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  1. Formato tuning and Porting in Gettysburg PA 10/17-10/20
  2. 408 going in, base tune for initial fire-up - critical
  3. To MAF or not?
  4. whats causing ltft to shoot up at idle?
  5. LTFT's ---> adjustment confusion!
  6. Check out my logs/tune..
  7. This is a weird one....HELP????
  8. Puzzle for the smart guys...
  9. VE table tuning question??
  10. What affects fuel trims?
  11. Leaning out on quick TPS movements ... I need some advice.
  12. Idaho Dyno Tuning
  13. Question about emission delete....
  14. wiring harness question?
  15. which tuner does this ?
  16. Cross Ref Chart - vacuum to psi to kpa to bar
  17. Crank Position Relearn
  18. Need a Tuner
  19. 08 Corvette sputters in CL, ok in OL
  20. help with PCM please..
  21. maf code
  22. help with tune
  23. Reprogram PCM or LIVE Tunner?
  24. Bosch 13111 sensor anyone use these
  25. stumble,balck plugs no 02 code
  26. Signal WIRE for oxygen sensor on ECU
  27. Idle smells rich but all sensors say lean.
  28. Spark Timing for New Heads and Cam
  29. Truck vs FBody
  30. Anyone forsee problems convering a C5 to run on an F-BODY OS?
  31. Idle/VE tuning order
  32. Need BS3 402cid base map...
  33. backfire on DFCO exit
  34. fueling issues, please help
  35. Help Car keeps dying after short trips!
  36. Going crazy!! Car will fire but wont respond to throttle
  37. A few issues, no fuel or spark... a little help please
  38. Quick Question/Quick Response, Reseting SES Light
  39. Dumping fuel - Why?
  40. stock 02 file onto a 99 pcm with hp tuners
  41. Engine Startup Lean Adjustment
  42. BigStuff3 vs stock PCM
  43. Handheld tuner question
  44. Do I need a retune for LS6/ported TB vs FAST90/90 ptm
  45. hp tuners 2 laptops
  46. p0135 help
  47. LS1edit won't/can't read
  48. harness and tune
  49. MAF Calibration - Diff AFR at same MAF HZ at different speeds/loads
  50. question about autometer tach w/2002 pcm
  51. Diablo mv readings?
  52. Intermittent idle and shift problems
  53. HPT won't log maf
  54. Any other sources for o2 sensor harness kits?
  55. maxing out map sensor @255 KPA- power reduction
  56. Program to do VE on E38/E67 LS7 style pcm
  57. Stumbles under acceleration
  58. Car won't go into pe mode at WOT
  59. I need the 97-98 pcm internal schematics
  60. ses light
  61. What to set LC1 output settings to, and HPT PID formula? (egr logging)
  62. Black smoke, tune problem?
  63. How hard to tune the hotcam?
  64. still waiting on HP Tuners
  65. Tune with stand alone trans
  66. Guys posting questions>POST IN FREEGIN DETAIL
  67. Hi Every Body
  68. LS1 Edit & PE Table Adjustment
  69. how would a leaky map sensor effect idle / drivability?
  70. idle charge problems
  71. wtf i have no idea whats going on
  72. computer case
  73. VE table Idle tuning question with cammed car
  74. Need help with tune please !!!!!!!!
  75. The LS1 & E85
  76. HP tuners demo
  77. Bank 1 fuel trim not working? need help
  78. Need help with tune please !!!!!!!!
  79. Already tuned... adding...
  80. Using Factory Clutch Switch for 2-Step Activation
  81. Gauges question
  82. Noise??? on NEW 402ci
  83. 02 LS1 engine harness with 04 GTO Body Harness
  84. Fried PCM
  85. LS3 Vette Tuning
  86. PCM question
  87. Does it matter is ecm is a4 or m6 ??
  88. Diagnostic port problem!!! HELP
  89. G-Meter's Accuracy?
  90. Using LS1 PCM/ECM for LS6
  91. o2 sensors
  92. Trans tunning issue - please read
  93. Anyone using the Predator?
  94. who's all ripped into their PCM before???
  95. Alarm System Malfunction??
  96. ms4 tune?
  97. Question on LS2 engine wiring harness
  98. Detonation problem please help
  99. LC-1 questions/issues
  100. Car runs like crap after header install!!! Please help
  101. Can LS1 Be Multi-Displacement?
  102. 1998 Camaro LS1 OBD2 Secondary Air System Monitor
  103. handheld or mail order tune?????
  104. Messing with the tach? Pro's please help.
  105. stuck in fuel cell 22
  106. question please help
  107. which PCM and wire harness
  108. Base 96lb Low Impedence Injector Program??
  109. HP Tuners VCM Suite v2.2.0 is Now Available!
  110. Looking for Wideband A/F Gauge
  111. Auto Trans tuning with HPT
  112. FAST vs. big stuff 3 opinions
  113. AFR Change day/night
  114. Security System Problem! Wont Start Engine! HELP!
  115. Custom programming has never been easier
  116. First log with new motor
  117. V.A.T.S. question, speartech please look inside!
  118. old autotap ????
  119. car hits 4600rpm and POW, backfire and shuts off???
  120. Another crank relearn question
  121. efi live & fast widband setup
  122. HPT site down?
  123. How Much Choke Flow Time with HPT
  124. Independently Tested INJECTOR FLOW NUMBERS!!!
  125. What should I look for?????
  126. MAF normal range?
  127. wideband tune --> remote start not working
  128. Multiple Injector Offsets Found
  129. Rich idle after cam, VERY rich
  130. Predator Tuner and P0757
  131. FAST 36lb Injectors rated at what PSI? Anyone have a good base IFR table for them?
  132. p0152, p0300
  133. t rex xar was running fine, now wont run for shit. stockish tune
  134. Detonation problem persists
  135. Tunning Gen 7 , Looking For Tune File 408 Na
  136. wb sensor location
  137. TPS sensor p0121
  138. PCM Calls Injector to open at what point?
  139. Diablo Predator tuning help
  140. PLX SM-AFR installation
  141. tune for Noz
  142. got problem need some help asap
  143. VATS/Security problem I think...
  144. battery problems
  145. Which tuner to adjust for bigger injectors?
  146. EfiLive Guys, could you Please critique my tune...........
  147. Running Rich
  148. eFI LIVE
  149. Need Help with VE Tuning
  150. NEED help trying to get this "stock" ls1 tune back to stock
  151. question about HP Tuners Credits
  152. please help possible tuning issue?
  153. EFILIVE speedometer problem
  154. tune
  155. My stock tach is off
  156. Spark timing
  157. My New Computer Flashed with Traction Control?
  158. 99 Camaro wont stay running .... ????
  159. Changing from 24X to 58X reluctor?
  160. VATS detune
  161. TSP tuning prob...
  162. Timothy Slovert Orlando, Fl Tuner?
  163. Need Help - Open Loop Bucking and Surging
  164. Need a WB A/F gauge for my LC1
  165. COT: what happens when CAT's overheat?
  166. Need a pic or link to FTC graphic
  167. hp tuners questions in bremerton, wa
  168. pcm unused 5 volt inputs
  169. ses light on
  170. Adjusting part throttle shift points
  171. 2002 Z28 PCM and a 2003 LQ4 engine
  172. Could this be from stock tune with mods?
  173. Injector Offset Tunning
  174. Tune killing my tranny?
  175. Ran my newly acquired scanner last night...
  176. 450 to much for dyno tune?
  177. rear O2 sensor question
  178. Why am I suddenly running lean at idle?
  179. Conversion wont start
  180. PCM fan control ?
  181. Any Tips For 01 Firebird LS1?
  182. Can't find anything on this problem..
  183. Do i need a programer?
  184. Wrecked car won't start
  185. Bs3
  186. Knock Sensors
  187. IAT effecting IAC steps. How?
  188. 383 lt1 probs.
  189. Big thanks to RUTANTA
  190. Walk-Through Grams/Cylinder --> Grams/Sec
  191. help with a problem
  192. What could be the problem?
  193. Lamp Circuit Failure code B1061
  194. No tach, cam sensor code
  195. Will EFI Live flash my VIN in another pcm?
  196. DTC P0704 Clutch Switch Input Circuit Malfunction and HP tuners
  197. Maf Hp??
  198. Wife turned key off while flashing PCM!!
  199. scangauge II
  200. Wideband Hook up. Does this sound ok?
  201. Put MSD6a on a 96 LT1 Now It misses,Kills
  202. Tunners for LT1
  203. FAST double bank wideband
  204. Hit the dies!!
  205. SD w/ th350, having problems with rich decel (dfco)
  206. weird problem need help asap
  207. weird problem need help asap
  208. shiftpoint logging
  209. Is there any way to bypass having to have the BCM in the car to stay on?
  210. PCM conx connector 18g Where to find
  211. long trims at -15 at wot, with cutout open
  212. problem when trying to copy ve tables
  213. How can VSS read 30 mph and speedo say 0
  214. reflash pcm
  215. cam sensor adjustment ?
  216. Where to buy hp tuners or ls1 edit?
  217. Where can I get a LS1 wiring harness?
  218. Guys I need some help tunning with EFI Live
  219. LS1 conversion: possible to get a 98 auto harness to work with a 6 speed 02 PCM?
  220. Is my IAC Gone South?
  221. 427 RX-7 Tune input needed...
  222. B1001 Restraint code...SES?
  223. Windows Vista and Datalogging.
  224. HELP! Rev limiter kicks in randomly!
  225. Car like 11:1 AFR using BIDI. I am Confused
  226. Need help with new LS2 problems
  227. HP Tuners or EFI Live
  228. p1018 causing fuel problems?
  229. Detonation/Ping on vacation trip
  230. t rex tune?
  231. Would someone be willing to look at my tune and logs to help with an idle flare?
  232. What software for 4.3 V6?
  233. wideband inaccuracies
  234. Low speed surge
  235. is this a tuning problem?
  236. MAP/TPS codes simultaniously
  237. Any way to test each injector and/or cylinder to see if ok?
  238. need pcm info on a 99 LS1 (SS camaro). pin #s specifically...
  239. a/f ratio
  240. Logs attached
  241. need some help.......
  242. Help with 408 tune....
  243. very intrested in efi live??
  244. Affordable wideband controller kit ?
  245. whats the best a/f guage for tuning??
  246. Changing OS with HPTuners
  247. Airfuel logging??
  248. LS1 Edit Questions
  249. Injector Driver failure
  250. Stock computer's limits