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  1. Need recipe for a responsive street 4.8/5.3
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  3. 390 ci and a edelbrock proflo xt or a holley mini ram with a turbo?
  4. Nova guys
  5. Any online resources for learning to build a turbo kit?
  6. Car is sucking something through the I/C pipes
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  8. where to buy rotating assembly
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  10. Bore size for 8000rpms
  11. JAX04's-Stang Bang 2.0- 00gt-5.3-PG-S475
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  15. Removing ATI Super Damper
  16. 2000 silverado 2500 LD (sloppy mechanics) 4000 miles later 675whp
  17. Turbo 5.3 fuel pump
  18. Stock PCV valve take boost
  19. Rear mount as home made as it gets
  20. 347 vs 383 forged for SC?
  21. Add procharger to my H+C+I car?
  22. NA to turbo build! Huron Speed kit *PICS*
  23. anyone procharge a stock ls1 with 100K+
  24. SBE 346/pt88 turbo build
  25. Couple Pics of our twin 76mm C5 Z06 Build in progress
  26. Turbo cam dead horse thread
  27. meth nozzle recommendations?
  28. Post up Turbo Exhaust pics
  29. blown 417 engine
  30. 07 nnbs silverado 4.8 questions
  31. help me choose my pulleys
  32. Prochargers New I-1 headunit---Programmable Supercharger
  33. First turbo build?
  34. What causes boost to fall off as RPM's rise? (BAD ASSES INSIDE PLEASE!)
  35. 5.3L turbo with tune and build ?s
  36. need opinions on intake options/build
  37. Anyone using an oil cooler with their turbo LS?
  38. Any one use a Mallory Fuel Reg with Boost Ref?
  39. My build is FINALLY starting...
  40. Break boost and 2-step?
  41. How to Microsquirt fuel and spark your LSX swap (sloppy mechanics how to!) 8-10-13
  42. Truck manifolds flipped and turned around?
  43. 1954 Corvette 4.8/MPT72/LS9 Cam
  44. Making the switch from D1SC to F1R
  45. converting KPA to PSI alot?
  46. LS2 turbo with nitrous T/A need help
  47. Turbo compressor and turbine differences.
  48. supercharger fit
  49. 150 trap... What gears you guys running?
  50. New dyno numbers
  51. To anyone thinking of putting a lsx, single t6 turbo in a second gen f body
  52. New Aeromotive 340lph fuel pump Arrived...
  53. I'm Stumped.....Any ideas?
  54. MDRA ultra street mustang ls1 build.
  55. best cubes for a street strip lq9 iron block with big single turbo
  56. Log manifold design/material question.
  57. vortech pulley help
  58. What Boost refferenced FPR are you guys using?
  59. Need help with WG and BOV size?
  60. Pics of TT setups please
  61. Help with turbo specs
  62. holset h1c question
  63. which turbo cam?
  64. Thinking of going turbo.....Need some Input
  65. Single feed or duel feed to the rails on turbo 6.0L for e85
  66. Need help picking turbo
  67. 5.3 LS9 gaskets and ARP bolts
  68. Need help with part selection. Turbo LQ4 build
  69. do I have to run a catch can for pcv setup?
  70. lsx 376
  71. Killed the 5.3.... pics/video inside..
  72. whats your timing table look like from spool up to max boost on a run?
  73. Ebay gt35 twins??
  74. To close to head???
  75. single or twins for a reliable bracket car
  76. AiResearch Garrett Turbo
  77. 6.0 with a 4.8 crank
  78. Throttle Body sizing
  79. Tc78 ar?
  80. rear turbo bracing options
  81. Someone school me on the Turbo + Nos setup
  82. Need cam advice, Ls7 cam in 5.3 turbo? Specs inside
  83. Has anyone maxed out an ebay gt45?
  84. A&A/Procharger/Supercharger Rebuilding in Canada
  85. On3 turbo woe's
  86. Stock Crank or Forged
  87. Rebuild on my Whipple'd forged LS3 has begun.
  88. 2nd speed inc TT LSX typhoon completed!(dyno vid)
  89. Pro Comp/KMJ head stud torque-Copper Coat Head gasket ?
  90. Turbo Headers
  91. 370 build advice needed
  92. a couple q's for you pros
  93. Good place to start on tune.
  94. What to expect from a BONE STOCK lm7 or l33 turbo on pumpgas only?
  95. Crank Selection! HELP
  96. 38MM to 44MM Adapter for wastegate?
  97. Cost of ceramic coating turbo parts. Jet hot?
  98. ebay twin 57mm third gen camaro 9.70@142mph first outing
  99. looking for nice thick heads that will fit on a small bore motor.
  100. UPDATE: test runs pg11 **Methanol 403 LsX -"Torque Stopper" intake 101mm Turbo '87 GN
  101. How To: Remove a 1300hp LS3 in 6 Minutes
  102. How To: Remove a 1300hp LS3 in 6 Minutes
  103. LSA ZL1 supercharger on '06 LS2 GTO
  104. Single Turbo Merge at Flange
  105. F1R procharger 4.8 build
  106. Turbo ls1. What springs?
  107. Manifolds for 1st gen Bird
  108. lq4 build in Grand National
  109. Would a 99 5.3 be a wise choice?
  110. turbo or super charger
  111. Yet another Turbo LSx Fairmont. 4.8/Borg Warner S375 Junkyard Dog (Denmah Style)
  112. WS6 S475 official build thread.......
  113. Who to talk to @ PTC Converters
  114. About to start a turbo build/build a bottom end and would like some opinions!
  115. P1SC procharged 5.3 which cam?
  116. overheating under boost only ?
  117. Good picture of my 1/8th mile Wheelstand in my IRS Corvette!
  118. ls9 cam
  119. High compression with turbo questions
  120. lsx test firing stand complete!
  121. Turbo Vs. Procharger
  122. good headstud and gasket combo?
  123. Huron speed Nov group purchase
  124. I finally got anti lag to work!
  125. weld ell manifolds
  126. Fuel pressure drops instantly right befor boost 100-105kpa!!!
  127. 5.3/micro2 mild anti lag test
  128. Hollow ls3 and inconel ly6 valves in an lsa head?
  129. question for the rear mount turbo guys
  130. Vertical radiator and pusher fan ?'s
  131. 2002 TA build: 383 ls6, s480, th400
  132. Who has an eboost street setup?
  133. Pics or LARGE FMIC on Corvette needed, plz
  134. Phenolic Spacers anyone?
  135. Headgasket Qs
  136. another 5.3 turbo build, have a few ?'s.
  137. Procharger guys... Header wrap ?
  138. Heads ok for 76mm build?
  139. ECM and Harness for Turbo 408
  140. valve cover breather mods
  141. Manual boost contrller
  142. Need an intercooler, where to buy?
  143. Anyone ever use a Tial Blow off valve for a Procharger?
  144. o2's
  145. Cam/Spray or FI?
  146. Which forced induction option.
  147. What turbo for my 390ci (T6 Flange)
  148. Victor JR setup??
  149. Lsx 6-71
  150. Turbonetics 7675
  151. TFS 245s or PRC 237s ? Kinda new to FI
  152. 5.65@124 - stock 317's, AC, pump gas, s480 towing a trailer ;)
  153. front vs rear mount turbos ?
  154. D1SC 347 forged - which Compression ?
  155. Mesh filter for procharger....
  156. Free BOV with turbo purchase!!!!! good until the end of JAN2013
  157. My ls1 Foxbody t76
  158. Piston/ Rod Suggestions for Boosted Applications
  159. Looking for some imput/direction
  160. practical downpipe limit???
  161. Procharger 5psi mph gain?
  162. Ring gap for turbo motor
  163. MP112 cam?
  164. Pontiac G8/Maggie 1900/AI ported L76 heads/Tick Custom cam
  165. Opening up the combustion chamber on ls3 style head??
  166. magnum xt80 or s475/83 both in T4... which will flow more?
  167. Another turbo selection thread...
  168. LQ4 alternator relocation bracket
  169. TTI 4th gen twin kit 777rwhp @10lb's
  170. help with turbo kit for lq4
  171. New motor fallinf on face
  172. cts-v manifolds ?
  173. Turbo help!
  174. Fuel Promblems, Turbo Camaro *NEED HELP*
  175. MD-104 BOV pic/vid/narlz
  176. Need help with wiring zr1 map
  177. Motor swap TT build - Intake manifold measurement Questions
  178. turbo 4.8/5.3 setups, what RPM stall are you running?
  179. My Project for tx2k13.....
  180. My LS1 S2000 76mm On3 turbo build
  181. d1 procharger bracket
  182. Twin 58 mm vs twin 62mm turbo.
  183. Need help sounds like a 2step at 3500rpm
  184. gm price increase on l92/ls3 heads
  185. 835whp new comp ct5 88mm
  186. Camaro Twin Turbo Kit
  187. twin turbo vette scavenge setup
  188. I'm bout to buy.......... Turbo K-member... BMR or who????
  189. LSA Heads / Components Questions - please help!
  190. Under boost piston quetion.
  191. What vendor for built bottom end short block ?
  192. Tell me why I should not fill my ls3 block?
  193. Huron Speed - Turbosmart Dealer!
  194. Would you rather?? Electric or boost activated cutout.
  195. e85 vs meth? or both
  196. truck manifolds non egr?
  197. Twin turbo LS7 Z06 guru help please!
  198. Just another 5.3L S480 Build Thread (with prices for parts)
  199. Cam choice Turbo LQ9
  200. Need help with 98 Mustang LS/turbos swap
  201. 3 bar map
  202. What stall to use?
  203. twin 6165 vs. twin 6162
  204. Poor man's dual stage boost controller(GM boost solenoid)
  205. Project s10
  206. turbo 4.8 ?'s
  207. Oil pans for turbo setup
  208. putting together longblock for boost, need help
  209. street driving with turbos mounted in grill
  210. Old school blower setups on an ls1
  211. Cam for 6.0 TT in a Jeep?
  212. Need help choosing a turbo for 370ci
  213. Iron versus Aluminum when you do have a problem?
  214. vortech rebuild
  215. Turbo Cartridge question
  216. s10 sudo ls6 turbo m6 build thread
  217. Injector size??
  218. Injector sizing E85
  219. Sources for stainless & aluminum tubing?
  220. ~GUESS HOW MUCH BOOST I'LL MAKE THREAD~ (procharger 4.50 pulley)
  221. How much power left on the table...?
  222. F-body Procharger w/Iron Block 6.0L - ????????
  223. Help me build a monster street cruizer
  224. If I was to ditch my HX60..
  225. Bolt on Power Steering line setup for Turbos?
  226. Fbody procharger rebuild possibility question
  227. FMIC piping fab guys.
  228. Making sheet metal fan shroud for procharger?
  229. cam doctor! please help! Houston area..
  230. Opinons on wastegate placement.
  231. air to water intercooler
  232. 6-71 blower questions
  233. D1 G8 630hp
  234. Cast turbo manifolds
  235. What's 1 7/8 headers worth over 1 3/4 on a procharged car making 15psi?
  236. boost & nitrous timing?
  237. Smartfire injectors
  238. Header/log manifold build
  239. Best spot for the O2 sensors in my crossover?
  240. Turbo LS engine builders in the Southeast?
  241. Ls1 with aviaid 3 stage pump lower left
  242. Slow Ride's twin turbo vette build
  243. Which turbo would be better for my 390?
  244. high hp stock short block guys... question
  245. Trans Am 88mm Turbo Build
  246. Motor mounts
  247. 39x ish with twin turbos
  248. My Procharged truck made it in Truckin' Magazine this month
  249. Need help picking a motor for my TVS1900
  250. Pros and cons on TT vs ST?