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  2. Will the pt7675 work good with a stock Ls2 couple ?????
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  13. Vacuum
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  17. thinkin about a turbo :-D
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  24. 91 camaro twin turbo 5.3
  25. Polydyn or Swaintech coating?
  26. bullets on rearmount
  27. 2 or 2.25 pipes for street build
  28. Should I build a 346, 370 or 408
  29. Procharger 6.2 silverado
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  32. delphi 3bar map
  33. CHECK you new LS9 gaskets
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  36. 2 Step Tuning
  37. Need help lq4 twin turbo build
  38. Ring choice TT LS3
  39. Desired sleeve thickness for F/I build?
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  46. Charge Temp Bias / HPtuners
  47. How to tell if my car is on SD or MAF tune??
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  49. where to buy turbo?
  50. best solution, stock style return system on ls swap
  51. Another JY LQ4 build in progress...
  52. Questions about this turbo kit
  53. need some questions answered
  54. 6.0, Twin Turbo, Garrett 57's, 880cc, HP Tuners stock ECU, 838torque, 883hp. 91/meth
  55. Will I make enough to run high 5s, low 6's?
  56. help finding a intercooler kit
  57. 30th Anniversary 370 Turbo Build
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  59. pulley and belt question
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  62. yellow springs with boost
  63. Stock LS-7 heads with Vortech V-7
  64. Frontmount
  65. Need a silicone coupler, can't find it
  66. Where to Find New Turbo Unit
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  70. Synergy 2-step Instruction
  71. Anyone using Aluminum rods with FI?
  72. Turbo Gear 3.40, 3.50, 3.60 or 3.70 ?
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  74. Turbo Size
  75. 383 LS1 S475 and METH INJ, advice/opinions needed PLEASE
  76. my twin turbo upgrades and reorginizing it thred
  77. boost cam??
  78. bad ass 4x4 build. opinions wanted
  79. Stock turbo 5.3 9.80s MP76....... S475
  80. Pro charged
  81. Time to make some decisions
  82. Rods for 1k+ RWHP
  83. Supercharger pulley wobble
  84. Another Rear mount build, but it was coming anyway :)
  85. Precision compressor map
  86. which pully d1
  87. Anyone running 50/50 (washer fluid) w/success?
  88. meth injection instead of IC?
  89. I want to go fast GDI!!!!
  90. Wire feed M.S. V band flanges to truck manifolds?
  91. Down Pipe routing and UMI Road Race K-member Question.
  92. Why do people think a turbo cares about engine RPM?
  93. Looking for used f1 head unit
  94. L76... Rings? or go forged now?
  95. Catback With Turbo?
  96. would you sell mt twin turbo kit for a huge single
  97. 933 RWHP YSi 2011 Camaro SS
  98. TU1 cam too big for my 5.3?
  99. How much 2" wrap?
  100. on3 76mm turbo on lq4
  101. cooling fan question
  102. gauges in your conversions
  103. sts turbo ??
  104. why do my front plugs look different then the rear plugs (pics inside)
  105. methonal injection, no intercooler
  106. What spark plugs should i run in my d1 ls2
  107. welding truck manifolds
  108. E85 4.8 mpt70 - audible ping, no KR - why?
  109. Lt1 vortech v1 having trouble
  110. Huron Speed Single Truck Manifold Kit
  111. Need some input on TT set up
  112. How much boost on stock '05 lq9
  113. Any experience with DRE Whipple kit?
  114. E force on a 4th gen
  115. Valvespring selection
  116. twin tc76's vs twin s400sx-75's
  117. which gear for procharger
  118. Turbo Firehawk build up V 3.0 AES 385 and S88
  119. can a nitrous line be used as oil feed to turbo ?
  120. Battery located turbo
  121. Twin Turbo LSX silverado, The fastest LS based truck on the westcoast
  122. Congrats to LS2Formula on a new PB
  123. Vendor support
  124. Guys that have stood up the griffin radiator,what temp t stat?
  125. piston ring question
  126. "black" intercoolers
  127. 5.3 build question's
  128. What could I recycle from my current build for future FI?
  129. Speed density
  130. Turbo or whipple
  131. Rear Mount GTO Pics
  132. garrett t25
  133. NEW! much needed insight!
  134. Rear mount exh 2.5 or 3
  135. 5.3 Single turbo Chevelle build
  136. Some TA License Plate Covers I've Been Making
  137. Boost controller worth it?
  138. Another help me pick thread: GT91 vs. BWs482
  139. LS3 vs LS7 exhaust flange location?
  140. Took the wagon to the dyno last night
  141. side mount ICs
  142. 6.0l turbo mustang
  143. LS1 - Max boost w/ pump gas & low compression setup?
  144. stock internal lq4 boost build
  145. offset radiator beside turbo out the front pics?
  146. 3 bar map....anyone use this nicely priced bosch?
  147. ive got a vette with a 383 that needs more power...
  148. Intercooler Piping
  149. Griffin Cooling Fan Question
  150. Turbo car all of a sudden has high vacuum
  151. Quick Procharger Bracket questions
  152. Scavenge pump wiring harness?
  153. 5.3 nut size for manifold studs
  154. Got the head off, pics inside.
  155. Advice on compression in high elevation..
  156. 1st powerglide in the 5's. Twin turbo stang. Vid inside
  157. Camaro X275 build
  158. Reliability of forced induction?
  159. Short story..
  160. Good Quality 8 Rib Belt needed. Any suggestions!
  161. need some help with my build
  162. Piston Ring Gap for 3.905 Wisecos
  163. Tiny turbo!
  164. will it run 5s with the stock cam??proven -yes it will
  165. 1997 LT1 Firebird 88mm 2JZ engine..........ever see one of these.
  166. SFI balancer for G8 with D1SC Procharger
  167. brfpr - what is needed for stock fuel rails?
  168. Dumb question on rear mount wastegate spring pressure
  169. Truck Manifold Kit w/LS7 Heads???
  170. LT1 stock manifolds for a turbo setup?
  171. Vortech SC in a '98 Firebird Formula
  172. LS3 vs BBC for TT set up
  173. Calspeed C5 - 976 rwhp - 9 psi - 91 octane - Twin 70mm 454" AllPro LSx block build
  174. Louis, chime in please.
  175. Convertor and Boost?
  176. Cast iron manifold sticky?
  177. junkyard motor GTO turbo build.
  178. does mount orientation of a wastegate matter?
  179. 364 vs 402
  180. turbo kits?
  181. Arp head studs 80 lbs???
  182. What accessories to run with a Whipple 3.3?
  183. Street Twin combos please post here
  184. Big cubes to stock cubes FI opinion
  185. I'm going supercharged ! What do I need ?
  186. Power expectations from 346ci Forged LS1 + 76mm Rear Mount?
  187. will this be a good or bad cam for turbo
  188. Turbo for a 364ci lq9/4? is this one ok?
  189. PCV Problem on Boosted LT1
  190. bmr alt bracket on pass side?
  191. Has anyone ever done this to their truck manifolds?
  192. Running twin gates on a single turbo
  193. what torque convertors are you turbo guys running???
  194. turbocharged LS1 in a jet boat
  195. Can a procharged/turbocharged car be setup for road racing?
  196. MPT76 Turbo Formula
  197. extra sensors? ls1 to ls3
  198. Questions regarding Trans am FMIC mounting
  199. ideal compression for boost
  200. Help choosing head gasket...
  201. Oil restrictors on APS TT C5 ?
  202. Who sells 5.3 pistons?
  203. limits of aster bracket?
  204. S475 Turbo Blanket
  205. greddy or eboost street?
  206. Spark plugs
  207. V band on a truck manifold size help?
  208. New Magnacharger Build Plans
  209. Vortech Twin Screw?
  210. ARP bolts vs Studs ???
  211. looking for a used .96 hotside for precision t76
  212. Post up you ModularTurbo/CBR parts pics!!!!
  213. intake help
  214. choosing new setup any input?
  215. Rear coolant steam vent modified for LS6 with pics
  216. Ebay intercooler
  217. LQ4 4L80 Comp ct43 78/79 .96 Jag build
  218. Twin 67/65 Precisions on Stock 6.0 Bottom end or single?
  219. dual turbo LQ4 build questions...NEED HELP!
  220. anyone ever wrap truck manifolds?
  221. rear mount universal turbo
  222. Needing f1a head unit have d1sc for trade plus cash
  223. More power forged ls2 /w rear turbo
  224. procharger fmic or lonnies dbl pumper?
  225. need advice on building my LS3 for ~15psi/800whp w/ a D1SC
  226. so i have bad boost creep. tell me if my idea will be a fix
  227. New motor plans. need opinions and input
  228. Help my stock shortblock 5.3 live.
  229. p1sc help
  230. Who is running speed density and no O2 Sensors?
  231. the twin Magnum T-70 408 build
  232. New Engine Break In
  233. Removing Procharger, need help
  234. Fbody front mount exhausts, got pics?
  235. Hotside plumbing question
  236. Turbo intake?
  237. Another Question About Ring Gap
  238. 9sec 402ci/s400 Station Wagon
  239. 403ci/GTX45R
  240. Australian VL Calais LS1 Turbo
  241. 8sec Aussie GTO
  242. 8sec IRS El Camino (Holden Ute)
  243. Turbo sizing for Jeep Wrangler 6.0L 5 speed??
  244. Anyone test boost before and after IC?
  245. where you guys buying ported 317s?
  246. Vengeance Racing Introduces KAOTIC S/C Kit for 2010+ Camaro!! GRAPH/PICS/VIDEO
  247. Fabrication question - strength of "saddle-on" flange connection
  248. ls1 intake vs ls6 intake with p1 setup
  249. CBR performance/Modular turbo F2 twin turbo kit
  250. Truck Manifold Turbo Setup