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  1. tps and slp MAF problem
  2. p0134??????
  3. I need somebody to look at my Data Log. Problems with new trans and new stall.
  4. Speedometer quit working
  5. Service Soon....? i have to smog and dont know what to do????
  6. another 98 to 99 pcm harness swap question
  7. Is this tuning or a mechanical issue?
  8. Diablo Tune (this is gonna sound crazy)
  9. Alternate hardware for tuning software
  10. Tach is not working.
  11. NTK and stand alone gauges
  12. JET experts in here
  13. newb question...Please help
  14. I have a "reverse" question...............
  15. Question about MPVI Pro interface
  16. ASA reflash
  17. Better hot start? Startup friction airflow correction
  18. P0171 and P0174 Codes intermittantly
  19. another problem with new tune
  20. Tuning question, please help..
  21. Question for the experienced
  22. JET performance control module question
  23. hp tuner and wide band help
  24. Girlfriends 95 3.4 V6
  25. LTx tunning in DFW
  26. How to have multiple tunes
  27. changed gear ratio..
  28. Strange Random Misfire Issue [Did Search]
  29. Need pcm reflash to cancel egr air and 2ndary codes
  30. 4.11's and 4l60e wot shift speed tables
  31. what side O2 sensor?
  32. Can FRA cause a P0171 & P0174 ?
  33. strange diablo predator question
  34. o2 sensor switching from 30 to 900 millivolts
  35. Wanting tune on 07 vette
  36. all Gen. III/IV PCM's the same?
  37. OL vs CL with the MAF and LT's
  38. P1133
  39. 2 PCMs, one for 110 one for 93???
  40. PO 1133 Code
  41. LS1 stalling
  42. re-tune
  43. need some help
  44. MS2 And MAP?
  45. Head/cam install, where to start baseline?
  46. OLSD and CLSD
  47. mail order tune worth it?
  48. what sensors can i get rid of?
  49. HP Tuner in LA/Pasadena, CA?
  50. GM Tech 2
  51. Big Stuff 3 Issues... Help
  52. Heard of Black Bear Performance Tune?
  53. big problem after removing t56/installing T101
  54. Weird problem, need some insight please.
  55. Need a Tune!
  56. tcc/brake switch where to ?
  57. wideband dataloging help
  58. quick vats question
  59. LS2 with LS1 knock sensors
  60. Tach signal wire off PCM?
  61. need a tune
  62. misfire problem
  63. what is best 02 sensors ?
  64. Car shifts late ???
  65. Autotap Upgrade to Scan AND Tune????
  66. how do i get the drivers for hptuners?
  67. re-tune for diff. motor
  68. help on learning hp tuner
  69. no speedo or temp gauge
  70. LC1 Setup, please double check wiring...
  71. Have engine code, but no power at connector
  72. WTB: Predator for 06 Grand Prix GXP
  73. Diablo Sport Question
  74. Need a tuner. I'm in Kansas
  75. A few tuning questions with some newbi venting
  76. Predator
  77. Tuning 98
  78. OPTI Decoder
  79. need a tune Missouri
  80. problem possibly something to do with p1626
  81. 4l60e tables
  82. How does HPTuners calculate input shaft speed w/2002 4L60E?
  83. idle problem 02 camaro
  84. cutting out above 70% TPS
  85. P1635 and P1639
  86. New converter, bad idle
  87. Do i need a retune?
  88. Replacing LS1 with 5.3
  89. Looking for a good tuner
  90. car tuned with efi can I tune again with HP?
  91. SLP Diablosport Tuner need info
  92. Changing gears, need tune for my 93?
  93. Tuning for emissions..please help!!!!
  94. best tuner in missouri???
  95. Open Loop SD initial startup issue
  96. Random/Multiple missfire, Need Help!!
  97. insufficiant wire to power coils
  98. SES light doesn't always come on before start
  99. What table does the trans shift off of? WOT RPM or MPH
  100. ECM cooling fan pin current limit ?
  101. gen III to IV tune?
  102. 2002 engine & harness into 98 T/A
  103. Tuning/shift points question?
  104. Help with 99-02 cluster in 98 car please!
  105. Should I stay away from this place?
  106. speedometer question
  107. sct hand held
  108. Where to place MAF???LOOK!!!!
  109. Car wont run with maf freq correct
  110. Intermittent Fuel Pump Signal
  111. Question about emission problems im having...
  112. Codes P0174 & P0300, car got very low on gas
  113. diablosport with NO2
  114. Predator help?
  115. help please
  116. tuning program on a mac
  117. Front o2 Sensor Problems!!!!
  118. How can i get V 2.2?
  119. idle keeps relearning
  120. maf vs sd tune????
  121. May be a dumb question -- EFI Live vs. LS1Edit
  122. P0106, p0121, p0336
  123. Mail-Order Dyno Tune
  124. Scanner help
  125. hand help programer
  126. Tuning foe bracket racing consistency
  127. Do I need a tune for 92/92 manifold/tb?
  128. Diablo tuning question.
  129. Idling High
  130. Just started running rich
  131. Hypertech 3?
  132. New cam profile/New tune needed?
  133. Theft code with security light on my own car?
  134. car shakes at idle?
  135. Excessive backfire problem
  136. timing issue
  137. Who here self tunes
  138. A couple simple tuning questions...
  139. programming ecm for ls conversion
  140. does the car have to get retuned after head install
  141. dtc P1415 keeps setting
  142. Which code reader should I buy ?
  143. 60e to 80e
  144. Converted from 98 to 99+ PCM... EFILive Will Not Connect! Help
  145. just installed gears, need tune.
  146. Cold weather, or bad MAF?
  147. New to tuning. Should I risk it?
  148. just bought z28 with hp tuners. will not read from car????
  149. Possible for diagnostic port to go bad?
  150. Dtc p0300
  151. How much can I expect to gain from tune?
  152. few questions (MAF, scangauge(misfire setting), idle)
  153. New Tune, Used Car
  154. Predator - Locked or Unlocked???
  155. Is the abs and cruise control module linked?
  156. sensor codes..
  157. What are the pro's and con's of an sd tune on a boosted Ls1??
  158. Problem with rising idle.
  159. just got my efi live. you all want to check me tune?
  160. How far can the stock ecu bend w mods?
  161. Where to mount wideband o2 sensor?
  162. help please
  163. Aem uego gauge to log comparison, step inside
  164. pcm 16263494 ALDL wiring
  165. Larger throttle body/intake opening effects?
  166. ENG SEN fuse !!
  167. Need Tunning Help In CT
  168. 'service engine' ight ?
  169. Can you wire ASR to always on???
  170. Ok I just put my ram mount togthere but where did you mount it?
  171. Idle tune question.
  172. TPI Cam tuning questions
  173. C6 Z06 pcm with LS2 (58x) and camaro wire harness?
  174. Need Some Help
  175. just got my HP tuners... any advice before i start?
  176. Tp % is off ???
  177. new motor wont start please help!!!
  178. 5.3 Avalanche chip/tuning device for better mileage/performance
  179. what cable??
  180. PCM / tune & dealer-warrany strategy
  181. Porta-wideband......
  182. Question about trying a bin
  183. is a BMW or VW or Audi Dealer able to tune out error codes?
  184. Random missfire! How do i fix??
  185. what wideband should I use and lc1 or something different?
  186. Has this EVER happend before????HELP
  187. little help with my tune
  188. wideband guage?
  189. Cam only untuned Question
  190. Who to send PCM to for trouble shooting?
  191. Safe to drive?
  192. who offers a simple code reading program to use on a lap top for ls1s?
  193. question about tuning and a 111+2 cam
  194. Strange issues with my tuning program files
  195. Input needed, 02 sensor issues
  196. Able to switch between HPTuners and EFI Live on tune without issue?
  197. wrong voltage to crank sensor - MAF - MAP etc...
  198. are all 4l60e's the same??
  199. No Tach after motor swap
  200. Question about throttle lag at WOT...
  201. At the end of my rope?
  202. P0107
  203. Gaskets and PO1133 and PO1153
  204. misfire, long term fuel counts?!?! diablo tuner
  205. Tuning a TSP 228 cam in 99 transam
  206. copying an 02 tune to a 98??
  207. Lean cruise on a 2000?
  208. Altitude Change, Do I need to retune?
  209. dfi or xfi worth it for me?
  210. Will hooking up O2 sensors incorrectly hurt my PCM?
  211. Factory PCM 3-bar SD ... Keep it or replace it?
  212. The Tuning School?
  213. Autotap?
  214. Tuner Locked my PCM!
  215. 99-02 fbody pcm pinout vs 99-02 truck pinout
  216. Simple dumb question lol
  217. Which wire is the tach wire? 2000 LS-1
  218. tuning school in south florida?
  219. anyone using msd 6ls box
  220. Code 336, new engine, advanced diagnostics, etc.
  221. How much heat can the stock computer handle without frying?
  222. NGK Powerdex AFR Display
  223. Can anyone tell by my data log if I would benefit from a dyno tune?
  224. Computer tune; DBW or cable throttle body?
  225. Gauges Don't Work
  226. car will not turn over with key
  227. need some help with idle issues on my new dyno tune.
  228. PCM Tuner for a 98 WS6 T/A
  229. help, what do i need when buying a used efi live
  230. Best place to buy HP Tuners besides HP Tuners?
  231. nexus wideband to hp tuners
  232. Cold air tuning
  233. How to disable "TCS OFF" light?
  234. Cold start idle rpm for cammed A4
  235. Question on loading a tune...
  236. Need help with my tune
  237. Need info on running a F.A.S.T XFI/EFI system...
  238. Mail-in custom tune service
  239. Weird OBD and Smog problems
  240. Idle tuning for smog sniffer test
  241. Has anyone used for programming or wiring modifications?
  242. U7198 Predator Tuning question
  243. Timing question
  244. Wide Band Question
  245. pcm question
  246. Problems getting wide to work
  247. idling high and dieing
  248. monitoring 02 sensors with hp tuners....
  249. can i use my diablo tuner on a tuned car?
  250. Spark plug tuning question