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  1. merging downpipes?
  2. Turbo/Stall/Gear question
  3. A2W size for 850whp/street driven
  4. Eboost Street install
  5. Which plugs? F1 Procharger
  6. merge pipe
  7. Cometic head gasket on 19psi LS9?
  8. Have a bunch of engines and heads and cant decide on what to build
  9. Questions
  10. What turbo for a rear mount set up?
  11. fixin to buy a procharged trans am
  12. 08 Z06 AA supercharged 567RWHP uncorrected
  13. 71 billet
  14. whats holding this back?
  15. Valve Cover AN Fitting Question for Catchcan
  16. Throttle Sticking ???'s
  17. 317's and meth and stock shortblock
  18. master power dealers
  19. Fastest ls stock shortblock
  20. Please help me build my kit
  21. magnacharger owners
  22. T-netics 66BB for a 5.3?
  23. Out of forced induction game
  24. The new Veee8 drag radial buildup.
  25. vortech power steering questions
  26. What single turbo for this app???
  27. Where to buy OBX v-Bands
  28. Regretfully leaving my position at EPP
  29. Sts Ownes any catless
  30. What is the baddest T4 76mm out there?
  31. Critic my idea for a DIY 370 GT47-88 or S91 build
  32. Couple questions about parts needed to complete D1SC kit
  33. DSS Racing Pistons
  34. boost controller
  35. 2.5" charge pipe ok?
  36. Stock bottom ls1, V2 S-trim, expected power?
  37. Will a MasterPower turbine housing fit a Turbonetics turbo?
  38. What would this combo make?
  39. por 15 coatings?
  40. pcv/catch can issue help!
  41. turbo feed fitting in block
  42. P1SC and 408 spark plug ?
  43. Debating... gather parts have built locally... or buy shortblock from sponsor?
  44. turbo 5.3 swap?
  45. Waste gate
  46. which Gaskets for APS manifolds
  47. Virginia Speed Holiday shortblock sale
  48. Where do you get supercharger pulleys?
  49. how much money do you spend on methanol?
  50. turbo build
  51. Best place to buy wrap?
  52. Ebay kit coolant hose
  53. What should I do?
  54. BOV and WG lines
  55. Help please jgs 60mm wastegate
  56. race gas vs pump gas
  57. Swapping charger, melted pistons??
  58. Having problems getting my baro sensor (2bar map) to go in all the way
  59. Does anyone make a fbody single turbo kit
  60. Cog Drive - Procharger
  61. fmic on 3rd gen WS6 trans am
  62. Will the turbo crack the manifolds?
  63. Starting an Argument?
  64. LS9 or LQ4 MLS head gaskets for Turbo 5.3?
  65. 2010 Stock Longblock Race Thread
  66. NEW! Dual-Flash PCMs run 2 seperate tunes in one PCM!
  67. Turbo Time! holset H2C, Theee importkiller *PICS*
  68. LT1 intake porting to my afr 220's
  69. TSP Torquer v2 with Turbo work?
  70. For 2010.........
  71. Noob here- Fuel Upgrading for V-1 S-Trim
  72. Pics of my custom LSX Twin turbo emblems
  73. Relocated alternator to passenger head and no power steering pump?
  74. when will i see boost ?
  75. fudge.. car ingesting coolent
  76. opinions on best 88-91mm turbos
  77. Aps upgraded inlet tubes?
  78. SDCE J Bracket ???
  79. Can't find a good dished LS2 piston/rod combo(stock cubes)
  80. LT1 heads Quse ?
  81. Mystery sbc turbo kit
  82. Which combo of CR and turbo for the NASTIEST possible forged 346 on 93 octane?
  83. Procharger's New F4, absolute badass
  84. Compression test... is this good, blow by.
  85. I know there are a million ebay turbo kit threads
  86. what do u think of this cam
  87. Quickest Ets ran? 88mm turbo,f1r?
  88. My Latest T56 casualty
  89. O ringing a head.... at what point is it necessary?
  90. Part number for Hell fire rings?
  91. balancer question
  92. Ebay gt45 on 5.3?
  93. 98 Camaro 370CI T76 Build up
  94. Compression help
  95. Maggie model comparisons.
  96. Boost with my CR
  97. ws6 408 pt88
  98. Circle D - Check out our new Website
  99. Race Proven Motorsports C6Z06 "Sleeper" Package First Start Up
  100. STS style pump only 500-hrs?
  101. Turbo Car or Blown Car
  102. Master Power turbo torture test
  103. Turbo/Blower and LSA Differences
  104. New F4 Geardrive setup from PRI
  105. prochager ?
  106. twin turbo manifolds?
  107. hinson c5 turbo kit
  108. HIGH Boost Head comparison
  109. twin 67s on stock lq9?
  110. drove the lq4 s475 mid engine sand rail today, no pics or vid tho
  111. intake
  112. finally go to dyno with maggie on camaro
  113. What kind of timing are you guys running on your F/I setups???
  114. Exa-Pumpô/STS replace. install?
  115. hlp me !!!!!!
  116. Need Help Finding
  117. E85 users; Timing, Boost and CR..question.
  118. So I picked up a 5.3!
  119. What is a GT-88 turbo?
  120. AC Relocation System - Will it work on 4th Gen?
  121. water to air ---air to air intercoolers
  122. Do i need to retune???????????????
  123. Moving the turbo to the front... which twins?
  124. Anybody seen/experience with this turbo kit?
  125. Too much lag and only 5psi of boost! Please help!!!
  126. Oil build up in intercooler.
  127. WG size?
  128. Trying to find a pulley for a mangsun for cts-v
  129. Take a Look at This Cam?
  130. familiar with prochargers? looky in here.
  131. help me with a 370 build
  132. Incon / APS 8mm x 1.0 selfloc nuts... I NEED EM!
  133. AC compressor relocation
  134. opinions on this cam!
  135. Need Turbo Information
  136. Rear Mount Cams?
  137. which wire on clutch switch for 12v 2step activation?
  138. d-1 max impeller speed.
  139. Intercooler Kit Any Good?
  140. Which Manifold/TB
  141. MSD 4bar map sensor
  142. 2010 camaro build suggestions.
  143. Angry Goat in SOFLA
  144. ebay turbo kit
  145. oil drain fitting question
  146. Anyone running a turbo with nitrous
  147. big block truck turbo?
  148. All Turbo Build Threads - Come on in!
  149. 402/408 - F2 ProCharger too big?
  150. c5 water to air intercooler
  151. Va Speed. We'd like to apologize.......
  152. New turbo for X-mas
  153. ls2 inyake manifold vs. ls6 with 90mm snout
  154. Part Gen-TT, mostly custom, Part APS knock-off TT build :)
  155. air-to-water intercooler intake manifold
  156. Shorty Headers vs Truck Manifolds for Turbo build
  157. quickfuel blowthrough?
  158. Real technical discussion, blower size & teflon
  159. A few random questions about a DIY turbo setup
  160. Turbonetics TC78 with Race cover potential?
  161. Procharger 4.5" intercooler with puller fan!!!!
  162. Strange loss of power after intercooler install - can't explain
  163. 429 LSX Race Engine I want it gone
  164. Vortech vs Procharger, Camshafts, and other FI questions
  165. Procharger guys
  166. 20 psi Question
  167. Lighter BMR Kmember Do or Dont
  168. Need Some Advice
  169. Cam for T76 5.3
  170. 317 Head Gasket?
  171. F1 purchased in 7/04 come with mounting bracket?
  172. Going for a turbo!!
  173. SCHWITZER 64MM turbo --- GOOD OR BAD
  174. Cold STS scavenge pump squeaking?
  175. need opinions on my Turbo set up..
  176. Opinions on new engine combo....
  177. gen-tt??
  178. 12 bolt power?
  179. Dart 205s too small?
  180. Are Dart 225s any better than 317s for pushing water??
  181. ttix exhaust manifolds on f body
  182. Turbo set up
  183. Thinking of goning Turbo
  184. 2000 procharged camaro built at Speed INC.
  185. What ci 370 or 383 stroker
  186. Garrett GTX-R turbochargers
  187. can I drill the merge collector, or just run two wastegates?
  188. Supercharged 5.3L Jeep on Dyno
  189. How flexible is a tial wastegate as far as boost levels?
  190. Universal STS Kit?
  191. ati race bypass, can it be adjusted?
  192. Help asap?????
  193. 6.0 vs 5.7 exhaust manifold for sts
  194. Overheating issue ??????
  195. This doesnt seem to be said enough here..
  196. Turbo cam
  197. D1 power output
  198. FYI Truck Manifold Guys
  199. vic jr with elbow and what throttle body?????
  200. valve springs for boost.
  201. Need A Direction. APS Extreme or LG Upgrades
  202. Speed Inc. TT Chevelle video
  203. Has anyone added a extra support point to a J-Bracket
  204. Turbo header's
  205. how much boost can i safely run with a stock ls6?
  206. 1/2" head studs
  207. Tbss w/tvs question
  208. P1SC vs D1SC
  209. Hooking a vacuum source up to an ATI race valve
  210. Custom LSX twin turbo badges
  211. Oil in my intake! Front mount turbo...
  212. Question about phamspeed kit
  213. tuning w/ descreened maf
  214. Monster clutches any good? Stock feel?
  215. Best gauges?
  216. Need bov help
  217. ford 302 D1SC kit to a LS1 kit?
  218. MP T70 guys what filter?
  219. Procharger D1SC??
  220. How are you guys running your IAT sensor?
  221. Shorty Spark Plugs
  222. head gaskets question
  223. cam lift
  224. Burkhart's Christmas sale
  225. Oil pan capacity needed for twin turbo LSx build ?
  226. 01 Sierra Turbo build.
  227. Oil return for low mounted turbo???
  228. edelbrock Pro-Flo XT intake on boost
  229. Ceramic coating or wrap?
  230. peakboost?
  231. Piecing procharger piping/parts
  232. ProCharger FMIC Pipe Routing Question
  233. Cam durations on your Centrifugal 800+/- RWHP car
  234. Smoking from exhaust? ideas?
  235. air/fuel going crazy
  236. High Boost spark plug question
  237. Not your usual cam question (s)
  238. does an x or h pipe after turbos do anything?
  239. New GOODIES
  240. ATI Race By Pass vs Standard
  241. Electric fans
  242. 909 rwhp centri combo!!!
  243. Where to buy quality V-bands?
  244. Procharger input shaft end play?
  245. 5.3l?
  246. Ebay kit downpipe problems help
  247. Zo6 cam 1.85 arms yellow springs
  248. Edelbrock's 2010 Camaro SS Supercharger is due out in January
  249. timing graphs
  250. twin turbo front mount