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  4. For the love of god...can we make a turbo cam sticky?
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  48. OIL + SMOKE out of DOWNPIPE= not cool
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  53. F.i.???????
  54. Heads up on Hardcore....
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  73. after catchcan runs like sh@$%
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  84. what do you guys think
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  87. ??? For you OFI owners
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  92. Vortech T-trim upgrade from S-trim
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  94. 07 Suburban with a SC
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  104. Getting cold, fresh air into a maggied '06 GTO. any ideas?
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  106. Which cam to go with for a D1SC
  107. I just inherited this!!
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  109. New Custom Y-pipe
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  115. OHIO BOYS Video
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  118. royal purple =sludge
  119. Total Seal AP Steel Ring Gap
  120. Red Rocket meets Sticker Dude!!
  121. Megasonic BOV with Video
  122. Power steering fluid boiling!
  123. how many 8/9sec. turbo cars run air filters?
  124. 100% Methanol or 50/50 Mix?
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  127. LQ9 main caps srenth DO or DONT!!!
  128. And the fun begins
  129. Help building Turbo Motor
  130. Calculating Compression Ratio
  131. Gale Banks Turbos?
  132. need help installing synergy 2-step for an M6
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  134. newbie to FI... help me!
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  137. Ok Turbo Cam Masters!!
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  139. 408 Iron Block with what turbo??
  140. Maggie + H/C
  141. Stay D1 or go F1????????
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  143. video sticky
  144. Gen TT
  145. turbocharged c5
  146. STS F-Bodies in the 10's
  147. 3" or 4" intercooler???
  148. 8.6:1 347 with 14psi,any thoughts?
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  150. solid supercharger tensioner or spring loaded
  151. Hp Performance Turbo Kit V Sts
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  153. Finished My D1 Setup Sunday!
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  155. Firehawk that we built an LS2 for last year is now going to get an APS twin turbo kit
  156. 423" stroker, Afr 225 heads, F1a Procharger w/front mount.
  157. Whats the best Oil feed line kit?
  158. AFR 227's and Procharger
  159. LM Speed Maggie Kit For F Body
  160. 408 with a d1sc?
  161. Looking for high quality digital boost gauge.
  162. Cannot get Procharger Belt on....Help
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  165. Wideband gauge
  166. sts and a 75 shot
  167. Iron or Aluminum for me?
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  169. To stroke or not to stroke???
  170. Joy after Heartache!
  171. how many have a kenne bell sup up for a vette
  172. finally good pics of setup
  173. Anyoe interested in my old blower verter? TCT
  174. Why hasnt someone come up with an STS intercooler??
  175. vic jr intake worth it for a turbo setup?
  176. Questions about BOVs
  177. Aps Gto
  178. How important are cooler plugs?
  179. Congrats Ohio Boys 8.06 @ 182
  180. Can a non-intercooled Magnacharger fit a stock C5 hood?
  181. What boost are you getting with your pulleys?
  182. ATI balancer + Procharger Problem with pics!
  183. Snake Slayer is Back!
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  185. Front Mount Turbo or Procharger?
  186. -25cc dish to much w/ 71cc combustion chambers
  187. BigStuff3 Boost control
  188. overheating issues =(
  189. radix 122 model infor
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  191. 36.5" Procharger Belt
  192. Procharger pulley Question
  193. Blower or Turbo with a motor plate
  194. Some turbo projects might actually end...
  195. project last head gaskets evarr!
  196. Head flow question, anyone have examples?
  197. F-1A 427 l92 heads 219 cam 858 RWHP
  198. Procharger/Turbo?
  199. What size intercooler tubing?
  200. 408 with Procharger??
  201. Dyno tune on Monday, want to guess RWHP and RWTQ?
  202. turbo cam higher lsa and exhust right?
  203. APS F body twin turbo system $5495 twin turbo deal extended to Oct 07
  204. Question about boost.....
  205. Average Procharger boost with 4.5 pulley?
  206. Just fired up my 3.3L Whipple on my C5 Z06
  207. Procharger Help
  208. Twin turbo F-body or vette vids?
  209. whats the progress or updates on your project?
  210. ATI ProCharger Clocking Guide
  211. My OFI kit Dyno results!
  212. Anyone running a S-trim?
  213. What block to use
  214. Procharger W/ Nos? How and How Much
  215. Procharger Air filter
  216. Any reputable shops that will work on a turbo LS1 in Alabama?
  217. Is Forced Induction Feasible With My Current Setup?
  218. Theory question on boost.
  219. ls6 vs Fast 90 for F/I
  220. NemesisC5: Customized and Supercharged
  221. Maggie Dyno Sheet
  222. shims in a BOV
  223. Maggie M122HH For L92 Heads?
  224. Building your budget stock block....
  225. Supercharger Plus Turbo
  226. looking for hot side vendor
  227. how much power and boost?
  228. LT1 turbo. best heads/intake?
  229. Broke alternator with a D1
  230. Twin turbo exhaust
  231. S88 408 Turbo build. What size head valves
  232. i have guys telling me not to run c16. need some experience here
  233. ATI pulley bolt, washer, and pin question
  234. catch can setup help please
  235. Turbo line questions
  236. Need Advice....Misfire and PCV line disconnected
  237. Post pics of your DIY turbo.
  238. L92 heads for forced induction?
  239. What head Gaskets for TT 346?
  240. Plans for the Shop Car.
  241. 408+ ci with FI, need suggestions
  242. Traction Control and a Turbo?
  243. life of a stock A4 behind a procharger???
  244. fast 90 or carb'd with elbow
  245. pump gas to c16 tuning changes
  246. turbo or supercharger
  247. Cartek 2x w/ STS?
  248. Quick "bursts" before boost builds?
  249. where can i find a good procharger for lt1?
  250. APS GTO twin turbo system - $5995 inc free delivery and free set of 60 lb injectors