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  1. VACUUM issue
  2. Will a 2.5 in intercooler be To restrictive ?
  3. Rear main seal - install forward or backwards?
  4. 402ci,TFS 225, APS W/LG turbos and 4L80
  5. Silvolite hypers... have some questions
  6. Injectors in intake pipe...
  7. *intercooler piping size?*
  8. kinda of in a pickle
  9. Will I overspool this setup?
  10. APS guys what exhaust are you running?
  11. 408 - pt88 SS Camaro vs Cam, Stall + full bolt ons + 125 shot Trans Am
  12. need advice on my build
  13. 1991 S10 with 72MM
  14. magnacharger or new car ?
  15. Hows this for forced induction...
  16. Check My Drain Placement
  17. Finally ready to dyno ,big thanks ...
  18. 370 ci forged pistons. what brand and gap of rings?
  19. Looking for BS3 initial setup help
  20. on3 turbo
  21. 370ci / PT7875 / 4L80e / Stock Heads / 706rwhp / E85
  22. spark plug? for 383LT1 DISC 10psi 8.5:1
  23. Rear mount or Nitrous?
  24. 11-1 compression + boost = boom?
  25. Gear ratio help
  26. This is gonna hunt all yall down!
  27. The Burkhart shop car is ALIVE!
  28. What set-up will go 5.30s in the 1/8th mile?
  29. My replacement for a Vic Jr and an Elbow...
  30. Any experience low hp due to dented in dp?
  31. s472 or s475 on 6.0
  32. Turbo question
  33. 6psi on stock injectors?
  34. 92 Z28 LS1 Front Mount Build/Resto
  35. What exhaust wrap?
  36. UPDATE:HPS Rear Mount-746rwhp-600rwtq
  37. The twin turbo Z06 build from Hell finally done!!
  38. 370CI T6 or T4 Turbo
  39. Pro charger Pin kit for rent?
  40. I think my Transbrake is too slow...
  41. '69 Nova Track Numbers - 4.8L W/ TC76
  42. 99 Z28 "stock" ls1 +76mm A2W ebay build
  43. need to change the rear seal on tvs 2300
  44. hellpppp,,,i got a misfire only in boost!
  45. who has built a fm truck manifold kit and kept sway bar
  46. 408 tc78 build question
  47. i need a blower pulley!
  48. My long term project-672" BBC twin 94's
  49. assembling -20an lines help
  50. is this turbo or crank case problem...?
  51. thoughts on cam choice
  52. Questions regarding my 408 F1-A setup! ***Updated 10/18! MORE ?s on Post #16***
  53. sts and keeping catabck?
  54. whats the user name for the guy who works at Speed Inc?
  55. What i planned on using as restrictor plate
  56. Turbostive kicking butt in 2011 hot rod drag week!!
  57. intake/tb worth any significant gains on my fi setup?
  58. vrx5 & 5.3
  59. Bad truboost solenoid?
  60. Lq4+Turbo capabillities
  61. LS7 for boost w/good internals, would the material between the cylinder be the issue?
  62. Help me with my check valves (PCV and Brake Booster)
  63. inlet hat
  64. My video build of my car with some driving!!
  65. just bought a low oil pressure engine need help with rebuild
  66. PCV Issues.. Need some input
  67. Turbo + Nitrous nozzle or DP?
  68. Finally a vid...
  69. New C5 Corvette
  70. lq4 with 2 gt3582rs
  71. Non Braided Flex joint
  72. Which 2 step?
  73. Bypass Valve Blow Off Valve.....Please Clarify!!!
  74. Need some suggestions on winter project.
  75. AES 390-D1SC-3.4 pulley~10lbs of boost
  76. twin turbo garret t04z
  77. GT55 Turbo & Cooling Issues!
  78. Need some suggestions on winter project.
  79. 2 Bar replacement for OEM gm map sensor 16212460
  80. How much is this LS2 long block worth?
  81. New personal best. Vid link added.
  82. Rocker Arms
  83. Questions on gate placement: PICS inside
  84. Which plug wires for boost?
  85. Did anyone come up with a good fix for the SDCE bracket on a iron block?
  86. Power Steering pump in the way?
  87. Boost spike question
  88. Forged 347 or 383 with S400-HP88
  89. 5.3 turbo build help...
  90. Turbo size for twin 347
  91. Would it even spool?
  92. Pulled the trigger on the FMIC Treadstone TRV259O **Updated** more pics. 11-14-11
  93. What's the best pusher e-fan setup?
  94. 341 rwhp... i was expecting more
  95. Turbo Drain
  96. truck mani guys how did u route the dp? stock k member and motor mt
  97. Supercharger vs Turbo
  98. Goal 700+rwhp/tq w/ KB 3.6L Stroked 6.0L or LS3?
  99. not making sense anymore.. help
  100. Ughh another 243 head thread.. to use or not..turbo
  101. Best turbo and cam recommendation for 71 chevy shortbed LQ4
  102. s475 too small for 410" stroker???
  103. -10AN turbo return in pan 1/2-14 tap. drill size?
  104. Catch can rounting for procharger...
  105. supercharger hepl
  106. supercharger hepl
  107. About to start my front mount turbo build
  108. Boost referenced Propane fueling
  109. c6 manifolds
  110. anyone making big power on holley intake?
  111. Only getting 11 psi,comp 8079,370 ci
  112. Conventional or Synthetic Oil
  113. "Things you wish you did prior to reinstalling your FI engine"
  114. Forced inductions GT-91 owners! Power?Issues?
  115. journal or ball bearing
  116. Installing D1SC
  117. Installing BMR Tubular K-member for extra Turbo Hotside Clearance, not...
  118. Turbo selection. usable 575rwtq target.
  119. weird problem, not really FI related though :-/
  120. Old turbo car..
  121. Sponsors and vendors come in.
  122. Jose @ forced inductions!!!!
  123. Misfire in heavy rain Procharged with debaffled hood
  124. The new setup
  125. many questions new to turbos
  126. Maggied Fbodies...lets see your cowl
  127. Bov
  128. garrett 76mm turbo
  129. Some Sensor questions
  130. ATI super damper
  131. Do superchargers get really hot?
  132. HPS Procharged Built T/A 615rwhp..Pics
  133. My 2000 Trans Am KYTP/PT76GTS/370 build.. IT LIVES!
  134. Reverse flow heads on an ls motor?
  135. Finally track times for my 5.3 TC78 build
  136. Anyone use the AEM meth flow monitor?
  137. What plug wires?
  138. 3rd gen LT1 turbo
  139. Farks Supercars and A.R. Headers Team Up To Go Racing!!
  140. New record again:) 6.73
  141. budget lm7 turbo selection.
  143. Single kit Round 2 Our mission: keep A/C, stock K, & Rad
  144. Full Weight 8 on a stock short block
  145. 12psi problems
  146. critique my 408 tt build!!
  147. Cheap supercharger kit: Part II
  148. stock 5.3 turbo choice
  149. Supercharger?
  150. Turbo Help
  151. Retaining spacers for a/r housing
  152. Last engine before turbo LQ4. Pics
  153. Update on my D1SC install, good news / bad news.
  154. 28 or 29" tire??
  155. What TB for proflow?
  156. intakes
  157. **VID of Late Model Racecraft Night Meet**
  158. 99 Camaro with LS3 swap and STS 67mm Turbo
  159. STS oil pressure buzzer question?
  160. Boost engine on the cheap
  161. turbo cam?
  162. Ysi users?
  163. HPS C6 Turbo Build..Pics
  164. procharger conversion vehicle q's
  165. Boost question
  166. SD 3 Bar Queston
  167. difference in engine bay temp beteween procharger and turbo
  168. AES 408 / GT-88 / AFR 225's 1113rwhp 1219rwtq E85
  169. Help with KB set up on LSx
  170. LM7 into a 99 Trans AM
  171. Overheating issues
  172. Labor Day Turbo Kit Sale!!!!!!!
  173. Turbonetics Labor Day sale
  174. Insight on Rear Mount 76 on LS1 Miata...
  175. Procharger bov question.
  176. FAST intake burst pressure?
  177. how to run cold side pipeing?
  178. Gears for a turbo car
  179. Need some help Procharger
  180. Fastest 4.8
  181. Which gears to go with on my F1-A/408 setup?
  182. F4 Procharger, 45 PSI 3,200hp
  183. Who has the fastest turbo/supercharged f-body with a 6 speed?
  184. whatcha guys think about a 370 w/ a blow thru carb on e85?
  185. Taking a stock LQ4 to 20psi ready LQ4
  186. LQ9 turbo setup ?'s
  187. sponsors or shops that make turbo kits for my goal at 1000hp
  188. IAT with DISC and twins?
  189. -HELP-My turbo car is running on half the motor WTF?
  190. LSx Twinscroll Turbo Design Analysis
  191. Budget Build questions
  192. Custom Log Manifolds POST YOUR PICS!!
  193. D1SC rebuild
  194. How much seat pressure O/C on a turbo car at 20+psi
  195. RPM Motorsports TTI Twin Turbo L99 2010 Camaro
  196. Garrett TV7512
  197. Futral cam and D1SC questions
  198. will a D1SC procharger fit with the LS conversion?
  199. Log Manifold Tube Sizing
  200. How hot is too hot?
  201. Check valve location and where to buy?
  202. t04e too small?
  203. looking for some advice. 5.3 or lq4
  204. radiator
  205. 2 bolt LS6 manifold leaking?
  206. ls3 holley hi-rev intake
  207. Unequal length turbo piping. WRONG???
  208. Got a few questions guys.
  209. What turbo
  210. Single turbo C5 build thread
  211. cam help
  212. Where to buy catch can?
  213. will a lt1 procharger bracket work on the ls1?
  214. Going after the stock short block record
  215. twin turbos
  216. Heads or Motor gone
  217. turbo oiling help
  218. Simple Pulley question please help
  219. Some questions on a magazine build (not the 1200hp 4.8!)
  220. What should my MPH be in the 1/8th? Update 9-13-11 New 3.5 gear
  221. Can anyone confirm that the Mast Oilpan fixes the oil starvation issues on fbodies?
  222. E85, 402, F1-A Procharger - 12.5:1 CR too much?
  223. going to be installing my D1SC in a few weeks. Any advice is welcome!
  224. turbo advice please
  225. T6 install kits on sale!
  226. 370 or 383 steel or aluminum?
  227. need help selecting engine kit for turbo 6.0
  228. Need turbo help asap
  229. Is this turbo to big
  230. F body turbo kits laying in the yard LOL help me find them a home...
  231. Air/fuel confirmation?
  232. Need help Picking Out Procharger for LS1 Miata
  233. F1c and 8 rib ?
  234. Oil Leakage
  235. 3 in cog question
  236. Cam suggestions for turbo LS1
  237. track time with turbo 5.3 air bag nova
  238. Magnum Performance v. On3performance T76 BB
  239. lq4 turbo opinions needed
  240. camaro ls1 turbo made 554whp
  241. Dumb question...can you hear your turbo under regular acceleration
  242. Need blueprint for j bracket??
  243. Installing a FMIC for a Vortech SC
  244. Is this cam good for a Maggie?
  245. 243 vs L92
  246. True duals on a twin turbo setup
  247. How much boost should I be making? P1SC-1, stock LS1 w/ blower cam.
  248. 317 heads on 5.3 for a twin turbo set up?
  249. WIW? P1SC kit
  250. budget turbo 5.3