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  1. 2006 cts-v 2bar hp tuner help
  2. hp tuner pro
  3. lm-1 wide band smoothing the graph
  4. If Catalytic deleted...
  5. Changing to Speed Density
  6. tuner cat
  7. Need 99 Harness info
  8. P0102 MAF question
  9. oil pressure wire pinouts
  10. Elect system
  11. OBD II Question....Help
  12. Help with PO200 code
  13. Trouble Code P0106??
  14. MAF is consistently maxing out - Options?
  15. mail order tune, or something on my end.
  16. Fans staying on
  17. Scanmaster wiring
  18. Intermitent starting
  19. Does it matter
  20. Diablosport predator please help!!!!!
  21. Jeremy Formato Tuning and Porting Dec 4th and 5th in Coral Springs
  22. TPS, anyone no the
  23. problem when launching the car
  24. Need help setting shift points
  25. can someone explain how to wire my PLX wideband to HPT pro intereface?
  26. Bucking car
  27. Maf placed close to throttle body????
  28. New MAF. SES light. tune?
  29. HELP! cooling fans
  30. Retreiving VIN
  31. classic FAST with LS1 looking for converter box for crank signal
  32. PE, whats agood fuel enrichment
  33. IAC Counts
  34. coverter lockup at WOT
  35. oxygen sensor voltage?
  36. True or False: Missfires cause the converter to stay unlocked.
  37. WOT 2-3 will not shift hits limiter
  38. TPS issue???
  39. I have the following codes, can anyone help?
  40. Can someone tell me the order of color wires for MAP sensor?
  41. Help!!!! I have Seven codes!!!!
  42. Going back to stock- how do get rid of dyno tune??
  43. larger injectors?
  44. Did I ruin my MAF?
  45. Question about HP tuners
  46. my tuners OWN WAY OF TUNING
  47. '96/'00 Vortec VCM 5400 RPM Limitation...
  48. Computer probs
  49. codes P0171 P0174
  50. How- do you Tune??
  51. ABS delete codes. Here is the pin configuration
  52. Idle Issue only when moving
  53. Will this cause damage to my transmission?
  54. Cos3 to cos5
  55. are 98 ls1 the least valueable !!!!
  56. computer problems
  57. anything to tune everything
  58. what is involved in swapping a 1995 PCM into a 1996?
  59. Super Split BLM issue
  60. why is my aeroforce saying i'm lean but.
  61. Idle Problem... not a chevy but need help
  62. What pcm should i use?
  63. VSS output on E38
  64. picking up autotap soon. how necessary is the GM specific software?
  65. Tuning ls1 in arizona??
  66. FIRST START 402 with a 346 H/C tune; question . . .
  67. Does 02 sensor placement affect tuning?
  68. 60 grams per cyl is that correct
  69. Vinci/Crane Handheld tuner question?
  70. tuning ecm40 with 4l80e
  71. MAF change
  72. Anyone have any tuning issue snap a starter?
  73. diablo tuner help
  74. LT1 Idle Speed?
  75. 96lb injectors??
  76. sct hand held
  77. Car won't start with new key. please help!!
  78. Speed density replace MAF
  79. Need STS Diablosport tune
  80. What can I get rid of?
  81. Help new pcm and coil still throwing p0357
  82. Her's a New One: Mathmatically Constructing a VE/Spark Table
  83. HPT will not load drivers on vista
  84. Need a good starting file for modified 04 GTO
  85. will it need to be re-tuned?
  86. unplugged pcm(replugged it in), cranks, wont run
  87. car wont start all of a sudden
  88. What the hell is this code?
  89. Need an 8.1L stock bin file for HPtuners
  90. program for ecm E40 to run 4l80e trans help
  91. In need of Megasquirt tune
  92. Upgrading to pro question
  93. Bank 2 O2S bad?
  94. pink wire on maf,fluctuating 5v or 12v
  95. Shifting at 6k rpm, why???
  96. Enabling fan in truck ecu 03 Tahoe
  97. Any MAJOR difference between HPtuners and EFIlive?
  98. diablo stock tune questions??
  99. Can HP or EFI scan for....
  100. timing question
  101. cold tonight 40 dg, car will run leaner
  102. Quick tuning question
  103. Codes 1133 and 1153 Please help!!!!
  104. Electrical Troubleshooting 101
  105. reseting pcm?
  106. plx fuel pressure gauge
  107. WHO tunes in ga?
  108. Roadrunner VS. HP tuners
  109. Need advice trouble shooting codes
  110. sweet deal on a laptop for tuning!
  111. Data master / icm ?
  112. Have/had HP tuners, virus wiped out laptop...
  113. tuning force induction question
  114. Buy HPtuners or bring it to a shop? Please advise
  115. Check Engine Light SES its an old subject i know but...
  116. LC1 mobility
  117. Efilive geniuses input greatly appreciated
  118. does speed density need O2 sensors?
  119. Delay Box Or Stutter Box???
  120. LS1 PCM Coil control
  121. Wanting to pull off all egr????
  122. 4l80e swap guys
  123. newbie diablosport question
  124. just got EFI live, trying to tune forged h/c/i/etc/etc built 347
  125. Great tuner in tn area
  126. Problems on start up
  127. remote start 01 z28
  128. PCM damaged by.....
  129. How did I mess up O2 sensor?
  130. WTB hp tuners
  131. Getting the P1111, 1133 and P0134 code.....
  132. Need some help tuning for Start Up
  133. Tuning a TR230/224 cam
  134. bins
  135. Places to get a good tune.
  136. how many had a blown injector driver in PCM?
  137. Which MAF can i use?
  138. Need tuned bad
  139. HELP!! does anyone...
  140. Tune help!!
  141. Camshaft sensor what exactly does it do etc.
  142. TPS reading question
  143. ls1 edit
  144. Autotap users help please...
  145. Disconnect codes????
  146. Code P0102 Help
  147. Idle Airflow Question
  148. 99-02 harness with '04 PCM?
  149. Idle air control ???
  150. Please help. First 45-60 seconds of cold startup problems.
  151. New to tuning. Need handheld advice
  152. Not totally happy with HPE tune, is this stuff normal?
  153. LS1-Edit tuners. Please help
  154. Wait4me tunes, question about o2 sensors readings
  155. 2005 GTO camshaft into 2000 LS1? PCM changes?
  156. Computer tune for cam sawp?
  157. need help with FAST XFI and LT1 problem..128 code
  158. ZO6-SLP-Stock, mass air sensors , difference?
  159. Hp tuners ver. 2.1.14 update question
  160. Hmmm Spark Knock
  161. Buy Hp Tuners? or pay for the SD Tune? Please advise...
  162. New LS1 tuner needs a stock flash for comparison
  163. thinking about ls1? tuning question
  164. hot start problems
  165. Custom LS1 Edit tunes into Diablosport Predator
  166. knock sensor code on 99 camaro
  167. Need help with tune
  168. Need a tuner soon
  169. Double scaled MAF table?
  170. air injection system codes
  171. Quick Question
  172. Hptuners turbo about posting some
  173. Lt1 transmission tables?
  174. Lean Startup Tables
  175. Tuning Issue
  176. Throwing 1133 & 1153 after changing PE Enable TPS?
  177. hp tuning in virginia
  178. map sensor ses light?
  179. what is this sensor called?
  180. timing on carb set up??????????
  181. bs3 and e98 help needed.
  182. can i pass emissions?
  183. Ford to Gm Plug for tps???
  184. coils
  185. Haltech E6GMX
  186. OBDII connector port and tuning cable information needed
  187. Who can flash a PCM?
  188. NEED HP tuners bin file SD 408
  189. O2 problems
  190. who can tune in the wv ky oh area ?
  191. Quick question about swapping engine harness
  192. Disable Traction Control
  193. School
  194. Knock Sensor
  195. IAC motor will not move
  196. Who can tune a LS7 around the Tennessee area
  197. 6.2 volts at tps?
  198. PCM question.
  199. Stalls going into gear when warm
  200. P0357?
  201. Speed Limiter
  202. Tune for 08 1500
  203. Inexpensive IAT thermistors
  204. Got a new pcm ! Invalid Key?
  205. 190kpa at idle ?!
  206. Diablosport 02 sensors?
  207. Need a tune for an '07 CTS-V
  208. Does anyone Have a Data Sheets on Delphi 42# Injectors?
  209. Howdo Tune My Ls1 After Removing Egr
  210. full throttle gen II MAF translator [FOR LT1]
  211. BS3 O2 sensor giving bad readings under WOT, help needed!
  212. Vette running like crap....
  213. aftermarket or ported MAF ends with a predator
  214. 1999 ws6 tuning
  215. p0122 help
  216. Alldata for 01 Z28??
  217. bad ECM/ECU?
  218. Questin about maf and map sensors.
  219. 2 bar and three bar questions..
  220. Holy High Stall Speed Shudder Batman!
  221. Runs better with MAF unplugged
  222. What are symptoms of bad coil packs? What about bad injectors?
  223. Ok my twin tubo is running now need some more tuning advice..
  224. cai tune question!!
  225. blocking rear o2 sensors
  226. 4l80e swap how to set stall with HPT
  227. newbie here, stand alone question?
  228. Do i need a new tune if i remove the cats?
  229. Hp tuners help
  230. knock knock knock sensor problam HELP!!!!!!
  231. Tuner Cat's New Real Time Tuning Software for LT1s...
  232. ses light on after hard driving
  233. Hesitation - PE Delay? Timing delay?
  234. Saying hi. showing my laptop mount.
  235. LS1 Edit wont connect to PCM WTF!?! NEED help FAST
  236. Fried PCM?
  237. 1bar map on a 3 bar tune....experts
  238. Voltage Regulation from PCM
  239. Tune on a complete stock engine?
  240. running richhhh
  241. pcm question
  242. How long does it take to program the ECM
  243. Fried PCM, help needed
  244. oxygen sensor and missfire
  245. 02 codes !!!help
  246. Backfiring, won't idle, misfire...what to check?
  247. Strange part throttle laziness, WOT is great
  248. Identifying tuning changes
  249. Can LSx tuners tune other GM PCM's?
  250. Flashing Engine Light-PROBLEM!! PLEASE HELP!!