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  1. Crank pulley coming loose with Procharger?
  2. Cooling issues with D1SC
  3. Comp 918's on boosted motor
  4. Forged 346 good enough??
  5. twin gts 70's are alive and well
  6. My Incon install thread... (Pics)
  7. SDCE kit
  8. Dynomax ultraflow Q
  9. Will This Fit?
  10. need masterpower turbo seals!
  11. Anyone running a oil scavange pump that doesn't really need it?
  12. how can i tell if my turbo is bad or goin bad?
  13. Another PCV questions (pics)
  14. Best Alternator Relocation Bracket
  15. Turbo Oil everywere...damn
  16. garrett turbo
  17. TB upgrade for ProCharged application?
  18. Anyone running the GMR Speed turbo kit?
  19. G5xb
  20. how do your support the nose?
  21. Mti Just Finished My D1SC Procharger Kit!!!
  22. how much boost
  23. STS charge pipe(s) PICS needed ASAP!!!!!!!
  24. My motor went :(
  25. Article comparing Eaton vs Kenne Bell vs Vortech vs HP Twin Turbo
  26. car is stuttering at WOT!! whats going on?
  27. master power turbo
  28. turbo support???
  29. Filterin' the F1...
  30. Some interesting turbo info
  31. is an underdrive pulley good?
  32. trying 2 make custom oil lines.
  33. Auto or Manual
  34. Quse LT1 F1R
  35. Where to get afr 225's?
  36. ls6 valley cover?
  37. WI or W/AI pre-IC and Meth pre-TB set-up...
  38. Pump gas limits?
  39. turbine housing q?
  40. some body help me
  41. how much boost?
  42. anybody punch out CATS???
  43. understanding turbo specs..
  44. Who can recommend a good turbo cam grind?
  45. SC belt hitting the water pump???
  46. Need Turbo Info (Very general)
  47. Congrats to INTMD8
  48. World's Fastest Turbo LS1
  49. cost of hot and cold side exhaust
  50. O ring block questions .
  51. Need place to tap Oil from motor!!
  52. What would it take?
  53. ATI D1SC or P1SC
  54. I'm Proud of my little Z.
  55. STS Guys, Which Y-Pipe 2 1/2 or 3
  56. How noisy is a YSi compared to a T-trim?
  57. Methanol with aftercooler?
  58. For $400 what would be better 6.0 heads or turbo cam?
  59. ATTN- Procharger users. any NOT using SDCE with success?
  60. Forced induction cam for 402 CI 8.5:1 engine
  61. Some of the projects that we have going on at the shop!!
  62. Will ls1 GTO manifolds work?
  63. Lean rear cylinders with boost?
  64. LS6 cam-good for turbo?
  65. FI and rear gear choice
  66. cam for my magnacharger.
  67. looking for the best blower heads, 6.0's?
  68. Why buy Procharger?...
  69. Thinkin about goin STS
  70. Pre Vortech install setup questions
  71. STS Turbo
  72. STS Turbo
  73. Turbo Guys: What Cams Are You Running?
  74. ATI or Turbo For An Auto
  75. Can I turbo this set up
  76. 1998 lq9 heads?
  77. More pics of my Twin GT40 setup
  78. Best heads for turbo motor?
  79. 4.25"?
  80. POLL: What do you think is a fair price for a turbo kit?
  81. Hmmmm.... What do you guys think of a pair of GT42's?? (pics within)
  82. Need dyno #'s for TTi street kit for WS6
  83. Help me with a filter location issue
  84. finally a little bit of progress
  85. STS on stock bottom end???
  86. fmic + zip ties
  87. ATI S/ whole kit, or piece together????
  88. Project Complete...
  89. 18mpg!!
  90. dipstick pushed out one time
  91. STS oil leak
  92. What do you guys think?
  93. Shortblocks for boost?
  94. ProCharger inlet help...
  95. GT-70 Turbo
  96. Is direct port and a blower a good combo?
  97. 4 busted ringlands
  98. What all is necessary for D-1SC buildup?
  99. Tube Thickness?
  100. alternator relocating bracket
  101. Twin turbo alt. relocation probs.
  102. STS my car?
  103. How does this cam look for FI?
  104. NEED some help
  105. OK, so how many guys can really care less if their car has A/C or not?
  106. Buyer BEWARE: Questions to consider when buying a turbo kit (You should read)
  107. Just got off the W2W Engine Dyno and....
  108. Sts - Wrapped Exhaust -- Inside!!!!!
  109. devils own kit and boost
  110. Turbo Oiling Problem!!!!!
  111. Aussie Burb with Whipple
  112. need help with my alternator bracket
  113. Mocal pump
  114. hey guys will the thunder racing cheatr cam be good for boost?
  115. turbo & heads ?
  116. need Pulley ???
  117. 700+rwhp - LS2 vs. LS6
  118. What's a good A/R combination?
  119. couple questions
  120. where to put the oil return?
  121. How many guys here have big hp TRUE street cars.
  122. Question for those who have stood their radiator up
  123. how much compression?
  124. Crazy Incon Question
  125. Another 98 Camaro SS, T-88, 370 Iron Block Build
  126. Finally got the car back, but A/F gauge gives error...
  127. Stock engine. 4.6 SOHC=520RWHP!!!! HELP!!!!
  128. a lil' bita help por favor...
  129. This has got to be a little restrictive, right?
  130. ProCharged Iron Block 408 what should I expect?
  131. Kenne Bell pics on a 03 Z06 (not mine)
  132. How much boost on a cammed/stock LS2?
  133. Procharger Pulley needed
  134. Vortech Question
  135. TRTturbo Custom Grind Cam
  136. Looking to discuss f/i options for my 02 SS
  137. Will this turbo work for me?
  138. What is the largest turbo that can fit under the back of a F-Body?!?
  139. help please!!
  140. Uttt ohhh my car is acting funny. Please help me diagnose
  141. 5% fuel change and 4* timing made a HUGE difference!!!
  142. 1999 silverado magna charger on 98 f-body
  143. Chance to get a free ATI kit
  144. Holy air/fuel ration batman!
  145. Turbo guys, I need advice again :-)
  146. Need help.....i am confused
  147. Procharger Belt
  148. LT1 turbo kit pics
  149. Hot cam plus maggie 112
  150. Phamspeed/TURBO guys inside...
  151. affect of nitrous shot on FI Vs. NA.
  152. 5.3 turbo size
  153. meth pump and mounting??
  154. What are pro charger guys using when you get rid of the mass air?
  155. where to spray meth??
  156. Procharger w/ 85mm MAF
  157. Backpressure on single log type systems?
  158. Boost drop?
  159. Air/Fuel, Spark Plugs, O2 sensors
  160. auto guys, do you get a different amount of boost per gear?
  161. Help!
  162. Blower cam overlap??
  163. Volant vs. SLP vs. K&N?
  164. Maggie's new MP 122HH Q's?
  165. What heads are you turbo'd guys running?
  166. Oil ? on turbo setup...
  167. Will running racegas on a 91 octane tune hurt?
  168. What kinda power could be made with this?
  169. What rods for FI? H or I beam
  170. Installing a Procharger(Degree of difficulty)
  171. Props to Stenod Performance once again
  172. BOV open at idle?
  173. STS - How to???
  174. saw the boost gauge go to 11psi, should be at 7psi...Jose?
  175. Would this cam work for the Incon Kit
  176. 5" thick core intercoolers on ebay for $300
  177. << Turbo-Zone public release of single kit >>
  178. Valve size for P&P FI Heads?!?
  179. New 03-04 Cobra Kit weve been working on
  180. Building a TT setup with stock manifolds
  181. Automatic tensioner
  182. oil in inlet tube?
  183. Gmr Twin turbo or STS rear mount?
  184. SDCE Tensioner
  185. Intake Gasket for the Gmpp intake
  186. boosted car over heating
  187. can i use this for my custom oil return lines?
  188. ProCharger cam recommendations...
  189. BOV before or after maf?
  190. Car surges on the dyno
  191. Ohio Forced Inductions Inc.
  192. New Twin Turbo system pics
  193. Opinion On STS??????
  194. Do i have 2 use braided oil lines?
  195. How much can I get out of a P1???
  196. [B]526 RWHP and 510 RWTQ from EPP[/B]
  197. Just swapped out my 3.50s for 2.75s
  198. 2nd Press Release of another Ohio Car
  199. I hate my FMIC setup
  200. Most Important To A S/C
  201. Would it be worth it to...
  202. My twin turbo TA (finally posting the pics)
  203. Green Thunder on EBAY
  204. JZ, DrTurbo? Borg Warner S595??
  205. supercharger problems
  206. Moving IAT sensor on ATI kit for GTOs
  207. Forced Induction Bracket Racing?
  208. Turbo Vs Supercharger
  209. how much power will i loose with the 317 heads.
  210. Super to turbo guys...
  211. Why a 76? Compressor map question...
  212. stupid question time...
  213. How I blew up 2 new turbos
  214. things starting 2 move along-
  215. Super Charger Oil ?!?!?
  216. Approximate Timing
  217. Where do you get a turbo rebuilt?
  218. Purchasing wastegate need help.
  219. Finally some video of my turbo camaro project
  220. the T04E 60-1 trim .81 A/R sts turbo
  221. Where oh where did my whine go???
  222. Casper electronics V-plus volt booster
  223. where to get a Tial WG spring?
  224. compression ratio
  225. Do i have 2 use braided oil lines?- and another question.
  226. It's official, turbo lt1 alive again.
  227. New cometic gas filled head gaskets.
  228. Custom radiator
  229. Whitch Twin Turbo System?
  230. STS on a Chevelle???
  231. STS blowing oil out of turbo
  232. yup...still blowing oil smoke
  233. Any structural issues with drilling/tapping oil pan?
  234. Finally got my first 10 :D:D
  235. Prochager Belt Change?
  236. Who tuned their own FI setup?
  237. Think I will see 600rwhp
  238. Forged 347 Turbo Camshaft Selection
  239. LS6 Cam?
  240. STS -- Wrapping exhuast pipes - Will it make a.
  241. Anyone here running the MSD launch boost controller?
  242. Install pic of threaded IAT sensor in EGR hole and 4" MAF.
  243. I think I'm finally going to swap cams..
  244. p600 Questions
  245. cars over all performance down?? please evaluate.
  246. Heads for FI?!?
  247. New best and a couple vids
  248. Oil in the charge pipes on STS?
  249. Who runs boost with the LG5X3 cam?
  250. What are my options for a head gasket with a 4.04 bore?