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  22. Wrong forum
  23. Which supercharger
  24. whats the best cam for a blow through jy5.3 for at least 500 rwhp?
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  26. Apologize ahead of time
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  30. thoughts on this engine build
  31. Has any one used a thinner griffin for more clearance?
  32. At what point (PSI) do i need head studs??
  33. Ls2 intake Mani boost ok
  34. What injectors are you running?
  35. Opinions on Downpipe routing
  36. d1sc 5.3
  37. 18psi....370ci.....can I use my 1998 PCM for a perfect tune....?
  38. Cam for 18psi 370ci...........question......
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  40. this worth the money?
  41. True street cars ???
  42. waterpump tapped for steam port?
  43. Wastegates, and turbo's question without the manual boost controller.
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  45. Granatelli Camaro Twin Turbo Kit
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  50. So what kinda e.t would i leave on the table if i stayed t-56
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  53. 5.3 or lq4 6.0 for boost, what would you use?
  54. when will unported 317 heads become a bottleneck?
  55. Im running out of room...
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  62. Another Fan Question, sorry
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  74. Critique my setup
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  76. LS9 MLS gaskets (4.1") a 4.030" bore perfectly...???? I searched already.
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  78. My somewhat coherent thread on the topic of street/strip turbo LS combinations.
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  80. 85 Mustang Coupe Ls1 76mm Turbo
  82. need help deciding on turbo cam
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  84. new pb's... 1.12 60' and 4.74 in the 1/8th
  85. Boost Pressure
  86. what size belt for p-1sc p/c
  87. Will this work for a check valve?
  88. Anyone want to trade alternator brackets? Motovative for Modular
  89. Vortech pulley problem..
  90. Exhaust valves.......which to get for 1,000+ RWHP boosted set-up???
  91. Main Bearing clearance ?
  92. Cam recommendations on my setup please
  93. **Procharged C5 Corvette Dyno Video**
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  97. Vacuum/boost line routing
  98. New project-twin turbos
  99. Catch Can/PCV question on cleanest set up
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  102. do you have to run a waste gate with a turbo
  103. Which heads and intake
  104. Reverse Rotation setups? (selling YSI for forward facing)
  105. F/I air filters?
  106. Huron Speed Turbo Kit question
  107. any builders have a 1000hp longblock fi package for 8-9k?
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  109. borgwarner match bot
  110. 2012 ZL Camaro By Late Model Racecraft
  111. APS Camaro with LG turbos
  112. will this cam work in a 5.3
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  115. Ball bearing single vs journal bearing twins
  116. 700 Rear Wheel HP Unleashed Performance Twin Turbo 2010 Camaro SS #002.
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  123. ls3 top end guys with LQ engines?
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  125. aps w/meth
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  127. 2.9 whippled Cts-V on boost
  128. What should your tune look like to get best 60' times?
  129. Help with adding a whipple
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  131. vega turbo builds
  132. LSx Head Gaskets
  133. who still uses crankcase evac?
  134. Truck (Exhaust) Manifold Size
  135. Vengeance Built 2012 Camaro SS Vert-VR Cam & Whipple..Details/Graph/Vids/Pics INSIDE!
  136. Single port or two port for wastegate/boost controller?
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  139. Power with stock TTY headbolts?
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  141. What size valve springs?
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  145. PCV on a F1 LQ9
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  147. 60lb to 80lb Injector Swap Need Help Please!
  148. Need advice for 4.8 turbo swap
  149. GBody single turbo 5.3 and ebay obx headers. *pics*
  150. efi vs blow through
  151. 347 switching from nitrous to single truck manifold
  152. Ls2 cylider walls
  153. pck me out a meth setup.
  154. supercharger belt help
  155. Anyone use a Magnum 80mm turbo yet?
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  158. My observations and opinions of current street/strip turbo LS trends.
  159. Turbo AMC Gremlin
  160. ***Pics of new turbo***Spec my Comp Billet 80mm Turbo!
  161. new turbo, new heads/cam, new fuel system and MOAR BOOST!
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  163. 4500 TB and boost with hat ?
  164. Best machine shop near sacramento???
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  166. spec my s480 :)
  167. Procharger with 11+ compression
  168. lt1 procharger
  169. boost non I/C 5.3
  170. ****LMR 2013 ZR1 Video****
  171. Which is better for boost L33 or LQ4. S475 Turbo
  172. 2.3 whipple
  173. Intercooler question
  174. tuning and what octane fuel to use / its limits
  175. AES 390 w/F1A IS FINALLY ALIVE!!!!
  176. ms4+boost=???
  177. Can 304cfm heads make 900 RWHP......single turbo....
  178. Rebuilding APS Turbos TD06H or TD06???
  179. stock vvt cam and forced induvtion
  180. 5k rpm wall t76 370ci
  181. Hp twins or supercharger???
  182. New engine and turbo break in?
  183. Overtorquing Head Studs?
  184. thoughts on my cam.
  185. 2004 GTO Turbo Build
  186. LIMITED TIME. Huron Speed front mount single kit with fuel pump!!
  187. most compression with boost? (success stories?)
  188. TT 5.3l A/R selection help.
  189. Problems with 99 ls1 block?
  190. 87 IROC with a Magnum t-70
  191. Belt length
  192. Is a .623 intake .623 exhaust 112 lsa cam to much cam for....
  193. what size are the aps upgraded lg turbos?
  194. blow thru carb guys cfm question
  195. Slow spool
  196. 6.87@204mph drifting:)
  197. gears selection on an F1A.?
  198. Wideband bouncing around while cruising
  199. question
  200. JY 5.3 w/gt42 in foxbody
  201. What rings for high boost and big power?
  202. 4.8 and turbo from 6.5
  203. need advice on this cam.
  204. supercharge it or not?
  205. Sdce bracket
  206. 95 Z28 TT 5.3 true street. build
  207. Update on my whip
  208. stock exhaust manifolds are seriously this thin?!??!
  209. how do i get more boost out of my p1sc? *CAUTION* more info wanted inside
  210. Stock 6.0 crank and procharger guys inside
  211. FAST 102mm TB and intake, injector/rail question
  212. eBay head studs with ARP specs... ? Comment please...
  213. Where do I put the 2 o2 probes on my turbo conversion?
  214. New turbo design
  215. 6.0 truck 04 gto mp112 supercharger
  216. 2010 Whipple Camaro w/ 4L80 Swap
  217. Maggie Experts Please chime in
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  219. How to: Adding Idler Pulley to Modular Turbo Alt Relocation Bracket
  220. Huron Speed turbo + PT7675 WS6
  221. Twin Borg Warner S472s?
  222. Turbo 5.3 RX-7 First Start Up!
  223. 6.0 cam/intake only and turbo ?
  224. My 6.0 front mount build
  225. custom grind cam not ao custom
  226. 2.5" or 3.0 ic pipe
  227. will my cam work in a turbo build?
  228. Messing around in my turbo car before teardown
  229. how to reduce stress cracks on twin mid mount setup
  230. Turbo 5.3
  231. Turbo and S/C guys, let's hear your 4l60e issues
  232. Boosted 5.3 Coupe New PB
  233. Explain this TT 375ci set-up...1100+ hot is this charge IC.....
  234. Simple LS Swap Gone Awry (370/LS3 heads/PT88)
  235. How much boost?
  236. Intercooler?
  237. crank case pressure under boost
  238. 600rwhp goal with my new d1sc
  239. Trying To Build Ls1-ls3 or LQ4/LQ9 Street/Strip Motor Hopefully Boosted
  240. Turbo LM7 advice
  241. 4.8 on3 turbo
  242. what is the best radiator and cooling fans for a vertical setup
  243. Truck manifolds? Really?
  244. Green tops enough for D1?
  245. eBay twin turbo kit?
  246. Vacuum line Help
  247. Which 1000hp rotating assembly? (6.0L)
  248. What radiator to buy?
  249. Valve float 52-5300 rpm. Than no issue.
  250. do heads make power with boost?