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  1. Vengence is coming to STL to tune who is in, need 5 guys
  2. High IAC Counts
  3. Any reason to buy the HSW Nitrous controller if i already have EFI Live COS5?
  4. PLX Wideband install
  5. A few codes that i need to know what they mean!!!
  6. Smog today in the hoe
  7. Got a question for you LC-1 users
  8. o2 bung lc1
  9. VERY broad tuning question.
  10. Question about wiring and Pcm
  11. any tuners in upstate new york?
  12. Have LC-1 Experience? IN HERE!!!!
  13. NEWB!!!!! :read:
  14. Need Help...
  15. Anyone know where G114 and S108 are at?
  16. Car Stalls Out
  17. is this the ls1 or lt1 3-5pin maf
  18. rpm indicator wire?
  19. How do I tell which Pin is which?
  20. Datamaster Log
  21. ls1 edit question non technicial
  22. ******Gettysburg Tuning and Porting Oct 15-20******
  23. 85mm MAF Frequency Tables
  24. -LS1 Edit- Is it worth it? What can it do?
  25. Friends Procharged '91 454ss truck
  26. a4 tuning with efilive
  27. Tune needed with LS1 Edit please help
  28. handheld tuner effect dyno tune?
  29. Computer issues, at the end of my rope. No Comm error...
  30. 0342 Code Help
  31. Yo wtf what happened to my ltft's GRRRRRRR here we go again
  32. Car Bogs after the TUNE LS1 gto
  33. Flashing PCM/ECM and warranties
  34. different LS1 computers
  35. Timing Adjustments for H/C
  36. 2 Bar map question
  37. 2000 Engine Harness to 2001 car?
  38. Which wire is for the O2 Sensors?
  39. Tune shops in KC
  40. Long time to warm up and stay running?
  41. 2002 A4 upshift issues/Want feedback on tune.
  42. Efi Live Beginer
  43. Where To Buy Tech 2 Gm Flash Card?
  44. Anyone have HPTuner contact number? Have an urgent issue
  45. can sumone tell me what the connectors are?
  46. P0102 is kicking my ass...suggestions?
  47. 2bar not working
  48. Auto Meter Wide Band???
  49. Just curious because I had a crazy idea. Is this possible?
  50. Used HP Tuners today
  51. MAP @ idle Diablo Sport
  52. Can I turn off p0133 and p0153
  53. OLSD idling help
  54. Can abs codes be deleted?
  55. Adding Fan control 411 PCM
  56. Installing an LM-2 Wideband, have question????
  57. wideband or EIO latency in logging
  58. question about boost/MAP/aeroforce
  59. IAC counts too low?
  60. Not doing a relearn, will is cause crank sensor to go bad?
  61. PCM tach output
  62. IAC steps Vs. effective area table in HP tuners pro.
  63. computer question?
  64. Losing the whole passenger side bank
  65. Which pin on the computer?
  66. Secuirity
  67. engine code p1637
  68. KR help
  69. bucking, stalling and rich when cold???
  70. 06' Pontiac G6
  71. ported maf issue
  72. Pro's running MAP system only?
  73. 2 bar map problem
  74. Small HP Tuner issue
  75. What the best shift timing on a Diablosport?
  76. 2006 dodge ram hemi
  77. Bucking issue still exists, need advice
  78. HELP AFR Issue!!!
  79. IAP table in HP tuners?
  80. sorry for the redundancy
  81. Where to buy?? PCM bracket
  82. Idle and surge issue
  83. New motor. Car cranks, but wont fire. What could it be?
  84. texas speed mail order tune
  85. Looking for a tuner in Oklahoma
  86. Simple HP tuners question...
  87. LTFTs Unchanged After Heads/ ARHs
  88. what should my AFR be at full throttle?
  89. Fuse Block Wiring
  90. will a broken brake fluid level sensor trip SES?
  91. Idle AFR ok > 1000 12.0
  92. Gm Tps
  93. HP tuners pro, where to find IAC steps reading in the scanner?
  94. knock sensor help
  95. do i have ETC in my car?
  96. Idle high while moving - m6
  97. I got troubles
  98. dynojet wide band commander kit
  99. Misfire question for the tech-savvy guys
  100. what are the advantages to speed density tuning over regular tuning?
  101. bucking fix (richen)
  102. Need 2002 PCM Pinout for Silverado 6.0l LQ4
  103. what tuner do i get
  104. adding more fuel on HP Tuners
  105. o2 sensor question
  106. hp tune rev limiter not consistant
  107. Need your help on problem.
  108. i need feedback on hp tuners?
  109. efi live tuing questions
  110. None LS1 Question About Water making 1996 Ford Contour Die
  111. Why is my idle spark so drastic???
  112. ecm
  113. Cars StartUp is Different every day
  114. cam / crank sensor pinouts
  115. Engine running Super Hot!!!!
  116. Reflash Pcm After P601 Code??
  117. PCM Controlled Shift Light
  118. Quick question about a wideband tune
  119. Wont let me license a file?
  120. Timing question
  121. Advice: OLSD or OLMAF
  122. "VCM Hardware does not match"
  123. Car popping
  124. How do you tune the 6L80E TCM which islocated inside the transmission?
  125. Lost A/C and coolant temperature at the same time.
  126. 5.3l LM7 to 5.7l what control system?
  127. Advice please explain to me the differance between a tune on a dyno to a loaded dyno
  128. Need Help With Rplcmt Vcm!!
  129. noob warm up O2 question
  130. need help. computer has no power???
  131. Misfire Cylinder #4 New PCM
  132. Looking to turn my laptop into a tech 2
  133. HP tuners and scaning non LS1 engines
  134. delete ALL air/egr codes?
  135. TunerCat file for turbo application
  136. Off topic help needed...
  137. A few tuning questions
  138. OK guys, how to transfer MAF frequency from a later operationg system?
  139. Tune my car to pass emissions?
  140. Anyone in West Michigan?
  141. HPTuner file for a cammed car?
  142. megasquirt
  143. please help with rev limiter or shift points
  144. Tune File??????
  145. PO327 & PO332, tuning problem?
  146. LC1 wide band question
  147. Map for FAST ECU LT1
  148. B1S1 02 reading bucking, surging, popping exhaust look at this scan HPTuners
  149. 04 CTSV "reduced engine power" ? HP tuners
  150. Running TSP 224R cam? I need your help...
  151. Ported Stock MAF Ends and Tuning
  152. New tuner says that I can use a 1 bar SD to tune real time.
  153. Need Help Repinning Harness on V6 --> LS1
  154. speed density questions
  155. Dyno Tune?
  156. Stock O2s trimming lean in closed loop
  157. throttle position controller 04 gto??
  158. Starter tune for mid 230's cammed TA
  159. HP Tuners 3 Bar Speed Density and EFI Live/Roadrunner generated file conflict!
  160. All Motor Cars at WOT - What Timing and How to Smooth?
  161. Car idle jumps to 3k when A/C is on
  162. High intake temperatures - ideas.
  163. Idle - Dies at stop, ok when rolling.
  164. Drive by wire to cable throttle
  165. need help finding nearby tuner!
  166. Fast Chips... can anybody explain this to me
  167. check engine light comes on and flashes
  168. "hunting" idle got worse with PCV valve
  169. Got a question for you tuners.
  170. Deleting codes
  171. Anyone using Edit with Vista
  172. SD tunning? how to do it?
  173. misfires
  174. Welcome new Moderator, TAQuickness
  175. 99 ls1 fbod - front & rear o2 the same?
  176. HP Tuners: Already have a license and asked to get another!
  177. HPT Standard vs Pro
  178. Deviation in logs for LTFT's
  179. Inconsistent shifting HP Tuners help
  180. no connection to PCM
  181. High Idle, HELP!
  182. Efi Live
  183. check engine light on code p1416
  184. Do I have a Tuning issue or a bad injector or 2?
  185. Need Help Asap!!!
  186. AEM Wideband display
  187. 98 z28 HP Tuned???
  188. LT1 MAP and MAF values?
  189. Help!! Car Wont Start. VATS?
  190. Flash PCM with DTC's set ?
  191. havent tuned in awhile some help please
  192. Question about shifting rpm vs mph
  193. 85mm MAF pin outs needed, please help
  194. Car broke down .. help with codes
  195. Which wideband for me?
  196. Does HP have demo software
  197. Help, somthing must be wrong.
  198. Knocksense KnocksenseMS for LS1 and Gen 3 Engines. w/ Megasquirt
  199. Gen7 or generic-EFI Idle tuning question.
  200. tune question
  201. Please check my calculations for injector tuning
  202. Show me the FTC's in the VE table
  203. What the hell happen
  204. Car knocks with Sensor unplugged
  205. Mail order tune - Should i tune for N2O?
  206. Need help with EFI live V2- AD input voltage
  207. Surge/Sticky Idle~Better to just start over???
  208. Heads/Cam/Intake chugging issues after tune!
  209. GM Mode22 PIDs
  210. Big Stuff 3: 2/3 step wires
  211. bad check valve throwing code?
  212. EFI Live Speed Density on 98 PCM
  213. bigstuff 3 problems
  214. Help ! no start on basic tune?
  215. fans
  216. I actually kinda regret getting a diablosport shoulda saved money and bought at hpt
  217. Tach setup
  218. what do you think hp and hypertech
  219. HPTuners: Decceleration is RICH, how to adjust?
  220. HP Tuners forum LAUGHS at EFI Live guys..
  221. HELP! trans acting up after cam install
  222. Tuning software question
  223. Help Efilive Wb ?
  224. Do you need a complete new dyno tune just to make it leaner.......
  225. Any good tune shops in Northern New Jersey?
  226. Tuners in Los Angeles, CA
  227. P1416 can't get rid of
  228. Bad PCM?? Still Misfiring!!
  229. Doug Rippie Motorsports = great people
  230. Houston Tuners??
  231. eldrabrock carb kit.. 4l80e wiring.
  232. problem with efi live
  233. Can this be programmed?
  234. EFI table #'s
  235. Motor will turn over but not fire
  236. 5 pin maf extension harness?
  237. TSP Torquer V2 Tuning Help. Need a BIN.
  238. transfer of credit on HP tuners
  239. Installed FAST intake/TB/injectors......won't idle
  240. I need a TUNER close to Arkansas
  241. code p1416 came up today
  242. SES Light Flashing C0650
  243. Upshift question
  244. P0420 & P0430 Help!!!!!
  245. Damn p1153 code
  246. HPTuners Injector Pulsewidth Question
  247. blue PCM plug 2006 GTO
  248. Old school tuning assisstance needed...
  249. Stock 2002 Z06
  250. Speedo signal