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  1. Simple HPTuners software question...
  2. PCM Relocation complete with pics
  3. Ease Diagnostics OBD II Scan Tool 1996-2000 GM Vehicles
  4. wanting to go SD where do i start?
  5. LT1/Tunercats help!!!
  6. Very rich idle, lean spike when throttle is opened
  7. Siemens 60lb numbers?
  8. overdrive setting? for hptuners
  9. car will not launch and is trapping very very low????
  10. O2 DTC codes, what are all of them?
  11. what does this mean??? HELP
  12. Throwing P0341 on cold starts
  13. My exhaust "POP!"/DFCO posts, update
  14. Car will not stay running after tune
  15. Are 93-97 trans am computers the same?
  16. Popping under acceleration after bolt-ons
  17. Throwing P0300 and P0171 Codes, Help
  18. self tuning...
  19. Mass Air Flow crapped and did not throw code
  20. Using the Tech2/experiment
  21. Throwing codes: p0121 p0135 p0155
  22. Moving PCM From 1 car to another
  23. Reading an LC-1 through EGR on LS6 CTS-V PCM
  24. ABS INOP and Brake Lights
  25. Changing shifting parameters with predator...experienced opinions needed please!
  26. Switched power source for wideband
  27. shift light and logs
  28. Need info from more experienced individuals, tuning programs
  29. need help 99 camaro 4L80e tunning
  30. 98 Alternator Wire Run To PCM???
  31. Anyone extend the lc1 wb02 sensor wiring?th
  32. PCM question..need some help
  33. Another O2 sensor question!?!
  34. E85 & Emissions
  35. Chime in...pcm exprts needed
  36. Would my 2000 LS1 ECU run a 5.3 or 6.0?
  37. IAT sensor malfunction - how does this affect how my car runs?
  38. Lean and Rich.... Question Inside
  39. I have an idle problem, exhaust clip inside!
  40. What's the verdict on BS3 tach output and OBD-1 clusters?
  41. motor tune vs nitrous tune
  42. newb question regarding pe table
  43. Different Plugs/Wires mess up tune?
  44. to lean?
  45. Adding headers, required changes?
  46. hp tuners scanner help
  47. wanted: tuner in southeast Wisconsin
  48. HP tuners cooked my 1998 VCM
  49. 2000 A4 TA getting a HUD DTC?
  50. LTFT Boundaries..Any New Scientific Method to Change RPM/MAP Boundaries?
  51. Pulling timing
  52. Anybody ever lose power to the OBD2 port?
  53. Need help fixing DTC - P1626C
  54. SLP MAF? Do i need a retune?
  55. need help on how to tune spark and AFR for HPTuners
  56. Suggestions for my LT1 Formula?
  57. EFI LIVE Injector swap
  58. Running Lean, only after startup
  59. Engine feels like it is being held back.
  60. Tachometer don't work??
  61. What is a Little Black Box Plugged into the TB to the Alternator?
  62. Code P1416 & P1637 How to Fix?
  63. surging while idling and driving
  64. LC1 Gauge wiring?
  65. Brand New MPVI Pro wont connect
  66. Calibrating MAf...????(hp tuners)
  67. PCM problem help
  68. is there a way to calibrate a temp gauge?
  69. SDS (Simple Digital Systems)
  70. help hypertech broke
  71. Crank position causing no start?
  72. simple question
  73. can u tune out traction control?
  74. Can Fast classic B2B ipu-h be changed to SEFI ????
  75. Can you test cam sensor signal not running with hptuners????
  76. Best Way To Account For Fuel Pressure Drop
  77. check out my tune...need some help
  78. '98 PCM with 85mm MAF???
  79. Huge hesitation down low after MAF hooked up?
  80. close to finish now on MS4 stroker efilive..
  81. Hand Held Tuners
  82. pcmforless help?
  83. Where to Buy HPtuners?
  84. Set an SES code, what to do next to fix?
  85. Vinci or Predator
  86. HP tuners - make 2 bar show in scanner
  87. Timing Tunng
  88. Help please, PCM Questions...Newbie
  89. Trying to pull timing back(HPTuners)
  90. part throttle timing advance
  91. gauge cluster question
  92. diablo predator help
  93. Who can do a pcm exhange?
  94. LS1 Edit and USB to serial adapter
  95. SLP Predator and speed governor
  96. EFI LIVE - G8 GT operating system?
  97. 2003 ls1 ecu
  98. LTFT & STFT way off
  99. which package can change FWD/RWD parameter in 02 Vette DBW PCM (0411)?
  100. tuners in upstate new york
  101. Looking for 1998 LS1 Wiring Diagram
  102. Attention tuning pros
  103. Discuss going into closed loop on cammed car?
  104. Tuning around voltage offset?
  105. Dyno tune after headers?
  106. SES Light ?
  107. Tuning from scratch
  108. E38 PCM Layout for BDM
  109. want to experiment with an experiment, what's involved?
  110. Looking For A Good Tuner
  111. stock LT1, stock LT4 or slightly modded LT4
  112. Running Lean
  113. HP Tuners wideband logging through EGR
  114. Surging idle after LS6 intake...FIXED!
  115. Loosing spark irregularly
  116. need tuning help
  117. '00 LS1 w/o EGR/Air Pump - SES light on, need smog
  118. Old AutoTap AT1 To Work With New USB?
  119. Is this unethical?
  120. Runs terribly before warmed up.
  121. Got my hptuners today
  122. Car keeps throwing P0102 and P0103
  123. Anybody use this tuner????
  124. MAF tuning only?
  125. Thinking about buying this for my tuning/apillar
  126. whats the deal with the 98 f-bodies?
  127. idle driving me nuts feels like im always in cruise control
  128. FS: Tuning School Literature and CDs
  129. car is banging out again...ugh
  130. Need an HPTuners base map for 160lb injectors/e85/procharger
  131. thinking about getting hp tuners... whats involved with tuning
  132. shift points
  133. Efi live shift point change
  134. headerss need a tune?
  135. Ok simpler question on anyone running 120s with hptuners
  136. tuner in new mexico or texas...?
  137. Has anyone tried this chip?
  138. Simple timing question.
  139. Simple question for ou Guys.............
  140. Time to tune my baby!!!
  141. This car is driving me nuts! Help..Pig rich 3 bar!!!
  142. Wiring harness replacement connectors?
  143. P03000 after rebuild
  144. HP Tuners .bin library updates?
  145. Throwing codes and dying. KR is scary, too. log inside
  146. transmission tunning question
  147. Tuning helps
  148. car lacks power and throttle response is slow
  149. Help. Car loads up and dies.
  150. Adding greentops, how to tune?
  151. Missfire, new harness, new spark plugs
  152. going to 3 bar on hptuners right now immediate help requested
  153. Missfires in MAF mode
  154. Need help with tuning
  155. question about lockup
  156. looking for a $EE def. file...
  157. my custom tune erased- can i get it back?
  158. WTF?? My car is on crack!
  159. Throwing a code?
  160. Stalls when A/C on in gear???
  161. Check my tune over, please
  162. Car sputters and potentially misfires
  163. Do I need to change my Tune?
  164. Instrumentation Amplifiers
  165. FS: *** Unlimited HPTuners MPVI ****
  166. Which bank for wideband?
  167. tps readings
  168. WTB: cable for tuner CATS OBD1
  169. o2 sensors won't read properly???????
  170. Quick tune for some extra hp??
  171. ATTN: Ion- Madtuner
  172. no o2's??
  173. 11.5 AFR at Idle
  174. Hooking wideband up to HPT Pro
  175. stock injector voltage or ohms
  176. Wideband O2 sensor placement
  177. Datamaster Critique? BLMs
  178. DFCO fuel control?????????????????
  179. PCMS known to go bad????
  180. lc 1 placement
  181. L92 drive by cable
  182. Deleting OBDII from 2001 SS, possible?
  183. Vette LT4 tune vs Camaro LT1 tune
  184. Model Year Range For A MEFI 4 ECM In An LS1
  185. Need help changing to LS7 injectors in HP
  186. Tunning
  187. p0131 code. What needs replaced?
  188. attach Excel files?
  189. supercharged LT1 tuning help
  190. Possible False Knock
  191. No tach signal reading
  192. How to put install a new PCM
  193. aem eugo logged w/hptuner and a/c pre helpssure
  194. Car running really lean on ltft bank 2
  195. 2002 tune over my 2000 tune
  196. P0171 Code Lean Bank 1
  197. Tuning for wet nitrous question..
  198. How do I read codes off of a 95 Trans Am with D-Shaped connector?
  199. I bit to much timing HELP!!!
  200. 180% duty cycle and cant lean it out!
  201. Will a 01 pcm work in a 99?
  202. custom tune?
  203. P0200
  204. WTF 3 Trouble Codes P0135,P1626 & P1637
  205. need wiring diagram for ls1 motor
  206. bouncing off A4 limiter 02 camaro ss
  207. Boise, ID Area - Need tune
  208. PE question.
  209. Screenshots Requested
  210. What numbers SHOULD I see with a tune?
  211. alternator problem
  212. Tuner list
  213. alternator wire
  214. Can I clear these codes?
  215. Delphi 60# Injector setup...
  216. Weird Problem - Electrical I think
  217. Coil pack Removal
  218. Weird Issue, going lean at WOT(Ls1 Rx7)
  219. Do I need to Tune if i change plugs?
  220. PO1416 - Secondary Air Injection (AIR) System Bank 2
  221. ls1 timing tuner nitrous controller and blower tune
  222. How do You Know when You have a Bad MAF??
  223. Speedo Problems Again.
  224. If I purchased an EFILive FlashScan V2 (Scan Only)
  225. Best SD tuner to go with for mail order?
  226. low voltage at o2 sensors??
  227. Tune For Intake/TB Bolt On
  228. idle issue...MS3
  229. what voltage for brake input for crank sensor relearn?
  230. whats this mean?
  231. 3000 RPM Idle, will not come down
  232. Ethanol In Gas
  233. Anyone use the Dynojet Wideband 2 ?
  234. HELP Code 171
  235. connecting air/fuel gauge, ecu pin nr?
  236. LS1 Wiring harness VS 5.3 Wiring harness
  237. Uncontrollable idle with A/C
  238. New tune?
  239. won't idle, cannot rev up?
  240. Can someone give me an estimate?
  241. bad knock sensor?
  242. LC-1 install questions
  243. Engine Light Keeps Popping up...Now im worried
  244. LTFT Question
  245. (hp tuners) What does the "non-active test write" do
  246. Any Local Tuners 361 area?
  247. Something weird going on
  248. Diagnostics of an LS1 Engine in a Malibu Ski Boat
  249. what determines a missfire
  250. sponsor that sell hp tunner look in side