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  1. What will the 6.0l truck heads drop a stock ls1 compression to?
  2. Interesting pictures....PT-67 next to a GT47-88
  3. D1 belt alignment?
  4. turbine housing question....
  5. turbo below oil pan... imm gonna need a pump so i got some questions
  6. what signs tell you to upgrade your stock ATI bypass valve?
  7. how often do you guys have to change your plugs?
  8. LT1 single turbo project beginning soon
  9. underhood turbo kits
  10. Newby 6.0L with Garrett TV81
  11. Cutout on a restrictive exhaust on a high-hp turbo car
  12. Finally got it started again
  13. Victor Jnr related queries
  14. Best Wastegate?
  15. new turbos for the 402...thanks Jose
  16. Which Cam
  17. how size is the mondo bypass flange and mondo inlet?
  18. Went to Hi Flo today...
  19. Need Crank Pinned...
  20. Anyone Have A Magnacharger?????
  21. Crank pin drill bit
  22. NEW Lingenfelter MAF for FI...
  23. Help me find a shop please
  24. Alky Control Methanol Injection install pics and results.
  25. needing a turbo for my car gt 70 went bad
  26. Where should i put my o2 sensors?
  27. highest hp on stock LQ9 heads?
  28. quick question on mechanical boost gauge
  29. Another Procharger Belt Problem 8 Rib
  30. Going to Procharge my '04 Tahoe
  31. PCV question
  32. what does it take to change a gtrim to an s trim
  33. Which By-pass valves are the SC guys using?
  34. Blower Time
  35. STS Turbo System
  36. turbo setup....
  37. Comp Cams' SC2 custom grind results :D
  38. Twin turbo on stock LS1 in 67 Camaro
  39. final draft, twins vs single, real world opinions..
  40. breaks up High boost headlights on, runs smooth same boost with them off???
  41. Dyno tune #'s
  42. Rotrex C38-81 Supercharger??
  43. Some Hi-Flo shiznit came in today.... (pics)
  44. problem with supercharger crank pulley
  45. Charlotte/ Raleigh area custom piping (mandrel/pieced together welded)
  46. should i stick with my turbo or what?
  47. Anyone run a bigger single turbo?
  48. jose (forced-inductions), do you take credit card?
  49. T4 vs T6..size?
  50. Benefits of Meth. vs. FMIC
  51. D1-sc on a stock LS1 , pulley size to make 9 PS1
  52. Turbo LT1 ??? guys
  53. lq4/ lq9
  54. New best for my junk *video*
  55. ? about cool down and RACE car with Turbos.
  56. max boost for stock block
  57. What catback are you running with FI?
  58. Methanol Tune ???? --Help Plz
  59. disapointing day on the dyno :(
  60. Need a 7-8 psi wastegate spring for T-netics deltagate
  61. Another dyno update.
  62. Oil from my turbo?
  63. Victor Jr. and PCV
  64. Something old, something new...turbo swap..
  65. Silicone Couplers!?
  66. 90 degree coupler from throttle body to maf
  67. A few pics of a friend's Z06 FMIC-->
  68. Found a few boost leaks...
  69. help needed on my dyno run
  70. Sts Please Help Asap!!!
  71. this turbo stuff can suck at times 13.4@87
  72. SC Vette Guys
  73. How much would CNC LS6 heads benefit a D1SC setup?
  74. STS drill any?
  75. E-boost 2 question
  76. ls1 heads?
  77. Would I benefit from a 2-step?
  78. TB for turbo car?
  79. Intercooler???
  80. i need help with 02 ss camaro
  81. What kind of numbers should I expect? 408 & 76mm
  82. launching on boost -STS need help
  83. Largest turbo possible w/TTi kit without relocating radiator?
  84. Centered inlet/outlet 4" OBX
  85. Red Rocket Update
  86. who makes the best a2w intercooler
  87. got an EPP FMIC for my procharged ws6....
  88. who has the lt1 twin turbo car?
  89. Sts Oil In Exhaust And Intake ?????
  90. Diesel Turbo Question???
  91. Forward facing headers from 5.0L?
  92. Controlling boost question
  93. What Are My Choices For Roots Type Blowers For My 2000 Ss???
  94. Blower cam
  95. autometer gauge pod - can't see gauges
  96. STS Car needs heads
  97. exhaust manifolds
  98. How many of you are running a turbo blanket??
  99. Anyone have an instruction manual for a HKS GTII wastegate?
  100. are the STS turbo systems good?
  101. HIFLO manifolds and cross-over are in!
  102. Its all coming together now
  103. How loud is an STS setup???
  104. Blower clutch
  105. Turbo Vacum
  106. yet another turbo build commencing
  107. thinking about procharger after iraq
  108. Whipple S/C
  109. Good news!
  110. Best afr heads for a 346 D1SC
  111. is it okay 2 use the blue oil lines for my feed/return
  112. 1st track outing for the turbo vette.. humorous times.. :)
  113. procharger leak!
  114. Crank bolt problem with Vortech
  115. Is a 3500 stall too much for 6.0/4l60e 12psi 3.08 gears???
  116. My new toy S95
  117. Im goign to see BOB @ EPP
  118. good valvesprings for sts
  119. Installing a BOV Greddy type s
  120. Boost guage: Mechanical or Electical
  121. Question about Turbo Kits
  122. what head for my s/c
  123. Static Compression Vs. Boost?
  124. 226/220 cam for TTi setup?
  125. Help me build my Turbo shortblock.
  126. Need some help identifying some metal I found in my oil.
  127. d1sc numbers
  128. Where to find 1/2" header flanges?
  129. STS Help
  130. sdce guys?
  131. D1SC people, need some advice.
  132. do all turbo cars run hot or is it just the design of mine?
  133. Re-locate the STS oil line
  134. does your alternator slip?
  135. valvetrain noise, in my procharged coupe
  136. Cog belt system for procharger ?
  137. need heads and cam
  138. Temps of water cooled turbos?
  139. 4L60e behind a turbo motor???
  140. Ohio forced induction turbo kits intro...
  141. truck manifolds/ ac ??? take a look please
  142. What options for Birds front ends with FMIC...
  143. Clearance problem with TTI Street Kit?
  144. Forced induction compression ratio
  145. what heads are you using for your boosted application
  146. Who's looking for a refund from Hi Flo?
  147. A/C delete questions
  148. How much boost/hp on SI motor?
  149. Heads and Cam or Fuel system???
  150. Limitations of pump gas - highest HP on pump gas
  151. Remotemount wastegate vacuum line placement
  152. Another CTS-V with an ATI ProCharger D-1SC
  153. Where are the O2 Bungs on the TTI Street Kit?
  154. Turbo TBSS
  155. Vaccum Leak?
  156. blower + turbo
  157. ford cobra ?????
  158. power steering pump as scavenge pump?
  159. Ever tried blower + turbo?
  160. Made a few hot weather passes yesterday..
  161. oil psi at turbo
  162. TTI turbo kit for LS1
  163. Putting togethor my kit
  164. ATTN: Kyle Farley.....
  165. Waste of money? opinions or experiences wanted
  166. will this work??
  167. paging stoleit
  168. Just installed SN-2000 (GEN ??)
  169. Help me find a shop...
  170. TTI and/or GMR Turbo Kit with 2 CATs, is it possible?
  171. Sighting...near Jeffersonville
  172. Catch can question
  173. Turbo cam Question
  174. Dry sump
  175. BBK SSI manifold
  176. First time at the track.
  177. Going to a different car setup
  178. IAT Placement on Turbo car?
  179. Magna-charged LS1
  180. spark plug problems
  181. Some TTi kit oiling questions before install
  182. Should I switch to race gas???
  183. BOV issues...
  184. do i need a restrictor for my oil feed?
  185. A couple of ?'s
  186. Some Vid of my Turbo SS
  187. Boosted 346 build
  188. what size cam?
  189. 2 milestones for the sts SS!!
  190. just installed!
  191. turbo headers with different primary sizing
  192. what kind of hp can I make with my disc, what parts?
  193. Something funny happend the other day
  194. best heads for turbo?
  195. Under hood temps
  196. Finally got some track results
  197. Iron block preparation
  198. Whats any one's opinion on the GMR Twin Turbo setup for LS1 Camaros?
  199. At what temperature will you not run your turbo setup???
  200. check out my drawings
  201. Center gauge mounting
  202. Turbo & 6.0L heads
  203. Dyno time once again
  204. need a pic of a GT42
  205. Procharger guru's inside
  206. Final Tune/Dyno done...
  207. Video of roots blower setup on F-Body
  208. Best tool for notching a k member?
  209. Thickest headgasket recommended for FI setup???
  210. any ideas on this? graph inside
  211. STS...worth $5k??
  212. Replace a/c condensor with intercooler
  213. Precision Turbos
  214. t3/t4 hardware kit?
  215. Alt's to Vortech heat exhanger and pump??
  216. Hi-Flo Install pictorial
  217. how hot is your supercharger!
  218. procharger drain bolt leak!
  219. vortech T Trim
  220. Where to tap boost for boost gauge
  221. ATI procharger IAT sensor
  222. Need help!!
  223. Did anyone add the Supercharger, Turbo, etc to their insurance?
  224. Turbo whine.......question
  225. Vortech Crank Pully bolt??
  226. FI + Injector question
  227. Incon spark plug wires
  228. LT1 vs LS1
  229. How Hard do you SPIN your Blower??
  230. STS owners - OIL LEAK
  231. EPP front mount intercooler kit?
  232. Turbo Money...too low?
  233. Post pics of where your FI Guages are located
  234. I found the solution Procharger inlet hat problems
  235. Please look at this thread
  236. What kind of alternator are you FI guys running in the hot weather?
  237. Someone explain this
  238. F-body Turbo Kit
  239. Pro Charger and G5x4
  240. PTK 1 wire high output alternator question
  241. Turbo Ls1 sand rail
  242. Procharger single fan shroud? (+ add #2 fan)
  243. trt turbo
  244. log headers vs. full headers
  245. Marko's old Supra on eBay
  246. Big Stuff 3 - Turbo guys, need help
  247. gapping Iridium plugs.. yes or no?
  248. Too much compression?
  249. Need help with identifying TTi kit
  250. Does anyone know this Pro Mod car???