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  1. High Idle
  2. New tuning software:
  3. Tuning for idle quality, ???'s
  4. is g-tech accurate
  5. tuning a twin turbo LS2 with maf
  6. cylinder balance test, what does mean,,
  7. Gear ratio on diablo sport.
  8. How many volts is the tach signal on 98 TA?
  9. What advantages from speed density tune?
  10. Torque management removal?
  11. help with figuring out code please
  12. broken pin on PCM!?!?!
  13. P0118 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor Circuit High Voltage question...
  14. 408 and t88 tuning options
  15. PLX WB 02 Reading 13.60-13.62 in all cells
  16. HPT and blackbox logging???
  17. does the g tech tell rwhp and crank hp
  18. Deleting ABS
  19. timing retard
  20. What to do?
  21. ABS codes c1345 c1346
  22. how many are using a lc-1 and how many lc-1's are broke?
  23. Diablo predator Custom tune???
  24. What kind of software is availabele for tuning LT1s?
  25. Older FAST system on "L" engine
  26. Advantages/disadvantages of SD?
  27. thunder racing basic pcm tune?
  28. Bigger CID motor questions.
  29. Autotap question
  30. How much does it cost for tuning software?
  31. Any ideas of duty cycle with stock injectors?
  32. Only 19 degrees of timing from 4000+!!??
  33. Tuning LS1350 to LS1,LS6 383 stroker
  34. auto VE with EFI live
  35. A/F vs emissions??
  36. Ordering Innovative LM-1 by end of day, best price?
  37. PCM guides (red & blue)
  38. Snap On Programmer? Quick Question
  39. Will my car pass emission test.
  40. Any one using FJO? Please HELP?
  41. tuning
  42. No Air Conditioning at stop (i.e. red lights)
  43. Custom tune need Ideas
  44. open or closed loop
  45. PCM Bat Fuse - what does it do?
  46. Help!! Which Wideband??
  47. Anyone ever log raw voltage in HPT using EIO? Does it say 0V?
  48. car wont idle
  49. Need a .bin or .lt1 file
  50. Stupid LC-1 acting up again!
  51. O2 LS1 spark advance versus earlier LS1s
  52. in a huge bind, what model # WB 02 to get at autozone for lc1?
  53. tuning for 3.42 change??
  54. Weird Problem
  55. Mail Order tune from Thunder Racing???
  56. Any bigstuff 3 users
  57. Datamaster Analaysis
  58. location of OBD II ground source for LC1?
  59. timing tuner help
  60. Emission test and O2 simms
  61. 99 LS1 with GEN 7??
  62. Anyone have a 2 bar VE table I can copy? Hp tuners
  63. Quick Code Question..
  64. gauge cluster question
  65. Are there any portable widebands that work well in the tailpipe?
  66. difference between dyno tune and computer tune
  67. RR/EFI and auto ve
  68. tunning sts car?
  69. Cylinder volume ?
  70. Denver Area Dyno Tune???
  71. DATA test analysis steps!
  72. How to begin tuning a big cam w\ hpt
  73. Converter lock-up for a newbie
  74. Tuning and Polution Testing
  75. ground offset issues w/ LC1
  76. Key points when tuning the G5X3.. Anyone!?
  77. Gen 7+ fan circuit??
  78. Knock Retard
  79. Base Running Idle Airflow needs to be 32 to run?
  80. Help With Tune
  81. adding fuel for dry shot??
  82. road runner
  83. need help with p0131 p0151 new o2's
  84. Diablo tune for tires
  85. Oil Change light
  86. Mass Air Flow Rate-need help-autotap
  87. Anyone know where i can get the maf conversion 3-5 wire
  88. soo, anyone tune a L92 yet ( or any other GM VVT motor?)
  89. What['s the easietst way to log 10-11lbs max boost with HP tuners?
  90. Baro sensor
  91. hot/cold weather = rich/lean??
  92. Granetelli Maf-o-matic?
  93. Tuning and Headers???
  94. Ls1 edit or Efi live?
  95. from 5800 ft to 540ft
  96. who to program my 98 ECM ???Looking for input
  97. 2- 3 shift at 6200 and-
  98. Need help with VE tuning
  99. 1/2 Shift - To Hard
  100. Tuning with LT1 Edit
  101. AFR Error MAF Tuning
  102. Head gasket leaking?
  103. P0430- Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold
  104. Hey there fellas!! I need HELP!!
  105. p0135,p0151
  106. cam trigger query
  107. couple ? on O2 heated oxogen sensors
  108. HELP problems after LS6 heads
  109. Changes for knock sensors for LS2
  110. changes for slp MAF
  111. OBD I to OBD II conversion
  112. MAP, boost, 2 bar, hp tuners $$ ??
  113. Trying to Get IAT to PCM when MAf Disabled
  114. lt1 edit problems
  115. AFRs suggendly bottoming out...ideas?
  116. Tuning with new fuel pump?
  117. newbie tuner.
  118. Tuneing Problem
  119. quirky throttle response and hesitation
  120. Who can tune my ecm?
  121. LS2 GTO not getting 100% TPS?
  122. Dashboard in EFI Live
  123. good place to start
  124. Can someone shed some light on this DTC!?
  125. p0106? what code is this?
  126. OBD II to OBD I conversion.
  127. Anybody Have A Tune I Can Download???
  128. OBDII Connector. Which wire is ground?
  129. AFR heads and cam package guys...
  130. EFILive announces V7.3.2 (build 456/412) software is now available
  131. 3.73+4000Stall
  132. what is the difference between a standard tune and a open loop tune?
  133. Security Light
  134. Definition of WOT
  135. Need help with brother's T/A, many codes...
  136. my SS wony idle...
  137. traction control in hp tuners
  138. ls1 edit noob
  139. rev limiter on a/4 02 z
  140. Timing EXPERTS inside.....
  141. hpp3 q's
  142. Replacement LM1 sensor?
  143. W/B as N/B guage wiring
  144. SES stall help with HP tuners
  145. using hp tuner to switch vin/transmission
  146. Special Discounts on EFILive Software Only!
  147. pcm timing for spray
  148. 2bar sd ol getting weird kr... help...(hptuners)
  149. Dyno tuning by RWTD?
  150. Bank 1 Bank2????
  151. Jet Power Module, positive experience!
  152. Tuning scaring me away from moding!
  153. Racetronix - Change the Tune?
  154. 16" to 17"?
  155. Diablo owners how to tune with diablo???
  156. p0449 what could be wrong?
  157. '98 Camaro, runs in open loop, not closed loop
  158. what usb flashscan drivers?
  159. Why is accel enrichment not visible for my car?
  160. Histogram.......
  161. what initial tuning will i have to do to get the TREX to run and idle?
  162. Question about a car being rich or lean?
  163. got my ported TB in and now a code??
  164. MSD coils and AFR??????
  165. 4rth to 2nd downshift (Automatic)
  166. Need help finding a dyno tuning shop in va
  167. Different Diameter Tires and ABSINOP
  168. a/c and idle help needed
  169. raf tuning
  170. Help! Autometer Hook Up!
  171. bettter throttle response
  172. Hanging Idle Issue
  173. Differences in LT1 F-Body and Y-Body MAF Calibrations?
  174. quick help, ol sd... rich idle...
  175. Tuning for 1/4 mile consistency
  176. Why rich a/f
  177. Swapping 120 mph Gauge Cluster for 155mph
  178. Still can't get car to idle right. rpms dropping to 500
  179. OBD II Readiness
  180. i need to remove my jet stage 1 chip
  181. SD vs. MAF
  182. Quick Question
  183. part throttle tune for friends car, need advice
  184. HPTuners Tuning Links
  185. Mafless?
  186. Wideband tuning
  187. EFZI live or HPTunner
  188. PCM tune
  189. Is there any tuning tool that has a wideband O2 w/ fuel inj. to correct AF ratio?
  190. How bad will she run untuned?
  191. pcm tuning
  192. MAP sensor code?
  193. Can someone tell me why truck won't shift at WOT?
  194. I got a hunting problem maybe others have it too?
  195. Hesitation trouble again?
  196. O2's "not ready" on emmissions test.
  197. EFILive will not recognize cable?
  198. What is the stock tune timing set at?
  199. Startup Frictional Airflow? Decay? Delay?
  200. 2 bar volts psi range (for logging boost)
  201. Partial Throttle Problems
  202. Personal Tunning vs. Dynotune
  203. PO327 wont go away :(
  204. 98 part throttle retard?
  205. Timing Jumping Around...
  206. Hanging idle only after WOT?
  207. Problem with tune or my head??
  208. What affects RAF numbers seen by car?
  209. Tunign for supercharger?
  210. Delay before DFCO occurs
  211. Need gauge wiring help!
  212. 408 Tuning
  213. Wide Open Throttle
  214. Hard starting
  215. how to tell if your PCM is bad or the programs has been changed
  216. LC-1 Box
  217. a conandrum if you will....
  218. Fast 90 w/ tpis 90 tb problems
  219. Those using LC-1 what is your response speed?
  220. Does LS1 JET Power Control Module do anything?? or big waste??
  221. lc1 help. can use lm programmer, but wont connect w/ log works2
  222. Svc. tag # for '04 and/or '05 LS1 GTO PCM?
  223. P0134?
  224. Getting ready to do an 06 GTO, quick question
  225. downloading binary files for LS7??
  226. Hp tuners question
  227. SLP Diablo custom tune Results?
  228. How to run LS7 with 12200411 LS1 PCM?
  229. po102
  230. Timing advance????
  231. newbie tuner need some easy help
  232. super rich...loads up, anyone have ideas?
  233. Best low timing ???
  234. is it possible to be TOO lean?
  235. Ls1 Edit and shift speed help.
  236. Year of PC change on F-Bodies
  237. P0155 after cam install
  238. conservative tune?
  239. O2 mV
  240. Safe tuning
  241. where is EFI Live based
  242. Help me out with this issue please guys??
  243. Help with burst knock retard and delta air mass
  244. HP Tuners: VCM Suite 2.1.10 Now Available!
  245. Activation Codes
  246. Vinci Tuner
  247. ls6 intake added, both maf lb/min and map go down!!
  248. efi live...where
  249. looking for good tune
  250. Anyone Willing to make a Trade - PCM tune for leather interior (Ebony)