interior Gauges
  8. Help! Intermitent no start
  9. L92 error codes????
  10. PRC 5.3 Ls1 set up's timing?
  11. Normal KR?
  12. 98 pcm.... searched and searched
  13. IAC Delete???
  14. Strange issue - bad PCM or reluctor wheel?
  15. help with tach hookup
  16. Cold Startup Tuning
  17. Shift Tuning question
  18. Stock 26s to Stock 28s, need help
  19. HP tuners Tuning help
  20. Help diagnosing a truck
  21. E38 Pinout for OBD II Port
  22. Need a tuner In the northwest suburbs illinois
  23. pcm hookup question
  24. p430 and p420 and check engine light on
  25. SCHEDULING: CSP's $200-250 GRAND OPENING Dyno Tune Special! June 7-20th!
  26. Why NOT to do mail order tunes - 66 rwhp gain inside!
  27. Knoxk sensor readings..... problem
  28. Base Running Air Tuning Help
  29. complete newbie
  30. How to check if coils are firing?
  31. Easiest-to-tune injector type in the 60# range?
  32. Walker Dyno tune in Trussvile AL (phone#)
  33. Reset PCM after O2 sensors install?
  34. Injectors going up in DTC when wet N20 kit comes on??
  35. Code PO343 hard starting cam sensor fix LS1 LS6
  36. need someone in Fort Worth area tune my car
  37. hard start
  38. Where can I get these??
  39. Idle issues, cant do the idle lol
  40. Setting Idle on a LS1
  41. Car only runs for 3 seconds- LT1
  42. EGR settings in Tunercat w/ LT1
  43. New motor in - Problems
  44. Weird KR issue....
  45. How much of a change in the tune?
  46. Question going from ls6 intake to vic jr and 90mm tb.
  47. SEs light wont come on? what are possible causes?
  48. 1999 vs 2001+ ECU
  49. need help!!!
  50. Avalanche speed limiter?!
  51. My wires broke from connector.
  52. how much timing on 93 octane fuel?
  53. How Much Timing At What PSI Are You Running?
  54. Holley hp and dominator efi ecu for LSX
  55. Any Megasquirt 3 info out there?
  56. predator erased my custom tune?
  57. EFI deleting codes.
  58. fuel trims on stock 2002z28
  59. Speedo reads 50mph with truck OFF!
  60. quick ? about HPTuners
  61. Stupid po327
  62. shift points
  63. Pcm lost connection while reprogramming..
  64. New guy help with shift points
  65. Anyone have the injector flow vs map kpa table for 83# injectors.
  66. Warning lights in dash???
  67. DBW throttle quits after flooring it
  68. Plugs after running at the track
  69. Where is the wire to go to the temp gauge from the PCM?
  70. M6 to T400 tune?
  71. modified stock timing table
  72. Speedo and Odo not registering Miles
  73. Ls1 speed densiety tunes?
  74. Can I start it before I get it tuned?
  75. problems with motor running right
  76. How to Check a Crank Position Sensor?
  77. sputtering and temp gauge goes nuts
  78. Whats a good wideband to use with HP tuners?
  79. LS2 PCM - Controlling Fans Issue
  80. Rear 02's still throwing an SES after tune.
  81. AC With a cam
  82. t56 pcm controlling 4L60e? Please read!!!
  83. Breaking up at 5k rpm
  84. Car starts then dies...
  85. buddy got his car tuned at new era performance
  86. This sounds like a MAJOR problem....
  87. LTFT Bank 2 showing lean Help
  88. Tuning in South Florida
  89. What can you tell me from these pics
  90. H/C tuning cold idle?
  91. What is the PNP switch signal?
  92. LM1 Wideband voltage problem with hptuners
  93. Do you need O2's? 2 bar SD
  94. Check out my log file, am I shifting?
  95. obd1 vs obd2
  96. Spark rev limitier?
  97. LC-1 wideband
  98. Using factory tune from different car
  99. Pulling timing bad!! Need some insight!!
  100. What is the HP tuners parameter for Speedometer PPM setting?
  101. How to properly tune for Misfire detection
  102. Switching from 99 F-bod PCM to Truck's
  103. Anyone have voltage table for MAP?
  104. Anyone lean out inj flow table to suit pressure?
  105. IAT heat soak make idle lean? HP Tuners
  106. Attention k-mart shoppers
  107. 2 BAR SD Timing Table...
  108. What are the symtoms of a broken ground wire??
  109. BS3 Datalogger
  110. 2000rpm idle.... sometimes
  111. tuneing ?
  112. cam only timing
  113. pcm
  114. Need Tuner In So. Calif.
  115. Can Diablo Predator fix my idle issue?
  116. code reader!
  117. idle issue after tune please help
  118. missing .5* of timing from commanded at WOT
  119. NEW 383 tune question HELP
  120. what timing to run in my 6010 msd box for startup
  121. Help me tune my car!
  122. pcm
  123. EFI Live OS swap?
  124. ignition timing
  125. Need LT1 OBD1 A4 Shift help please. Datamaster file
  126. non lsx car fuel pressure help/question
  127. I need a 98 PCM
  128. LC-1 or LM-1.....which is preferred?
  129. I have been told I can get my HP Tuners to read my wideband????
  130. Old LS1Edit .. Tuner can't get into my PCM?!
  131. Which stock GM vehicles use 42# Delphi injectors @ 59 PSI?
  132. po102 again...
  133. Magnacharged ctsv---knock sensor issues
  134. ? on 5.3 harness w/ls1 ecu
  135. Need help with a pcm swap 98 to 99+
  136. Idle issue after Fast & L/T install....WHERE TO ADJ.???
  137. 3 Bar SD Tune... leaning out when hot. Help.
  138. WOW! just installed my diablosport tune.
  139. 2 Step with Hp Tuners
  140. EFI Alchemy in FLA?
  141. Gonna dyno, what a/f / spark combos to try?
  142. HELP! LS1 GTO idle w/MS3
  143. p0420 please help, quick question.
  144. Tuneing on open down pipe
  145. Hitting rev limiter on 1-2 shift ???
  146. Anyone use a Gen II Scan Gauge?
  147. testing coil packs with a DVOM
  148. tuning for gears need help
  149. Tuning process/advice
  150. Do I need a new PCM? or is this fixable
  151. thrown codes
  152. Looking for simple datalogger/code reader/dashboard
  153. Logging 2 bar MAP in HPtuner only hits 105kpa
  154. Manual to Auto (I know)
  155. o2 sims
  156. How does the PCM control A/C?
  157. Weird computer question
  158. 93 z28 has speed limiter
  159. p102 help
  160. how can I tell if my car has an hp tuner?
  161. Help! New laptop and wont read AFR through AC
  162. HP Tuner Credit Question
  163. is this at all posible???? skip shift came BACK!!!??
  164. Corvettes of Westchester
  165. All out performance Springfield MO
  166. HP Tuners 2.22 and 2.23beta on the same computer, How?
  167. ABS INOP Light
  168. DLC & MIL wiring questions
  169. Cold Start Problem
  170. HP Tuners logging through AC wire? how?
  171. Running cool, is this a problem
  172. Pressure sensing spark plugs
  173. HP tuner. unable to open file?
  174. 98 Z28 question
  175. Need help with speedometer recalibration
  176. LT1 with classic fast questions
  177. E-Mail order tuning?
  178. Need HELP!!!
  179. just wondering
  180. Autometer tach issue.
  181. base tune help
  182. Need some tuning advice-Vinci owners help..
  183. Underload backfire/misfire/not sure "log info" included
  184. Formato Fasterproms Tuning and Porting Gettysburg June 20th thru the 27th
  185. 08 ls3 vette chassis
  186. quick HPTuners question
  187. Throttle Cracker without VSS input?
  188. Just got Frosted but hitting rev limiter.
  189. dyno results are in.. not what i expected
  190. Electrical Q
  191. How to reset/relearn TPS?????
  192. could stock timing still be to much?
  193. HP Tuners; SD Tune; Illinois emissions
  194. Low RPM stumble...driving me nuts!
  195. TPS Flicker
  196. Hypertech or Custom Tune?
  197. shift light
  198. Need help! My car won't start
  199. Speed lab dyno testing Spring Grove, IL
  200. Runing Way Rich...all the damn time.
  201. West Chester, PA: Complete Street Grand Opening - $200-$250 Dyno Tune Special!
  202. Bad Problem!
  203. Odd electrical issue need thoughts
  204. Weird ETC WOT log
  205. Bank 2 Sen. 1 on drivers side???
  206. Refrase--> Dash/gauge cluster issues
  207. Frost's dual chip/tune mod for the ECU
  208. TAC/PCM/LS3 TB confusion?!?!?!?!
  209. Converting to a 1 wire O2?
  210. Ignoring O2 Sensors
  211. What are you shooting for with YOUR AFR's ?
  212. Rough idle then dies
  213. PCM swap ?
  214. Help! Need HpTuners file for 4L80E swap!
  215. Knock sensors
  216. Passenger Side Coil Packs are all out.. What to check?
  217. New L92 runs but backfires?!! why?
  218. how to enter speed density mode with 5 Wire MAF
  219. how to change fuel curve and injector size with a predator
  220. HELP: Have check engine light on in 2 LSX vehicles
  221. LS1 upgraded - programmed? how?
  222. programmer/flash tool question
  223. Truck PCM providing shift light capabilities?
  224. AFR ratio gauge question
  225. riddle me this?
  226. LS2 Vats ?
  227. Electric fan comes on too early
  228. Anything wrong with this data?
  229. Idiot light question
  230. P0410.. Help.!!
  231. Are miles stored in the PCM or in the gauge Cluster?
  232. starts and then stalls
  233. Need help with DTC readiness checks
  234. Help LC9 runs for 2 sec. then shuts off
  235. Finished Rebuild - Fuel Pump won't turn on, Power at Ground Pins
  236. P2761, burned boot, and misfire underload at RPM
  237. o2 sensor stuck at 447mv
  238. lt1 pcm hates me
  239. About to attempt the 98 to 99+ PCM swap. HELP
  240. bs3 nerd question riohms and ECM VALID
  241. Feedback On Data Logs
  242. Early Rev Limiter in 1st and 2nd Gear??
  243. hptuners need COS info
  244. cam with no tune.....
  245. What Are The Limits of the Stock PCM?
  246. Trying to Reset my PCM I guess?
  247. TPS voltage way to high at idle...Please help ASAP.
  248. need help, car dies...
  249. wire harness that goes across the radiator
  250. '03 lq4 pcm