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  1. What do you single digit cars think??
  2. Odd question, but what size turbo?
  3. Help with H/C package
  4. Help Please!
  5. what plugs?
  6. Spal fan wiring questions
  7. Heads up for FI guys looking for Track TnT at Norwalk
  8. Duke Goes New Best 7.71
  9. IFR Table
  10. lq4 heads, porting worth the $?
  11. hi
  12. Why ROTREX ? any others ?
  13. TURBO LOUD-ness...
  14. BOV location
  15. How much RWHP would you say the STS is good up to?
  16. Bob emailed me !!!!
  17. Is a breather required on drivers side valve cover
  18. How many Run with Manifolds
  19. Race gas???!!! Which one?
  20. fast 90 or victor jr
  21. Short Vid of the T TA
  22. OVER 825rwtq at 2300rpms
  23. info on this car
  24. bigger radiator
  25. Heads came back from machine shop
  26. Went to the track today, one of those days lol..
  27. old man cam or cheatr cam for STS?
  28. eboost2 hose routing to wg
  29. Stock SS or WS6 + Rear Turbo = ?
  30. Anyone here read Car Craft?
  31. Cylinders lean on 7 and 8?
  32. custom rear mount FINALLY on BOOST, now what??? (car is slow lol)
  33. catch can needed please help
  34. What size stall should i get or need?
  35. What do you 370ci turbo guys put down on pump gas?
  36. FLP DID NOT give me what I paid for!!!!
  37. Sts Kit On A All Stroke 395?
  38. no pics but a short update.
  39. First day out to the track with new combo-close but not close enough!
  40. what kind of hp can I make with stock heads, and maxing out d1sc?
  41. whats all need for a turbo set up?
  42. What should my Fuel pressure be at under boost?
  43. Stock 6.0L + XER281HR + TV81 W/12PSI Boost = ?HP
  44. sts turbo...what else is needed.
  45. GT47 VS GT42....size comparo pics needed..
  46. Is the Victor jr intake a good idea for my STS setup?
  47. Congrats KP for the win in his "turbocharged" T/A...
  48. Dropped my 0-60 time by .4 Sec on the street just from tuning
  49. oil problem
  50. What is the inlet and outlet OD of my stock MAF?
  51. turbo kit options for 98-02 ls1.
  52. Want to Procharge my SS
  53. Rotating Assembly For Turbo car
  54. best cam for my SC trans am
  55. Turbo-Zone
  56. Just a general Turbo question with 93 octane
  57. Went to the dyno..
  58. What Turbo Kit?
  59. Help
  60. 78mm Y2K turbo or
  61. t70 turbo max power
  62. oil catch can and pcv ventilation
  63. Which engine block to use for Procharged buildup??
  64. New #'s with the twins
  65. Single or twin for street/strip
  66. HMP-TV is looking for vids and pics!!
  67. Procharger RPM
  68. Oil Pressure drop under boost.. this is strange! help!
  69. Next Best mod
  70. Boost controller setup for Centrifugal blowers.
  71. wat can we do about rear running lean
  72. Blower belt much ??
  73. new motor
  74. Anyone running MAF and air intake low in the front nose?
  75. Twin screw on an F-body?
  76. Heads lifting under boost....
  77. Turbo placement??
  78. Procharger pulley alignment?
  79. What could the problem be, if any...?
  80. intake elbow problem
  81. ECS put an STS in the 9"s
  82. Stall too high for blower?
  83. More Boost?
  84. How do I eliminate boost creep on TTi kit?
  85. Cam advise please????
  86. turbo
  87. magnacharger
  88. Turbo guys, how much do u think I am leaving on the table with my small housing?
  89. custom front mount turbo build..
  90. Borg Warner Supercharger??
  91. i need some quick help with my turbo cam for hiflo kit
  92. What year is this truck manifold?
  93. Initial start up Question's
  94. Can you have too much intercooler?
  95. First pic - APS C5 twin intercooled twin turbo system
  96. Supercharged camaro intake help
  97. how to read compressor map???
  98. Well if its not one thing its another...
  99. forged internals for a D1SC procharger?
  100. Nw bracket for procharger install finished..ahhhh..
  101. turbo question
  102. Anybody have a TTi street kit intercooler?
  103. AFR's or LS7 heads for high hp boost motors
  104. Help me with my cam
  105. My PCV / Breather Setup **PIC'S**
  106. leaking boost?
  107. Calling all of you HIGH HP guys
  108. LT1 TA question
  109. General turbo oil question
  110. turbo on/off
  111. Injector opening time with 160lb injectors
  112. Turbo Choice Help
  113. oil In The Intake pipe
  114. Magnuson MP112 Baseline test/results
  115. Used OBX intercooler value?
  116. Both Incon Turbos Need To Be Rebuilt. Who should I Send Them To?
  117. D1SC with stock air filter location and lid?
  118. Vortech please
  119. Upgraded to D-1SC
  120. is a 90/90 set up good for FI - 90/90 leakage
  121. At what point would vertically mounted ATI intercoolers be done?
  122. this is what an aluminum inlet hat on procharger looks like
  123. Trailblazer SS turbocharged...
  124. V-Band leak
  125. think my MAF crapped out
  126. FI over 15psi boost, how much hp gain are you seeing (or ET) + 15 degrees of timing?
  127. Is my wastegate too small??
  128. If you cannot find a Sponsor Feedback thread look here-->
  129. Procharger inlet hat...
  130. Vertical flow vs horizontal flow intercoolers..
  131. How many have lifted ported 6.0L heads?
  132. Who can fab a 4" elbow ?
  133. HorsePower TV STS C6 TT
  134. Turbo LT1...maybe.
  135. Forced induction cam,,,,,,
  136. just purchased blown z06- what do you think of this setup?
  137. Accessory belt jumping
  138. roots vs centrifugal
  139. My CAR HATES ME!
  140. Will my new cam work for turbo???
  141. Sts High Boost Problem -- Need Help
  142. car dying after it gets warmed up.
  143. Car harder to start since relocating the MAF after intercooler?
  144. Compression ?
  145. Car runs for 10 sec and then dies--troubleshoot please!!
  146. Head Gasket leaks
  147. Head gasket help...sbc
  148. Paging Bob from EPP, D1SC inlet question...
  149. ahem.....IM 21 today!!!!!!!
  150. Out of the loop question, any TT kits yet?
  151. Got on full boost finally
  152. You guys say you like turbos?
  153. external wastegate???
  154. I've got a *noob* question i need answered!
  155. Procharger question
  156. What hp will i be looking at on my homemade kit
  157. Soooo close......
  158. What will the 6.0l truck heads drop a stock ls1 compression to?
  159. Interesting pictures....PT-67 next to a GT47-88
  160. D1 belt alignment?
  161. turbine housing question....
  162. turbo below oil pan... imm gonna need a pump so i got some questions
  163. what signs tell you to upgrade your stock ATI bypass valve?
  164. how often do you guys have to change your plugs?
  165. LT1 single turbo project beginning soon
  166. underhood turbo kits
  167. Newby 6.0L with Garrett TV81
  168. Cutout on a restrictive exhaust on a high-hp turbo car
  169. Finally got it started again
  170. Victor Jnr related queries
  171. Best Wastegate?
  172. new turbos for the 402...thanks Jose
  173. Which Cam
  174. how size is the mondo bypass flange and mondo inlet?
  175. Went to Hi Flo today...
  176. Need Crank Pinned...
  177. Anyone Have A Magnacharger?????
  178. Crank pin drill bit
  179. NEW Lingenfelter MAF for FI...
  180. Help me find a shop please
  181. Alky Control Methanol Injection install pics and results.
  182. needing a turbo for my car gt 70 went bad
  183. Where should i put my o2 sensors?
  184. highest hp on stock LQ9 heads?
  185. quick question on mechanical boost gauge
  186. Another Procharger Belt Problem 8 Rib
  187. Going to Procharge my '04 Tahoe
  188. PCV question
  189. what does it take to change a gtrim to an s trim
  190. Which By-pass valves are the SC guys using?
  191. Blower Time
  192. STS Turbo System
  193. turbo setup....
  194. Comp Cams' SC2 custom grind results :D
  195. Twin turbo on stock LS1 in 67 Camaro
  196. final draft, twins vs single, real world opinions..
  197. breaks up High boost headlights on, runs smooth same boost with them off???
  198. Dyno tune #'s
  199. Rotrex C38-81 Supercharger??
  200. Some Hi-Flo shiznit came in today.... (pics)
  201. problem with supercharger crank pulley
  202. Charlotte/ Raleigh area custom piping (mandrel/pieced together welded)
  203. should i stick with my turbo or what?
  204. Anyone run a bigger single turbo?
  205. jose (forced-inductions), do you take credit card?
  206. T4 vs T6..size?
  207. Benefits of Meth. vs. FMIC
  208. D1-sc on a stock LS1 , pulley size to make 9 PS1
  209. Turbo LT1 ??? guys
  210. lq4/ lq9
  211. New best for my junk *video*
  212. ? about cool down and RACE car with Turbos.
  213. max boost for stock block
  214. What catback are you running with FI?
  215. Methanol Tune ???? --Help Plz
  216. disapointing day on the dyno :(
  217. Need a 7-8 psi wastegate spring for T-netics deltagate
  218. Another dyno update.
  219. Oil from my turbo?
  220. Victor Jr. and PCV
  221. Something old, something new...turbo swap..
  222. Silicone Couplers!?
  223. 90 degree coupler from throttle body to maf
  224. A few pics of a friend's Z06 FMIC-->
  225. Found a few boost leaks...
  226. help needed on my dyno run
  227. Sts Please Help Asap!!!
  228. this turbo stuff can suck at times 13.4@87
  229. SC Vette Guys
  230. How much would CNC LS6 heads benefit a D1SC setup?
  231. STS drill any?
  232. E-boost 2 question
  233. ls1 heads?
  234. Would I benefit from a 2-step?
  235. TB for turbo car?
  236. Intercooler???
  237. i need help with 02 ss camaro
  238. What kind of numbers should I expect? 408 & 76mm
  239. launching on boost -STS need help
  240. Largest turbo possible w/TTi kit without relocating radiator?
  241. Centered inlet/outlet 4" OBX
  242. Red Rocket Update
  243. who makes the best a2w intercooler
  244. got an EPP FMIC for my procharged ws6....
  245. who has the lt1 twin turbo car?
  246. Sts Oil In Exhaust And Intake ?????
  247. Diesel Turbo Question???
  248. Forward facing headers from 5.0L?
  249. Controlling boost question
  250. What Are My Choices For Roots Type Blowers For My 2000 Ss???