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  24. check this out!! twin whipple
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  26. So i had a fun sunday did everyone else?
  27. Tell me why the turbo guys don't use shorty headers?
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  30. OMG!! Not another "what turbo" thread...
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  35. i have a question about heads. help
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  38. Performance Racing Industry 2005 Photos!
  39. Professionally Installed
  40. 363 versus 383 cid with a T-76GTS
  41. best compression for whipple charged 408?
  42. PTK mock-up
  43. Where does your combo make peak torque?
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  45. Vortech TA & C5
  46. T3 with .84 a/r or T4 w .81 ar
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  52. I got the SDCE setup, but i have a question.
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  56. help with my heads.
  57. nice turbo vette
  58. Ordered my Novi 2000 today, Need help with fabing mounting brackets
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  60. how much is safe
  61. air to air converted into water to air ?
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  63. Long or short primaries on headers?
  64. Anyone use a TV8101 or simular
  65. Magnuson on bone stock LS1/A4
  66. Please help me get to 600 rwhp with Mag on Vette
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  68. Advice on Gauges
  69. how many turbo lt1 cars and setups on here?
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  73. ARP bolts or studs?
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  76. tr227 reverse split cam with blower
  77. Fel-Pro head gaskets for FI?
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  79. Which size should i go with?
  80. I got oil ,vortech
  81. Turbo on the SLP motor
  82. New project help! 402 or forged 346 w/ FI? Goal=500whp
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  85. My Stenod Performance Project Update (*PICS*)
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  91. New motor?
  92. Please comment on proposed advanced set-up
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  94. Manifolds and Welding
  95. How much boost can this engine handle
  96. Vortech/Procharger?
  97. Procharger - Reverse rotation ???
  98. Wastegates and PSI rating-
  99. Venting To Atmosphere Cons
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  101. 10.3:1 CR too high for a blower?
  102. Rear-Mount Single turbo goes 9.33 at 149
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  104. mechanical vacuum/boost gauge guys step inside
  105. Track times for my turbo setup...
  106. LS1 5.7 - Turbo
  107. Help
  108. Question about cost..
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  112. Special order (quiet procharger)?
  113. FINALLY finished...
  114. turbo collector, whats the best way?
  115. Need advice, Z06 or Stealth II cam w/6.0 heads
  116. Just wondering why STS doesn,t make Tune Port kits
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  118. Wishing MM speedy recovery...
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  120. Plumbing now finished!
  121. Need help what shall I do
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  123. Whipple tuner kit????
  124. GMR SPEED TURBO Sale 1 week left save over $400
  125. who is SDCE?
  126. Ported 317's or AFR 225's for FI?
  127. Gauges
  128. Question on H/C affect on spool
  129. Are 6.0L 317 heads worth it?
  130. turbo size Q
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  135. 383 Stroker Blower
  136. need fuel system ideas for d1sc on a 383
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  138. rear mount turbo
  139. 346+F1+17lbs= 770rwhp
  140. EPP Procharged CTSV vid
  141. Having collectors built
  142. TTI Street kit question????
  143. will this fit under my hood?
  144. If anyone is interested in building a boost stroker setup...
  145. Turbo LS1 badges, gay or not?
  146. Pics of magnacharged f-bodys
  147. turbo ignorance here =)
  148. sts gt 67
  149. Please recommend a cam for this setup?
  150. lookinf for procharger tune
  151. Anyone tried FI on a flex fuel 5.3?
  152. Paxton Novi 2000 on a LS1 SS?
  153. Head gaskets for boosted application
  154. Turbo F-body (pics)
  155. WTB 02 SS with Procharger or STS Turbo
  156. turbo options when building a rear mount system
  157. How much boost?
  158. My new setup
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  160. My first track times...
  161. how much boost from a S-trim?
  162. Exposed: Hi Flow's Street Force C5 turbo kit
  163. proflow bypass valve on procharger dsc1
  164. New ZEX Power Plugs for F/I &NOS setups anyone using them good or bad
  165. Procharger pullies
  166. What would this be worth? Maybe selling my Procharger setup..
  167. debating on engine setup for turbo..EXPERIENCED ADVICE APPRECIATED
  168. FI or heads/cam/intake?
  169. any if you vortech guys fried an alternator?
  170. What setup for supercharger?
  171. hp gains with 1.8 rockers on STS kit
  172. Super Charger info
  173. F1 Procharger?
  174. Maxing Out MAF - LT1
  175. STS turbo
  176. Magnacharger with 383?
  177. humor me, material questions...
  178. what are some good single turbo kits
  179. Will an LT1 Turbo Technology kit work on an LS1?
  180. custom nose, intercooler piping, STS
  181. CARTEK / STS Rear Mount Single sets new best ( 9.4 at 148.79 ) on drag radials ! !
  182. A4 to M6 swap: do I have to change my setup?
  183. Hi Flo Turbo Street Killer Turbo Kit Sale
  184. sts quality
  185. Ambient Temp Vs Boost?
  186. Boost calculator accurate??
  187. Well, my TT ended the season with an 8.49
  188. Jose, do you have a ptk TE44 compressor map?
  189. first time at track w/ptk does it work?
  190. New HP Numbers
  191. any company, who does make big front mount intercooler for procharger?
  192. Guys running 4 Inch down pipes...
  193. Any advantage to using LS2 coils for turbo LS1 engine?
  194. 3.3L intercooled Whipple screw blower
  195. Q's on an oil line on a rear mount setup
  196. Finally finished my changes etc...
  197. How would the new Dart heads hold up to alot of boost??
  198. Any advice to get 600rwhp with my sts set-up
  199. My Stenod Performance Build Take Another Step Foward
  200. Some STS graphs and a 2bar tune on a 98?!?!?!
  201. which LQ9 heads for blown 408?
  202. Fast Intake Manifold
  203. Looking for hose fittings
  204. What all to get going with STS kit, what i need to know.
  205. finnaly got a turbo!
  206. Finally got it running and boosted!!
  207. Patriot duals overkill?
  208. Final Pump gas numbers from FMS
  209. Our site now up and running
  210. Ok, so, ordered the following, what else is needed?
  211. Need help fast, I can't find my STS oil check valve!
  212. Some more pics: Downpipe, alternator, turbo bracket, new clutch etc
  213. Where to get Procharger ????
  214. STS oiling setup???
  215. Turbo charging and exhaust sound
  216. how much power out of a powerdyne? are they woth it??
  217. new forged 346 & ATI A&A D1 KIT
  218. How Big of a cam is this? For a turbo
  219. Who sells Twin Turbo kits now?
  220. STS KIT Routing IDEA
  221. Co2 to help spool
  222. 232/228 .588"/.581" 115 LSA Good or Bad Turbo Cam
  223. GT42 vs GT45 vs 76GTS
  224. Felt like posting a mockup pic of the TT 427 SBC Mustang...
  225. Ptk ???
  226. do turbos cure the rasp of a catback?
  227. Gota a good thread about to get started soon
  228. Procharger...What else is needed?
  229. Is the Master Power T70 any good?
  230. Q's about turbo set ups
  231. STS turbo , exhaust pictures
  232. Help! Are my heads warped
  233. Any Procharged C5s in southeast Michigan
  234. Best year pcm for FI tuning?
  235. Opinions of FAST intake w/ FI
  236. spark gap for turbo application
  237. Turbo mounted an getting closer...AGAIN!!!
  238. Can i add MAGNACHARGER non I/C to my current AFR 205 cc heads + 224/228 cam setup ?
  239. can an intercooler be too big?
  240. head gasket problems w/ a super charger ???
  241. Considering Vortech Kit, Please post #'s/input
  242. Hi Flo "Street Killer" updates
  243. Pulley and intercooler help
  244. general turbo questions or looking for some good indepth sites on turbos in general
  245. 6.0L Manifold Flanges
  246. s/c pushing out head gaskets
  247. Any luck w/ cam motion cam?
  248. Input Please - 2002 TA A4 + 427 & D1SC = Glowing Headers at Cruise??
  249. Anyone ever use 5.3l truck manifolds?
  250. STS blow off placement