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  1. help me spool faster
  2. shopping for turbo flanges got a question...
  3. Turbo size in mm?
  4. Eaton/Magnuson TVS 1900 & 2300?
  5. K member swap
  6. is it worth getting a larger throttle body?
  7. What happened to JMs thread on the APS intakes?
  8. Choice of spark plugs?
  9. Kenne Belle Pics
  10. S/C and H/C Combo Input
  11. Shop recommendation
  12. STS Information and Build Progress
  13. Ohio Forced inductions
  14. #7 Lean, Solution to re-route rear vacuum source
  15. LQ9 iron heads? Big boost and no head lifting?
  16. pre-turbo oil filter, any rear mounts run them?
  17. once oil passes turbo seal, need to be replaced?
  18. problems problems problems + dyno
  19. A few manifold/header choices for STS....
  20. STS questions
  21. headers to replace forward stock manifolds pic
  22. pics of my new head unit
  23. Twin Prochargers
  24. best blower motor....????
  25. best high impendance injectors for 800 to a little over 1000 hp
  26. turbo app oxygen and mass air flow placement
  27. Can any of you speed shops out there put a twin screw on a GTO?
  28. What is a Polished D1SC comp worth?
  29. Engine Setup Choice????
  30. Selling My P1SC-1 w/8LB set up
  31. sound clips of Vortech V1 -strim
  32. Twin 4.5 IC Setup Gauging Interest
  33. what fuel pump to use?
  34. Head gaskets again!!!!!!!
  35. Vortech V2 allways SQ ? (super quiet)
  36. Tial GT30 Exhaust Housings ??
  37. Boost Gauge vs manifold psi in hp tuners
  38. Super Damper Question!
  39. AFR 225 gasket preference and are l19 worth it?
  40. Complete ATI ProCharger D-1SC Kits from EPP
  41. Newbie Looking into Supercharging
  42. Quesiton for the APS guys.
  43. Questions on STS kit.
  44. To vac or not to vac!This is the question
  45. Largest engine for maggie 112?
  46. please , help needed for my friend
  47. make sure your bottom end is ready for boost....
  48. ls1 with powerdyne
  49. LS7 & Supercharger
  50. Feb 24.....guesses?
  51. Dumb blower ques.
  52. Hose couplers
  53. best times and power on stock block
  54. A few minutes of mockup can give some good inspiration....
  55. nitrous or charger
  56. turbo guys, what boost controller???
  57. equal pipe length? does it matter?
  58. Anyone else think their car felt / spooled faster after going speed density?
  59. New to forced induction. Question
  60. KY Turbo Price Updates & News.
  61. HOW to connect to vac pump???
  62. Would you guys keep this cam?
  63. Engine setup for big power??
  64. Silicone couplers?
  65. Anybody relocate/remove traction control for blower?
  66. OFI Kit on Tom's car in GMHTP
  67. opinions on build...
  68. maggie?
  69. 14.5:1 Compression single 106MM
  70. Ofi Kit For My New Car :) .
  71. Who should I contact to finish my LT1 PTK kit?
  72. Insight needed........
  73. Coolant Bypass
  74. Leak
  75. Turbo Piping
  76. help me choose??
  77. questions on stock motor and turbo
  78. 2 step ?'s for a m6 car
  79. oil supply for rear mount turbo's
  80. Anyone ever heard of this turbo? m14 garrett offbrand?
  81. Anyone move radiator for blower motor?
  82. blowby etc
  83. Does anybody have pics of their crank pinned.
  84. Any Pics Of Turbos Mount Right Up Front?
  85. zo6 cam with a s/c
  86. car acting weird, help
  87. LS1, LS2, or LS6???
  88. What are downfalls with FI?
  89. Well the finished pics are in let me know what you think.
  90. Going APS TT---Have Some Questions
  91. Got the car running on 96lb/hr injectors and Megasquirt 2
  92. Anyone have to play with the Dwell time in 1200+ RW range?
  93. Video of new forged 347 LS6 Erik Koenig blower motor idling and manys install pics!
  94. Mounting my Procharger and EPP FMIC. Got a problem.
  95. thought id post up the start of my turbo project
  96. wilson elbow and EB vic jr intake
  97. which gauges are necessary when procharging
  98. Need some opinions based on my goals/mods
  99. Pics of Camaro Intercooler locations and front grill inserts
  100. procharged z28
  101. AMS-1000 software updates coming soon
  102. ams-500 boost controllers shipping
  103. Anyone run a positive displacement blower on an F body? (Kenne bell/magnacharger etc)
  104. Spool difference between pt101 and 106
  105. what would be louder a F1A or D-1SC at the same boost any way to make quieter
  106. any successful "bigger" turbo installs that keep all acc.?
  107. S70 Power?
  108. Help me identify this
  109. P1SC-1 vs D1SC vs F1A-Pics Inside!
  110. 408 11:5:1 compression, twin master power 70s
  111. pt88 t4 and 366
  112. Turboed 408 Questions ??
  113. MP122 kit anytime soon?
  114. what is all needed for single turbo setup?
  115. Boost & Vac or just Boost?
  116. Suggestions on break in of new forged engine with APS
  117. D1SC 3.8psi dynoed 462rwhp SAE (Help needed)
  118. 6.0 Whipple performance - I've searched, searched, and searched some more
  119. Wrapped the midpipes ...
  120. starr twinscrew
  121. Smashed Down 1060rwhp on pump gas !
  122. help identify this turbo
  123. Stenod performance
  124. pcv system
  125. ITS ALIVE-My new Erik Koenig forged LS6 Blower Motor with ECS D1SC Procharger
  126. Procharger Fuel Pump
  127. Procharger guys, when did you need to upgrade to SDCE?
  128. sts turbo ground clearance
  129. any guesses on what hp/tq ill make?
  130. Turbo on APS kit came apart today
  131. STS guys how's your PCV steup?
  132. Who wants to see a LS6 versus VicJr comparison?
  133. Low compression 408rwhp?
  134. Truck manifold turbo setup without moving the radiator?
  135. STS turbo question
  136. pic request....please
  137. Turbo Oil drain line size
  138. 408 + twin 76mm or F2
  139. How does the Boost controller work?
  140. timing chain / oil pump /pan question
  141. 90 degree bend in wastegate inlet tube
  142. Borg Warner/FI FI-58 to FI-70 series unit
  143. Max Pump Gas Boost Question- aka- Why is the LS1 boost inferior?
  144. OIling on rear mount
  145. Where is the best place to buy a forged 347?
  146. D1sc?
  147. C5 Procharger Setup On FBody, Need Answers!
  148. TTY bolts vs studs
  149. Does a supercharger make your exhaust louder?
  150. basic supercharger setup
  151. Thoughts on running twin PT70-p trim turbos on a 408
  152. Sheet metal intake elbows
  153. What Turbo Kit Should I Get?
  154. How to decide between the P1 or D1 Procharger???
  155. remote mount
  156. experienced turbo guru's help needed
  157. 408 which block for FI
  158. Vic Jr question for EPP
  159. Stock LT1 crank hp level?
  160. Question about turbine wheels for twins?
  161. upper radiator support???
  162. Paxton SN93 pulley removal
  163. wher can i get custom supercharger brackets made in houston
  164. Procharger D1 users, how much boost are you seeing?
  165. be warned dum idea ahead spinning supercharger faster then use blow off valve to
  166. my FMIC pics
  167. 317/LQ9 Stock Intake Valve Margin Question
  168. Is this kit worth it?
  169. rear mount
  170. CARB legal turbo?
  171. Question about truck manifolds.
  172. LT1 valve springs for blower motor
  173. What is a solid mid 140 trapping car setup?
  174. ATI ProCharger price hike coming in February!!!
  175. STS Buzzer Warning and Aftermarket Return Pump
  176. 1529rwhp
  177. D1 pulley size
  178. rear mount
  179. any disadvantage with a exhaust vacuum crank case vent?
  180. RPM 408 T88 Prelim. Dyno Results!
  181. Boost gauge
  182. Anyone Tried these gauges?
  183. what comp. ratio is to high for FI?
  184. A 396 Procharger Which Cam
  185. APS guys: Higher output kits?
  186. turbo technologies?
  187. Electronic Boost Controller.. New method for setup?
  188. Finally! I can belong!
  189. I was Bored and decided to do a little work on my Black car LOL!
  190. LS6 valley cover mod, for better oil control with FI
  191. RPM fluctuation at WOT
  192. difference between these two ATI Balancers
  193. How much should I ask?
  194. Profec B vs HKS EVC VI
  195. Little closer with the APS TT and 402
  196. FI power vs N/A & Nitrous power (same?)
  197. lt1 turbo kits with a/c & p/s ru out there?
  198. how much did your sts turbo cost for your '98-'02 camaro?
  199. Just got my turbo. Pics Inside
  200. LS6 valley cover mod, for better oil control with FI
  201. alternatives to the ATI intake Hat "flex hose"?
  202. turbo kit parts??
  203. RMCR T-Trim kit price
  204. need a brain
  205. Which Procharger F series model is for the LT1
  206. Precision GT4276 Question What AR?
  207. Why would engine builder have to use race gas?
  208. What size is the v-band clamp for the inlet on 44mm tial WG???
  209. Where's A Red Smooth Bellow
  210. budget???98z28
  211. E85 with turbo setups?
  212. 65 psi roots and twin turbo mustang 1200rwhp
  213. T66 F1 Trim?
  214. best manifolds to face rearwards (conventional style)
  215. Congrats Bob and crew from EPP!!!
  216. Dry sump?
  217. What is the most power you have made with a T4 T76?
  218. this kit junk??
  219. LS6 valley cover mod, for better oil control with FI
  220. question for the sts t/a guys
  221. Supercharger or Turbo What do you have/like
  222. New Intake Piping: Switched from Soft to Hard
  223. Ninetres 370ci ST80 build
  224. going prochaged D1SC
  225. Anyone Tried This: Poor Man's Vac Pump
  226. What is an Incon kit worth these days?
  227. F1R or 76mm turbo
  228. ? for the turbo guys 2 step
  229. MPS wheel compared to the F1 wheel in the TC76
  230. Max boost with Stock compr w/ built motor
  231. 05 GTO SC part # help
  232. aluminum downpipe?
  233. Piping off the Y-pipe to STS turbo (where can i buy)
  234. Back Firing At Idle HELP!!
  235. turbo inlet reducers...anyone have any pics?
  236. LS6 valley cover mod, for better oil control?
  237. Turbod 5.4
  238. What size injectors for a built 347 w/ D1SC Procharger??
  239. Is this for real?
  240. tuning ??????
  241. Larger Incon Turbo Options, I know, I know
  242. Big Problem Formulating... =[
  243. Why are imports running 50+ psi, and the faster domestics stop at around 30 psi?
  244. 76 gts spool time
  245. Diamond 382 blower pistons 10.0 compression???
  246. Our new ProCharger showed up!
  247. Twin 61mm on stock cube ls6?
  248. What high hp turbo kits are out that keep a/c?
  249. Procharger on a stock LS1
  250. ATI ProChargers - Most people receive them in two to three weeks!