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  1. Idle issues with carb LS
  2. Pleaseee help , trying to get car running with diablosport tuner
  3. recalibrating speedometer....
  4. 240/242 with 580 lift cam, 2K WS6 stalled auto
  5. Quick question
  6. Driver side bank 1 completely lean...?
  7. Turning off code 0327 killed the car
  8. can i run nitrous with like this?
  9. Calibrating Speedo
  10. 12.1 compression for a dd
  11. gm controller
  12. help car still dies...
  13. Car runs very rough - log attached
  14. Just got tha long tubes installed
  15. knock sensor and timing tables
  16. Anyone using the AEM PnP EMS set up?
  17. Locked Tune
  18. Adjusting Converter lockup with diablosport??
  19. Base tune BS3
  20. possible to get close till i get my wideband?
  21. tuning idle with HPTuners need help
  22. need code help
  23. hot start, which table?
  24. Will I need a tune?
  25. Do you need to tune a older stall?
  26. SES light and car sputters
  27. EFI or HPT (sponsors question)
  28. ses light on 3800 v6
  29. Okay ONE more pcm tuning question!
  30. what was your initial and total timing ?
  31. Tuning in so flordia
  32. Handheld tuner code delete
  33. stock pcm and low impedence injectors
  34. Help with autometer dpss lv3
  35. Installing Stroker - Can it be broken in w/ the old tune?
  36. service vehical soon is appearing on my dash after sd tune
  37. car bogs at full throttle mid rpm
  38. po154 is stumping me
  39. Lingenfelter 2 step issue
  40. Differences between 98-99 IAC and 00+ IAC Sensors?
  41. Car idles most of the time???
  42. A/F monitor
  43. DiabloSport Questions
  44. HPTuners & Launcher wide band
  45. o2 and egr will this cause missfires
  46. The best mail order tune for trex and bolt-ons
  47. Can't get datamaster to work - vista
  48. Split STFTs only in a certain RPM range?
  49. Car stays at constant speed, foot off throttle?
  50. SES light on very dim
  51. Re-set pcm
  52. stumped
  53. Misfire scan but no code?
  54. How to without HPtuner or EFIlive (4L80)
  55. Wideband is off the charts
  56. Need help checking ecm and wiring
  57. LC1 issue....STUMPED!
  58. Im done......Yaaaaaaaay
  59. Speed Incs Tuners Names?
  60. hypertech handheld question
  61. hp tuners users
  62. SLP Diablosport predator octane question???
  63. megasquirt msII and ls1
  64. Anyone Have TunerCats(JET)or any LT1 Tuning for Obd2
  65. Is my ported tb causing these problems?
  67. can i use a wideband with HPtuners standard?
  68. Stuck at step one predator install!
  69. Bad idle problem.. park and neutral
  70. brown smoke
  71. A wideband/HP Tuners problem no one can answer
  72. laptop / notebook with efilive
  73. What will give me more HP & TQ?
  74. how much can a stock 75mm maf sensor flow
  75. Lean right after wide open throttle HPT
  76. just got done with my 'full bolt ons' now car dies
  77. TPS sensor questions
  78. 2 step lounch controler
  79. issues with computer
  80. looking for a good tuner in dfw
  81. What is the best tuner for an 02 LS1?
  82. How much tm is decreased in the predator tune?
  83. tuning software for linux?
  84. How do you know if HP Tuners is reading the wideband accurately
  85. Timing question - need to figure this out before I spray a 125 shot
  86. Needed: 98 & 99 LS1 F-Body Connector Pin-outs
  87. tune or o2 sensor
  88. Ameture Dynotune or Mail order tune????
  89. Speed Density on a NA motor
  90. Looking for a Tuner in Vancouver
  91. Using a ls3 map sensor with a ls1 pcm
  92. evap system
  93. Performa trans Yank stall. My tune, efi live
  94. some idle issues (log inside) HELP
  95. Is something wrong with my tune
  96. trying to learn...please help....
  97. What yr PCM is this?
  98. Ls1 Tuner Near Lansing,MI
  99. open vs closed loop
  100. how to know if your pCM is going bad?
  101. sputtering in rain
  102. First time tuning for stall......
  103. whats up with these weird codes?? (C0240,C0237,U1000,U1016)
  104. Tuner Directory....
  105. Do big cams need alot of fuel on startup??
  106. What harness do I have
  107. service vehicle light ?
  108. surging only in open loop
  109. lock and unlock converter
  110. wiring problem
  111. mail order tune
  112. Torque management????
  113. LQ4 block with a ls1 harness
  114. Is this HP Tuners PID set up correct?
  115. 99 LS1 Engine/PCM/Wiring Harness in a 1998 Z28?
  116. Need help code po336a
  117. New Company Announcement
  118. Need help, again
  119. How to force the converter to lockup WOT
  120. HP Tuners Noob....ecu questions
  121. Swap to LS6 manifold = P0107 !?
  122. Will Hptuners or EFi Live work with a 96 LT1
  123. what sensers tell the PCM to shift?
  124. Idle problem.
  125. New Online Video Training Course
  126. O2 issues
  127. need a base tune
  128. Please Helo.. EFI Live-Adding Wideband PID
  129. M6 to TH 400 swap (tune advice)
  130. Help help help!!!
  131. My MPH is off, can i fiz with tuner?
  132. Knock Sensor
  133. Start up tune?
  134. LS1 Edit... About to purchase~ Is it worth it?
  135. Diablosport Predator Tuning
  136. MAF accidentally left unplugged, tune fubar'd?
  137. Need a .bin Dont have license yet
  138. New Era Performance or Redline Motorsports
  139. What's causing this spark knock on the N20?
  140. Injector flow rates for 36lb bosch and HPT
  141. RICH RICH idle and cruise HELP
  142. dynotune and hp tune
  143. MAP Readings: Where should they be?
  144. Hp tuners help!!!
  145. Car runs like shit! Help
  146. P0151 code does anybody know how to correct it.
  147. getting tuned with liteweight battery
  148. Car wont idle after starting..
  149. SCT tuning Questions
  150. considering buying HPtuners or EFIlive instead of getting a dyno tune
  151. EFILive V1 vs. V2
  152. New cam won't idle... Help!
  153. Bigger MAF sensor w/ hypertech max energy
  154. No LTFT'S or STFT'S after Trans Install!!!!!!!!!
  155. 98 pcm
  156. SES Code P0300
  157. ls2 to ls6 adapter harness notice
  158. Simple step by step overview of going to 3 bar with my hptuners.
  159. Wiring question, which wire is hot when the brake is depressed?
  160. What is the going rate for Custom Dyno Tunes in the USA
  161. Tuning 12.1:1 compression
  162. WOT on DBW
  163. looking for GM part numbers
  164. Vinci Handheld Programmer
  165. Driveability Issue Driving Us Crazy
  166. Timing Spike @ WOT on Nitrous Oxide
  167. need tune help
  168. any good widebands us a 2 1/16 guage?
  169. Can someone help me?
  170. dynojet wideband commander problems
  171. car keeps reseting?
  172. efi live vs. hp tuners
  173. Best, cheapest mail order tune?
  174. Olfa afr
  175. Would a good tune benefit a close to stock daily driver?
  176. flashing ses after motor swap
  177. Retune for 42# injectors?
  178. Looking for a tuner in or Near Austin TX
  179. LT1 tuner
  180. Will a tune make a huge difference?
  181. computer...need tech help?
  182. o2 sensor - wideband question
  183. Speedometer not working
  184. part # for 3bar
  185. 30# Fuel Injector Values
  186. 1 Bar MAP,2 Bar MAP,3 Bar MAP
  187. O2 sensor wiring
  188. Does this sound like my tune is off?
  189. Where is the best place to weld the bung for a wideband? For LT1
  190. Question about this tuner
  191. What are LTFT's?
  192. 2009 GXP HP tuners question?
  193. Tuner Cat Question
  194. TCS light off ?
  195. Tuner for multiple tunes on the fly?
  196. torquer 2 cam tuning
  197. problems running
  198. Magden performance computer
  199. Lean Bank CEL P0174 on '97 C5... HELP!
  200. Engine/PCM swap, no VIN, how to program?
  201. Sensitivity knock sensor
  202. Guys with happy with how your car runs, the tune,etc?
  203. To check out your tune or tune file (bin), do you need tunign software?
  204. Tunercat Stall Wall Fix
  205. Missfire breaks up around 5k rpm, p0358
  206. high idle
  207. Tune question???
  208. Any tuners in Central New York?
  209. IFR table for red 30# Bosch gen 3 injectors
  210. P0155 Help?
  211. Shift LIght
  212. MAF Change Question
  213. Could a low windshield washer fluid reservoir make the low fluid light come on?
  214. Generator Warning light
  215. LS6 to LS2 throttle body
  216. truck LS tuning ?
  217. When is it necessary to reset fuel trims?
  218. No spark and car won't start, no power in fuse box.
  219. NHRA Stock / Super Stock - Which Tuner?
  220. Is the AEM wideband any good?
  221. LS1 and LT1 FBody A4 shift tables the same?
  222. Low Oil Light?
  223. PCM tuned, still seeing misfires...
  224. Will this void my cat warranty replacement?
  225. SES Code Help
  226. Innovate Wideband Gauges/Controllers On Sale!!!
  227. Found 4 inch 3.5 tube on ebay right size to replace maf for SD
  228. EFI Live or HP Tuners
  229. Anyone been tuned by..
  230. Question on tuning
  231. 2 P0102 codes help please
  232. PCM for manual?
  233. P1153 I searched....
  234. Guy's with carb/MSD setup, what kind of timing?
  235. How do I lower my WOT Air/Fuel ratio in tunercats obd1?
  236. Best big cube SD tuner?
  237. Reading 10:1 AFR on the dyno, please help. Have tune, scan, printouts
  238. is my engine vacuum in line?
  239. Do any of the standalones let me run obd2 diagnostics thru the daignostic port ?
  240. New Moderator
  241. UD pulley effect?
  242. what table to adjust to stop idle hang EFI Live
  243. Ltb2 -100 ??
  244. Reduced power / traction control
  245. Cranks With no Fire
  246. Open Loop Question
  247. Got a diablosport tuner, doesnt fit.
  248. Siemens 60# numbers...
  249. Do I need a tune other than speedo after S60 (4:11) rearend install?
  250. HyperTech Max Energy Programmer