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  1. knock knock knock sensor problam HELP!!!!!!
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  3. ses light on after hard driving
  4. Hesitation - PE Delay? Timing delay?
  5. Saying hi. showing my laptop mount.
  6. LS1 Edit wont connect to PCM WTF!?! NEED help FAST
  7. Fried PCM?
  8. 1bar map on a 3 bar tune....experts
  9. Voltage Regulation from PCM
  10. Tune on a complete stock engine?
  11. running richhhh
  12. pcm question
  13. How long does it take to program the ECM
  14. Fried PCM, help needed
  15. oxygen sensor and missfire
  16. 02 codes !!!help
  17. Backfiring, won't idle, misfire...what to check?
  18. Strange part throttle laziness, WOT is great
  19. Identifying tuning changes
  20. Can LSx tuners tune other GM PCM's?
  21. Flashing Engine Light-PROBLEM!! PLEASE HELP!!
  22. EFI live gurus suggestions welcome
  23. Software
  24. Guaging intrest ACCEL Gen VII Class in Utah
  25. Car likes dying in the cold w/ th400
  26. Standalone TCM
  27. P0442?
  28. How do you know if a coil pack as taken a crap
  29. Car still doesnt shift into 3rd/D
  30. URGENT i need help with a hp tuner
  31. Any tuners near wisconsin or in wi?
  32. EFI Live Valet mode
  33. diablo sport tuner help???
  34. Need HELP car sputters really bad!!
  35. pcm retrofit? 95 s10.
  36. hp tuners turbo help
  37. Random cylinder mis fire and tcc unlock
  38. need some help with my car badly!?
  39. So I compared my AEM and LM-1 Widebands today.
  40. Programs?
  41. help please
  42. Crank Position sensor learn wont work, rough idle then stalls
  43. Replaced fuel filter, High idle
  44. innovative motorsports? anybody use it/like it?
  45. 5.3 in camaro
  46. Should I tune my Z28? (close to stock daily driver)
  47. Need '99 PCM Wiring Diagram
  48. OBD Codes?
  49. cam only tune issues
  50. 2002 Camaro SS - Need help with Predator shift options
  51. need a programmer for V6
  52. hp tuners what to set for my 408..
  53. 1bar map + no maf + turbo'd
  54. knock sensor?
  55. 7.24 Volts @ TPS
  56. tune question?
  57. cut out cycle off tps
  58. Need Experienced Tuner/Shop/Dyno
  59. Autotap Help
  60. Help! With a 0.5" smaller blower pulley now part-throttle is too rich
  61. Superchips needs beta testers
  62. Bin Files
  63. Stock Tach Problem
  64. HPT problem need help.
  65. ECU Pinouts needed for CTS-V
  66. BS3 A/F output
  67. I need HELP FAST!! Please read
  68. Instrument Cluster Issues
  69. m6 spark smoothing?
  70. major fight
  71. Anyway I could pickup more power with my tune 01 z06
  72. Just did diablosport tune on my bone stock ws6...
  73. Question about anti theft system
  74. LT1 Handheld Tuners
  75. LM1 wideband questions and opinions
  76. I will PAY whatever it takes to get my car perfect!
  77. Throwing all 4 O2 CODES 0131 0151 0137 0157
  78. Why cant MPVI Channel A & B load?? (Installing HPT issues)
  79. HP Tuners
  80. Abs Inop...
  81. programmers?
  82. LS2 oxygen sensor
  83. VE tuning '08 2500HD?
  84. Have an old problem that was never answered........
  85. Hey guys, need some help with SES codes
  86. Come visit us at the booth in sema, booth 21951
  87. EFILive new website and program goodies!
  88. Car won't go into PE mode?
  89. engine misfire
  90. Tuning for vig4000
  91. ABS INOP, ARS, Low Trac.....
  92. ???s on tuning PE w/HPT
  93. Why is my idle spark all over the place?
  94. FI, meth, and tuning question...
  95. Buying a car that wont start need help
  96. e85 and B3601, stoich
  97. Another idle problem
  98. Tune for a near stock car?
  99. Just got Hp tuners and a couple questions (tried search)
  100. Worried about spark knock
  101. p0133 and p0153 question but not normal
  102. tps sensor
  104. Car noses over when tranny is under 140.. Why?
  105. Intermittent surging / bucking problem p0103.
  106. What separates "good" from "bad" tuners? Who are they?
  107. wideband af/r gauge mounting in car
  108. Little help please
  109. I have an XFI communication problem for the IT experts..
  110. Tach signal on 08 vette.
  111. KR maxed out on startup
  112. 98 + vats + swap car
  113. 1998 and TQ management?
  114. readiness monitors
  115. atlanta area
  116. car dies at 6000
  117. car cranks, but wont fire, possible tune issue
  118. HPT Guys Please Help
  119. ebay pcm any good?
  120. not shifting from 2-3 after tune
  121. mafless tune
  122. reading Problem ( LC-1 logwork & gage & EFIlive )
  123. {b3702}
  124. DTC, live data reader.
  125. 2002 Engine trans wireharness and pcm in 98 T/A
  126. Keep HP tuners or sell and gvet EFI live
  127. my computer and bs3=a pain in the A$$
  128. PLx to Hptuners Question
  129. Richen idle& cruise
  130. looking for a shop in my area
  131. Confused about LTFT tuning? using HP Tuners.
  132. Whats wrong....!!!
  133. Throttle response?
  134. Injectors offset voltage values
  135. My 1st experience w/SD tuning.
  136. Hot start idle is horrible..Please look
  137. Please help!
  138. shift light....
  139. Texas Sponsors Needed ASAP!!!!
  140. MAD PROPS to Vince at Trifecta Performance
  141. Dash taken out, body control module in alarm mode?
  142. -100% LTFTs?
  143. ???RPM gauge not working
  144. ???abs Inop
  145. Masport Tuning In Boca Kicks Ass
  146. O2 Sensor issue
  147. wide band
  148. computer
  149. ignition coil 7 control circuit?
  150. is it possible to use diablosport to....
  151. How to disable EGR in LT1 Edit
  152. Anyone used the JET verson of Tuner Cats??
  153. best tuning software for startes
  154. timing, masters of the LS please.....
  155. Want to add Cats, will it affect my tune much?
  156. LS6 Throttle Body Tuning
  157. Need CEL Code Help
  158. timing at Peak TQ and Peak HP
  159. v6-v8 swap (wire from pcm to allow all 8cyl to function)
  160. Just got my HP Tuners
  161. my roommate thinks this will work on his V6 Camaro
  162. TCS light staying off?
  163. Misfiring bad and throwing codes.
  164. What do our cars consider WOT?
  165. TCC slip/duty
  166. 01 WS6 Issues
  167. Tuning and headers ... my experience
  168. knock sensor questions
  169. tuning question efilive
  170. Help...5000 rpm shutdown
  171. Lean Stumble Problem - Tune file and datalog
  172. Warm start issue - what should my tuner be looking for
  173. maf question
  174. any1 in killeen or around the area with 99yr hptuners
  175. Can I has fuel? Car is lean... (scan inside)
  176. What color wire from Ignition Switch at Steering Column
  177. 2-3 Trans Clunk from Tuning? Can anyone check my tune for issues?
  178. 12.37 @ 113 last night...slight bog out of the hole...Tune/Log Inside
  179. Torque Management on a M6
  180. xfi tuning help
  181. Base hptuners tune questions for my 408 TT build..
  182. Help Logging....
  183. NOOB. thinking of purchasing tuning siftware.
  184. idle issues after new mass air
  185. where can i find a MAP pigtail?
  186. #7 & #8 not firing
  187. magnacharged 402ci random misfire code?
  188. Mis firing and bogging down
  189. FAST XFI LS2 T-56 Help
  190. Car nosed over after launch.. Anyone know why?
  191. my IAC position is 0 at idle after adjusting? need help.
  192. Silly question? Using E38 ecm without the VVT cam ok?
  193. want to richen my WOT mixture a little EFI Live
  194. big stuff 3
  195. intermitent lean (p0171/p0174) codes..
  196. Torque Converter Tuning help/write up additions...
  197. Washing Car=Check Engine Light On
  198. I need help IMMEDIATELY!!
  199. 98 EFILive tune help
  200. GM Drive Cycle monitors... emissions help?
  201. Reduced Engine Power Problem !!
  202. Tuners around central MN
  203. Search not working for me--problems with LT1/LS1 Edit and Tunercat with Vista
  204. ol sd tune vs. cl sd tune-opinions inside....
  205. any 98 m6 tuners in here? got a question...
  206. Dyno/ mail order/ or software?
  207. Do I Need a dyno to get a tune?
  208. Dyno Tune Gain
  209. car is way to rich need help
  210. Newb Question About Tuning
  211. GMPP LS2 compurter e67
  212. LM-1 and HP Pro Connection and Use??
  213. Installed new intake... problems
  214. New SES codes
  215. Hard Start Cold Or Hot
  216. hp tuners software for !!!
  217. Why is AFR off so much from bank to bank with dual wideband?
  218. Using an LS7/LS3 MAF Sensor with an LS2
  219. Stand-alone PCM harness for diagnostics and testing?
  220. STFT Super Negative....Then Super Positive After VE Changes
  221. dtc p0174
  222. Need some help w/smog tune.. PLEASE
  223. HP Tuners comes thru! THANK YOU!
  224. 365, 4l80e, COS3,2barmap efilive
  225. p0200!!!
  226. do fbodies use any kind of bus communications?
  227. Looking for advice 5.3l tuning, hp tuners
  228. Hp tuners and Autometer wideband Help!
  229. GM controller #19201861 tune?
  230. TPS code and high idle???
  231. part throttle miss, possible o2 problem?
  232. shift kit and diablo tuner?
  233. Ses Codes
  234. Vortech Supercharger/92mm FAST Intake/TB, 100mm TSP MAF, Tuning help needed!
  235. Vortech Supercharger/92mm FAST Intake/TB, 100mm TSP MAF, Tuning help needed!
  236. wide band hp tuner calibration off
  237. snap on scanner gets "no communication" from pcm
  238. Failed Emissions
  239. Buying Hp Tuners but have some questions
  240. LS1 (2?) Edit vs. HPT vs. EFI Live
  241. Do i still need a programmer...?
  242. 6.0l Cranks But No Start
  243. Please look at my Log and Tune - Files attached
  244. New to tuning,with MTI X1 cam
  245. tuning question
  246. Ls1 Edit questions <--anyone have answers
  247. VE Tuning at WOT?
  248. lt1 to ls2... can I use 98 pcm?
  249. AEM Wideband Controller
  250. What Gains have people seen going from 13.8 AFR to 12.7????