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  1. Model Year Range For A MEFI 4 ECM In An LS1
  2. Need help changing to LS7 injectors in HP
  3. Tunning
  4. p0131 code. What needs replaced?
  5. attach Excel files?
  6. supercharged LT1 tuning help
  7. Possible False Knock
  8. No tach signal reading
  9. How to put install a new PCM
  10. aem eugo logged w/hptuner and a/c pre helpssure
  11. Car running really lean on ltft bank 2
  12. 2002 tune over my 2000 tune
  13. P0171 Code Lean Bank 1
  14. Tuning for wet nitrous question..
  15. How do I read codes off of a 95 Trans Am with D-Shaped connector?
  16. I bit to much timing HELP!!!
  17. 180% duty cycle and cant lean it out!
  18. Will a 01 pcm work in a 99?
  19. custom tune?
  20. P0200
  21. WTF 3 Trouble Codes P0135,P1626 & P1637
  22. need wiring diagram for ls1 motor
  23. bouncing off A4 limiter 02 camaro ss
  24. Boise, ID Area - Need tune
  25. PE question.
  26. Screenshots Requested
  27. What numbers SHOULD I see with a tune?
  28. alternator problem
  29. Tuner list
  30. alternator wire
  31. Can I clear these codes?
  32. Delphi 60# Injector setup...
  33. Weird Problem - Electrical I think
  34. Coil pack Removal
  35. Weird Issue, going lean at WOT(Ls1 Rx7)
  36. Do I need to Tune if i change plugs?
  37. PO1416 - Secondary Air Injection (AIR) System Bank 2
  38. ls1 timing tuner nitrous controller and blower tune
  39. How do You Know when You have a Bad MAF??
  40. Speedo Problems Again.
  41. If I purchased an EFILive FlashScan V2 (Scan Only)
  42. Best SD tuner to go with for mail order?
  43. low voltage at o2 sensors??
  44. Tune For Intake/TB Bolt On
  45. idle issue...MS3
  46. what voltage for brake input for crank sensor relearn?
  47. whats this mean?
  48. 3000 RPM Idle, will not come down
  49. Ethanol In Gas
  50. Anyone use the Dynojet Wideband 2 ?
  51. HELP Code 171
  52. connecting air/fuel gauge, ecu pin nr?
  53. LS1 Wiring harness VS 5.3 Wiring harness
  54. Uncontrollable idle with A/C
  55. New tune?
  56. won't idle, cannot rev up?
  57. Can someone give me an estimate?
  58. bad knock sensor?
  59. LC-1 install questions
  60. Engine Light Keeps Popping up...Now im worried
  61. LTFT Question
  62. (hp tuners) What does the "non-active test write" do
  63. Any Local Tuners 361 area?
  64. Something weird going on
  65. Diagnostics of an LS1 Engine in a Malibu Ski Boat
  66. what determines a missfire
  67. sponsor that sell hp tunner look in side
  68. Programing 1996 LT1
  69. Map Bar ?
  70. Why Bad Gas Mileage?!
  71. SD or Closed Loop-MAF tune????? and why?
  72. crank learn/CASE in north jersey??
  73. Security light problem
  74. Quick LC1 ground question
  75. Need help with these codes...
  76. need help ls1 edit... converting m6 to auto
  77. tune repository for fast?
  78. Computer died before completing load of file
  79. A couple basic EFI questions
  80. quick qestion
  81. Few questions about my FlashScan V2
  82. Very easy question but Im a numpty
  83. No communication with ODBII Port
  84. Tune Required
  85. Question regarding tune?
  86. turbo sd tune?
  87. Knock Sensor
  88. tunercat datalogging question
  89. Please help me get started with HPTuners
  90. Quick Question regarding an issue with HP Tuners..
  91. help me flash the e67 ecm
  92. knock sensor pegged out after startup
  93. Bank 1 lean... Take a look at my log ( efi live )
  94. only real tuners please
  95. What wideband for HP tuners pro?
  96. high idle
  97. Air / Fuel Ratio?????
  98. Jesse (EFILive), FROST or joecar inside please
  99. Anyone Know How To Re-Program BCM
  100. WTF is wrong with my tune???????
  101. Any way to dial in stft?
  102. 60# boost tune
  103. Predator tuner O2 code deleting
  104. Controlling spark only with the LS1 PCM?
  105. what tuner to use?
  106. runs horrible in closed loop great in open LT1
  107. help with tuning a built car...
  108. Bad PCM???
  109. Whos running Vista with a new laptop? Come in. need help
  110. Wont stay running after rebuild! help me
  111. Lingenfelter 2 step issue
  112. P0200 on 408
  113. Need a tuner...???
  114. cat. overtemp
  115. Can i use my Fast Dual Wideband 02 system to run with my painless LS1 EFI harness?
  116. Race proven motorsports...
  117. what do these codes mean
  118. How can i tell what injectors my pcm is tuned for?
  119. Master EFI Tuner Book ?
  120. AFM (Active Fuel Management) on the Silverado's.
  121. Lean bank due to lifter issue?
  122. having ignition trouble
  123. FAST Flash programmer
  124. can anyone help with passing emissions!!!
  125. Converting carb setup to efi in my 68, want a crash course in what im getting into
  126. How to hook up a Tach to 98 Camaro?
  127. 1998 ECU to 1999+
  128. rear wheel speed erratic
  129. Car runs bad with new motor no power
  130. Anyone tune a Supercharged LT1 with TunerCat/Freescan?
  131. Scanmaster or Wideband????
  132. I just bought this computer for my 1998
  133. moates question
  134. possible 2 turn off the abs lite?
  135. timing question
  136. Backfire upon lifting
  137. Comp. Ratio on pump gas??
  138. HP tuners..anyone have a basemap for an LS2 cam only?
  139. HELP!!!!! P0200 Injector Circuit Malfunction
  140. Reverse Solenoid fuse keeps burning?
  141. p0122 code?
  142. GMPP Controllers and readiness codes
  143. There any shops in North Louisiana that can delete codes?
  144. startup without tune???
  145. T42 OS wrong for my setup?
  146. Codes remedy?
  147. question about tuning software
  148. Intermiten codes
  149. MAF to SD tune, using HP tuners, what do i need to change?
  150. GMPP PCm Kit narrowband O2's need wide Band
  151. dynotune question
  152. cam surge ?
  153. can the ngk afx be ran with a 2 1/16 guage?
  154. cam surge ?
  155. efilive b5910 spark ect
  156. Lt b1- lt b2
  157. where should i get my ms4 car tuned
  158. Possible tuning related backfire...please help
  159. PCM Question
  160. 98 computer swap.
  161. Anyone have a wiring schematic of the E67 and/or E38?
  162. Burst Knock and 98 pcms?...
  163. I need help
  164. Need Help - Injector slope and WOT
  165. Rough idle
  166. Rough idle
  167. hypter tech tuning- how to?
  168. Street/Dyno tune whats better?
  169. Flashing a A4 to M6
  170. LM1 tailpipe
  171. PCM part #?
  172. Multiple tunes on one PCM?
  173. Computer Fried?
  174. Motec MLS - LS1 specific ECU
  175. nate(elky498) fresno performance!! A++++
  176. timing at wot
  177. 100mm Texas Speed MAF
  178. IAT effect on afr
  179. Need Help!!!!!!
  180. idle is very rich need help tuneing
  181. absolute throttle position
  182. LT1 Edit File
  183. RPM limiter or some other way to limit power or speed?
  184. What timming should I be targeting?
  185. injector offset Vs. Battery voltage table
  186. What PID's to log for initial tuning?
  187. Tuning my own car
  188. Anybody use Autotap as a scanner?
  189. OMG, exhaust mod & VE table questioning the effect on the tune
  190. Dyno Tuning
  191. car running rich suddenly help!!!!
  192. no start after heads/cam/intake install
  193. Cool Practice Tree download.
  194. AEM WB vs. Stock NB accuracy
  195. Can any sponsor help me with this?
  196. Speed Inc Dyno Tune?
  197. Timing at max tourqe vs timing at max hp?
  198. Anybody in OK that can tune for a resonable price?
  199. Bank 1 fuel trim fluctuations
  200. Can I drive without a tune after headers & intake?
  201. Idle issue after tune
  202. my 02 z28 has no buttons on dash for
  203. [b]tune gone bad?[/b]
  204. wont run after cam install
  205. wont run
  206. How high to rev the motor
  207. need my car tuned, im around louisville, ky
  208. MAF is bouncing all over? Can someone look at the log/tune?
  209. What can cause "False Knock"?
  210. advance ground into cam..... tuning question...
  211. 05 silverado tps/map/ REP problems
  212. My gears read as 322...
  213. Speedo not working, VSS replaced, still not working
  214. Idle won't stay at Stoich
  215. Cam position ?
  216. is my trans toast? *log inside*
  217. torque management
  218. Wont pass inspection...readiness test help
  219. PCM reprogramming
  220. In IL Need Tuner Suggestions
  221. Anyone with HPTuners and a CTS-V?
  222. What is concidered the best Wide Band to be used with HP Tuners
  223. Has Anyone Been Tuned By Simpson Performance?
  224. Possible to delete MAF?
  225. HELP!! wierd problem with my car tonight.
  226. Help!!
  227. Hand-held tuner with aftermarket MAF
  228. New Injectors and the tune...
  229. question about tuning LTFTs on HPT.
  230. map conversion
  231. t56 conversion etc. w/ tunercat
  232. Innovate Wideband Sale!!!
  233. megasqeuir boot control cant keep pressure?
  234. Are canned tunes safe/recommended for daily drivers or not?
  235. Major MAF Problems in '03 Silverado SS
  236. Application key does not work help..
  237. AF Ratio on Throttle off
  238. injector slope
  239. Can i do an SD tune without a wideband?
  240. o2 sensor missfire, need new tune?
  241. how to check voltage at MAF question
  242. F/S Hypertech Power Programmer III 98 Camaro/ Firebird LS1
  243. Truck PCM in F-body
  244. Coil problem, need help!!
  245. anyone in the bay area good with hptuners
  246. wide band question
  247. Launch Control w/ HP Tuners?
  248. 2002 engine harness question
  249. Tuning For Torque Management
  250. 98 3.8 PCM reprogram to Ls1?