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  1. FI with Catch Can. How fast/much oil are you collecting
  2. where to install the methanol nozzle ???
  3. ANy boosted guys using fuddle converter??
  4. Bigger is ALWAYS better
  5. Any HP increase by changing cams wint my new motor???What are you running..
  6. HP/boost limit on a T67
  7. first drive with the Turbo SS!!
  8. Procharger broke second time!!!!
  9. Plugs
  10. Turbo-zones single turbo kit
  11. Info on Wastegate Springs
  12. The REAL stereo....
  13. Eboost users help please
  14. cutting out??
  15. Ran a little better at Bristol last night 10.36 at 135.5mph
  16. Sts, stock motor with cats no bolt-ons,523rwhp 545rwtq
  17. How much rwhp gain from this turbo cam on my STS setup?
  18. TR224 + Procharger = not advisable?
  19. D1SC Pulleys -- 8 vs. 12 Rib
  20. turbo injectors
  21. keep my heads or switch them
  22. Coolant
  23. Painting FMIC
  24. Radiator Shroud
  25. *RESOLVED* Anyone else getting jacked around by Griffin?
  26. where does this go
  27. catch can
  28. magnacharger dealers?
  29. big single or twin
  30. New forged setup is on the road !
  31. which boost controller with success
  32. all you sts much do you have in your setup
  33. The Tom Kempf Killa
  34. Dyno today- breaking up above 4500 ?
  35. Victor Jr.
  36. Bearing clearance? Rings end gap for FI?
  37. Catalytic converters with supercharger??
  38. Differences between 4.8 - 6.0 manifolds??
  39. Another Twin Turbo Car Completed From Gmr Speed!!!
  40. STS or Maggie or ECS on a C6
  41. Incon kit For Sale in classified section, just an fyi
  42. Will $5K Get a Stock TA Boosted?
  43. I need help
  44. Car dying middle of 3rd
  45. What wideband gauge is this?
  46. Paging Don Bailey
  47. Kansas City, Omaha, Lincoln builders needed!
  48. Camshaft choice for STS
  49. 1995 camaro lt1 vortech supercharger runs lean
  50. wastegate ?
  51. Why wouldn't this work for the truck mani guys? Keep A/C
  52. gaskets?
  53. Golden Eagle Vacuum Manifold
  54. charge pipe sizes
  55. Any downside to knockoff wastegates? (examples inside)
  56. Is this turbo for real?
  57. ball bearing turbos....justify the cost
  58. Typically, how muh to make your own turbo kit?
  59. Is anyone interested in an Incon kit?
  60. flipped Mac mid lenghts?
  61. search is broken...what radiator?
  62. test runs in Nova
  63. Final FMIC install pics.
  64. Cutout
  65. new ideas
  66. Questoin About two bar?
  67. FI help
  68. New 10 Rib 'Vette Blower Mt. From ECS
  69. Anyone Want To Swap 96's For 83's??
  70. Are Precision On-center Turbine Housings Same Size As Turbonetics??
  71. wtf is up w/this...
  72. hey i need 2 V-band clamps
  73. Procharged guys, what exact plug are you running...
  74. Extra injectors or Methanol-
  75. New Friend for the camaro is here.....
  76. So 15lbs of boost isnt 15lbs of boost?
  77. ATI Cooling Improvement (Pics)
  78. No power
  79. How Much Airflow Am I Actually Taking In?? Experts??
  80. F1/F2 Procharger system...
  81. meth or nitrous?
  82. Gmr
  83. STS oil return into oil level sensor?
  84. Kenne Bell BAP-will a 40 amp be okay for a single pump?
  85. FMIC Pressure loss question
  86. Hi-Flo Update 6-7-2006
  87. Loss of a/c questions
  88. Scaling IFR to get negative LTFTrims for 60lb injectors-26%!!! FI application
  89. to MAF or not to MAf that is my question
  90. Power differance between mid frame and large frame turbos???
  91. Pulleys, Meth, And Boost Amount ?s
  92. 35 fi
  93. impression of my 1st CAS TT ride
  94. Maiden Voyage-Twin T67's-Short Video
  95. help! intermittent misfire
  96. high rpm closed throttle with SC
  97. F2 in a WS6....anyone done it?
  98. LS7 build up
  99. Can I tilt my radiator forward with the condenser still attatched?
  100. PCV Options HELP!!!!!!!
  101. Synergy All in One product line....
  102. what can you do to move oem radiator forward some
  103. Oil to Rear Mount Turbo
  104. Radiator Size
  105. wow crazy 99 pcv (not) valve
  106. plug gap for 20+PSI
  107. crank case pressure problem ???
  108. Turbo question
  109. Boost reference (fuel regulator) for STS...good setup?
  110. Who sells Procharger headunits?
  111. Whats the RWHP record with a F1R?
  112. blown Z06 fuel problem...??
  113. Quick Truck Question
  114. cutting radiator support?
  115. how to move radiator forward
  116. 90 mm throttle body for ls6
  117. phamspeed FMIC PICS
  118. flx-220
  119. to big for a 4.3L?
  120. Did some WOT Logs-I think I have a fuel issue-help?
  121. Why do you get more HP with a turbo set up?
  122. New Supercharger! now 1 question
  123. Need help with procharger noise/pulley issue *pics*
  124. bleeding off boost with this cam
  125. rear mount build up questions
  126. Few Q's
  127. GLM Tuned 382/Vortech (719hp 757tq)
  128. STS troubleshooting help
  129. 346/D-1SC@16psi=717rwhp@5200rpm Whats next?
  130. oil return question
  131. New 2 step and much much more just released by Synergy
  132. GMR Speed Twin Turbo
  133. Fmic??
  134. What's my compressor wheel trim?
  135. Kaos Released II ...w/pics
  136. Help me find this flange
  137. Some C5R pics
  138. MTI Procharged C6, Stock Block, Cam, and Heads - 711 rwhp!
  139. STS guys come inside
  140. Motor is once again ready to rumble!!!
  141. What exact sparkplugs for DART 225 heads on D1SC blower 9:5 LS6 motor?
  142. Explain A/R !!!
  143. Where To Buy V Band Clamps
  144. WTF Texas speed....????
  145. Turbo C4 dyno vids and initial numbers
  146. 700 rwhp with procharger possible ??
  147. menthal? alchol? gas pump fuel
  148. The new set up is up and running just working out a few bugs
  149. Roofer Dave's car ... 7.87 @ 179
  150. Vortech 38lb injectors rated at what pressure?
  151. turbo to big for the 4.3L?
  152. Tuning straight methanol, gots a question for the meth freaks..
  153. 25 to Blow
  154. Supercharging an LS1
  155. Water, Alky, Meth wtf is the difference?
  156. I was wondering????.............
  157. Hairspray??
  158. A/F Meter
  159. Timing Q
  160. Kenny Bell LS1??
  161. 408 iron and d1sc procharger
  162. bob @ EPP
  163. Another Hot Turbo Car?
  164. my FI PCV/Crank VAC system.
  165. turbo question here!!
  166. Oil pressure changes?
  167. The 9 Second STS build...
  168. coolant over flow tank?
  169. most rwhp out of sts turbo?
  170. Mounting of DevilsOwn pump?
  171. So what's the latest greatest clutch for FI?
  172. Can't make more than 13 psi
  173. The car runs!!!
  174. Video Of My 14 Psi, 751 Rwhp 93 Octane Dyno!
  175. should i run this
  176. Procharger Clutch setup...Help
  177. FI for California guys!
  178. Methanol More Boost???
  179. STS style turbo kit !------- and some general turbo questions
  180. What do you think I will spend????
  181. blue smoke at startup?
  182. Happy Birthday Kyle (NA$TY-TA)!
  183. Turbo Kit done, with Forward headers!!!
  184. First E85 LSx setup? Anyone doing this?
  185. What's the max with this setup?
  186. Thoughts on this cam for turbo????
  187. Safe amount of boost on a stock bottom end?
  188. Cut out after turbo yes or no
  189. Tuning?
  190. what is the difference in 98 knock sensors vs 99-02
  191. Initial Startup/Dyno of My Twin T-67's
  192. Video of my Nova idling
  193. Cost to rebuild 60-1 Turbonetics turbos????
  194. Laminova intercoolers?
  195. 6.0 heads n/a?
  196. W2W "SUPER" nova
  197. Reichard Racing 3.600 DIA Pulley...Boost?
  198. I hate fuel injection, but i love Forced induction (thinking out of box)
  199. anyone run boost w/o 2 bar pcm upgrade?
  200. My thoughts about meth injection
  201. From nitrous to turbo-----------!!!!!!!!------
  202. Oil Feed line question with Pic.
  203. turbo question
  204. Whats it good for?
  205. bov?
  206. STS owners, oil return?
  207. how much for procharger installed
  208. Should VE and MAF be calibrated for 9psi?
  209. leak checks
  210. DCR, 92 octane, F-1 or YSi trim , and me...
  211. At 10#`s of boost what would be the hp difference
  212. Need Vortech Instructions
  213. Couple shakedown passes *video*
  214. MP T70s mounted
  215. Downpipe flex pipe?
  216. How Much Boost?
  217. What upgrades could I do with a P1SC Procharger, to get the most out of it?
  218. Any before/after results of going LSX78 to 90/90 on 346-348 LS1 turbo car
  219. FMIC Installed (w/pics) Boost control Q too.
  220. i have a 8 rib ATI kit, what do i upgrade for the SDCE?
  221. Looking for a Turbo tune in Norfolk, Va area.
  222. How many larger turbo (80+mm) street cars?
  223. Paging Intmd8, how is your staged fuel injection working out?
  224. Big single turbo peepz, what muffler are you running?
  225. Caveman, did you sell your T-Trim car?
  226. A realistic HP guess?
  227. Jose Line One Jose Line One
  228. how much rwhp per 1 lb of boost???
  229. F-1 Growl
  230. Frustrated... Procharger guys... PLEASE HELP!!!
  231. Strange boost problem
  232. I bought a Procharger today!!!
  233. GT42 guys inside...
  234. Hp/Tq #'s From Truck Mani Setups??
  235. procharger cam ?
  236. Timing question...
  237. What shortblock "upgrades" should i look into for my build?
  238. Trick to Sealing V-Band clamps?
  239. pvc question
  240. need a drain me out please
  241. boost + ls1
  242. 1500 Rwhp.
  243. Trims?
  244. Tell me about your ATI 8-Rib experience
  245. Checklist
  246. map tune or maf for sc
  247. z06 Cam after FI
  248. u guys still using TR6 plugs for 750rwhp?
  249. cam good for a supercharger
  250. What do i need to use a MAP sensor instead of MAF?