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  1. diablosport predator spark advance for nitrous
  2. What's my reflashing program options for a 95LT1
  3. Computer reset problem!! PLease help!
  4. pulling timing with HP Tuners
  5. FS: FAST B2B setup for LSx engines w/ EDIST, WB02, and stand alone wiring harness
  6. Anyone using the Max Energy tuner from Hypertech? what do you all think?
  7. question about ecu
  8. Edited out vats with hptuners still won't start
  9. loosing fuel pressure up top?
  10. p1133 with stock car
  11. BS3 and RacePak...
  12. HP Tuners
  13. Practical RPM limit for BS3,Pectel with stock triggers?
  14. knock and timming
  15. Fuel pump relay control
  16. GM Tuner
  17. speed density open loop ???
  18. dyno tune or not??
  19. affects of untuned 90/90 setup???
  20. 02's and tuning
  21. Need tune download '99 C5 with cam & exhaust
  22. EGT install WHAT cyl?
  23. Electrical gremlins from hell
  24. A couple of questions for you seasoned vets...
  25. The Dreaded DTC gremlins .Just looking For Input
  26. af and pressure guages
  27. Stock Ws6 Tire Height????? Anyone?
  28. how much does a good tune cost
  29. Big Stuff 3 Schematic
  30. PE and VE table with the tunercats
  31. Anyone want to Tune my car??-NJ
  32. Narrowband Output on UEGO
  33. Starts great cold, but struggles to start/find idle when hot
  34. I need 2 license to tune my 06?
  35. ABS INOP, ASR off, Brake lights on. HELP!
  36. hptuners shipping
  37. Bosch 13111's good or not?
  38. Need a wideband?
  39. Are there any scanning or even tuning tools that work on a PDA/SmartPhone or similar?
  40. Itb Ecu
  41. no start unless scanner is connected
  42. Need a good MAF file
  43. Using a GM Tech 2, Tuning??
  44. who's put a cable driven throttle pedal in a c5?
  45. Anyone using the racepak dash for the BS3?
  46. MSD box ?
  47. What happend to Injector Scaling Calculation
  48. Where's the extra timing coming from??
  49. unplugging 02's ??
  50. Retune???
  51. Anyone want Hptuners?
  52. h/c tuning question with a preditor
  53. 06 C6 P3001 ? Anyone
  54. what cause mph and tach to stop working?
  55. IPC no abs or tcs
  56. P0102 will not go away
  57. please help with p0412&po418
  58. Lockup Tuning
  59. Have To pass Emissions But have 2 Codes
  60. Need Help with misfire
  61. Oil Pres sensor & ECU..NOT used?
  62. will a 2002 ABS control box work in a 2000?
  63. coolant temp sensor -40
  64. EfiLive smoothing question................
  65. Mail order tune
  66. Turbo A/F Ratio before boost on SD tune?
  67. diablo ?
  68. Vacuum leaks and tune?
  69. handheld or hptuners, ls1 edit
  70. FAST Flash
  71. SD check question
  72. Line Pressure Offset vs TPS vs Gear
  73. MAF sensor going crazy?
  74. Reading my in car wideband?
  75. WTF +25 ltrim 1 side
  76. hp gains???
  77. AFR graph
  78. help
  79. tune vs taller tire
  80. MS4 installed now getting 0106 code!
  81. Bolt-On VE and Inj DC
  82. replace MAP sensor how to?
  83. Question about VATS and installing remote start
  84. Applying & Using HP Tuners Real Time Tuning Custom Operating Systems
  85. Auto vs. Manual ECU, couple questions...
  86. help me out
  87. AEM, DJ wideband sensor repalcement part #?
  88. Cold start problems
  89. Loosing all boost,could it be the tune???
  90. EFI Live: BIG Auto VE problem - Tune files attached
  91. Any ideas?
  92. PCM internal differences, cable vs electric throttle
  93. P0171 & P0174 Question
  94. DTC p00108? I just got my car tuned too!
  95. Autometer Wideband Gauge.....
  96. Buying injectors, which is the best way to tune?
  97. with these mods...what do I need tuned
  98. Tuning Variable Valve timing in a 07 TBSS
  99. Edelbrock Fuel injection
  100. EFI Live compatible with previously tuned car with HP Tuners.
  101. HP Tuners 1-2.5 bar E38/E67 ECM's features
  102. 2007 Trailblazer SS communication problem while writing with HPtuners
  103. TB Hole size - MS4 Cam, IAC maxxed out
  104. PCM issue w/convertion
  105. help me please! car wont start
  106. How to install a 2 bar pressure sensor
  107. Help! New 408 will crank and backfire but not start
  108. Laptop Hook Up
  109. I am looking for data that puts a narrowband and wideband log next to each other
  110. Gen 7 question
  111. Virginian Pricks...
  112. Can custom tune in the PCM be saved to my Predator?
  113. Problems with car... Comes on And off tuners come inside
  114. did lt1 swap. need HELP!!!
  115. Big stuff 3?
  116. Need Help Tuning My Isuzu Ascender
  117. uning Help with MS4 cam!
  118. I think I killed my PCM... HELP!
  119. One bank super rich, other stoich?
  120. Quick Question about MAP readings
  121. 98 pcm question with a solid roller and victo jr
  122. California Emissions in Tennessee??
  123. 160lb injectors
  124. 2 step
  125. Tow Haul indicator PCm pin?
  126. toasted the pcm...?
  127. HP Tuner Question
  128. VE table scale up by how much?
  129. 85mm SLP MAF resistor cut or not to cut?
  130. Popping during WOT runs
  131. P0327 - specific question
  132. Check my tune
  133. Need Help With Running Problem
  134. Paid Good $ For Prof. Tune & Car Still Won't Launch!
  135. injector scaling problems
  136. iac issues
  137. computer cant be found!?!?
  138. Car wont start
  139. TPS on LS2 TB
  140. Did I fry my PCM?
  141. At the track troubles..
  142. Logs showing less than 100% WOT?
  143. headlites
  144. Turning off EGR controls???
  145. Upgraded to HPtuners MPVI Pro - having LC-1 issues
  146. Hand held tuners??
  147. 98 trans am pcm wire question
  148. HP TUNERS for new injectors?
  149. HP Tuners for new injectors?
  150. Lean Code Problem
  151. o2 sensor linking
  152. Formato tuning and Porting in Gettysburg PA 10/17-10/20
  153. 408 going in, base tune for initial fire-up - critical
  154. To MAF or not?
  155. whats causing ltft to shoot up at idle?
  156. LTFT's ---> adjustment confusion!
  157. Check out my logs/tune..
  158. This is a weird one....HELP????
  159. Puzzle for the smart guys...
  160. VE table tuning question??
  161. What affects fuel trims?
  162. Leaning out on quick TPS movements ... I need some advice.
  163. Idaho Dyno Tuning
  164. Question about emission delete....
  165. wiring harness question?
  166. which tuner does this ?
  167. Cross Ref Chart - vacuum to psi to kpa to bar
  168. Crank Position Relearn
  169. Need a Tuner
  170. 08 Corvette sputters in CL, ok in OL
  171. help with PCM please..
  172. maf code
  173. help with tune
  174. Reprogram PCM or LIVE Tunner?
  175. Bosch 13111 sensor anyone use these
  176. stumble,balck plugs no 02 code
  177. Signal WIRE for oxygen sensor on ECU
  178. Idle smells rich but all sensors say lean.
  179. Spark Timing for New Heads and Cam
  180. Truck vs FBody
  181. Anyone forsee problems convering a C5 to run on an F-BODY OS?
  182. Idle/VE tuning order
  183. Need BS3 402cid base map...
  184. backfire on DFCO exit
  185. fueling issues, please help
  186. Help Car keeps dying after short trips!
  187. Going crazy!! Car will fire but wont respond to throttle
  188. A few issues, no fuel or spark... a little help please
  189. Quick Question/Quick Response, Reseting SES Light
  190. Dumping fuel - Why?
  191. stock 02 file onto a 99 pcm with hp tuners
  192. Engine Startup Lean Adjustment
  193. BigStuff3 vs stock PCM
  194. Handheld tuner question
  195. Do I need a retune for LS6/ported TB vs FAST90/90 ptm
  196. hp tuners 2 laptops
  197. p0135 help
  198. LS1edit won't/can't read
  199. harness and tune
  200. MAF Calibration - Diff AFR at same MAF HZ at different speeds/loads
  201. question about autometer tach w/2002 pcm
  202. Diablo mv readings?
  203. Intermittent idle and shift problems
  204. HPT won't log maf
  205. Any other sources for o2 sensor harness kits?
  206. maxing out map sensor @255 KPA- power reduction
  207. Program to do VE on E38/E67 LS7 style pcm
  208. Stumbles under acceleration
  209. Car won't go into pe mode at WOT
  210. I need the 97-98 pcm internal schematics
  211. ses light
  212. What to set LC1 output settings to, and HPT PID formula? (egr logging)
  213. Black smoke, tune problem?
  214. How hard to tune the hotcam?
  215. still waiting on HP Tuners
  216. Tune with stand alone trans
  217. Guys posting questions>POST IN FREEGIN DETAIL
  218. Hi Every Body
  219. LS1 Edit & PE Table Adjustment
  220. how would a leaky map sensor effect idle / drivability?
  221. idle charge problems
  222. wtf i have no idea whats going on
  223. computer case
  224. VE table Idle tuning question with cammed car
  225. Need help with tune please !!!!!!!!
  226. The LS1 & E85
  227. HP tuners demo
  228. Bank 1 fuel trim not working? need help
  229. Need help with tune please !!!!!!!!
  230. Already tuned... adding...
  231. Using Factory Clutch Switch for 2-Step Activation
  232. Gauges question
  233. Noise??? on NEW 402ci
  234. 02 LS1 engine harness with 04 GTO Body Harness
  235. Fried PCM
  236. LS3 Vette Tuning
  237. PCM question
  238. Does it matter is ecm is a4 or m6 ??
  239. Diagnostic port problem!!! HELP
  240. G-Meter's Accuracy?
  241. Using LS1 PCM/ECM for LS6
  242. o2 sensors
  243. Trans tunning issue - please read
  244. Anyone using the Predator?
  245. who's all ripped into their PCM before???
  246. Alarm System Malfunction??
  247. ms4 tune?
  248. Question on LS2 engine wiring harness
  249. Detonation problem please help
  250. LC-1 questions/issues