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  1. EFILive Tune mod?
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  7. 4L80E .bin file
  8. need alittle info.
  9. What would make an ECM sensitive to temperature?
  10. Chicago area dyno tune vs HP Tuners
  11. Jeremy Formato of Fasterproms Tuning and Porting in Orlando September 5th
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  14. LS1 gurus and tuners please chime in
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  16. VE Adjustments
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  18. 1997 Corvette-Are there tuning limitations?
  19. LTFT & STFT Readings
  20. Jeremy Formato of Fasterproms Tuning and Porting in Gainesville September 4th
  21. Open loop AFR on cold start
  22. is it possible?
  23. Help! Change VIN with HP Tuners. How do I get license so VIN will work
  24. Fast xim for Ls coils
  25. new XDF for obd-i LT1
  26. tuning ks
  27. Anyone capable of doing a quick tune in Phoenix?
  28. wanted: lt1edit 94-95 user
  29. p0200 code Help
  30. Building knock table
  31. HP Tuners & 98 PCM- locking conv in 3rd gear @ WOT ??
  32. Pro PCM tuners?
  33. Injector sticking open after tune
  34. Tune After Turbo Install??
  35. Needing a stand-a-lone harness to run on a dyno
  36. Installing 30lb inject,check my tune
  37. Fast Wideband Replacement Sensor Alternatives
  38. want to tune
  39. 02 TA ws6 new LSX Bowtie what comp?
  40. Can't Do Burnout. Tune Issues?
  41. Timng tables with turbo...log and tune here.
  42. How big a cam before going open loop idle?
  43. New!
  44. Can someone confirm
  45. Car won't run after O2 sensor change & code reset
  46. Help with tune, car lean :/
  47. Can I switch from a TH400 to a 4L60e without having to retune
  48. Swap runs rough when hot..HELP!!
  49. Tuning the warm start with ac/defrost on...
  50. Rpm hang/overshoot when downshifting and coming to a stop
  51. can someone take a look at these quick logs?
  52. Head & Cam Swap Break-In
  53. hp tuners or efi live?
  54. LS Stroker EFI
  55. vcm scan in GA
  56. Max torq settings
  57. 98 z28 random multiple misfire
  58. Traction control??
  59. Anyone of the MegaSquirt guys familiar with EFI Source's set up?
  60. Multiple Random Missfire
  61. Need help flashing a PCM back to stock
  62. Adjustment to tune for WOT
  63. Scanner disconnect?
  64. Going back stock...what do I do about tune?
  65. End of injection timimg and VE tuning
  66. Bluecat
  67. No o2 sensors hooked up but no code??
  68. EFI Live base tune
  69. Car goes rich on decel w/ 60lb injectors.
  70. should i go SD?
  71. Jeremy Formato of Fasterproms Tuning and Porting in Gettysburg, PA August 21- 27
  72. Multiple DTCs, please help!
  73. Need help With Jet Programmable P.C.M.?!?!
  74. Can hp tuners adjust this?
  75. Motor wants to die when I let off throttle
  76. Does anyone repin PCM's?
  77. guy's need help for a friend p0410 code
  78. HP Tuners how to subtract??
  79. Help! Car won't start unusual compared to others
  80. Retune needed for octane change?
  81. PO-102 out of the blue..
  82. Anyone with HP tuners that can look at a scan?
  83. Intermittent Exhaust Pop
  84. Can I use a 2002 silverado computer in my 2002 z28?
  85. 2001 5.3 Turbo Camaro HELP
  86. Rough idea for max timing for 6.0?
  87. flex fuel tunning?
  88. What have I got?? And.....
  89. Tuner in East Texas
  90. Intermittent electrical problem
  91. Power issues
  92. Engine Management Lq9 into 03 S10
  93. Hptuners speedo adjusting.
  94. Mail Order tune headaches
  95. 2003 Z06 Oil Level PCM pins or pinnout diagram?
  96. Help
  97. No one can tune this truck
  98. lq9 408 low rpm misfire help
  99. Ms2 or stock computer for stand alone nova.
  100. Stalls when put in drive
  101. Mail Order Tune Or Dyno Tune
  102. Random timing jumps at idle?
  103. going nutz please help. have little time.
  104. Good Dyno Tuner
  105. Need Tuning Today!
  106. what to adj. 98 to 99+ fuel tables to get fuel gauge to read correctly?
  107. Service vechicle light used Searched...
  108. Complete newbie, added 2psi, thoughts, pointers, tips...
  109. Hypertech power programmer
  110. Pulling my Hair out, Turbo Trans Am
  111. 02 sensor.....slow response.....question..??????
  112. SD dyno tuner somewhat near SW MI? (lt1)
  113. Sluggish CTS-V
  114. Lq4 dies when given gas
  115. Remote reductor wheel
  116. SES light 420 code bank one cat issue
  117. 2014 Camaro SS support, Now available!
  118. PLEASE help me out!! P0101
  119. surges just above idle
  120. HPT changing gear ratio
  121. Can Someone Please Help Me Figure Out This Freeze Frame DATA
  122. High idle that fluctuates when moving
  123. 4L80E compatibility with stock LS computer
  124. TCM delete, TH400 swap in C6
  125. hptuners 1st full throttle try
  126. RPMs drop below idle after throttle
  127. MAF sensor problem ! Help please
  128. Flex fuel F-body?
  129. Buying HPTuners What Wide Band O2 Should I Get?
  130. LS376/480 Fuel Pump Inop ????
  131. aem uego signal to hp tuner issue
  132. Does anyone have to pay to get their PCMs unlocked?
  133. hard start after flashing tune
  134. quick question on a SD tune vs. a MAF tune.
  135. Can Old Gas Cause A Knock Sensor Code
  136. Info for E85 tuning?
  137. Tuners!!! I have 2-step questions
  138. tuning for cam
  139. showing code P0101
  140. Tunning For Swapping A M6 to A4
  141. quick question on a SD tune vs. a MAF tune.
  142. LSX 427/Comp cam and codes P0068, p0101 and p0106
  143. Vin change
  144. Optimizing A/F & Spark for WOT 404 hci?
  145. Is it possible to change the "working" range of a sensor in the ecu?
  146. IAT Sensor
  147. Holley HP EFI Guys
  148. Flashing check engine light after egr delete
  149. Car stumble from a dig
  150. ECM Problem or Something else with LQ4 Swap?
  151. 100mm Maf screens?
  152. 5.3 with 4.8 PCM
  153. Please view datalog
  154. Cold Start Idle Issue
  155. Jeremy Formato of Fasterproms Tuning and Porting in Orlando August 7th
  156. HP Tuners - C7 Corvette tuning support available NOW!
  157. c5 pcm a/c and tach questions
  158. P0340 now..???
  159. 02 help
  160. need help
  161. Coil Pack Problems
  162. Forged 408 LTFT help?
  163. 5.3 swap... Got some fuel trim/O2 sensor issues...
  164. Modified LS1 Won't Idle
  165. HP Tuners says its not Licensed yet it is....
  166. HP Tuners reverting a Speed Density Tune with a new Account
  167. Tune help dies in Drive only.
  168. Strange car activity -- LPE 58x - 24x converter
  169. P0101 and no CEL?
  170. Idle tuning and exhaust leak
  171. Trying to get IAC counts back at hot idle
  172. O2 sensor reading for bank 2 stuck in very narrow range
  173. How do I use tow/haul mode on my swap
  174. Jeremy Formato of Fasterproms Tuning and Porting in Gainesville August 6th
  175. Revs rise when drive engaged
  176. Is my car already tuned?
  177. HP Tuners First to Market with 2014 C7 Support released!
  178. PCM communication problem
  179. Ses p1153 ? Help
  180. 98 to a 99 PCM... fuel gauge not working.
  181. Turbo 5.3 with MAF tune...AFR changes with weather! WHY?
  182. knock sensor low voltage code cause timing to be pulled?
  183. After tuning gas pedal works on and off!
  184. Mega squirt? Opinions
  185. 5.7 LS1 finished Tune...Runs...Now a headache
  186. Tune for stock f body ls1 with ProCharger?
  187. gmpp ls376/480 into 2008 silverado tuning
  188. e38 ecm questions
  189. C0181 - Throttle reduction motor circuit malfuntion: Car bucks 2K RPMs
  190. P1626 with vats bypass
  191. ls1 Predator Diablo Sport Tuner
  192. SES light but no DTC's after M6-A4 swap
  193. 0411 PCM --Cam Sensor---1x or 2x or 4x???
  194. P0103 MAF Help!
  195. 98 pcm to 99+ re-pin process
  196. Haltech Platinum Sport GM
  197. Force motor
  198. Knock sensors new still not working with code
  199. First to Market: 2014 GM Gas truck tunes!
  200. Reputable SD Tuners in the Southeast for FI?
  201. 5.3L swap, where can I send my harness out?
  202. Smoothing or Interpolating
  203. Difference between commanded and actual TP at idle.
  204. How can you determine how much spark with turbo tune
  205. PLX wideband shows LEAN then works off and on
  206. any ideas of why im running rich?
  207. trans slips and the trans is fine, help
  208. Is it running lean or not
  209. 0411 "Fan 3 option" for a trans cooler fan??
  210. autometer guages
  211. Lean on launch
  212. can innovate lm2 work with hp tuners non pro interface?
  213. Suggestions for tuning a '97 Vette
  214. Need Help Trouble Shooting
  215. WBO2 Install Questions
  216. Fuel segment swap
  217. 2 step function with BS3 and a T56?????
  218. v6 0411 to v8. what needs be done?
  219. Wants to die with sudden closed throttle
  220. why didnt it pull timing?
  221. Problem, maf no signal out of no where? (FIXED!)
  222. Reduced engine power nightmare
  223. 04 envoy 6.0 lq4 swap
  224. Diagnostic Help needed. What could be the problem.....
  225. MAP Rating
  226. The Tuning School
  227. chassis dynoes in Kansas (or close)
  228. PCM And BCM Question
  229. Frustrated plz help!!!
  230. P1336 Crankshaft Position Sensor Relearn
  231. SLP TCS module necessary with HPT Pro?
  232. M6 fuse harness with A4 engine harness?
  233. How much did GM spend tuning LS1 GTOs?
  234. still having a misfire issue
  235. Rev limiter at 5200. Why? Can someone check my tune?
  236. calibrating AFR
  237. Open Loop EQ Ratio
  238. TH400 Speedo not right w/ HP
  239. converter tuning assistance
  240. gen IV lsx- need to split fuel level signal....impossible??
  241. Safe HPT Pro tuning options without a wideband installed?
  242. having to pull 6+ degrees of timing with ls6 intake and longtubes (2000)
  243. Bs3 tuning in lower Alabama
  244. lm-1 programming cable
  245. Lingenfelter 2-step install - Car Won't Start
  246. Factory PCM w/Software vs Dominator EFI
  247. Superchips Flashpaq good or bad?
  248. Idle Issues - Tune and scan inside
  249. Running HP Tuners in Parallels?
  250. LS1 hesitation at launch, need scanned / tune tweaked?