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  1. Maf tuning that simple?
  2. How do I upgrade to 2001 and up operating system?
  3. Swapping PCM's
  4. Air/Fuel way off need help
  5. anyonehaving issues with their MSD timing twister???
  6. I need Help with my Tune File
  7. Air/Fuel way off need help
  8. New PCM install and Code P1637
  9. can somebody look at my tune?
  10. What tables can be modified in RTT in HPT?
  11. Is It Possible?
  12. MAF tune vs Speed D tune
  13. Can't get rid of bad pop at 2800-3200
  14. EFI Live, Flashscan V1.2, where's the tuning software?
  15. New PCM, fuel pump does not turn on--sure way to check if PCM is functioning?
  16. Drop into Gear stalls Immediately (Cold Engine)
  17. 95 LT1 Low oil level sensor.
  18. Those with svo 30#'s post up your IFR
  19. Clean up stickies please?
  20. Harder Starting on my 04 LS1
  21. wierd check engine problem
  22. KR on WOT transistion
  23. twin MAF'S
  24. First log file EFIlive FS v1 startup issues
  25. question about the air pump system
  26. I need Tunning Logs in Excel
  27. Anyone using Crane/Vinci tuner?
  28. EFIlive flashscan and o2 wiring help
  29. misfire help
  30. Can't get EFILive V1 black box logging to work...
  31. EFIlive FS question
  32. forced induction LT1 pcm
  33. Efi live help
  34. Setting Shift point help nedded.
  35. does anyone know when Hp tuners 2.2 is coming??
  36. Anyone Know How To Instal Monster Tach Without Using The White Wire On Pcm??
  37. Setting up LC-1's to run off stock O2 sensor power connections.
  38. Is Anyone Useing Xfi System?
  39. Found a Tuner that used Tuner Cat software
  40. DFI Gen 7 Not Connecting!!
  41. TH400 Speedometer values in Hp Tuners
  42. Any tuning tips for the 4l60e
  43. BS3 Hellp .
  44. going to get tuned..anything special i should ask for to make max power?
  45. Why is Tuning a Torquer 2 so difficult or unfriendly?
  46. speedometer wiring ?????
  47. best place to buy hp tunners?
  48. what do i need
  49. reasonable fee to swap a 98 to a 99+ lsx pcm
  50. 4000stall tuning
  51. Troubles w/bank 1 lean condition
  52. 98 WOT timing issues
  53. ? about factory tach
  54. Changing my AFR to run leaner
  55. Guys PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
  56. Any programs to calculate base VE
  57. 4l60e lock up
  58. please help i have lots of codes
  59. What's better Hp tuners ls1 edit efi live
  60. 1998 to 02 ecm change ?
  61. please help with codes be thrown
  62. Used PCM VIN Change on 97 OBD2
  63. Traction control Frustration!
  64. How to tune the throttle cracker with ls1 edit
  65. p0152
  66. Pcm swap, anti theft problem.
  67. Fast™ Dual Sensor Air/fuel Meter
  68. Looking for an ms3 tune to start with?(HP TUNERS)
  69. Looking For A Good Data Logger
  70. please help
  71. idle raises to 2000rpm when car moves
  72. obd1 vs. obd2
  73. PCM tuning suggestions?
  74. 1998 a4 z28 tune
  75. help with 4l60e swap
  76. Throwing o2 codes, no SES light, is it okay to race?
  77. o2 sensors dont read anything Help
  78. Would any EfiLive Guys have a Vortech tune that I could look at..........
  79. all help appreciated
  80. FAST90/90 Issues. Need some input
  81. wideband a&f guage
  82. cylinder five miss-firing
  83. 98 Corvette wanting 99 computer
  84. Strang wide band readings
  85. Can you take a tune from a 93 and use it to put it into a 94's ecm?
  86. p1153
  87. Keep throwing a P0103 only at WOT?any help
  88. PE tables
  89. VE table, MAP-dimension profile: Theories & Practice?
  90. Straightline Tuning
  91. Strange stalling issue...log file included
  92. Wideband sensor wiring help
  93. Help with MAF calibration
  94. EFILive Users & FI, What Gauges?
  95. tunnercats
  96. Please help with my crazy fuel trims
  97. LTFT memory loss?
  98. car went crazy need help
  99. Map At 3 Volts (lt1)
  100. HELP!!! What tuner should i get!?
  101. 60lb mototrons
  102. Formula 98 - HP tuner compatible?
  103. help info need on 85 MM MAF
  104. What causes huge spark dips from 40* to 8*?
  105. P0430 code?
  106. Wideband users: AFRs while driving normally?
  107. Anyone use MSD DashHawk Vehicle Information Display
  108. Buy new harness? Or repin for 99+ ECM?
  109. Odd PCM Question.
  110. Big lean problem after switching to 2001 OS
  111. Audible Ping?
  112. P0342 and P0343 Problems
  113. Crankshaft variation learn BS!!!
  114. Alright Guys I Need Some Help....And Fast...
  115. wiring questions
  116. fuel trim max'd at idle??????
  117. P0171 and P0174
  118. oxygen sensor problems
  119. Should I tune my car..
  120. MAP sensor replacement
  121. Help, Tune review?
  122. LT1 Gear swap tuning.
  123. Is there a way to look at all RPMs and speed the car has been to with HPtuners?
  124. Throwing Code P1133--Just replaced o2 sensor plz help!
  125. diablo???????ok
  126. EFI Live Pro's & Con's
  127. Best price for HP Tuners?
  128. LS1 MAF to LS6 MAF?
  129. BIG DILEMMA - PCM Mod for 01 Z28
  130. hp tuner newbie questions!
  131. Speedometer Calibration
  132. High RPM MAF trouble
  133. Where to get Dynojet Wideband Commander
  134. Which maf fail numbers are you using for C2907 and C2908?
  135. Hp tuners help
  136. Shift light install in 98 Z
  137. Hyperpac?????
  138. any good TUNERCATS tuning info HELP!!
  139. Dyonjet Wideband Commander help
  140. Keep getting 0121 and 0122 codes
  141. Help with tuning new motor, please
  142. A little more simple please!!
  143. cam only tune in pittsburgh area?
  144. need a tune in alabama or just any help
  145. Power increase over stock tune
  146. question concerning afr
  147. fast sefi system-
  148. Wideband autometer question
  149. I have a road runner what else do I need?
  150. SES light costing horsepower?
  151. Inspection readiness codes
  152. need a stock 02 vette auto pcm program
  153. start up trouble.. after tranny cooler install?? what the hell!
  154. Reprogramming froma 4l80e to 4l60e
  155. An awsome day for Dodge owners! :)
  156. difference between lc1 and lm1
  157. Woot HPTuners arrived yesterday
  158. Lean Off Load Wideband Readings On The Dyno.
  159. BS3 experts....please help.
  160. Strange LTFT problem causing stumbling, hesitation
  161. Wideband with Pre-Cats
  162. Tuning or fuel issues?
  163. Need opinions on my tune
  164. So, where do I start .....
  165. Hand Held Tuners
  166. Multiple missfire under acceleration?
  167. SVO 30 pounders
  168. o2 question?
  169. Tuner Question on Recent Dyno...
  170. D*mn Cali smog law
  171. When to tune yourself?...
  172. p0420 and p0430 even after brand new gm cats
  173. needed 1997 lt1 OBD II tune
  174. auto ve filters to help with changin IAT's & ECT's
  175. Headers installed, car won't go into CL mode....
  176. Need a tune
  177. Swapping motors...what to change before inital startup.
  178. FI-SDOL- IAT and ECT ve mulitipliers
  179. Help, car is destroying o2's
  180. i do my own SD tunning but how is MAF tunning done?
  181. Computer died?
  182. Tuning VE Using LTFT's
  183. Lean off idle. Please help.
  184. ignition timing advance for #1 cylinder/efi-live?
  185. P0138...Help
  186. 98s best option
  187. Need the best tuner possible PLEASE give me suggestions
  188. best way to pull timing only when th kit is on (LT1)
  189. EFI live tune suggestions
  190. 4L80e torque management?
  191. Please Help me, LEAN condition!
  192. drop rpm help ...........
  193. Installed ported Fast and lost 40 rwhp. Car is running very rich
  194. favorite wideband?
  195. Falling Power Curve @5.5k
  196. Hooked up HPtuners today and found.......
  197. w.o.t shift down at 40 mph
  198. can i get some help with my diablo
  199. oil pressure gauge
  200. Swapping a 99-02 ECU into a 98
  201. Po 43
  202. Who can tune an LT1???
  203. tuning issue or somthing else?
  204. po102 code help
  205. Timing & Boost
  206. Motor install done. Motor is spiking from lean to rich
  207. LS1 Edit Compatibility Question
  208. 2step/anti lag
  209. 600rpm
  210. Installing a cam, what needs to be tuned??
  211. need help asap???
  212. manual fan switch?
  213. Couple of Quick questions re hptuners
  214. How can I force fans on?
  215. Help with A4 C5 tune, car pulls all timing on launch!
  216. predetor E-85 tuning
  217. Running an LS7 on an LS1 computer.
  218. Car wont start....BCM is "clicking"
  219. Idle Surge Help
  220. firing problems
  221. A/C killing my idle w/ big cam car
  222. Holden Tunes
  223. no signal to coils!?
  224. tuners look here please?
  225. Timing advance: how does the PCM determinate G/Cyl
  226. Pcm tuning
  227. Runs like ass help
  228. Would SD help my setup?
  229. need help choosing a program
  230. intermittent cam code????
  231. Bogging at WOT no power
  232. WB Setup with No Cats Using Rear 02?
  233. PDA tuning
  234. My Computer Is Dead!!!
  235. Anyone else had probs reading LC1 correctly
  236. Narrow and Wideband?
  237. service active handling and abs light on C5
  238. Car stalls, gauges read wrong. runs like crap
  239. lt1 tuners come in
  240. question
  241. What causes bucking
  242. Your Opinion???
  243. Factory tune incorrect for a 2000 with 241 heads?
  244. Tps?
  245. Trans Torq,, [] IN HPT..
  246. Shitty Drivability
  247. people w/ a P0300 code come on in
  248. No one knows - - help.
  249. Auto Meter ( Rpm ) Help ??
  250. hypertech hand held programmer