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  19. GMHTP Cover! (3/10/13 Tuned-949rwhp/22psi)(11/10/12-9.06@149 17psi) GT47-88~402ci
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  21. Anyone with experience using BW S475 T4?
  22. 370 or 408 cubes --- in LsX standard deck block
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  26. going turbo on my LS2..... guidance needed
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  29. Who owns the 02 anniversary turbo ta vert that was at LSX last year?
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  31. help me decide LQ9 408 vs LS2 403 for s91 or s88 Build???
  32. Turbo headers or truck manifolds for
  33. P1 to D1 or 224/224 to LS9 First?
  34. Are we sure aprt of the stock ring land issue isnt
  35. Who makes the biggest throttle body for an lsx?
  36. Very Noobie Question...
  37. Turbo discharge piping sucking shut?
  38. accidental wire grounding
  39. Having a tough time with coupler size
  40. How to keep inside of car cool in summer with a truck mani turbo kit? (no a/c)
  41. truck smoking
  42. Fastest LS to the 1/8th on a 10.5
  43. On3performance junk!!!!
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  48. only turbo LQ9 pantera in the world i need help with this build
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  61. how much boost
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  65. Looking for a silicone elbow...
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  67. ls9 or ??
  68. ebay gt45 t6 housing?
  69. 408 tvs supercharger newbie
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  71. will I be able to use this ?
  72. What are your thoughts?
  73. TT intercooler
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  75. T6 s475 on 5.3 truck?
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  77. Huron Speed LS1 Truck Manifold Turbo Kit *Group Purchase*
  78. injectors
  79. Critique my setup. Budget 5.3/T76 build
  80. Most rwhp with p-1sc vs d-1sc
  81. Fasterproms Ported Superchargers....Results inside
  82. Help
  83. Newb starting Turbo 5.3 Build
  84. At what level did your heads lift?
  85. Turbo brace/support?
  86. Thinking about putting a d1 kit together myself need help
  87. New LT1 Z28 hotside...
  88. water to air intercooler setups
  89. Speed INC "TU1" cam idle video
  90. Sheetmetal intake?
  91. LSX block question
  92. turbo sizing for a 408?
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  96. 3 bar map
  97. 383 LT1 Turbo Build Advice
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  104. motor builders
  105. tial wastegate question??
  106. Procharger 6 to 8 rib conversion?
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  108. LS3/L92 Heads on a boosted application
  109. Requesting opinions
  110. Best intake for boost?
  111. Whipple supercharger?
  112. Building boost at the line
  113. Silverado---Stock 4.3 to Turbo 6.0---Need Advice
  114. Manifolds for Twins?
  115. how hard is aps tt install?
  116. Pro Flo XT on a 4.8
  117. on3performace kit for ls swapped fox bodys
  118. oil drain in oil pan question
  119. ls6 intake with aftermarket nasty n8 fuel rails
  120. 317 heads and boost.
  121. Intake options for S475 Race cover
  122. D1SC with 11.2:1 compression. Is it possible?
  123. Thick deck head with the most chamber cc's.......????
  124. Can LS9 head gasket be used with stock size ARP head studs.....?
  125. Any tips when using total seal rings???
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  127. finally have some numbers, what should i upgrade?_
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  131. 06 Ford GT : Project Silver Bullet
  132. Anyone ever try a PT8285
  133. 3.8 turbo higher ratio rocker arm
  134. *VID* 76mm turbo 5.3 3rd gen Trans Am @ 5 PSI 75-135 mph rip
  135. Mark Carlyle Wheelstand
  136. Ls1 turbo build ?, where to spend money
  137. Iron block front mount drag guys, what coil-over length/spring rate are you running?
  138. Am I making the right amount of power?
  139. 69 Camaro build, help me spend some money $$$
  140. 04-05 CTS-V Maggie on LS1? Will the accessory belt line up?
  141. On3 T76 + GT45 Hybrid?
  142. Stock,2000 ls1 cam ok with boost?
  143. New IRS and LS Drag Radial Records and an IRS Wheelstand!
  144. Need input
  145. What to do about my wastegate situation?
  146. best combo for 1000+ rwhp
  147. Tired of running so slow.
  148. boost controller for twin turbo kit?
  149. cross over question?
  150. Issue with ProCharger cruise control / air pump bracket and Formula bumper cover
  151. what rings for high boost
  152. Ring gap for boosted 5.3
  153. how much boost can the LS3 handle?
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  155. boosted lt1 question
  156. Turbo Ls powered '87 GN-Project
  157. 403 streetcar w/twins
  158. Can Banging and Popping when it starts to build boost
  159. Congrats to Mark Carlyle: 7.10@210 on 10.5's and still IRS
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  161. My 7 second passes
  162. AES 390 precision lf88 will it work?
  163. Cam and valve spring question
  164. Forced Induction Iron V.S. Alloy
  165. what do you think? comp suggested 5.3 cam
  166. Single T76 setup questions
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  168. Turbo lq4, machining, stock or aftermarket
  169. My Final Turbo Build Setup.
  170. E-force LS3
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  175. what boost should i expect
  176. bought cam from for sale forum=wrong cam
  177. My Twin Turbo 1968 Chevelle Build Start To Finish- Lots of Pics!
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  180. ls1, 317s, 228r, tc78, ebay, t56 build DYNO NUMBERS PAGE 2
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  182. New Build, Need Suggestions
  183. Any Ideas?
  184. Newb with a Procharger
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  188. Would a Compressed Air Intercooler be Feasible?
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  190. Turbo Sizing for a HEAVY T56 Truck?
  191. Garrett turbo rebuild
  192. LS9 heads compared to aftermarket for boost
  193. Any turbo guys see a lean spike when going WOT from a roll?
  194. UPP tt kit
  195. Need some advise for turbo set up.
  196. A stock crank can handle how much rpms
  197. Which Pistons, Cast 402.
  198. 6.0 317 heads on a gen 3 5.3... quick questions
  199. F-1A Procharger build ** Updated 6/13/13 ** Pics, Videos, Results inside....
  200. Turbo/Auto guys, come on in!
  201. crank case vent and valve covers for blown cars
  202. Meth injection system
  203. 99 procharged formula with 5th gen air filter
  204. garrett turbo fs craigslist...
  205. Huron Speed - Comp Turbo Dealer
  206. Modular Turbo vids
  207. What Hp i can expected from my Front Mount
  208. Turbo LSx Fox Mustang Build
  209. BOV & Wastegate Sizing
  210. keep 706 heads or put on Dart 205cc
  211. TWIN sizing 9s to 8s ADVICE!!!!!!
  212. 6.0 Turbo questions
  213. P1SC without meth, how much boost?
  214. Found metal shavings in P1SC-1
  215. Angry Bird 2 (The Angrier Bird) GT91 build
  216. Procharger intercoolers!?
  217. PA Racing Turbo Style K-member GROUP PURCHASE!
  218. L98\L76 PCV on FI
  219. Borg Warner s300sx3-66 for 5.3?
  220. eBay cx racing turbo kit
  221. KUP engine + Speed Inc TT Street kit + 21psi...
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  223. Ninetres Twins on the Dyno *VIDEO*
  224. my twins too small for 6.2 setup?
  225. Need help selecting a turbo set up.
  226. Procharger guys, what is your set up and what are you making?
  227. 4.0L WHIPPLE- <-Official thread.
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  229. 317 heads aftermarket valves?
  230. Quick question about GT35's
  231. 5.3 Twin On3 70mm's
  232. blower cam?
  233. Damnit!! Help me pick turbo #3.. M6 orrr 4L80e LQ4.. High HP
  234. Turbo mount
  235. What if (rear mount)
  236. Ported 799's for a Turbo 5.3L?
  237. Lifters and Pushrods for 1,000 RWHP turbo build......???????
  238. twin turbo oiling?
  239. Holley EFI boost Control!?! Where is it?
  240. Standing up the radiator, have a few questions.
  241. Custom made 6 rib procharger crank pulley?
  242. Ls1 turbo
  243. Good Blower Cam, Input?
  244. Need pics of Turbo Braces.
  245. Teaser Pics!
  246. Low Compression F1R combo-975 rwhp
  247. Picked up a used meth injection kit - Have a few questions
  248. Turbos?
  249. how much boost can a stock ls1 handle
  250. APS Twins, LG Upgrades too much oil...