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  1. d1sc + 408lsx powered TBSS i tuned
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  3. Stand alone
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  10. 92 GMC Typhoon T76, 4L80E, AWD, Forged 370
  11. timing for 12 lbs of boost
  12. LR4 with 799 heads and ls9 gaskets with boost
  13. Can I use heater hose inlet/ return for water cooled turbo?
  14. What body modifications need to be done for a d1sc?
  15. tnetics midframe 78 DP size help.
  16. plug and play Micro2 for LS engines going up for sale tomorrow
  17. why does power curve get bumpy after 5,200 (centri blower)
  18. Maintenance/Oil changes on turbo car.
  19. new project..need help on a turbo size
  20. 57 chevy truck turbo ls1 build
  21. anyone been successful in geting a 10-12 rib belt on an F body?
  22. Opinions on cross flow/dual pass or conventional down flow radiators?
  23. Procharger bracket
  24. Suggest a turbo for my setup??
  25. Spare Parts Sleeper (99 GMC Turbo Build)
  26. How to seal the block off plate m12 threads for turbo oil feed line.
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  28. S475/83/T4 Nova 5.7/127 first time out...
  29. Anyone Have Champion 3-Core aluminum radiator in f-body???
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  31. Rear mount oil system question
  32. Big power six speed guys??
  33. Best intake for boosted 402
  34. What would cause oil to come out of exhaust (STS turbo)
  35. Budget build questions
  36. Huron Speed A/C retaining turbo kits IN STOCK ready to SHIP!
  37. a2w intercooler question about water pump
  38. Driveshaft builder?
  39. which turbo for 408/L92 heads M6
  40. You guys happy with your jgs 60mm wastegates?
  41. Fuel System Questions
  42. need help asap tt lt1 breaking up in boost
  43. Comp turbo 100 turbine wheel vs BW turbine graphs inside
  44. Smallest T4 Turbos for LS2 Twin Build
  45. Need help with HP tune for turbo ls1
  46. New LS world record!
  47. 69 Camaro 6.2L Twin Turbo - Out Playing
  48. Will the Corvette PTK Twin Turbo kit fit an fbody?
  49. Ebay A2W
  50. Issues with RX Catch Can & PVC System......
  51. 5.3L set up for turbo good?
  52. Need ideas on a flexible fuel system
  53. Procharger F1X on an 09 CTS V - idle video
  54. megasquirt
  55. supercharger pulley to add more boost?
  56. Power gains from A methanol injection kit?
  57. Opinion on this cam for dd turbo 5.3
  58. E85 + Turbo + Plug Gap?
  59. HELP!! Procharger Parts Procurement (PPP)
  60. Need a little help picking a turbo for my build ebay gt 45, s400??
  61. vortech supercharger question
  62. turbo 5.3 transmission that will probably never see track
  63. cam question
  64. Head Stud Question
  65. PT88 + 255 tire + 4L60e = 9s!
  66. Rear mount exhaust / manifold question
  67. M122 build on 00 f body need help
  68. Is 190K miles on a L59 5.3L to many for a JY Turbo Build?
  69. Heat shield for fender exit exhaust
  70. What sz are the clamps needed for procharger twin intercooler kit
  71. Bearing Clearance Iron Block 383 Turbo
  72. Top Notch Customer Service Tick and FI
  73. T bolt clamps for twin intercooler procharger 98-02
  74. part number on 62mm procharger bearing
  75. Anyone with an F1C or F1R running less then a 4.00" pulley?
  76. procharger pully upgrade question
  77. looking for pictures of AN fitting on valve covers
  78. Another wastegate question
  79. More boost needed - Edelbrock 1567 e-force
  80. Every engine builder should have one of these
  81. 383 Twin Turbo overheating, which fans?
  82. Twin Turbo LSX T/A first dyno video
  83. Stainless Procharger J Bracket
  84. Race gas?
  85. high or low imp. injectors with holley efi... does it matter?
  86. Carwash Issues?
  87. WANTED: ls1 twin turbo kit
  88. Retune after turbo change
  89. 3.2 pulley/P1SC-1?
  90. boosting doubt?
  91. Holley Dominator EFI question
  92. custom ECS NOVI 2500
  93. 81ar turbine housing
  94. junkyard t76 5.3 ring gap?
  95. Any GTO owners with ProChargers optional 1300 HP intercooler system?
  96. 1957 Chevy all Fiberglass turbo ls Build
  97. small cubes and twins
  98. s 10 w 5.3 p1sc procharger
  99. 408 with a f-1a setup! gurus critique it please!
  100. Steves Procharged Silverado
  101. Chevelle FI fueling question
  102. What muffler for a turbo??
  103. P1sc record?
  104. 5.3 block machined to a.....????
  105. what pistons/rods for l76(ls2)?
  106. ls9 in 5.3?
  107. Procharger boost loss question
  108. what size precision turbo 5.3 silverado on 37s
  109. Updated Turbo Build Pics (Lots of Pics)
  110. A Cautionary Tale about Precision Turbo
  111. 1979 Malibu Wagon (denmah edition)
  112. Need some help with My 5.3 idea
  113. ls6 pcv setup with turbo?
  114. CTS-v Dual fuel pump on E85 limit?
  115. help me build my turbo setup
  116. Stock C5 FRC testing on 20psi
  117. supercharger for my LS1 offroad car? why not?
  118. Why does every one put the turbo(s) towards the front on the engine bay? W/ pics
  119. kvelasco d1 procharger run9.15
  120. Ls1 record. Can't find it
  121. Help building a boost motor
  122. How Will My Cam React To Boost?
  123. Huron Speed custom T4 Hotside Kit!
  124. Highest p1 procharged 98-02 fbody
  125. cam for turbo 408 LQ9?
  126. What date was Holley EFI coil prob solved?
  127. *BEST GEAR RATIO for drag racing/street runs (turbo car)*
  128. Small Vacuum Line on back of intake?
  129. Stock bottom end F Body
  130. turbowerx base model vs exa
  131. Spark plug wires for 1000hp 408 lq4 turbo motor.
  132. pigtail for GM 12592525 map sensor
  133. Single 57mm 5.3??
  134. denmah's lunch and learn, the difference with megasquirt systems
  135. Procharger d1sc advise
  136. Running larger fuel lines to the factory rails/FPR
  137. Spal Fan people in here.....
  138. Roots boost rebuild questions....
  139. S480 on a 4.8?
  140. My Trip to Atlanta Drag way for the CHP and LSX Challenge True Street Win
  141. Which Fans???
  142. Max boost through alum LS block?
  143. Dumb Question of the Day/JY 5.3 swap
  144. SALT 370ci with a single 88mm turbo - Engine dyno VIDEO!
  145. got rid of tall valve covers, Huron speed bracket problem still post #9
  146. Random smoke out exhaust on turbo Camaro
  147. Custom STS Commodore LS1 to LS3 Conversion
  148. Standalone oil system (long ish)
  149. T-4 Mid Frame Ponderings
  150. 2000 2500LD with twins!
  151. figure out correct turbo for a ls1 rx7
  152. IAT'S way too high, more intercooler??
  153. Which turbo and cam?
  154. Which Heads for an F1A/346
  155. Blower Motor
  156. Plug heat range
  157. Another Huron Speed T6 Build!
  158. lsx 6 bolt copper HG's
  159. F-BODY supercharger for sale.
  160. home grown turbo build
  161. mid frame turbo
  162. point me in the right direction
  163. Pretty much sure my D1-SC has the wrong impeller! Please, some input.
  164. Oil feed for passenger mount turbo?
  165. Which plug wires for coil relocation?
  166. Porting truck manifolds? Also wrap question
  167. eboost2 help
  168. Considering Precison 7175 Turbo
  169. The "GRENADE" was noticed by GM high performance
  170. Procharger surge valve/low boost?
  171. Vortech Guys, Rebuild advice/powdercoating?
  172. Methanol Injection Brands...
  173. Probably a stupid question for supercharger
  174. fuel sensor for Holley hp controller
  175. The start of my front mount turbo build
  176. Plug for coolant on APS turbos?
  177. Bone Stock Longblock.... TC76 too small???
  178. Alternator relocation options for truck accessories
  179. Granatelli Super Sale on all Vortech Superchargers
  180. Precision Billet 6775
  181. lsa head has blocked off vapor/steam hole... why would that be
  182. Flex Fuel CTSV Dyno
  183. Whipple Version 4.0, pics!
  184. 67' Camaro Pro Street twin turbo LH6 5.3
  185. Truck manifold kit with LS7 Heads ?
  186. Brute Speed Aster Bracket and Meziere 55 GPM street pump
  187. another 5.3l turbo build
  188. expectations...
  189. Race Proven Motorsports Dyno Day 2013!!!
  190. Turbowerx exa pump failure
  191. Jegs Hobbs switch wiring
  192. Oil Pump for TT 408
  193. How much boost? twin gtk650 LQ4
  194. Hitting the track here soon.
  195. procharger still spinning after ignition is off?
  196. best performance trans for 700-800hp turbo zo6
  197. Map sensor question, need help...
  198. 3rd gen TA exhaust manifold options - LS3 or LS7 vette manifolds??
  199. t4 vs t6
  200. fuel system info 5.3 turbo
  201. Aps extreme turbos went bad
  202. SDCE tensioner question
  203. 64 Chevelle, 5.3, TC78, E85
  204. The 'LOLVO'
  205. 5.3 Build, BW S400SX Choices
  206. 408 S480 build which internals?
  207. Blown ls1 cam suggestions
  208. twin turbo intercooler kit suggestions
  209. Proper head stud install technique
  210. Emusa wastegate not closing fully
  211. New converter and smaller pulley. Maxed out fuel pumps.
  212. Vent for Ricks Tank and 4303
  213. 05 single turbo gto
  214. Short Compilation Video of my Turbo LSx Coupe
  215. 2009 FlexFuel Twin Turbo CTS-V
  216. Who has the best JY 5.3 turbo cheap on here
  217. going 5.3L/th400 and have some questions.
  218. 61/.96 on3 turbo on a lq4 good-bad-or do it
  219. JY 5.3 with all ebay turbo and parts
  220. Need help!!!!What injector fuel pumps etc for E85 set up
  221. Need help!!!!Forged 383,4l80e,9" rear end,gt4788.
  222. Show off your turbo engine bay with a/c!
  223. Pushing out PCV under boost
  224. Maxed out the dyno...
  225. Which head gaskets for budget build?
  226. will s480 be too much for 383 5.3?
  227. Help! Randomly Pushing water out the overflow
  228. f1r to f1x swap : pump gas /meth numbers
  229. holset hx 52 vs ebay gt45 on a 4.8 budget build
  230. Huron Speed - Precision Turbo Dealer!
  231. New Results after E85 Conversion
  232. Norwalk Track Rental FRiday 5/24 9-5
  233. Will a holset ht60 be too big for a rear mount?
  234. Big turbo TH400 guys. Help me pick a gear.
  235. Looking for suggestions for mounting a Procharger
  236. how to use HPtuners Real time tuning
  237. A/W intercooler inside the cab
  238. advice and help needed!
  239. 1967 camaro ls1 twin turbo build help!
  240. Twin BW S366 on 427LSX?
  241. turbo spark plugs
  242. 06 GTO M6 twin turbo build and I've got questions!
  243. S/C Build
  244. 5.3 Twin Turbo Build Planing
  245. Initial startup running too rich.... any ideas?
  246. Needed, stock alternator bracket.
  247. Boost activated cutout not working,Pics inside.UPDATE 5-21-2013
  248. Getting ready for a 370
  249. Tial 44mm wastegate
  250. bummer news