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  1. How many are interested in the Kenne Bell potential?
  2. 6.0 heads with what valves???
  3. Bov?
  4. LS2 GTO Magnuson Superchargers Available!
  5. Forged engine question
  6. Need help from STS guys
  7. STS Sound clips from the Camaro SS we built
  8. What power level is realistic?
  9. Which Turbine Housing?
  10. aluminum or stainless for intercooler pipes?
  11. Come people, Brainstorm with me.
  12. Building my first Chevy Turbo Setup - Let me know how things look!
  13. US Street Nats in Bradenton Jan 27-29
  14. How much smoke is normal
  15. Turbo size/spool question
  16. HF Street Killer TWIN sneak peek!
  17. Such a thing as too much stall? (turbo motor)
  18. Whos running an F4 cam???
  19. Twins tech question..
  20. where to buy tial 50mm bov?
  21. Powerdyne Impeller Problems
  22. 317/ 6.0 head question
  23. Crank pulley
  24. What are you using in your alky kits?
  25. Just bought STS Kit, no bashing please
  26. Bullet muffler suggestions please??
  27. 1st time Procharger install, a couple of questions....
  28. running plumbing outside the engine bay
  29. 16" procharger Fan?
  30. Does anybody have a Really Quiet D1SC?
  31. Destroked 6.0 + T76 = Fun...
  32. turbo mounting bracket
  33. sts kaboom
  34. Will this turbo work?
  35. intercooler
  36. anyone heard of or use this alky inj kit
  37. Which FI set up?
  38. Boost/ HP limits for a STOCK LS1 shortblock?
  39. f body magna charger
  40. Why are most setups not run to their full potential?
  41. AEM uego wideband gauge?
  42. GMR SPEED TT engine bay pics....
  43. Sheetmetal intake for FI
  44. Help me build my setup
  45. well finally gonna dive into it.
  46. PTK vs. HI FLOW
  47. My friend is pretty busy....
  48. A project from last weekend...
  49. Oil Requirements
  50. Oil Requirements
  51. So who has an ATI + N2O?
  52. Injector size for 383 Lt1 sts
  53. injector size for 8-9psi STS kit
  54. OBX 3" FMIC
  55. Pics of 88mm GT47-88R
  56. just lookin for ballpark power figures
  57. leaning toward turbo
  58. Procharger Possibly For Sale
  59. Vortech YSi Help?
  60. supercharger choice
  61. supercharger choice
  62. BAP, which one? MDS or KB?
  63. Charge cooling (Magnacharger) where to start
  64. GMHTP Feb cover car
  65. Help with piping
  66. What if an LS7 met with...
  67. Belt size for 3.6" pulley D1-SC,
  68. downpipe ?s
  69. Procharger
  70. Enough BS,lets see dyno #s for ebay intercooled cars
  71. What is going on in this pic
  72. How much noise does a cogged belt add?
  73. More dyno #'s ,, 14.5 psi
  74. Problems with turbo kit STS need help
  75. Cam Suggestions Please
  76. Getting My T-trim Rebuilt
  77. Behind Pass. Seat Intercoolers
  78. 11.30 1/4 mile at 142mph - Our twin turbo C5 Z06
  79. D1SC vs T-Trim
  80. time for the next step. i need help picking out a turbo/turbos for 1600+fwhp
  81. what happened to HI-Flo?
  82. Sts Question
  83. BOV placement
  84. My new turbo is in the shop
  85. STS Question
  86. cleaned maf = running rich??
  87. How many are running a cooler Stat like 160/180 degree
  88. procharger guys with twin intercoolers/small IC fans
  89. my 3rd gen TT build
  90. anyone in ca to fab twin turbo headers
  91. c6 kit to c5
  92. Post up dyno numbers with stock motor and turbos.
  93. Help choosing new turbo...
  94. welding to the oil pan
  95. best bang for the buck for S.C.
  96. Any problems spraying meth through the MAF?
  97. Motor is finally done! Bling Bling pics...
  98. Temperature in headers VS crossover pipe
  99. STS turbocharged Heat Shield???
  100. T3 vs T4 (Turbine)
  101. new sts turbo kit
  102. SMIC possibility on trans am?
  103. caterham / super7 idea - few simple ls1 questions
  104. Need help...
  105. D1SC Belt problem too small?
  106. Wastegate or Pullies???
  107. What size injectors do i need for 8-13 psi???
  108. What is a safe amount of boost
  109. Silicone Vacuum Hose Diameter
  110. Turbo Oil Feed?
  111. How much Boost Before Belt Slip Occurs?
  112. another sts question regarding the exhaust
  113. need help w/sts kit (ls1)
  114. check out my shirt!
  115. surge valve for p1sc
  116. Engine test fit
  117. guys w/ alternator relocation.....
  118. Need pics of single turbo builds....
  119. Turboooooo
  120. Milling LQ9 heads?
  121. Parts for procharger
  122. STS Spool time
  123. Building my OWN Procharger KIT
  124. Which plugs to use and at what gap?
  125. Few questions on a D1SC..please help
  126. Cool turbo SS build-up at Icon Autosports..
  127. Hey, what do you guys think?
  128. All in one gauge you FI might be interested in
  129. Quick turbo selection question
  130. Ordering fans for powerdyne tmrw..couple questions
  131. Electric Fans HELP
  132. Supercharger maintenance?
  133. Phamspeed install after 8 months of waiting
  134. Turbonetics Suggestions...
  135. looking for turbo kits for c5
  136. upgrading fuel system
  137. Roots Type Blower
  138. Which first? H/C or SC
  139. Apexi avc-r boost controller help...
  140. Happy New Years To Fi
  141. PT 2, My truck manifold turbo set up is done and running!
  142. Injector size for turbo?
  143. Powerdyne belt slip, Help Again!!!!!
  144. Which Boost Controller To Buy for STS
  145. GMR or GroundZero kit?
  146. GMR SPEED TT pics inside
  147. CAR WONT IDLE! wtf ! Help PLZ!
  148. sts turbo what plugs to use?
  149. STS Turbos: Cat or no cat
  150. where to get threaded air temp sensor??
  151. question revisited...15psi doubles the N/A hp, right?
  152. Turbo Screens...who else runs one?
  153. 5.3 truck with custom GT42 results
  154. Air temp sensor on turbo
  155. Cheapest turbo kit
  156. quick tapping question
  157. 994rwhp 863rwtq
  158. What's better for FI LS1, Hi CC Low DCR or Low CC Hi DCR?
  159. Pros and cons of 2.5" crossover vs 3"
  160. Is anyone running aftermarket Fuel Rails with there FI setup?
  161. for the experienced sts lovers
  162. where do you buy rubber elbows?
  163. D1SC is it TOO much
  164. I love my LT1
  165. Which head( 241, 243, 035) for stock bottom end and 8-9 lb P1SC
  166. Which Procharger
  167. turbo oil line size?? dumb question?
  168. Who fabricates turbo manifolds?
  169. what to get
  170. Can I tap my oil pan here or not really?
  171. bs3 boost controller - any information?
  172. Twin Turbo LS1... What injectors?
  173. What AFR Target for FI + Nitrous?
  174. Boost Gauage Directions
  175. Any DIY'ers lookin for a turbo?
  176. The Lux-0-Barge from Down under
  177. Supercharger...Should I go with 2.5" or 3" TD's?
  178. Get rid of the PCV or not??
  179. can I reuse my Cometic gaskets?
  180. Low boost in lower gears
  181. STS rear turbo kit & Catback ???
  182. Need intercooler pics
  183. Is installing the Procharger also a good time to install a pulley?
  184. (Plugs for STS kit)
  185. install instructions for Incon twin turbo kit...
  186. Question about setting up oil lines for custom rear mount single turbo.
  187. Another FI head question
  188. procharger boys running FMIC
  189. A&A vortech kit + 02 Z06?
  190. Turbo Header Fabrication
  191. Pros and Cons of these superchargers?
  192. Question regarding setup
  193. Has anyone made there own custom turbo setup ?
  194. 3.3 Whipple
  195. 851 rwhp mustang dyno vid
  196. what rear on a turbo car
  197. Turbo charger
  198. ~ 2006 Boosted List ~
  199. Turbo charger
  200. radiator? for a turbo car
  201. 6.0 manfold stud removal and bolt replacement
  202. Where to get turbine parts??
  203. What Fuel Filter with a Supercharger?
  204. What type oil are you using?
  205. heads 4 FI
  206. sts kit (rust on the turbo)
  207. Good idea or bad, coating turbo from sts
  208. Anyone having trouble with their methanol pumps?
  209. Oil feed line restrictor
  210. how long should a open dp be?
  211. Please give me your opinion on this turbo...
  212. 9 second and faster turbo a3/a3 cars...
  213. soon to be FI LS1 owner
  214. Custom truck manifold hot parts for sale
  215. Looking for an oiling system for a custom rear mount set up, please help!!
  216. Would I see more rwhp - Gear change
  217. need help with 2 bar hardware
  218. Who has the advantage?
  219. What head gasket to go with for HIGH boost???
  220. Help me pick a mild blower cam
  221. Different Air Filter Set-Up for Vortech?
  222. Superchargers
  223. what comes with procharger kit
  224. homemade turbo system
  225. Lets say I wanted to push 12+ psi on my P-1....
  226. Just bought STS
  227. How to deal with oil coming out of driverside breather filter
  228. Piston compression height
  229. Part # For Procharger K&N Filter...
  230. guaging interest ATI P1sc stage 2 kit *NEW*
  231. LT1 Turbo Question
  232. merry christmas
  233. Pulleys for F1R
  234. How many guys running 396-398 CID?
  235. I Got Turbos For Christmas!!!!
  236. Max boost on a stock 5.3...
  237. 98 firebird v6 supercharger
  238. SLP flow pac (help a new member out)
  239. CAS bin file
  240. whats the max hp on a build but not exotic motor combo
  241. Compression height
  242. Heat shields
  243. STS issue! Please help!
  244. Higher ratio rockers w/ FI setup?
  245. Hot cam with turbocharger??
  246. What heads and cam on a Z06 with a blower
  247. Poweryne belt slipping, HELP!!
  248. Collector test fit pics
  249. First runs on the 408 /T88 combo
  250. Blower?