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  1. what engine builders dyno motors before shipping?
  2. C5Z/F1R goes 9.96@148.99 with a M6
  3. 5 wire mass air/sd tune
  4. b16gsr 99 AW FRC Vette build, 5.3L, F1C, TR6060, Tick Performace,*6.29.13Update*
  5. kkr1000
  6. FMIC, Relocated Condensor, Dual 16" fans
  7. Worth changing cams for turbo setup?
  8. High HP E85 Turbo Tune
  9. FI CAM ON N/A or N/A CAM ON FI???, and LS3 & Paxton Novi 2200Sl general.
  10. Inquiring about hardware for the TVS 2300.
  11. If you know how to wastegate a procharger come in.
  12. PIX needed with 4 port coolant crossover and HS turbo kit
  13. Spool time differences b/t gt4788 and s480
  14. help with wg placement
  15. Welding to truck manifolds
  16. Need Foxbody LS 6spd turbo advise
  17. 9.81 @ 138 w/ 1.48 60'
  18. 1970 c10 lq9 Turbo questions
  19. Attention moderator!!!!
  20. 2013 FASTEST FI LSx 1/8 MILE LIST
  21. Huron Speed A++
  22. Thoughts on this turbo kit
  23. tc78 having some problems
  24. Advice Needed For Piston Over sizing
  25. Blow Through Carb
  26. '84 Cutlass JY5.3, Custom Tick Cam, S400SX4-75, 4L80e, 3.73s, 27 inch MT's
  27. Any fi guys do alot of street driving without wipers?
  28. stand alone waste gate . possible ?
  29. what cr are u high hp e85 turbo street car guys running?
  30. 408 10.9 comp, e85 ideas (help)
  31. Help with turbo cam selection
  32. 5.3 gt45 4l80e what gears!!!!
  33. Wastegate size help on turbo swap, boost creep?
  34. Tial Wastegate Springs: rating vs actual
  35. What turbo is this ? Borg Warner/Forced Inductions
  36. looking for input on building a motor for an F1A
  37. Reclocked PT76GTS, what torque spec for housings?
  38. APS twins... reliable enough for a DD car?
  39. Will this work to make 450-500rwhp?
  40. Edelbrock Victor intake with elbow?
  41. any one using truck accessories and truck manifolds, in here please
  42. Pa racing turbo k member issue!
  43. My ideal set up
  44. Size difference between precision Pt88 and aTurbonetics 88mm
  45. 14 gauge aluminized steel?
  46. Just picked up a FI car D1SC
  47. th400 and 5.3 or 6.0L guys step in
  48. Turbo cam help please
  49. replacing turbo on my STS LS1 next week
  50. 402LS,E85,91mm turbo what fuel setup to run
  51. p600b procharger for my 6.0
  52. Turbo 5.3 fuel system
  53. help me choose my new aps with lgs.... or.... a huron speed single kit?
  54. aluminium block vs iron
  55. Will this cam work?
  56. ATI crank pin kit
  57. How to build boost using the Trans Brake?
  58. Open down pipe?
  59. 241 Heads on 5.3?
  60. 99 Camaro SS BW S480/87 347 C.I
  61. Cx racing build thread
  62. need help p1sc or 76mm turbo kit
  63. Turbo 6.0 4-Door Fairmont Build
  64. How are people keeping their map sensors in their FAST 90's???
  65. Cam/heads or turn boost up
  66. Turbo placement variables
  67. Need help with double keyed crank!
  68. Special kind of Twin turbo
  69. help me hook up my jgs bov and wastegate please
  70. 3.08 gears+tight converter+drum brakes=fail
  71. S480 w/Race Cover or Without?
  72. Lsx mustangs with truck Intake (hood)
  73. to big of injectors?
  74. Huron Speed Special Edition Kit w/ Turbo, WG, BOV, Oil Lines!
  75. LSX ironblock engine for corvette c4
  76. Roots blown vs Turbo
  77. 3" T6 Turbo Merge Question/Request for pics
  78. Interesting results with alcohol injection NON-ls1 engine
  79. Changes to control engine heat?
  80. A&A / ESC supercharger bracket !
  81. Which heads to choose
  82. ptc converter brake stall?
  83. Best place on pan to weld in -12 oil return bungs?
  84. Techline high temp coatings
  85. F-1 a c or x what are you doing with radiator
  86. Nitrous Problems come in
  87. 402LS,PT91 what gear ratio ???
  88. turbo cam upgrade
  89. TT 69 Camaro - Vendors
  90. 29.5 degrees of overlap + Boost-?
  91. KY Turbo/ Race Fab
  92. 68 "GTTO" 5.3l Twin Turbo Build with 58mm Garretts
  93. Will this fmic work for procharger?
  94. Turbo 5.3 Foxbody. HELP!
  95. stock LY6 longblock mild build, re-gap rings and head studs or leave alone?
  96. hobbs switch and vac manifold blox
  97. Help me solve this problem.....
  98. looking for a procharger kit for 98-02 f body
  99. 80mm turbo intercooler needed if I'm using meth?
  100. What fuel pump or???
  101. Boost comments
  102. Need COG belt ASAP HELP
  103. denmah's commonly bought turbo car items (update 2-13-13)
  104. Boost leak around Injector O-rings
  105. another s472 turbo 5.3
  106. Huron Speed LS1 kit on LT1? Possible?
  107. WTB vortech ysi
  108. spark plug chart or diagram for boost level?
  109. Those who use a 3 step (low/high) limiter to get spooled up quicker on converter.
  110. INTERCOOLERS Thoughts on air v water
  111. E85 vs Alky
  112. REDSLED Photoshoot
  113. Race gas question
  114. c5 p1sc the same as a p1sc for an f-body?
  115. Help me choose a turbo.
  116. Help on a formula to tt my nissan 240sx ls powered
  117. Mast Mozez heads + Chris Razor on methanol...
  118. reverse split cam?
  119. Opinons on my exhaust idea
  120. how will my cam act with boost?
  121. How are these stock 5.3 staying together
  122. ***LQ4 S475 E85 Non-Intercooled - Daily Driver***
  123. Rear STS turbo recommendations
  124. Want to add boost to my ls3 T/A.....need help
  125. manual steering rack 04 gto
  126. wheres my build thread???
  127. Supercharger?!
  128. HOB F2 Procharged 4L80E C6Z Rebuild
  129. carbon fiber radiator support
  130. Look at this dyno graph and let me know what you think
  131. What do these plugs tell ya?
  132. Wanting to trade my D1sc for a P1sc
  133. 79 fairmont 4.8/th400/gt45 build
  134. Options for a 3 step limiter on a OEM PCM?
  135. need some advice on my f1c build ideas to see if they will work
  136. HS turbo kit and electric water pump guys
  137. Looking for a turbo. Help
  138. O ring heads and not use ls9 gaskets? or use ls9 gaskets?
  139. 99 turbo build
  140. Fuel system for twin turbo APS kit
  141. Will this setup be good for turbo ?
  142. Turbo build
  143. Turbo tractor, I want one
  144. Single Turbo build
  145. My Arctic white 2000 Camaro etr ho gt55 turbo build under way lots of pics
  146. Any 5.3 F1 pro charged combos out there?
  147. Turning boost up?
  148. My 73 Camaro Z jy 5.3 & S475 build
  149. 5.3 Hi-Ram
  150. electronic boost controller help
  151. Help decode this picture
  152. 317's how much to lift
  153. Bmr turbo k member users come inside!
  154. Alkycontrol Users in here.
  155. another s480 camaro build
  156. will c5 procharger kit fit 1998 camaro?
  157. Lq9 408 turbo
  158. 06 Cadillac supercharger on lq9?
  159. Need help/thoughts: Pinning ATI Balancer
  160. Well its time ... Screw rearmount
  161. Ring gap with E85?
  162. People with the Kurt Urban Performance steam vent system come on in..
  163. Any Turbo 382's?
  164. 06 Z06, A&A Si trim, 715 rwhp with a slipping belt!
  165. LS3 blower and turbo cams are here
  166. Fix Th400 or switch to PG
  167. Why arent S300s more popular
  168. Want to go turbo
  169. WTB: F1C Procharger
  170. what pulley do i need now going to sdce
  171. twin turbo by godspeed, is it any good?
  172. vic jr.air distribution problem solver?
  173. NBM-LS1 Single Mount V.2.I Don't know anymore LOL *UPDATE 11/8/13*
  174. GTR vs Z06 vs1LE
  175. 6.0L f1procharger build and real cost to do a s/c VIDEO
  176. Real cost of procharger build
  177. Help with boosted ls3
  178. Project Schnitzel Getter: LQ4 S475 Mercedes w124
  179. Blower choice
  180. Help..turbo ls1 chevelle..blow off valve wastegate options
  181. Strut tower brace that will fit with a vortech g-trim?
  182. whats a good 3 bar map sensor?
  183. some rear turbo testing
  184. my turbo iroc featured on!
  185. who makes this catch can
  186. Coil Relocation...wires?
  187. High mount DRIVER side Alt relocation??
  188. any use 78mm LI?
  189. F2 Procharged 4L80E C6 Corvette Build
  190. Out of curiousity why does everyone use 2.5" on the crossover pipe
  191. A thought about engine cooling......tell me if this is ridiculous or not....?
  192. Need advice for turbo 4.8 fairmont budget build
  193. Water Pump and Aster Bracket Help
  194. For a semi-budget turbo 5.3 build are (CNC) ported heads worth the expense??
  195. Dual external Wally 255hp on E85 base fuel pressure
  196. Pros & Cons-- Catchcan setups vs Breather setups & Proper Ventilation
  197. TU1 vs Tick stage 1 vs Z06 cam
  198. Turbonetics X275 Turbochager!
  199. precision gt4202 or s475 5.3 fox
  200. People running e85 or e98
  201. 2 bar map for GEN IV
  202. Is A4 any better than M6 for turbo build?
  203. dry decking heads without welding
  204. what site sponsor has the best deal on a ls3 holley hi ram
  205. Post up some turbo lsx swap vehicle pics and videos
  206. 1000+RWHP TTIX FBODY dyno pull
  207. just a few turbo setup questions, coating,etc,
  208. Back to the drawling board
  209. Need help with my D1-sc
  210. vortech v7 YSI guys please come in
  211. Ceramic coating your Turbo
  212. Help me decide whether to keep my procharger or just do heads?
  213. opinions on ls6 set up
  214. Basic P1SC install questions
  215. higher compression vs. higher boost
  216. what to look for when buying a used turbo.
  217. Looking for pulley size input and belt options 8 rib setup
  218. Finally starting!! 85 regal 6.0l 4l80e turbo swap
  219. Turbo 5.3L 69 Firebird 586whp/497tq TH400 Stock motor.
  220. Cam guys.... Need opinions on these two grinds
  221. Whipple with new cam
  222. Need Intercooler capable of supporting 1,500hp
  223. Quest For 8's
  224. 11.0 compression to much for ProCharger?
  225. belt size for my setup
  226. 4th Gen Camaro Blow-thru and hoods
  227. Crossover piping?
  228. Need recipe for a responsive street 4.8/5.3
  229. Twin 70mm turbo questions
  230. 390 ci and a edelbrock proflo xt or a holley mini ram with a turbo?
  231. Nova guys
  232. Any online resources for learning to build a turbo kit?
  233. Car is sucking something through the I/C pipes
  234. Straightline perf.truck manifold gp
  235. where to buy rotating assembly
  236. Direction for Turbo motor combo
  237. Bore size for 8000rpms
  238. JAX04's-Stang Bang 2.0- 00gt-5.3-PG-S475
  239. Twin Turbo Ebay Junk Build
  240. TiAL MVS vs MVR wastegates...
  241. E98 + turbo + efi = ic?
  242. Removing ATI Super Damper
  243. 2000 silverado 2500 LD (sloppy mechanics) 4000 miles later 675whp
  244. Turbo 5.3 fuel pump
  245. Stock PCV valve take boost
  246. Rear mount as home made as it gets
  247. 347 vs 383 forged for SC?
  248. Add procharger to my H+C+I car?
  249. NA to turbo build! Huron Speed kit *PICS*
  250. anyone procharge a stock ls1 with 100K+