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  1. some smoke?
  2. Spinning
  3. Best budget forged 347 shortblock?
  4. what else do I need for the sts kit...
  5. blower questions from a newbie
  6. Most power on stock LS2 Block?
  7. Bracket Question ( Vortech)
  8. What to buy on budget?
  9. another sts/rearmount question :)
  10. need a pulley
  11. 23psi.. iridium plugs or not and what PN??
  12. Finally!!! Cars on the road!!
  13. Anybody have before and after results of Alky injection? MM?
  14. STS Kits On sale at FFHP
  15. Anyone mash together headgaskets like import guys?
  16. Blowby
  17. Buying a used TTi street kit - seeking advice
  18. Boost gauges.. Mech or Electric?
  19. pump gas
  20. sts numbers true...IDK sts at 7psi?
  21. Front mount intercooler setups.
  22. what the
  23. Anyone have fans mounted on a FMIC?
  24. Around how much RWHP should I expect from this 346 setup?
  25. Head selection, need help.
  26. High boost and low timing... or...
  27. FMIC causing overheating
  28. sts idea, interesting...
  29. #)(*&$@!$(UJ!@%*!#%*(Yi5vj1325vU@!%U!*@%098j198yv1 280y5
  30. How suitable is this cam?
  31. Switched from headers to manifolds with rear mount turbo (results inside)
  32. Pete (PlanB) and Craig go 8.6 @ 157 on 1st pass
  33. Header Flanges
  34. My car is finally getting blown!!!!!!!!!!!!
  35. Need Answers Fellas
  36. rear mount turbo-first gen?
  37. wastegate dump or to exhaust
  38. Need help with cooling fans turbo LT1
  39. SVO Ford 42 lb injectors (Green) - Anyone need a set?
  40. V6 Turbo kits???
  41. Belt Help...
  42. Better in 90F temp.. 10.19 at 138.54 at Bristol
  43. more gear vs. less gear for turbo D/D app.
  44. MAF mounting question.
  45. Installing D1SC Procharger this week !!!!
  46. I need Blower Pistons
  47. Wideband ?
  48. MAF with F1
  49. vortech pulley help
  50. F1C/F1R Procharger Guys...
  51. AZ blower cam?
  52. Intercooler chiller info?
  53. F1 procharger????
  54. Numbers are in for GMR Speed Single T76-GTQ
  55. Stock internal Blower guys within please
  56. TT Kit 4 sale .. info
  57. new 911 (997) turbo in today
  58. few turbo questions
  59. TTI turbo kit
  60. Help! Looking for a Superchip program for a Vortech SC
  61. engine oil in the filter (turbo car)
  62. Recommended upgrades
  63. 2 kits in from the coaters today..
  64. would methanol injection be beneficial on a N/A motor as well?
  65. Where to get Wastegate spring?
  66. rear mount turbo???
  67. Which Intercooler Size should I use ?
  68. Dumped WG ?
  69. Procharger coming this week!!!!
  70. what block to start
  71. Boost referenced fule pressure regulators....STS guys might want to read this.
  72. oil smoke out of exhaust on my thumper turbo setup
  73. LT1 T-Trim Brackets
  74. Import/bike killing at US131 Sat nite *videos*
  75. Need Help listen to sound clip!
  76. Intercooler setup
  77. is there a place to buy brand new 6.0l heads?
  78. LT1 Vortech T-Trim start up video
  79. Questions about a twin turbo setup on a truck....
  80. twin turbo work in progress pics
  81. Which one of those cams for a boosted 427?
  82. Best F/I Intake Manifold
  83. First test drive on the new setup
  84. Escalade turbo install finished
  85. Cut out location poll
  86. How well do you think this air to water would work?
  87. Please desing my PCV system for turbo ls1
  88. Where to buy Procharger steel pulley??
  89. Is FMU necessary?
  90. what are the Pros and Cons of STS turbo on 5psi?
  91. help with a KB on my stang
  92. Bumper is back on
  93. mass airflow massager???
  94. VORTECH with TNT nitrous?
  95. were can i get a nice turbo cam for me
  96. Cut out after turbo
  97. PCV for boost
  98. Hit the track last night with the 3.4 pulley and 2 more PSI
  99. what the f---
  100. Do i need it
  101. IAT question- please define!
  102. got an idea....
  103. Getting Closer...
  104. 05 GTO with D1... *pics*
  105. Short video of a drive with phamspeed t76
  106. Why not inject Alky through the maf if it's commanded on after 512g/s?
  107. Piston to Wall Clearence?
  108. Planning for FI in the future, should I keep my LTs?
  109. Question about that bolt that holds on the blade of the turbo
  110. Changed blower running lean. Sounds dumb I know
  111. vacuum Question.
  112. What are 4l60-e guys doing running turbo's?
  113. who use's 2:73s in there TH-400 with boost?
  114. What rear gears = M6 + turbo
  115. Can I use the top vaccum line on the TB for boost hose?
  116. rear turbo question
  117. 45 pounds of boost
  118. Getting Ready
  119. twin turbo questions
  120. One turbo project finished twin turbo ta is next!
  121. Such a Newb Question..
  122. Driving with the T76
  123. tt408 first dyno fun
  124. TRT FMIC vs Synergy FMIC for STS???
  125. Help Build 355TT Setup
  126. Recent Progress Pictures
  127. Boost Gauge
  128. Where my turbo build is at right now...
  129. paging bob at epp and kp... what converter you running?
  130. Whats needed for 550hp
  131. Paging xssive.....
  132. STS/ Rear mount owners...In here now!
  133. Finally got my "bigger" turbos!!! PICS!!!
  134. 383 LT1/ T76GTS progress pics
  135. Alky / Water injection?
  136. Help!!! D1SC Belt Part No.
  137. What is the fastest procharged car running??
  138. 236/236 112 LSA with my Incon kit?
  139. My Turbo Z28 Begins Part 3...
  140. HP guesses for ls2 + d1sc + cam + fuel???
  141. keep the 226, or return to stock cam
  142. Opinions on this cam grind for boosted 422?
  143. How do you like your Procharger?
  144. Vid from last Clash race
  145. 9 months in the making
  146. My pvc setup
  147. Boost Reference
  148. where can i find bigger exhaust housings?
  149. cooling Fans for ATI procharger twin intercoolers
  150. SBF headers and LS1 flanges?
  151. Ice to air kits
  152. Supercharger and M6
  153. got the new turbo :D
  154. Slowly getting there, pics of progress *56 go home*
  155. STS experts
  156. Price? What setup for daily driver?
  157. What Auto's Are You 550+rwhp DD's Using???
  158. How Good Is The Procharger Bypass?
  159. Set up diagrams
  160. How do I hook up the IAT sensor?
  161. What size belt with TTi street kit?
  162. Downpipe vs. True Duals
  163. Vortech IC and H&C guys please come in!
  164. -8.6CC dish, with AFR225s good mix?
  165. HP guess
  166. anyone try this for a crankcase evac set up?
  167. Mike Brown wheelie on DR's
  168. STS Setup Questions
  169. Turbo cam/ which one for dd?
  170. any body else welding up there reluctor wheel?
  171. Does an Iron Block 370 sound better for a turbo than a 408?
  172. Does an Iron 370 ci sound right for a Turbo?
  173. Problems with sdce setup need suggestions.
  174. Dyno tomorrow morning!!!!!
  175. Would you spray it?
  176. Things they don't tell you about the 2/3 Bar OS ...and preliminary results inside
  177. Mission Completed.
  178. Got Kicked Off Track Today- 9.581 at 146.458mph-8lbs of Boost
  179. Ideal Turbo heads
  180. What kind of power would this make?
  181. Another Cam Question
  182. Another Boost question POLL
  183. an fitting assembly
  184. Race turbo setup, questions...
  185. Going the meth route, need help!
  186. phamspeed install is almost done
  187. STS Dyno #'s
  188. upgrading remote turbo
  189. twins on the truck are almost done
  190. SDCE 8 rib setup insructions?
  191. Do I need AIR?
  192. Stat Question
  193. Wormboy ( Steve Fereday ) hits the wall.
  194. D-1sc and what motor???
  195. The GMR verdict is in...
  196. Some more updates on my sts kit!
  197. low compression engine?
  198. Jet Hot Coating on Turbo Hot Parts
  199. i think i found a boost leak...
  200. Let's see your LT1 Supercharger Pics
  201. turbo car that smokes, out of ideas ...need some help
  202. how much is this ATI Z06 worth?
  203. Differences in Precision Turbo wheel styles???
  204. Turbonetics turbos
  205. Kenne Bell makes a blower?
  206. how much power should I expect?
  207. FI with Catch Can. How fast/much oil are you collecting
  208. where to install the methanol nozzle ???
  209. ANy boosted guys using fuddle converter??
  210. Bigger is ALWAYS better
  211. Any HP increase by changing cams wint my new motor???What are you running..
  212. HP/boost limit on a T67
  213. first drive with the Turbo SS!!
  214. Procharger broke second time!!!!
  215. Plugs
  216. Turbo-zones single turbo kit
  217. Info on Wastegate Springs
  218. The REAL stereo....
  219. Eboost users help please
  220. cutting out??
  221. Ran a little better at Bristol last night 10.36 at 135.5mph
  222. Sts, stock motor with cats no bolt-ons,523rwhp 545rwtq
  223. How much rwhp gain from this turbo cam on my STS setup?
  224. TR224 + Procharger = not advisable?
  225. D1SC Pulleys -- 8 vs. 12 Rib
  226. turbo injectors
  227. keep my heads or switch them
  228. Coolant
  229. Painting FMIC
  230. Radiator Shroud
  231. *RESOLVED* Anyone else getting jacked around by Griffin?
  232. where does this go
  233. catch can
  234. magnacharger dealers?
  235. big single or twin
  236. New forged setup is on the road !
  237. which boost controller with success
  238. all you sts much do you have in your setup
  239. The Tom Kempf Killa
  240. Dyno today- breaking up above 4500 ?
  241. Victor Jr.
  242. Bearing clearance? Rings end gap for FI?
  243. Catalytic converters with supercharger??
  244. Differences between 4.8 - 6.0 manifolds??
  245. Another Twin Turbo Car Completed From Gmr Speed!!!
  246. STS or Maggie or ECS on a C6
  247. Incon kit For Sale in classified section, just an fyi
  248. Will $5K Get a Stock TA Boosted?
  249. I need help
  250. Car dying middle of 3rd