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  1. Tuning For Weather
  2. No EIO, LC1 through EGR help
  3. Someone out there help me please
  4. does
  5. SES light after A4 swap...
  6. Diablo help
  7. what after VE tune
  8. what type of tune is better??computer or dyno tune?
  9. where to buy new PCM
  10. Flashscan software
  11. relay rating
  12. HPT Editor program error.
  13. Just got a Matco Diagnostic tool, need to know readings?
  14. Help Needed - Anyone with 2005 Corvette Service Manuals
  15. Functions of Tuners
  16. Need 98 Flash file
  17. Best Bung location with headers already installed on C5
  18. Car stumbles at ~2800rpm
  19. "security" light stays on
  20. LT-1 Code 43. ESC circuit. Tried everything. HELP!!
  21. When is EFI Live coming out with their LS2 tuning?
  22. LC-1 Wideband Install
  23. Reading a wiring diagram
  24. Air Pump Question
  25. whats wrong with my car
  26. will diablo clear hptuners tune?
  27. Ann Arbor, MI Area - $50 for someone to do re-learn and clear P1336 SES code.
  28. Predator
  29. Cam sensor differences?
  30. max with stock computer
  31. after the teh cam and head swap!!
  32. Fuel Pressure ?
  33. Why are LTIT's locked at -0.01?
  34. Oil On Maf?????
  35. Predator "Key Invalid" Error - Help!
  36. What should my gas mileage be after I tune?
  37. header install ses light
  38. New to tuning with a wideband
  39. best Wideband ???
  40. Switchable tunes?
  41. Need some help
  42. lc1 calibration wire
  43. wet shot tuneing?
  44. iat vs ect bias
  45. Trouble code the software?
  46. ses pulled after ORY is reinstalled
  47. Inj Duty Cycle Question
  48. crank but no start, injector related
  49. P0405, P0404 and low rpm stumble
  50. 8 Bad Coils? No way... HELP!!
  51. Has anyone done any tuning on D.O.D?
  52. Anyone ever hear of CORVETTE MASTERS?
  53. Lower LTFT during hot days, a MAF problem?
  54. Help me with my car, it wont start.
  55. what is available? LT1
  56. I believe the ltft are good now what
  57. Injector Offset
  58. Any can tunes I can use with HPtuners?
  59. Can I Use My Handheld after Professional ECM tune has been Done?
  60. Idle Spark Advance?
  61. Just need to clarify tables for EFILive (Maf stuff)
  62. how do tune these injectors?
  63. wideband readings
  64. 3 codes please help
  65. Difference between '98 and 99+ PCM?
  66. Will cutout richen A/F?
  67. I think i am getting somewhere now!!
  68. EFILive V2
  69. PLEASE HELP, we found the problem.
  70. check engine light
  71. Too Lean Bank one - bad injector?
  72. Pcv removed, high idle tune problem ?
  73. What to disable for WOT tuning?
  74. easy !!! where to start
  75. RTT in HP Tuners
  76. Help hooking up LC-1 through EGR and stock O2 harness
  77. Tuning for fuel mileage ?s.
  78. a/f mixture graphing
  79. Accel Gen 7's new wideband/data logger
  80. How would I determine
  81. Hypertech issue
  82. hooking up AEM WB
  83. obd1
  84. Dam Pos#t! Paypal!!!!!
  85. Crane Tuner trouble code
  86. LC1 to HP tuners
  87. So you think you can tune!
  88. trouble deleting codes
  89. Tried hooking up my LC-1 today...
  90. service vehicle light
  91. Weird 2nd gear rev limiter problem
  92. LTFT and maft
  93. A/F ratio?
  94. ZT2 Wideband
  95. ? just got my HP tuners and got a question
  96. Maf Dying?
  97. Need some help with knock
  98. HPT Real time tuning...
  99. Chip in key bad?
  100. Buying advise
  101. car help
  102. rpms hang in netural
  103. a new way to tune long distance?
  104. Dtc's After Rtt Upgrade In Hpt
  105. P131 - HO2S Keeps comming back!
  106. Timing/ Boost table??? HPtuners??
  107. USB driver setup??
  108. "Popping" Under Acceleration
  109. 98 PCM speedo is way off and tranny wont shift
  110. PCM connection
  111. codes...need to pass emissions ASAP
  112. 4.5* of knock retard.. effects?
  113. Idle and BRAF
  114. What pcm will work in a 01 Camaro
  115. My WOT fueling is different day to day??
  116. ses codes
  117. car wont start
  118. Pls. explain the benefits of SD tuning to a newbie!
  119. New tires screwed spedometer...fix?
  120. New to EFILive and need help
  121. Plugs
  122. Fast XFI and HPTUNE differences
  123. All hell broke loose on the way home
  124. reading fuel pressure in hpt
  125. Ecu
  126. Have converter and gears etc: Still have the dead spot @ 40MPH.
  127. Guys with Predators COME IN! Plz
  128. SES light flashing ???
  129. Bs3??
  130. ABS, TCS, and Service Vehicle lights with codes
  131. FAST efi xfi engine management
  132. DTC on 1998 Trans Am!
  133. Problems reading PCM?
  134. Converter acting up... trying to lockup at WOT
  135. BS3 vs. HPTuners
  136. Altitude changes
  137. Vapor Lock symptoms?! Need help (long post- ongoing saga)
  138. Is there a simple way to just cut back my timing across the board?
  139. H/C vs Cam Only Timing
  140. Rescaling MAP values for 2 BAR
  141. SD Custom OS
  142. Tuning out 2-3 T/C lockup?
  143. How to clear vin out of Hypertech Programmer?
  144. Lights kill my car?
  145. ultra sensitive VE's?
  146. C0281 Stoplamp Switch Circuit
  147. HP Tuner help
  148. RTT bug with new HPT?
  149. Backfiring
  150. how to get a brake code
  151. Detonation
  152. i need help!!!
  153. A/C Causing Weird Problems anyone else have this?
  154. KR When MAF is Operable
  155. Taking out PCM
  156. considering HPtuners
  157. How well will the car run with no tune?
  158. Car runs poorly with MAF Translator.
  159. Inspection
  160. HPTuners, IAC, and high idling problem.
  161. Speed density tune????
  162. EGR input for wideband on LS6 car?
  163. Datamaster usage question.....
  164. HPT Custom OS MAF vs SD
  165. Bosch wideband...tuning?
  166. Freakin LC-1 is taking a dump - again!
  167. Electromotive (TEC-3) computer
  168. PCM Interchange
  169. Narrowbands, and wideband.
  170. hp tuners for duramax?
  171. Computer's
  172. Air pump
  173. 42-43 degrees timing at 68-70mph, normal????
  174. Air bag light stays lit
  175. What is the different ?
  176. Thinking about descreening your MAF? Think again...
  177. Reset PCM to learn new o2???
  178. WOT A/R ratio
  179. o2s drop to [0] and ecm goes open loop,
  180. Any ideas over here???
  181. MAF Translator
  182. Car wont run in SD. Dies without the MAF!
  183. RPM gauge not working
  184. Bank 1 ignition not firing
  185. Speed Density???
  186. Gen 7 KINGS need some help !
  187. SW headers,3" duel ex.=dtc P0050&P0056 ?
  188. motron 60# injectors....
  189. Where in US is HPtuners located?
  190. Check out my idle PIDS and give me your input..PLEASE!
  191. HPTuners Real Time Tuning...
  192. Current HPT MPVI Pro upgrade lead time?
  193. Hypertech Power programmer III
  194. Cant get EFILive to retrieve info from pcm
  195. electrical gremlins!
  196. What Happens When the VE Table Doesn't Agree With the MAF?
  197. what should my AFR be?
  198. HP Tuners: VCM Suite 2.1.12 now available!
  199. Anyone else program their fans to stay on after the key is off?
  200. Injector Flow Rate and tuning?
  201. 2000 Chevy Pickup P0300 & P0153 codes
  202. Can PREDATOR disable Rear O2 sensors on 2005 CORVETTE , without custom tune ?
  203. Hesitation
  204. IAC counts in HP Tuners
  205. Engine Temp
  206. LC1 Voltage Offset / Correction
  207. ABS DTC Readers / Software
  208. Not running right, HELP!!!
  209. EFILive Custom Nitrous Tuning
  210. DFI gen 6 HELP!!!!!!!
  211. SES light multiple codes
  212. Miss fire but no ses
  213. p0412 code, secondary air valve malfunction...please help
  214. p0412 code, secondary air valve malfunction, help
  215. low idle with maf plugged in
  216. Radiator fans stayed on
  217. 383 stroker only cranks with a scanner pluged in????wtf
  218. Getting a dyno tune.
  219. detonation?
  220. stumbles, backfires and then dies
  221. DTC P0172 has shown up
  222. Real lean while coasting, what can I do?
  223. Torque Management programing
  224. '98 Tuning. How many.....
  225. Idle and start up problems. please help.
  226. Best tuning software?
  227. Just got HP Tuners
  228. No serial connection on my LM-1
  229. will a Predator for a 99 M6 f-body work on a 2000 M6 f-body?
  230. Will it run ?????
  231. the new inspection stuff
  232. H/C/I on 02 Z06
  233. ETC Area Scalar ajustment...
  234. New 2 tuning world. Couple of questions.
  235. Problems with gears/programmer.... can anyone help?
  236. why do i see different AF ratios on my wideband in different gears?
  237. Where can I get a reliable tune or computer edit for my '00 SS? i need one!
  238. here's how to fix rpms dipping when coming to a stop
  239. Still no start.....What's the issue?
  240. Problems with transmission shifting.....Please Help!!
  241. Reset computer, how long will it run bad?
  242. a/f ratio... did i get a bad tune
  243. Unlocking converter in 3rd gear under part throttle
  244. Need Help!!!!!!!
  245. Low Perforamnce and No Idea Why. HELP!!!
  246. Tuning issues
  247. another LTFT thread..
  248. EFI Live Shortcut
  249. Idle/rpm falls almost to dieing while in Open-Loop
  250. yes im dumb