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  1. Multiple missfire under acceleration?
  2. SVO 30 pounders
  3. o2 question?
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  5. D*mn Cali smog law
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  7. p0420 and p0430 even after brand new gm cats
  8. needed 1997 lt1 OBD II tune
  9. auto ve filters to help with changin IAT's & ECT's
  10. Headers installed, car won't go into CL mode....
  11. Need a tune
  12. Swapping motors...what to change before inital startup.
  13. FI-SDOL- IAT and ECT ve mulitipliers
  14. Help, car is destroying o2's
  15. i do my own SD tunning but how is MAF tunning done?
  16. Computer died?
  17. Tuning VE Using LTFT's
  18. Lean off idle. Please help.
  19. ignition timing advance for #1 cylinder/efi-live?
  20. P0138...Help
  21. 98s best option
  22. Need the best tuner possible PLEASE give me suggestions
  23. best way to pull timing only when th kit is on (LT1)
  24. EFI live tune suggestions
  25. 4L80e torque management?
  26. Please Help me, LEAN condition!
  27. drop rpm help ...........
  28. Installed ported Fast and lost 40 rwhp. Car is running very rich
  29. favorite wideband?
  30. Falling Power Curve @5.5k
  31. Hooked up HPtuners today and found.......
  32. w.o.t shift down at 40 mph
  33. can i get some help with my diablo
  34. oil pressure gauge
  35. Swapping a 99-02 ECU into a 98
  36. Po 43
  37. Who can tune an LT1???
  38. tuning issue or somthing else?
  39. po102 code help
  40. Timing & Boost
  41. Motor install done. Motor is spiking from lean to rich
  42. LS1 Edit Compatibility Question
  43. 2step/anti lag
  44. 600rpm
  45. Installing a cam, what needs to be tuned??
  46. need help asap???
  47. manual fan switch?
  48. Couple of Quick questions re hptuners
  49. How can I force fans on?
  50. Help with A4 C5 tune, car pulls all timing on launch!
  51. predetor E-85 tuning
  52. Running an LS7 on an LS1 computer.
  53. Car wont start....BCM is "clicking"
  54. Idle Surge Help
  55. firing problems
  56. A/C killing my idle w/ big cam car
  57. Holden Tunes
  58. no signal to coils!?
  59. tuners look here please?
  60. Timing advance: how does the PCM determinate G/Cyl
  61. Pcm tuning
  62. Runs like ass help
  63. Would SD help my setup?
  64. need help choosing a program
  65. intermittent cam code????
  66. Bogging at WOT no power
  67. WB Setup with No Cats Using Rear 02?
  68. PDA tuning
  69. My Computer Is Dead!!!
  70. Anyone else had probs reading LC1 correctly
  71. Narrow and Wideband?
  72. service active handling and abs light on C5
  73. Car stalls, gauges read wrong. runs like crap
  74. lt1 tuners come in
  75. question
  76. What causes bucking
  77. Your Opinion???
  78. Factory tune incorrect for a 2000 with 241 heads?
  79. Tps?
  80. Trans Torq,, [] IN HPT..
  81. Shitty Drivability
  82. people w/ a P0300 code come on in
  83. No one knows - - help.
  84. Auto Meter ( Rpm ) Help ??
  85. hypertech hand held programmer
  86. weird problem
  87. Need reluctor wheel help
  88. Does it exist? I want a handheld to flash the PCM with a nitrous tune at the track!
  89. please help
  90. throwing 3 codes
  91. Crankshaft sensor relearn knock tune out?
  92. not getting cam position sensor signal/tach is dead
  93. Need help with check engine codes
  94. ohm reading from pcm?
  95. nobody can figure this out, can you????? PLEASE!!
  96. random MAP sensor alarm after FAST intake
  97. Wideband to EGR 98/99
  98. My car worth tuning?
  99. MAF Cleaner
  100. Cam Sensor Question
  101. quick question
  102. My diagnostics port doesn't work??!!!
  103. computer reprograming
  104. Help with surge after h/c swap
  105. Should i advance the spark on a stock motor?
  106. HP Tuner.
  107. Throwing P0122, P0305, P0449 after NX wet install... lil help?
  108. EFILive Announces E38 & E67 ECM Speed Density Virtual VE table
  109. Car not running right
  110. HELP! I need to make my SES Light come on.
  111. Slp Diablo
  112. help meh plzzzz
  113. F.A.S.T. ~ Relocation of R&D to Memphis, TN
  114. or Dyno Tune?
  115. 07 Suburban with SC
  116. Fan Disabled at higher speeds?
  117. Benefit or Not Stock or FAST
  118. Gauge Cluster delays before activating
  119. Z06 or 08 Vette-what is controlling dual mode exhaust?
  120. ? on desensitising knock sensors
  121. Deleted cats and ses light
  122. Flashing SES light after h/c install
  123. Weird Knock Retard ... Any ideas
  124. Help with AutoVE tune
  125. Corvette PCM pinout ?
  126. Anyone had any experience with Kaz tuning
  127. Car runs WORSE with O2's plugged in???
  128. P1153 codes after scraping exhaust
  129. help with my lm1
  130. Help, converting files, .hpl to .csv
  131. help with my set up 402 stroker
  132. not shifting
  133. i think its a tuning issue
  134. Can EFI Live tune a pcm that has a HP Tuners tune in it?
  135. Throwing 3 codes...
  136. EFILIVE: datalog grm/cyl 300?!
  137. need idea my pcm burnt
  138. looking for LS7 MAF
  139. Need Help Installing My Autogauge Monster Tach On My 98 Ta Please Help
  140. Where is the OBD II Plug on a C5?
  141. 408 with 60lb injectors tune
  142. Overseas and need a tuning hand
  143. PE issues: cant lean out in PE
  144. Question to Diablo owners
  145. Need a GOOD tuner
  146. Monitor LS1?
  147. P0174 & P0171 codes
  148. OBD readiness status ?
  149. when street racing or at the track
  150. help bad idle and tach malfuntioning
  151. LS1 2002 Engine Katrina, No Spark, Help !
  152. 160 stat?????
  153. Shift points?
  154. found miss but why?
  155. wideband malfunction?
  156. wideband malfunction?
  157. Predator questions
  158. E40 ECU ?'s Reflash and Reprogram
  159. code thrown p0108
  160. Anyone Know Where The Tach Wire Splits Into The Abs Module On A 98 Ta??
  161. RPMs jump up randomly
  162. what is resistance of 02 heater circuit
  163. Just set up HPT today...
  164. need help finding clutch switch wire off ecu
  165. ltft vs ve wb %
  166. hp tuners delived trans torque
  167. Car won't go above 4500rpm
  168. Any advise on tuning for a procharger?
  169. Will a LC1 send a WB signal without being connected to a laptop???
  170. hp tuners question
  171. Why is the SLP MAF a bad idea?
  172. Diablo wideband tuning problem
  173. My dog ate my EFILive cable!
  174. Best Tuner In Texas?????
  175. Dyno this Friday, HPT Qs
  176. Cyl air mass change
  177. Question???
  178. hypertech max energy
  179. Need some more tuning help
  180. rpm tach not working....
  181. Which tune for me?
  182. help with tune
  183. Will a 105mm Ford Throttle Body work with the stock pcm?
  184. predator question
  185. SLP Diablo
  186. turbo tune-Anyone know a good internet tuner?
  187. Default Idle problems can someone help me
  188. Differences in tunes of LS1 years (98 -02)
  189. Catalyst system low efficiency bank 1
  190. A Couple of EFI Live / HP Tuners Comparision Questions
  191. Anyone use a Wait4me Mail order tune?
  192. 02's
  193. Cursed Car? Still has CHECK GAUGES
  194. slangin' codes
  195. Real-time tuning for 98' LS1?
  196. Newbie question
  197. school
  198. A/C & Cruise Control Wire Schematics
  199. PCM Learn???
  200. Dwell settings and forced induction?
  201. Cam / crank sinking w/new motor?
  202. Which wideband?
  203. MAF code????
  204. Calibrated Success Tuning Class
  205. Car is pinging
  206. Is this false knock
  207. Building the VE tables for a SD tune
  208. what would cause O2 sensors not to work??
  209. Maxing out MAF
  210. SD and IAT location
  211. motor dieing when going from drive to reverse
  212. Fuel Injector Tuning
  213. Looking for tutorials/documents for RR
  214. maf sensor location and tune
  215. 4L60E shift tuning issue
  216. NE1 have Craig Moates cell #?
  217. Need Help with RR PCM Locked?
  218. Any ideas what this could be???
  219. Hpt To Efi
  220. multi misfire?
  221. 97 C5 with newly installed L92; serious tuning problems
  222. SLP Predator for 1999-2002 Camaro problem. Who has one, and who can help me out.
  223. MAF Question?
  224. Car runnign super rich... Stays in closed loop.
  225. How helpfull is a dyno tune?
  226. Tuning hindered by 'cuting out' at 4300 rpm
  227. Tach not working after engine install.
  228. New engine, what first?
  229. Anyone use Alex Pepper's OBD2 car code scanning?
  230. MAF in open loop?
  231. how does this work?
  232. CTS-V DIM, RIM, ign key to PCM
  233. What wire off the PCM do i connect A/F Gauge
  234. does this sound like a pcm going bad??
  235. HPtuners
  236. FAST dual sensor wideband/any input?
  237. Bin file request
  238. engine bogggg
  239. Wheel to Wheel Powertrain?
  240. Tune Shop???
  241. New to LS1 Tech, Need some Info
  242. Vinci Tuner - Stock Cam vs Hi Perf Stock Cam ?
  243. Diablo Predator question
  244. Code P0140 O2 sensor
  245. Trifecta Tune?
  246. anyone ever taken the EFI 101 class?
  247. How to install msd 2 step
  248. CHUCK COW - BWARE - Unreliable
  249. tunercat
  250. p0332 ks some one please help me