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  1. LG G5X3 cam with turbo
  2. BSFC on Turbo LT1?
  3. Alkycontrol & D1SC J-Bracket Q&A
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  6. where does everyone run there gages that have a bar for the cage in front of piller
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  21. 212/212 56X/56X 112 or 222/226/596/598 116
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  23. Bringing the WS6 back to life front mount build thread with pics.
  24. head studs with no gasket change :)
  25. A question on Turbo Header Durability
  26. tensioner of supercharg​​​​er Magnacharg​​​er
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  28. 2.5 bar map question
  29. 317 vs stock LS1 heads cylinder pressure
  30. Got a few questions for the boosted small cube 346-347 guys.
  31. cams prolly not ideal... but will it work ok?
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  33. Another "what cam" thread... please point me in the right direction!
  34. Member for 6.5 years. First post. L33 plans. Build underway. 9/4 Update
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  36. New dyno numbers! With in car video!!!
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  40. Incon turbo
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  46. LS3 Oil Return
  47. 4 bolt UMI throttle body question
  48. procharger issue
  49. 5.3 turbo cam help
  50. pulley belt slip?
  51. Max out 5.3
  52. Bosch 160lb injectors
  53. Homemade M112 for my LS1 BMW
  54. Follow Along with Tick Performance as we A&A SUPERCHARGE Michael's C6 Vette (PICS)!
  55. O-ringed block, what head gasket?
  56. 73 ventura, paper head gasket 5.3, th350, microsquirt, gt45, 10.70@130 16psi
  57. Question about blowers...
  58. Holset compressor map
  59. Which vacuum lines need check valve to avoid boosting?
  60. BMW e46 swapped Ls 370ci 4L80 BEP 91mm (UPDATED 6-5-12)
  61. Fall new best *part two*
  62. LS1 D1SC Bracket? Electric Waterpump?
  63. critique this cam
  64. Need help!!!! ASAP!!!
  65. new pb 9.19@146 tc78
  66. Looking for advice for heads/turbo combination for next years setup (race only)
  67. Anyone using generic head studs on their FI engine?
  68. 2 step, with timing retard or not?
  69. Boost/vacuum line distributor?
  70. stock 5.3 strong enough?
  71. LQ9 vs LQ4 for turbo-build.
  72. is 11.1 comp to much
  73. Twin turbo and e85 guys what wideband for tuning?
  74. I need some input
  75. 02 Z28 Procharger Project
  76. my plans: how long will it last/what i need?
  77. Procharger F1-D
  78. NEW PROCHARGER F1X replacing F1R
  79. boost question with H/C setup
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  81. Time to talk about new motors....Bigger ones!
  82. Question About Compression, Piston and Heads.
  83. How would u make 700rwhp?
  84. 100mm single too big for a 4.8 build?
  85. looking for ebay twin turb opinions for a 5.3 dragboat project
  86. STS Turbo on built 383
  87. Evans Waterless Coolant
  88. how realistic are my goals?
  89. front accessory drive question
  90. turbo for max effort stock shortblock 5.3?
  91. 61 chev 383 LS1 S475 build
  92. can I push it even further!!??
  93. Another LS6 cam question...
  94. should i go vortech v9 or turbo
  95. Vortech for fbody?
  96. anyone running an electric water pump on the street?
  97. supercharged 5.3
  98. Turbo in my 93 Z28 Camaro?
  99. Good bye Twins hello Single front mount!!!!!!
  100. 1954 Studebaker LM7/T56 MP76
  101. looking for dyno# 370 0r 383 s475 83mm 110 ar
  102. Turbo Vs. Supercharger (Cliche Title)
  103. turbo setup help
  104. looking for pics and ideas on how to move the whole radiator forward for clearance
  105. turbo build
  106. "turbo guys"
  107. which heads for boost
  108. 6.0l turbo stang project coming along...
  109. TT LS2 dyno - power falling off
  110. Everybody and their mother has a tur-blow....LETS SEE SOME BLOWERS!!!!
  111. Gm screw in IAT
  112. So I am confused as to what turbo to move up to....Help please
  113. Vertical Radiator Fan Average CFM rating
  114. 2004 GTO - from STOCK to NOT - a Tick Performance ProCharger Build!
  115. Stick with LS1 or go LQ4?
  116. Winter 2011-2012 turbo build
  117. Help me decide on the induction side of my FI build. Holley+PRC LS3 or Edelbrock+AFR?
  118. Magnum Turbos
  119. Magnafuel 4303, E85, 1600cc injectors..will it work
  120. why is my boost falling off?
  121. Anybody Running 5.60's or Faster At 3300lbs?
  122. 370 or 408 ?
  123. wastegate 38mm tial
  124. Tial WG diaphram crimped/ Is this causeing boost taper?
  125. Dear Santa, please have Burkhart send me...
  126. Can I use a 6 rib belt on a 8 rib F1 Procharger?
  127. 9.5" or 10.25" TORQUE CONVERTER FOR 1000HP TURBO??
  128. can i put boost on a carbed 370
  129. Ati damper install help!!!!
  130. can i pull a 02 sensor to check back pressure
  131. Can someone help me pick a new turbo out?
  132. Which GT45s turbos do I purchase?
  133. Alternator on the Ac place?
  134. 5.3L build 862 vs 317 heads (compression)??
  135. S400 T6 LQ9 Mustang Turbo Build (5.85 @ 118mph)
  136. Can I run more boost??
  137. Wastegate ?'s..Can U manually open valve?
  138. Well I finally got some pics of my 370 and its ready to go in
  139. New PB..6.0@116mph....9.6@126mph video!
  140. First F1R LSX in the 7s
  141. Any one with a turbonetics t76
  142. Yet...another reason to run a got-dang INTERCOOLER!
  143. pics of turbo build.
  144. Strange cooling fan electrical issue
  145. new set up ??
  146. spooled up, whats up
  147. Considering Procharger
  148. cog
  149. recommend a gear ratio for my procharher combo please
  150. Vac line question and more
  151. supercharger boost leak?
  152. 7.4L exhaust Manifold ?
  153. 6.0 turbo 4l80e harness ecm suggestions
  154. With the right stall and cam would I notice any lag from a 91mm?
  155. lq9 with t6 turbo.?
  156. Ls7 lifters?
  157. Trans am 5.3 turbo build
  158. P0102 code after supercharger install
  159. How far would you take a stock crank?
  160. L92/vvt 6.2 motor and boost
  161. Twin rearmount turbo exhaust for S10
  162. TC76 aussi engine '99 camaro
  163. victor jr elbow
  164. modify a DS 1
  165. Turbo Cam NEEDED - 6.0L
  166. 1999 Firehawk Build - 402 and F1A
  167. How do I run vacuum lines turbo motor new style ls6 valley cover?
  168. Supercharged WS6 - Poly or Solid Motor Moutns
  169. Deck height with 6.125 rod
  170. Check out the 5.3 I just bought for $100!
  171. gear drive/crank snout question
  172. ebay vendor---->GT-45's..guesstimate my fwhp
  173. Motor Plate and Procharger LSX Transplant Cog Bracket (Madman's Version)
  174. lt1 turbo builds
  175. compression ratio help please
  176. Fuel problems up top
  177. Guys running Snow kits-where do yall mount the pump/resevoir in fbody?
  178. Tube to replace Mas Air Sensor?
  179. lq4 FI set up?
  180. Our little 370 Paxton powered GTO goes 8.99
  181. 600 hp on stock 5.3?
  182. truck mainfold set, do i have to remover nh sway bar?
  183. truck mainfold set, do i have to remover nh sway bar?
  184. What size exhaust should i run
  185. LQ4 pushed coolant
  186. Procharger Custom Kit Install .... Advice?
  187. Turbo setup..ready to order parts, am I forgetting anything?
  188. HELP! new to FI and i have some questions
  189. anyone running I beam rods at decent boosted power levels?
  190. cometic lsx reseal question
  191. Precision 6266s or 6765s?
  192. Which rockers for a boost application (15-25psi or more)
  193. Building boost off factory rev limiter (pomofo's two step)
  194. Widening ring gaps???
  195. 76mm on a 5.3, but which 76mm?
  196. Compression question
  197. Reasons to not go rear mount / Critique my plan
  198. How loud is open 5in downpipe?
  199. 6.0 single turbo combinations
  200. LQ4 Magnum T72 IROC build. New Track Times & Video Added!
  201. Lingenfelter LNC-002 issues.
  202. Camaro SS 370, LSA heads, 76gts **Th400 swap and dyno videos**
  203. Any benefit to running 317 heads on 5.3 Turbo?
  204. New PB. Finally had a clean pass with the 2 step.
  205. Looking for sparkplug for E85, turbo, high PSI
  206. Turbo test?
  207. is this normal wear for a piston skirt?
  208. Place your bets:160lb high imped stock PCM drivable?
  209. fall new best, 8.53 @ 162.3
  210. LS1 68 Camaro... Turbo? MAF? Fuel Pumps?
  211. Turbo 5.3 I on the right track?
  212. Throttle Body Recommendation
  213. First time fabricator..
  214. Help with T70 on L33
  215. fuel lines??
  216. Intake manifold
  217. New best in the Turbo Firehawk
  218. Head bolts or Head Studs?
  219. How efficient is a VJ in a boosted application?
  220. Blown 383 Questions
  221. Looking for some forced induction advise..
  222. Timing Chain Stock 5.3 twin turbo's
  223. are cometic head gaskets repressable
  224. Just a feeler... Whats it worth?
  225. Twin Screw LS
  226. help with a little blowby not alot
  227. M6 gears
  228. coated bearings?
  229. Lets see some LS front mount turbo pics!!! PLEASE!!
  230. need help
  231. Put my car on the rollers today, timing/plug question
  232. Swapping EPP (brutespeed) cam to what?
  233. 07 avalanche 5.3 valley cover/magnacharger
  234. Spark plug insulator tip broke?
  235. Stick with LS3 shortblock or go iron?
  236. External Waste gate and boost control ?'s
  237. Truck manifold collector gaskets
  238. LQ4 Turbo Build - Looking for used parts
  239. Procharger P-1SC kit for 98-02 Fbody for sale
  240. What heads for my turbo 408?
  241. journal bearing turbos...what size feed? restrictor? using HP Melling pump
  242. KY turbo kit?
  243. stock shortblock madness! D1+Nitro daves plate kit= 864 rwhp
  244. Does any re-use the manifold flange from the trucks?
  245. Wanting some input/advice! Thanks in advance! FI 370/TC78 setup
  246. Advice on a Forged LS6 build I'm planning, if you would be so kind
  247. 4032 good for 15psi?
  248. Stock TB or Aftermarket
  249. ProCharger Rebate Program!
  250. oil issue with turbo