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  1. ...and she's alive...I had my doubts..
  2. 2006 gto size intercooler?
  3. turbo 4.8 truck
  4. Thoughts on a 6.0 Turbo?
  5. my pt88 5.3 truck
  6. Any difference?
  7. Getting a strange "dieseling" effect when I shut off my car.
  8. problems with engine start
  9. Best twins for a LSX 427?
  10. bone stock 5.3 s472, when should i stop
  11. Vortech v9 Gtrim rebuild
  12. Valve Shrouding with boost
  13. Stupid vacuum question
  14. Camshaft Recommendations
  15. Back to Mexico-5.3/PT88 Z28 vs 3.4 whipple/nitrous Cobra
  16. car running lean idle and WOT..
  17. whipple on a 01 trans am
  18. twins with short down pipes. WB02 setups?
  19. I'm wondering how much i would really pick up swapping to 1 7/8 LTs(Procharged car)
  20. Help with E85 & FI - Supercharger
  21. Over-Boost problem
  22. -06 feed for 700rwhp turbo
  23. What Garrett Turbo exhaust housing is this?
  24. Procharger & BR7EF Gap
  25. 1st pass with 5.3 = 2 broken, 1 torched piston ???
  26. Twin turbo with upside down truck manifolds!
  27. Can you heat wrap coated headers?
  28. Maggie MP112,
  29. BW S480 on a 5.3 opinions please
  30. E-boost Street hookup problem
  31. ***3/11/13 UPDATE*** Project Xtreme Boost! '02 Xtreme Blazer, Single Turbo 5.3
  32. NA cam on boost.
  33. 5.3l turbo build
  34. UPDATED!!*DYNO NUMBERS* Comparison of Comp Turbo Billet 88mm CT6X-88 & GT91 Garrett!!
  35. F1 procharged F-bodies, I have some questions..
  36. Does anyone DD with a procharger?
  37. Critique my f1a build please
  38. Best intercooler builder
  39. 5.3L PT7875 RX7 Numbers Inside!
  40. Vengeance builds 2011 GS Corvette 702RWHP Details/Idle Clip/Dyno Graph INSIDE!!
  41. 76mm/pump gas tuning help
  42. Tig welding a bead around the throttle body?
  43. Need a T4 housing for GT91?
  44. Recommend supercharger 500 rwhp no hood / cowl
  45. Turbo Guys that went from MAF to SD, What Wires?!?
  46. Twin Turbo Cooling Issues
  47. Pump gas with meth injection RWHP limitation?
  48. LQ9 whipple build
  49. E85 guys come in...
  50. Any FI guys use a Knock Sensor Gauge like the GN guys?
  51. Let's compare driveshaft rpm data.
  52. What turbo for 410ci stroker?
  53. ? about superchargers
  54. LS1 w/S480 on straight methanol
  55. d1sc conversion belt prob
  56. Anyone Using A Comp Cams 54-481-11 Turbo Cam?
  57. My 5.3 E36 Turbo Build
  58. Can I achieve 800 RWHP with front mount & D-1?
  59. Turbo w/ powerglide, what rear gear?
  60. BURST KNOCK settings - what do you have as 'safe'?
  61. On 3 76MM turbo on a stock 4.8L... Needs "Great" advise....
  62. how much boost with no tune ?
  63. how can you tell if the map went bad on a sd tune without a scanner. urgent help...
  64. maf question
  65. Corvette FI guys lovin on Tech FI section
  66. Budget heads for turbo 5.3L?
  67. Exhaust advice needed.
  68. What size meth jet
  69. ***Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo VIDEOS INSIDE***
  70. **ZL700HP package from LMR**
  71. ***Edelbrock Supercharger VIDEO INSIDE***
  72. 2001 Z28 383 Turbo Pro Mod 88 Dyno 17 psi
  73. What would it take for 650rwhp?
  74. Turbo 4.8
  75. need build idea 5.3 turbo
  76. oil pan less than 1" off ground
  77. alternator relocation help needed
  78. supercharger 2005 ls2 vette
  79. So Close! 9.047 @ 153.74 (Video Inside)
  80. YET another 5.3L junker
  81. mp112 383 600 rwhp?
  82. vortech v1 t-trim that needs rebuilt, is it worth anything?
  83. questions about aps tt extreme
  84. sandwich adapter question?? need help
  85. on3 44mm waste gate
  86. Car shuts off after burn out
  87. Wide band questions
  88. lq9 rebuild- needs some tips for building for boost
  89. Lets talking launching with boosted cars
  90. no start turbo ls1
  91. Aps TT running hot any fix for this?
  92. Boost is Not Just Boost
  93. Went to the track for the first time! 383ci + D-1SC
  94. 04 gto, remote turbo
  95. quick question....-3 or -4 feed line for Garrett GT47-88?
  96. help setting boost.
  97. Should I run a meth kit??
  98. Trying to figure out what size pulley
  99. A.R.H./Farks Supercars Facebook Page
  100. TSP 454ci LSX / DP kit Twin GT35R C6 ZO6 dyno numbers inside
  101. RedRocket's 01 Z28 build - S480, Tick Cam, SBE LQ4, 4L80E, E85
  102. Alternator relocation question
  103. Kuwaiti 370ci TC76 l92 max safe power
  104. Need pics of gbodies and your gt4788 setup
  105. spec some turbos
  106. Any sponsors on here a Treadstone dealer?
  107. help with my next car? turbo or procharge?
  108. Questions on heads and cam
  109. Highest iats you have seen.
  110. Going to 317 heads with ls6 springs
  111. Valve Spring for Boost?
  112. PT 91.5 370LSX F Body
  113. 4L60E vs 4L80E higher rpm 800hp?
  114. $8000 for 4 hp???
  115. Procharger, TT, or Single Turbo
  116. Which A/R on S480Sx3 T4 for forged 6.0
  117. Boosted Big Cube on Pump Gas Ideas?
  118. picked up a spare 6.0 shortblock... need some things...
  119. No Low End Power With Boost - Time Slip Pic...
  120. Truck manifolds for ac in a chevelle?
  121. procharger LSx fitment in LT1 b-body
  122. Turbo 5.3 Blow Through Boat
  123. pics of freshly detailed 85 gn with turbo ls swap...
  124. Precision Turbo THIEVES!
  125. Congrats to Eric G (Wins a Wally!!!)
  126. LSA exhaust manifolds vs. Truck exhaust manifolds
  127. First turbo build with goals... (LQ4)
  128. Dissapointing Dyno Numbers. Any Ideas?
  129. When do they push water?
  130. will i meet my goal
  131. oil cooler with turbo motor
  132. Engine sits high after BMR turbo k-member Install
  133. Which heads for turbo ls1?
  134. PCV system with roots/twin screw
  135. 5.3 PT88 Z28 vs 1000rwhp Viper,700hp 911 turbo, 900rwhp Grand national, ect.
  136. Ls1freak33- 370/D1
  137. Boost Reference Reg
  138. Meth failure?
  139. need advice on CID on lsx turbo motor
  140. Pinning Main Caps - necessary? Pics of what happens if you dont?
  141. meth or intercooler with e85
  142. C6/Truck manifold Turbo build (With A/C)
  143. Anyone have a 4L80E installed in your Turbo LT1 Fbody?
  144. Question about oil return on rear mount turbos
  145. How much power with F1A and twins
  146. zero to huron speed in a day!
  147. How do I use nitrous to help build boost?
  148. Best place to find 2010+ Camaro exhaust manifolds?
  149. Looking to make 15lbs on e85.. What compression should i shoot for?
  150. turbo 5.3 60lb injectors
  151. will a paxton 1200 work on a ls1?
  152. **Supercharged Grand Sport By Late Model Racecraft**
  153. Forged 6.0L, S480 Combo - Feedback
  154. forged iron 5.3 bored to 348cid
  155. My LS Willys Jeep has twin T4s on the way + Bonus VID lol
  156. Frame Mounted Procharger ??
  157. interchanging vortech v2 parts
  158. Borg Warner K31?
  159. New to the turbo world, having fuel problems...
  160. LS3/L92 FI cam...GT11?
  161. LS1 or LQ4 accessories
  162. Anyone running dual fuel tanks? (pump gas/race gas)
  163. Shredded my serp belt!
  164. Boost creep problem
  165. What crankshaft...22psi....single 94mm....iron 408ci...????
  166. LTX 383 with E85.
  167. 5.3/4.8 jy build help
  168. Vortech v2 sq to v2 t trim
  169. Rear Mount On A 05 GTO
  170. f-1a procharger off a ls2. would it be compatable with my ls1??? please help.
  171. Procharged lq9 question
  172. whats the best valued rods and pistons for a 6.0 looking to make 800-850rwhp
  173. SFI 25.3 Outlaw Street '70 Buick GS Build with 1800hp Twin Turbo 455 LSx
  174. Turbo Conversion manifold help
  175. What v band flange will work?
  176. Methanol Kit On TT Z06?? Snow Performance.
  177. Lets talk electronic boost controllers!
  178. D1SC Fan Shroud question
  179. 378 LSx TT Trans Am build ='s Modular/CBR twin kit DYNO results /VIDEO inside
  180. 94 Quasar Blue 370 GT-88 Powerglide Build Thread
  181. Looking for a good fi tuner!
  182. Ati bullet bypass vs. Ati butterfly bypass
  183. Pro's/Cons of building an iron 408 vs my 347 for D1SC
  184. How much power on 92lb injectors on E85 with meth injection?
  185. Will my cam be ok for boost
  186. what tq spec for a 600+rwhp turbo 5.3
  187. KR and running e85
  188. RMCR 50mm Cog Belt Issue
  189. LQ4 into GTO
  190. Derale 16925 guys?
  191. turbo 5.3 or 5.7 question
  192. Gbody mounts?
  193. PT88 vs Magnum 76 vs PT66
  194. Another 5.3 turbo dyno results
  195. At what vehicle speed do push/pull fans not help?
  196. I got a kick out of this video
  197. Should i sell my tt t/a?
  198. Tc 78 vs. Pt7675
  199. GMC Syclone build up
  200. Help needed for choosing trans for new build
  201. some basic FI q's
  202. 2005 LQ4 boost ?
  203. What fuel pump for stock LS1 with D1SC?
  204. Need Advice on E-85 and Pump Gas setup
  205. Ran the car need help sorting torque converter,gear ratio & tire dia.
  206. Guess whats bigger than a can of coke ??
  207. need pro charger for ls1
  208. Good cheap reliable heads for boost.
  209. My 5.3 build is almost completed, want your opinions!
  210. Quick vid of a buddies 88mm T/A!!!
  211. Can I buy just one head stud?
  212. car wont go passed 5lbs!
  213. "limit" of boost on Pump gas
  214. quick heads question
  215. Front mount turbo guys post pics of downpipe/exhaust.
  216. 1999 2000 Camaro Exhaust Maniflods needed!
  217. Head gasket failure - opinion?
  218. I am tired of seeing all these damn 5.3s going so fast..
  219. Catch Can Setup
  220. Spraying Meth before or After the IAT sensor?
  221. Ethanol levels changing in winter? really.....
  222. Weighed some blocks this morning
  223. E85 and back pressure
  224. Filtered or un-filtered oil source?
  225. Procharger P1200 parts
  226. Help Please
  227. Question about BOV
  228. Twin Wastegates
  229. Woke up and found this in my driveway...
  230. Master power T3/T4 super 60 twin 6.0 lq4 ??
  231. E85 poll...should i or should i not? Closest station 17.4 miles.
  232. Vacuum Line
  233. Turbo leaking oil on turbine side.
  234. truck manis vs some stainless shorties
  235. Boost reference location for waste gate.. what is the final answer?
  236. Turbo cam help!
  237. Blower cam advice
  238. How long should ls1 engine last on 8lbs of boost?
  239. Race Proven Motorsports New Shop!!!
  240. How far can you "safely" push pump gas + meth? (20psi/800+rw/9:1 forged 370ci)?
  241. High mileage 317's for FI?
  242. What % of methanol gives the best protection of KR?
  243. Is a meth/water injection kit worth it?
  244. Racetronix pump hp numbers come in
  245. Max seat and open pressure w/ stock lifters
  246. lt1 turbo questions
  247. lt1 turbo questions\
  248. 69 LS2 Firebird twin turbo question
  249. Trying header evac PCV... what to do with stock PCV (LT1)
  250. Filling D1SC Head Unit