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  1. PIcs of my 408 F1R, Becool setup
  2. Which centri head units can handle a 454?
  3. Tial 38mm Wastegate and 50mm BOV sufficient?
  4. a little FI predicament!
  5. What exhaust housing for a 402 w/76mm?
  6. Catch can eliminator!!
  7. help, oil out sts turbo exhaust
  8. Turbo car overheating
  9. S88 on a 408 with stock pcm possible??
  10. 6.0 truck turbo Q's
  11. Upping the boost, couple questions.
  12. Twin Turbo LQ4
  13. Wrapping hot parts with header wrap *pics*
  14. 6-71 intake prices
  15. which is better...procharger or vortech
  16. thinking about turbo
  17. questions on converter that does well w/sts
  18. Twin Turbo car in FS section
  19. supercharger+turbo?
  20. ok I am going crazy....
  21. Trickflow 220/224 cam for turbo?
  22. How Many Of You FI Guys Are Running An A/C
  23. Intake manifold for FI
  24. Realistically how bad will my cam hurt me?
  25. whipple dragon
  26. PVC Catch can system.... Final conclusive answer
  27. Looked high and low for 1" NPT/Barb fittings
  28. Polished cold parts...
  29. automatic trans...blowoff valve?
  30. What Boost Pump ????
  31. is this to good to be true..
  32. Planning my FI build
  33. EBoost 2 ??
  34. Should I do this or not?
  35. What boost to run?
  36. Pics Custom Truck Manifold kit
  37. Turbo guys: BOV, wastegate, and BC
  38. The ultimate turbo street setup!!!
  39. Any of you FI guys need a good fuel set up?
  40. 1,000+rwhp & 6-speed
  41. Mustang P1SC on an ls1?
  42. Help me pick pistons/rings/rods
  43. Procharger oil resivoir under pressure
  44. ma
  45. Question. Dont get mad.
  46. Turbo selection RWD Grand prix drag car
  47. oil dip stick relocation
  48. Advise On Car Build
  49. Help!!!
  50. Made alot of progress on my GT47 within
  51. Welp...
  52. IAT sensor in air intake for meth injection
  53. Dr Turbo and JZ...BCI-18 and UHP questions.
  54. guys with sdce setup chime in please, anyone having any problems?
  55. procharged now
  56. S/C and gas mileage on an h/c car?
  57. Turbo Help
  58. pics of altenator relocation brackets?
  59. First Track Result's With New Setup!!!
  60. Turbo Kit Prices???
  61. Just test drove new build for first time!!!
  62. yes another 2 step thread....finally found 1
  63. Some vids of twin turbo v6 firebird
  64. Fired up the 'ol stock LT1
  65. Stall question...need to get this right
  66. procharging a 94 t/a
  67. Heads or Headers for an otherwise stock LS2 supercharged
  68. New Sponsor: KY Turbo & Perfomance
  69. Turbo system for $2225 ?!!?!
  70. Boost
  71. Procharger guys what exhaust do you have?
  72. not building boost on a 2-step?
  73. Is .601 lift on a 214 duration too much on a FI car?
  74. Turbo Questions (PCM and Crankshaft)
  75. STS Low Oil Press Warning
  76. Advantages to fast 90 w/ FI?
  77. looking for good internal advise
  78. painted FMIC
  79. Cutting front bumper on Camaro for FMIC....
  80. Anyone know cheapest place to get 4" & 5" mandrel u bends for downpipe?
  81. How much oil pressure do I want at the turbo's?
  82. OLSD vs CLSD
  83. where to put BOV on incon kit for good airflow
  84. Procharger ???
  85. Turbonetics GT-K 500 and 550 questions??
  86. Ok how bad really are 3.73 going to be in my twin turbo 408 or 427 m6.
  87. Advice on STS on H/C/i car please
  88. forged internals?
  89. what stall do you turbo people run?
  90. Something U wouldn't expect !!!
  91. Which Shortblock??
  92. procharger question
  93. Big Thumbs Up To Bob@EPP And Procharger!!!!!!!
  94. Best turbo to match 950rwhp with fastest spool on 408...
  95. looking for a superchager kit
  96. Which heads ?
  97. Weak factory internals
  98. aps order form
  99. started my turbo setup---
  100. Twin or single for the street?
  101. corvette twin turbo
  102. Oil feed restrictor poll
  103. 1'' to 2'' silicone?
  104. Newbe here; who has the TR Blower cam, what is your impression
  105. Turbo feed and drain flanges
  106. What are people running for 2 steps??
  107. turbo w/ transbrake??
  108. Who's cut their bumper for a FMIC...and what IC fit for you? And who's car is this?
  109. Twin GT35r's or PT67's for a 408
  110. What to do next to help 60'?
  111. 3k Turbo
  112. FI Lifters and Rockers
  113. ATTN. people with magnacharge kit from LM
  114. Power Tour '07 Pics
  115. A2W intercoolers?
  116. Custom Twin Turbo Setups
  117. what is your ECT and IAT at the end of a pass?
  118. How far would you push it?
  119. What year truck manifolds do I have?
  120. intercooler hanging low?
  121. GReddy Profec-B Spec II
  122. triple pod and guages
  123. New 1/4 mile best today barely
  124. AEM TRU Boost or E-Boost2?
  125. People with 850+hp which clutch?
  126. twin t61 turbos for sale on ebay
  127. STS, full throttle car falls on face.
  128. mondo bypass users in side!!
  129. Paging DrTurbo
  130. Oil out breather on PCV switch on STS?
  131. turbonetics warranty
  132. They got my motor out in a day...
  133. Best Pricing D1SC procharger
  134. rear mount w/ oil cooler
  135. OOOO i am excited, forced induction project finished next week!
  136. guy at vortech says 2.75 pulley eqauls 15-16 pounds of boost?
  137. Pics and dyno gragh of my fmic D1-SC set-up
  138. Procharger Head Unit to "J" Bracket Mount Bolt Ratchets
  139. ive got belt slip, should I go sdce?
  140. Got the first of my OFI parts!!
  141. What brand octane booster you using?
  142. LS2 oil feed
  143. Downpipe Length
  144. Drove my Procharged car for the first time tonight-Problems
  145. my 84 camaro project
  146. LT1, turbo or supercharge?
  147. Home built D1-SC set up part 3 (final dyno numbers)
  148. AFR225 head gasket question.....
  149. Hypothetical Turbo Scenario to Educate..
  150. Turbo's Ain't Worth Much,why?
  151. Overheating from FI
  152. Vortech supercharger question.
  153. 44mm tial wastegate
  154. Top guys opinion on high compression, high boost, low timing.
  155. Crank support systems for centrifigal superchargers?
  156. where to get an IAT gauge??
  157. What kit options are there for an S88??
  158. Should i shave heads for more compression?
  159. Any aftermarket pick up tubes available?
  160. To what hp is maf ok?
  161. Turbo choking it?
  162. Can I run a blower cam until I can afford a blower?
  163. Wish me luck fellow FI guys
  164. Tried search need Magnaflow Ipipe part# for STS kit
  165. how to quiet down an sts system
  166. 2 Step
  167. Solid or hydraulic cam
  168. vortech owners help please
  169. C6 - Procharger intercooler reversal
  170. Opinions please
  171. New set up, any ideas what kind of power to expect?
  172. vortech g trim on camaro ss?
  173. Will the first LT1 in the 8's also be the first to the 7's???
  174. Bellows with Procharger
  175. 700whp - Which clutch?
  176. Checking Belt alignment (supercharged setup)
  177. Some badge idea's for you turbo guys...
  178. O ringing block...yes or no
  179. 1/4 et question Stock every thing with ptk t76
  180. What are your thoughts on Boost regulated cut outs?
  181. How much timing in boost do y'all consider safe?
  182. Adjustable non tranny mount torque arm
  183. Dyno'd car this sound right
  184. 408 supercharged LQ4 help
  185. Tighten D-1sc Procharger belt
  186. Car is almost finishe!!!
  187. 8-Rib Procharger guys-Belt part numbers?
  188. dyno tune
  189. Smoking at idle
  190. Vortech repairs ?
  191. TT 07 Zo6...insane.
  192. AEM O2 WIDEBAND wiring
  193. What should my build be?
  194. Best stick/carb FI set-up??
  195. best stick/carb FI set-up??
  196. STS and Puddles
  197. Bypass valve hookup D1SC
  198. How do you tell if your BOV is adjusted correctly??
  199. calculation for figuring overlap??
  200. Turbo heat shield
  201. make that a mid 9 second daily driver
  202. before and after track times with cam swap
  203. What elbows are you running?
  204. New Best with the Supercharger
  205. turbo cam selection (search is down)
  206. ???'s about start-up tune
  207. what is wrong with my car?
  208. sts guys
  209. Some dyno results m6/10bolt to pg 9"
  210. Procharger Question (Nitrous Related)
  211. 1st track trip w/ Hi-Flo Turbo car
  212. Fuel pump of choice?
  213. vertical radiator people
  214. ofi kit at the track last night
  215. 9 Second guys... Wheelie Bars?
  216. A/C and Turbocharging?
  217. spark plugs
  218. truck coils
  219. couple mor pics of my diy rear mount!
  220. aem uego wideband users inside please
  221. Finally dyno'd with the D1
  222. hey
  223. FI Build sheets
  224. Please share you Turbo info with me
  225. people with multiple nozzles on their methonal setups
  226. cam effects on turbo spool?
  227. Custom Prochager Plenum
  228. Dyno error in your favor, collect 100 hp
  229. Videos of my car at the track
  230. Is This Really Worth It!!!
  231. Screeching noise.... HELP
  232. How much clearance is required between a spark plug wire and an exhaust manifold?
  233. Gilmer drive kits
  234. Anyone gone from TT to SC?
  235. the price of Cheap FI tubing connectors
  236. Oil Cap Breather
  237. 1 bar MAP?
  238. Powerdyne Supercharger ?
  239. 134mph on a 5000' DA, new best MPH
  240. boost on and off
  241. Water pump for Air to water IC
  242. ok... im a little irked.
  243. Boost controller
  244. Question i never see asked....not enough restriction
  245. whats the best way to go about this?
  246. highest CR you 9 second guys run on S/C
  247. Need a .96 A/R tang housing for a T-Netics T76 Q Trim
  248. In need of
  249. Air Fuel
  250. supercharger install