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  1. what is my best way to get for a good tune?
  2. I need help please
  3. 3 Bar sensor and IAT
  4. Tranmission Tuning Questions
  5. Headers/tuning
  6. check this out for me
  7. OK. someone please help me with this code
  8. Do I need to reset LTFTs when starting SD tuning?
  9. error 8012 the device is not open
  10. Lagging O2 Sensor?
  11. Come on Guys there has to be someone in here!
  12. Security Light?
  13. PLease help
  14. code P0300. help.
  15. code help p1336
  16. code help p1336
  17. my security light wont turn off!!
  18. I have LS1 Edit....should I get HP tuners?
  19. looking for a how to correctly ground a lm-1 WBO2 system.
  20. What sensors and Fuel pressure?
  21. HP Tuners upgraded cable>>
  22. RoadRunner w/ RT Tuner
  23. Hmmmmmmmmm tr224 tuning
  24. Getting 3 codes
  25. Proscan company issues?
  26. PE vs Temperature
  27. PCMScan
  28. Predator Tune different
  29. Need help with pcm
  30. strange ls1edit error: gear and gear2 are different
  31. where is the obdII grounded at?
  32. code readers
  33. tuning question
  34. HP Tuners 2Bar SD Tuning
  35. ign map ls1, ls7
  36. Innovative LC-1?
  37. Removed Air Pump and now the car runs rich.
  38. i wanna try a sd tune
  39. Non Tuned Tr 224
  40. Any Dash Mounted Information Displays?
  41. oppinion on what stand alone is better
  42. A4 bad or tune problem?
  43. 02 sensor compatibility?
  44. 100 mm maf on a LS7
  45. ETC Area Scalar with Harrop 8*55mm throttel intake
  46. TPS drives around normally...WTF???
  47. why does my car idle like this??
  48. Please Help
  49. P0135...
  50. large lean dip on tip in
  51. do knock sensors wear out?
  52. accell pissed me off.
  53. 1 Bar MAP or 2 bar
  54. Very Dissapointed with mail order tune so far
  55. LC1 hookup problem...Error 5
  56. P1133 codes Service Engine Soon Light Please Help
  57. P1133 codes Service Engine Soon Light
  58. Need help ASAP, HPT credit?
  59. I cleared code 106 (MAP), and car dies, WTF
  60. Handheld tuners?
  61. fuel correction question
  62. How does HPTuners read oil pressure?
  63. MAF AFR Error histogram
  64. SD tune done, SWEET!
  65. what is COT?
  66. Torque Converter Code P0757
  67. EFILive V7.4 Pre-Release now available!!!
  68. crazy MAF numbers??
  69. Tuning customer cars
  70. Any1 have mechanical issue throw off tune a week after tune?
  71. Looking for a chart or the formula
  72. 3000 rpm Idle After PCM Cal. for Gears
  73. HP tuners phone number?
  74. Granatelli MAF question!?!?
  75. please help...
  76. wat are the average gains from a dyno tune?
  77. Which Wideband???
  78. Idle Issue
  79. computer tune
  80. idle question
  81. New Products and Awsome Specials!!
  82. pcm cover removal
  83. shift points
  84. Erratic idle with A/C off after TB install?!?!?!
  85. 05 CTS-V - no PCM or key
  86. Tuner
  87. Efilive cool stuff!
  88. lm-1 digital box
  89. Need links and recommendations to buying a wideband O2
  90. code P0121...
  91. Programmer bad for tranny? PLZ READ!!
  92. Can't tune
  93. BCM/PCM Issue?.. Need some serious help!
  94. is mid 13's LEAN for NA
  95. Still cant pass, o2 heaters not ready
  96. CAM HEAD Tuning
  97. VSS help
  98. Fuel boiling time vs ECT vs MAP
  99. Injectors + MAF = Problems
  100. Low MAF Freq
  101. Differances in tuning a LS2 to an LS1
  102. tuning with cut out
  103. how could you reset the pcm?
  104. codes p0102 and p0122?
  105. cheaper fix for p1637(plug on alternator)
  106. LS1 Edit tables explained, please put in the forum sticky
  107. problems!
  108. Typical tuning with these mods
  109. Untuned w/stall Question
  110. Third Gen LS1 First Drive Results!
  111. LS1Edit Gurus
  112. Tcm tuning EFI
  113. BCM/Guages Question???
  114. Accel enrichment
  115. 2 bar HPTuners OS question
  116. Quick moates roadrunner?
  117. What tables does the ECM use to calculate fuel for different modes?
  118. Wiring harness ground issue 1995 Z28 T-56 LT1
  119. programming
  120. auto ve question
  121. Does any1 have SLP's predator
  122. Jet Dynamic Spectrum Tuner
  123. Diagnosis of P0174/P0200.
  124. o2 sensor and the U-bend
  125. Best way to tune spark table
  126. At what point is stepping up from my 98 PCM to a 99+ PCM a good idea?
  127. o2 sensors
  128. blown car doesnt respond to a quick rev in N or gear
  129. Fuel Trim Cell 21
  130. code p0420
  131. code p0455
  132. Connector repair
  133. DFCO minimum TPS% ??? (HPTuners)
  134. What are these tables?
  135. 1998 Home Tuning Questions
  136. o2 sensor which is the best?
  137. New to Tuning
  138. Help with two codes... P0719 & P1626... Swap vehicle.
  139. Code p0420
  140. Need a recomendation on what tunner to buy?
  141. anyone use hi tech ???
  142. anyone logged o2 voltage at low rpm?
  143. P1336 Code - crank position sensor - multiple times what is causing?
  144. DEaler PCM reflash questions, because EFILive killed PCM
  145. SES codes
  146. DESPERATE! new head cam package will not start
  147. Starting an open-source project... suggestions for an OBD2 interface box?
  148. How simple is HPTuners?
  149. How do I reset the TPS?
  150. Stock MAF or Aftemarket?
  151. Does WOT tuning extrapolate off part throttle cells?
  152. LS1 Edit Question, most likely easy answer???
  153. Tune needed
  154. SD gurus here! Big loss in power...
  155. Gear change?
  156. P0141 & P0161 with o2 sims
  157. No code, but "TCS OFF" light won't go out
  158. tach lead wire ona 98 T/A
  159. Had a dyno tune can I still use my Predator ?
  160. in need of some help with a really different idea
  161. High idle after mail order tune
  162. flashing ses and p0300 code
  163. Standalone GEN 7 DFI install Questions
  164. tuning difference between 112 and 114 lsa
  165. Can delete only 3 codes??
  166. Decode gm part #
  167. STS Twins
  168. power programmers effective?
  169. Bolt on tuning
  170. help please! Datalog shows 4* advance
  171. ECT and MAF codes HELP
  172. need a tune...any tuners in sc???
  173. wideband with HPTuners
  174. best tuning place
  175. AFR at idle??
  176. is there a freeware program that uses excell docs
  177. dtc p1516 and p2101 after sts turbo install
  178. running like shit
  179. p1133 with stock manifolds WTF!
  180. anyone have a bench tuner or do you do tunes?
  181. Torque Management Question
  182. possible to tune with no WBO2?
  183. 12200411 PCM ('01+ LS1) conversion on an LT1? Links inside!
  184. Tuning for M6 to A4 swap on 98.
  185. PLEASE HELP! How-to improve cold start?
  186. Tuning using LTFT
  187. 1 vs 2 whats better for a wideband?
  188. need help hooking up wideband to hp tuners
  189. Ign timming on BS3
  190. what's the difference ?
  191. handheld capabilities ?
  192. ABS inop, ASR off lights on...little insight please
  193. Base parameters? Help me!
  194. My Zeitroniz wideband now has linear output, yay.
  195. FAST 90/90, IAC steps vs area?
  196. HPtuner OS ID mismatch
  197. Jeremy Formato Tuning and Porting in Gainsville 3/22/07
  198. Inline fuel pump wire?
  199. WHATS the safest best tune to do for fi??
  200. AEM UEGO gauge, analog output formula
  201. anyone seen one of these?
  202. No Tuners in Charlotte, NC area??
  203. dtc 41 code igntion control circuit open
  204. Connecting car to Laptop!!!
  205. Redline Motorsports hosting EFI Live class May 5th!
  206. Why is KR coming in on high rpm in 2nd gear?
  207. wideband O2 question
  208. looking for a tunner in (714)
  209. 65lb injectors wont idle.
  210. P0343 - I've searched the forum with no luck!
  211. Check my idle tuning approach please
  212. p0608
  213. MS3 Cam Running Rich
  214. Gauges in one Dash
  215. can EFIlive and my LM1 read different AFR values?
  216. TCC what it means
  217. basic stock just got efi live
  218. reading injector duty cycle
  219. tuning sugestions plz
  220. LC-1 Hookup question
  221. codes, o2 sensor P0135 and P1258
  222. 1 problem down a few more to go.
  223. Is it worth a dyno tune?
  224. Software speak the same language?
  225. running cam on slp tune
  226. I'm confused. HPTuners gurus help please
  227. No code after removing EGR - so far.
  228. Desensitizing the knock sensor
  229. HPT 42# injector table?
  230. Stock tune sucks
  231. Tuning my A4 car...
  232. couldnt find anybody else who had this problem
  233. Car choking?!?!?
  234. After head swap question
  235. Car won't start
  236. Need a little help wiring up my lc-1
  237. Need Tune For Sts??
  238. PLX Wide Band Problem can you help ?
  239. Programmer purchase advice
  240. Clearing PCM codes...
  241. auto VE problem
  242. ENG SEN fuse....
  243. PLX Wideband (Group Purchase)
  244. o2 woes
  245. 99 pcm fuel pump relay control
  246. car doesnt want to idle after normal driving...
  247. Tapping a PCM wire to hook up a navigation unit
  248. NJ Inspection (OBDII check and Hypertech)
  249. hypertech + grantelli mafs = bad combo?
  250. Any Handheld tuners to save 2 different settings?