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  1. sick speed
  2. Do not allow Behe Performance to tune your car...
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  12. Idle tuning
  13. Looking to buy HP Tuners
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  16. Disadvantages to using injector adaptors?
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  20. Non lockup turbo 350
  21. Hanging idle while vehicle is moving, help greatly appreciated
  22. In drive spark table nomenclature in HPtuners
  23. truck harness with 2000 fbody pcm. What needs to be done?
  24. KR and adding timing??
  25. HP tuner logging questions
  26. No injector pulse.
  27. Holley HP Leaning Fuel? How lean can I go.
  28. Need BCM help, car wont start through key, but will start with relay jumped.
  29. Where can I get ECM pins?
  30. HELP NEEDED! My 680RWHP LS7 w/NW102 has a stumble off idle, more tables to tweak?
  31. Newbie HP Tuners Pro user. Lovin' it...but have a fuel injector set up question
  32. which HP Tuners to get?? Standard vs Pro
  33. Misfire? Transmission issue?
  34. IGN ADV readings on diagnostic scanner
  35. Holly HP EFI live
  36. Gauges not working...
  37. Tuning in southern Oklahoma?
  38. TCM issues
  39. obd2 diagnostic port wire color question
  40. How to test knock sensors
  41. Misfire and stumble on launch
  42. Holley hp and dominator differences
  43. harness difference????
  44. Fast 92 TB cold start issue. Pics and info
  45. 402 running lean at idle
  46. '69 Camaro w/ LS2 and Painless Performance PCM....
  47. Want to eliminate the DOD feature on 07 truck
  48. running rich?
  49. Maf sensor to AEM AQ-1 datalogger frequency question
  50. SES Codes after Heads Only Install - UPDATED
  51. Wideband
  52. HPtuners target timing? Log and Tune attached
  53. switched to OS sd 2 bar, few questions
  54. Dtc help!!
  55. My 3000 stall won't stay locked. Wtf?
  56. E38 ECM Stoich Adjustment?
  57. Car dies, with time starts please!
  58. Need help with ls3
  59. e38 ls7 tuning help?
  60. No change to idle AFR no matter what i do.
  61. Lsx 454 base tune
  62. New mod? = SES..." help"
  63. injectors have no pulse
  64. EPP Blower Cam tuning help
  65. Good work Beyond Redline!
  66. my oil catch can
  67. SlowHawk
  68. E-fans and idle trims
  69. Code P0480 help
  70. Intake pressure drops, post em if ya got em
  71. High Rpm Skip/ Miss in 1st Gear Only
  72. Knock Sensor
  73. I'd like to request a tune, if I may
  74. Do I need a Tune?
  75. ECM/TCM fuse
  76. Adjusting for !EGR and !O2 with Handheld?
  77. Ls2 Knock Sensors on a Ls1 Pcm?!?!?!
  78. Tunning issue or bad 4l60e??
  79. Just Blew my Holley Dominator System. Stock Coil BS. Need info ASAP!
  80. Using the GM flex fuel sensor on an Fbody
  81. Deceleration fuel enrichment
  82. Eliminating Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor
  83. ITB tune files?
  84. Need help with trouble codes
  85. 4th gear low rpm KR
  86. Which EGR wire to hook AEM Wideband to?
  87. 5V fuel pressure sensor
  88. Flash new ECM
  89. cylinder 1 misfire
  90. asr and abs inop lights on
  91. Hp Tuners Questions
  92. Best Analog Gauge to use with NGK AFX?
  93. Injectors dont fire
  94. Need some Help - 427 LSX drop in motor 2002 Transam
  95. little new to tuning, am i doing this right?
  96. Cooling Fan Coming on Too Early
  97. AEM wideband ?
  98. 4L80E with a Speed Density Tune
  99. Cruise Timing & Idle Timing
  100. No Tach and Fuel pump isses
  101. ECM question
  102. Fuel pressure and Wideband!
  103. PCM and harness compatibility question.
  104. Chip under the gas pedal?
  105. How to save current tune in HP Tuners
  106. Want a tune near 90280
  107. PO420 code
  108. can anybody send me a better tune for my '00 z28?
  109. OBD1 tuning and codes with LSx
  110. Jeremy Formato of Fasterproms Tuning and Porting in Davie/Miami September 12th
  111. Speedo Recal Needed near York PA
  112. my car threw 14 engine codes!!! HELP
  113. wire harness to ECU connection
  114. Western PA/Eastern OH tuner
  115. a/c control question regarding C5 corvette PCM
  116. help with reading dyno
  117. Rough idle, need help
  118. Problem with pushing in clutch/ idle with AC on...
  119. Jeremy Formato of Fasterproms Tuning and Porting in Ft. Myers September 11th
  120. tune running very lean and vss question
  121. tune help
  122. P0300 and P1380
  123. tuning newb question
  124. Holley EFi tuners in Texas?
  125. What's a good cam for a mail order tune?
  126. tuner needed in the middle east
  127. Microsquirt issues..
  128. 224r .bin file
  129. who uses hptuners with aem uego wide band?
  130. tuning for snapping and popping after lifting.
  131. EFILive Tune mod?
  132. 2002 starts, idles rough then dies. HELP!!!
  133. Please critique this 2bar speed density turbo tune...
  134. Loc 6000 error trying to link Hp tuners to 01
  135. Histograms Populating Sporadically
  136. Pe commanded AFR help
  137. 4L80E .bin file
  138. need alittle info.
  139. What would make an ECM sensitive to temperature?
  140. Chicago area dyno tune vs HP Tuners
  141. Jeremy Formato of Fasterproms Tuning and Porting in Orlando September 5th
  142. Silverado 4.8 to 5.7 One time tune, mail order?
  143. Nitrous Tuner near Fort Wayne, IN
  144. LS1 gurus and tuners please chime in
  145. DFCO not engaging
  146. VE Adjustments
  147. Best dyno tuning Phoenix
  148. 1997 Corvette-Are there tuning limitations?
  149. LTFT & STFT Readings
  150. Jeremy Formato of Fasterproms Tuning and Porting in Gainesville September 4th
  151. Open loop AFR on cold start
  152. is it possible?
  153. Help! Change VIN with HP Tuners. How do I get license so VIN will work
  154. Fast xim for Ls coils
  155. new XDF for obd-i LT1
  156. tuning ks
  157. Anyone capable of doing a quick tune in Phoenix?
  158. wanted: lt1edit 94-95 user
  159. p0200 code Help
  160. Building knock table
  161. HP Tuners & 98 PCM- locking conv in 3rd gear @ WOT ??
  162. Pro PCM tuners?
  163. Injector sticking open after tune
  164. Tune After Turbo Install??
  165. Needing a stand-a-lone harness to run on a dyno
  166. Installing 30lb inject,check my tune
  167. Fast Wideband Replacement Sensor Alternatives
  168. want to tune
  169. 02 TA ws6 new LSX Bowtie what comp?
  170. Can't Do Burnout. Tune Issues?
  171. Timng tables with turbo...log and tune here.
  172. How big a cam before going open loop idle?
  173. New!
  174. Can someone confirm
  175. Car won't run after O2 sensor change & code reset
  176. Help with tune, car lean :/
  177. Can I switch from a TH400 to a 4L60e without having to retune
  178. Swap runs rough when hot..HELP!!
  179. Tuning the warm start with ac/defrost on...
  180. Rpm hang/overshoot when downshifting and coming to a stop
  181. can someone take a look at these quick logs?
  182. Head & Cam Swap Break-In
  183. hp tuners or efi live?
  184. LS Stroker EFI
  185. vcm scan in GA
  186. Max torq settings
  187. 98 z28 random multiple misfire
  188. Traction control??
  189. Anyone of the MegaSquirt guys familiar with EFI Source's set up?
  190. Multiple Random Missfire
  191. Need help flashing a PCM back to stock
  192. Adjustment to tune for WOT
  193. Scanner disconnect?
  194. Going back stock...what do I do about tune?
  195. End of injection timimg and VE tuning
  196. Bluecat
  197. No o2 sensors hooked up but no code??
  198. EFI Live base tune
  199. Car goes rich on decel w/ 60lb injectors.
  200. should i go SD?
  201. Jeremy Formato of Fasterproms Tuning and Porting in Gettysburg, PA August 21- 27
  202. Multiple DTCs, please help!
  203. Need help With Jet Programmable P.C.M.?!?!
  204. Can hp tuners adjust this?
  205. Motor wants to die when I let off throttle
  206. Does anyone repin PCM's?
  207. guy's need help for a friend p0410 code
  208. HP Tuners how to subtract??
  209. Help! Car won't start unusual compared to others
  210. Retune needed for octane change?
  211. PO-102 out of the blue..
  212. Anyone with HP tuners that can look at a scan?
  213. Intermittent Exhaust Pop
  214. Can I use a 2002 silverado computer in my 2002 z28?
  215. 2001 5.3 Turbo Camaro HELP
  216. Rough idea for max timing for 6.0?
  217. flex fuel tunning?
  218. What have I got?? And.....
  219. Tuner in East Texas
  220. Intermittent electrical problem
  221. Power issues
  222. Engine Management Lq9 into 03 S10
  223. Hptuners speedo adjusting.
  224. Mail Order tune headaches
  225. 2003 Z06 Oil Level PCM pins or pinnout diagram?
  226. Help
  227. No one can tune this truck
  228. lq9 408 low rpm misfire help
  229. Ms2 or stock computer for stand alone nova.
  230. Stalls when put in drive
  231. Mail Order Tune Or Dyno Tune
  232. Random timing jumps at idle?
  233. going nutz please help. have little time.
  234. Good Dyno Tuner
  235. Need Tuning Today!
  236. what to adj. 98 to 99+ fuel tables to get fuel gauge to read correctly?
  237. Service vechicle light used Searched...
  238. Complete newbie, added 2psi, thoughts, pointers, tips...
  239. Hypertech power programmer
  240. Pulling my Hair out, Turbo Trans Am
  241. 02 sensor.....slow response.....question..??????
  242. SD dyno tuner somewhat near SW MI? (lt1)
  243. Sluggish CTS-V
  244. Lq4 dies when given gas
  245. Remote reductor wheel
  246. SES light 420 code bank one cat issue
  247. 2014 Camaro SS support, Now available!
  248. PLEASE help me out!! P0101
  249. surges just above idle
  250. HPT changing gear ratio