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  1. Tune help dies in Drive only.
  2. Strange car activity -- LPE 58x - 24x converter
  3. P0101 and no CEL?
  4. Idle tuning and exhaust leak
  5. Trying to get IAC counts back at hot idle
  6. O2 sensor reading for bank 2 stuck in very narrow range
  7. How do I use tow/haul mode on my swap
  8. Jeremy Formato of Fasterproms Tuning and Porting in Gainesville August 6th
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  10. Is my car already tuned?
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  13. Ses p1153 ? Help
  14. 98 to a 99 PCM... fuel gauge not working.
  15. Turbo 5.3 with MAF tune...AFR changes with weather! WHY?
  16. knock sensor low voltage code cause timing to be pulled?
  17. After tuning gas pedal works on and off!
  18. Mega squirt? Opinions
  19. 5.7 LS1 finished Tune...Runs...Now a headache
  20. Tune for stock f body ls1 with ProCharger?
  21. gmpp ls376/480 into 2008 silverado tuning
  22. e38 ecm questions
  23. C0181 - Throttle reduction motor circuit malfuntion: Car bucks 2K RPMs
  24. P1626 with vats bypass
  25. ls1 Predator Diablo Sport Tuner
  26. SES light but no DTC's after M6-A4 swap
  27. 0411 PCM --Cam Sensor---1x or 2x or 4x???
  28. P0103 MAF Help!
  29. 98 pcm to 99+ re-pin process
  30. Haltech Platinum Sport GM
  31. Force motor
  32. Knock sensors new still not working with code
  33. First to Market: 2014 GM Gas truck tunes!
  34. Reputable SD Tuners in the Southeast for FI?
  35. 5.3L swap, where can I send my harness out?
  36. Smoothing or Interpolating
  37. Difference between commanded and actual TP at idle.
  38. How can you determine how much spark with turbo tune
  39. PLX wideband shows LEAN then works off and on
  40. any ideas of why im running rich?
  41. trans slips and the trans is fine, help
  42. Is it running lean or not
  43. 0411 "Fan 3 option" for a trans cooler fan??
  44. autometer guages
  45. Lean on launch
  46. can innovate lm2 work with hp tuners non pro interface?
  47. Suggestions for tuning a '97 Vette
  48. Need Help Trouble Shooting
  49. WBO2 Install Questions
  50. Fuel segment swap
  51. 2 step function with BS3 and a T56?????
  52. v6 0411 to v8. what needs be done?
  53. Wants to die with sudden closed throttle
  54. why didnt it pull timing?
  55. Problem, maf no signal out of no where? (FIXED!)
  56. Reduced engine power nightmare
  57. 04 envoy 6.0 lq4 swap
  58. Diagnostic Help needed. What could be the problem.....
  59. MAP Rating
  60. The Tuning School
  61. chassis dynoes in Kansas (or close)
  62. PCM And BCM Question
  63. Frustrated plz help!!!
  64. P1336 Crankshaft Position Sensor Relearn
  65. SLP TCS module necessary with HPT Pro?
  66. M6 fuse harness with A4 engine harness?
  67. How much did GM spend tuning LS1 GTOs?
  68. still having a misfire issue
  69. Rev limiter at 5200. Why? Can someone check my tune?
  70. calibrating AFR
  71. Open Loop EQ Ratio
  72. TH400 Speedo not right w/ HP
  73. converter tuning assistance
  74. gen IV lsx- need to split fuel level signal....impossible??
  75. Safe HPT Pro tuning options without a wideband installed?
  76. having to pull 6+ degrees of timing with ls6 intake and longtubes (2000)
  77. Bs3 tuning in lower Alabama
  78. lm-1 programming cable
  79. Lingenfelter 2-step install - Car Won't Start
  80. Factory PCM w/Software vs Dominator EFI
  81. Superchips Flashpaq good or bad?
  82. Idle Issues - Tune and scan inside
  83. Running HP Tuners in Parallels?
  84. LS1 hesitation at launch, need scanned / tune tweaked?
  85. Question-Closed Loop Proportional Idle-Tables
  86. Open Loop EQ Ratio change
  87. 02 LS1 Bogging issue
  88. HP Tuners Installation Problem
  89. PCM to ECM upgrade
  90. $50 To help solve this problem
  91. Startup issue
  92. e38 Bricked.. kinda..
  93. Auto & M6 use same PCM?
  94. western mass/ north of Hartford lsx tuning?
  95. Lean stumble during accel
  96. 2 diff ECUs for 2 differnt tunes?
  97. Will it run on base tune?
  98. Need help!!!
  99. Could it be my map
  100. Turbo 2bar....please take the time to look!
  101. 03 silverado tune
  102. car runs bad in the rain. need help please
  103. New OBD1 LT1 Tuner in DFW!!!
  104. Need help finding a tuner
  105. maf tuning help- Im stumped
  106. Ls4 & 0411
  107. Strange idle
  108. Any way to shorten a log file ?
  109. Is anyone succesfully running LS2/3 knock sensors w/ an LS1 pcm?
  110. GMPP engine no start issues
  111. Fast pcm?
  112. IAT in maf? tsp 100mm?
  113. Car running poorly, P0106
  114. PCM reflash
  115. do you need the hptunerpro to datalog
  116. Anyone familiar with GMLAN
  117. take a look at my tune?
  118. Russ-k cfg help
  119. is this pinging/tune related?
  120. Diablosport hand held tuner - unlocked?
  121. c5z idle issue
  122. MAF tuning vs SD
  123. Selling HP tuner Pro Cable and Innovate Wideband LM1
  124. somethign to monitor sensors?
  125. pinging? under heavy load- tune related? help!
  126. problem spark advance rpm tuning
  127. 4L80e swap, what way saves creidits??
  128. Audi RS6+383TT - Need HPTuners 3bar SD guru input.
  129. Will someone look at my HP tune?
  130. Alternator Voltage
  131. confused commanding 11.7 getting like 14.1
  132. 6L80 T43 Operating System Question
  133. PO300 help
  134. MAP issues?
  135. Any good reputable tuners in sc
  136. P0200 Fix
  137. Please read about hp programs
  138. 2006/2007 V8 Truck M/T file?
  139. HPT will not log STFT and LTFT
  140. file at idle. can somebody take a look?
  141. How to upload files
  142. PCM can't communicate with scanner
  143. Rev limiter adjust?
  144. TCC problems
  145. HP tuners pro and wideband
  146. HP Tuners 2.24 changing unit display
  147. please help. switching fro 2bar map sd back to stock
  148. n/a IAT Temp question???
  149. Is it misfiring?
  150. 1x cam gear in 58x motor.. what to do?
  151. Vss tuning for th350 speedo conversion.. Help needed
  152. MS vs. stock PC vs. Aftermarket enging management
  153. G8 Engine Issues
  154. Big Thanks to SLOWHAWK and TEA!!!
  155. someone want to explain this one to me? swap will not run unless CEL light is ON
  156. HP tuners not reading real time.
  157. turbo lt1 24x conversion breaking up. how much timming should i be pulling? and inhg
  158. Rough idle/power delivery
  159. anyone have an idea what controls the speedometer in a 05 gto?
  160. My MRC (magnetic ride control) project is hitting a snag
  161. 6L80 T43 Scaning Question
  162. Anyone using a Tablet to Log and Tune
  163. Odd looking logs, efi live... need help
  164. 1993 GMC S truck with 04 GTO has codes,need ideas
  165. Dynotune problem torquer v2 cam
  166. Please Help_$450 a fair price for used HP Tuner Pro w/ No Credits?
  167. MAF off significantly - Stock 98 Camaro SS 6spd Tuning Tips/Advice
  168. looking for a tuner..turbo 05 gto
  169. O2 issues or something more?
  170. How to program single fan
  171. Ls1 misfire at 4500rpm on e85
  172. Nick Williams 102 T/B question
  173. p0327 code
  174. 77 chevy truck 4x4 with 5.3l ls engine
  175. E38 Vin# Question
  176. Quick EFI Live question
  177. obd II port no communication, tested port ideas ? can't get through emissions !
  178. need help with hptuner
  179. LS swap emission question. Will I pass with LS computer? 96LT
  180. need help finding tuner in michigan please!
  181. PCM questions
  182. Commanded afr pid HELP
  183. major electrical problems please help
  184. TCC duty cycle
  185. 2000 pontiac firebird Wont run missing, electrical issue?
  186. nick williams TB mod
  187. Code U0100 Question
  188. Tune, Retune, and Tune again. Best options
  189. E38 vs E67
  190. Runs only with scanner plugged in
  191. Crankshaft position sensor replacement
  192. Air/ rear o2 delete
  193. SD Question
  194. SES codes p0131, p0151, p0300
  195. microsquirt help/advice
  196. Trans Am ls1 m6 tune help
  197. L92 Speed Density Tune?
  198. Need older version hp tuners
  199. Annoying-ass P0300
  200. gauges down after tune
  201. Off idle stumble in cammed ls1 t56
  202. Tuning low RPM's
  203. HP Tuners E92 pcm support added!
  204. Failed to install HP tuners
  205. 2014 Silverado E92 ECM
  206. Anybody know where I can get a stock ecu for 06 TBSS?
  207. 4l60e Upshift Problem
  208. I'm not sure what happen
  209. flex fuel injector confusion
  210. TUNE near south east Michigan
  211. Tourqe Management
  212. How to add a 4l80E to my tune??
  213. o2 or map
  214. best way to go about updating pcm for gear ratio change?
  215. Info on truck Maf
  216. types of scan gauges other then Aeroforce Interceptor
  217. Po237 po332
  218. p0343 cam postion issues
  219. Stops after 3 sec
  220. "Normalish" knock sensor voltage readings?
  221. Tech 2 (II) EQ_Ratio
  222. efi live help tcc lockup
  223. Camaro LS1 Import Diagnostics Help
  224. P0172 & P0175 07 Silverado 5.3L
  225. AEM Wideband to HPtuners
  226. Please help, LS1 is popping out the exhaust in closed loop.
  227. P0171 & P0174, searched, running out of ideas 04 LS1
  228. Cam position sensor codes
  229. Tuning Open Loop EQ Ratio
  230. hptuner
  231. Starting Problem
  232. stalling question
  233. does anybody have a stock bin file for 94z28 a4 3.23
  234. DBW issue in 77 Corvette LS1 swap
  235. MAP Reading High at Idle
  236. Tuning Class offered by EPS-date change!!
  237. 2 Step wiring...
  238. Fan Temp Increases!
  239. Stalling when put in gear
  240. lq4 questions
  241. PCM Wiring Harness
  242. Megasquirt 3 video TurboCarStaging feature
  243. Stumped
  244. Bad gas in bottom of tank
  245. Car runs rich at idle and lean on the road
  246. switched from OLSD to OLMAF only to have the same problem
  247. New GM ECM Base Flash?
  248. Crazy hard shifting after Frost tune? Help!
  249. Frost Tune...Now IAT Problem?
  250. What specific role does the CMP signal play?