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  16. stupid question but i donno what supercharger i have
  17. which head bolts do i get?
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  19. lots of questions
  20. Since the racecar is going away...need ideas for next project (street/strip sleeper)
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  22. Around how much rwhp gain will I get with D-1SC on 8-9 psi?
  23. stock 317's or prc 317's?
  24. Can anyone tell me what size headunit this is? (Video)
  25. aluminum ls1 bottom end or iron 5.3 or 6L
  26. modifying floor to clear exhaust
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  29. E85 with 83# injectors and meth
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  32. Critique my hotside, pics. Changes are still possible!
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  34. FMS F13-114LSA and FI
  35. Which is better 3.42 or 3.73 for Camaro turbo
  36. LQ9,LS3 Top End,GT47 80mm turbo build
  37. What is everyone using to tune their turbo setup?
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  40. G body turbo manifolds
  41. Changes to D1SC Kit to Run an F1A/F1C?
  42. 390ci blown alchy injected pump gas. 6x tranny. Should be fun.
  43. Emissions legal reality check...
  44. critique my build and help me pick the right turbo
  45. 4.8 or 5.3 pistons?
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  53. Anyone here from Chicago?
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  64. Bov
  65. Can a Corvette C5 5.7L LS1 1999-2004 Magnuson Supercharger Kit be modified to fit a 2
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  67. t76 for sale
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  69. Stock 5.3 timing chain
  70. s475 t4 or t6
  71. We all know now that the Holley EFI has problems with boost. Now what...
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  73. Boost Leash
  74. Anybody With This Setup?
  75. Anyone stock prochargers
  76. Couple Meth Inj Questions
  77. anyone used?
  78. Painting over high temp ceramic coatings?
  79. Direct replacement for blown up Ls1. 5.3 or 6L ?
  80. Questions on what heads/forged bottom end on ls1
  81. Turbo LS1 Miata Dyno VID & #'s with COMP OIL-LESS TURBO!!!!!
  82. I'v got a question
  83. D1SC noise
  84. Holley Hi Ram Intake
  85. when in boost-timing retard
  86. 99 trans am ac complete removal!?
  87. Power steering relocation kit is FINISHED!!!!
  88. ?? oil pressure sensor??
  89. Tial Wastegate Rusts Shut
  90. Huron Speed FINAL Pre-Sale Special. Ends 3/17/12
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  92. Help on turbo
  93. whats everyone runnign for an intercooler?
  94. turbo guys a newbie needs help
  95. recommendation for head gaskets
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  100. lq4 or lq9 for a mp112 supercharger?
  101. turbo heads
  102. Cost, procharger vs. turbo
  103. down pipe size question
  104. Turbo 6 speed Fbody 1/4 Record?
  105. building lsx turbo headers on a mustang coupe, pics inside
  106. Open downpipe questions... who's running one?
  107. Are coated turbo headers less prone to cracking?
  108. Huron Speed Complete Single Turbo Kit SPECIAL! $2299
  109. need advice on runnin hvy springs and solids
  110. Speed Inc 1579 HP Vid added
  111. cam suggestions
  112. how screwed am I? crank pin fail
  113. Big turbo build advice
  114. 67 Nova TT build
  115. 5.3 lqx Iron blocks Strenth question
  116. D1SC procharger got quiet not sure why
  117. Burkhart Chassis Tax Sale
  118. LSA swirl wing. Effects?
  119. Another cam question
  120. what size and where to buy a turbo?
  121. gt500 supercharger on a 5.3L
  122. two step with auto?
  123. who makes Up and forward turbo headers for 4th gen camaro?
  124. boosted vaccum sources
  125. Manual vs Electronic Boost controllers...
  126. Need help???
  127. Local turbo for sale, need quick advice if good for my build
  128. These should make some power!!!!
  129. Engine Gridle
  130. Need Help With Head Selection
  131. Spoolin performance altenator bracket
  132. How much HP difference 317's vs. L92's on a turbo 6L?
  133. anyone recognize this car?
  134. Water/Meth kit trunk mount. Will this be track legal?
  135. Cylinder charge temp bias with meth injection
  136. Where are you mounting your A/W Tanks?
  137. **LMR Drag Radial Car runs 4.66 in testing**
  138. 9.52 @ 144 Stock bottom end LS6
  139. Lt1 p1-sc?
  140. New dyno numbers with AFR225, XSPower catback on my single turbo ZO6
  141. Cam question. F13 and lm7
  142. Fairmont 2.0 (forged lq4, s480, 800whp, under new management)
  143. tsp 231/237 112 lsa with vortech?
  144. torn on turbo selection for my 408 build
  145. Confirm 98 OEM Fbody stamped steel manifold material.
  146. PCV/ Catch Can help please.
  147. Turbonetics turbo identification
  148. Boosted break in question
  149. Ls6 vs Tu1 cam in a 5.3 how much am i leaving on the table...
  150. crossover / merge pipe
  151. Mounting turbo to frame
  152. AI/trex to procharger? what cam should I get
  153. E85.... Thinking of trying it out.
  154. Boost referenced regulator question
  155. Truck Manifold Flanges
  156. Turbo LS6 Cap Walk?
  157. Street car, pump gas, what fuel pumps?
  158. budget junkyard 02 lq4 TT for roadrace build
  159. Critique my Twin Turbo Plans Please!
  160. Ls9 vs ls2 turbo head gasket?
  161. Who has used LSA exhaust manifolds?
  162. Air to water plumbing
  163. Question about tuning before startup
  164. Want to build a turbo header
  165. Got my procharged camaro tuned!
  166. Supercharger = Insurance Dropped?
  167. Using PE Adder vs. IAT as safe guard for meth failure?
  168. Truck manifold placement question
  169. Would like to know about this Precision turbo.
  170. How much power will ID1000 injectors support in FI.
  171. lt1 style trans am intercooler size & location?
  172. air to water cooling question
  173. heat transfer
  174. LT1 Blower sizing
  175. procharger f1r
  176. s475 choking out?
  177. Website feature on my single turbo C6 !
  178. Help building custom rear mount system
  179. Build 347 or 370 for pt7675
  180. Catch Can setup with single plane manifold
  181. What gears??
  182. Comp Oil-less CHRA upgrade for APS kit.....who is interested?
  183. about a sleeper!
  184. Explain Meth is it safe + dependable
  185. Anti surge compressor housings yea or nay?
  186. Nasty BOV for D1SC video inside...
  187. Which Borla XR-1 muffler? F-1A/408 setup...
  188. D1SC issues just after install
  189. Exhuast is way too damn loud.... power loss?
  190. pics of my twin turbo hot pipes for a lt1 camaro
  191. gt91 408 cnc ls3 heads hows this cam look
  192. Plug gap
  193. Anyone build a turbo kit with stock fbody manifolds???
  194. Built LQ4-Will it handle 20#+?
  195. best coating for mild steel tube headers?
  196. pressurizing a carb
  197. Meth vs Nitrous
  198. Question re: STS Turbo and Muffler Setup
  199. Procharger guys with truck hat come in
  200. SPA turbo gasket eliminator?
  201. Magnuson MP112 on ls 4th gen fbody?
  202. turbo lq4 electric water pump question
  203. H/C/I/E to FI
  204. NEED HELP!! Twin turbo 70 chevelle build
  205. should i turbo a 210,000 motor
  206. which turbo should i get
  207. Tips on getting spool time down?
  208. What will it make? 370 - F1C - E85 - lots of other stuff!
  209. CBR alternator bracket
  210. Dagger GT?
  211. Zirgo electric fans
  212. MP112 Cam?
  213. Is this turbo to small
  214. twin turbo ls1 question
  215. Project "Ricky Bobby"
  216. **LSX Drag Radial Racers get READY, LMR IS winning championship this Year**
  217. Turbo in a high hp manual car an issue??
  218. Cam for T6 88mm on 346
  219. what cam for boost?
  220. What heads are you running on your procharged setup? 12+ psi
  221. 408ci turbocharged 160+mph Silverado
  222. 1995 Steeda Q car gone to the dark side
  223. Cam Specs with complete I bought. Advice
  224. Question about catch can?????
  225. Vortech V1 kit no mounts or crank pulley....
  226. Help me identify my new turbo
  227. Stock LQ4 76mm turbo questions
  228. Turbo build cost?
  229. Carb Hat or Carb Box ? Blow thru set up
  230. 317 heads help
  231. Piston ring gaps for 76mm Turbo LS6 - Need Clarification & Opinions!
  232. speed inc tu2 cam
  233. p1sc 5.3 blazer
  234. Ebay Turbo, any turbo set-p for sale
  235. Another E85 thread
  236. removing starter with APS kit
  237. Super chiller
  238. **LMR ZR1 Corvette 9.47 Vid**
  239. How low is your filter?
  240. front mount install help
  241. Turbo header
  242. any way to test seals on a d1sc?
  243. LSX 434ci | TFS 245cc | Viper T-56 | SP Tubular Headers ***WHAT GARRETT TURBO*** ??
  244. How much timing are you guys running 93 with Meth able to run?
  245. HELP will this boost controller work?
  246. st80 turbo on a 5.3 motor
  247. Procharged 408
  248. fuel pressure regulator and boost
  249. Headers or manifolds for turbo?
  250. how is boost limited on a whipple?