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  1. Wideband to v1 efi live
  2. C6 ZO6 MAP Sensor code 106 please help
  3. Secondary Air Injection
  4. exhaust and tune q's
  5. Shift time(sec) Vs %TPS Vs Shift Table
  6. drive by wire help!
  7. Two DTcs -- While data logging TPS voltage is -3.4V ???
  8. Need SERIOUS Help - PCM/Exhaust
  9. Someone with HP tuner, Hampton roads Va
  10. Tuner Needed - Crank Recailbration Code 1336
  11. Scanners wont read
  12. need help on project
  13. Lots of codes. Where to start?
  14. Pcm Fried??
  15. Something is a miss here?
  16. Mail order e85?
  17. Need tune in the Central Coast of Cali.
  18. Problems with HP Tuners. Help. :)
  19. Map change
  20. AFR for max torque vs max hp
  21. How does someone come up with the injector offset table?
  22. Shift Light in Tune Software
  23. Hooking wide band to Gen7 dfi ?
  24. code p0175 AGAIN...anyone who can help inside please.
  25. Immediately shifting to 2nd, then 3rd at launch
  26. PCM Tune
  27. Standalone BS3 w/BCM
  28. Where to put WBO2 sensor?
  29. How to change VIN
  30. hopefully the problems are in the tune.
  31. blms..what are they and how do i adjust?
  32. oil pressure sending unit question HELP
  33. Cars Idling, up and down.
  34. Trouble Code Problem Solved
  35. HP Tuners...XP Or Vista??
  36. Total timing on bolt-on LS1?
  37. Tuner in Fl
  38. P0102 on a '96 Chevy Astro.
  39. Scheduled my Dynotune at TSP for the 14th
  40. Having trouble with starting cold temps
  41. SES light question?
  42. how does a PCM transfer to SD tune by itself?????????
  43. FAST Air Fuel Meter
  44. 2004 corvette computer
  45. p0300 Misfiring diag.
  46. Torque management delete...
  47. Interfacing '06 C6 w/ Laptop - What do I need?
  48. Leaded race gas
  49. Who can do this?
  50. What does the LS1 advance curve look like?
  51. lean code on bank 1
  52. Dyno Tuneing in Wisconsin???
  53. Pretty dissapointed with Innovative....
  54. riching the tune up top
  55. Tuning shops in BC/WA
  56. 93 Tuning.
  57. Transmission Tables
  58. Testing 02 sensor wires
  59. Question for Tuners after Head install
  60. my tuner told me to have an o2 bung welded in for wideband tune?
  61. How come my tuner can't....
  62. Pulled 7 Damn Codes!!!!!
  63. lt1 tunning
  64. BS3 Wiring Shorting
  65. Plugged in HP Tuners Cord and it got HOT!
  66. stange P0101
  67. 1999 PCM for 1998?
  68. tuning
  69. Help! Service Engine Soon!
  70. mail order tuning??
  71. 402ci LS1 idle issues...
  72. Brand New Lc-1 Problems
  73. need tuning in south tx
  74. Help with IAT PLease
  75. PLX Wideband pinout needed!!!
  76. Need HELP! how to download a file from another car.
  77. ? on mailorder turne
  78. LT1 OBDII tuning info needed
  79. Setting Injector Size
  80. could it still be pcm tuning or something else?
  81. code 341 help
  82. standalone to run engine and stock ecu to run tranny possible??
  83. Locked Diablo tuner?
  84. Ltft ?
  85. Digital Can OBD2 & 1 Tool
  86. AF-voltage conversion
  87. AF-voltage conversion
  88. Am I running Open Loop?
  89. Tuning.
  90. Bucking between 1000 to 2000 RPM, How do I tune it out?
  91. CEL question.
  92. True Custom Dyno Tune compared to Mail Order
  93. po174 and po171
  94. Changing injector size with HP Tuners
  95. not sure if i have a tuning issue or transmission issue
  96. what can i expect after a tune? 98 Z28
  97. How To Delete Traction Control With Efilive?
  98. good place to get my car tuned in MI
  99. rear O2's
  100. Running rich
  101. MAF recalibrate ??
  102. Please help. HP tuners + LS1 + Turbo = 260 whp?
  103. Service Vehicle AND Air Bag Lights
  104. help me ...problem!!!!
  105. p1153 and p0155
  106. PCMforless?
  107. Is this going to keep happening?
  108. Tuning for TH400 Manual valve body
  109. OBDII Diagnostic Scanner Work On OBDI Vehicles?
  110. throwing a P0410 code???
  111. Installing ss3600, what should i do about a tune
  112. help on a link
  113. questions about my tune
  114. What needs to be changed for A4 to M6 swap?
  115. Local tuner
  116. Best computer to use?
  117. Getting knock sensor voltage low, bank 2.
  118. Hypertech
  119. Fuel Trims
  120. How far off will the tune be?
  121. Air pump fuse keeps shorting
  122. Speed Linit in HP Tuners??
  123. how hard is it to switch from maf to sd on 94 lt1?
  124. VE tables maxxed out where else to get fuel?
  125. How can I test my OBDII connector?
  126. Can misfires be false or caused by big cam?
  127. Cammed LS1's:What RPM is your idle at?
  128. Stalling after burnout...
  129. Diablosport Predator Questions
  130. strange A/C problem already had one shop attempt to fix it, apparently PCM related???
  131. Pros / Cons to going full-on Speed Density?
  132. NGK AFX Wideband
  133. Proper MAF Values?
  134. need help loseing my mind
  135. gear change
  136. f14 on a stock tune
  137. Any Tuners in GA?
  138. Will I need another tune?
  139. Good dyno tuning shop in or around santa clarita CA???
  140. how bad is it....
  141. is it worth it? input
  142. Damn part throttle KR how do i fix it
  143. idling problem help
  144. Tuners in Lafayette/Indianapolis Indiana Area?
  145. KR at startup ( log Inside )
  146. codes p0135 & p0155
  147. Please offer input. HELP! Codes being thrown.
  148. EGR disabled still getting code and light
  149. Maf Or Pe
  150. about to put my SS3600 stall to improve this PWM?
  151. new autometer wideband?
  152. Started new LS1 conversion, no spark out of 4,8,5 coils. Checeked everything
  153. Black Smoke with Lean Plugs?
  154. How do I change the commanded AFR
  155. Please Help?!? Where To Start
  156. Should you change tunes for the weather? (hot/cold)
  157. Dyno tuning around St. augustine area
  158. need help, lc1
  159. Diablosport Predator Questions
  160. computer locked?
  161. injectors maxed out, any recommendations?
  162. mail order tune??
  163. Yank 4000SS installed and hitting rev limiter
  164. Speedo?
  165. cam guys-
  166. Best Tuning Shops!! HELP!!
  167. Someone please shoot my car, or maybe i deserve it???
  168. Someone please shoot my car, or maybe i deserve it???
  169. Stock idle?
  170. Smoothing out the idle on a bigish cam
  171. Big cam in a 402 LS2 stroker, how to tune?
  172. LS2 from LS1 swap, no tach, do I switch the A & C terminals on the cam sensor?
  173. Smog check
  174. DTC set (P0300), no SES light, fail inspection? DTC erase?
  175. How do you go about tuning the lower end of the VE table? 400 800 and 1200?
  176. new gauges
  177. Wideband hookup
  178. New ECU
  179. Head Grounds
  180. Readiness Test and P1133 insuficient switch issue>
  181. Help on dyno tuning myself
  182. air / fuel ratio
  183. LS1Edit or HP Tunners
  184. PCM might be toast, what are my options?
  185. hp/efi????
  186. Tune for a bolt on Z?
  187. ? about adding catted Y-pipe
  188. Scanner Options
  189. Running rich
  190. Need Help with a Local Tuner*Orange County, CA*
  191. Vacuum Issue
  192. Speedometer wont work! what wrong????
  193. Need a L92 / LS3 Injector Offset Table
  194. PLX SM-AFR Wideband Feedback.....
  195. I Cant Figure This Out!
  196. kept going back and forth between high speed and normal during flash??
  197. Please educate me about OBD II scanners!
  198. Swapping years with HPTuners
  199. PCM ?'s
  200. Need a tune in Southern ohio
  201. Commanded shift rpm's, car shifts earlier than set to
  202. P0332 code
  203. tach not working?
  204. check engine light
  205. p0174
  206. Dyno Tune needed DFW
  207. 98 camaro wont idle or hardly run
  208. No Spark!
  209. wideband sensor?
  210. DTC PO134 Any help appreciated
  211. 4.56 gears not possible with '98 pcm???
  212. I need some help with EFI live tune
  213. 160 Thermostat Tune??
  214. Ve... Wot?
  215. Speed Denisty Open lope tuning help
  216. What wires to the PCM tell it what gear it is in?
  217. Does anyone have feedback about PCMperformance?
  218. crank pos. sensor
  219. usb to i/o cable help
  220. Running with/without LTFT enabled....
  221. I am fixing to make some changes and need info on tuning software
  222. Idle issue when the car is hot
  223. LTFT Help
  224. Help..misfire on one cylinder and tried everything
  225. Tune required?
  226. EFI Live v2 98 transam pcm free licensing?
  227. HELP!!!!!PCM/BAT fuse keeps blowing
  228. need fast help, switching back to MAF from speed density??
  229. How do I go by doing this
  230. How can i get a screen shot?
  231. Several codes P0300, P0443, P0101, P1637
  232. 98 Formula - help with tune
  233. Need Location of Ignition Switch
  234. Why does my car surge when coming to a stop?
  235. USB to Serial adapter Vista x64
  236. P-1116 Code
  237. lean condition at shift points?
  238. G5X3 + AFR205 starter file
  239. LS2 conversion,, engine will not start
  240. I have a bad Miss Fire
  241. Trex
  242. is it possible 2 make 1000hp with gen3 comp?
  243. Vista???
  244. AEM wideband placement
  245. Anyone use innovative logworks for VE tuning?
  246. dyno/tune in indiana???
  247. Loose ground strap
  248. Just need ideas kicked around - tuning problem?
  249. Put on a SLP lid and now.................
  250. CL vs. OL questions