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  1. Getting a dyno tune.
  2. detonation?
  3. stumbles, backfires and then dies
  4. DTC P0172 has shown up
  5. Real lean while coasting, what can I do?
  6. Torque Management programing
  7. '98 Tuning. How many.....
  8. Idle and start up problems. please help.
  9. Best tuning software?
  10. Just got HP Tuners
  11. No serial connection on my LM-1
  12. will a Predator for a 99 M6 f-body work on a 2000 M6 f-body?
  13. Will it run ?????
  14. the new inspection stuff
  15. H/C/I on 02 Z06
  16. ETC Area Scalar ajustment...
  17. New 2 tuning world. Couple of questions.
  18. Problems with gears/programmer.... can anyone help?
  19. why do i see different AF ratios on my wideband in different gears?
  20. Where can I get a reliable tune or computer edit for my '00 SS? i need one!
  21. here's how to fix rpms dipping when coming to a stop
  22. Still no start.....What's the issue?
  23. Problems with transmission shifting.....Please Help!!
  24. Reset computer, how long will it run bad?
  25. a/f ratio... did i get a bad tune
  26. Unlocking converter in 3rd gear under part throttle
  27. Need Help!!!!!!!
  28. Low Perforamnce and No Idea Why. HELP!!!
  29. Tuning issues
  30. another LTFT thread..
  31. EFI Live Shortcut
  32. Idle/rpm falls almost to dieing while in Open-Loop
  33. yes im dumb
  34. pcm pins
  35. racetronix or Disc injectors...
  36. What engine parameters does a ported throttle body affect and how?
  37. LC1 Sensor dead?
  38. Software upgrade on my PCM
  39. Vague LS1 Edit Tune Question
  40. Tuning issue????--Graphs enclosed
  41. how rich is 940mv's
  42. What else could cause idle hang?
  43. Still having some problems, help!
  44. Change diagnostic connector and cable
  45. Painless harness swap
  46. Anyone Recently Purchase HPT?
  47. Tuning for corn gas?
  48. Diagnostics port
  49. LTFT tune puts a VE cell at 0?
  50. Induced MAF failure = shifting out of park HARD on cold starts?
  51. HPT question about 3 bar
  52. Ses
  53. 30 hp increase with a tune?
  54. Trying to Set Idle Higher?
  55. Dip in Power Any Ideas??
  56. Good shops in NJ for a tune
  57. should my car be surging?
  58. Idling too high after cam,heads & intake install
  59. ignition breaking up?
  60. Installed Heated 02's, now it runs lean?
  61. Need FAST EFI Dashboard sensor descriptions..
  62. Can I still tune???
  63. 3bartune
  64. wideband question
  65. Troubleshooting? check this out
  66. Firming up shifts?
  67. P0172 & P0175 before or after cats
  68. Motor rev up fast but come down slow ?
  69. Quick HPTuner question
  70. trans wont shift
  71. A Quick Question For Novice Tuner
  72. Ses Light Question
  73. can you reflash and keep aftermarket tune?
  74. Some crazy O2 switching problems under part throttle.
  75. Needs Programmer To Get More Out Of My Procharger
  76. Car runs ruff now, Edit tune 1 year ago
  77. Car has issues that are driving me insane!
  78. How to change the maf table
  79. LC-1 question
  80. PCM Swap
  81. DAtamaster SuPPorT
  82. Need some help bad!!
  83. is pcm fried
  84. Injectors... and stock vs Disc
  85. SES Light code 153..Help! O2 sensor drama!
  86. p0300
  87. Dynotuning
  88. tuning ?s need some help
  89. throwing 6 codes-- yikes
  90. P0107 ?
  91. Throwing a Code
  92. tuning a GMS maf
  93. How did everyone learn to tune
  94. maf sensors
  95. Can new O2 sensors make your car run leaner/richer?
  96. Running Rich
  97. lc-1 help plz
  98. timing
  99. cars shifts in 3rd and falls on its face
  100. 3 years in the making now how do i tune it???
  101. LS1edit -> HP tuners -> LS1edit tuning confirmation needed!
  102. PCM locked, PCM in unknown state, seed not accepted ?
  103. Accel dfi gen 6
  104. Change PCM pin assignment with HPT/EFI Live
  105. Recover PCM
  106. Please answer this once and for all...
  107. Will a bad Cat make you run rich?
  108. help
  109. Please Help, feels like i'm towing a yacht
  110. MTI or Connely's for a tune?
  111. Running Rich?
  112. Granatelli MAF fixes A/F!
  113. Injectors not firing
  114. my roll to 137mph run
  115. Ballpark my WOT timing
  116. 160 thermo temp swing, tell me what the
  117. Speed Inc.?
  118. Question about HP Tuners
  119. Racetronix fuel systems + 36lbs Injectors = Change in tune ?
  120. TM Question, Spark Retard vs Torque Reduction
  121. SES Light Flashing, PLEASE HELP!
  122. wtf? did my car somehow loose its tune?!
  123. Can tuning be done this way???
  124. MAP sensor readings
  125. Help me set up my TC lockup tables on HP tuner software?
  126. ?? Tuning Ltrims with HP Tuners ??
  127. P0140, P0160, P0412....
  128. How difficult is hp tunners?
  129. Cheapest way to change fan temps?
  130. HPT Question, Desensitizing the knock sensors..
  131. using atap
  132. change oil light is on?
  133. wiring up alternator with fast
  134. Bi Fuel Engine Building/Tuning
  135. cannot get equiv ratio to 1.00
  136. ASR turns off by itself.
  137. Can HP Tuners do this?
  138. P0336
  139. help withmy wideband hookup plz
  140. lc-1 wideband hookup help plzzz
  141. need tune
  142. changing park to drive shift pressure (HELP)
  143. Too much fuel?
  144. ft wayne area lt1 tuning
  145. Help with SES Light
  146. My car = BDNWW
  147. Knock Knock
  148. Bolt on tune.
  149. locked computer
  150. Hp tuners?
  151. LC1->laptop connection
  152. need help with a code
  153. Resetting 98 Ls1 Pcm
  154. How much will my new heads/cam and engine throw off my old tune?
  155. different IFRs for greentop 42#'s ?
  156. Hooking LC-1 to EFILive FlashScan
  157. AC messin up tune?
  158. Insufficient Switching Oxygen Sensor Question
  159. name these plugs
  160. Need a Part Number for 2bar map for LS1
  161. Where have you mounted your LC1 Sensor Controller Under your Car??
  162. Traction Control Issue
  163. Can Megasquirt & MSD 6010 Box control everything to run LS1?
  164. help please
  165. Fried PCM???
  166. Lights thrown need help
  167. How come I can only log 31 parameters with an Autotap w/Enhanced GM parameters?
  168. '00 ecu in an '01 car?
  169. HP Tuners - can I use it on 2 cars?
  170. Torquer 2 bin
  171. Running rich at idle
  172. Drag race car won't start periodically!
  173. Just installed HPT. Can't read VCM. Help!
  174. Instructions for Harlan 2-step, anyone have?
  175. How Hard is it to roll back the odometer??? (No i dont plan on doing it!)
  176. ? Inside....P0106 MAP/BARO CKT???
  177. Need ideas on rich startup problem
  178. New to tuning...installing a turbo
  179. Burst Knock & Boost
  180. POS VATS has me stranded!
  181. Im sooo close. Need a little idle help
  182. Could this be possible?
  183. tuning??? which one help
  184. Can ABS be tuned for different OD tire sizes?
  185. Pair of Hotchkiss LCA's to whomever can figure this out
  186. oil press, temp, and tach dont work
  187. car dies when ac is turned on
  188. How do i obtain a code?
  189. need help finding a stock tune.
  190. wot tuning
  191. Failed emissions....quick question
  192. 8.1 -- Anyone Tuned With HPTuners?
  193. 4L80 Tuning?
  194. Tach, abs, tcs and misfiring all at once
  195. Engine codes P 1125, P1276 , C 1278H ,C2105 HC
  196. Just how personal is your VE table?
  197. ? on KR and timing
  198. Stock 2000 computer on a TT 408?
  199. Spark MAP, SD Tuning Question
  200. codes p0151, p0300, p1153
  201. Locating star connector
  202. How to shut off or desensitize the knock sensors with LS1 Edit?
  203. Tuning?
  204. Vinci/Crane Tuner
  205. I want to start tuning guys help me out!
  206. car throws code.. whats wrong?
  207. car not starting
  208. Engine backfiring after nitrous backfire.
  209. Rough Startup After Cam
  210. LS1 EDIT? where can u buy it?
  211. MAF Tuning Question
  212. need help.! surging problem.
  213. Tuning issue or Mechanical issue?
  214. DTC 16-low resolution failure
  215. 17.0 AFR Cruising Hiway
  216. HPT: Scanner Histogram and using with VCM Editor ?'s>>
  217. Help with Gauges!
  218. LS1 Edit question...?
  219. Put new injectors and now an SES?
  220. Predator Tuner
  221. What tuning changes when using GM 85mm MAF?
  222. LC1 LED blinking errors, weird one going on...
  223. I keep pulling timing....and I keep getting faster !!!
  224. HPT Fan Settings for 160 T Stat?
  225. Wtf is a "body Control Module"
  226. Laptop?
  227. BS3 and gauges
  228. to lean a car out
  229. Alternative sources for 1998 PCM #16238212
  230. Connection Issue
  231. Predator can't set TC lockup>>
  232. Irate idling issue!
  233. open loop procedure?
  234. Granatelli Programmer Issue!
  235. C5 wire schematics
  236. po405 egr code low voltage?
  237. wiring harness pinouts
  238. codes 1626,1637
  239. Stock Injectors at 125% Duty Cycle. Please help!
  240. BS3 installation
  241. help on tunning magnacharger on my truck.
  242. Ease Diagnostics
  243. Big Stuff 3 Calibrations
  244. Anyone have bins for TSP Torquer2 cam?? seach, no find>
  245. Multiple Tuners?
  246. Autotap or Auto Enginuity?
  247. HP Tuners MPVI Pro datalogging
  248. trading PCMs
  249. 160 degree thermo running hot, what the
  250. Gettig car tuned for first time