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  1. Ok, so, ordered the following, what else is needed?
  2. Need help fast, I can't find my STS oil check valve!
  3. Some more pics: Downpipe, alternator, turbo bracket, new clutch etc
  4. Where to get Procharger ????
  5. STS oiling setup???
  6. Turbo charging and exhaust sound
  7. how much power out of a powerdyne? are they woth it??
  8. new forged 346 & ATI A&A D1 KIT
  9. How Big of a cam is this? For a turbo
  10. Who sells Twin Turbo kits now?
  11. STS KIT Routing IDEA
  12. Co2 to help spool
  13. 232/228 .588"/.581" 115 LSA Good or Bad Turbo Cam
  14. GT42 vs GT45 vs 76GTS
  15. Felt like posting a mockup pic of the TT 427 SBC Mustang...
  16. Ptk ???
  17. do turbos cure the rasp of a catback?
  18. Gota a good thread about to get started soon
  19. Procharger...What else is needed?
  20. Is the Master Power T70 any good?
  21. Q's about turbo set ups
  22. STS turbo , exhaust pictures
  23. Help! Are my heads warped
  24. Any Procharged C5s in southeast Michigan
  25. Best year pcm for FI tuning?
  26. Opinions of FAST intake w/ FI
  27. spark gap for turbo application
  28. Turbo mounted an getting closer...AGAIN!!!
  29. Can i add MAGNACHARGER non I/C to my current AFR 205 cc heads + 224/228 cam setup ?
  30. can an intercooler be too big?
  31. head gasket problems w/ a super charger ???
  32. Considering Vortech Kit, Please post #'s/input
  33. Hi Flo "Street Killer" updates
  34. Pulley and intercooler help
  35. general turbo questions or looking for some good indepth sites on turbos in general
  36. 6.0L Manifold Flanges
  37. s/c pushing out head gaskets
  38. Any luck w/ cam motion cam?
  39. Input Please - 2002 TA A4 + 427 & D1SC = Glowing Headers at Cruise??
  40. Anyone ever use 5.3l truck manifolds?
  41. STS blow off placement
  42. Have maggie...Does cam need to go?
  43. d1 boost?
  44. ?'s on T04E turbo on my LS1
  45. well ran the PTK LS1 at the track
  46. Turbo exhaust
  47. TBYRNE Motorsports' Magnuson Supercharger Experience Is Now Open!
  48. d1 @ 5 psi
  49. camming a stock internal FI car
  50. Liften them on an STS!!!!
  51. Twin turbo truck progess pics
  52. gauging interest turbo kit
  53. ATI Race Bypass valve
  54. 6-71 Blower
  55. How much power on stock 6.0 piston & rods?
  56. Congrats the the Ohio Boys with the win at SAR.
  57. since we're on the topic of new bests....
  58. New best today - well 1/8 mile anyhow ;)
  59. Hi-Flo Turbo...........
  60. Thinking about going OBX..Couple questions
  61. Supercharger/Turbo Bolt on car?
  62. FFHP T76 single turbo Corvette kit PRICE UPDATES
  63. What IATs are the blower cars on here running?
  64. Anyone tried these plugs?
  65. So My Procharged Z28 Snaps Crank Hub Takes parts with it..
  66. Another Confused Noobie... guide me, FI experts!
  67. Would this turbo work for me?
  68. Add me to the 2005 boosted list!!!Woohoo!
  69. wow I fell off the face of the earth
  70. looking for LT1 turbo dyno #
  71. what times do you think i should run??? any guesses are good
  72. Clearance questions about truck manifolds
  73. HELP... How to run 14-16psi on D1SC???
  74. What's your fuel economy like?
  75. Stenod Performance...New Project!
  76. & ECS
  77. 504rwhp/512rwtq dyno to only 5K...
  78. Water/Meth.Inj v CryO2
  79. Procharger Vs. Turbo
  80. How does a Precision PT-88 compare to a Innovative GTB 88?
  81. friend with srt-4 needs info
  82. Need some help/ideas with start up with large injectors
  83. SPAL fan / ATI fan shroud questions
  84. Height?
  85. 8-1 or 9-1 compression with twin turbo?
  86. Max power with Maggie? How to do it
  87. What radiators for 600 + RWHP boosted?
  88. Driveability of 9.0 ish :1 when not in boost?
  89. things you wish you knew before getting into FI
  90. PT or the like turbo lifespan?
  91. LS6 cam specs? Good for forced induction?
  92. Hi-Flow Horsepower
  93. Borowski Race Enterprises?
  94. procharged C6 stock motor 8psi/ran 10.35@130
  95. Anyone see the Nickey Chevy 35th SS with a 427r TT
  96. Running 4-5 PSI with stock tuning
  97. STS Radiator hold down
  98. Just bought a 871 blower
  99. what oil for procharger head unit?
  100. where does everyone buy there methonal??
  101. Where to buy 4" OBX intercooler
  102. Need help with remote turbo oiling!!!
  103. Is ther a difference in turbos?
  104. Hardcore Racing Announces the Warhawk LS7X Block by World Products!
  105. Super Street & Drag Radial F3 Procharger!
  106. Who's running Iron or Aluminum block?
  107. who has 12 rib ATI pulley for sell??
  108. wtb: turbo hot parts or hot and cold - non intercooled
  109. STS Turbo with Wideband
  110. Turbo rpm's?
  111. would this be a good turbo cam
  112. Kenny's STS/CARTEK Turbo GTO goes 9.95 @ 135+ today
  113. Electric Vacumm Pump Crankcase
  114. which FI motor is for me? help me decide!
  115. hose and pipe for boost apps.
  116. Finally Got to the Track!
  117. twin turbo 3500hd problem
  118. With 2 steps...
  119. GMR SPEED turbo install special.....
  120. Who's TT Hawk in this month's HPP mag
  121. STS oil problem
  122. How difficult is it to tune a LS1 for 5psi with a rear mount turbo?
  123. 600+ rwhp reliable turbo setup?
  124. (GMR speed) t76 turbo kit!! wow looks like a sweet kit!!
  125. BIG cube TURBO guy's
  126. C6 vette ATI Procharged 8 PSI 10.35 @ 130
  127. SDCE spring tensioner final results
  128. What is wrong with my car?
  129. Help with the StS turbo.
  130. how to lubricate methonal system
  131. anyone interested in 500ci forced inducted...with reliability?!
  132. New best for my rear mount single turbo 9.6 at 145 ( Video within )
  133. eBoost Controller
  134. Which head gasket for 76gts and forged bottom?
  135. New best ... 10's so close!!
  136. turbos
  137. C6 Magnuson installed with hood pics
  138. Who has the Fastest F-Body using a true STS?
  139. Mike Romain Signel Turbo Vette Pump Gas = 9.66
  140. What clutch are you guys running?
  141. Procharger whine.....anything I can do to quiet it down a little?
  142. supercharger recommendations
  143. LS1 Crankshaft Drill Kit Help?
  144. Blower belts
  145. stock pump
  146. What would it take to build your own meth Inj. Kit??
  147. All you Accufab and Wilson Tb users...
  148. Turbo cam comparison and dyno results
  149. huh, ever see a 4" obx type (xspower) intercooler like this?
  150. Finally, PRELIM numbers, home T76 kit.
  151. Where to find S/C belt
  152. Help needed...
  153. Vortech S Trim vs. ATI Procharger P-1SC
  154. 8 rib pulley for SDCE tensioner??
  155. Intake hat for the D1-SC
  156. Supercharger or Turbo for me???? Totally stumped
  157. HKS boost controller
  158. F1 pulley torque specs?
  159. Plastic Plenum
  160. Hi Flo's "Street Force" twin turbo system for C5 is up and running
  161. Who holds the record for highest 6 speed FI on pump gas?
  162. (THE OFFICAL)help noobies choose the right cam for application!!!
  163. Turbo guys - do you use a full dish or partial dish piston??
  164. Finally started my own LS1 camaro TTi race kit turbo project
  165. D1SC pulley swap! Glad I did it.
  166. Turbo for road race?
  167. best turbo kit
  168. single or twin turbo?
  169. Running A/F < 10 . . . Build Boost Or Not?
  170. Where to get a bypass valve
  171. turbooost
  172. Any reason NOT to use a BOV w/ my turbo?
  173. If you are looking for YSi stuff....
  174. Did BigTTPaul run a 8.5?
  175. MasterPower GT45 results
  176. Finally!! Got the tranny, motor, and twins installed!
  177. Any suggestions on a possible problem
  178. Blow off valve
  179. ls2 402 twin turbo VIDEO
  180. IAT relocate to EGR location. How?
  181. Turbo or Supercharger!!!
  182. GMR SPEED twin turbo ......
  183. Extreme FI Heads....
  184. Need help! Which turbo system to buy for emissions compatability?
  185. Turbo Stuff at SEMA 05
  186. Multi Level Boost controller
  187. Internal Wastegate - Downfalls?
  188. Need Sts Tuning Help In Il
  189. cam
  190. Weiand 144 Blower
  191. STS turbo size?
  192. Street Killer Dyno Numbers
  193. Cam for Powerdyne kit????
  194. Any pics of LS1SPEEDs "Eliminator" turbo kits?
  195. Turbos "Look Inside"
  196. Is it possible to buy everything but the head unit?
  197. Procharger needed
  198. CARTEK C6 Stage 1 Twin Turbo First Track Runs, 10.62 @ 130
  199. New to the Turbo... NEED HELP
  200. STS Doubters....
  201. LT1 Procharger 12 rib D1SC/P1SC 7.65 and 3.40 people inside!!!
  202. crank pulley problem
  203. SC's with ported & polished TB?
  204. Should I be OK with my 918s for the time being? *9psi and 6.0L heads*
  205. Need assistance on FI gauge selection
  206. ***Make Your Own Sale - Save Up To $400.00!***
  207. Roots type blower?
  208. Turbo guys inside (STS)
  209. boost gauge?
  210. Made a few 'street trim' passes this afternoon
  211. PTK is finally here!
  212. need advice on tt sbc project
  213. ATI Procharger 5-7 psi
  214. Design on FMIC... HELP!
  215. Post Pics of your Meth Setups
  216. Whipple Superchargers?
  217. Pic of turbo headers
  218. Anyway to stop the STS oiling of the engine?
  219. New STS Times
  220. Want to upgrade to an 8-rib
  221. 67 Camaro's 104MM Update
  222. Deeper in the 8's with CE
  223. ID of Precision turbos
  224. A/R ratio for 427ci twin turbo....
  225. Magnacharged LS1
  226. W2w
  227. advanced turbo tech
  228. TTi Stage X - Stock Bottom End - Corvette Dyno Numbers
  229. cam with super or turbo,good idea?
  230. D1sc kit on Ebay? Is this the old style D1?
  231. Rough Idle problem solved!
  232. Lrry93 finally good results from the STS
  233. Where to spray meth at?
  234. Where to spray meth at?
  235. DIY 6.0L truck manifold TT?
  236. part # for 8 rib belt from a/c to ati damper
  237. Precison released there own line of ball bearing turbos
  238. Did you know.........
  239. Newer Numbers
  240. Hi-Flo Horsepower Numbers
  241. procharger/LS1/1970 Camaro - has anyone done this?
  242. lQ9 heads??well im ordering a turbo and new heads and cam
  243. Bandwidth at EPP
  244. ?'s about stock ATI bypass valve...
  245. pt88 questions
  246. A2W intercooler fill.
  247. drive 3000 miles with an STS?
  248. twin 67's....or.....
  249. I need experienced opinions on the STS turbo setups
  250. Difference in meth/water/washer fluid ??