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  1. Best, cheapest mail order tune?
  2. Olfa afr
  3. Would a good tune benefit a close to stock daily driver?
  4. flashing ses after motor swap
  5. Retune for 42# injectors?
  6. Looking for a tuner in or Near Austin TX
  7. LT1 tuner
  8. Will a tune make a huge difference?
  9. computer...need tech help?
  10. o2 sensor - wideband question
  11. Speedometer not working
  12. part # for 3bar
  13. 30# Fuel Injector Values
  14. 1 Bar MAP,2 Bar MAP,3 Bar MAP
  15. O2 sensor wiring
  16. Does this sound like my tune is off?
  17. Where is the best place to weld the bung for a wideband? For LT1
  18. Question about this tuner
  19. What are LTFT's?
  20. 2009 GXP HP tuners question?
  21. Tuner Cat Question
  22. TCS light off ?
  23. Tuner for multiple tunes on the fly?
  24. torquer 2 cam tuning
  25. problems running
  26. Magden performance computer
  27. Lean Bank CEL P0174 on '97 C5... HELP!
  28. Engine/PCM swap, no VIN, how to program?
  29. Sensitivity knock sensor
  30. Guys with happy with how your car runs, the tune,etc?
  31. To check out your tune or tune file (bin), do you need tunign software?
  32. Tunercat Stall Wall Fix
  33. Missfire breaks up around 5k rpm, p0358
  34. high idle
  35. Tune question???
  36. Any tuners in Central New York?
  37. IFR table for red 30# Bosch gen 3 injectors
  38. P0155 Help?
  39. Shift LIght
  40. MAF Change Question
  41. Could a low windshield washer fluid reservoir make the low fluid light come on?
  42. Generator Warning light
  43. LS6 to LS2 throttle body
  44. truck LS tuning ?
  45. When is it necessary to reset fuel trims?
  46. No spark and car won't start, no power in fuse box.
  47. NHRA Stock / Super Stock - Which Tuner?
  48. Is the AEM wideband any good?
  49. LS1 and LT1 FBody A4 shift tables the same?
  50. Low Oil Light?
  51. PCM tuned, still seeing misfires...
  52. Will this void my cat warranty replacement?
  53. SES Code Help
  54. Innovate Wideband Gauges/Controllers On Sale!!!
  55. Found 4 inch 3.5 tube on ebay right size to replace maf for SD
  56. EFI Live or HP Tuners
  57. Anyone been tuned by..
  58. Question on tuning
  59. 2 P0102 codes help please
  60. PCM for manual?
  61. P1153 I searched....
  62. Guy's with carb/MSD setup, what kind of timing?
  63. How do I lower my WOT Air/Fuel ratio in tunercats obd1?
  64. Best big cube SD tuner?
  65. Reading 10:1 AFR on the dyno, please help. Have tune, scan, printouts
  66. is my engine vacuum in line?
  67. Do any of the standalones let me run obd2 diagnostics thru the daignostic port ?
  68. New Moderator
  69. UD pulley effect?
  70. what table to adjust to stop idle hang EFI Live
  71. Ltb2 -100 ??
  72. Reduced power / traction control
  73. Cranks With no Fire
  74. Open Loop Question
  75. Got a diablosport tuner, doesnt fit.
  76. Siemens 60# numbers...
  77. Do I need a tune other than speedo after S60 (4:11) rearend install?
  78. HyperTech Max Energy Programmer
  79. A/F Gauge Connection...Need Help
  80. sd tune question
  81. Where in San Diego to get a good tune??
  82. Wiring Diagram
  83. deleting the o2 sensors
  84. Help with p0133,p0135,p0300
  85. Hot start problem finally fixed after a year EFI Live
  86. Big power/stock ECU users inside
  87. dash-hawk users, some questions..
  88. i believe i may have a MAF(or MAP)\airflow problem. can someone please help me?
  89. Computer compatibility
  90. having issues...
  91. Which stock tables to use going to 28lb injectors
  92. Tuning question
  93. Speedometer calibration ????
  94. Question for the Diablosport guys
  95. DiabloSport Hand-Held Tuner Question
  96. looking for a pic/file of a timing table
  97. Tach is Still Off After Swap, What do i need to do ?
  98. need some help tuning ve table (raise or lower)
  99. Flashing SES light(Misfire)...Disable?
  100. what can i do with this software? is it full tuning software?
  101. Hptuners help! A4 to t56 tune
  102. How does one completely delete the knock sensors in EFILive?
  103. Predator STS tuning needed
  104. computer
  105. TCI or PCS tranny controller
  106. Megasquirt Setup
  107. Locations for for car tuning?
  108. Is there any way to correct for a descreened MAF?
  109. Got my HPtuners to scan, but not write... help?
  110. Truck won't go WOT after 80E swap
  111. ls6 tuning
  112. Am I correct on my tuning order?
  113. 1st gear very very short. Is something wrong ?
  114. Autometer WB sensor part #?
  115. converter locking in 2nd & 3rd @ WOT...HPTuners
  116. My car is running super rich! help needed
  117. bbc using ls1 pcm and harness..possible
  118. Audible ping but nothing on scanner
  119. Initial Scan Take a look
  120. EFI Live TCC Help
  121. 02??
  122. drive on untuned?
  123. Temp gauge what circut where to tap in?
  124. Idle routines not kicking in everytime. HELP!!!
  125. PCM/tuning help - big mix of stock parts
  126. Weird issues after injector swap/tune
  127. past threads on big cam tuning. please help.
  128. Megasquirt features
  129. Options when DTC P0601 (and/or) Crank Position Sensor
  130. car will turn over but will not start!!!
  131. Narrow band af guage
  132. Engine Temp Whats Normal?
  133. Engine running lean
  134. NO2 Backfire
  135. car key locked out
  136. Starter Problem, please help!!!
  137. Help asap
  138. perks of 6ls and stock computer together?
  139. Crank Position Sensor Damage
  140. Older F.A.S.T. system EDist ignition delete
  141. Help after intake swap please..
  142. O2 sensor question
  143. Xfi FAst questions..
  144. It is gonna take a genius HELP!
  145. 414ci LS3 stroker...throwing a P0120 TPS code...
  146. Better to Drive with Suspected Bad MAF connected or unplugged?
  147. Stepping Down
  148. Help P0153?
  149. Questions about what to do for Upgrading with my HPT?
  150. HP Tuners VCM Suite 2.22
  151. Anyone want to help me out?
  152. Flashscan V2 or HP Tuners ?
  153. my farewell
  154. Can i use low inpadence injectors with factory PCM?
  155. o2 causing ses light
  156. HPT bin file for bolt ons car?
  157. P0101 DTC - MAF Out Of Range - Need Help Troubleshooting!
  158. Some general info about tuning from Fasterproms, basic to advanced
  159. SES light on???
  160. Check engine code???
  161. Good Tuner Shop
  162. RAFIG on 2002 Z06 (Stetting Desired Airflow table)??
  163. LS1 Edit tuned, retune with HP tuners/EFI Live???
  164. Crank Learn with HP Tuners
  165. WOT shifting...
  166. Mail Order Tune Suggestion
  167. Any one here have any knowledge with GM Kent Moore tools?
  168. how to pull out the pins on the pcm plug
  169. Dreaded P0351 & P0358
  170. Strange HPT issue w/ AFR, fuel trims -8.6 yet AFR is over 16 at idle
  171. gmpp computer
  172. Emissions Prob Help Please o2 sensor heater readiness
  173. 1998 vortec 350 timing
  174. Datalog is Weird, Any Ideas?
  175. 60lb. high-imp Injector setup
  176. Can ANYBODY figure this OUT!
  177. Will it run??
  178. Extreme noob! Help!
  179. No power at fuse box
  180. Is my PCM jacked up?
  181. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
  182. How to solve the problem
  183. Whats a good wideband for tuning a carb?
  184. need help ASAP
  185. Changing gear ratio, what needs to be done?
  186. Ok here's my problem. Do I order a handheld or not?
  187. Crank Position Sensor Question
  188. IATs in the red and fuel trim too
  189. Help on info about a Diablo Sport
  190. idle kpa 60
  191. Anyone have info on the Innovate LM-1 trade-in program
  192. O2 sensor info..
  193. 4L60E: temp vs. resistance
  194. ses light codes p0113, p1404
  195. Please help guys. Detonation
  196. wot shift rpm vs wot shift speed tables
  197. SES light on
  198. HUD DTC on 2000 TA? WTF?
  199. Efi life starting point
  200. The Tuning School
  201. scan tool prices
  202. Difference between a "tune-up" and a "tune"?
  203. mail order tune vs. dyno tune
  204. Tuning an 03 Z71 Tahoe
  205. Tuning new AFM engines for mileage
  206. Big Stuff 3 tuner
  207. P0200 Code, could use help
  208. Is there a max speed limit programed into PCM?
  209. hollowed out my cats not getting ses light wtf???
  210. Dyno tuning
  211. check engine and low oil light help!
  212. why after gettin gears is good to get the tune
  213. Placement of new style MAF sensor
  214. General Tuning/Timing Question
  215. another bad trans or electrical?
  216. Tune Help AC Idle
  217. sorry P1637
  218. Tuning trouble??
  219. ECM that uses wide band?
  220. Please help.... ASAP
  221. code P1137???
  222. weird throttle problem
  223. cord question
  224. Anybody dd t rex cam mpg?
  225. MAF elctrical output reading..........
  226. Any well know tuners near Idaho?
  227. Would replacing intake manifold cause P1153 code?
  228. need help turning off the ses light
  229. Limp mode with no MIL?
  230. Lt1 problems datamaster file attached!
  231. Mail order tuners????
  232. Anyone tuned by......
  233. Any tuners in socal (SFV or SCV)???
  234. Help with 91 silverado 6.0 swap
  235. new cam throwing misfire code
  236. 2 BAR Turbo Tuning! Help....
  237. O2 sensors on 2007 escalade?
  238. need help near havelock, NC
  239. Best mail order tunes
  240. SES light during high rpm shifts-->
  241. Msd 6010?
  242. EFILive Scan looses connection..
  243. ecm swaps
  244. Are GMPP ECU's re-mappable
  245. jet Dynamic Spectrum Tuners
  246. diablo u7193 for sale.
  247. Dyno tuner around Boise
  248. typical LTFT at idle
  249. opinions: megasquirt or stock pcm
  250. PVC Delete