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  1. P0157 and P0161 Problems
  2. Need some help w/ SD tuning on 402/F1R!!!
  3. CPS Pinout
  4. O2 Slow Response
  5. Help!!!
  6. surging with ac on and only @ star up in the morning
  7. Help with HP Tuners tune
  8. Diablo problem?
  9. fuel problem
  10. Velocity vs time graph of LS1?
  11. Need help ASAP with Road Runner
  12. lets play " fix that problem " !! p0131
  13. Help!! low power then goes to normal.
  14. backfire..
  15. Any AEM dual channel UEGO WB info?
  16. What is a good A/R on Decel
  17. Tuning LT1 with Tunercats-weird things..
  18. Regulate Speed Of Ws6 For My Son
  19. Newbie needs quick help 2 error codes
  20. Wideband Fluctuations
  21. Newbie - start a scan in HP Tuners
  22. cluster swapping
  23. HPTuner bin for 224/228 + AFR205 + M6?
  24. Help are my 02's going bad?
  25. WTF: car won't go into closed loop?!
  26. ls2 05 vette aftermarket harness
  27. AEM wideband/HPT readout question
  28. BS3 users: A/F logged into VE table or correction
  29. EGR delete / tuning questions
  30. new motor with old tune...
  31. EFI live questions
  32. P0102 code...
  33. NGK NTK Wide Band Powerdex AFX wideband
  34. Rich Afr At Idle Very Rough Help Please
  35. Auto VE HP Tuners for a Harrop on a 455ci stroker
  36. Gas mileage gone
  37. Putting tune in ECU with being out of car?
  38. Check Gauges
  39. so if i spray a direct port 125 shot i dont need to have it tuned???correct???
  40. hesitation, flat spot
  41. Bosch 13111??s
  42. Rich During Shifts
  43. Which widebands are out there?
  44. how much horsepower are you putting down with stock MAF
  45. Wideband?
  46. P0106 (MAP sensor performance) with FAST Intake Install
  47. Weird Electrical Problem
  48. EFI Live or HP tuners; which should I buy
  49. resetting a predator without the original car
  50. Is anyone running a big cam L92?
  51. Car won't shift "I can't tune it to shift"
  52. Please Help!!! Car runs like CRAP
  53. Maxed MAF Question
  54. need help!
  55. Wiring up an LC1 without a pro interface
  56. Scanguage II
  57. anyway to unlock a pcm?
  58. Fuel trims go way "lean"...advice?
  59. any way ofmonitoring individual cylinder A/F ratios?
  60. Cam Position Sensor and Intermittent Tach
  61. Will my 98 Stock MAF work okay on my 2000 M?
  62. Do I Need to Be Re-Tuned?
  63. LC1 not compatible with my laptop?
  64. HPTuners file needed
  65. Is there anyway to raise limiter above 8000 with HPTuner?
  66. speedo not working after gear swap
  67. Anybody got a Tec 2 Flash?
  68. o2's making the engine run rough, do i need tuning?
  69. help
  70. ? about Tuning out TCS
  71. Should we break in our new engine before tuning?
  72. BigStuff3 Weak Spark
  73. getting tunes
  74. looking to get wideband
  75. Do i need to buy anything? NOGO?
  76. Transmission tuning in 00 Silverado
  77. Why do my rpms randomly hang when I clutch in??
  78. ses code?
  79. Vid posted I've tried everything and it all leads to VATS not truely being dissabled
  80. hp tuners question
  81. Could this be tuned?
  82. Superchips Tuner on 98's check in
  83. Ms4, Misfire P0300 Crank Sensor
  84. Code Questions
  85. Driveability tune VS. Dyno Tune, which is better?
  86. Car stuck in open loop, no codes
  87. Can i use my OBD1 with an 02 ls1?
  88. Changing tires, what WOT adjustments?
  89. OBD II port questions
  90. HP tuners or LS1 edit?
  91. Switching MAF's question?
  92. Best Price on Live or Tuner
  93. Dip in VE Table at 2400 RPM
  94. help with code P0803 ?
  95. Anyone use Nitrod? Any good laptop scan tools out there?
  96. Lm1 for analog 02 simulater
  97. Can I leave an O2 sensor installed but not powered?
  98. Which Bank do you have your WB in?
  99. Multiple codes thrown, Car barely running
  100. MAP sensor.. How do you know when it's bad?
  101. Wideband help please...
  102. HELP !! GETTING ONE CODE PO654 engine speed output curcuit problem
  103. lt1 OBD1 conversion question
  104. Tuning software questions
  105. Wideband question............
  106. Low voltage and PE values
  107. Low Timing due to IAT Modifier table
  108. SES problem??????
  109. 98 CorvetteLTFT B1+ B2-????
  110. Newbie - Partial Throttle Shift Points - HP Tuners
  111. my afr fluctuates from 10.2-10.5 @ WOT, should i be concerned?
  112. err. SES code P0131 help please.
  113. Need some help with a fuel issue, car dumping tons of fuel
  114. need another terminator plug for my LC1
  115. Car Is Going Crazy!!!!!!!??????
  116. Actual HP gains with Predator tuner?
  117. What idle setpoint for 226/230 111+2?
  118. WBO2 bung plug is rusted on
  119. EFI and wideband commander/dynojet - help hooking up
  120. Big Stuff 3 with staged injectors?
  121. Wideband Commander Connection to HPTuners???
  122. Changed O2's & Code came back
  123. flashing ses, p0300, and drives fine
  124. Ford tps to gm pcm
  125. I got a problem. Knock sensors?
  126. LS1 edit shift points with 4.11 gears?
  127. Idle issue
  128. what is ECT?
  129. Vindicator idle tuning
  130. my car has 3 o2 sensors... is this correct
  131. can i drive my car with an aftermarket stall on stock tune for a month?
  132. thank you ls1tech
  133. 02 Sensors help
  134. help help help.......I'm pissed
  135. How to find a good custom tuner???
  136. high idle
  137. knock sensor
  138. what IAC stands for?
  139. HP tuners VE tunning questions.
  140. OL SD, problems adjusting timing w/ efilive
  141. PE problem please help
  142. Wideband in rear o2 bung ok?
  143. Step by Step Please
  144. headers in and its slower?
  145. gen 7 or not?
  146. dyno tune vs street tune
  147. Rule of thumb for PE vs RPM against AFR
  148. Difference between V1 and V2 EFI Live
  149. TPS issues, cutout (duh tps) , p1635 reference, help needed
  150. Lets play spot the issue! HPTuners log and config inside.
  151. Dtc 0103
  152. Is the ls1tuninginfo.doc a good place to start for a newbie to tuning?
  153. Dyno Results....And Questions
  154. LS1 cam sensor with ls2 pcm?
  155. Can someone recommend a scanning tool?
  156. Good tune in chicagoland....
  157. AFR @ 1000 rpm?
  158. delete front o2s
  159. 60 lb injectors - what tables to change?
  160. Resistor Mod Cleared me of Detonation
  161. airbag light on after ecm swap
  162. Any Ideas?!
  163. Knock (Light or audible warning)
  164. what all affects Kpa in a tune??
  165. p0101 and p0102 in 1st gear
  166. SES Light, P0133 & P0300
  167. Anyone running the old fast bank to bank with Fast track harness?
  168. OBDII 1133 1153 question
  169. Hp tuners problem. need help ASAP
  170. What happened to PCM for Less?
  171. Dyno Tuned
  172. Installed Lt's & more need a tune?
  173. Misfire codes keep popping up
  174. Swapping turbos on a HPTuners 2Bar SD car
  175. very dumb question but i just need to know
  176. thinking of buying a handheld
  177. what maf for FAST 90/90 combo??? afr205 cam etc
  178. vats delete ?
  179. ls1 question. top speed 120? 99 m6 z28
  180. Rev limit vs. gear odd behavior...
  181. Idle question...............
  182. I Need A Chicagoland Lt1 Tuner
  183. Open Loop Problem??
  184. Just gloating a bit
  185. O2's go rich and stay there
  186. a/f check on the street with lm-1
  187. 383 stroker, high idle?
  188. Security light flashing......
  189. big hesitation
  190. Need .ls1 file for 234/238
  191. Could an exhaust leak cause P0155?
  192. Help with intermittant no start
  193. Do I need to tune or not?
  194. Tuning 402cid and TSP "Giant" Cam
  195. Opinions on timing needs for MSD/Carbed LS6
  196. Help with a diagnosis please
  197. car idles at 1500rpm all the time
  198. efi live help
  199. Cags removal on an 04 GTO w/ HPT
  200. OBDII connector on a 98
  201. car isnt runnin as good as it should?
  202. flip a switch to a different tune
  203. Thinking about EFI live, whats involved$
  204. P0113 and P0121?
  205. Transmission tuning: Shift points
  206. can't read pcm with efilive
  207. SES Light went off, car runs like shit...
  208. I know your suppost to shoot for 60 counts for IAC but...
  209. Crank Relearn ?
  210. Whats the LT1 ECU pins for TPS sensor
  211. Wideband shootout article w/n
  212. ABS Light on controlling my traction contol???
  213. Timing on stock motor?
  214. Ever used mx scan
  215. Bolt-ons + tune
  216. TPS sensor questions.....weird readings after TPS replacement
  217. Tr224 on 112 Tuned with predetor tuning
  218. Car misses under acceleration
  219. will a Predator/other handheld fix this?
  220. Quick Computer ???
  221. Weird problem after cam install - Cam reluctor?? (pics)
  222. Failed Inspection
  223. tcs light after brake light fix
  224. manually resetting PCM
  225. custom tune .... hypertech question
  226. Looking for a post
  227. Wiring harness and pcm interchangeability?
  228. ? about tune and readyness moniters for a state
  229. need help asap please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  230. 2 weird codes on a new turbo car
  231. Gen IV Idle Learn
  232. HPT interface question
  233. Dynojet Wideband Commander
  234. Tuning warning
  235. 2006-2008 E38 (Corvette) Support Available with EFILive
  236. Cam installed: P0343 & Tach Dead - Help wanted
  237. New heads tuning
  238. Green Harness Pinout
  239. Anyone Running An Ignition Box In An LS1?
  240. SCT Xcal2
  241. Am I way off on this?
  242. 5 DTCs at once!!! Advice anyone?
  243. Ignition coil A?
  244. Planning ahead, couple of questions
  245. Need asap help with hptuners...
  246. accufab tb sensors
  247. Cam Install now P0343 & Tach dead
  248. Need help on tune
  249. Advice on Wideband purchase
  250. HP not getting any reading from LC-1?