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  1. LS2 beta testing...KC area
  2. Getting tuned?
  3. Car wont idle
  4. EFILive suggestions for first scan?
  5. ed wright tune...
  6. GM specific P1639 code?
  7. Tach problem
  8. I know NBO2's are unreliable, BUT WTF
  9. A4 Downshift problems
  10. Vinci Handheld Question
  11. EFILive Scan Tool Only NOW $249
  12. Help with tuning....
  13. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What kind of tune????
  14. what the f*** am i getting myself into???
  15. bigger fuel injectors and rails
  16. anyone know what table to adjust the staring throttle % on a LS2 with HPtunners
  17. tuning boost w/ 1 bar ??
  18. Speedo extension P/N
  19. IAT Tricker
  20. major idle problem
  21. Check my connection real quick, LC-1 to HPT for NB/WB setup
  22. Some help for Camshaft Tuning
  23. can someone review my log?
  24. COnverting LS1 wiring to LS2 PLEASE HELP
  25. AFRs unstable during boost???
  26. interesting KR question??
  27. What's more accurate: Autotap or Autometer guages?
  28. hypertech pp3 or pp plus?
  29. timing and grams per cylinder
  30. i need a edit
  31. Cams & Sparks
  32. Max torque range?
  33. Pe fueling problems at the track
  34. I'm driving a 01 SS question is do I require a tune after installing headers ?
  35. Is there a minimum pulse width for injectors in general?
  36. Switching to 99+ pcm questions.
  37. exact DTCs for readiness tests
  38. O2 input - which one???
  39. Car Ticking Question??
  40. Po300
  41. Crank position sensor Missing higher RPM's
  42. k&n filter making my car run lean
  43. lc-1 not switching like narrowband(stupid code)
  44. Should my A/F fall off under accel?
  45. sluggish open loop
  46. egr and air pump. can they cost you
  47. stock o2z with lid, 60 grams per cylinder
  48. FAST90 install and retune help, log pics inside.
  49. !urgent Please Help!
  50. First time EFILive for readiness test
  51. Rev limiter and Nitrous
  52. Secondary(SD) to Primary(using MAF)
  53. O2 sensor/missfire question
  54. Throttle Position Output Wire?
  55. gas mileage question
  56. Knock, Knock, Knockin on my door
  57. more air pump problems
  58. No Tach Code PO00336 crank shaft performance variation
  59. Found the problem w/ my 98 TA but have question
  60. crank re-learn
  61. best spark timing for soparchargchs ????
  62. what general AFR are you huge cam guys running at? daily driving ranges
  63. Stock AF Ratios
  64. COT Enable?
  65. Tps
  66. VE tabel question
  67. Electrical Help!!!!!!
  68. LS1 Edit, PCM Binary that has a similar setup as mine.
  69. Mail tune good enough for break in period?
  70. quck help please
  71. AFR readings on gauge different from EFILive logs....
  72. bad tps?
  73. 2004 gto predator tune help!!!
  74. service vehicle light when maf disabled?
  75. Hypertech and E10 (update)
  76. STILL Electrical problems.
  77. 2002 WS6 wiring diagram
  78. Predator DAT Viewer
  79. AC causing fan on early
  80. New to Tunning need help
  81. hand held for 98?????
  82. Installing different clusters...
  83. pulled some codes... need help
  84. Diablo handheld question
  85. Scanmaster detecting knock
  86. 6.0 in F Body
  87. Security light related to longtubes?
  88. need expert advice
  89. HyperTech Turners
  90. hc-1133 Fault code any advice
  91. New tune for my LT1?
  92. Locking torque convertor up at WOT in 3 gear
  93. LTFT's Hung Up
  94. where is it best to increase timing?
  95. Catalyst code.
  96. Transient fueling (hey jimmy)
  97. Do i need a tune?
  98. MAF tuning for dry nitrous ? here
  99. Diablosport
  100. Gas mixture and spark advance
  101. LS2 Motor Swap into Rice Burner
  102. HP Tuners 98 2 Bar Knock vs RPM PE
  103. question about knock retard and timing
  104. can someone look at my log.
  105. AFRs bouncing at WOT...why??
  106. Hanging/fluctuating idle, tried everything! Please help
  107. engine codes
  108. engine codes 26,27 and 77
  109. Tuning help for my 98 TA F14 cam & bolt-ons only
  110. to tune or not?
  111. Emission test results >
  112. deleting rear o2 sensors
  113. Pulling timing down to 10
  114. Any tuners near Memphis?
  115. Did I contaminate my o2 sensors?
  116. need help. misfiring
  117. What ohm resistor is on the SLP MAF?
  118. What should I scan/log when doing dyno to check "State of the Tune"?
  119. HPT Backlog:
  120. Help! All my servuce lights are on!
  121. newbie
  122. E10- White specs in exhaust
  123. STS installation and tune
  124. Pe Afr
  125. insufficient switching 02sensor
  126. Is there a programmer I can buy to tune myself?
  127. Pos LTFT's w/ MAF..??
  128. dtc p0700 and p1100 what the
  129. To tune or not to tune !?!?!
  130. New FAST dual wideband
  131. slp predator+ erg block off
  132. 02 b1 stays at 447mv with LC1 hooked up
  133. car stalls after start
  134. injector flow rate backwords?
  135. Any potential problems running full time OL?
  136. Calling hptuner
  137. P0405 Code
  138. best mail order tune ?
  139. Looking for timing tables
  140. Need LS1 tuning help
  141. How do you manage all of your Scanlogs and Bin's?
  142. LS1 VCM on another V8?
  143. what software can tune LS1,LS6,LS2&LS7
  144. please help me use HPtuners.
  145. Installed Fast 90/Ls2 TB today and....
  146. Tuning
  147. Multi cylinder missfire! Please help?
  148. Efilive Help
  149. What do you use
  150. Maf Help Please
  151. Installing a Predator tune over a non-stock tune
  152. upgrading pcm and wiring harness
  153. Diesel Truck Chips
  154. Low Compression guys, timing ?????
  155. EXTRA! EXTRA! New Z06 MAF-less!!!!
  156. Noise going from part to WOT!
  157. which tuning program
  158. Speed Sensor
  159. what does your raf look like?
  160. Map flat lines 10kpa somtimes, weird prob.
  161. converting to a megasquirt
  162. PCM Gurus
  163. Uninstalling tuning software to resell?
  164. tps pinout
  165. catalyst failure bank 1
  166. M6 to A4 tune
  167. what is involved with CASE Learn
  168. Today I tested the difference between SD and MAF mode both in open loop (Dyno inside)
  169. 02 switch point
  170. 00 ta installed d1sc kit, wont run with maf connected
  171. a question about airflow...
  172. starts hard, low idle, couple codes..??
  173. write up on physically removing MAF
  174. Readiness Flags?
  175. confused about programmer
  176. bigstuff fuel pump wiring help please ..
  177. Hand help tuner that will work with more than one car?
  178. E10 In NJ?
  179. What power loss can come from 1-2 deg of timming?
  180. -1 sec on 0-60 Diablo Predator
  181. efilive help
  182. Fan on imediiately from cold
  183. Who Tunes With Tuner Cat???? In Here Please
  184. Help with code ASAP please
  185. Does timing have anything to do with Air fuel ratio?
  186. Wtf B2 Ltft -50
  187. VIG3600 not shifting
  188. 99 C5 PCM in a 98 ????
  189. slp MAF cal
  190. question about bucking...
  191. Speed Density or MAF??
  192. Anyone have the voltage formula for 3 bar GM map?
  193. msd 6ls
  194. High Idle
  195. New tuning software:
  196. Tuning for idle quality, ???'s
  197. is g-tech accurate
  198. tuning a twin turbo LS2 with maf
  199. cylinder balance test, what does mean,,
  200. Gear ratio on diablo sport.
  201. How many volts is the tach signal on 98 TA?
  202. What advantages from speed density tune?
  203. Torque management removal?
  204. help with figuring out code please
  205. broken pin on PCM!?!?!
  206. P0118 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor Circuit High Voltage question...
  207. 408 and t88 tuning options
  208. PLX WB 02 Reading 13.60-13.62 in all cells
  209. HPT and blackbox logging???
  210. does the g tech tell rwhp and crank hp
  211. Deleting ABS
  212. timing retard
  213. What to do?
  214. ABS codes c1345 c1346
  215. how many are using a lc-1 and how many lc-1's are broke?
  216. Diablo predator Custom tune???
  217. What kind of software is availabele for tuning LT1s?
  218. Older FAST system on "L" engine
  219. Advantages/disadvantages of SD?
  220. thunder racing basic pcm tune?
  221. Bigger CID motor questions.
  222. Autotap question
  223. How much does it cost for tuning software?
  224. Any ideas of duty cycle with stock injectors?
  225. Only 19 degrees of timing from 4000+!!??
  226. Tuning LS1350 to LS1,LS6 383 stroker
  227. auto VE with EFI live
  228. A/F vs emissions??
  229. Ordering Innovative LM-1 by end of day, best price?
  230. PCM guides (red & blue)
  231. Snap On Programmer? Quick Question
  232. Will my car pass emission test.
  233. Any one using FJO? Please HELP?
  234. tuning
  235. No Air Conditioning at stop (i.e. red lights)
  236. Custom tune need Ideas
  237. open or closed loop
  238. PCM Bat Fuse - what does it do?
  239. Help!! Which Wideband??
  240. Anyone ever log raw voltage in HPT using EIO? Does it say 0V?
  241. car wont idle
  242. Need a .bin or .lt1 file
  243. Stupid LC-1 acting up again!
  244. O2 LS1 spark advance versus earlier LS1s
  245. in a huge bind, what model # WB 02 to get at autozone for lc1?
  246. tuning for 3.42 change??
  247. Weird Problem
  248. Mail Order tune from Thunder Racing???
  249. Any bigstuff 3 users
  250. Datamaster Analaysis