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  1. How much leaner will a FAST intake make my A/F?
  2. Computer differenced between 00 and 01?
  3. Strange Codes
  4. Help w/efi live usb driver for 7.5
  5. OLSD VE adjustments and no change in afr?
  6. which 02s are the front?
  7. what is the fuel pressure to be on ls1
  8. msd 6010 help!
  9. hand held or dyno
  10. Ls1 edit tune basics
  11. What speed is our speed sensor? Will this work? 95 3.4 v6
  12. swapping 1998 A4 vette to M6
  13. hanging idle at 2k, then dropping/dying
  14. What do these codes mean?
  15. 5.3 with LS1 computer question.
  16. Closed loop without O2 ready?
  17. I need some help!
  18. DBW TPS WOT Relearn?
  19. HPTuners Tune for Sheetmetal Intake
  20. Hypertech Tuner Questions...
  21. Camshaft Tuning
  22. 5 Wire MAF Wiring Help
  23. 98 Sending unit.. How different from 99+
  24. after tune cylinder 1 missfireing???
  25. Does the Diablosport allow lock up changes?
  26. Diablosport hand-held causing intermittent hard shifts
  27. Tuners come in... tune swap question.
  28. What does this mean
  29. Cant get my car smoged
  30. Wierd rpms hovering/idle issue
  31. E-water pump failure notifier?
  32. Exhaust Leak be the problem?
  33. AFR Question
  34. car not running right
  35. anyone have a tune for a trex cam and heads
  36. help with codes 1153 and 1133
  37. "sniffer" out of tail pipe?
  38. How to remove timing with HPT?
  39. Why is my timing at 0?
  40. Roadrunner ECU
  41. Do I really need to do another tune?
  42. New 408 threw codes and wont idle!!!!!!
  43. Catalyst & Evap not ready, need help!
  44. HP Tuner Assistance
  45. Car dies when going into gear
  46. U7198 Shift pressure and shift firmness question
  47. Is it really gonna cost that much? Is there an alternative?
  48. 02 Sensor low voltage error
  49. o2 bounceing around?
  50. disable rev limiter
  51. Engine still runs kinda crappy, no codes though.
  52. Do i need a tune?
  53. OBD11 Test How to pass ?
  54. I have a (.hpt) with a tune that I need checked!!!
  55. Faster Proms Jeremy Formato, Rollins Automotive Review
  56. Need help on pcm
  57. Car won't stay running after turbo install
  58. Throttlebody Idle Adjustment?
  59. crazy timing dips
  60. 98 under hood harness on a 2000 ls1
  61. Locking up the convertor?????
  62. EVAP system
  63. what ingition box do i need
  64. Shift lock Enabled or Disabled?
  65. Help!! people with autometer full sweep electric fuel pressure gauge!!!
  66. DBW stuff interchangeable?
  67. My car threw 4 codes today and I need help...
  68. is a hypertech programmer worth it for ME?
  69. OL or CL with the MAF and LT's
  70. crank angle relearn
  71. 98 to 02 pcm conversion
  72. B4001 Injector Flow Rate - Does this look right?
  73. Does H/C/I affect cold start enrichment??
  74. connector???
  75. which tuner is better????
  76. Misfire code P0300
  77. LT1 with 3-bar MAP?
  78. accel thruster dfi... any good?
  79. Going standalone need help
  80. Question on 02 sensor codes and long tubes
  81. Can MAF tuning cause slow O2 switching
  82. best lt1/4 tuneing / build
  83. 98 tuning
  84. 98 trans am ls1 wire harness & pcm same as 02 camaro ss ls1 wire harness, pcm??
  85. Question about 02 sensors (non F-body)
  86. Typical timing curve and vacuum advance curve?
  87. p0803 code help plzzz
  88. Good deal?
  89. Tuning Question
  90. Need info on using lsx computer to control holley stealth ram setup???CAN IT BE DONE?
  91. Need a good base tune for 4.8
  92. Vats Question
  93. Injector Driver Box
  94. Anyone Gone Fast w/ MSD Ignition Box???
  95. Does any one still use the maft?
  96. Question on locked PCM
  97. plug wires
  98. Who Can Troubleshoot My PCM??
  99. Short in PCM Constant Power Circuit
  100. Accel Gen 8 vs BS3
  101. 4 bar map sensor for BS3
  102. Question on OBD2 port issue
  103. Is there free datalogging software??
  104. Want suggestions for tuning timing (methods)
  105. Can someone Break down Stock Vs FAST/BS3
  106. Adaptive Idle isn't happening. Any ideas?
  107. Changing Converter.
  108. Need to find wire (in car) that controls speedo 94 v6
  109. Time for dyno tune
  110. ltft vs. afr error
  111. Dyno tune and injector swap
  112. Fast XFi 2-step?
  113. Question about Tables, Fuel, and Timing?
  114. No tach output
  115. Tuning for boost referenced fuel pressures...
  116. Need help with tuning software
  117. SD tune Nitrous guys!
  118. loading a tune with roadrunner obd 2
  119. The Tuning School Live seminar class January 17-18th Tampa, FL
  120. Fuel Trims Disabled?!?!
  121. Help, need remote/mailorder (HP tuners) SD tune.. sponsors come in!!
  122. What cranking modifications can be made in EFILive for a 402?
  123. Will I need another tune after getting a new stall?
  124. Unused PCM pins
  125. Vinci / Crane Powermax Settings - 04 Corvette
  126. LC-1 issue
  127. Attn Tuners, Question
  128. 408 Tune for comparison needed
  129. 6 cylinder Turbo
  130. what pmc is this????
  131. HP tuners serial to interface upgrade question
  132. Will this PCM work with my needs?
  133. wont rev past 2.5k rpm's
  134. Problem at WOT at high RPMs
  135. New to the game. Need a good Tuner around Northwest Louisiana
  136. How long have widebands been cheap/affordable?
  137. Need to Build ALDL connector for 1999 or 2000 Harness
  138. G5x1 idle
  139. PCM pin# 57 - BAT. POS. VOLT --What does it do?
  140. Need Wiring diagram for 08 Silverado
  141. What's easier to learn for the tuning illiterate?
  142. where to find a computer?
  143. Haltech?
  144. help getting started with tuning
  145. ls1 harness pics
  146. question bout hp tuners
  147. 2000 Silverado 4.8L wont start blows ECM fuse
  148. Tach output need help ASAP!
  149. headers illinois emissions
  150. Car runs for 2 secs & shuts down
  151. How much timing
  152. Bench Tune 5.3??
  153. Bump stop question
  154. diablo sport??? or super chips??
  155. Trouble with Vengeance tuning thread gone
  156. h/c/i bolt on car with a 9 inch needs advice as well as tuner recomendations
  157. wideband o2 sensor hook up?
  158. Pcm Reflashing
  159. Idle surge
  160. VATS bypass help me!
  161. trifecta?
  162. Difference in LTFTs
  163. Cam sensor timing specs
  164. VATS tuning
  165. Can I run a gauge and HPTuners at the same time?
  166. need help with the MAP sensor problem!!!!!
  167. Long Term Fuel Trim Question
  168. Bucking = too much air?
  169. Simple question..Reseting govoner?
  170. codes
  171. What is a good programmer?
  172. Needing a good tune....
  173. wtf is going on with my computer??!!
  174. vats bypass from ecklers
  175. Change in Elevation and Trouble Idleing
  176. 402 having trouble idling
  177. What's the criteria for the EVAP system and O2 sensors to be "ready"?
  178. Need a Wideband = LC1
  179. weird problem...
  180. LT and ST fuel trims locked???
  181. How to check O2
  182. help with custom WB pid
  183. 2002 camaro pcm pin location schematic
  184. 2005 Silverado SES light
  185. hp tuning
  186. Mass air Flow sensor question
  187. smoke signals?
  188. Tuning for installing cats? Recommendations so I don't ruin the cats?
  189. diablo doesnt read key on position
  190. O2 sensors on individual short stacks
  191. Fast flash 101 needed
  192. Perfomance Chip?
  193. loud pop at idle...?
  194. How to desensitize knock sensors? HPT
  195. Speed Density tuning in South Florida
  196. sds efi?
  197. Question about mail order tune.
  198. E-bay Vats Bypass
  199. Ported Fast 92mm installed
  200. A4 computer to M6 comp.
  201. another hp tuners question
  202. No Start, security and red light flashing
  203. do i need to go sd or keep the maf?
  204. Need a tune after stall?
  205. PCM Tuning
  206. Need Help With Turbo Tune (Tune and Log Inside)
  207. Tc after wire mod
  208. Tuning Guestions???
  209. what is SPEED DENSITY good for...?
  210. Getting started with HPTuners, take a look
  211. Burst knock Retard?
  212. Tune out !AIR and rear o2s question
  213. Backfire
  214. Tuning a Supercharger with a Vinci/Crane Tuner???
  215. problem with RS232 to USB with tuner cats
  216. Bad TPS?
  217. Tune and how much HP/TQ bump?
  218. BS3 for dummies
  219. carb with stock computer
  220. which o2?
  221. big turbos
  222. MS4 cam Tune
  223. ???electrical probs--plz help???
  224. O2 sensors not connected, no SES or O2 codes
  225. Hypertech Keep or sell?
  226. Looking for a base tune to load for turbo build
  227. Codes are thrown
  228. can dealership tune my pcm to my 3.42 gear
  229. need help with cats
  230. Will this void my Cat replacement?
  231. how do you delete p0420 code with diablosport?
  232. Car stays in open loop, runs like crap if forced into closed loop
  233. flashing ses light
  234. 12 bolt= codes?
  235. Idle rpm for California smog test
  236. roadrunner question for owners
  237. Car bucking and running rich under part throttle?
  238. service engine soon light flashing...
  239. O2 Sensor extension
  240. help on 02 sensor readings..
  241. In the market for a new wideband controller - Professionals
  242. pick a wide band???
  243. please help with new engine start up
  244. is it true that it takes more than 45 min. on a dyno to get a good tune?
  245. Low coolant light??????????
  246. Treat yourself for the Holidays Porting and Tuning Special
  247. 4x4 EFI scan tool.
  248. msd dash hawk
  249. Newbie Tuning for Emissions
  250. 99 computer and a 2000' harness?