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  1. Laminova intercoolers?
  2. 6.0 heads n/a?
  3. W2W "SUPER" nova
  4. Reichard Racing 3.600 DIA Pulley...Boost?
  5. I hate fuel injection, but i love Forced induction (thinking out of box)
  6. anyone run boost w/o 2 bar pcm upgrade?
  7. My thoughts about meth injection
  8. From nitrous to turbo-----------!!!!!!!!------
  9. Oil Feed line question with Pic.
  10. turbo question
  11. Whats it good for?
  12. bov?
  13. STS owners, oil return?
  14. how much for procharger installed
  15. Should VE and MAF be calibrated for 9psi?
  16. leak checks
  17. DCR, 92 octane, F-1 or YSi trim , and me...
  18. At 10#`s of boost what would be the hp difference
  19. Need Vortech Instructions
  20. Couple shakedown passes *video*
  21. MP T70s mounted
  22. Downpipe flex pipe?
  23. How Much Boost?
  24. What upgrades could I do with a P1SC Procharger, to get the most out of it?
  25. Any before/after results of going LSX78 to 90/90 on 346-348 LS1 turbo car
  26. FMIC Installed (w/pics) Boost control Q too.
  27. i have a 8 rib ATI kit, what do i upgrade for the SDCE?
  28. Looking for a Turbo tune in Norfolk, Va area.
  29. How many larger turbo (80+mm) street cars?
  30. Paging Intmd8, how is your staged fuel injection working out?
  31. Big single turbo peepz, what muffler are you running?
  32. Caveman, did you sell your T-Trim car?
  33. A realistic HP guess?
  34. Jose Line One Jose Line One
  35. how much rwhp per 1 lb of boost???
  36. F-1 Growl
  37. Frustrated... Procharger guys... PLEASE HELP!!!
  38. Strange boost problem
  39. I bought a Procharger today!!!
  40. GT42 guys inside...
  41. Hp/Tq #'s From Truck Mani Setups??
  42. procharger cam ?
  43. Timing question...
  44. What shortblock "upgrades" should i look into for my build?
  45. Trick to Sealing V-Band clamps?
  46. pvc question
  47. need a drain me out please
  48. boost + ls1
  49. 1500 Rwhp.
  50. Trims?
  51. Tell me about your ATI 8-Rib experience
  52. Checklist
  53. map tune or maf for sc
  54. z06 Cam after FI
  55. u guys still using TR6 plugs for 750rwhp?
  56. cam good for a supercharger
  57. What do i need to use a MAP sensor instead of MAF?
  58. 751 RWHP on 93 Octane
  59. very disappointed in CAS kit...i need some serious help please!!
  60. What is the rail to rail width on 4'th gen camaros?
  61. ??? on turbos
  62. Procharger?
  63. hi-flo website?
  64. overboost?
  65. What heads should i run with supercharger
  66. pulley size
  67. Strongest shelf forged piston for turbo 402"?
  68. Need Advise on Firebird FMIC
  69. IC or METH ?
  70. IC Spray
  71. tial WG & BOV
  72. Finally gonna be boosted!!!
  73. TR5, TR6 or which plug for Powerdyne blower.
  74. blow off valve to the atmo or tie back in
  75. what did you do to get to 650 or more HP?
  76. What DCR for 6# Supercharged?
  77. Supercharger!
  78. breaking up
  79. difficulty level of supercharger install?
  80. 600 Rwhp....
  81. Where to get 5 inc pipe from????
  82. car is almost done! not FI tho.
  83. turbo m6's, what gear do you run??
  84. MAF Output Choppy
  85. turbo and stock block..??
  86. Rear Turbo Pics
  87. best buy single turbo kit not remote mount?
  88. Motor Build
  89. Mufflex + twin turbo
  90. What TH400 torque converter with your turbo set up??
  91. Dyno results for twin T70 GTO
  92. Tuning
  93. About Cats and Forced Induction
  94. Which bearing for forced induction?
  95. 35 rwhp gain with mac midlengths over stock manifolds
  96. fuse box relocation bracket
  97. Oil ?
  98. Holdener F/I power calculation formula
  99. GMMG + twin turbo ?
  100. Less cubes > More cubes??? With a procharger at least?
  101. Muffler for high hp (>800 rwhp)
  102. guys running stock heads... what times/power?
  103. ATI belt pully change in vette (Godbless)
  104. Pics of the Bell IC mounted for the Incons.
  105. Forward headers done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  106. New "stock style suspension" LS1 World Record (with timeslip)!
  107. Roofer Dave's car - Maiden Voyage Videos
  108. STS Plug Gapping
  109. blown stock shortblock come inside.....
  110. 95 Mustang GT with Twin Turbo???
  111. where do you guys get your cold piping from??
  112. anyone selling a boost setup?
  113. The cost of doing it right?
  114. Wanting to supercharge an LT1, have questions
  115. just installed d1sc kit on 00 ta blowing belts
  116. Word has it KP bought a FORD mustang GT
  117. Cam / FI
  118. Got her done...
  119. Boost/Vac source for boost gauge??
  120. twin turbo 6.0??????
  121. Help choosing rear gears for Turbo application.
  122. intercooler reservoir?
  123. New Record!!!
  124. H/C vs. F/I
  125. Need to frabricate a j-tube
  126. LS1 Camaro Custom Twin Turbo pics?
  127. Is it ok to have the BOV before the IC?
  128. Turbo Lag Problem STS
  129. twin turbo
  130. Anyone have an extra oil feed elbow (above filter)
  131. Those with SDCE on LT1
  132. Turbo position question
  133. Where to buy pulleys
  134. Boost line routing???
  135. New Bell TT Intercooler pics
  136. Boost gauge line ?
  137. 96 gt d1 to ls1 ?
  138. which block
  139. Can I mount a FMIC (24X12X4) without cutting the bumper brace?
  140. Make more power by swapping out LS6 cam our LS6 heads in Blown D1SC forged LS6 motor?
  141. Need help choosing fuel setup
  142. BOOST or "NOHELP"
  143. StS users plug gap
  144. Single digit 6 speed turbo owners help
  145. First Hi-Flo Dyno Sheet (Smearin's car) finally uploaded!
  146. Does anyone offer financing on D-1SC's?
  147. Spal fan installed (now blowing fuses) ...
  148. For those interested in TT for F-Bodies...
  149. advantages to electronic boost controler vs manual?
  150. Motor Plates and Front mounts???
  151. Opinion on these turbo manifolds
  152. No more boost leak outta my meth nozzle...
  153. D1SC 402 without 1 7/8 headers?
  154. Front mount needed, what to get?
  155. what responds better to forced induction, LT1 or LS1?
  156. which to chose
  157. Got some $ saved up, need help deciding which way to go.
  158. Edelbrock intake on my Hi-Flo?
  159. Bob @ EPP
  160. movies - 2 speed supercharger
  161. 2 or 3 bar map sensor
  162. A little help from my buddies...
  163. To LS1Tech members.....
  164. Refrigerant intercooler? Why not?
  165. D1-sc pulley shims?
  166. Alky pump is on all the time ?????
  167. Help rate cam specs of 218/228 564-577-116 for D1SC BLown forged LS6!
  168. Has anyone tried TT on Truck Manifolds?
  169. Which to go with a 414 and a turbo or?
  170. GT42 vs T88
  171. Poll: Best turbo block?
  172. Is a 224/228 cam, 114 lsa, with .575 lift, good to go with 918 springs on D1SC
  173. Truck Manifold Turbo Set up FAQ's
  174. ---- Forced Induction Mod Marker ----
  175. The Exhaust Cometh
  176. Got my T76 today, all I'm saying is DANG THATS A BIG TURBO!!!!
  177. What year for truck manifolds
  178. Going rate for a used P-1SC?
  179. BBK 85 mm intake vs. LS6?
  180. Mike Brown's Turbo Build Pics
  181. Where can i get a laser alignment tool to line up my charger pulleys?
  182. not an LS1 but....
  183. just installed procharger, stumbling off idle
  184. How to choose a BOV
  185. Custom STS turbo wanted
  186. What gaskets for gmpp intake to heads..
  187. Supercharger Question??
  188. Info on truck manifolds
  189. D1-SC mounting bracket?
  190. Any Appreciable Gains In Going with GMMP Intake vs. LS6/FAST on ATI Pro setup??
  191. What belt length for MMS crank and 4.0 pulley?
  192. STS Users
  193. Max boost?
  194. STS Turbo Guys
  195. Anyone have pics or can describe the power steering hose relocation for TTi?
  196. safe procharger kit for stock engine
  197. Turbonetics Godzilla BOV
  198. Wastega Springs
  199. I want to see pics of 76/88/91+ FM installs
  200. pillar gauge pod for convert?
  201. CAS dyno numbers inside
  202. Anyone have Lt1 SDCE installation instructions??
  203. LS6 Cam + FI Good/Bad
  204. FMIC install pics
  205. A little FI(mainly turbo) help
  206. 4.25" Procharger pulley + ATI Damper = ?psi
  207. wanting a good setup
  208. Vortech Tuner Kits Available!
  209. FMIC bypass valve
  210. ATI ProCharger Price Increase Coming Soon!
  211. Is it common to lose 1~2 psi of boost because of headers?
  212. YSI trim on LT1??????
  213. any news from hi flo?
  214. speed inc shortblock for boost
  215. t88 and 408 suggestions
  216. 2.3L turbo build up- got a few questions-(megasquirt)
  217. GMR speed single kit or D-1SC?
  218. Procharger boost- does this sound right?
  219. Forward headers almost done
  220. Question about TB's
  221. I hate to sound like a ricer...but...turbo timers?
  222. Its been a while since
  223. Why the loss of power?
  224. FI and living in Houston with Humidity...
  225. 232/234 bad cam for FI?
  226. Where to buy...
  227. UK Ls1 Parts?
  228. hand ported TB under boost....
  229. Cpr Sinister Fuel Pumps How Good Are They?
  230. Why are alot of people running a smaller exaust lobe?
  231. How many running stock main bolts vs ARP main studs and at what HP??
  232. STS Boost Question
  233. TTi uses V band for the downpipe?
  234. +boost but no power increase??
  235. AFR 225 or AFR 205
  236. Question on which headers and cam for supercharged C5????
  237. New clutch and Turbo Tune
  238. Turbo disassembly??
  239. how unsafe is a 2 step?
  240. comparing boost to spray
  241. Feedback about LME Performance for building forged boost shortblocks?
  242. WG/BOV staying open??
  243. full boost at 2900 now 3500?
  244. car is running like crap ...need advice
  245. Can you change the spring in a Turbonetics waste gate?
  246. Question for phamspeed owners
  247. 7 tries at a 5 second 1/8 mile, didnt make it :(
  248. Patriot LQ9 Heads with 10 lbs of boost?
  249. Dynoing a 97 C5 vert with a charger....any guesses?
  250. How are LS1 aftermarket forged blowr pistons vs. ford oem Rustang forged pistons?