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  1. Crappy Gas mileage!!
  2. inovative tuning probs.
  3. HELP- throwing code, should I go to track??
  4. Tune it yourselfers come in!
  5. back again codes p0140, p0160
  6. 11.2:1 on 92 octane
  7. HP Tuner program for LS1 to LS2 swap?
  8. Need some help tuning with HPT
  9. VATS issues
  10. Innovate Widebands - Free Shipping!!
  11. Tuning problems
  12. engine stall after warmup
  13. 26 to 28lbs injectors
  14. Timing vrs octane rating.
  15. Car wants to stall after dynotune
  16. 26" tire to 28" tire q's
  17. HELP!! Will a 2002 LS1 Engine work in a 1998 Vette with 1998 PCM and Harness???
  18. ECU relearning?
  19. Transmission log
  20. Tuning pros inside...simple question
  21. Car is driving like crap in low rpm's
  22. P0132 and P0748
  23. WOT shifts points w/ HPT still bad!!!!
  24. PE tuning, no wideband, need wideband and dyno guys help
  25. How long does the SES light stay lit once tripped?
  26. P0440 Evaporative Emission Control System Malfunction
  27. best tuning SW for a tuning shop
  28. Car Won't Start
  29. Anyone use CAGS in a track application?
  30. Tach not working, causes??
  31. Going to the track tonight with new Diablo tune
  32. Throttle follower or Cracker = cruise control
  33. help my car is hesitating
  34. Pass Inspection??
  35. any quick VATS workaround?
  36. LS2 GTO and HPT Why is the VE table not in %
  37. wher can i find this in HPT
  38. Crazy SES light need help
  39. Maf ?
  40. dont know where the hell to post, so here goes...
  41. Always getting KR from Predator, why?
  42. WOT tuning woes?
  43. RPM * Dyn Cyl Air g/cyl to lbs/min or hour
  44. LS2 402 and cam position sensor issue
  45. New Hptuner/Eio
  46. ? about 2000RPM lean surge
  47. what the hell is tps high input?
  48. Software tuning - what bhp can I expect?
  49. mail order tune or street tune??
  50. Anyone have a stock a4 2004 Corvette
  51. Where to start....?
  52. ECM Water Tight
  53. now it runs like crap, whats up now.
  54. Will the wrong gear ratio in PCM effect performance?
  55. Car not following commanded AFR?
  56. tuning F-body traction control
  57. GT 2-3 in, now engine studder?
  58. 01 Camaro SS Engine codes keep popping up, Scanned, Help resolve....
  59. FAST C-Com WP software needed...
  60. wide band , only one 02 sensor
  61. clear code/car wont start
  62. ltft
  63. wideband problem
  64. torque management
  65. MAF recalibration procedures??
  66. lt1-edit
  67. Predator tunning.......
  68. PCM compatability
  69. ASR be gone.
  70. fuel trims quit responding
  71. Car is acting up
  72. best obd1 usb cable
  73. newby in tuning
  74. Any ideas? (LOG PIC INCLUDED)
  75. Installed Fast 90 Now Car Idle Sucks
  76. No timing at idle? DTC won't erase?
  77. What are the PC/Laptop requirments to run HpTuners?
  78. P1637 Generator L-Terminal Circuit HELP!!!
  79. should I switch?
  80. Dtc Heeeeeeelp!!!!
  81. HP Tuners Question
  82. OLFA vs. PE
  83. Cleaning 02's with a propane torch
  84. Tuning for big stalls. yank 4400
  85. Some HPT questions...
  86. Ideal place to run wideband 02's?
  87. Anyone with wideband capabilities?
  88. 98 A4 HPTuners Shift Table
  89. VE table interpolation...
  90. Can LC1 be wired as both NB o2s?
  91. 98 pcm
  92. Need New MAF
  93. how to clear a code
  94. Why do my O2s keep flatlining?
  95. HP Tuners: 98 2bar!!
  96. timing tables ?
  97. crank sensor
  98. SES misfire--help i'm confused...
  99. Multiple Tune Question
  100. pcmforless vs handheld programers
  101. Head Install - P0300 Misfire Error
  102. The "new gas"
  103. 50Lb injector questions
  104. SES light
  105. is this the right part??
  106. Won't idle after hot start.
  107. Crank position sensor.
  108. Experimenting with Open Loop vs Speed Density
  109. Open loop PE?
  110. ECU and ABS talk to eachother?
  111. Wait4me Mail Order Tune Questions
  112. HP Tuners vs. LS1 Edit
  113. Stock 02 Z06 bin
  114. HELP NEEDED! Electrical nightmare
  115. Lean codes
  116. hot starts suck after tune.tuner says he cant fix it
  117. HELP with tuning for Nick Williams 90mm T/B..
  118. PO 0410 help?
  119. Attention all tuners....
  120. does plug look?
  121. New LC-1 Sensor
  122. Best way to determine intake manifold leak with Hptuners?
  123. efi live questions
  124. What PCM wire will manually lock the converter when grounded?
  125. new turbo setup = weird stutter in the gas pedal!
  126. if your 90% or more happy with your tune, come in..
  127. detonation
  128. Is it worth getting a "Shop Tune" On a Stock Car
  129. Code removal
  130. Predator reflash?
  131. Tuning issue? Help please.
  132. Ping Ping Ping , What The Hell !!!!!!!!
  133. New Problem... Ongoing Problem... ???? Won't rev over 4500 and backfires.
  134. crank position sensor
  135. None of this makes sense please help!
  136. Running rich P0127 & P0175
  137. Innovative LC-1 Problem...
  138. SLP/LS6/Truck 85mm MAF ?
  139. thinking of tuning myself need help
  140. Part throttle tunning?
  141. Help with HPT on Start up
  142. ABS code 55?
  143. HP tuners AIR + EGR Disable
  144. LS1 EDIT tuning questions, Car is bogging down at low rpm.
  145. LTFT's way off the chrat!
  146. Computer information.
  147. SD tune yes, no. maybe?
  148. VE table great, MAF hooked up, car slower??
  149. What sensor commands IAC, TPS only?
  150. intermitent p0357
  151. AEM UEGO with EFI Live
  152. MAF tuning spreadsheet? Anyone have one?
  153. VE tuning, trim results. Pretty happy.
  154. Weird problem with LC-1 and HP Tuners
  155. Key Fob does not work. What did I do?
  156. Forcing reduced power or limp mode
  157. Newb at replacing O2 sensor...
  158. Will I need a tune?
  159. Base HP dyno, MAF was wacky?!? need advice
  160. Code P0751
  161. Code P0161
  162. Look at this screenshot and tell me what you think.
  163. Tuning with new gears
  164. Just shoot me! P0327 code AGAIN even after replacing knocks and harness
  165. ls1 harness question
  166. today's O2/FTC/Idle AFR stupid question
  167. code p1153
  168. Tuning with shift kit?
  169. Jet Performance Control Module for LS1
  170. LC-1 Error #8
  171. -problem-
  172. Tuning Question with cam
  173. Help for a new guy please.
  174. P0171 and P0174
  175. flash file
  176. KR Only at Shift
  177. Adapting "coil-on-plug"...
  178. SD tune what would cause this?
  179. Autouned VE table..still High Positive LTFTs
  180. What were these wires tapped for?
  181. EFI live viewer?
  182. lt1 edit?
  183. Question about HP tuners credit system
  184. 3-3.8KR reading in third!? WTF!
  185. EFI live tuning
  186. Help! P1637 Code
  187. dyno tune now car wont idle
  188. Where's the Throttle Response ??
  189. Injector swap on hp tuners?
  190. Few tuning ?s
  191. OBD code help please!
  192. how to unlock Predator, how much?
  193. Installed Lc1 as narrowband not switching??
  194. Air fuel ratio...
  195. HELP QUICKLY PLEASE! car on side of road
  196. maf less good or no????
  197. 99 ecm swap please help
  198. predator tuning Q's
  199. throwing AIR system bank code?
  200. Ses Light Help
  201. cold start/idle
  202. Any Tuning Books you would recommend?
  203. help reading tune
  204. Cranking VE?
  205. O2 Problem
  206. HPTuners Speedo Calibration
  207. Decoding DTC's?
  208. need connector pinouts C220 and C230 for 1998 f-car
  209. O2 switching question
  210. ECU trouble
  211. INJ flow rate ?
  212. Problems changing to PE
  213. M6 swap PCM question
  214. Autotap registration?
  215. Need help with the Airflow tables
  216. Driving car without tune after mods
  217. Little Help Please
  218. Newb to tuning with questions....
  219. HP Tuner problems!
  220. Corvette stock O2 connector pinout???? Help!
  221. why is this happening ?
  222. injectors flow rate hlp
  223. i dont understand why
  224. Predator and Headers
  225. TPS... has no voltage
  226. SES light code plz help!!!
  227. Quick Corvette Gear Q
  228. rough/stumbling idle help, send me a .bin!
  229. PLX Wideband/Narrowband integration
  230. Any one in orlando need tuning 4/12?
  231. TAch sending unit
  232. LTFTs and VE tuning, does engine use an average?
  233. Worth it to get a tune?
  234. Opinions and feedback on LC1 WB
  235. Mounting lc-1 wide band controller?
  236. Connecting Lc1 to HP
  237. Losing all your HPT Scanner data. Learning the hard way.
  238. Best way to log boost with HPT?
  239. Where is Diagnostic port actually supposed to be grounded?
  240. Need some cam in the T/A and it's running like crap!
  241. What EXTRA has to be done to tune a stroker?
  242. failing smog with tuning
  243. Question about a tune.
  244. question about OBD2 fuse
  245. Crank Relearn, When should it be used?
  246. Top Shelf Tuner in St. Louis, Illinois area
  247. need help!
  248. ls1 camaro hyper tech tuner questions, please help!!!
  249. dyno wideband vs my wideband??
  250. SCT x-cal?