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  1. 4l60e to 4l80e need help
  2. best tuner for ls motors
  3. 2bar sd tune
  4. LS1 tuning 10* overlap on cam - any surge?
  5. KR at 5200 even with timing dropped way down
  6. What lambda for E85 and meth for 11-12psi?
  7. Why is my desired idle airflow so high?
  8. reluctor wheel issue or bad PCM??
  9. Strange IAT problem need some help!
  10. Rock crawler 5.3L spits and splutters HELP
  11. Lingenfelter 58x to 24x trigger box
  12. anybody have Dr.phil contact info?
  13. Tuning Noob in need of some advice
  14. Need a tranny tune for 4L60e with 2800 stall. Who are the pros to go to?
  15. ls1 th350 problems
  16. e85 lean after cold start
  17. HELP! 98 Z28 tries to start and throws crank sensor code. Please help
  18. HPtuners scanner AEM wideband pegging high/low nonstop
  19. Security Light
  20. Cranks but won't start
  21. Want to learn how to TUNE my car
  22. P0334 code can't figure out.
  23. Has anyone used Watson Engineering, Inc for a tune?
  24. How will no o2's effect running
  25. B1001 Code after replacing Instrument Panel Cluster; Help
  26. cheapest way to log LS1 ckp sensor signal ?
  27. Stuck In PE/Open Loop after wot
  28. P0140 caused by bad PCM?
  29. 2011 Camaro/LS3 Crate engine-best tuning software?
  30. Fly by wire help
  31. Using computer for just gauges?
  32. PCM sometimes pulls timing but can't for what reason.
  33. p0200 code traced to grounding issue please help!!!
  34. Stand Alone Fuel Injection for LS3
  35. Wideband O2 sensor only for ms2??
  36. hptuners program vcm problem
  37. tuning help
  38. AEM UEGO Replacement Wideband Sensor
  39. Holley HP Conversion - Need required PN's
  40. Tuning 12 vett
  41. High/ low octane tables
  42. 12' SS tons of knock ??
  43. E40 pcm with GEN III motor
  44. My VE Table / Opinions
  45. How do I make a histogram for spark knock/burst knock
  46. pcm tuning reluctor wheel 24x 58x question
  47. Low idle, slight miss not throwing codes?
  48. Anyone in Toledo or NW Ohio AREA. COME IN
  49. Laptops and Tablets.
  50. LS3 A6 Minor bolt on- Tune in a nutshell
  51. Cooling fan Activation temperature???
  52. How to put a 8.8 in a G-Body
  53. Downshift tuning
  54. dtc no data displayed
  55. Ecu reprogramed? Who does it
  56. ODB2 Scan Error
  57. Codes P1416 with P430
  58. who is doing stand alone pcm tunes??
  59. hypertech III power tuning question
  60. Fast 92 and other upgrades. What could I have done wrong?
  61. Injector vs. Voltage Offsets
  62. ls1 reluctor wheel problems
  63. MAF sensor...keep or remove screen? Debate.
  64. 411 PCM Connectors
  65. Best Tuning DVD?
  66. Turbo LS1 idling issue
  67. Ls1 conversion, problem with O2 need some advice!
  68. 98 harness and ecm differences....
  69. Advise on what to tune a conversion with
  70. Need help with 411 PCM
  71. P0300 P1380 P1381 Help
  72. Quick question about LTFTs updating past 4k rpm
  73. Am I good to get my car smogged now???
  74. Another p0507 code
  75. HP Tuners Activation code
  76. Best tuner for a stock 99 vett?
  77. Error Codes P1518 and P1516 under higher boost
  78. Downshift for passing tune
  79. Fried ECM.... maybe
  80. Single Digit NA Cars, with stock computer
  81. Tune Question
  82. 240sx lq9 swap issues, won't rev
  83. Shorten O2 extension wires?
  84. electrical gremlins
  85. GREAT TUNE: Dyno Tune Motorsports, Columbus Ohio
  86. Used SCT tuner for 99 vette wanted!
  87. Ls1 will not stay running, need HELP.
  88. Hp tuners vcm suite 2.22 on a 07 5.3 4l80e
  89. Kinda low hp numbers for the mods
  90. Aftermarket spark cut rev limit
  91. Will adding Cats affect tune?
  92. Check out this VE table in my buddies boosted car
  93. FAST TB idle screw question
  94. HP tuners software with Mac?
  95. need help tuning my afr
  96. [HP Tuners' Spotlight] HP Tuners is looking for you!
  97. Problem with my knock sensor always reading knock.
  98. HELP!!!, LS2 swap : removed the VATS and its now cranking but no start!
  99. Oil pressure sensor to hp tuners
  100. Code help needed please
  101. New to gassers (twin turbo lq4 S30)
  102. Thunder Racing MAF P/N:89872878877
  103. lean spike on take off, help
  104. Multiple Codes yesterday
  105. Do i need another base tune for this??
  106. Mile high spark timing? datamaster log...
  107. 4l80e tuning
  108. Fried ECM?
  109. Bcm help!!
  110. Cam/Header swap, No closed loop
  111. 6.0 fuel table
  112. LS Atomic EFI
  113. Turbo tuning tight quench engines
  114. Help with Lambda error VE
  115. Help - cam crank related, 12v or 5v issue
  116. best write up on making a wiring harness from OEM?
  117. Want a FREE C7 Tune??? Come inside!!
  118. Cutout issues, High Timing?
  119. Looking for a 4l80e t42 pinout diagram
  120. No spark on new engine
  121. LS2 misfire issue
  122. TPS Readings Help
  123. UEGO to Hp tuners
  124. Scanned with hp tuners and got this*pic*
  125. Ignition breakup...Help please
  126. PA inspection is a PITA
  127. Scaling HP Tuners for Large injectors E40
  128. what wiring harness goes to the top of the ecu 2001 v6 camaro
  129. Hooked up wideband to AI-1 on HPTuners Pro, major problems now
  130. Wiring harness help, alternator
  131. O2 sensor problems!!!! Please help!!!
  132. Ignition issue. (please helppp)
  133. fairly simple question
  134. possibly more timing?
  135. Why does my LS3 idle high
  136. Help!!!! Please
  137. HPTuners 2bar GTO map sensor issues
  138. Locked tune question?
  139. Computer pin help
  140. Need help tuning.. Noob
  141. 02 voltage question
  142. timing? ls1
  143. how to tell what year an ecu is ?
  144. Swapped t56 to 4l80e now I have 2 codes
  145. security problems
  146. VSS Question
  147. VSS Programming
  148. Cold ECT's, no start, too rich, too dumb to figure out why...
  149. 98 Trans Am - BONE STOCK Codes 0171 0174.. help
  150. Anyone help set injectors to 85lbs on my tune
  151. tps,coils,and trans slipping problems
  152. Best wideband placement
  153. hesitation
  154. 1998 ls1 into 2002 z28
  155. Tuners how hard to tune this setup
  156. E85 and 93 MPG differences?
  157. Vendors for holley dominator and hp
  158. Tuning guys check this out!
  159. Noob looking to get into tuning. What do I need?
  160. Odd Idle Issue
  161. Need Abit of help
  162. Switching Delphi 85mm MAF sensors. Tuning required?
  163. Am I in the right spot?
  164. Help with PO336
  165. LS1 C5 going from no cats & muffler to cats and stock muffler, does it need a retune?
  166. What is "Performance Mode"
  167. ( long thread) Need help with code. I've searched, I swear!!
  168. holley dominator harness
  169. How the heck to I enable/disable VATS with hp tuners
  170. Fasterproms Jeremy Formato in Pennsylvania October 22nd through 28th
  171. Anyone use Hitechtuning?
  172. HP Tuners credit question
  173. ABS, brake and TCS light...code c0090
  174. Something wrong
  175. Switched plug with and without meth (beware large pictures)
  176. 4L80E swap shifting inconsitent
  177. HP Tuners, load 2 Bar MAP and now no startup.
  178. false lean at near WOT?
  179. Mail Order Special
  180. Timing jumping all over at idle
  181. gear change help
  182. e38 ecm wire diagrams
  183. tuner
  184. air bags/ car want start
  185. Disable P0134 DTC?
  186. 5.3L swap dies at intersections when warm
  187. losing my tune
  188. Anyone attending the tuning school 10/5-6
  189. HP Tuners and timing
  190. Too much idle airflow
  191. Voltage/MAF/Bizaare (to me) Issue
  192. p0343 and out of ideas
  193. Advice on splicing c220, c230 connectors.
  194. TPS issues....I'm LOST!
  195. A couple of LS1 Sensor Questions
  196. Thoughts on GM stock tune power enrichment
  197. Timing drops out at WOT
  198. TCC Oscillates > 70MPH
  199. Maf code when it's brand new
  200. Tuning Classes offered by EPS
  201. Boosted 5.3 misfire in boost
  202. Necessary Mods to run LS1 ECM on a 5.3
  203. Circuits to interrupt multiple pcm functions?
  204. 85mm MAF tuning.
  205. Diablo tuner or Frost Tune?
  206. Evap and O2's will not become ready
  207. at idle, cruise: occasional backfire. what to tune? hp tuners
  208. sick speed
  209. Do not allow Behe Performance to tune your car...
  210. Frost 4l80e Swap Harness Tuning Question
  211. car only runs right with scanner plugged in...why?
  212. bs3 transmission tuning help
  213. 98 z28 shutting off
  214. Timing or fuel/air mix?
  215. pcm questions
  216. p1153 code and speedometer needle bounces on braking
  217. What ECU/TUNING?!
  218. fuel trims causing a VERY lean condition.
  219. Idle tuning
  220. Looking to buy HP Tuners
  221. What's the trick to get a hold of BS3
  222. Car misses like crazy only when it rains
  223. Disadvantages to using injector adaptors?
  224. Possible PCM shorting problem
  225. Help No Start on new motor! Using HPTuners to diagnose;
  226. Best places for tuning WS6 in central Illinois??
  227. Non lockup turbo 350
  228. Hanging idle while vehicle is moving, help greatly appreciated
  229. In drive spark table nomenclature in HPtuners
  230. truck harness with 2000 fbody pcm. What needs to be done?
  231. KR and adding timing??
  232. HP tuner logging questions
  233. No injector pulse.
  234. Holley HP Leaning Fuel? How lean can I go.
  235. Need BCM help, car wont start through key, but will start with relay jumped.
  236. Where can I get ECM pins?
  237. HELP NEEDED! My 680RWHP LS7 w/NW102 has a stumble off idle, more tables to tweak?
  238. Newbie HP Tuners Pro user. Lovin' it...but have a fuel injector set up question
  239. which HP Tuners to get?? Standard vs Pro
  240. Misfire? Transmission issue?
  241. IGN ADV readings on diagnostic scanner
  242. Holly HP EFI live
  243. Gauges not working...
  244. Tuning in southern Oklahoma?
  245. TCM issues
  246. obd2 diagnostic port wire color question
  247. How to test knock sensors
  248. Misfire and stumble on launch
  249. Holley hp and dominator differences
  250. harness difference????