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  1. Need Help Repinning Harness on V6 --> LS1
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  4. Stock O2s trimming lean in closed loop
  5. throttle position controller 04 gto??
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  10. High intake temperatures - ideas.
  11. Idle - Dies at stop, ok when rolling.
  12. Drive by wire to cable throttle
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  14. Fast Chips... can anybody explain this to me
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  17. Got a question for you tuners.
  18. Deleting codes
  19. Anyone using Edit with Vista
  20. SD tunning? how to do it?
  21. misfires
  22. Welcome new Moderator, TAQuickness
  23. 99 ls1 fbod - front & rear o2 the same?
  24. HP Tuners: Already have a license and asked to get another!
  25. HPT Standard vs Pro
  26. Deviation in logs for LTFT's
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  28. no connection to PCM
  29. High Idle, HELP!
  30. Efi Live
  31. check engine light on code p1416
  32. Do I have a Tuning issue or a bad injector or 2?
  33. Need Help Asap!!!
  34. AEM Wideband display
  35. 98 z28 HP Tuned???
  36. LT1 MAP and MAF values?
  37. Help!! Car Wont Start. VATS?
  38. Flash PCM with DTC's set ?
  39. havent tuned in awhile some help please
  40. Question about shifting rpm vs mph
  41. 85mm MAF pin outs needed, please help
  42. Car broke down .. help with codes
  43. Which wideband for me?
  44. Does HP have demo software
  45. Help, somthing must be wrong.
  46. Knocksense KnocksenseMS for LS1 and Gen 3 Engines. w/ Megasquirt
  47. Gen7 or generic-EFI Idle tuning question.
  48. tune question
  49. Please check my calculations for injector tuning
  50. Show me the FTC's in the VE table
  51. What the hell happen
  52. Car knocks with Sensor unplugged
  53. Mail order tune - Should i tune for N2O?
  54. Need help with EFI live V2- AD input voltage
  55. Surge/Sticky Idle~Better to just start over???
  56. Heads/Cam/Intake chugging issues after tune!
  57. GM Mode22 PIDs
  58. Big Stuff 3: 2/3 step wires
  59. bad check valve throwing code?
  60. EFI Live Speed Density on 98 PCM
  61. bigstuff 3 problems
  62. Help ! no start on basic tune?
  63. fans
  64. I actually kinda regret getting a diablosport shoulda saved money and bought at hpt
  65. Tach setup
  66. what do you think hp and hypertech
  67. HPTuners: Decceleration is RICH, how to adjust?
  68. HP Tuners forum LAUGHS at EFI Live guys..
  69. HELP! trans acting up after cam install
  70. Tuning software question
  71. Help Efilive Wb ?
  72. Do you need a complete new dyno tune just to make it leaner.......
  73. Any good tune shops in Northern New Jersey?
  74. Tuners in Los Angeles, CA
  75. P1416 can't get rid of
  76. Bad PCM?? Still Misfiring!!
  77. Doug Rippie Motorsports = great people
  78. Houston Tuners??
  79. eldrabrock carb kit.. 4l80e wiring.
  80. problem with efi live
  81. Can this be programmed?
  82. EFI table #'s
  83. Motor will turn over but not fire
  84. 5 pin maf extension harness?
  85. TSP Torquer V2 Tuning Help. Need a BIN.
  86. transfer of credit on HP tuners
  87. Installed FAST intake/TB/injectors......won't idle
  88. I need a TUNER close to Arkansas
  89. code p1416 came up today
  90. SES Light Flashing C0650
  91. Upshift question
  92. P0420 & P0430 Help!!!!!
  93. Damn p1153 code
  94. HPTuners Injector Pulsewidth Question
  95. blue PCM plug 2006 GTO
  96. Old school tuning assisstance needed...
  97. Stock 2002 Z06
  98. Speedo signal
  99. need a tune IMMEDIATELY!! please help
  100. Sticks in OpenLoop after PE
  101. Live scan for ABS INOP light
  102. PE or MAF for WOT Tuning On Stock Car
  103. If you had?
  104. efi live question
  105. Tuning VE question
  106. voltage drops while cranking
  107. LT1 383 fuel trims.
  108. Need some help about wiring up lean shutdown switch
  109. hp tuner?
  110. Random Misfire- Coil, valve spring, lifter???
  111. MAF tuning question
  112. bad tune or bad valvetrain
  113. E-38 Tach Output
  114. P1637 diagnostic results opinion needed
  115. Knock Sensors
  116. EGR tuned out
  117. HP tuners clicky clicky
  118. 98 questions
  119. Light Question
  120. Anyone with LS1 Edit in Central Texas that can tune?
  121. Need Computer Help!!
  122. Changing idle speed; GM tech 2.... '98 ls1........Come in Tech 2 gurus
  123. Whats what? ECU's
  124. Code P0601
  125. innovate motorsports widebands any good?
  126. Reputable tuner in MD
  127. Wideband Questions
  128. Can anyone look over my logs?
  129. Diablosport predator
  130. v6 to v8 swap, ECU?
  131. 98 pcm and 99 pcm
  132. question about EFI live
  133. Tuning Gurus... something seem a little off to you?
  134. Advanced ecu questions?
  135. Wheel sensors
  136. O2 delete and state Inspection???
  137. o2 sensor delete
  138. questions about diablosport programmer
  139. WTF!! Does anyone fall for this.
  140. Narrow bands for use with leaded fuels?
  141. Question..O2 sensors
  142. Easiest EMS to use?
  143. Injector compensation question
  144. Need assistence with base E85
  145. need a good tune
  146. Preditor tuner
  147. HP Tuners issue
  148. Post up laptop mounting pics.
  149. Who wants to make $50? Need codes deleted
  150. Code-P0443/p0440
  151. Os sensor Help
  152. Best Tuner In KY
  153. Diablo egr delete
  154. VSS Help-70 Corvette LS w/Keisler 5 Speed
  155. Any tuning available for GM's new 09 3.6 V6 Direct injection
  156. P0719 code?
  157. High altitude tuning
  158. HELP! HPT not reading WB!
  159. HPT and altenator
  160. Fastest Stock Computer
  161. New PCM now receiving codes
  162. HPTuners and Oil Pressure
  163. HPTuners DTC Codes
  164. What scanner can read and delete pcm codes?
  165. Question about buying new ECM
  166. Couple Knock Sensor Questions
  167. Performance chip
  168. Maximum lb/min for stock MAF?
  169. EFILIVE help v.retarded high idle
  170. high idle problem?
  171. LS1 cam/stall - idling/sputtering after transport from NC to IL
  172. looking for a tuner in SW pa
  173. Dyno tune shop?Any1
  174. First time with SD tune
  175. how do you test the idle air sensor??
  176. EFI Live/LS1edit ???????
  177. P0133 and P0153
  178. optimum air/fuel mixture after long tube install
  179. two problems
  180. EFI Live ?
  181. DiabloSport with SLP custom tune
  182. closest dyno
  183. getting speedo to work with th400
  184. Which Wideband to purchase?
  185. Reflash and startup tune
  186. Car idles high.. please advice.. video & pics..
  187. plX sm-afr/dm100 box mounting
  188. PID list
  189. 2003 Escalade PCM -> 2004 GTO OS?
  190. LC-1 wideband issue
  191. Anyone with Ls1 edit near central Wisconsin?
  192. Car dies when enters "closed loop"
  193. COT for Magnaflow 59959s
  194. 5.3 Lean Condition Help?..
  195. ECM seals
  196. MAF dirt, rich or lean results and dead CATS?
  197. Can I 'tune' the position sensor on my DBW pedal?
  198. Truck won't start
  199. open loop with cats and tq managment
  200. Speed Denisty Tune on Dyno?
  201. Help Tuning Injectors w/Diablo
  202. help with RACE-TRONIX ls2/ls1 cam pos sensor adapter - no signal now :-(
  203. ECU Recal
  204. Tuning Nightmare Help
  205. H/C A4 Stalling after start up.... has been tuned
  206. MAF fluctuation at WOT but runs good
  207. MAF and VE almost dialed in... but...
  208. diablo tuning for bigger injectors?
  209. 4l60e Tunning for drag racing
  210. Deleted EGR codes still coming on
  211. Trex File, efi live
  212. Fuel cut off not making sense
  213. LS1 efi ECU swap
  214. lowering misfire sensitivity?
  215. Running Lean on Top end... MAF calibration?
  216. start-up/idle issues...imagine that?
  217. Tranny shifts to second when launching...
  218. Frost need ur help loose pcm connection/
  219. MAP sensor not reading fuel enrichment
  220. Fresh Re-build running on 4 cylinders?
  221. Stupid traction control.....HELP ME OUT!
  222. use tune from car on truck?
  223. Bung Hole Placement For Lm1
  224. Requesting a Tune file for specific setup
  225. Very low idle at start up when sitting overnight.
  226. Just installed Headers+ORY Need Help Please
  227. Rich Idle - Inj, VE, or ?
  228. I need help!
  229. L76 w/40lb Inj, Fuel rails and PSI Question
  230. What is the purpose of the DTC's not run Function
  231. TPS volitage
  232. Sudden no start issue, please help!
  233. Codes U1000 & U1016...what are these???
  234. plx wideband, just so i understand.......
  235. lt1 tune info help.
  236. For "research" purposes: setting OBD2 codes to "always ready" for inspection?
  237. Stopped Edit Read did I fry PCM
  238. Codes Deleted/ How long until thrown codes cycle out.
  239. P0402 COde
  240. idle reving and then dropping
  241. Which ECM and tune?
  242. Running rich?
  243. Need Help with some codes
  244. What order do you tune parameters?
  245. 1970 Corvette Conversion-P0452 Code
  246. 02 z w/charger codes p0140 and 0157?
  247. Fuel Gauge Fix / PCM Change?
  248. Freaking catalyst monitor
  249. FRIED E40 during full reflash with Tech2
  250. Idles 10 sec then dies