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  1. LS7 Carb intake manifold pressure drop?
  2. Wideband and Hp Tuners Questions
  3. Does cutout effect A/F Ratio or tune?
  4. Code P430
  5. base tune for a 6.0L l92/L76
  6. BS3 Install
  7. Predator Adjustments
  8. need advise
  9. tuner cat help
  10. Will predator work in my 98?
  11. SOS!!!Car won't start after a4 to m6 swap. Got no spark at the motor. SOS!!!
  12. 98 car, swap in 99+ pcm, questions
  13. pinout difference between 98 and 02 ls1
  14. Gauges tick and freak out when brakes are pressed...Help!
  15. tuning question
  16. adjusting throttle body?
  17. Beware of 409motorsports in SC
  18. can the EFIlive scan only make changes?
  19. C5 turbo.Tunning problems.
  20. Car Hits Rev Limiter under WOT?
  21. Where to tune in northern TEXAS?
  22. Does anyone know of a reputable tuner in the Reno area?
  23. how do I get tuned?????
  24. 07 escalade vvt w/ a 07 cts-v 6 spd tune
  25. 4l60e -23 Shift
  26. Is there anyway!
  27. LS2 Edit tune for a STS..Help!
  28. No Spark on #4 Cylinder
  29. Handheld Tuners??
  30. HP Tuners, codes, state inspection
  31. another hp tuner ?
  32. warm car start & downshift then apply clutch RPM drop
  33. 4L60e to 4L80E swap?
  34. drive by wire Throttle threashold? HP tuners, tunercat set in
  35. P0106,p0171,p0174 ????
  36. VE tuning - LTFT question
  37. Autotap VS. EFIlive scan
  38. Help me with this code P0131!!
  39. Aeroforec gauge malfuntion?
  40. Misfire p0300
  41. Variance in LTFT's between trips. Why?
  42. Need help!?!?!?!?
  43. No power to cooling temp sensor???
  44. DTC P1374 3X Reference Circuit
  45. P0102 Mass Airflow circuit,Low Input
  46. Bad LC-1?
  47. tuner in hutch/wichita ks-help
  48. Help car misfiring
  49. o2 Problems..
  50. Need Help Deleting Vats 05 Gto E40
  51. EFILive to HP Tuners Purchase
  52. How to properly correct a wb A/F pid in hptuners?
  53. 98 Camaro Ls1 Relay clicking every 10 min after it sits?
  54. WOT Timing on STS at 5psi on LS1
  55. good mail order tuning?
  56. wiring harness?
  57. P0442 and a fuel smell
  58. will this work...
  59. Dynotune Autove?
  60. Starting Problem after Diablo install
  61. whats in a tune?
  62. stuck injector foul plug?
  63. weird error codes!
  64. recalibrating the factory tach
  65. Alternator/voltage gauge question
  66. Weird problem...
  67. GM connector Tool
  68. Idle fueling
  69. did i fry my pcm
  70. Ugh... Did I get a shitty tune?
  71. Help Please with P0351 thru P0358 Codes
  72. fueling issue - need some suggestions
  73. 02 sensor heater, catalyst monitors not ready
  74. LC1 HP Tuner logging stays at 10 ????
  75. Factory PCM problem
  76. Autotap LTFT error
  77. Anyone have a tune for PRC 220cc 5.3L 2.5 & MS3?
  78. code 443
  79. Need some help installing LC1 on obd1 LT1
  80. anyone got a 2005 C6 Supercharger tune?
  81. MAP Sensor problem with HP Tuners
  82. What Is It....
  83. Thanks for tuner info
  84. Free up HP on relatively stock setup?
  85. Tuning Question: LTFT - Lean
  86. A Few Predator Questions
  87. Need help tuning a4
  88. Question to the HP tuner A4 to M6 guys
  89. Idle help please
  90. Arizona Tuners
  91. Tuning out dips in torque (with a big cam)
  92. SES only at idle.
  93. tunnig for good gas mileage
  94. problem after tune
  95. s10 fuel gague correction (ls swap)
  96. Who has HP Tuners in stock ready to ship?
  97. Tune after LS6 cam Install?
  98. tranny press?
  99. slp diablo
  100. HP Tuner ?
  101. 02 Readings Fluctuating while driving...
  102. Idle Screw?
  103. VE Correction
  104. Hunting down an electrical issue?
  105. Can anyone help w/Innovate Wideband calibration?
  106. my brother just bought me a hyperpac
  107. Diablo Predator Programmer?
  108. M6 to A4 conversion question
  109. Revolution Mode or Cylinder Mode to adjust missfire sensitivity?
  110. Looking to get data logging software
  111. Gutting cats or removing??
  112. Dynamic Airflow only goes to .59-.61 g/cyl, is it OK?
  113. Can only get 10PSI of boost
  114. 2000 harness with a 2004 LS1?
  115. P0154 What else to look for?
  116. All LTFTs the same!!
  117. Would scanning software detect a misfire if there is no trouble code thrown?
  118. Help!!! with HPTuners
  119. Quick HPTuners question
  120. tunning in Fresno, CA?
  121. Would a bad map sensor cause stalling?
  122. need advice on tuning with my predator
  123. New injectors, slight issue
  124. New Cam?
  125. PCM/harness gurus come in here
  126. Code P1134
  127. dyno depression....look.
  128. PCM code Identify
  129. Tuning a c5 with a diablosport
  130. best way to tune motor swap 97 firebird turbo 5.3
  131. Anybody have a Scangauge II?
  132. Stutter/Hesitation between 1500-2000rpm's
  133. PCM stops working... works when re-connected
  134. Another P0154 question.
  135. How to get BS3 to control autometer speedo
  136. Posting here cause I know the guys that really know something tune cars
  137. Slight bucking in semi
  138. Cant find a file for me .bin or .tun
  139. going back to stock MAF
  140. EFI/Innovate Sale. Check it out.
  141. 228 232 on 111 +2 Starter bin file wanted
  142. g8 gt retune
  143. LC-1 or LM-1?
  144. Car feels like it lauched in "drive" or 3rd gear. Is it a tune problem ?
  145. What SES codes to disable?
  146. Check tuning strategy, 150wet + torquer3
  147. Who can wire me a BS3 harness for factory cluster?
  148. P1153 - Really just turn it off?
  149. efi live not matching logworks afr
  150. Any one using HPtuners with Vista 64bit?
  151. Disabling skip shift with LT1 Edit
  152. Loaded 4l80e file(engine now runs crappy)
  153. Speedo stuck at 20mph
  154. what is the best o2 to use
  155. Does a 94 lt1 have a fail safe default?
  156. what would be the best way to tune turbo ls1
  157. Mike from diablosport PLEASE HELP.
  158. HPtuners and transmission tables
  159. Worst... Tune... Ever...
  160. Anything esle for a basic tune?
  161. Do you use a PLX Wideband?
  162. Plx question
  163. Cant you use HPtuners editor on multiple computers??
  164. sniper tuning
  165. afr, tune problem
  166. FASTCHIP TUNE GOOD? Ed Wright Performance good?
  167. Need to get a wideband I want to go with innovate but.......
  168. TR6 plugs turbo'd what gap ????
  169. HPTuners Rep
  170. Oxygen sensor questions
  171. P0137
  172. Random misfire at WOT...
  173. Problem with my HPtuners, can somebody help me out?
  174. odd tuning problem
  175. EFI Live tune for trans?
  176. Dyno Tuning Near Nw Arkansas?????
  177. popped 33 codes YEP you heard right 33 codes but curious.....
  178. Does a cutout effect tune?
  179. Anyone know where I can kind stock LS1edit files? (did a search)
  180. dispalcement on demand for 2001 vette
  181. Knock Sensor Deletion!?!
  182. anybody using megasquirt on a 5.3
  183. ses light after 18" wheel install?
  184. Loosing power upon launch
  185. Oxygen Sensor Burned wire
  186. 56 RWHP Gain On Induction Changes
  187. When will thse codes clear?
  188. Car Hitting Rev Early
  189. HP tuners question
  190. About to FIRE new motor - Fuel Injector Question
  191. 2 Coils = No Fire.. WHY???
  192. Getting a mail order tune. Tell me what you think.
  193. need help with wiring quick!
  194. Spark Arching Issues
  195. Electrical issues
  196. No green wire in LC-1
  197. Does this make sense?
  198. LS7 throwing codes ??
  199. Any LS7 tuners around today?
  200. Shop tuning tools
  201. lt-1 Edit trans programming
  202. What is the best MAF sensor?
  203. Will this MAF sensor work in my camaro?
  204. New cam tune, have a couple ?'s for answering
  205. Why Does my Car Surge like a MF when going into reverse?
  206. HP tuners help w/ my car!
  207. Progressivly getting leaner???
  208. HELP!!! Code P1154
  209. Idle Trims
  210. trans wont shift on 1st-2nd under wot
  211. Tuning Question
  212. car feels "sluggish" every now and then
  213. Want to buy HPTuners for LS3 C6 today!
  214. sd tuning efi-live corvette car wont idle
  215. 02 simulator quest
  216. Possible ECU problem.
  217. Lack of WOT power
  218. Hypertech Power Programmer ? Any good?
  219. Speedo Messed Up! Help!
  220. any adverse affects of raising the timing?
  221. EFI Live guru's Please Advise
  222. A/F gauge placement
  223. please help me with table D0801 and D0301 torque reduction
  224. Question about torque management
  225. Need Some Help
  226. I Cant Get My Car Tuned!!!!
  227. hptuner tuning ve via wideband question
  228. Car Hits The Rev Limiter at 5K and is set at 7K?
  229. 2000 5.3 liter engine, flash pcm with a 2002?
  230. What should I log at track ?
  231. o2 sensor question
  232. Passenger side bank of motor not firing
  233. GM HighTech Review???
  234. Can a WB 02 be used as a narrow band?
  235. Halltech Venom install - now SUPER lean - HELP!
  236. Need Mail order tune??
  237. MS4 idle tuning
  238. eng sens fuse keeps popping
  239. Dual tuning a possibility
  240. tuning calibration ?
  241. Software options for changing my tunes
  242. Diablo Tune
  243. EFILive Locking up Laptop!!
  244. MAF help please !!!
  245. 85mm Maf Calibration Values
  246. Tuning questions? tuning options?
  247. EFILive and RoadRunner Best Price?
  248. Price of computer???
  249. Do I NEED A TUNE
  250. knock sensor too sensitive?