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  1. upgrade autotap (at1)?
  2. Is efilive compatible with windows vista?
  3. Car surges (RPMS rise when clutch is in)
  4. AEM output connection
  5. hard shifting, how to adjust line pressure?
  6. lm-1 problem
  7. when tuning ltfts... (HPTuners)
  8. Need a good tuner
  9. Pissed off at my o2 sensors - solution?
  10. ABS and Brake lites
  11. Please Help! 07 TBSS no o2's and no air temp?
  12. secondary air pump not coming on
  13. Code P1336
  14. conflict between WB & NB LTFT
  15. Will tunning help tranny shifts??
  16. P0342 camshaft position sensor low input?
  17. Problem In The Pcm During Dynotuning
  18. please help me idle
  19. INFO needed about knock module
  20. knock retard
  21. how to take out pcm ??
  22. drive shaft speed sensor with EFIlive
  23. Anyone having troubles with Hptuners and long delays?
  24. Cheapest way to delete air,02 and egr?
  25. With an A4 going from 2.73 to tune required?
  26. suggestion for tuning book ?
  27. buy HPtuners or have it tuned
  28. Jeremy F tuning & porting Orlando and Ft myers
  29. Please Critique my TPS theory
  30. Dyno Tuning with predator
  31. Help!! Code P0101 after installing a cam on Holden Monaro
  32. Help me with tuning
  33. so, i need a new pcm.....
  34. PCM Ground?
  35. Got a probelm with tune. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!
  36. wow! wft no start/ no crank.... i have 1 code. PLEASE HELP.
  37. DTC's After CAm install
  38. Injector tuning?
  39. Anyone seen this issue P0132?
  40. JUST a speedo recalibration
  41. where to buy a laptop stand
  42. Help Fixing P0704 Code
  43. will using a handheld tuner mess up my custom tune?
  44. Another Stupid Pcm Question.
  45. help with PE settings for track
  46. Tuning cam only lt1
  47. Engine missing at 2000 RPM HELP!!!!
  48. 00 PCM with 98 engine harness?
  49. Help Hptuner guy!!!!!!!!!!!
  50. Vinci vs Predator for stock ls6
  51. im not sure if this is the rght spot? MSD question
  52. 1995 OBD I computer OBDII connector- wanting to convert to OBDI connector
  53. Where to place LC1 sensor in the exhaust?
  54. How does an LSx PCM measure MAP?
  55. Can weak battery trigger codes for O2 sensor heater?
  56. using 98 harness and PCM for 01 motor
  57. help diagnosing P0332
  58. ARG!! DTC P0103 MAF Sensor Circuit High Frequency wont go away!!
  59. What causes Freq. Spikes in my MAF?
  60. Installed my PCM for Less Tune today
  61. Is it in the tune?
  62. Innovative St-12 worth it?
  63. HPTuners EIO output as TPS, window switch for Nitrous
  64. PCM/Chip Problems
  65. o2 sensor question
  66. Can some of you EfiLive guys look at my tune Please?
  67. PCV & AFR?
  68. what cable do i need? please help asap
  69. Tuning question....
  70. 98 Ecm Program Help
  71. Code reader cannot see PCM?
  72. 01-up computer and wiring harness?
  73. LC-1 black calibration wire
  74. p0172 and p0175
  75. lt1 edit ???'s tuning ??'s
  76. LQ9 Swap in a 99 Z
  77. What can i use to monitor IAC tables? using ls1 edit
  78. which program ?
  79. here's a good one for the computer wiz's!
  80. change harness when doing 99+ reflash??
  81. Who has the best deal on the LM-1 wideband?
  82. so my car's acting up...
  83. LS2 or LS1 computer?
  84. EFILive V2 Scan connecting problem
  85. What should these be at
  86. Stock car tune
  87. Tuning issues?
  88. "Safest" Lean AFR for crusing?
  89. Power dropoff at 5800 RPM's and MAF jumps around
  90. Wideband & Stock PCM
  91. o2 sensors??
  92. Auto Tap
  93. Crane tuner setting question
  94. knock sensor
  95. Car running in closed loop, throwing codes.
  96. P0355 LS1 swap into Older Vette
  97. Question on Commanded AFR vs. Actual AFR vs. LTFT's
  98. Car running like crap (cutting out, sputtering, etc)!
  99. fast idle problem
  100. Issues with Crank Position relearn
  101. OBDI Tuners...Converter ? Inside
  102. Should I get a tune??
  103. PLEASE help!
  104. Getting A/C to work again with BS3
  105. hp credit problem?
  106. '99 Corvette FRC stock HPTuner scan
  107. quick question about 02's
  108. Removed some parts now car won't start..
  109. weird Speedo problem, HPTuner issue?
  110. Spark advance "stuck"
  111. question about swapping inj.s and tune
  112. idle problem at cold start
  113. Preditor Programmer
  114. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  115. TC locking and unlocking??
  116. A few random hptuners questions
  117. How to dial in timing?
  118. LS1 Cylinder order???
  119. Ignition slope?
  120. Maf Hypothetical
  121. Can someone look over this tune?
  122. Why am I logging B2S2 voltage while unplugged?
  123. Aftermarket 02 Sensors... What do I need?
  124. Compare 402 Tunes
  125. possible mechanical issues preventing a good tune?
  126. injector tuning?
  127. P0654 Engine RPM Output Circuit Malfunction
  128. Crankshaft Code from MSD Opti?
  129. Timing table looks like shit
  130. Is it because I need a tune?
  131. ??? about LS1 scanmaster.
  132. Tuning and Thermostat
  133. Oil light problem.. anyone have an idea?
  134. trans temp pcm wires
  135. AFR goes from 10 to 20...Whats wrong???
  136. Need Help Fast!!!
  137. v6 handheld
  138. Does 90/90 combo require tuning?
  139. timing advance
  140. Remove/Disable VATS on a 2004 GTO LS1 with HPT, is it possible?
  141. You know what fucking pisses me off?
  142. Negative Ltft Bad?
  143. throwing knock sensor codes with new motor
  144. ls1 down need help
  145. Retrofit Electronic Traction Control?
  146. Turbo AFR 9.8-10.8 daily?
  147. Free EFILive Reflective stickers.
  148. Tuning order
  149. should it be safe????
  150. Sqr???
  151. SD or MAF for my set up?
  152. Anyone Using the LS1 Timing Tuner?
  153. PCM insallation question
  154. Phantom code...
  155. Street Fury chip???
  156. OK need so tips on dyno
  157. throwing a code
  158. tuning book??
  159. PCV Catch Can
  160. LT1 Running Rough / Reduced Power / Poor Mileage / NO DTC CODES
  161. fan settings with hp tuners
  162. I have a few issues, have a few questions.
  163. Code =??
  164. Installed LM-1, says it's too lean
  165. HP Tuners VCM Suite v2.1.18 is Now Available!
  166. How many with 98 2 bar sd hp tuner??
  167. How do you get in contact with HP Tuners>>
  168. HELP ALL stock but throwing codes??
  169. FAST WO2/HPTuners Integration??
  170. Those with: erratic idle, TCS lights, and surging
  171. 85mm MAF
  172. no codes but ses still on
  173. 1999 Corvette PCM Questions
  174. Auto shifts real hard while in SD mode ?
  175. What should I run my car in......
  176. Dtc 1336 - Wtf?
  177. Reset SES: how long do I have to drive before PCM will go through all it's cycles
  178. How to hook up a Big Stuff 3 to a factory Tach?
  179. Baseline Tune for F14 ?
  180. SD tune: SES code normal?
  181. 12 circuit wiring
  182. Street vs. Dyno tuning question...
  183. Help, Best options for me??
  184. #6 Misfire Help
  185. i love 98 camaros
  186. AFR and ERR% not right?????
  187. BS3 2 Step
  188. WERE can i get a Performance chip
  189. Poll_Hypertech Tuning, + or -???
  190. what is my best way to get for a good tune?
  191. I need help please
  192. 3 Bar sensor and IAT
  193. Tranmission Tuning Questions
  194. Headers/tuning
  195. check this out for me
  196. OK. someone please help me with this code
  197. Do I need to reset LTFTs when starting SD tuning?
  198. error 8012 the device is not open
  199. Lagging O2 Sensor?
  200. Come on Guys there has to be someone in here!
  201. Security Light?
  202. PLease help
  203. code P0300. help.
  204. code help p1336
  205. code help p1336
  206. my security light wont turn off!!
  207. I have LS1 Edit....should I get HP tuners?
  208. looking for a how to correctly ground a lm-1 WBO2 system.
  209. What sensors and Fuel pressure?
  210. HP Tuners upgraded cable>>
  211. RoadRunner w/ RT Tuner
  212. Hmmmmmmmmm tr224 tuning
  213. Getting 3 codes
  214. Proscan company issues?
  215. PE vs Temperature
  216. PCMScan
  217. Predator Tune different
  218. Need help with pcm
  219. strange ls1edit error: gear and gear2 are different
  220. where is the obdII grounded at?
  221. code readers
  222. tuning question
  223. HP Tuners 2Bar SD Tuning
  224. ign map ls1, ls7
  225. Innovative LC-1?
  226. Removed Air Pump and now the car runs rich.
  227. i wanna try a sd tune
  228. Non Tuned Tr 224
  229. Any Dash Mounted Information Displays?
  230. oppinion on what stand alone is better
  231. A4 bad or tune problem?
  232. 02 sensor compatibility?
  233. 100 mm maf on a LS7
  234. ETC Area Scalar with Harrop 8*55mm throttel intake
  235. TPS drives around normally...WTF???
  236. why does my car idle like this??
  237. Please Help
  238. P0135...
  239. large lean dip on tip in
  240. do knock sensors wear out?
  241. accell pissed me off.
  242. 1 Bar MAP or 2 bar
  243. Very Dissapointed with mail order tune so far
  244. LC1 hookup problem...Error 5
  245. P1133 codes Service Engine Soon Light Please Help
  246. P1133 codes Service Engine Soon Light
  247. Need help ASAP, HPT credit?
  248. I cleared code 106 (MAP), and car dies, WTF
  249. Handheld tuners?
  250. fuel correction question