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  1. LS4 Turbo, Valve spring & misfire question
  2. the merge into a T4 flange (truck manifold setup)
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  5. another "what do you think"???
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  7. pro flow bypass valve
  8. Garrett Turbo and a Forged 346ci
  9. What is everyone running w/ a D1SC
  10. Future GM Engineer here.
  11. APS f-body it with th400?
  12. Anybody know if the new turbo BMR k member will work with the Fbody APS TT kit?
  13. Help me make up my mind...
  14. Got Fr1 Now Need Motor
  15. Well, did a little tuning
  16. What would YOU like to see in a Vortech big blower setup?
  17. What car to buy to super or turbo? which way?
  18. Garrett GT28R versus T3 60 trim
  19. No one can diag my turbo issue,please help!!!
  20. Shake down passes - D1SC 3.8 V6 Firebird (street driven).
  21. 370 vs. 408 stroker????
  22. LPE MAF? - What are the limits HP/Boost that you know of... ?
  23. paging Bob @EPP
  24. Bypass valve over BOV?
  25. lined up a sts first question
  26. C5 Single Front Mount 91mm Turbo Kit Done [PICS]
  27. How necessary are dual valve springs on 12 psi ls6 heads
  28. APS G8 Pontiac twin turbo system - First pics
  29. 826 RWHP from the 346 cube APS twin turbo
  30. LS1 block?
  31. APS kit with 4l60E
  32. Look what came today :) Gen TT
  33. can I get 800rwhp with my d1 and a 408?
  34. ls2, l92, ls7, lq9 head lifting???
  35. Which 3 disc Vig are people having the most luck with?
  36. Pair of TT Pontiac G8s
  37. how much boost can stock lq4 pistons take
  38. FI valve/spring question
  39. SEMA Photos (all fi)
  40. Oil in downpipe/intake
  41. Starquest Update
  42. What should I go with?
  43. P1SC + 385 ci LT4 Question
  44. Turbocharged LS1 Questions
  45. i need help ?
  46. This is what happens when you go for 9s on a stock 4l60e and stock block!
  47. ohio turbo kit
  48. Yep, another cam ?. Z06 vs. 224's
  49. speed inc tt 6 speed car goes 9.2@156.35
  50. New PB With STS..10.74@126
  51. GM 5-layer MLS thickness?
  52. Going for a twin T off road car, engine Q's
  53. D-1 car finally done (mostly)
  54. turbo selection ?
  55. where to buy 6.0 truck manifold exhaust flanges?
  56. Waste gate on a Centrifugal Supercharger with adjustible boost...
  57. need beger turbos
  58. Who do you use for U-bends/Elbows
  59. Not LS1 but cool Hellion Twin kit with Eaton
  60. BPV/BOV over the stock Procharger
  61. d1sc Procharger oil?
  62. Pt71GTSHP?
  63. TTi LSX holiday Pricing
  64. Should I expect anything going from my 4L60E to TH400?
  65. Which BOV/BPV for procharger
  66. Going to make one more try for the 8s tomorrow with the old 346, wish me luck
  67. Coolant Source
  68. Comp is 10:75 to 1 pro & cons of turbo vs nit
  69. Giving up on turbos, new and improved setup
  70. New Weiand LSX Intake Manifold
  71. Some videos from the track, one showing my spool time.
  72. EPP's blower cam with 1.75 rocker arms?
  73. Got my turbo back from Turbonetics
  74. D-1 kit to F-1 on LT4 motor???
  75. Best Oil return pump?
  76. 98 C5 with F-2 PICS......(56k good luck)
  77. What have you gained going to a larger A/R housing?
  78. 7.84@179 on 275's
  79. Crank Bolt came out
  80. magnacharged TA running to hot?
  81. What will I have to change
  82. Where does the BOV go?
  83. LT1 Forced Induction Gasket?
  84. STS Turbo Installation Guide?
  85. More News at KYTP.
  86. 408 turbo build - need advice
  87. HP Predictions
  88. Best Forced Induction Cam...?
  89. Turbo Choices.....
  90. slp Y with sts
  91. how much boost?
  92. Boost #s with D1SC 7.6/3.4 Pulleys? SDCE Help?
  93. LT1 TWIN TURBO-custom or homemade please post up!
  94. stock ls1 boosted
  95. Paging Ed at Late Model Speed....
  96. Maggie dyno video
  97. map sensor
  98. P0300 Code when car is stopped.
  99. Any F-2 Procharger kits for the LS1?
  100. LT1/ 89 GTA turbo kits?
  101. Jake brake sound
  102. Procharger SES light?
  103. Boost setup ?s
  104. alt 6 rib to 8 rib info (clutch pulley)
  105. Target Static compession on E85?
  106. Ready To Give Up My Money Lol
  107. Attn Ohio boys: O-ring question
  108. LSx misfire issue, come inside
  109. BW S388 turbo?
  110. Which Forged Engine for Boost???
  111. APS kit K member
  112. 60 lbs injectors
  113. GM Kenne Bell 6.0L supercharger
  114. Little vid of the TT Chevelle from Yesterday
  115. Trans Am Build.....
  116. FMIC for 01' TA
  117. Has anyone run LS6 heads milled to 62cc and ran up to 15 lbs of boost?
  118. wheres the best deal to get a Precision T88 turbo?
  119. Windshield Washer Fluid
  120. gm mls gasket purchase
  121. Wiring up 2step
  122. Oil on impeller side
  123. What to do with my turbo 5.3 powered stang?
  124. Most Bad Ass 76mm Turbo
  125. So how much did it cost?
  126. Muffler shop damaged my turbo, need help in fixing
  127. What Garrett turbo is this.
  128. Procharger 4.11's
  129. Turbo Setup in G-Bodies?
  130. Going boosted need help please!
  131. Tune and Boost
  132. Is anyone runnin KY turbo system or Ohio forced
  133. I took the leap!
  134. Some technical supercharger questions
  135. anyone got any info on this turbo
  136. The Turbo Project has Begun......
  137. 2008 ProCharger calendar, we have a C5 in there!
  138. HX60 on a LS1?
  139. custom turbo set-up for 71 Camaro who should I use
  140. What gears with Procharger?
  141. quarter mile magnacharger time
  142. similar ET but nice new MPH best today!
  143. last pass of the year, new best by a bunch!
  144. Can we hear turbo people's exhaust sounds
  145. gathering parts for a tubro build...critique away!
  146. is a D1sc enough blower for a 408ci?
  147. Couple more pics of my new Performance Auto Fabrication GT-47 turbo system
  148. New best, 10.67@131.71.
  149. Instant Tube Fittings
  150. Just installed Wideband need Tuner DFW for a Touch-up Tune
  151. BOV question
  152. corvette alt pulley removal
  153. Who sells excellent off the shelf F/I piston close to -3cc dish?
  154. BOV vs BPV flange question
  155. Rearmount setup new best. 10.139 @132.74
  156. Pump Gas Turbo
  157. Has anyone ran LS6 heads milled to 59 cc with up to 14 lbs of boost?
  158. will electric water pump work with pro-charger or magna charger
  159. Springs
  160. Boost control w/ Eboost 2
  161. New turbo setup?
  162. this is EGR correct? (truck manifold)
  163. Need Info For Best Cam
  164. boost engines
  165. Turbo support bar pics
  166. fastest log set up
  167. Threw the WP/PS belt
  168. new to turbos opinion on setup
  169. Reverse rotation Procharger?
  170. Pic's of Procharger Polished Air Plenum Box
  171. FMU Installation
  172. Which do you guys think is better for DD?
  173. Custom Turbo Build Pics( way)
  174. Need Tt Manifolds Help Me
  175. Need Tt Manifolds Help
  176. cold side tubing size?
  177. TC76MPS users please step inside.
  178. KYTP to prove a point.
  179. DCR for boost.
  180. gears
  181. Looking for Procharger inlet box
  182. Gears 3:73 or 4:10 for D1SC ?
  183. Intercooler question?
  184. magna chargers 725HP, 755TQ 10.5:1 with 13# boost on pump gas?
  185. Trickflow's
  186. Radiator covers
  187. Where can I find a intercooler like this?
  188. need some advice
  189. Any new info on that built APS engine and fuel system?
  190. Whats a good setup for a DD
  191. how much hp?
  192. MAYBE a stupid question BUT....
  193. allpro head question
  194. Is it ok to run the ATI race bypass valve?
  195. Sold my Supercharged SS-she'll be missed
  196. How much timing are you pump gas+alky guys seeing
  197. Eboost 2 Vac hose routes APS TT kit
  198. Must See: Turbo Kit!!!
  199. First Dyno on PTK setup 6lbs and new motor and Tranny
  200. 7.95 @ 174
  201. Cold side plumbing
  202. Questions on PT76GTS single turbo build
  203. Lets See Those Procharger Videos!!!
  204. gen twin turbo and 4l60e trans
  205. timing chain for boosted cars
  206. I don't know what turbo I have 4 sure
  207. Couplers
  208. LT1 boost ?: Delteq or Mallory
  209. Boost @ idle?
  210. Cog Belt Setup On an LS1
  211. STS Oil Pump
  212. KY Turbo & Performance Twin Build Up
  213. 6 bolt heads, o-ring heads.
  214. Heads to complement Magnacharged(Maggie) LS2...?
  215. Ohio Boys in Orlando
  216. turbo exhaust
  217. anybody use a speed inc. TU0 or TU1 Cam?
  218. Is methonal necassary?
  219. boost cam question
  220. D1SC or F1???
  221. Anybody know this guy?
  222. Feed/Drain Oil line fitting shopping list
  223. Need some suggestions/help on my meth kit install..... (PICS)
  224. Wanting some suggestions for improvement
  225. Dynoed with the F1 today... few problems...
  226. shaft play allowance?
  227. p1sc from a lt1 to my ls1
  228. STS and longtube header question
  229. A2W intercooler hoses
  230. 1000hp FMIC
  231. Throttle cable brackets for 90* elbows (post your pic)
  232. Sts
  233. what heads to get?
  234. T-70 with MS4 idle vid
  235. D1SC Power Potential????
  236. twin screw fbodies I need your help...
  237. need to make quick decision.
  238. Finally Get To Post Up My Boosted 427
  239. My new ETP 255's
  240. Opinion on heads and intake
  241. Magnacharger dyno results
  242. what lifters have you guys used with over 16# boost?
  243. head ? before I put it back on the road
  245. turbo question?
  246. Killing motor at end of 1/4 mile run to read to prevent turbo coking?
  247. 03 Cobra owner thinking bout comin back**Have some questions/need help
  248. Will this setup work (twin turbo 347)
  249. kenne bell AND MS4?
  250. Question for the turbo guys