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  1. sts guys
  2. Some dyno results m6/10bolt to pg 9"
  3. Procharger Question (Nitrous Related)
  4. 1st track trip w/ Hi-Flo Turbo car
  5. Fuel pump of choice?
  6. vertical radiator people
  7. ofi kit at the track last night
  8. 9 Second guys... Wheelie Bars?
  9. A/C and Turbocharging?
  10. spark plugs
  11. truck coils
  12. couple mor pics of my diy rear mount!
  13. aem uego wideband users inside please
  14. Finally dyno'd with the D1
  15. hey
  16. FI Build sheets
  17. Please share you Turbo info with me
  18. people with multiple nozzles on their methonal setups
  19. cam effects on turbo spool?
  20. Custom Prochager Plenum
  21. Dyno error in your favor, collect 100 hp
  22. Videos of my car at the track
  23. Is This Really Worth It!!!
  24. Screeching noise.... HELP
  25. How much clearance is required between a spark plug wire and an exhaust manifold?
  26. Gilmer drive kits
  27. Anyone gone from TT to SC?
  28. the price of Cheap FI tubing connectors
  29. Oil Cap Breather
  30. 1 bar MAP?
  31. Powerdyne Supercharger ?
  32. 134mph on a 5000' DA, new best MPH
  33. boost on and off
  34. Water pump for Air to water IC
  35. ok... im a little irked.
  36. Boost controller
  37. Question i never see asked....not enough restriction
  38. whats the best way to go about this?
  39. highest CR you 9 second guys run on S/C
  40. Need a .96 A/R tang housing for a T-Netics T76 Q Trim
  41. In need of
  42. Air Fuel
  43. supercharger install
  44. Dynoed the TTi Race kit...
  45. Damn oil return... TC76 and Mocal pump... PLEASE HELP!
  46. F/S Iron Block + ARP Head studs(12pt)
  47. Gauge ?
  48. 11.4:1 compression too much for boost?
  49. Question about Milled heads?
  50. Vacuum Question
  51. Smoke upon startup
  52. Turning a turbo into a supercharger
  53. Best Hose Clamps
  54. Procharger + Nitrous = Which Plug?
  55. Starting installing STS rear mount kit
  56. Tashoo Performance
  57. Vortech Mondo Bypass 3inch aluminum adapter
  58. Exhaust manifold help NEEDED on home built turbo setup!! (pics inside)
  59. Who's making the most power from a 347?
  60. Ok got my twin disc need rear end advice
  61. Boost on 11.6:1 C/R
  62. best set up for stock bottom end sts ???
  63. Michigan 2007 Hot rod power tour kick off party at Stenod Performance June 1st 3-9pm.
  64. Video of us leaving at #1 of boost ;)
  65. 106MM GN update
  66. 1/8 times on TRUE radial tires
  67. Opinions on this motor.
  68. Front mount or meth?
  69. ATI spun off my keyed!!!
  70. LT1 t-trim question
  71. Reverse fan shroud for turbo
  72. Vette/Procharger/LS2 TB: PS Tank Mount?
  73. What I need for a rebuild Ls1 with a TT setup
  74. where is everyone spraying there methonal?
  75. D1SC just pulled my keyed balancer!
  76. Project Twin-Turbo Mustang
  77. turbo rebuild
  78. Have had car finished for awhile
  79. more ofi results--no new times
  80. maxed out mp70 on a 5.3 and stock 5.3 cam vs 2001 zo6 cam dyno numbers
  81. 2000 firebird supercharged ls2 408
  82. Hummer D1 headunit, will it work on C5?
  83. Who sells a quality, purpose built scavenge pump?
  84. Water/methanol users...
  85. Correct plugs for my set up?
  86. pics of my progress
  87. Another STS thread, this time needs suspension help.
  88. FMIC people
  89. Pro's and Con's to Speed Density Tuning on FI..
  90. Pushing coolant under boost- best remedy?
  91. Turbo on a 1995 3.4 V6
  92. No Vaccume at all!!
  93. Gen-TT on the NASCAR oval
  94. My new setup in the works. Have a couple of ?'s
  95. future FI. quick question
  96. I will miss you all!!! please read
  97. looking for a meth kit
  98. where to buy vortec blowers
  99. Turbo troubleshooting help
  100. Fixed my overheating problem
  101. STS with 3" exhaust?
  102. STS with 3" exhaust
  103. local debate about rear mounts
  104. Ls6 fbod?
  105. Few 1/8 mile passes today with the F1A
  106. 427ci trubo cam??
  107. Tuning my turbo..hp tuner guys specifically
  108. Looking for a 4.5 psi procharger for a 95 Lt1.
  109. My first home built turbo kit
  110. The much hated longtube and turbo question!
  111. got my side exit exhaust finished!
  112. Attn OFI: Are you shipping my kit this week?
  113. Have a good weekend FI guys-BE SAFE
  114. building boost w/ an auto
  115. Vortech V9 G-Trim: how much power from 6 to 9 PSI?
  116. Harlan 2-step (Auto)
  117. Kenne Bell?
  118. motor doesnt like boost?
  119. Modify TTi Street kit to twin turbos?
  120. how much boost?
  121. truck manifold turbo question
  122. What Dual Springs do you HIGH rwhp FI cars run?
  123. TQ Converter in TH400 with Laggy Turbo
  124. STS and my results!
  125. need some help with a FI and NOS set up
  126. Cam for LM Speed Magnacharger?
  127. Kinda wanting to try a homemade kit.
  128. wastegate effecting tune??
  129. 408 ci with TTi street kit?
  130. Which setup?
  131. Finally took it out to the track
  132. iridium plugs yes or no
  133. L92 turbo set-up
  134. internal volume Maggie vs ls1 /ls6 manifold
  135. bolt thread size vortech pully ?
  136. ebay turbo kit
  137. why does pulley size relate to boost different from one car to the next?
  138. If I used a REAL octane booster, how much timing can I add in boost?
  139. boost controller
  140. Street/Strip Single on T4
  141. What the cheapest I could find a used C5 Maggie for?
  142. Couple short videos of my Camaro idling in the garage.
  143. Spray small dry off the line (turbo)
  144. New track time with the Turbo car
  145. TTi Race kit DONE!
  146. FI Maintenence/Problems
  147. What Is Required??
  148. Is this a good Turbo cam?
  149. Oil problem with turbo
  150. on the dyno .68 to .96ar swap
  151. STS KIT-Is it possible to have toooo much vacuum pressure?
  152. Turbo hose
  153. MAF/boost question
  154. LS6 or FAST intake worth it with Turbo setup?
  155. :( is shaking and stumbling
  156. 9 lbs boost supercharger/ ngk tr6 plugs?
  157. Turbo/ cam match questions
  158. STS guys, what are you doing with radiator shroud?
  159. A&A Vortech SQ being installed today.
  160. Are you guys changing Rods when changing valve springs?
  161. Wanna see a pro charger w/ 50lbs of boost
  162. My DIY install is almost done
  163. New TTi Race Kit getting closer...
  164. Loudest Supercharger for LS1
  165. Comparison on intake manifolds Carb vs. FAST vs. LS6 vs. LS1
  166. Going With A Procharger
  167. Where has turbos IN STOCK.
  168. A little help with chevelle turbo
  169. low 9/high 8 sec. turbo build questions...
  170. STS charge pipe size? Downpipe? FMIC w/fogs?
  171. where to buy procharger pulleys
  172. STS Guys, where does this hose go?
  173. valve spring sizing and boost
  174. please help me with FAST intake
  175. PLEASE HELP Identify this Turbo/Wheel/Hotside
  176. Home built D1-SC: part 3 (Dyno)
  177. Does a fluid filled harmonic balancer stop false knock readings?
  178. Vortech guys. Come in here please!
  179. Pictures of one of my side projects... ST74 3.8L
  180. Do you have a Speed Inc. kit?
  181. Meth/Alky only???
  182. Turbo numbers???
  183. What ya think of this setup
  184. 5" silicone?
  185. where to buy 5" flared for the turbo ?
  186. New Car/New Build Part 3. TC76MPS Dyno numbers inside
  187. blowing out the dip stick under boost!
  188. how much boost one the street?
  189. Anyone running a meth injection kit please chime in!
  190. STS guys spark plug gap
  191. cam question
  192. gates belt part#???
  193. what size turbo???
  194. procharger boost
  195. 920 RWHP/ 820 RWTQ ! The motor just keeps going !
  196. What fans do you guys run and results?
  197. WG spring
  198. What's the best turbo size for a 346?
  199. 15psi on the rev a mis...??
  200. Better Head?
  201. 5.3 Liter Turbo Conquest...
  202. Vortech Supercharged LS1
  203. silencing a turbo car
  204. BOV?/Help
  205. Any body out there using fast xfi on boosted ls1's
  206. A few Turbo questions
  207. Pushing a Stock Crank.... to Far???
  208. Going to try a little camshaft experiment..
  209. max boost on vortech V-9 SQ G-Trim with intercooler?
  210. Best way to break in a new motor with boost?
  211. im pulling my heads, should i switch to the big ass cometic gaskets? (.071)
  212. Very Small Turbo
  213. tti street kit- tensioner and alt bracket q
  214. FI Motor, Need Advice
  215. 1000 rwhp-aluminum or iron block
  216. In Iraq saving money for a ...
  217. front mounted turbo w/ truck manifolds guys come in
  218. LVMS Drag strip, the black hole of HP
  219. pease look inside
  220. Need help finding which spark plug I need to run...
  221. What year Iron Block to reuse my head/main studs from '99 LS1 block?
  222. will not idle???
  223. Do i need to worry about MAP sensor?
  224. Ran a new PB with issues and would like some advice (a bit of a read)
  225. MAF question
  226. ATI belt issues, first style C5 setup
  227. Which turbo kit for a C6?
  228. What do you guys think of this FI setup?
  229. TT setup q....
  230. D1SC Guesswork
  231. What shold i do?
  232. Supercharged LT1... what spark plugs and gap do you guys prefer??
  233. Turbo setup
  234. HP vs MAF Flow and dyn/cyl
  235. D1sc on a 427??
  236. 800rwhp 800rwtq
  237. Belt size when using truck manifolds and relocating the alt up top ?
  238. Do turbo's cause widebands to jump around?
  239. Broken Valve Spring??
  240. simple question
  241. Carb Intake/ Elbow throttle cable?
  242. How would a turbo do with my motor?
  243. LSX block work moving forward
  244. Im new to turbo help plz
  245. does anyone know how to get in touch with OFI??
  246. What to do about breather, brake booster, and PCV?
  247. who has the best price on stainless mandrel bent pipe?
  248. Difference between trims.
  249. 3bar sensor, how do you keep it plugged in the intake under boost?
  250. Who would be best to spec a cam for sts?