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  1. full boost time question
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  15. single or twin?
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  17. new turbo
  18. 2 short videos of my car on the street...
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  21. how to drill for oil drain while pan still on car
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  24. How's this looking guys
  25. compression ratio
  26. Rough Idle Cam Question
  27. supercharger or turbo
  28. is there a divided T6 housing availabe for PT-88?
  29. Speed Inc TU1?
  30. just wondering what supercharger u would suggest for my 01 z28 ls1?
  31. 01 z28 what ls1 supercharger to get?
  32. wondering what symptoms come with lifting the heads?
  33. 2007 boost list...idk , but just posting
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  35. PVC Quick Question PIC Inside!
  36. Happy New Year
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  40. High boosted applications (16-22psi) Spark Plugs
  41. big turbo-stock lt1
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  43. Turbo pistons, rods
  44. valve springs on a 1200hp motor???
  45. when is it time to go air to water
  46. Anyone put a T88 on a 370ci??
  47. Vortech Installation help...
  48. Supercharger idea???
  49. how much timing with .....
  50. STS install pics... and stuff...
  51. what's better STS turbo or LT4 hot cam
  52. m6 and procharger
  53. Front mount intercooler
  54. Any worthwhile gains from larger TB?
  55. turbos + X-pipe?
  56. supercharger
  57. FMIC's that don't require removal of front license plate
  58. TR224 as a turbo cam, what do you think?
  59. STS..wiring
  60. Gears and Procharger
  61. help: LS1 Turbo
  62. Next step above 76GTS
  63. DIY FMIC Install
  64. finally - new dyno numbers
  65. what wastegate? where, and turbo , where?
  66. rag 1 camaro 0
  67. 370 ci LS2 FI
  68. Drove the Formy around tonite...
  69. 6.0 heads on LS1, what head gaskets do I need?
  70. electric super charger or elec-turbo
  71. AEM boost controller
  72. Holy Sh&t check out this F.I. Import
  73. supporting mods just to run sts kit?
  74. ATI 6rib & 8rib differences?
  75. Turbo questions, yes I read the FAQ's!
  76. Did the PN# change on GM 2bar MAP?
  77. tial BOV
  78. Front mount intercooler dimensions on an LT1 Camaro
  79. Turbo-Zone HOLIDAY SPECIALS !!
  80. S91 vs. GT55-91
  81. Procharger rebuild?
  82. Lost my copy of dynojet wideband, help?
  83. Will the LS6 coolant tube conversion hurt cooling system performance?
  84. STS + SFCs?
  85. STS and catbacks?
  86. How can you tell if a turbo is ball bearing or not??
  87. Need pic of front mounted turbos
  88. STS Question! HELP PLZ!
  89. SUPER or NOT
  90. 365 CID, MP122HH project done!
  91. Twin intercooler owners take a gander
  92. Gas Water in my Catch can
  93. How can I build a Low CR block.
  94. turbo kit destoys belts
  95. Hoses
  96. How come so few 1500hp LSx's?
  97. New Setup Update
  98. Turbo Exhaust
  99. noob turbo question
  100. Where are you guys mounting your meth stuff?
  101. pump gas limits?
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  103. turbo smoking need some help
  104. C5, APS Twin Turbo, Head/Cam -- Questions
  105. Block to max a T76
  106. Heads/cam for D1SC
  107. Blower size for specific displacement?
  108. need help with new turbo set-up for 98 ls1
  109. Stock coils provide enough spark?
  110. Just for fun YSI
  111. Anyone still with QMP turbo kit?
  112. ATI vehicle guide
  113. Turbocharges off a 1994 3000gt vr4
  114. HP Limit of Magnuson?
  115. Iron 402: Twin 76s or single 96
  116. Going FI want to change my cam.
  117. Well, What did Santa bring?
  118. Hi-flo problems, go figure! (pics)
  119. What should I expect from this turbo?
  120. Head choice, valve sizes and stages LQ9 heads
  121. Tranny and rear diff gear ratio for TT Vette??
  122. I need help
  123. Merry Xmas fellow LS1tech BOOST members! and what did you get FI wise
  124. sts pcv switch working?
  125. Replaced the 2bar with a 3bar today....+ Boost.
  126. Wastegates: dump to atmosphere or route back to DP?
  127. Supercharger DIY?
  128. t-6 turbo flange
  129. Anyone running a LS1 Accufab Throttle body with there blown F-body?
  130. Would i be the fastest STS turbo car if i reached high 9's?
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  132. supercharger??
  133. Turbo exhaust?
  134. Stock block done!!!!!!!!!!!!
  135. Newbie curious ques.
  136. How to tighten Procharger Belt?
  137. Inconel valves necessary for 700whp turbo setup?
  138. PCV setups with forced induction
  139. New member with some boosted 5.3 questionsin a mazda?!?! WTF
  140. d1sc bracket
  141. extremely low oil pressure after sts
  142. STS guys! in here please...
  143. Safe Limit Boost on Stock Engine
  144. what makes a good turbo cam
  145. Post up if you have a 3bar SD EFI/HPT tuned stock pcm FI car.
  146. just got my twin turbo car back together after coating
  147. A fully built turbo charged 3.8L camaro? (video)
  148. hey guys this is a lesson i leared along time ago!!
  149. Building a sequential turbo system
  150. oil drain into oil pan right underneath timing cover
  151. Attn: Paging All Turbo Sponsors!!!
  152. turbo power numbers?
  153. F1r Procharger F/s
  154. STS/ Formula owners ??
  155. help me decide On which on these blower cams
  156. Tr6 gap?
  157. F1-C is here...
  158. STS/A4 owners come in please
  159. 9 psi and stock LT1 ignition?
  160. Vacuum lines and gauge install Help to Newbs
  161. Anyone used a Holset HX40 turbo?
  162. significant increase in boost...why?
  163. not sure on how to ask this ?
  164. Anyone ever regret going with a procharger?
  165. Who can make me an intake elbow?
  166. procharger inlet hat q
  167. Devil's Own Meth Kit?
  168. Turbo Brakestand bog
  169. Cobalt SS MAP sensor?
  170. vortech v9g
  171. PROCHARGER Questions,
  172. Jose Dr Turbo Frcefed98....Turbosmart help!
  173. D1SC owners, how much boost are you getting?
  174. Input on Weiand
  175. Sts kit
  176. Superchargers vs. Turbochargers
  177. Screw the Twins...i want QUADS!!!!!
  178. Will this cam WORK with a turbo car?
  179. finally turned to the darkside
  180. GT42 or TC76
  181. hot side question
  182. WG Flange
  183. Budget turbo kit... Who has em?
  184. Would forced induction systems fit LS2 F-body cars fine?
  185. So who makes complete turbo systems for LS1 F-body cars?
  186. split or single pattern cam?
  187. Which would you think would bettter be suited for long-term use?
  188. Hot Hot Hot
  189. just a little ask
  190. Something better than any Turbo
  191. Going FI what do I need to change ?
  192. Twincharging
  193. STS oil pump resistor failed!!!!
  194. Procharger 346ci, +58rwhp/+63rwtq with new Inlet Hat,Exhaust,+1deg timing
  195. Boost gauge stuck?
  196. ls6 intake HOW MUCH......
  197. Cooling system advice (fans?)
  198. 402 PT88 build
  199. anyone have before and after cam swap dyno charts for fi motor?
  200. Vortech self containment?
  201. Which rockers
  202. turbonetics t76 vs gt42
  203. Hypothetical turbo question
  204. 6.0 Boost Capibilities
  205. Superman09's Twin Turbo Build Thread (Turbo-Zone Twin Kit)
  206. Went and did the dyno thing...
  207. HELP! Did I mess up? power adder vs. NA
  208. truck manifold kit... please help
  209. 4" elbow and K&N
  210. sts turbo install
  211. Powerdyne install
  212. Highest CR for low boost?
  213. finally got the F1A on..
  214. Lower Compression= Safer??
  215. intercooler position?
  216. Is a supercharger without headers worth it?
  217. Biggest turbo/turbos for C5
  218. Need the best FI cam I can get
  219. Check out this intercooler. Perfect size for Camaro grill opening
  220. Innovative Mounting
  221. tried the .96 housing on my car, some interesting results
  222. Has anyone ever used this turbo kit?
  223. sts wont boost
  224. Guess HP
  225. LS2 vs L92/LS3(07 Cady Escalade) GM longblock for my turbo project. Expert opinions?
  226. Where to put the turbo...any ideas?
  227. Got car back from LS1SpeedInc...
  228. Thoughts on this combo...
  229. ct26 turbos ??? anyone???
  230. Break in the new motor?
  231. 6.0l heads
  232. fastest stock bottom end turbo or supercharged cars?post your times!
  233. 98 block safe for boost
  234. Exhaust question for the FI guys
  235. NHRA Pro Mod rules regarding turbochargers
  236. PT88 Nossle kit, 408, more pics of the camaro
  237. Mandrel Bent Piping for it really that important???
  238. Mufflers
  239. Anyone thought to extrude hone a 6.0l manifold?
  240. Help with crank pining
  241. Magnacharged F-body track videos inside
  242. Anyone ever tried one of these for a cog setup?
  243. Winter Mods (cam, meth, heads) HELP NEEDED
  244. Turbo guys: Tell me about your timing and CR
  245. Lt1 Sts 383 preliminary dyno numbers
  246. 122 ci Magnacharger ???
  247. Headgaskets
  248. STS Turbo/Daily Driver/Low Boost, is it worth it?
  249. APS GTO Phase 2 twin turbo system - one time deal - $5695 delivered to your door
  250. Spark plug?