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  1. LT and ST fuel trims locked???
  2. How to check O2
  3. help with custom WB pid
  4. 2002 camaro pcm pin location schematic
  5. 2005 Silverado SES light
  6. hp tuning
  7. Mass air Flow sensor question
  8. smoke signals?
  9. Tuning for installing cats? Recommendations so I don't ruin the cats?
  10. diablo doesnt read key on position
  11. O2 sensors on individual short stacks
  12. Fast flash 101 needed
  13. Perfomance Chip?
  14. loud pop at idle...?
  15. How to desensitize knock sensors? HPT
  16. Speed Density tuning in South Florida
  17. sds efi?
  18. Question about mail order tune.
  19. E-bay Vats Bypass
  20. Ported Fast 92mm installed
  21. A4 computer to M6 comp.
  22. another hp tuners question
  23. No Start, security and red light flashing
  24. do i need to go sd or keep the maf?
  25. Need a tune after stall?
  26. PCM Tuning
  27. Need Help With Turbo Tune (Tune and Log Inside)
  28. Tc after wire mod
  29. Tuning Guestions???
  30. what is SPEED DENSITY good for...?
  31. Getting started with HPTuners, take a look
  32. Burst knock Retard?
  33. Tune out !AIR and rear o2s question
  34. Backfire
  35. Tuning a Supercharger with a Vinci/Crane Tuner???
  36. problem with RS232 to USB with tuner cats
  37. Bad TPS?
  38. Tune and how much HP/TQ bump?
  39. BS3 for dummies
  40. carb with stock computer
  41. which o2?
  42. big turbos
  43. MS4 cam Tune
  44. ???electrical probs--plz help???
  45. O2 sensors not connected, no SES or O2 codes
  46. Hypertech Keep or sell?
  47. Looking for a base tune to load for turbo build
  48. Codes are thrown
  49. can dealership tune my pcm to my 3.42 gear
  50. need help with cats
  51. Will this void my Cat replacement?
  52. how do you delete p0420 code with diablosport?
  53. Car stays in open loop, runs like crap if forced into closed loop
  54. flashing ses light
  55. 12 bolt= codes?
  56. Idle rpm for California smog test
  57. roadrunner question for owners
  58. Car bucking and running rich under part throttle?
  59. service engine soon light flashing...
  60. O2 Sensor extension
  61. help on 02 sensor readings..
  62. In the market for a new wideband controller - Professionals
  63. pick a wide band???
  64. please help with new engine start up
  65. is it true that it takes more than 45 min. on a dyno to get a good tune?
  66. Low coolant light??????????
  67. Treat yourself for the Holidays Porting and Tuning Special
  68. 4x4 EFI scan tool.
  69. msd dash hawk
  70. Newbie Tuning for Emissions
  71. 99 computer and a 2000' harness?
  72. LS1 Edit Compatability Issues
  73. how to tune for following mods with diablosport?
  74. Help with megasquirt
  75. GM MEFI-4 Conrtoller Tuning
  76. Factory Alarm Question
  77. Backstreet Performance Medina Ohio
  78. Hptuners expertise needed.. Datalogs inside.
  79. AIR delete or not? That is the question.
  80. what should i use to tune????
  81. looking for scanner/code reader w/....
  82. Code P0401
  83. Non LS1 question........ 95 mustang GT tuning
  84. Logging wideband
  85. PCM seems powerless
  86. P0101 Code
  87. Cobalt ss cold start
  88. hp tuners
  89. WideBand after High Flow Cats?
  90. Map not reading
  91. Getting a dynotune this weekend. What should I expect?
  92. po410 code
  93. LC-1 install question
  94. 93 tuning...
  95. My LS2 is not healthy
  96. timing advance in neutral??
  97. ECU problems
  98. can i use a 2000 ecm in a 98
  99. Mail order tunes?????
  100. hypertech 3 question
  101. egr low voltage code
  102. po300 nightmares scanned with hp tuners
  103. Does Gearing affect A/FRs?
  104. does vss have anything to do with idle?
  105. High octane table
  106. car in shop may need computer?
  107. OL vs. CL with LT's
  108. In Need of megasquirt tune
  109. Flashing A4 to M6
  110. tuning question
  111. help please
  112. LS1M question
  113. Help!!!!!P0322
  114. AFR Vs. Ethanol %
  116. IAC wiring
  117. Can I remove my rear o2 sensors?
  118. Cold Start Problem
  119. Has anyone found a way to make the digtal 7 boxes work?
  120. Diablosport predator help please!!!
  121. HP tuners used does not work?
  122. price on used hp tuner or efi live
  123. 03-05 lq4
  124. LS1 swap bogging anything other than light throttle
  125. High idle only with AC compressor comanded on / 05 Vette with APS TT
  126. 02 Sensor Codes
  127. 14point7 help
  128. System Too LEAN!! Need some advice
  129. bigstuff 3 problem
  130. possible bad MAP sensor wih no code?
  131. flashing SES, but no codes to show misfire,very RICH
  132. Best tuner in chicago area
  133. Quick HPT question
  134. aem ems anyone using
  135. New cam and ported FAST manifold which way on tune?
  136. 04- CTS-V P0300/PO500
  137. car wont crank
  138. Tuning MAF tables
  139. Tuning Help- High O2 readings
  140. Where did you learn
  141. 1990 corvette ecu problems
  142. Anyone Run Stock Eliminator or Bracket Race?
  143. DiabloSport 04 GTO Project Car
  144. replaced everything, rich, still throw heater circuit and misfire codes
  145. Please review log - Tranny slipping?
  146. Injector offset
  147. 2000 engine harness in 1998 car?
  148. Is it worth it to have a baseline dyno run?
  149. what are ltft & stft 3 & 4?? #'s very high
  150. Help learning to tune - Stock 98 TA with Incon TT kit @ 7-8psi
  151. Help! Odd goings-on in the upper rev range - no codes, nothing funny in the log...
  152. hptuner adding timing under boost
  153. E85 wibeband tuning ?
  154. I need help!! Tuning issues... Spark??
  155. got question about ignition module connector.
  156. Tuners
  157. WB o2 vs. NB o2 AFR....WTF!!
  158. Help, car wont start. Vats/security related
  159. Re-tune after major exhuast change ?
  160. Things That Make You Say....WTF BATMAN!!!!
  161. Mafless Tune!...
  162. dtc 1133 freeze frame help!!
  163. noob: flash tuning
  164. A4 tune
  165. Brake related warning lights; help?
  166. GM Techs need some help
  167. Voltage on MAP ground circuit
  168. Self Tuning Easy EFI from fast
  169. Too technical for me. Please help.
  170. Changing Auto to Manual
  171. LT1 tunercat files needed
  172. Freakin COdes
  173. A real power pid?
  174. Going to a 3 bar MAP
  175. My First Engine Tune (i'm excited)
  176. FAST flash programmer
  177. Looking for 2 bar SD HP tuners tune
  178. how to run nexus wideband into hptuner interface
  179. auto calibrations for manual?
  180. What do i need to know before I tune a 98??
  181. Setting up Sock ECU/harness as "Standalone"
  182. Cannot Pass Security Codes
  183. Need help! - Car won't shift to 3rd at WOT
  184. 60# injector tune
  185. harlan 2 step instructions
  186. Ideas/help adjusting my nitrous tune for NA
  187. Bad tr 230 tune, need to copy one.
  188. HPT tune for bolt on MS3??
  189. Theoretical Tuning question here
  190. o2 sensor Bank1 reading 1105 millivolts
  191. Changing tach output to "normal" 8cyl output in HPT
  192. Car still short shifting
  193. Idle problem!!!
  194. 2006 cts-v 2bar hp tuner help
  195. hp tuner pro
  196. lm-1 wide band smoothing the graph
  197. If Catalytic deleted...
  198. Changing to Speed Density
  199. tuner cat
  200. Need 99 Harness info
  201. P0102 MAF question
  202. oil pressure wire pinouts
  203. Elect system
  204. OBD II Question....Help
  205. Help with PO200 code
  206. Trouble Code P0106??
  207. MAF is consistently maxing out - Options?
  208. mail order tune, or something on my end.
  209. Fans staying on
  210. Scanmaster wiring
  211. Intermitent starting
  212. Does it matter
  213. Diablosport predator please help!!!!!
  214. Jeremy Formato Tuning and Porting Dec 4th and 5th in Coral Springs
  215. TPS, anyone no the
  216. problem when launching the car
  217. Need help setting shift points
  218. can someone explain how to wire my PLX wideband to HPT pro intereface?
  219. Bucking car
  220. Maf placed close to throttle body????
  221. New MAF. SES light. tune?
  222. HELP! cooling fans
  223. Retreiving VIN
  224. classic FAST with LS1 looking for converter box for crank signal
  225. PE, whats agood fuel enrichment
  226. IAC Counts
  227. coverter lockup at WOT
  228. oxygen sensor voltage?
  229. True or False: Missfires cause the converter to stay unlocked.
  230. WOT 2-3 will not shift hits limiter
  231. TPS issue???
  232. I have the following codes, can anyone help?
  233. Can someone tell me the order of color wires for MAP sensor?
  234. Help!!!! I have Seven codes!!!!
  235. Going back to stock- how do get rid of dyno tune??
  236. larger injectors?
  237. Did I ruin my MAF?
  238. Question about HP tuners
  239. my tuners OWN WAY OF TUNING
  240. '96/'00 Vortec VCM 5400 RPM Limitation...
  241. Computer probs
  242. codes P0171 P0174
  243. How- do you Tune??
  244. ABS delete codes. Here is the pin configuration
  245. Idle Issue only when moving
  246. Will this cause damage to my transmission?
  247. Cos3 to cos5
  248. are 98 ls1 the least valueable !!!!
  249. computer problems
  250. anything to tune everything