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  2. want to rade my old camaro for a turbo kit
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  13. Forced Induction/ Intake Question
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  18. cost of an 800rwhp LSx build
  19. NEW TURBO PICS: Getting Close
  20. PCV smokin, coolant N oil
  21. Stock 6.0 317 heads or built 2.02/1.60 ported 853 stock heads FOR BOOST?????
  22. One reason turbo builds are so expensive...
  23. Vortech SC for LT1
  24. Radiator relocation
  25. Finally crossed the 130 mph barrier, too bad the 60' sucks
  26. Another DIY turbo build
  27. Possible turbo for my 408 ... questions!
  28. Loud superchargers
  29. Almost finished pics
  30. which cubic inches is good for a TT??
  31. Another Twin Turbo Update
  32. 500-550 RWHP Daily Driver. FI or H/C?
  33. How many run Rotrexs?
  34. BOV Before or after the I/C on high boost setup?
  35. fitting for boost vac reference??
  36. Procharger 4.5" IC and Coolant Reservoir Don't Play Nice
  37. Fmu
  38. Fuel vapor smell help!
  39. More parts more $$
  40. Ls2 or L92 for D1sc
  41. Cog setup on the street???
  42. True tech performance F1R bracket???
  43. Turbo Timer
  44. What does this Vette have?
  45. Vortech Mondo Dump to atmosphere or back into piping?
  46. blow off valve "S" or "H" type
  47. Head selection
  48. Pics of a custom header for a 1200 HP Honda
  49. Turbo manifold construction
  50. ICS Head gaskets
  51. Ohio Forced Induction
  52. ECS meth controller, wideband, liinelock Ashtray Panel
  53. Sts turbo and SLT LT headers
  54. Those who run a FMIC - how much difference did it make?
  55. changing to a larger A/R?
  56. rear mount oiling???
  57. FI: Thin Oil Issues?
  58. Need help tracing a turbo leak.
  59. where to get aluminum piping
  60. Head question for 402 with F1C
  61. Please help with turbo size on 408
  62. turbo kit
  63. LOUD Scavenge Pump
  64. T76GTS vs GT47
  65. pics of my setup...
  66. Incon & K-Member
  67. replacement supercharger elbow?
  68. How's this for an intercooler?
  69. STS turbo Exhaust gasket???
  70. blown car doesnt respond to a quick rev in N or gear
  71. Best oil for FM turbo car?
  72. Anyone know the details on Hinsen's twin turbo RX7 combo?
  73. FI guys and your fuel systems
  74. what more do i need?
  75. Project Stingray 6.0L Turbo Build Thread
  76. importance of flow on intake side of heads?
  77. Supercharger Questions
  78. Truck Manifolds
  79. stainless steel or coated or..
  80. having problems loading the car agains the T-brake and foot brake
  81. tangential vs. on-center
  82. Will my TnT power ring hold boost?
  83. part # for o2 sensor from aem a/f gauge
  85. Do you have pictures of a modified/tilted C5 radiator?
  86. Stock ls1 with 95000
  87. My good luck has ran out...
  88. STS Wastegate setting?
  89. Procharger issues
  90. o.f.i 723rwhp 724rwt @14psi 93 octane.
  91. 1550+* egt
  92. putting a turbo sytem together need help!
  93. It's alive!!!!CDN Perf 347 and F1R
  94. turbo sizing
  95. 5psi on stock ls1
  96. TT pipes back from the coater.
  97. what turbo system?quality, type, size??
  98. Unit213...what a joke
  99. Should it be forged?
  100. FMIC install
  101. A few pics of our latest Twin Turbo build.
  102. some kind of combination of intercooler or meth
  103. Turbo PT 1st gen pics
  104. how much torco/octanium to raise.... (i already asked in fuel section)
  105. what do you think of this?
  106. Computer to use with FI
  107. basic bolt ons for STS
  108. 716 RWHP pump gas KB Cobra.
  109. has anyone used this forged piston kit?
  110. STS twins
  111. A pillar who makes a complete one?
  112. vortech with air/water intercooler, maf, and mondo all mounted up top? is it possible
  113. FI guys-fuel bypass regulator Q's
  114. New Supercharger
  115. Can you clock a d1-sc?
  116. C5 with ATI ProCharger D-1SC - 740 rwhp on our Mustang Chassis Dyno
  117. Magnuson Roots Kit
  118. Going turbo!!...stay 408 or go 370??????
  119. Pushin water
  120. DTC p1516 and p2101 after STS install
  121. BOUGHT A PROCHARGER-what other mods do i need
  122. D1SC needed.
  123. s/c belts
  124. Turbo header help
  125. O.F.I Turbo kit pics installed
  126. Methanol injection
  127. 10.75 CR safe for 5 pounds???
  128. Ceramic coating questions any good shops?
  129. Traction ?
  130. Intercooler or turbo cam???
  131. cartech FMU
  132. procharging 422 stroker
  133. I bought a Procharger is this normal (Video)
  134. Is there a difference between a new engine setup for super vs turbocharger?
  135. polishing head surface smart???
  136. is this normal?
  137. how about this cam for a twin turbo setup
  138. Proper procharger Y-body setup
  139. Whats a used GT67 worth?
  140. turbo id and help on finding flange
  141. MS4 and procharger
  142. Possible O.F.I. Turbo setup?????
  143. thick gaskets
  144. Need Help With Turbo Kit
  145. Procharger w/N2O
  146. some simple to answer DIY questions
  147. valves for FI
  148. Eaton Roots Blower for LS1 no cutting???
  149. 408 w/ twin 67's or single 80?
  150. vortech heat?
  151. manual boost comtroller ????? with T.T.
  152. Give me some info on this turbo cam - specs inside
  153. different intake elbows?
  154. What are you running for a Blower cam?
  155. Beehives and boost?
  156. Aftermarket Overflow Tank
  157. Final Cooling question
  158. New numbers
  159. MY 04 GTO with a 76mm set up..
  160. Twin turbo intake air temp?
  161. Stuck on the fence - Procharger or TTI Single Turbo???
  162. anyone have any dyno graphs of an FI setup without a cam then with one??
  163. what is the best exhaust heat wrap?
  164. Cuda dyno #'s
  165. which turbo
  166. Vortech oil feed hose replacement?
  167. Turbo compressor spinning faster = Hotter compressed air ?
  168. Breaking in turbo engine with turbo or without?
  169. Anyone running a mild-aggressive turbo cam?
  170. How will big cam respond to boost?
  171. how bout this
  172. twins for my setup
  173. How do you adjust Tial 50mm BOV??
  174. Eboost2 Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  175. Bracing
  176. Turbo "sock"?
  177. new best at the local short track
  178. STS Oil Pump High Pitch Annoying Whine
  179. Very intersting results going from 3" exhaust to 4" exhaust on rear mount setup
  180. Dyno'd again, still some problems...(hiflo)
  181. TRT vs STS
  182. Remote Mount Turbos Daily Driven...
  183. Hard miss at ~3800RPM ?????
  184. Fuel needs in low boost application?
  185. New bests with the D1SC @ 15psi
  186. stock internals vs. boost
  187. F body Procharger users--relocate alternator?
  188. Twin Turbo 403 LS2 on the way
  189. Turbo cam recomendation from Cam Motion
  190. becool part number
  191. New Build for the 67
  192. BOV Comparison...
  193. D1 vs F1 drivebility
  194. How much money for diy turbo?
  195. general timing question
  196. Turbo pics
  197. Swaping heads for FI will this work with my setup?
  198. How good will this cam be?
  199. 2,300 HP...454ci TT...daily driver, 950 rpm idle, A/C, all accessories.
  200. adjust mondo bypass valve?
  201. Something New to Help the Twins
  202. difference between stock and STS pcv?
  203. Supercharger HELP!!!
  204. are these any good?
  205. Got my little air filter for my GT47 turbo
  206. How many are on 113lsa cams with F/I???
  207. Kenne Bell supercharger?
  208. Is my vacum low?
  209. If you ever wondered.... Hi Flo hot parts
  210. Boost Pistons
  211. need pictures of sts intercooler set up
  212. Looking for the final say on a Procharger
  213. magna charged F-body
  214. Garrett turbo question.
  215. How much more timing are you adding with Methanol?
  216. Twins + E85?
  217. Gen-TT G8 Development Complete and Shipping
  218. Traveling with Meth
  219. what do you guys think?
  220. Underhood Temps. Is there a Fix?
  221. Eye Candy
  222. Those using nitrous jets for restrictors come in!
  223. wastegate pressure connection
  224. Official STS help thread
  225. Complete new ProCharger 4.5" intercooler assembly - $850.00 shipped at EPP!
  226. LT1 procharger pics
  227. Highest HP TT Z06
  228. Any sponsors sell carb'd procharger kits?
  229. 2.65 or 2.75
  230. Ninetres's new forged 364 build thread
  231. Turbo's are here!!!!
  232. Please help can't pass emissions in colorado?
  233. Looking to lower my compression ratio?
  234. new toys :D ( pics )
  235. 9seconds or faster running drag radials?
  236. sts guys, how much oil do you use?
  237. Opinions on "turbo cam" vs Z06 cam in a 408
  238. 6.0L heads part number
  239. Innovative or AMS 1000 Boost Controller
  240. ignition & PSI & Power
  241. Open Down Pipe?
  242. Problem with missing/bogging above 6 psi
  243. routing intercooler plumbing...
  244. 67 TT camaro Build
  245. Procharger IAT's
  246. Help me decide
  247. Whats easier to install? Turbo or charger
  248. modified TTi street kit ( is it possible)
  249. Good Blower Cam
  250. FP and Octane