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  22. Few small!
  23. Help Me! Can't get HP Tuners on my computer without internet!
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  32. Computer Clearing
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  38. 98Z28 w/ 99+ Efilive Roadrunner, questions about using 99+ wiring harness
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  40. Is Standard Hp Tuners O.k For Turbo Setup??
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  42. need help
  43. ok got my car scaned, tps and maf ?!
  44. how to use Vinci tuner for better gas mileage ?
  45. GMPP LS2 Controller, can run w/o fly by wire?
  46. Holley Mpfi Vs Xfi Efi
  47. Need some advice...Look!
  48. my car has idling issues
  49. Black smoke from the tail pipes when I nail the throttle from a roll
  50. Code: P1113 ?
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  52. Should I tune myself?
  53. 1999 w/920 RWHP w/abs delete, fly by wire issues...
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  56. STS gt67 tune please. 1998 ls1(m6) Trans Am
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  58. what the?
  59. wide band o2 set ups?
  60. SES code p0102
  61. LS3 file
  62. EGR and AIR Problems Can anyone help?
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  69. diablosport settings
  70. VAT System problem.
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  74. WOT and CL
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  78. Need help soon
  79. Problem with air bags - B1024 and B1071
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  82. Timing retard through IAT, EFILIVE
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  84. Got a problem
  85. Instrument Cluster
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  87. Ouch Emission test
  88. Code P0131
  89. diablosport parameters
  90. JET DST parameters? tables? I need some to compare with!
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  92. Tuned - CEL Code Questions
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  102. LS swap Truck, car O2s interchange no activity problems
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  106. Engine Code - P0135 & P0155 - Need QUICK fix
  107. ls1edit
  108. speed density research, where to start??
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  110. Will these codes pass OBD2 Inspection?
  111. New 00 Camaro SS owner Please help w/codes
  112. 234/242, .598/.610 114+4 surge?
  113. i need PCM tuning help in knoxville TN area...please, please
  114. People with widebands...
  115. Stand Alone ECM's. Where are you mounting them?
  116. How do i Set up PID's to measure RAF?
  117. PCM For LEss Sponser
  118. Throwing codes. Please help
  119. Possible PCM Damage
  120. Everthing worked out except warm restart w/A/C
  121. car wont idle
  122. Please comment on this log file
  123. need help with efi live sd tune.....
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  125. Dyno Tune Problem on N20
  126. Service vehicle light and computer error.
  127. should i change my fan temps?
  128. Tuning with LS1 edit
  129. Raf down 2 grams a second after heads?
  130. BS3 fuel pump and fan wiring
  131. NeeD HeLP.PLEASE ANY1!!!!!!!
  132. Big Stuff/dynojet RPM discrepancy
  133. Car running rough after WOT run
  134. What could be causing this????? VIDEO
  135. Question about tuning and idle
  136. How to get IAC steps lower?
  137. Terrible Lean at Idle with AC-on
  138. HUD In a trans am?
  139. Can anyone bring E40's back to life?
  140. ls1edit custom tune locked, turner moved away
  141. code problem
  142. Diablo With Hpt, Question!!
  143. delco or bosch 02 sensors?
  144. Help with Wet Nitrous Timing Retard
  145. car starts great then surges down for 2 seconds then idles fine. Why the surge?
  146. Looking for a similar heads/cam HPTuners BIN......mods inside
  147. IAC you get a code????
  148. Completely stumped this issue/problem...
  149. handheld question
  150. I put 28" tall tires and now the ABS INOP and Brake dash lights are on.
  151. 1 Big Stuff 3 w/ DAI and GM trans LS1 harness In Stock *DEAL*
  152. Engine cutting out.
  153. Who does their own tuning with HPTuners?
  154. Best Wideband for Hp Tuners STD version?
  155. Saving a tune in Diablo
  156. Tuner near St. Louis
  157. Best Scan Tool
  158. how to go about pulling the PCM out of the Car ? to get a mail order tune ?
  159. When tuning what Duty Cycle would FAST 33lb Fuel injector be using in a 402 ? 90+ % ?
  160. HP Tuners and Apple
  161. What am I really Sacrificing Being an Open Loop Tune?
  162. How do I make my LM-1 work with HPT Interface?
  163. Hptuners and GMPP e67 ?
  164. forcing open loop
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  166. Need a cheap laptop for tuning? I have one FS!
  167. stock C6 Z06 injector IFR table
  168. Help with my 60# Motrons
  169. SD Tune
  170. what should i get. help
  171. p 500
  172. economy tunes
  173. heads cam tune help???
  174. Predator vs. Superchips
  175. Predator Programmer Question
  176. Please Help ,Cold start ,Cool Weather
  177. HPTune Help
  178. Car is STILL LEAN at WOT! LTFTs going negative at WOT! Please help!
  179. I wanna learn
  180. JAAM Ramair Kit effect A/F Ratio???
  181. 70 chevelle swap LQ4.fires but dont stay runing
  182. Tuning Help! Scan tool info
  183. 13111 insufficient switching Vs. exhaust leak
  184. 12.1@120.33mph w/ 477whp????
  185. VATS? car wont start! HELP!
  186. Anyone getting rid of HPTuners and a wideband setup?
  187. LS2 TB onto my 408 and now Codes, help
  188. Need a HPT tune file
  189. After tune, tuner said I needed new o2 sensors
  190. 95 lt1 fuel issue
  191. Computer tuners
  192. Please explain to me how to adjust BLM's
  193. Knock Sensor Problems
  194. MAF To adjust or not to adjust?
  195. Starting to get real sick of the cam'd life.
  196. How cranking determined?
  197. Primary and Secondary VE
  198. ? about wideband commander
  199. 2-3 is flaring up and slow at the track?
  200. Code P043. Newly installed LS3 416 in 02 Z06. WTF
  201. computer crashed
  202. need a 98 stock tune
  203. Anyone have this problem.
  204. Knock Knock need help spark retard
  205. csv files
  206. 02 LS swap b1s1 b2s1 insufficient activity.
  207. Very fustrating --> whats wrong with my SD tuning
  208. HPT AIR/EGR/Rear O2 delete after LT Headers
  209. Help!!!
  210. need efilive help after h/c install
  211. afr head/cam combo BIN file????
  212. I need help
  213. hey i really need some help asap
  214. Tuning/Emissions in PA
  215. Can someone help with what to replace next?
  216. another sct xcal2 question..
  217. LT1 - no a.c. voltage to ICM - other test results
  218. another diablo question.
  219. EFI live Vista HELP!
  220. Mind boggling issue... hunting for help.
  221. Can MAF flow be used to calculate horsepower or Inj duty cycle?
  222. 03 Z06 #'s
  223. Does anyone with HPT Have Breateless MAF Ends?
  224. Strange throttle/idle problem... Could IAC be the cause?
  225. Type of Shift light
  226. How do I ensure HPPIII is clean of my vin?
  227. random missfire
  228. Stalling when coming to stop
  229. USB to Serial Port Adapters
  230. injector scaling help
  231. Swaped to 99+ pcm
  232. Predator Question
  233. O2 Sensor question(bosch 13111)
  234. Tuner around Iowa?
  235. P0154 code after header install
  236. Need Part Number for Denso Corvette Rear O2 Sensors
  237. Tune for a TR230
  238. A4 to 56 tune but keep diablo?
  239. # 3 control circuit code
  240. need to program the pcm
  241. Crankshaft Position Sensor
  242. Spreadsheet to show VE table error %
  243. got a diablo.
  244. megasquirt with factory coils yet???
  245. 2-3 A4 Shift lag
  246. will someone look at my log, dont think o2's are acting right
  247. Best Tuner
  248. need help
  249. How do you force a car to start in closed loop and never go into open?
  250. Logworks Problem