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  1. noob turbo question...AR????
  2. 10.2 compression and boost?
  3. Is there ever gonna be a roots style blower for F-bodies??
  4. What pushrods, springs, and roller rockers?
  5. FAST 90/90 and D-1SC??
  6. Guys with 15+PSI on D1-SC... 1 Question
  7. Played on the dyno some today...492rwhp 578rwtq (video too)
  8. S95 turbo...any info on it
  9. Fuel pump question for Blower guys
  10. How much would a stock cubed ls1 weigh with twin turbos
  11. Experts needed ASAP: motor for my turbo
  12. Vortech question for the experts
  13. need help with powerdyne.
  14. Bob(EPP) or anyone else-10.7:1 c/r and boost question
  15. Video and Picture Dyno TTi Street Kit
  16. Turbo 201 (I think I am getting it...)
  17. Budget Turbo
  18. STS Help!!
  19. PTS Turbo install complete!!! Holy S***
  20. Need intercooler help for STS on a T/A
  21. good cam for blower
  22. t60 or t67
  23. Fastest stock block w/ turbo
  24. Catch can necessary w/ boost application?
  25. sts with ati twin intercoolers?
  26. root style blowers?
  27. oil help please
  28. Stock bottom end D1SC numbers
  29. Which is Better IC or Meth
  30. Catch Can for STS
  31. To methanol or not to methanol! That is the question!
  32. Any log manifold big HP?????????
  33. Any log manifold big HP?????????
  34. sts setup rear end gear question ring pinion
  35. Tial 38mm, or 44mm?
  36. Twin Turbo 98 Corvette
  37. STS Air filter cover
  38. D1SC pulley sizes
  39. D1SC Supercharger kit...Extras???
  40. Somewhat OT: Turbo Motors?
  41. D-1SC procharger belt size?.
  42. Switching out twin-high-flows for OBX FMIC?
  43. How much boost can a stock intake take.
  44. Vortech SC on LS1
  45. incon air filter part number?
  46. Anybody with "blower" experience?
  47. Will I be satisfied?
  48. ls1 boosted cam
  49. how much booste and power did you make with your stock manfolds??
  50. A little old news
  51. Who does custom A2W intercoolers?
  52. Procharger: Twin high flows vs. eBay
  53. Question on twin rear mount.
  54. QMP and TTi street guys...
  55. options
  56. Highest Dyno#s with an STS turbo kit anybody?
  57. Boosted Darton Sleeved 427
  58. FI Guys What ET's w/ How much Boost/HP
  59. Phamspeed guys
  60. time for water/alcohol... few ?'s
  61. Are any of the supercharger head units interchangeable?
  62. supercharger cam...
  63. FI head decisions
  64. Rearmount people IN!
  65. Need some more advice on turbo build.
  66. STS Turbo (Gauges)
  67. STS Turbo (Gauges)
  68. 1000 hp convertible
  69. HP limit?
  70. Turbo W/N2O
  71. What are your eng temp's with FMIC
  72. d1sc vs pt76gts
  73. Turbo Truck Dyno Video part 2 (higher quality)
  74. TRT or Jose Advice on STS Muffler Placement
  75. Why is my TRQ so low...?
  76. Parts List for fmic
  78. Cam and blower combo
  79. to turbo, or not?
  80. Magna Charger
  81. 760/722 Magna Charger?
  82. 6.0 heads and pa racing K-Member,
  83. 00 ls1 zo6 cam &intake pt76gts zo6 injectors
  84. what #s you think?
  85. D-1SC vs P1SC
  86. STS 60trim
  87. How hard is it to install an STS Turbo Kit?
  88. corvette c6 twin turbo
  89. big solid cam+superchager. specs inside.
  90. 7psi,8psi,9psi
  91. What Size Turbo & What Turbo Kit
  92. Something to compare to the KB Cobra
  93. Help me build a turbo setup!
  94. Compact air filter for the GT42, pics within.
  95. Need Help New.... What do yah think?
  96. Avalanche manifolds?
  97. Need help on how much boost on stock 6.0
  98. 370 LS1 + S78 = 1128 Rwhp
  99. Reverse split with supercharger
  100. Searching for information on a good Torque Converter
  101. Can a Hotchkis STB & Vortech SC live together ?
  102. 9 Second (STS) REAR mount setup
  103. Whats my boost limit?
  104. Need help!!
  105. The truth - 8.5 psi too much on LS6?
  106. Vortech Aftercooler vs. Alky injection
  107. Need some Procharger Parts...Where to get?
  108. building for STS kit@5psi
  109. supercharging a stock Ls1
  110. Finally got the STS tuned in!!!
  111. Spal 16" extreme part # ?
  112. lt1 turbo tuning problem?
  113. Post your setup, turbo, motor / Dyno numbers track nubers. ect
  114. Supercharger advice needed
  115. Steve Turley 8.15@ 174 on MT dragradials!!
  116. old plugs cause knock?
  117. I need a litte advice please.
  118. open downpipes?
  119. What kind of power are you 76mm guys making
  120. Ohio Boys Bradenton Finals.....
  121. What size boost gauge fits the center vents in trans ams?
  122. where to buy header collectors
  123. Boost gauge questions
  124. how much for a complete ProCharger F1R setup???
  125. Forced Induction and Dino Juice or Synthetic Oil?
  126. what cam??
  127. Replacing the procharger pulley
  128. Procharger vs Vortech vs STS
  129. is there a 90 mm maf?
  130. Streetable?
  131. Spool Time
  132. Will a T88 fit in the PTK
  133. STS 607RWHP 11.01 ET... and a #7 Piston
  134. supercharger maf problems
  135. STS turbo guys
  136. VIDEOS - Ball Bearing vs. Non-Ball Bearing
  137. Good ATI vs Vortech article
  138. Rob raymers old kit?
  139. Which plugs to use?
  140. My new Incon TT exhaust set-up.
  141. Guys with "HUGE" FMIC come in..
  142. Belt Slip Signs?
  143. sc & turbo opinions
  144. P1SC W/stock manifolds?
  145. ProCharger questions
  146. Heads Lifting and compression
  147. People with the STS in the 13s
  148. STS at EPP. - More video clips -
  149. 13 second Vid, on FJO water injection
  150. Is 4.040 bore to much for 6.0 iron block and FI
  151. Holes in ATI Fan shroud???
  152. Supercharger People inside !
  153. Vette C5 ECS Paxton results are in 617rwhp/572rwtq ...
  154. A2A VS A2W. Pro and cons of each
  155. Steve Turley goes 8.38 @ 171 on DR's
  156. pulley size???
  157. What times Should I expect With STS
  158. Truck headers....
  159. Water IC in winter
  160. Procharger install on LT1
  161. Procharger or Heads and Cam?
  162. New to FI, Powerdyne ?'s
  163. anyone with SD-concepts spring tentioner
  164. Why is it about SC cams.....
  165. Post pics of FMIC on a SS
  166. question about a FI stang
  167. Forged 347 or 370
  168. 750RWHP: How long will it last???
  169. what do you think of this setup
  170. Might Be Going FI, But I Have A Question
  171. Hotcam w/ S/C
  172. 3" collector to 2.5 crossover
  173. Gains with headers on STS setup??
  174. FLP 408 ci LS2 with F1 procharger does 747 hp on 93 octane
  175. Procharger kit pieces ?
  176. Anyone have pictures of where you drilled and tapped for oil supply for rear mount??
  177. need CAS turbo specs
  178. LS1 ProCharger Brackets Same as LT1 Kit?..
  179. Intercooler mounting/engine cooling question, with pics.
  180. anybody have sts kit with lowered car
  181. 408 Stroker with Boost
  182. Vacuum line routing question
  183. What not to do with a Turbo
  184. Live Video Of Our 1800 Hp Gto Being Assembled!!!
  185. What cam?
  186. 9.0CR with 10# boost or 8.5CR with 16#
  187. Supercharging with TR224 112LSA cam and other stuff?
  188. max psi to run...
  189. Superchargers: which one the best?
  190. Is this Head swap worthwhile
  191. supporting mods
  192. Turbocharger or supercharger?
  193. Weld in chrome moly sfc's made for STS
  194. Got my SDCE tensioner today
  195. Oil catch can for STS setup boosting 15lbs
  196. Garrett T04 Price??
  197. Should I switch to a Procharger?
  198. do i need new lifter for FI!!??
  199. Whipple 3.3L tuner kit vs. Starr Performance 3.3L kit
  200. O-ringing questions for boosted application 347
  201. A few questions about Turbocharging
  202. how much boost on stock ls1
  203. which short block with sts 76 turbo?
  204. Supercharger reliability?
  205. What turbo kit
  206. question, for fellow turbo cam intrest!!
  207. Any HI Flo kits delivered Yet?
  208. What you guys think of this setup?
  209. MAP Sensor Question
  210. Edelbrock fuel rail question??
  211. Stroked N Blown Project
  212. sts help
  213. procharger question
  214. ATI pulleys in replacement of vortech??
  215. Anyone think this is all related?
  216. Short video of my Stroker/Turbo setup
  217. procharger question
  218. Pulley size and boost
  219. Serious question about STS Turbo.
  220. Should I get BLOWN!?
  221. Turbo news 1/20
  222. f1 step up ratio
  223. My new heads :-)
  224. main and rod cleanrance for my iron turbo motor?
  225. TR224/224 - 114 W/ supercharger?
  226. From a 3.4 to 3.7 pulley, how many lbs less
  227. Fog Lights and FMIC, can they work together?
  228. Compound Charging
  229. Getting closer on the Race-Prep shop car build!
  230. Rear mount turbo smaller A/R question (why would it hurt performance, LONG)
  231. Can't decide, N2o or STS?
  232. Accufab 90mm w/ Victor Jr. Intake...what do I need?
  233. Turbo Nova Finally runs!! Pics-->
  234. need help! turbo oil problem
  235. Turbo housing?
  236. Pcv
  237. Really Want A Procharger But...
  238. I finally figured out my combo-what do you think?
  239. Harlan 2-step versus MSD Digital 6 plus
  240. boost and power on stock motor?
  241. A few questions before I go to the dyno....turbo gurus chime in..
  242. Normal for oil residue on exhaust side of new turbo?
  243. front mount turbo v.s. rear mount turbo
  244. STS - Where to put WBO2
  245. ATI steel Damper ???
  246. LS2 block strength?
  247. Came Close but didn't sell. COG Pulley's Procharger. I Lowered the Price...
  248. novi with J- bracket (SD spring tensioner?)
  249. How much boost?
  250. PTK turbo kits