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  1. So what do you guys think about this?
  2. Which stroker kit for a single turbo?
  3. Setting up Compression ratio !!
  4. new supercharger from JET?
  5. What do you guys think of this combo before i begin assembly???
  6. Supercharged Six Speed....
  7. Methanol+93 vs 100?
  8. APS TT F-body setup Dyno's
  9. Turbo GXP @ the Dyno.....
  10. Post your A2W pics
  11. Custom Digital Boost Gauge
  12. It's time for that question: What #'s should I expect?
  13. Stock engine and Procharger
  14. 3 bar map not showing boost
  15. Not LSx, but pimp to say the least.
  16. Where the F*#$ can someone buy seperate STS parts?
  17. Single Turbo C6 Vette
  18. Something fishy w/ this deal?
  19. Your thoughts about Magnuson Super Chargers?
  20. The Monster Rear-mount is comming!!! LMR's build! (PICS)
  21. 8.84@154 shake down.
  22. big a2w intercoolers what brand?
  23. MLS Head Gaskets
  24. intake manifold selection
  25. Supercharged guys w/ 6spd
  26. Building up top end for FI motor from shortblock....
  27. BW - FI/Bullseye/AirWerks/wtf?
  28. Big thanks
  29. Should I install new rings for turbo setup?
  30. methenal injection
  31. 2 step
  32. Help me pick my turbo
  33. Ummm.. WTF is this
  34. Blown Nova
  35. Do turbo blankets work?
  36. Choosing the right intercooler
  37. strange timing question
  38. when 1 power adder isnt enough...
  39. More Vortech Q's with illustrations.
  40. PTS.. gregs last name or any employee
  41. Pre Magna Charger install mileage
  42. My FI cam choice!
  43. 393 kit goin turbo to much compression
  44. best price on a pt88,,
  45. Whoops, bought too much exhaust wrap
  46. Vacuum hose sizing for Wg/BOV/Ect
  47. help tune my 5.3 turbo mpt70 .96a/r
  48. Help with turbo sizing
  49. Weird Sound
  50. So how long does a boosted motor last
  51. A "new" turbo option for those of you want a GT47-88 but have physical size limits...
  52. Supercharger Diff. Gears?
  53. Cam?
  54. Help! Need Supercharger Install How-To!!
  55. camshaft for a p-1sc procharger????
  56. 408 + S91 Hits the Dyno
  57. Vortech/ATI dampner question.
  58. engine mods to handle forced induction?
  59. LS1 Acc. Setups w/ Prochargers
  60. Anxious for the weekend...
  61. Upgrade from a S-trim to a procharger
  62. Meth question...
  63. C6 Z06 APS Twin Turbo kit
  64. How Hard is it to install the STS kit?
  65. Cam for turbo 408
  66. sts electrical questions
  67. Radiused Turbo inlets
  68. New turbo goodies - PICS from PRI!
  69. GT-47 240 hit the dyno
  70. Need turbo inlet assembly for old qmp kit?
  71. turbo on stock bottom end
  72. regulator from 97 vette rails - vacum/boost regulated?
  73. OFI Christmas sale!!!
  74. 383 supercharged + nitrous??
  75. Procharger P-1sc question
  76. Why dont you want AIR/EGR ports on your 6.0 manifolds?
  77. rods/pistons
  78. engine build input..
  79. Where do you guys get your liquid turbo cooling from the stock radiator?
  80. How to keep oil from coming out breathers
  81. APS F body air filters
  82. LSX upgrade
  83. Sway Bar with APS kit????
  84. what stall to go with(I know this is FI section)
  85. sts setup?
  86. How much can i boost? (sts)
  87. Need help deciding what block to start with
  88. Procharger questions.
  89. help me to pull zo6 c6
  90. New engine on the way, cant wait.
  91. Some pics of the inside of the old 346 and new 365
  92. Turbo Camaro Vid
  93. Running E-85.... What CR with boost?
  94. FLP Twin Turbo Dodge Magnum SRT-8 spy photos!!!
  95. truck mani flanges/stainless works
  96. Converting Internal to External WG
  97. Why use truck manifolds?
  98. Procharger w/ cam vids POST THEM!!!
  99. 454 Whipple supercharger on 496 Vortec???
  100. 3" cold pipes from a smaller outlet?
  101. TURBINE as a way of making more power.
  102. 2.25 V-band clamp?
  103. Exhaust Wrap
  104. Sts?
  105. Finaly!
  106. what do i need help !!!! single turbo kit
  107. Sleeper Guages?
  108. aftermarket front fascia for TA's
  109. F1 on stock ls1
  110. One of our latest projects completed. 921rwhp @18psi
  111. ? About Rods
  112. PCV Setup for my LS4 Turbo
  113. MBC placement....remote turbo?
  114. remote turbo..WB O2 location??
  115. for all those that dont think rear mounts work! :)
  116. Vortech or STS?
  117. My FI recipie... am I asking for trouble?
  118. Turbo supports
  119. Turbo pipes in atmosphere or back into exhaust?
  120. 5inch down pipes
  121. 853 Heads Ms3 Cam And Boost?
  122. HAHAhaha
  123. Turbo for stock ls1?
  124. My Camaro 69 build
  125. slp long tubes
  126. pushing coolant into overflow?
  127. 110 LSA for a procharged setup???
  128. LS3 ATI ProChargers!
  129. Project build. Need help
  130. Turbo seems big enough, just making sure!
  131. How much is a P-1SC (specs inside) worth?
  132. Bought a used Procharger and missing parts need help
  133. 10 12 or cog set up for f-body
  134. Need some help finishing this up
  135. Vortech Supercharger Rebate
  136. Got a couple questions with my STS turbo, Gt67 max boost, meth injection?
  137. Do you lose boost with headers?
  138. Procharger Crank Pulley
  139. Is the stock oil pump going to be good for twin turbos?
  140. Turbo Pop
  141. Procharger??
  142. Wrapping up my engine/turbo setup... Have a couple ?'s
  143. Checkout this boosted monster!
  144. edelbrock carb intake users?
  145. Got My F1R Today
  146. best turbo to replace 76GTS?
  147. 408 Needs Turbo
  148. AFR heads,spring life and high lift cam.
  149. Oil Leakage, Blow-By! Going Back to NA!
  150. A new twist - Baby Turbo
  151. Progress pics/ truck manifold setup
  152. F/I cam question............
  153. 408 sts with no cats way to loud..What muffler do you sts guys run?
  154. Boost Gauge
  155. Is this turbo system any good??????
  156. 50/75hp NOS on a turbo LSx... what will happen?
  157. Any room for pillar gauges with a Wolfe 10 point cage?
  158. size and hp use to turn a F-1A compared to D-1SC
  159. Stock 317/6.0L Head questions...
  160. AFR 225 large bore on a small bore block with boost?
  161. belt driven supercharger
  162. i have a fan???
  163. LT1 Turbo Cam
  164. What do i do?
  165. Truck manifold question
  166. 6.0L for $1500?
  167. Carbed LS1 w/ProCharger in 67 Chevelle
  168. Wormboy @ HMP runs FAST...
  169. How much am I leaving on the table running the OEM STS hotside?
  170. Exhaust limits with Forced induction?
  171. Some advice from the procharger guys please
  172. What did i break???
  173. TR's Blower cam?
  174. turbonetics rebuilds..who does them??
  175. Location for WG
  176. O2 Sensor locations?
  177. Good price or not?
  178. Who here has an APS Kit?
  179. How did everyone relocate the alt?
  180. new pics of my destroyed bottom end
  181. What heads to buy, AFR 225's or ET 225's?
  182. what kit to go with for the money?
  183. Pre-Vortech install questions.
  184. Help picking turbo/turbos
  185. how much boost
  186. high compression on turbo
  187. 408 and STS needs some PVC help..
  188. Found a complete Vortech install by picture.
  189. Any feedback on this TT kit???
  190. ******** Intercooler
  191. Is Vortech's C6 T-trim kit A2A or A2W???
  192. Boosted Guys: Noise Levels?
  193. Results from my F1 Procharged Z06
  194. Tapping oil pan for oil lines
  195. ls6 cam gains over stock on Procharged cars
  196. Chevelle LS1 Turbo Project
  197. Is this a precision turbo?
  198. BMR Turbo style high-clearance K-member will not work with APS twin F body kit
  199. Roots Blower?
  200. Question about a torque converter...
  201. Any Warhawk block users in here?
  202. So what brand ypipe fits the aps f body system?
  203. wastegate question
  204. LS3 + Twin Turbos?
  205. Running NA with Supercharger (no belt)???
  206. I could use some help in choosing a turbo for an awd 07 tbss
  207. Is a single gt4294 too much?
  208. MTI or ACCUFAB Throttle bodys!
  209. Intercooler?
  210. Ati Balancer Q"s
  211. The Zombie rear mount turbo saga
  212. What else do I need?
  213. Need Help - Looking to purchase a water to air intercooler!
  214. What spring is in the APS kit
  215. H/c Fmic Install With Pics
  216. Mock-up LS1 turbo build on LT1?
  217. gotta ask.............
  218. ebay turbo kit
  219. Vortech guys which injectors and fuel pump?
  220. FMIC Question for Bob @ EPP
  221. Starting to buy turbo parts for my Truck Manifold build
  222. TT GTO Project
  223. Anyone know where to find a vortech mounting bracket.
  224. ls4 turbocharging question.
  225. Stock crank and 1200 hp?
  226. Is anyone using this MSD dual gauge?
  227. GM's newest factory F/I effort
  228. Joined the FI side tonight
  229. D1SC Procharger from ExoticPerformance
  230. Thickest head gasket for boosted car?
  231. i need an 8-rib tensioner pulley(with sides)
  232. ? about turbo design
  233. Is this cam fine for my Incon TT SET UP?
  234. My TT project
  235. High Compression stock 346" with D1 ?
  236. Please HELP
  237. best head for FI
  238. Any on-line write-ups for keying crank w/ ATI key kit
  239. Turbo questions!!!!!!
  240. Next Step: Pistons!
  241. question about cutting a lt1 ta front bumper
  242. stock LS1 potential boosted power??
  243. Anyone running twin 75mms?
  244. STS resistor smoking..
  245. ok starting mach up.. turbine housing question..
  246. world ls1x heads good for FI?
  247. Wilson elbow/ NW TB mounting???
  248. My first FI
  249. twin turbo y2k nitecs 496 ci
  250. Couple pics of custom rear mount install....