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  1. Stupid Tunning ?
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  3. Shift Light Problem?
  4. Finally bought EFILive V2 for my TB SS
  5. I'm an idiot! Did I hurt my motor???
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  10. MAP sensor bad during tuning
  11. P342 what to do?
  12. shouldnt i be able to download a tune to a RR...
  13. looking for tune or program to tune turbo lt1
  14. car/truck tunes
  15. Best Fan Settings
  16. need 98ss v-9 tuned in colorado
  17. Turning off MAf codes?
  18. idle tuning, ls1 edit. Sorry for asking, i searched though :)
  19. Auto tap cable won't fit laptop???
  20. Hptuners Sd Tune
  21. Did i mess up my PCM?
  22. In car dignostics??
  23. handheld tunners
  24. Anyone running 3BAR?
  25. SLP Predator custom tune question?
  26. Why do a lot of Pro Tuners turn the P1336 enabler off?
  27. bogging after i turn the car off??wtf
  28. baterry gauge not reading properly???
  29. Car won't start
  30. Anyone able to burn PROMs?
  31. Ls2 402 idle problem
  32. LC-1 and what guage??
  33. Switching Computers
  34. Big Stuff 3 Tuning LS7
  35. LT1 OBD2 pcm questions...
  36. Bogging out 2-3k rpm
  37. Maximum MAF output frequency = ?
  38. P0133 and P0153 codes being thrown please help!
  39. Need some help with hesitation during acceleration
  40. BOSCH WB02 for bs3 Part #?
  41. will swapping MAF's affect the tune?
  42. Wanting to log runs...newbie
  43. Tuning for slp maf
  44. O2 signature?
  45. Asap
  46. Ignition Configuration for MS2 and GM DIS
  47. Quick question about logged DTC's
  48. Help deciding on which tuner program for me
  49. 1st gear shift point off
  50. I Need Help
  51. Need Specific info with LS1 Edit
  52. BS3: who has set one up and fired...
  53. new pcm on older car?
  54. Firehawk T/A wierd power seat issue??
  55. Rich or Lean
  56. how bad is this?
  57. IAC Sensor Bad?
  58. IAT sensor?
  59. High octane timing tuning
  60. EFILive in the April Issue of GMHTP
  61. air pump fuse blowing
  62. P0174
  63. Park/neutral perfect, in gear off
  64. Anyone know anything about tuning software called SCT Flash
  65. Using torque sensor to simulate dyno
  66. What comes next tuning for cam?
  67. Individual selectable tunes?
  68. How to test faulty fuel injector??
  69. Timing tuner wire got melted.
  70. Bogging down
  71. Does Stock Maf Have Screen?
  72. Need some help with LT4
  73. 2004 GTO computer questions
  74. Predator torque management
  75. What spray to Clean Mass Air Sensor
  76. Dead on decel
  77. WHat AFR should you be seeing on...
  78. Ass backwards IFR table???
  79. Millivolts
  80. Hp tuners, with Zex wet kit
  81. Timing Dial??
  82. Ls1 Post LT install problems
  83. ok i tried everything about the ect sensor circut high
  84. WOT timing?
  85. Vaccum leak?
  86. predator or dyno tune?
  87. Car falls on its face
  88. Q:STFT LTFT Lean/Rich Condition
  89. Torque management M6???????
  90. Can a BIG cam Cold Start & drive like stock
  91. ???01 ecm swap to a 02???
  92. problems with converting to 3 bar steup
  93. timing help
  94. How to tell if cam sensor and crank sensor are bad??
  95. knock sensor turned on ses light, need input
  96. tuning th400
  97. Can read all of table in HP Tuner
  98. False knock
  99. BS3 car falls on its face above 3500 rpm...
  100. MAF Translator question
  101. 2bar map voltage to psi table = same for all 2 bar maps?
  102. SES light flashing
  103. O2 reading problems?
  104. Starting/idle problem - new setup ETP 215, 36#, 233/239 & LT's
  105. electronics problems (interior & alarm related)
  106. flasing a4 tune to a m6
  107. several issues with the car
  108. O2 simms
  109. Abs Inop, Brake Light, Tcs
  110. what happened
  111. WTF! now car wont start
  112. Open Loop SD Tuning - Engine Damage?
  113. Some quick advise on these codes
  114. Engine Bogs Down
  115. VATS question??
  116. Roaring during cold start
  117. Knock sensor wiring pinch
  118. I do not get idle tuning.
  119. What A/F is considered lean for ls1 and wideband ?
  120. my car is showing a dtc code 26
  121. Flashing lower hp tune for hight hp tune
  122. driver side spark plugs black, passenger plugs OK???
  123. first tune was HP can 2nd tune LS1 edit?
  124. Injector Pulse Time
  125. HPTuners file repository...
  126. installing o2 sensor
  127. adapter harness ?
  128. Would you want a demo version of HPT?
  129. Data Logging a monorail
  130. need a little help!
  131. Diablosport Predator Tuning Help Please
  132. Heellllpp!!!!!
  133. Universal Injector spreadsheet
  134. Where do you buy more credits for HP Tuners>
  135. all i want are a few codes deleted... nothing more.
  136. ltft tuning clarification with predator
  137. Oil Change light and Diablo Tuner
  138. How to tune low LTFT's?
  139. How long can i drive on this?
  140. 5.3l Dod
  141. Wiring harness
  142. Car won't start
  143. Self Tuning?
  144. 97-98 or 99-02 PCM?????????
  145. can a vin # be input by hp tuners?
  146. Tuning the T-rex
  147. How important will a tune be for this scenario?
  148. Primary/Secondary VE table?
  149. help! lose in Rpm's. P0430
  150. Trying to get ls6 Grand Sport to run
  151. Tuning "by the book"
  152. Effects of Cats on A/F Ratio?
  153. Why is my timing retarded?
  154. Cheapest Diablosport Tuner
  155. 2bar SD w/ HPT: BIZARRE problem...please help!
  156. GM to Ford TPS
  157. Oil change light
  158. elec fuel press gauge not working properely?
  159. Please explain relays to me.
  160. Help With Codes!!!
  161. starting problem 1998 Camaro
  162. Tuning For Heads?
  163. paging Jesse bubb
  164. Please help P0305 Code
  165. PLEASE HELP newbie tune MS4 LS1
  166. EVAP and fuel level questions - yeah i searched
  167. Headers with Superchips?
  168. Ls1, SD tune, TURBO, N20
  169. Predator 02 sensors
  170. oxygen sensor question
  171. Wiring question???
  172. PE Explaination
  173. P0704
  174. 36lb Injectors Rich on Decel
  175. PE Fuel Multiplier
  176. ls2 tuning
  177. 1998 Os
  178. Just tuned with HP Tuners and a couple q's.
  179. guys running hp tunners
  180. Does anyone currently sell a 2 step?
  181. any mustang guyshere?need help
  182. shooting flames
  183. Just installed dynojets Wideband commander.........and have some questions???
  184. where is the ignition switch located?
  185. What is the best aftermarket fuel managment system?
  186. # for carputing
  187. Black Plugs (rich) S/D tune question
  188. threw 2 codes last night, shift solenoid A+C
  189. knock retard question
  190. Unsure what the light is!
  191. Please help me p0118
  192. Sensor ?
  193. Offbeat tuning question for you guys...........
  194. Idle Tuning - Helpful Info Inside
  195. 98 pcm ???
  196. 02 sensor hookup
  197. dynotune lc-1
  198. Injectors.xls file
  199. RPM tach signal wire???02 z06 vette.
  200. Signal to fuel pump relay?
  201. Vac Mod Tranny And Tuneing
  202. air fuel ratio guage
  203. weird power problem!
  204. will my car run fine if i get rid of a few things....
  205. HELP egr sim avalible
  206. Hp tuners- Car and truck question
  207. Tuning
  208. Need to 'cheat' on Economy run
  209. Wideband output to PCM?
  210. operating system
  211. P0128 dtc ?
  212. Wideband goin crazy after LTs.
  213. HELP! 548whp and low speed issues
  214. Diagnostic Port not working......
  215. How does the PCM know what 14.7 is?
  216. AIR code came on after boosting car...?
  217. Can some of you good tuners eval my dyno graph for me?
  218. HP tuner
  219. Ls1 in rx7 & Ls1 in 240sx
  220. PE enable rpm?
  221. Best tape/wire for wiring
  222. spark advance and race gas
  223. HP Tuners
  224. Mefi 4 Tuning
  225. Mail order tune info
  226. 2bar map voltage to boost conversion for custom pid
  227. HP Tuner - What needed to load SD tune?
  228. Need help with harlan 2 step
  229. Bs3 - No Spark!!!
  230. wideband with lead??
  231. EFI Live Eval file
  232. LS1 Sensor Question
  233. dyno tuned
  234. newbie to tuning
  235. help! my rpm gauge doesnt work!
  236. Where did you run your wideband wire of exhaust
  237. LS2 TB on LS6 engine
  238. truck will not go into PE help
  239. engine dies out after TC install
  240. ls1 tuned; now pinging
  241. New LT1/LS1/LS2 Jet tuning sofware
  242. Throttle-by-wire using F-Body PCM?
  243. Ugh! Need help with MAP PID in EFILive Scan
  244. ls1 edit
  245. best tunning software hp or efi live
  246. Do I need a MAFT?
  247. weird miss after long tube install
  248. Burst KNock??
  249. Spark tuning
  250. You have the .bin?