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  1. body wiring question
  2. disabling air bag lights?
  3. how much power is a stock pcm good for?
  4. Turning off ABS light
  5. Predator
  6. O2 sensor problem perhaps PCM
  7. Off Idle Hesitation...
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  14. Got Hypertech...Have Problem
  15. vaccum question.. please help
  16. Timing/Fuel Trim help
  17. ASR kicking in at 38 mph
  18. Question On Rear O2 Sensors After Programming Out
  19. Stock engine and stock tune, drivability problems?
  20. question
  21. aem uego gauge
  22. Cammed cars/low map VE problems
  23. Efi Live 3 bar for 97-98 gunna happen?
  24. ac aridium plugs vs ngk tr55
  25. Can anyone help me setup a pid in hptuner?
  26. Does the Innovative LC1 come with the Logworks software?
  27. Driving the car without the instrument cluster?
  28. Help with LS1 Edit Hanging when reading PCM
  29. Turned off all 4L60e Codes after th350 install, now hatch wont open
  30. Ve table stock with cam? I can't turn maf off.
  31. I need my ses light back on
  32. i need a obd-2 cable
  33. Backfire between shifts/ HPT
  34. PLX install pix
  35. Codes P1635 And P0335 After New Engine
  36. Anyone have issues with undetected, audible knock?
  37. WOW!!! Turned off MAF
  38. shifting issues
  39. MAF values and horsepower.
  40. ls1 edit tach signal
  41. MAF or SD?
  42. Quick ? about CAGS disable.
  43. AEM Wideband Not Reading Correctly
  44. 2001 Trans Am Pin Out
  45. Predator question?
  46. time for a tune?
  47. LC1 to HPT EIO
  48. Fuel injector synchronization on GM
  49. want to start tuning
  50. Tuning issue or vaccum leak?
  51. Can my HPTuners scan codes on non-GM cars?
  52. LTFT question?
  53. Innovate LC1 LM Programmer..
  54. Does Wet System Need retune?
  55. Please Help MS4 Problem!!!!
  56. Stumbling when cold??????
  57. Idle misfire - cant figure it out
  58. What Does your HPT Say for Voltage when Flashing?
  59. How do you properly reset PCM?
  60. EFI live, other cars??
  61. Dynojet wideband with hp tuners
  62. Got a few tuning issues/?
  63. Wideband setup....
  64. Idle Spark tables/ HPT?
  65. lid and descreened maf = hp loss ???!?
  66. car dyno'd and would not richen up after checking AFR
  67. Need help Quick w/ 2003 GMC Sonoma 2.2L !!!
  68. Help, Vinci Tuner Not Working
  69. what is the purpose of a open loop tune??
  70. AIC valve not working?
  71. Dialing in MAF
  72. Need suggestions on LS1Edit changes
  73. passing emmissions after tune
  74. Why would fuel trims not match afr?
  75. [b]i Need A Nitrous .bin File For Hp Tuners[/b]
  76. Map not logging
  77. LT1 PCM problem
  78. problem with efi live connecting and autotap
  79. Car wont Idle, surges, and stalls. Plz help!
  80. How-To. Record with DS Predator.
  81. 408ci first startup....P0342
  82. MAP Sensors
  83. Timing Question
  84. Idle Surging and Low End VE Table Accuracy
  85. P0122 code? wtf?
  86. Throwing P0102 After Z06 MAF install?
  87. boost & fuel pressure gauge install
  88. Help with VE table, SD tune
  89. In NEED of some HELP!!!!!
  90. Who feels like teaching a class?
  91. Anyone who tunes their car using HP tuners.
  92. No way to disable maf on TBSS?
  93. Wanted: tech details on LS crank wheel
  94. Computer won't let me in
  95. O2's High Voltage Po158 Po138 REALLY QUICK QUESTION PLEASE HELP
  96. o2 code
  97. A little help needed please!!! MAF Related!!!
  98. anybody here used the Acel Gen 7 product?
  99. Help with deleting rear o2's(EFI Live)
  100. Will this aem wideband work with hp tuners?
  101. PCM-Diagnostics Port - HELP
  102. Fuel ingector resizing
  103. HP Tuners & Hitting rev limiter w/ new convertor
  104. Any tips/tricks to getting nice MAF curve after VE?
  105. Blowing 50 amp ingnition fuses on starting
  106. Coolant Temp on LS1 Car
  107. diablo predator problem's
  108. 98 knock sensors?????????????
  109. Shift light that works with HPTuners?
  110. P1637 Success story, thought this should be out there
  111. Corvette (or F-bodies) laptop mounts
  112. Key wont come out of key cylinder
  113. OK So are flames normal??? LOL
  114. LT install need to reset pcm
  115. All Innovate Wideband Users, LogWorks3 is here!
  116. LC-1 F'd?
  117. 1,2,3 or 4 wire O2 Sensor?
  118. tuning timing table in OLSD
  119. PLX OLED display?
  120. wideband commander
  121. Quick question....
  122. TPS Voltage Causing surging ... high idle?
  123. FAST XFI & XIM Ignition
  124. 98 Formula PCM to 99 PCM
  125. 01 Z06 Check Engine light on???
  126. High LTFTs with Cobra Blue Tops
  127. Still won't connect.
  128. 1st Log with EFI Live; why no KR logged?
  129. Mounting wideband on stock exhaust?
  130. Just thought I would let you guys know how my tune went at Green Light Motorsports :)
  131. DriveByWire LS2 TB Not fully Opening
  132. Can you Guys Critique my tune..........
  133. Car shooting flames!!!
  134. Green light motorsport Phone #?
  135. If You Have Had You Pcm Programmed Come In Here!
  136. Is my tuner way off?????
  137. Benefits of Deleting Rear O2 Sensors?
  138. Pedal voltage Vs Pedal position
  139. Idle is rich with SD tune
  140. Injector Duty Cycle Drops
  141. slp predator with 06 gto
  142. PCM reflash
  143. Car Backfiring!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!
  144. I Bleive I found the Problem with My HPT
  145. O2 qestions? help
  146. Just a Quick Question about HPT Interface
  147. Tuning MAF
  148. Open Loop all the time with no WB?
  149. PE Enable
  150. Painless Wiring help
  151. Help Translate O2 Sensor Codes P0138 P0133 P0153
  152. bought a car with ls1 edit,now i need the so???are
  153. EFIlive connection problem
  154. HELP Why Wont my HPT Work Now?
  155. hp tunners ????
  156. HPTuners/FAST Wideband integration?
  157. Feelings on the new Autometer wideband???
  158. Crankshaft Position Sensor this morning, then it just.......
  159. MAF Tuning via STFTs problem
  160. MAF went out after Dyno run
  161. pcu re learning after headers?
  162. IAC too low
  163. got a 1997 WS6 get shit milage
  164. i ordered hp, will it work on??
  165. FI and fuel
  166. Had car tuned with techron in the gas tank? Would this throw off tune w/no techron ?
  167. LS2 TB, 1120 code, TP sensor, help
  168. Eliminating Rear O2 Sesors Through Diablo Programer
  169. Custom Tuning NEW TECH SPONSOR
  170. SLP MAF and Diablosport this bad
  171. SES light, bad exhaust emissions, can O2 sims fix?
  172. Should i get a handheld?
  173. PCM trouble help!!!!
  174. question about predator
  175. gauge cluster??
  176. Can anyone explain whats causing the pcm issue?
  177. EFILive 2 Step...ok for FI? Anybody using?
  178. 5.3 cuts out at 1800
  179. 98 engine with 99+ wire harness this ? needs to be answered once and for all lol
  180. Engine cutting out at 5k
  181. Possible to run MAF/SD Tune
  182. Hanging on deceleration
  183. WTF! tps wont reset iac 150
  184. constant problems communicating!?!?!?
  185. Is this a safe tune? *cam swap dyno results*
  186. Tune After LT install?
  187. how do you identify the pins?
  188. Can't keep 408 running
  189. GM Vs Ford IAC
  190. tune should stay the same right?
  191. does anyone have the link on how to read everything on the scanmaster
  192. V-6-->LS2 swap in a 98, what PCM?
  193. PO327 knock sensor code?
  194. Where do I plug this in at?
  195. All the sudden my car drives like crap for the first minute it's on! What's going on!
  196. need help
  197. Wideband and NO2..Please help
  198. high idle until stop
  199. What to monitor for boost level
  200. AEM Wideband. Any good?
  201. need some opinions
  202. Engine slowly running richer over a period of time...
  203. piston order?
  204. Primary vs. Secondary VE
  205. Commanded air fuel ratio Moving
  206. Need a tune
  207. gauge cluster pin diagram
  208. Sputtering and Stalling
  209. battery change = all problems solved??
  210. Can Anyone Help
  211. Tuners Inside!
  212. WTF! I push the clutch in the car wants to die.
  213. Different PCM in car?
  214. narrowband O2 readings
  215. Nick Williams and what TPS?
  216. plug question.
  217. Windows Vista
  218. what year PCM is this??
  219. Tuning help
  220. Hard 1-2 Shift in SD Mode
  221. Help! Newbie to tranny tuning but I think I have a lock up issue.
  222. Does tire height affect tune?
  223. Help ID 85mm MAF
  224. SDPC Z+220 Cam
  225. RPM drop when going into gear-fair size cam, auto and a blower.
  226. Car is running weird and missing at high rpm
  227. Gear problem with my computer
  228. Help with HP Tuners
  229. Tune That
  230. Occasional bogging...mechanical or tuning?
  231. Got a Laptop and some scanners..
  232. car feels like it hits a wall at 5k efilive tuned
  233. scanmaster
  234. i hope this is right, i tried search and read stickies
  235. FAST speedo question
  236. do I need a tune?
  237. Any way to tell if knock is false or real??
  238. Do I really need a laptop to tune??
  239. LTFT's maxed
  240. MAF wiring????
  241. 1 Bar SD custom OS...issue...
  242. HPT or EFILive? No dyno capability
  243. full wiring diagram 98 pcm
  244. MS4 automatic tune
  245. any way yo contact hp tuners besides e-mail?
  246. HP tuners 06-7y speed density soon?
  247. wideband commander LSU4 part#
  248. q's on tunign with torquer v2 and 98 pcm
  249. Sample Datamaster Logs
  250. Crane Cams Tuner?