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  1. e38 pins
  2. Holley dominator to also display sock gauge cluster
  3. ecu for new crate engine
  4. car will not run with MAF unplugged.
  5. "Write entire" hptuners with the door open!
  6. P0342 Code
  7. Question about gmpp controller on ls2 motor
  8. HP Holley EFI
  9. The real cost of Holley EFI?
  10. New HPTuners application key
  11. 911 help with methanol question
  12. Can't get a misfire code to set
  13. ignition coil J? #10
  14. If you own the "HP Tuners VCM Suite MPVI Pro" package, how do you like it?
  15. Laptop with Internet access safe to use with HP Tuners?
  16. Switching from speed density to MAF tune
  17. PLX wideband install with hp tuners. HELP!
  18. Holley hp or dominator with stock bcm
  19. 6 speed swap
  20. Requesting injector sizing from a tuner's perspective...
  21. Any Tuners in the Pocatello, Idaho area????
  22. need help tuning these injectors
  23. Idle surge at startup
  24. Tuning help/suggestion?
  25. Pulling my hair out! Please help me!
  26. tach stopped working, getting stumped
  27. PO507 and glowing headers...
  28. Need help with idle surge/hunt tune and log attached.
  29. Tuning questions
  30. Looking for some help
  31. 2700 rpm idle resolved-finally!!!!
  32. Mike w/ New Era Performance In Las Vegas for Tuning Jan 22-26
  33. ls3 maf and LS1b OS
  34. LS1 swap - general health check
  35. something is wrong need help.
  36. po200 after ls1 swap
  37. rough engine during WOT pull
  38. looking for central pa tuners
  39. ls7 maf sensor question
  40. Petal assembly swap help
  41. newb general tuning question
  42. Need help with a buddies camaro, misfire
  43. less whp without dyno fan
  44. Need help with DFCO decel
  45. Car bogs in lower gears
  46. o2 code delete
  47. LC-1 programer Help Please
  48. Will superchips programmer override custom tune for gear change
  49. Sent an autotap to ebay
  50. IAC problems-possibly drivers?
  51. High RPM Question
  52. Frost mail-order tune on the way...
  53. Need a little help. Auto cal
  54. Anybody else seeing this?
  55. -18% Long Term Fuel Trims at idle.
  56. Th350 with PCM
  57. Didn't know where to actually put this but here.
  58. Converter swap, now dying in gear
  59. Need A tune.
  60. 06 M6 GTO Thumpr Cam Dyno!
  61. Can you use a 98 bcm in a 99 car
  62. Electromotive TEC GT ignition system
  63. Lm7 swap questions
  64. afr issue
  65. Installing AFR gauge. 95 lt1
  66. drive by wire
  67. computer tuning
  68. Fuel Trim readings and bank identification
  69. stock computer or BigStuff3
  70. MAF or MAP
  71. Custom ECM Questions
  72. New to Ls with gauge question
  73. LT1 EFI 24x conversion - LS PCM Resetting Issue
  74. first start. very high idle. lots of evap codes
  75. Idle Hangs after getting to operating temperature
  76. help with data tools?
  77. NEEDING A TUNE (Denton Tx.)
  78. Need to increase fuel for new LS3 engine
  79. E85 or Race Gas Question
  80. need some help
  81. E40 GTO to LS7 MAF with EFI-L
  82. need ls1edit tables for ls3 crate engine
  83. Any high HP turbo LSX using Holley Efppefi
  84. LS3 injectors in LS6 need help
  85. Getting directed to a game app?
  86. Wiring harness question
  87. BCM questions
  88. ITB Tuning
  89. What is the best ECM and what is the difference
  90. ASR, Cruise Control???
  91. First start / No start
  92. Who modifys harnesses for non lsx vehicles??
  93. map sensor question
  94. Cold start super rich!!!! 3bar SD
  95. idle dip
  96. EFI Live question OR anyone have a stock 4.8 tune file?
  97. Car has a high RPM "surge"
  98. Idle Dip at Stop help
  99. HPT boost log?
  100. ABS, INOP LIGHTS- D60 rear end
  101. Trouble with Autometer Wideband
  102. F Body Big Power Computer Too Slow?
  103. Fuel surging
  104. Help! First startup issues
  105. Firing order change with HP Tuners??
  106. Need help w/ ls7 on motec m48 w/expander
  107. Should I reset PCM before sending it to Frost?
  108. lq4 tubo tune. runs very rich at any boost under 4k rpm
  109. ODB2 USB Cable
  110. Trouble Reaching Jeremy Formauto
  111. what factory tune do i start with?
  112. Having trouble scaling MAP sensor OS5 SD tune
  113. O/L SD help please
  114. Need help!!! E67 data link connector pinout needed!
  115. Mail order tune for h/c startup and idle
  116. PCM gone bad?
  117. SD tune, but MAF is still installed?
  118. OBDII Car Engine Swappers - How did you pass emissions? Dash VIN vs PCM vin
  119. Using a LQx harness and ecu in a 98 Tran Am
  120. Questions on Microsquirt setup Vs. Standalone harness/stock PCM
  121. Glowshift Fuel Pressure Gauge Owners Come In
  122. torque app help for fuel gauge
  123. Scan and Sensor Data Tool
  124. Coil Pack & PCM Terminals part#s
  125. Before or After?
  126. two wire knock sensors on 411 PCM
  127. LS6 CTSV PCM with FBody Harness for LS6/700r4..will it work?
  128. Affordable bidirectional OBD2 tool?
  129. Scanning MAF and VE
  130. Car cranks, starts, then dies after a few seconds??
  131. Odd Problem With Bank 1 front and Rear O2 sensors
  132. Battery not charging after harness hookup
  133. PCM reflash
  134. Standalone harness
  135. GM connect & cruise problem
  136. how to wire ngk afx to hp tuners
  137. Anyone Seen/Heard Of A Balancer Timing Marks Being Off? Big Mystery!!
  138. LS1 VE Table, Calculating from 15 kPa all the time?? Need Help
  139. OBDII No Communication
  140. After ls swap no o2 signal…what did i do wrong?
  141. is torque management OFF good or bad?
  142. Question about harnesses
  143. Help!!!
  144. Easy 98 to 99-02 f-body harness repin labels inside!
  145. new to tuning and my c5 went into reduced power mode
  146. Which TPS??
  147. F Body Dash cluster swap, warning lights staying on
  148. Good place to dyno tune in Houston
  149. HELP! car wont start need help troubleshooting
  150. Help me ID these connectors please
  151. 99 SS feels sluggish! Help?
  152. LQ9 swap
  153. ls1 motor, megasquirt2 extra and tach signal?
  154. Gearbox map
  155. Firebird V6 - V8 Swap - UI000 Code / Also Emissions cant read PCM but scan tools can?
  156. Surging, Stalling, And Dying After Long Tube Install
  157. 1999 Camaro
  158. Base tune for firing of new motor, options?
  159. LS swapped mustang o2 sensor question
  160. Crank Signal RPM
  161. Aem AFR guages on sale through amazon. $130
  162. *Our Holiday Sale is going on! Great gifts at great prices!*
  163. Buy a used HP Tuner Advice needed
  164. DTC code- P1570
  165. '99 Z28 - P0410 & P0412 - Questions
  166. 24x Reluctor Wheel Alignment
  167. BCM programing (whitebird00)
  168. 98 PCM/harness upgrade
  169. "LSX Powertuning" - great experience
  170. I need a harness and ecu. Turbo build any ideas?
  171. DFW tuning
  172. WMW Computer Throttle Filter Module
  173. wierd misfire thats driving me bananas
  174. brand new PCM, whats it worth??
  175. Innovate LC1 Wideband
  176. Any way to know if a car is tuned?
  177. Thank you jimmyblue!
  178. Scrambler 6L won't stay idling
  179. HP Tuners Credits
  180. HP Tuners Questions
  181. LQ4/4L80E swap.... first fire up.... no luck
  182. LS3 and a 6L80
  183. tune for TU1 cam in a 6.0
  184. 04 zo6 cam in a 2002 gmc denali tune question
  185. AEM First start Vid
  186. HP Tuners or dyno tune?
  187. P0420 & P0455 codes disabled, still pass emissions?
  188. cold O2 sensor output question
  189. LS Swap Harness question
  190. Burst knock tuning 98 c5
  191. Will Any PCM 12200411 Work With A LS1 Swap?
  192. decitions on Holley/ECU/Pro/???
  193. Efilive COS 3 Altitude change turbo e85
  194. cam position error code P0343
  195. o2 sensor issue, left bank rich, right bank lean
  196. Need help or advice with HPtuners
  197. 4l80 lockup issues attached current tune
  198. 98 LS1 Wiring Harness Question (C100 Connector.. TPS Wires...)
  199. Try my first SD tune or have it tuned?
  200. can you use a 2002 v6 ecm on a 2001 6.0?
  201. questions on my re tune?
  202. Wideband question
  203. Need a tune or Ideas!!!
  204. HP tuners question
  205. has anyone got a custom tune by teamZR1?Looking for opinions
  206. can someone help me with maf tuning!
  207. Multiple dash lights on and HPTuners question.
  208. Need some help- P0300, P0301, P0304
  209. Auto tuning ECU's?
  210. Won't start help....
  211. gear change tune
  212. access port style computer??
  213. Tune changes for FAST intake?
  214. duty cycle dropping but not commanded to
  215. Pegged LS2 MAF
  216. ls1 and ls2 pcm pin outs all the same?
  217. Wideband o2
  218. who should i have it tuned by in houston or tune my self?
  219. Fast 2.0
  220. Speed Density Approach
  221. Help read my plugs
  222. Anyone use this tuner?
  223. Hotcam tuning suggestions
  224. *HELP* Northwest Louisiana Dyno Tune
  225. TPS will not read 100%, only reading 60% (3.0V) at WOT
  226. Intake Backfire?
  227. Ls1 crank sensor wiring question (please help)
  228. tuning book
  229. 3 trouble codes after a tune up
  230. RPMs rise during shift
  231. Need help getting the 5.3/Holley HP running
  232. AEM Wideband (what wire to tap into for power source)
  233. Ecm 12211031 hdw 09386530?
  234. Very unique Column Lock issue PLEASE HELP!!!!
  235. 2008 chevy 6.0 trans plant
  236. LTFT Issues, need some help.
  237. Assistance please asap, Procharged CTSV closing ETC when WOT
  238. holley hp efi with a 58x 5.3 without dbw
  239. 98 Z28-no start after accident
  240. I may have a problem with my throttle pedal and trans due to tune? please help
  241. Will 02 wiring harness/PCM work on 2000?
  242. Ignition switch gone bad?
  243. 4l80e stand alone contoller
  244. Brand new to HP Tuners, now... about the tune repository
  245. Help needed Mast m120 tuning..
  246. what do you think of this scan?
  247. Speed Density & Inspection
  248. High rpm spark rattle ls1
  249. DBW to DBC?
  250. Stand alone harness