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  1. Question on AutoVe Tuning Tutorial (EFIlive)
  2. HP tuner file needed (VCM Suite) for TSP 233/239 cam
  3. When is the V2 going to be fully functional?
  4. What's your max timing in lower rpm's and part throttle on big H/C/90/90 set-ups?
  5. EFI Live?
  6. VE Table = Calculations
  7. Just want to double check what codes to remove
  8. can hptuners scanner show me how total timing is being derived?
  9. Tuning ?'s
  10. Max EGT's for FI? Whats too hot?
  11. Security light on..WTF!?!?!
  12. Letter from Chevrolet
  13. timing on a 408
  14. hp tuners vin question
  15. HP Tuners Guys I need Starting Help
  16. High Idle
  17. Tach signal input wire?
  18. knock sensor failing my emissions test?
  19. 100mm MAF
  20. Anyone Use Nexus A/F Ratio Meter With HP Tuners
  21. Any good tuners in K.C?
  22. VE Table Quick Quetion
  23. A little help please!!!
  24. Where to put wideband bung?
  25. New pcm question?!?
  26. ls1 edit??? anyone
  27. Pcm Tune?
  28. Why do M6 tunes have "shift speeds"
  29. ecm/pcm
  30. the differences in 2000 stock tune vs. 402ci small cam tune
  31. Anyone have a HPtuner file for this?
  32. Mail away for break-in then dyno after OK??
  33. EFI Live .tun file Repository -- Search for tunes, upload tunes! (updated 2012)
  34. Do I have to calibrate LM-1 WideBand everytime I use it?
  35. Can a bad Spark Plug Cause the Rest of the Plugs Fowl out?
  36. LTFT's narrow band
  37. Idleing @ 18-19 AFR is this Right?
  38. EFI University?
  39. 6.2L L92 in LSx GTO?
  40. Wide band help
  41. Hypertech Programmer. VIN Lock.
  42. What VE changes would you make
  43. Using Maf
  44. Stupid Odometer ??
  45. SLP-ZO6 Mass air sensor, resister?
  46. (EFI Live) Questions on auto VE and the black box feature.
  47. Upgrading Injectors
  48. Using a predator Tuner after a (on top of) a dyno tune?
  49. Can EFILive adjust shift firmness?
  50. Stalling at idle with a 1514 code
  51. Ltft
  52. secondary ve ???
  53. Tuner?
  54. Ever wonder what it takes to.................
  55. spikes in AFR at 5300-6200 what could be the problem??
  56. dumb question, but, efilive I or V2 ?
  57. Something wrong with my car. Weird DTCs. Please help!!!
  58. Can't read PCM with BenchTop Harness
  59. timing and pcm?
  60. rev control in ecu
  61. Datalogging OBD2 with knock retard function
  62. spark table for sts car..
  63. 6.o drive by wire
  64. Tuning experts, SD, where do I start?
  65. reflashing computer
  66. How to connect a Z06 MAF to a 2000 C5?
  67. Mail Order or Dyno?
  68. No 99 camaro check engine light unless Actron scanner is plugged in ??
  69. Wiring problems LS1 conversion over to an LT1 camaro
  70. Idle issue...
  71. how to fix OBDII code po440?
  72. what are the benifits of running an OBD1 PCM?
  73. Tach Install
  74. MAF durability
  75. Knock sensor...unplugging same as disabling in PCM?
  76. Got a weird problem.
  77. LS2 Wont Start + LS2 PCM diff 05-06
  78. Thought I'd ask here too...
  79. Best LS1 tuner/tuning shop?
  80. Diablo sport help
  81. Tuning the 07 Silverados w/DOD and AFM?
  82. Timing pulled on 2-3 shift - No KR!
  83. Need HELP with Idle Surge and Pegged Fuel Trims 418 Stroker
  84. Fuel trims question.....
  85. Anyone have a write up on removing engine harness
  86. Can i use a 99 engine harness on my 00???
  87. Anyone talk to Weaver at RWTD ?
  88. Phantom timing retard (not KR)
  89. Question about DTC's (HPTuners)
  90. Any tips on A4 adjustments?
  91. Idle reads lower than HPscanner
  92. Tuning for Nitrous
  93. Tuning software gurus inside to settle this
  94. ODB2 port problem?
  95. scanning with hptuners on multiple vehicles?
  96. Surging with high overlap cams any solution?
  97. Losing power after 3rpm
  98. LS2 Cam sensor
  99. how to turn off the ses light
  100. 2-Step in HP tuners???
  101. P0342 Nightmare! Help...
  102. mail order tuning
  103. Superchips welcomes questions
  104. LS1 to LS2 swap
  105. where to get O2 sensors that holds 100+ octane?
  106. turbo tuning
  107. H/C, Fast90, Cam HPtuners bin out there I could look at?
  108. need help on o2 wire colors
  109. learnning how to tune
  110. tuning questions
  111. Codes po137, p1416
  112. P0172 / P0175 Issue After New Engine Install *HELP*
  113. Spark Retard Question
  114. Check out my VE table please.
  115. How to Fix Stall Wall?
  116. Running very rich at idle??
  117. Any confirmation of successful case learn?
  118. Can anybody confirm that GM map sensor #12580698 will report up to 260kPa?
  119. Has anyone seen or used the new 6mod
  120. is there a way to trick the EGR code?
  121. Street tuning and dyno tuning?
  122. Need A Computer For 6.0
  123. Please help, pcm problems (I think)
  124. Changing from a 2bar map to a 3bar map?
  125. o2 sensor codes
  126. Need help Wiring up PLX M-250 to EFILive
  127. Which Software To Buy?
  128. W/B LSU Sensor Connector Help
  129. Need help with eletrical issue
  130. AutoVE map reading 93 in all cells. Why?
  131. SS is a dog
  132. Aftermarket PCM's
  133. A few tuning questions
  134. big stuff 3 a good choice?
  135. Hp tuner advice
  136. HP tuners question.
  137. quick question...
  138. WTF Code P0118 and Fans are always ON!!!!!!!
  139. HP Tuners for the LT1 POLL :)
  140. Need a tune adding heads?
  141. Rick is the man - Synergy Motorsports
  142. ls1 Edit question
  143. G Tech Pro
  144. anyone have a 228R Tune w/ heads
  145. question for the gods
  146. MAF question
  147. New help with PLX M250 & 02 Sensor Issues
  148. TUNING & SMOG
  149. LS1's with a tune come in
  150. Can someone with a clue HELP
  151. Need a Tune When Changing States?
  152. Speed Density-> Yes or no?
  153. 4l60e Problems.....
  154. SES after using 110 octane..
  155. Car won't start reset PCM car starts.
  156. Hypertech programming gone BAD!!!!
  157. Diff between 98 and 99+ ECM and change over
  158. Need a Little Help with HP Tuners!!!!!
  159. PCM tuning for LT1's with a TURBO....
  160. HPTuners Need Advice on start up file for TFS heads/cam swap!
  161. Please Help 2 Fried Plugs Now what ?
  162. 200mph speedo calibration
  163. Can/Should I turn off this SES code...?
  164. engine code p0155 and p0161
  165. Need a Stcok A4 LT1 file
  166. Problem starting
  167. Does using accessories (12v cig lighter) impact results of logs/results
  168. IFR and Boost Reference Regulator
  169. Complete Speed, Inc. Dynotune & Diablosport
  170. 6.0L LQ9 Short Block on 98-00 LS1 heads/cam/intake
  171. PCM Shift Light
  172. all 98-2002 gm harnesses the same? including truck harnesses?
  173. LTFT Cycle???
  174. O2 sensor delete
  175. No start program
  176. Where can I get a 98 PCM ???
  177. po803
  178. Hpp3
  179. check engine light
  180. Trouble with the LT1 Anti-Theft
  181. Are Predator tuners any good?
  182. pcm logic !
  183. What harness goes to which plug on the PCM?
  184. So um... 91 TPI chip in 93 LT1?
  185. Surging at low speeds!!!
  186. quick question about unplugging pcm
  187. Diablosport u7198 on 98 will it work?
  188. Having problems getting EFI to read AFR
  189. pcm programming for Efans/v8 s-10
  190. Just an FYI for LC-1 owners wanting to use the narrowband output
  191. do i need a retune after bigger injectors?
  192. Turbo vehicle tune...MAF or SD??
  193. TUNING FACILITY!! please read
  194. Is it possible to run dual MAF sensors on turbo setup so it won't max out?
  195. 2bar or 3bar tune
  196. Driveability issue!! Need advice please.
  197. My friends GTO Tune, with some scans...
  198. car starts but won't idle??
  199. Bonafied 99+ computer that I can upgrade or............?
  200. Bonafied 99+ computer that I can upgrade or............?
  201. Cool EFILive Tune feature I just discovered
  202. Is there a handheld tuner for 98
  203. SD tuning vs altitude and temp changes?
  204. Anybody have a tune for this?
  205. rough unstable decel/idle
  206. SES light on a STOCK car
  207. at what rpm do i shift?
  208. ls2 Throttle Delay
  209. Weird hot start idle problem...
  210. Any clues? DTC Code
  211. LC-1 Voltage at 0??
  212. HP Tuners question
  213. ASR OFF Light on and off after cam install
  214. Idle Speed Vs Base Airflow
  215. bad maf??
  216. SD in an A4
  217. To dyno tune or not to tune yet....
  218. 250ohm gauge with 90 ohm fuel cell
  219. Need help choosing a PLX Wideband
  220. any dodge experts here?
  221. O2 sensor problem need help plzzzzzzzzzz
  222. Need some help!
  223. Is there something wrong with my 85mm mass air
  224. Scared of the dyno
  225. Dyno Tuning???
  226. Normal for VE Table to exceed 100%?
  227. Need HP Tuner bin file for this combo - PLEASE HELP
  228. Car wont pass smog
  229. OBDII port messing up!
  230. engine swap
  231. after 03 zo6 cam install
  232. Can someone crarify hptuners "credits" for me
  233. Can tuning keep exhaust from popping on cold starts?
  234. for you SD guys needing a t/b to airlid coupler!!!
  235. Firing order?
  236. Help me with fuel trims
  237. Hpp3 And Granatelli
  238. SD vs MAF tune
  239. knock sensors required?
  240. po135
  241. trans problems..Tuning/Trans guru's!!!
  242. I know it's in the tune!?!
  243. EFILive horsepower calculator
  244. no diagnostic plug on my take-out harness
  245. Rough idle pissing me off......
  246. P0131 & P0133 are driving me nuts
  247. Will EBoost2 retain settings if battery is disconnected?
  248. Who sells O2 Simulators?
  249. how are you keeping all your wires neat?
  250. can the LM1 B hooked up to a small A/F gauge