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  1. Tranny shifts to second when launching...
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  3. MAP sensor not reading fuel enrichment
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  11. Rich Idle - Inj, VE, or ?
  12. I need help!
  13. L76 w/40lb Inj, Fuel rails and PSI Question
  14. What is the purpose of the DTC's not run Function
  15. TPS volitage
  16. Sudden no start issue, please help!
  17. Codes U1000 & U1016...what are these???
  18. plx wideband, just so i understand.......
  19. lt1 tune info help.
  20. For "research" purposes: setting OBD2 codes to "always ready" for inspection?
  21. Stopped Edit Read did I fry PCM
  22. Codes Deleted/ How long until thrown codes cycle out.
  23. P0402 COde
  24. idle reving and then dropping
  25. Which ECM and tune?
  26. Running rich?
  27. Need Help with some codes
  28. What order do you tune parameters?
  29. 1970 Corvette Conversion-P0452 Code
  30. 02 z w/charger codes p0140 and 0157?
  31. Fuel Gauge Fix / PCM Change?
  32. Freaking catalyst monitor
  33. FRIED E40 during full reflash with Tech2
  34. Idles 10 sec then dies
  35. Autometer wideband logging
  36. New GM Wiring harness?
  37. would the real tuners please stand UP ?
  38. Security Light! Help
  39. help i need a answer !!!!
  40. making the 2bar leap
  41. predetor tuner question
  42. OBD not communicating
  43. Factory PCM and FI
  44. NEWB tuning help
  45. Is there such a product or device
  46. map scaler
  47. map sensor e bar
  48. Unplug the MAF, car dies WTF?
  49. Help!
  50. 98 computer to a 99-02 conversion
  51. Electrical short not letting car be tuned? HELP!
  52. Need some input from the veterans (HP Tuners)
  53. New to drivability tuning
  54. 2 Cars Same problem, My cars Hate the track
  55. Nutty O2 oscillation. WTF?
  56. breaking up at high rpm.
  57. I Need A Harness!!
  58. 1-2 shift hits limiter with log info
  59. Tune for 5psi?
  60. 98 z28 programmer?!
  61. How much for tuning?
  62. high octane table to low octane table ????
  63. tons of O2 codes
  64. Same problems after new plugs and wires. Help!!
  65. % to change AFR??
  66. Hptuners Dropped Tune????????
  67. Laptop thread locked
  68. p0522 code. I need help!!!
  69. P0154 Code after Header Install?
  70. Professional Tune before N2O installed
  71. delphi and slp 85 maf calibrations
  72. Anyone know what happens when you disconnect just one O2 sensor?
  73. OBD2 to Laptop USB or Serial Connector
  74. how bad can tempeture effect ur tune???
  75. HP Tuners x/y axis question
  76. Lap top mount for F body
  77. P0757 How to shut off?
  78. Tune Question
  79. 2002 6.0 code help
  80. lc1 mounting/install
  81. MAP sensor cal for a 2bar 98 with HPT
  82. BigStuff3 experts - upgrade for 58x?
  83. U7198 Help!
  84. help with A/F gauge
  85. idle and fans tables, what is the best
  86. Megasquirt help
  87. need a help
  88. front 02's dead
  89. 3 bar sd enhancement
  90. HPTUNERS wideband
  91. Large LTFTs with stock MAF & injectors, why?
  92. Can you Monitor Fuel Pressure with HPT?
  93. Which one of these Actron reads real time to check for retard?
  94. Tuning with a handheld after headers
  95. hypertech?
  96. Sputters when warm
  97. Misfire question
  98. Need tuner or PCM tuned
  99. Computer Questions and HELP Needed!!!!
  100. Looking for help: Fuel trims maxed & Timing advance going nuts?! Stock engine!
  101. 99 computer in a 2000?
  102. LS1edit files online....
  103. Tapping for vehicle speed + throttle position
  104. Question for the Pros or anyone that has had this problem
  105. Camaro upstream and downstream O2 sensors are they the same?
  106. What the hell is this codes ?
  107. BCM help!
  108. Innovate DB wideband?
  109. Headed to get tuned! But before I go!
  110. Timing freaks out at idle
  111. After a tune
  112. hanging idle help
  113. quick question..
  114. Aeroforce Interceptor and Wideband
  115. Question: DiabloSport predator
  116. Does anyone Have a MAF Table for a Pro-M 85 mm Maf on an F Body?
  117. AEM A/F UEGO Controller Setup.
  118. olsd tune in cammed cars!? lean starts question
  119. Little transmission related tuning help needed
  120. Spark with KR help
  121. Turn P0300 code Off?
  122. 2006 LS2 wiring ?'s
  123. codes
  124. which is better
  125. help with vats and other wiring
  126. Knock Sensor
  127. risk?
  128. How much would you pay for extra gas mileage?
  129. Pictures of widebands or a/f guages in car
  130. low oil light!??
  131. 160* T-stat?
  132. New LS7 crate engine won't start
  133. Just checking
  134. Cam Position Sensor Malfunction
  135. DTC P0135, 0155, problems with 02-sensor heater
  136. Dtc 1336.
  137. New Shift Speed / Shift Points
  138. new L99 / LS3 tuning
  139. TC locking
  140. 6.0/5.3 Head idle help! HP Tuners
  141. pcm trouble HELP!!!
  142. Insufficient Switching Sensor 1 or Bank 1 Sensor 1
  143. Upping the boost...Where do it tune for this?
  144. MAP pinout to use Innovate 02 Sensor???
  145. Aftermarket fuel pump
  146. Need some wideband help
  147. Tuning Nirous question
  148. tuning question
  149. VE master...maximum RPM ability?
  150. Help ! Cam Pickup Problem !
  151. MAF Affecting Lockup?!?
  152. Dam Flashing Security Light!!! Help Please!
  153. Wiring harness
  154. Anyone a SCT dealer need to get retune ASAP
  155. Help,Down On Power and Don't smell like a Rolling Gas Station.
  156. Need a tuner in alabama or Tn.
  157. TRans Issue- No Codes on Predator
  158. FI help w/T76 2Bar
  159. h/c/i ls1 Stalling hard off line HELP
  160. TCI trans controller help
  161. lt1 tune
  162. HP tuners Problem
  163. Tuning Q?
  164. Houston dyno tune
  165. Tune wideband with STFTs
  166. help with O2 sensor or something else?
  167. Hypertech Power Programmer
  168. blowing ENG SEN fuse
  169. How are relays rated?
  170. Locked PCM?
  171. Its like my tune dissapeared WTF???
  172. Help me set my timing curve please! 236/236 110 cam,
  173. EFILive tuner in VA?
  174. VSS Output with Autometer Speedo
  175. Anyone know that this code is? PO-420.
  176. Service engine soon light is flashing????
  177. Injector/VE scaling?!?
  178. Max Timing for idle??LT1
  179. Deleting O2 codes p1133 p1153, will the car run in open loop???
  180. pcm recaliberating?
  181. Code Reseet
  182. White smoke at idle!
  183. it keeps dying
  184. dtc 0748
  185. Brake Light On!
  186. Question for you???
  187. Is 15.5 to 16.5 acceptable for Cruise?
  188. Intermittant rpm / cutting out problem. (HELP PLZ)
  189. mail order tune for procharger
  190. LS1 Tune maybe Vengeance Vindicator cam?
  191. best wideband
  192. Timing Question
  193. Used tuning software
  194. What kind of maf is this?
  195. HIGH idle when map sensor is plugged in?
  196. Procharger Tune
  197. BAD somthing?
  198. 96lb. injectors and AEM driver...tuning?
  199. Can a Diablosport tuner for a 00 LS1 be a normal ODB2 reader/code clearer?
  200. Indiana LSX tuner
  201. TunerCat Tuning: Info and Help
  202. DTC and O2 problems
  203. Fuel pressure logging
  204. mail order tune..
  205. Car has no start condition
  206. Spark advance surge/O2 readings? (VCM Scan Prtscn inside)
  207. Where to set shift points while installin hypertech?
  208. maf code (lt1)
  209. Flashscan v1/Data logging
  210. LS1Edit fun----How do you convert injector lb/hr to gm/sec????
  211. Measure your 0-60 times, etc with your IPod!
  212. Formato Tuning and Porting in Gettysburgh PA - 8/22 -8/25
  213. Throttle body wiring??
  214. A/F for idle and WOT
  215. SES Light after cleaning engine?
  216. SD tune with hp tuners quick question
  217. P0131 & P0151 at WOT
  218. Change fuel pressure - Change VE - BS3
  219. injectors shutting off
  220. CA 91 Octane With predator and mods safe?
  221. Need help from the pros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  222. Lean at cruise bucking, what to do?
  223. Is the WBO2 on the LC1 the same as all the others for connectivity?
  224. Having Detination At WOT,FUEL?
  225. Car fires right up cold, but hard to start when warmed up
  226. slew of codes, help!
  227. I Need Help! P1133 Code?
  228. 8.1L MEFI-4b tunning help needed
  229. tuned..but still stalls
  230. Need a stock tune for a 99Z28 (LS1Edit)
  231. HP Tuners question help
  232. LS1Edit & HP Tuners Compatiable
  233. ses comes on more and more
  234. tach on dash not working
  235. HELP! cooling fans not working!
  236. How to set up SD tune?
  237. Gauges cluster
  238. RPM Oscillation
  239. how to datalog LS3 08 vette for free?
  240. Hey yall i have LS1 edit please clarify this program for me
  241. IAT High Voltage Code
  242. Just starting out with EFI Life. need some suggestions.
  243. Is there anyway I can fake Front 02 readings? Read me.
  244. T56 Reverse Lockout
  245. Car Will Not Idle After Tune
  246. What Scan for Newbe?
  247. Please take a look at my tune for TTi stage 1
  248. Default Please take a look at my tune for TTi stage 1
  249. What can be done with this cable?
  250. How do you decide