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  1. coughing up oil
  2. How many have blown their motor after going with forced induction?
  3. STS weather life
  4. Why do Turbo companies......
  5. A little help
  6. Radiator
  7. Some advice is needed...
  8. Whats the best block and internals for a TT????
  9. Yank 3400+turbo kit?
  10. Turbo cam
  11. What muffler are you running?
  12. Good or Bad
  13. Typical HP on a bolt on STS turbo car (auto and M6)?
  14. My first dyno chart on my twins
  15. What C/R should I run?
  16. In Car Footage Of My Car!! Then Racing For Pinks!
  17. Whats a good turbo for this setup...
  18. 603 hp T/A need better track times
  19. Belt slip with 8 rib set-up?
  20. D1sc procharger
  21. 700+HP Roots Blower
  22. couple quick questions-
  23. Wideband locations?
  24. Anyone have pics of Synergy 2-Step installed
  25. FMIC kit from EPP
  26. Intercooler piping?
  27. GMPP intake
  28. has anybody used FI on ls7 yet?
  29. Sts Pcv...
  30. Procharger pulley size?
  31. pushing coolant. am i done pushing it? anyone run c16?
  32. PT67 vs PT76... ?
  33. power loss from adding pipe to fit a bigger filter!!
  34. Vortech FMI?
  35. Short Video of Nova test runs
  36. Dyno 402 T76GTQ ### in
  37. what intake manifold should i get with my procharged 408
  38. Single Turbo Installtion Pics
  39. STS Questions....
  40. procharger fan ?
  41. 10.0 on 17's video
  42. Flaring Question
  43. Boost and Gear selection?
  44. New #'s with more boost
  45. who has actually maxed out a p1sc procharger
  46. anyone have a twin turbo air -water intercooler?
  47. The Build Begins!!!
  48. curious anyone running straight alcohol
  49. Can I install a s/c with this setup?
  50. Is BOV causing idle to go up and down??
  51. New best... Turbo blazer go's 10's
  52. is this turbo a pos...or...
  53. wastegate?
  54. headers or 6.0 manifolds
  55. Who makes the best TT kit for my 02 SS?!?!
  56. Finally finished the rearmount Blazer-
  57. Hose keeps blowing off!!
  58. hyperpac computer
  59. more boost
  60. Procharger Pulley/Boost question
  61. Pick my turbo...
  62. Pics or suggestions on mounting a Mondo Valve?
  63. 370ci, T88 .96 AR T6 Flange T56 tranny
  64. STS -need help
  65. T76 users inside....
  66. building new ZO6 STS Exhaust!
  67. Vortech question???
  68. ATI users - Be Cool Rad with custom shroud + fan + support
  69. Water intercooler heat exchanger
  70. alright got the cage now time for turbo motor ! *(pics inside)*
  71. procharger for 05 GTO
  72. limits of P600B?
  73. Turbo Questions
  74. Need suggestions on coatings for turbo parts...
  75. supply and return lines
  76. Question for those running D-1SC
  77. air pump/ tilton pump
  78. cheapo boost guage?
  79. Do you miss your A.C.?
  80. supercharger kit?
  81. different d1-sc kits
  82. Tilton Oil Pump Wiring
  83. 145 MPH on pump gas?
  84. Intercooler
  85. 10.620 @129.31 stock motor in vegas (2700 ft da)
  86. were to get tune?
  87. Can't get over 130 mph, but I did go 10.54 @129.75
  88. Turbocharge a carburated car?
  89. What would it take to turbocharge my 402?
  91. question about boost?
  92. Whats more expensive then twin turbos
  93. STS Cam
  94. long tubes with sts turbo
  95. 408 paired to a TC-76?
  96. What to expect from a T-trim Upgrade?
  97. Is alky really worth it? Im getting mixed opinions
  98. Started Hi-Flo install....Hi-Flo people will want to see this
  99. O Noes- Oil On The Driveway
  100. 386 procharger
  101. Oil Cooler/ Oil Scavange pump
  102. part # for ngk tr6's?
  103. C5 Z06 STS Exhaust Baffles?
  104. Stroker or Blower? Help me decide!
  105. Hot Hot Drift Style Twins Turbo
  106. Can I use this for the alky kit?
  107. New Project 408 and GT 42 76 Turbo Rear Mount
  108. Where to buy 2 bar map sensor
  109. True 10.5 7.49 at 197.99mph
  110. Methanol on an N/A and N20 application?
  111. turbo or heads and cam?
  112. Turbo off a truck
  113. Well, my car is headed to LS1SpeedInc
  114. EPP does it again.:)
  115. S/C auto guys
  116. what Rad. are you guys using?
  117. Trouble keeping the boost down....?
  118. Head flow versus boost
  119. Interesting Idea,nitrous intake filter?
  120. KB's for LS motors????
  121. Hot Rod magazine Procharged/Meth Vette article
  122. So close....but Im happy enough
  123. What metal??
  124. 408 to 1k hp
  125. Need Advice..Turbo Or Blower???
  126. Magnacharged F-body track results
  127. oil everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  128. How to prevent header cracking?
  129. Installation/tuning
  130. FI and Heads
  131. high boost high rpm valvetrain questions
  132. just got a another ls1 Fbody
  133. 408 folks please chime in!
  134. im thinking about sts.. but i have some questoions
  135. First Dyno Session for the 4DR
  136. Doing a custom rear mount turbo...where can i found piping?
  137. Fan setup?
  138. Hot side set-up questions
  139. No Air Filter?????
  140. Guys need help quick
  141. Boost Regulator
  142. 842rwhp, 17 psi Vids
  143. Phamspeed Smoking A lot
  144. back to the dyno... again, 1055rwhp
  145. Blow-off into turbo better than atmosphere?
  146. New 1/4 mile best today
  147. Failing fuel pressure under boost.
  148. Nothing too exciting to talk about yet had some problems...
  149. What shortblock for a turbo project?
  150. Comp 918's or stock springs?
  151. Turbo, 60# injectors, cam, Idle issues.
  152. FI newbie ?'s
  153. NGK-8s ??
  154. procharged car making alot of heat under easy driving
  155. Few questions on STS kit.
  156. Anyone relocate power steering?
  157. can too low of timing under boost cause detonation?
  158. APS Twin Turbo....thoughts???
  159. H/C ZO6....possibly going F/I ????'s
  160. Best true bolt-on FI Kit?
  161. 408/stock heads/88mm turbo at 24 psi = 920 rwhp
  162. Pukes
  163. where do you guys start to tune your boosted setup
  164. Install Vortech supercharger how long?
  165. Twin Turbo dyno results....
  166. Vac source for boost gauge
  167. ways of spooling a turbo faster
  168. Installed procharger and no boost
  169. Dyno Numbers
  170. Custom rear mount guys what oil scavange pump ?
  171. Trt Turbos
  172. Placed an order on a LME 408
  173. should i turbo an LT1 or LS1. (limited on $$$)
  174. Intercooler over Meth for STS??
  175. MTP T70 Exhaut AR ?
  176. Rear Mount, How does it affect sizing
  177. Found my boost leak
  178. Best engine parts for FI Type Engine
  179. reliability questions
  180. FI M6 guys come inside!
  181. any body tried the Evans water pump to help cool your boosted setup
  182. Max Spark Advance @ 7-8psi???
  183. ATI ProCharger Friday the 13th Sale at Exotic Performance Plus!
  184. Wanted - 2002 Pontiac Trans Am for twin turbo system development
  185. do prochargers like peak timing before,right@,or after peak TQ
  186. Found oil in charge line of STS Turbo
  187. cant find sc pistons for 3.908 bore?
  188. 8 rib belt question..
  189. Roots Type for the ls1?? Manifold base plates?
  190. Which piston? Pick one
  191. Post your dyno #/ ET/ MPH
  192. How do these bearings look?
  193. Making a custom Turbo setup, Tell me what else i might need!!
  194. Lighting supercharger????
  195. how cool is meth???
  196. STS guys (come inside)
  197. stalled a4 turbo
  198. How restrictive will stock heads be with a procharger D-1SC
  199. Max power out of T76??
  200. Looking for specs and info on use of restrictor plates for Vortech S-trim
  201. procharger timing...
  202. intercoolers
  203. Video of me breaking my car
  204. Boost Time????
  205. hummer h2 with sts turbo , need help
  206. Hope I picked right!! ordered a new blower cam today
  207. Help me get a parts list for a twin buildup
  208. Car breaking up at 5,500 RPM Please HELP
  209. Help me decide
  210. Twins completely plumbed
  211. Harlan 2 step install question
  212. TE44 get the boot hello new turbonetic turbos
  213. finding how much timing i need on a d1sc car
  214. Anyone need a 71MM??
  215. high hp turbo timing/fueling help
  216. Procharger guys with Alky injection
  217. Which is Better F2 or 88mm Turbo
  218. I got the wrong pistons in my shortblock, can i change the combo to make these work?
  219. Magnuson Supercharger's 3/36000 Powertrain Warranty Info
  220. more head gasket fun!
  221. guys with relocated alternator come in
  222. What Motor Build should i look into?
  223. Machine gun before full boost?? turbo
  224. D1SC Back from the Dyno!
  225. Is anybody running the intercooler spray bar?
  226. granatelli with turbo?
  227. oil return ???? on STS kit
  228. Head Gaskets
  229. T-rex inline pump on stock engine?
  230. Turbos and catbacks?
  231. OFI will take orders agian begining of NOV...
  232. where to buy stock 317 heads?
  233. having a hard time idling... i have a log and a bin
  234. DTE/APS Twin Turbo C6 Corvette Results- 10.89 @ 129
  235. lifters
  236. Best turbo for Corvette
  237. electronic boost controller
  238. Not forced induction but I thought you guys could help.
  239. bout to start a turbo project
  240. Fuel flow requirements
  241. Search dead/Corvette single intercooler
  242. Fast intake worth it on a turbo setup?
  243. Replacement sensor for DJ Wideband?
  244. PurEvl track times
  245. Is it easy to reach around 500rwhp with P1SC?
  246. twins and intake dyno....(long)
  247. Help!! car stumbling on dyno
  248. best cam
  249. Got some new dyno numbers
  250. pistons and rods