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  1. Another 5.3 turbo dyno results
  2. At what vehicle speed do push/pull fans not help?
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  15. Good cheap reliable heads for boost.
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  19. car wont go passed 5lbs!
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  21. quick heads question
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  23. 1999 2000 Camaro Exhaust Maniflods needed!
  24. Head gasket failure - opinion?
  25. I am tired of seeing all these damn 5.3s going so fast..
  26. Catch Can Setup
  27. Spraying Meth before or After the IAT sensor?
  28. Ethanol levels changing in winter? really.....
  29. Weighed some blocks this morning
  30. E85 and back pressure
  31. Filtered or un-filtered oil source?
  32. Procharger P1200 parts
  33. Help Please
  34. Question about BOV
  35. Twin Wastegates
  36. Woke up and found this in my driveway...
  37. Master power T3/T4 super 60 twin 6.0 lq4 ??
  38. E85 poll...should i or should i not? Closest station 17.4 miles.
  39. Vacuum Line
  40. Turbo leaking oil on turbine side.
  41. truck manis vs some stainless shorties
  42. Boost reference location for waste gate.. what is the final answer?
  43. Turbo cam help!
  44. Blower cam advice
  45. How long should ls1 engine last on 8lbs of boost?
  46. Race Proven Motorsports New Shop!!!
  47. How far can you "safely" push pump gas + meth? (20psi/800+rw/9:1 forged 370ci)?
  48. High mileage 317's for FI?
  49. What % of methanol gives the best protection of KR?
  50. Is a meth/water injection kit worth it?
  51. Racetronix pump hp numbers come in
  52. Max seat and open pressure w/ stock lifters
  53. lt1 turbo questions
  54. lt1 turbo questions\
  55. 69 LS2 Firebird twin turbo question
  56. Trying header evac PCV... what to do with stock PCV (LT1)
  57. Filling D1SC Head Unit
  58. New Motor Dyno 974hp Vortech YSI 23lbs
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  60. Out with the D1SC in goes the F1A
  61. Simplest catch can setup
  62. Procharger blowing oil on less than 3,000 mile rebuild
  63. Dropping compression from 10:1 to 9:1 require a larger turbo?
  64. Turbocharge of procharge?
  65. Good stock crank boosted bearings? Clevite "P" work good?
  66. catch can setup question?
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  68. 99 Trans am build thread
  69. Turbo Set up
  70. dual turbo size question
  71. cracked piston some advise needed
  72. What # wastegate spring?
  73. what size is the sts oil pump fittings?
  74. anyone with eboost2 setup for gear based mapping?
  75. Atomicfusion 7.85@185 video
  76. turbo routing
  77. Is a t4 76mm .96 too small for a street driven 6.0
  78. STS Z06 dropping boost
  79. 240sx crate LS1 ebay GT45 build thread... I'm probably going to kill myself.
  80. Is -16an big enough for rad lines?
  81. Crank pulley without a/c pulley??
  82. Looking for 90* silicone bend
  83. Cam's Gt91 2002 T/A Keeping the Ac budget build **Fire up 7/21**
  84. 8 rib no dampener Procharger
  85. Kenny Bell supercharger 01 ws6
  86. 1969 Chevelle 5.3 Twin Turbo TNT Results
  87. PT 7675 guys lets see your numbers
  88. Rear Mounted, Oil-less, Comp Turbo Fbody?
  89. Best external fuel pump for high hp E-85 cars?
  90. how much more boost can you run befor you have to retune?
  91. xer281hr cam in my 4.8 Camaro
  92. Norris catch can or moroso with dual inlets & breather...or both?? OR RX Perf can?
  93. please estimate my hp
  94. Pulley Size Question
  95. Where to look for a quality low cost supercharger
  96. FI LS3 cam help
  97. trubo heads
  98. Turbo header build question
  99. Newb to boost build few ?s
  100. Manley Forged 2618 with boost
  101. A2A or A2W intercooler, my situation
  102. ls2 intake good for boost? searched didnt find much
  103. Rear mount turbo
  104. can someone ID this turbo?
  105. Intake runner size
  106. stock cube cam help
  107. building a boosted motor, few questions
  108. 1981 Turbo T/A vs New 5.0
  109. Camaro lean at idle
  110. Need some advice on my junk
  111. Your thoughts/Criticism -and a question on engine build with D-1SC
  112. LUNATI cams advice
  113. F-1X camshaft advise
  114. Modular Turbo kit and ON3 turbo #s stock motor
  115. 408 turbo guys in here
  116. help please!!
  117. big boost on stock LY6 pistons?
  118. is a 30 micron inline oil filter good for a Ball bearing turbo ?
  119. Any LS Turbo Tuners in PA or MD?
  120. Procharger D1SC 34000 rpm impeller speed to low?
  121. Madre di Dio! whose stock crank turbo car is this?
  122. how much will a stock crank hold procharged.??
  123. piping question
  124. twin turbo ls1 question
  125. Made it to dyno today! D1 on 10lbs 416 CID
  126. Boost in action... maiden voyage... 140mph.
  127. Congrats Mike Brown on the Atlanta win!
  128. 317 heads on 5.3?
  129. what does valve float feel like?
  130. BOV and wastegate
  131. 317 heads
  132. what do you guys think of this noise
  133. Has anyone tried this LOW MOUNT PASSENGER side ALT Bracket made for truck mani kits?
  134. rear turbo chatge pipe routes
  135. Would this cam work in a 5.3L 72mm turbo?
  136. Best "reasonably priced" ring set for boosted 4.020 build?
  137. -12an oil drain flange...where to buy???
  138. 05 GTO DIY Turbo, Cage, Mini Tub build
  139. Timing gear/chain?
  140. Help with gear selection
  141. Wastegate Mounting Position
  142. '98 Camaro S475 build just started.
  143. Keep 317s or Not?
  144. how much rwd power you think i have
  145. Need to plug a -10 AN oil return
  146. water to air intercooler????
  147. Holset HX55
  148. procharged and exhaust i want more what next
  149. lt1 guys what throttle body you using
  150. Single intercooler set up
  151. 5.3 700hp build advice needed!
  152. how much boost should i expect to make?
  153. adding e85 to pump anybody doing it?
  154. 600 RWHP LQ4 Turbo
  155. one nasty sounding mid 8 second dragster!
  156. What turbos to use
  157. Race Proven Motorsports 25.3 C6Z06
  158. supercharging high mileage
  159. LS-6 valley cover/catch can how to route lines
  160. supercharging high mileage
  161. tips and tricks for lighting a turbo 4.8 car
  162. twin turbo post
  163. Procharger install manual
  164. Heating issues with front mount setup.
  165. ugh 8.1l problems
  166. Pt76gts, run an oil restrictor?
  167. How much power can this iron short block hold?
  168. 4.070 lq9 block will be ok on boost?
  169. J/y 5.3 - tc76 vs pte 7675
  170. Anyone make a plug and play pusher fan set-up?
  171. which intake for my boosted application?
  172. Piping Kit
  173. ARH Monthly Newsletter
  174. Lingenfelter 2 Step Installed and Bent Rods
  175. How much area for a air to air intercooler for a vortech ysi?
  176. Smallest Radiator/Fan combo that will cool
  177. **LMR TTV Dyno Vid Inside**
  178. ? Re: Boost Leak Tests and Turbo systems
  179. magnum t76 ball bearing oil restrictor?
  180. Does anyone other than ATI make sprag blower pullies?
  181. Can i achive 750rwhp with a s475 in a Lq9???
  182. s400 turbo questions
  183. 6.0 vs 5.3 Is it worth the extra $$$
  184. 08' 5.3 magnum76 17lbs video Chevelle
  185. How big of a Procharger with aster bracket
  186. 408 CID what turbo
  187. **Late Model Racecraft 5 Year Anniversary Special Inside on Packages**
  188. 347 76gts Dyno Results
  189. Procharged Daily Drivers in here!
  190. P1-SC Procharger for sale
  191. Single intercooler set up for trans am
  192. Procharger install Horn relocation
  193. on3performance 44mm wastegate springs???
  194. Gauges needed for turbo addition
  195. Forged 347/TC76/T56 Build Thread
  196. So I bought a "Roller".... x275 soon to be!
  197. Need some advice on IATs
  198. taking too long to build boost on t-brake re-stall converter?
  199. 6 bolt / cylinder head guys please step inside
  200. hobbs switch psi recommendation
  201. opinions this enough clearance for my fans??
  202. Signal hose came off Manual boost controller. 19psi!
  203. E-Boost2 HELP!
  204. Hotside/exhaust questions.. Twin 6265's (Prostreet)
  205. need a custom flange made
  206. F1C Forged 347 Build. DYno tonight 9/10 NUMBERS Finally
  207. Relationship between dropping compression and raising boost
  208. woohoo !
  209. question:5.3 with top mount s/c
  210. Any pics of windsheild washer resevoir used for methanol injection?
  211. how much boost in a diesel KIA
  212. Need Help with cooling issue F1A and iron 408
  213. Turbo E85 heads versus compression help.
  214. Thinking about going rear mount
  215. e85 and fi guys come in
  216. GT 91 v band outlet
  217. whats the best thing to add to a WtA intercooler to keep it cold??
  218. something i learned today
  219. Boosted 5.3s What rwhp are yall making with what setup?
  220. Help - Not showing boost
  221. Planning a Turbo Monster Truck - Need opinions/advice!
  222. Fuel Pump Recommendation Changes
  223. Will this turbo work for RM?
  224. 460" Gear driven F1 procharger ....
  225. F-Body Instruction Manual for "Ebay" Turbo Kits!
  226. Any turbo guys with 4000 stall TH350 here?
  227. Reducing compression, do it with heads or pistons?
  228. Anybody Use for CNC?
  229. Which t6 turbo for lq4
  230. 3.70 or 3.55 for Turbo LT1
  231. dumb questions for a noob to real racing
  232. new to turbos lots of?s
  233. 700hp ls1 hybrid
  234. What spring do I need for my 50mm tial bov
  235. CXRacing Intercooler. Who is Running these and Power?????
  236. stock shortblock+E85; how much timing?
  237. Question about BOV and STS Turbo Kits
  238. Vacuum/Boost plumbing
  239. how good of a boost cam is this
  240. exhaust size and no muffler post videos
  241. need to order two turbos asap. who has them?
  242. MAP sensor question
  243. Flashing SES code scanner not pulling code
  244. TC 67 vs TC 76
  245. Throttle body slams shut
  246. Lets talk faster spool
  247. Boost loss due to improved exhaust.
  248. Got my Daily into the 9's Build Thread
  249. Thinking about adding a wastegate to my setup. D1SC...
  250. F1A Who is using 4" IC piping?