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  1. running like shit
  2. p1133 with stock manifolds WTF!
  3. anyone have a bench tuner or do you do tunes?
  4. Torque Management Question
  5. possible to tune with no WBO2?
  6. 12200411 PCM ('01+ LS1) conversion on an LT1? Links inside!
  7. Tuning for M6 to A4 swap on 98.
  8. PLEASE HELP! How-to improve cold start?
  9. Tuning using LTFT
  10. 1 vs 2 whats better for a wideband?
  11. need help hooking up wideband to hp tuners
  12. Ign timming on BS3
  13. what's the difference ?
  14. handheld capabilities ?
  15. ABS inop, ASR off lights on...little insight please
  16. Base parameters? Help me!
  17. My Zeitroniz wideband now has linear output, yay.
  18. FAST 90/90, IAC steps vs area?
  19. HPtuner OS ID mismatch
  20. Jeremy Formato Tuning and Porting in Gainsville 3/22/07
  21. Inline fuel pump wire?
  22. WHATS the safest best tune to do for fi??
  23. AEM UEGO gauge, analog output formula
  24. anyone seen one of these?
  25. No Tuners in Charlotte, NC area??
  26. dtc 41 code igntion control circuit open
  27. Connecting car to Laptop!!!
  28. Redline Motorsports hosting EFI Live class May 5th!
  29. Why is KR coming in on high rpm in 2nd gear?
  30. wideband O2 question
  31. looking for a tunner in (714)
  32. 65lb injectors wont idle.
  33. P0343 - I've searched the forum with no luck!
  34. Check my idle tuning approach please
  35. p0608
  36. MS3 Cam Running Rich
  37. Gauges in one Dash
  38. can EFIlive and my LM1 read different AFR values?
  39. TCC what it means
  40. basic stock just got efi live
  41. reading injector duty cycle
  42. tuning sugestions plz
  43. LC-1 Hookup question
  44. codes, o2 sensor P0135 and P1258
  45. 1 problem down a few more to go.
  46. Is it worth a dyno tune?
  47. Software speak the same language?
  48. running cam on slp tune
  49. I'm confused. HPTuners gurus help please
  50. No code after removing EGR - so far.
  51. Desensitizing the knock sensor
  52. HPT 42# injector table?
  53. Stock tune sucks
  54. Tuning my A4 car...
  55. couldnt find anybody else who had this problem
  56. Car choking?!?!?
  57. After head swap question
  58. Car won't start
  59. Need a little help wiring up my lc-1
  60. Need Tune For Sts??
  61. PLX Wide Band Problem can you help ?
  62. Programmer purchase advice
  63. Clearing PCM codes...
  64. auto VE problem
  65. ENG SEN fuse....
  66. PLX Wideband (Group Purchase)
  67. o2 woes
  68. 99 pcm fuel pump relay control
  69. car doesnt want to idle after normal driving...
  70. Tapping a PCM wire to hook up a navigation unit
  71. NJ Inspection (OBDII check and Hypertech)
  72. hypertech + grantelli mafs = bad combo?
  73. Any Handheld tuners to save 2 different settings?
  74. tune for headers
  75. Denali Wont Start
  76. Buddy's throwing codes
  77. Ls1 Edit Remove/add?
  78. VE Cell Question
  79. Turbo tune
  80. Need Help Throwing Codes After Head Cam Install.
  81. Z06 LS6 Tune vs CTS-V LS6 Tune
  82. tuning for stall
  83. LS1edit question
  84. BCM Question??
  85. Ecu
  86. ses light
  87. wow! this has really stump me and many others
  88. DTC codes ?
  89. Can I have your tune? :)
  90. why am I blowing Engine Control Fuses?
  91. MAF - vertical or horizontal ??
  92. Tuning question
  93. diagnostic connector
  94. Ls2 Autove Tuning With Wideband O2
  95. Easy to use tuning software?
  96. LS1 01-02 12200411 specs wanted
  97. ECT Problem Please Help
  98. 232/236 112LSA, anyone have a VE and Spark table
  99. Best )2 sensors for a H/C nitrous car
  100. LS1 with Megasquirt
  101. 98 PCM question
  102. BS3 tune for stock LS1 2 bar needed!!
  103. You got to br F@#$#@$# Kidding me!!
  104. Is my problem in the tune?
  105. Open Loop, Speed Density users chime in please.
  106. Tuning
  107. IAC Stuck at 300 - 02 C5
  108. Problem
  109. Has anyone run into P0102 MAF low frequency?
  110. looking for a 2003 silverado 6.0L auto tranny bin...
  111. Car stuck in open loop when idling
  112. fbody wiring on gto pcm??
  113. Tuning Help!!!
  114. Is there a table that references TPS
  115. Strange idle, bad sensor?
  116. looking for a reputalbe shop to send my RR and laptop to for software download
  117. Speed Density Tuning w/LS1 Edit
  118. Intermittent Lack Of Power. Help Please!
  119. Low RPM Boost Stumble
  120. Can you PLEASE...
  121. Crank Signal
  122. 25rwhp how much % more fuel
  123. texas speed mail tune
  124. Help with some o2 codes
  125. Passenger side O2 sensor been unpluged for months!!
  126. Bizzare issue's
  127. AutoVE tuning MS4 cam.....
  128. I need a nitrous tune - running way lean - any suggestions???
  129. 3 wire to 5 wire maf wiring diagram?
  130. SD vs. MAF car feels much better, but why?
  131. Disable po757 DTC
  132. Need Help Please!!!
  133. standalone harness and ecm programing?
  134. roadrunner and efi live update... HELP
  135. T-Rex tune??????
  136. FAST Dual Wideband Mounting??
  137. Tune for power
  138. Permanently Installing LM-1
  139. kr at wot.need tuning input
  140. LC-1 Problems HELP!
  141. Help, car running EXTREMELY lean...
  142. misfire below 3000, then above 3000 car runs awesome???
  143. Is there anyway to make EFI Live read an LS1Edit file???
  144. Stupid Tunning ?
  145. More Tuning Questions!!!!
  146. Shift Light Problem?
  147. Finally bought EFILive V2 for my TB SS
  148. I'm an idiot! Did I hurt my motor???
  149. Cam sensor code and hard starting with new LS7
  150. Wideband Commander not talking to laptop?
  151. TPS Idle Voltage Fluctuates?
  152. Need Help Wiring up Sm-AFR to EFILive V2
  153. MAP sensor bad during tuning
  154. P342 what to do?
  155. shouldnt i be able to download a tune to a RR...
  156. looking for tune or program to tune turbo lt1
  157. car/truck tunes
  158. Best Fan Settings
  159. need 98ss v-9 tuned in colorado
  160. Turning off MAf codes?
  161. idle tuning, ls1 edit. Sorry for asking, i searched though :)
  162. Auto tap cable won't fit laptop???
  163. Hptuners Sd Tune
  164. Did i mess up my PCM?
  165. In car dignostics??
  166. handheld tunners
  167. Anyone running 3BAR?
  168. SLP Predator custom tune question?
  169. Why do a lot of Pro Tuners turn the P1336 enabler off?
  170. bogging after i turn the car off??wtf
  171. baterry gauge not reading properly???
  172. Car won't start
  173. Anyone able to burn PROMs?
  174. Ls2 402 idle problem
  175. LC-1 and what guage??
  176. Switching Computers
  177. Big Stuff 3 Tuning LS7
  178. LT1 OBD2 pcm questions...
  179. Bogging out 2-3k rpm
  180. Maximum MAF output frequency = ?
  181. P0133 and P0153 codes being thrown please help!
  182. Need some help with hesitation during acceleration
  183. BOSCH WB02 for bs3 Part #?
  184. will swapping MAF's affect the tune?
  185. Wanting to log runs...newbie
  186. Tuning for slp maf
  187. O2 signature?
  188. Asap
  189. Ignition Configuration for MS2 and GM DIS
  190. Quick question about logged DTC's
  191. Help deciding on which tuner program for me
  192. 1st gear shift point off
  193. I Need Help
  194. Need Specific info with LS1 Edit
  195. BS3: who has set one up and fired...
  196. new pcm on older car?
  197. Firehawk T/A wierd power seat issue??
  198. Rich or Lean
  199. how bad is this?
  200. IAC Sensor Bad?
  201. IAT sensor?
  202. High octane timing tuning
  203. EFILive in the April Issue of GMHTP
  204. air pump fuse blowing
  205. P0174
  206. Park/neutral perfect, in gear off
  207. Anyone know anything about tuning software called SCT Flash
  208. Using torque sensor to simulate dyno
  209. What comes next tuning for cam?
  210. Individual selectable tunes?
  211. How to test faulty fuel injector??
  212. Timing tuner wire got melted.
  213. Bogging down
  214. Does Stock Maf Have Screen?
  215. Need some help with LT4
  216. 2004 GTO computer questions
  217. Predator torque management
  218. What spray to Clean Mass Air Sensor
  219. Dead on decel
  220. WHat AFR should you be seeing on...
  221. Ass backwards IFR table???
  222. Millivolts
  223. Hp tuners, with Zex wet kit
  224. Timing Dial??
  225. Ls1 Post LT install problems
  226. ok i tried everything about the ect sensor circut high
  227. WOT timing?
  228. Vaccum leak?
  229. predator or dyno tune?
  230. Car falls on its face
  231. Q:STFT LTFT Lean/Rich Condition
  232. Torque management M6???????
  233. Can a BIG cam Cold Start & drive like stock
  234. ???01 ecm swap to a 02???
  235. problems with converting to 3 bar steup
  236. timing help
  237. How to tell if cam sensor and crank sensor are bad??
  238. knock sensor turned on ses light, need input
  239. tuning th400
  240. Can read all of table in HP Tuner
  241. False knock
  242. BS3 car falls on its face above 3500 rpm...
  243. MAF Translator question
  244. 2bar map voltage to psi table = same for all 2 bar maps?
  245. SES light flashing
  246. O2 reading problems?
  247. Starting/idle problem - new setup ETP 215, 36#, 233/239 & LT's
  248. electronics problems (interior & alarm related)
  249. flasing a4 tune to a m6
  250. several issues with the car