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  1. POOR man's low slip converter?
  2. 5.3 running Microsquirt 2, waste spark and fuel *1-8-13 updates*
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  4. Opinions on gt4202 for 370
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  6. Vengeance built 2009 C6 Z06 TTix Twin Turbo System makes 847/776 on 12 lbs of boost
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  8. Mayhem Motorsports / Lucado Racing X275 C6 Corvette at WCF - 7.72@180 - VIDEO INSIDE
  9. Any one use Holley 522-128 Universal Fuel Injectors (8) low impedance 120 lb hr flow
  10. FMIC and pipping question
  11. what do you think about a powerglide on a 1000hp street car
  12. Any 2nd Gen Camaro's with a single s475 post pics please
  13. 408 turbo cam recommendations
  14. best 88mm for under $2k?
  15. My buddy says....."Not possible!"
  16. Procharger help!
  17. Turbonetics NEW 7675 and 7875 Turbos AVAILABLE through Huron Speed!
  18. New self contined turbo system. You gotta check this out!!
  19. Damber and fuelpump for procharger kit
  20. Procharger rebate - save up to $500
  21. plugs gap change+same timming table=pushing water???
  22. What do you guys think?
  24. Has anyone tried a 70mm turbo n a LS engine?
  25. 7.44@192 with an 88m turbo**new videos added***
  26. Procharger HO kit, P-1SC-1?
  27. Preliminary #s, 402/F1R
  28. Pictures of where you guys mounted your air to water intercoolers
  29. What is the optimal rear gear ratio?
  30. Ls9 valve springs on 317 heads
  31. New to lq4 turbo jy questions
  32. New Maggie?
  33. help all procharged fbodys !! belt slip n low power
  34. CalSpeed C5 427"/TT rear mount best ET 8.9 & 161, 91 octane pump gas, fastest 4l60e ?
  35. Making "log" turbo manifolds
  36. Short deck 427 or Tall deck twin turbo?
  37. GT45 on an LQ4?
  38. Proper tuning sequence
  39. Lets see your exhaust setup Turbo guys!
  40. jy 4.8/5.3 guys come in
  41. We just Sprayed 200shot on C6 ZR1.....
  42. Quick spark plug question
  43. Procharger bypass?
  44. which spark plugs for e85 and mp122 maggie
  45. A&A Corvette Vortech users - post your combo plz.
  46. Magnacharger question
  47. Junk yard 4.8 wheelies and new personal best and stock bottom record. video inside
  48. "simple combo-big power" runs 9.71@146 lifting-rowing gears!
  49. Front mount A2A intercooler sizes
  50. Going for MOAR power, new motor and MOAR goodies! gen IV 5.3 & tc78
  51. Fuel Pressure Reg
  52. New Cts-v record
  53. E85 and Non Intercooled
  54. AES 410 whos running this motor
  55. BW s480 build. Ls1 block or 6.0
  56. Fastest bolt on ZR1??
  57. Turbo LSx breaking up in boost
  58. turbo guys------? about crossover and pcv
  59. Post pics of your twin turbo setup
  60. Aps turbo with 427 cubes?
  61. Vengeance built 415 cubic inch F1A ProCharged '12 Camaro SS!!
  62. Crazy wild turbo kit build
  63. Turbonetics good or bad?
  64. Wrong blower in my Goat
  65. whats the better choice to go with, supercharge or tubro?
  66. Mark Carlyle - 6.91@221!!!!!!!
  67. Help me pick the right setup
  68. which mig welder
  69. F1A Camaro SS in GM HIGHTECH
  70. TWINS! School me.
  71. efilive tune?
  72. 57lb Injector vs. 1999 C5 vacuum referenced fuel system vs. Lingenfelter vs. n00b
  73. Cam Lobes for FI
  74. LS1 or LS2 Intake ?
  75. -12 feed fuel cells now available at BD Racing.
  76. Turbo cam?
  77. Why isn't this done more? (Twin screw/roots blown LS1)
  78. Vengeance built 457 cubic inch Twin Turbo C6 Z06- 1055RWHP/1066RWTQ on PUMPgas
  79. Best engine for the swap?
  80. on3 ford headers with ls1 flanges questions
  81. 224R for a LQ4 with a GT45??
  82. 11.3:1 434ci with <10psi twins. Thoughts?
  83. EPP/ Brute Speed cam guys
  84. Difference between "cross top" and normal dished 5.3 pistons??
  85. Finally TT my 2002 firehawk
  86. Twins VS a Big Single??
  87. FORD-TT CobraJet
  88. What size turbos for a rear mount twin, high comp, low boost 434ci engine?
  89. blow off valve
  90. LQ9, D1SC, and 900whp...Is it possible?
  91. 6.2l
  92. Which head for boost at high rpms war hawk or procomp ls3 cnc
  93. questions on my 6.0 s472 build
  94. What is so magical about turboing a stock 5.3 liter LM7??
  95. 5.3 cam
  96. Another LS9 head question
  97. 5.3+turbo+hot cam?
  98. Crank cog for supercharger
  99. 88mm single turbo build
  100. 9.96 @135.5MPH Procharger p600b
  101. '49 5-window Chevy
  102. Instead of cast truck manifolds... Can you use..
  103. Truckin, Big Bang 5.3L
  104. Help me pick a new color
  105. FNG Truck manifold questionwha
  106. LS6 heads and a stock 5.3 compression ratio
  107. Got my LF88 X275 car out to the track on Saturday (pics)
  108. Need some Turbo Advice Please
  109. Plugging or routing heater hoses?
  110. Twins on a 4.8?
  111. ? seen 11.08 psi on a 4.00 pulley@6200rpm
  112. Best stock cam 98 ls1 or 5.3 truck
  113. Silicone hose(s) - Who is using what
  114. how accurate are boost calculators?
  115. HELP!!! Trying to decide on a turbo or turbos... 5.3 build.
  116. took the junk yard 4.8 to the dyno today.
  117. Finally got it....
  118. My front mount set up your input
  119. L33 block strength
  120. Twin 6262 T/A - Turbo Joe twin kit/ 370cid 6sp street car
  121. I'm a BONE HEAD ! My Maggie has more to give
  122. Tech Review: The Latest in ProChargerís Supercharger Technology
  123. Vortech B57 Valve get's open over 239 kpa
  124. Are there ANY front mount turbo guys that ?
  125. What is the biggest turbo i can....
  126. Borg Warner
  127. cam
  128. Huron Speed A/C Turbo Kit - Next Level 00 Bird Build
  129. Burnt a piston in my LQ4, gonna try same setup with a 5.3 to compare
  130. Broke ringlands on 2 5.3 pistons. Anybody got any spares?
  131. Installed and tuned packages!
  132. Hit my goal with the car today
  133. F1X cam I did
  134. LQ4 with KY Turbo
  135. max boost on a lt1
  136. 4.8 turbo going into 3rd gen firebird 30k
  137. 5.3 turbo build in a 71 Firebird
  138. Big boost with rectangular port heads? Step inside
  139. New Procharger with Programmable Ratio Design
  140. question on how to weld vband to truck manifolds
  141. GSP turbo
  142. Would this work to keep a/c with a truck mani kit?
  143. Pt6262 vs pt6765 ?
  144. Garrett Gt3582R VS Precision 6076E???
  145. Holley Hi ram intake problem
  146. Keep blowing turbo need help!
  147. 5th gen camaro twin turbo setup
  148. lt1 boost gauge vacuum line
  149. 1999 Z28 Huron Speed T7875 Build | Update 8-4-13
  150. Turbo cam and intake Help
  151. Can I just add a blower?
  152. Comp turbo or PT7675
  153. Inform me please
  154. Procharger!!! 500.00 more off
  155. ***Important Oil information for ANYONE****
  156. Best diff gear for Boost in M6
  157. Dual ball bearing 80mm billet turbos!!!!
  158. Decipher this turbo for me!
  159. ATI or Pro Torque converter? Go!
  160. Need help on building 76mm single turbo 04 GTO
  161. Exhaust Evac system??
  162. 5.3/blowthru GT45 Notch Build
  163. replacement sdce tensioner pulley
  164. Single Turbo exhaust videos
  165. Stainless Works Turbo Headers
  166. Anybody road race their Procharger(or any other centrifugal SC) LSx??
  167. Cats after the turbo?
  168. Lets see some 4th gen TWIN TURBO street cars!
  169. Apples to Kiwi Comparison
  170. Spark blowout?
  171. Making my car leave harder?
  172. Head Questions
  173. 98 S10 5.3L/4L60 twin 67mm turbos build thread
  174. lq4 Turbo Build HELP
  175. Boost Cam
  176. 5.3 in a 72 Camaro - What setup? Eventual boost...
  177. stock 5.3 vs stock LQ4, which is better for high boost?
  178. Single turbo LSx Milan NO ET
  179. 1989 Trans AM GTA 5.3 LM7 Turbo Build
  180. Same physical size turbo as 76gts
  181. procharger twin intercoolers on ebay turbo kit?
  182. Do I need meth with E85............18psi
  183. Pt 88 engine bays
  184. FI mail order tune?
  185. ls7 or ls9 cam for turbo. Opinions, experience, advice PLEASE
  186. turbo lq9 misses in boost
  187. 4an feed restricted or not?
  188. Build Thread: 6.0 GT4788 4L80 S10 "Dropin Dime"
  189. advice on twins vs single
  190. Twin turbo 370; manifolds or headers?
  191. Standard rotation v reverse rotation...
  192. Preliminary results- 427/F1x
  193. Need Opinions
  194. Anyone run a BW s475 turbo on Huron speed kit?
  195. What do you think about borg Warner s366??
  196. How much boost can my stock rods hold???
  197. stock LQ4 and boost. How much is too much?
  198. What is the 2nd most powerful car mod after superchargers/turbos?
  199. Eboost Street Users
  200. how is this trickflow cam for a d1sc procharger??
  201. 600hp is it true?
  202. PCV Breather
  203. Forged 325,347,377,383 ET/HP Thread
  204. ls2 TT noob questions
  205. PA Racing beat the Price Hike SALE! TURBO K-MEMBERS
  206. Engine builder taking ages... Normal?
  207. ebay gt45 and ls1
  208. Turbo advice needed
  209. Who's making big HP numbers on stock fuel rails?
  210. LS6 or GMPP Single Plane
  211. Turbo recomendation for my motor!
  212. TH400 or 4l80E for High HP Boost.. and gears
  213. Point me in the right direction
  214. Lsx shootout with our 5.3 camaro and arh's fastest 5th gen camaro
  215. fuel pump size, A body tank
  216. Backwards. <430 fwhp LS1 FI
  217. i need a turbo manifolt for stanless works headers
  218. Who makes a T6 Hotside?
  219. best Intake manifold with FI
  220. What air-to-air intercooler to run?
  221. Rmcr
  222. Aftermarket oil pan rigidity ?
  223. boost ref. regulator and line install? Is this correct
  224. What procharger kit is this?
  225. A few ZL1's we just finished
  226. returnless boost reference regulator diagram needed..
  227. Custom grind Supercharged Cam
  228. looking to make 1400hp. need advice
  229. Some turbo questions? TC76 low boost, turbo lag?
  230. Turbo 5.3 problem - please give opinions on my spark plugs (pics)
  231. Cam and head help on 402
  232. horse power with t76 5.7 ls1
  233. Granatelli Super Sale on all Vortech Superchargers
  234. IPS Corvette AtomicFusion goes 6.99@209 Video
  235. plastic intake/tubing
  236. ***Corvette Wins Texas Invitational Event***
  237. Which manifolds to run A/C with stock Kmember for 5.3 turbo setup?
  238. 3" Intake Piping to 3.5"
  239. motor choice advice
  240. Front Mount TC-78 Help
  241. Looking to replace the TC78
  242. Ysi Z06
  243. 5.3 s480 turbo in notchback
  244. Heavy Duty Timing Chain??
  245. my turbo parts forsale :( how to post in classified
  246. Ninetres goes 8s on maiden twins voyage!!! Vids to come!
  247. 7.53@190 with 88mm turbo
  248. AES390 and TC-78, how much hp do you think i can get?
  249. Size comparison: TC76 vs. PTE 7675
  250. Congrats to Mark Carlyle and Crew... 6.99 @ 209