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  1. fuel injectors
  2. PCV questions... car stinks like oil
  3. would this be enough fuel?
  4. f-body manifolds vs truck manifolds?
  5. procharged 346
  6. Please help!!! ASAP
  7. Boost spiking between gears.
  8. T76 feeding a TVS1900 blower
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  10. vortech kit on LT1??
  11. warhawk vs afr or other !!!!!!!!!
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  16. SC with cam
  17. getting no boost!!!
  18. AEM UEGO Wideband acting funky...
  19. thinking of going 4'' dump
  20. boosted 6.0 cam selection help
  21. Any APS owners running the Burkhart front bumper support?
  22. need some advice for a turbo setup
  23. Is this cam good for a turbo 5.3?
  24. Getting fuel to the turbo LT1
  25. which fuel pump?
  26. Good FI tunners in MD, VA, DE
  27. Where to mount eboost 2 in a camaro?
  28. Lets pick out some heads!! 408 iron motor
  29. Highest Boost a LS6 Manifold Can Handle??
  30. Turbonetics TC-76 Downpipe
  31. decisions, decisions...... need some suggestions
  32. anyone have a maggied car New Haven CT area
  33. It finally shipped!!!!!!!
  34. i know they are pieces of junk... but..
  35. Msd 6010 ?
  36. Billet tensioner with a centri?
  37. Mike Brown's best ET?
  38. Whats the quietest SC system?
  39. [PICS] Katech Performance Air Attack LS7 D1SC. 865hp/735tq
  40. harlan 2 step for sale
  41. Oil Pump Up Grade with rear mount?
  42. Help! Whats this Turbo for!?!?
  43. help with sts turbo needed
  44. Our NEW Set up from ....
  45. Help me pick some components to my turbo motor build
  46. Need opinions on this cam
  47. Intercooler Size?
  48. Turbo Info
  49. How would you do this
  50. Thrust bearing worn? what causes it.
  51. Kenne Bell on a Camaro? fab'd K member?
  52. Why an Iron Block
  53. boost control
  54. sts turbo
  55. lt1 procharger help
  56. Opinions Needed, 10.1 CR & Turbo
  57. changing Procharger F1 oil...
  58. 978 hp 1300 tq 496bbc with ebay T70's
  59. Forced Inductions Is The REAL Deal !!!
  60. heads for boost
  61. LS2 Turbo build - Opinions/suggestions
  62. turbo hose
  63. s400 to big for 5.3?
  64. DITCHING the fmu with my LT1 vortech set up?
  65. **TPE Kenne Bell Blown 434 LSX and Hannibal Lector Cam**
  66. Lmr cts-v!!!
  67. LF 6.1L FI info :)
  68. Rear Mount Guys
  69. Lt1 block + boost
  70. STS rear turbo exhaust leak...
  71. Another 1000 rwhp TT GT35R C6Z
  72. how much boost on stock internals
  73. a few newbie questions..??..
  74. TTI 70MM Street Build!!!!
  75. Where to buy MS 3.5" mandrel bends and flex pipes??
  76. Lt1 turbo
  77. Camaro SS F1-C Build
  78. Do I need a IAT sensor?
  79. AFR and Exhaust Leak
  80. Gets close to boost and sputters
  81. getting ready for the Tx Mile new best stock short LS2
  82. exhaust leak vs power?
  83. f1r procharger on an lt1
  84. How Much PSI-Stock Long Block
  85. boost psi vs head flow for 427
  86. Don't Overcomplicate it! Turbo kit install instructions posted ;)
  87. 11.2cr 370ci w/D1sc@10lbs frontmount intercooler
  88. Stock ls1- low boost what are the LIMITS?
  89. remote turbo hot pipe size?
  90. Truck manifolds...painted, coated, bare??
  91. must have supporting mods?
  92. PT101 compressor map?
  93. Bov spring???
  94. turbo cam
  95. bbc single turbo fuel injected on 92 and alky
  96. Oil feed?
  97. Mild steel versus stainless
  98. problems with the hp performance turbo kit.
  99. Twin GT2871R
  100. STS Turbo upgrade
  101. Tapping LS1 water pump heater hoses for plugs
  102. incon
  103. custom rear mount turbo kit
  104. Blower cam wtihout blower?
  105. S400 and S 91 size differance?
  106. FWD Ls1 Manifold..any pics?
  107. Turbo exhaust housing temp on rear mount..
  108. My 2009 Build for my Turbo 98 Cyber Gray SS with pictures
  109. Switching to a .68 AR
  110. re pipe material
  111. pro charger p1sc
  112. From the down pipe back
  113. Zombie's "Quick Spool" valve testing with pics and nerd like graphs
  114. Turbo tuning guru's needed
  115. A Piller gauge Q
  116. Turbo questions
  117. Size and thread count of studs on truck manifolds?
  118. Custom made drivers side APS discharge pipe!
  119. APS TT kit ?'s
  120. Intercooler question!
  121. YSI or Novi 2000 ? Help me pick.
  122. belt drive and balancer for D1sc needed
  123. 700 whp zr1
  124. 700 who zr1
  125. any pict.of procharger mounted on ls1
  126. Goodies for the new project came in....
  127. Stupid FI + EVAP question
  128. Anyone running the AEM Tru-Boost Controller?
  129. F-body 12 Rib belt
  130. Steel piping questions & where should I run the dp
  131. Supercharger Cam Selection
  132. APS Stiff/upgraded inlet hose group buy
  133. LQ9 6.0L PT88 w/ Truck Manifolds in an FBody Build w/ Pics
  134. Boosted Lt1
  135. 408 numbers
  136. A pic of the SX80 installed on my car
  137. Would you see a difference
  138. Has anyone done this?
  139. kenne Bell on a Fbody Can this Work ???
  140. harlan 2 step.... will it build boost
  141. boosted 370...what compression?
  142. V6 Superchargers
  143. weird numbers, backpressure?
  144. custom pully
  145. VHT Flameproof Coating
  146. boost referencing
  147. 3 1/2" versus 4" downpipe
  148. How much does a procharger setup Weigh?
  149. 14psi + ProCharger Guys, which bypass?
  150. Bad oil seal
  151. shimming valvesprings for seat pressure?
  152. BOV adapters???
  153. Gto blower in fbody (need quik answer)
  154. Whos gone from Turbos to a Procharger??
  155. am i crazy? (FI cam idea/question) cam experts come in
  156. Well taking the plunge!
  157. Should I ditch the PCV valve?
  158. LQ9 was missing alternator threaded hole?
  159. Boosted LS2 power limits?
  160. Rich on the dyno at idle. Need advice.
  161. Baby 60 TTI dyno
  162. Turbo questions
  163. Remote mount question
  164. parish8 empty your pm's
  165. Fired Up The Twins **Sweet Music** (The saga continues)
  166. About Vortech...
  167. what type plugs to run
  168. launching a turbo 6 speed
  169. Ebay GT45 turbo???
  170. What Size MP Turbo 346cid?
  171. Cylinder wall wear/flex from using 4 bolt heads on 6bolt block questions
  172. LS turbo on the cheap?
  173. high pressure oil pump
  174. turbo manifolds
  175. What plugs for ETP heads
  176. Boost a pump and fuel pump failure??
  177. rear mount header question
  178. TTI guys come in
  179. ls1 turbo setup
  180. w body exh manifold turbo kit pics
  181. PCV Catch Can help, turbo STS. Pics inside
  182. Kenne Bell BAP testing
  183. That Can't be Right!
  184. need advice
  185. Car feels down on power... help
  186. oil pressure is pegged
  187. Switching to Speed Density
  188. PT76 VS PT88 Side by side comparison pictures
  189. 700rwhp setup
  190. Best pistons, pins, and rings for turbo app.
  191. OFI kit and changing plugs
  192. need help with IC choice
  193. C6 guys with Kenne Bells?
  194. need help turbo on a 5.3
  195. where can i get a s400 exhaust vband
  196. turbo question
  197. Can I use 8 rib procharger pulley on a 6 rib system?
  198. new edlebrock intake
  199. Collecting info for a turbo 6.0 build
  200. another APS... Coming Soon!
  201. procharged thirdgen
  202. Lingenfelter VS Patriot Performance 800WHP target
  203. Blow off valve not working
  204. F1 procharger on a stock block
  205. Oil leak on S/C 5.7 after cam install - HELP
  206. Stock Valves @High Boost, RWHP
  207. 837 RWHP 944 TQ 402ci F-Body APS Base Kit
  208. Anybody got a engine serial number book?
  209. restrictor plate vs surgeline
  210. is my plugs
  211. quick question about oil pump
  212. how are you guys feeding oil to your turbos??
  213. Its almost time.
  214. JDM's turbo LS1 kit
  215. STS Turbine Specs?
  216. Do I need to change MAP sensor ?
  217. Turbo options for CTS-V?
  218. Pro Charged Lt1
  219. What is a 750whp pump gas recipe?
  220. 700 rwhp turbo 4.8
  221. Anyone looking for Procharger plastic plenum or crank pulley
  222. FI on E85
  223. What is the best 2 step
  224. Cheap noname turbo
  225. Steps to change SC pulley
  226. going turbo
  227. FI Psi on a stock LS1?
  228. My new spool assist and launch weapon!
  229. Add another S480 Build to the ranks!
  230. T/A's with FMIC NEED HELP w/bumper trimming
  231. STS oil pump harness.. who eliminated it?
  232. California Turbo legal issues....Resolved!!!!
  233. i need help deciding on my setup
  234. Epp Front Mount Pics
  235. stand alone 2bar to log boost...
  236. New to the FI world. Got my kit today. I have questions
  237. not going to turbo anymore.......
  238. Do i really need a BOV???
  239. can i update my map sensor, 98 camaro
  240. Need pics of SDCE
  241. Pics of my under hood APS 35th LE
  242. More boost for ninetres????
  243. Upgrading BOV on APS Kit: Suggestions
  244. FantaZ28 and Rapin'Ya, in here to talk about gearing please
  245. Electric Cutout
  246. Spool up video of my rear mounted 1.25 a/r 80mm turbo
  247. Tial dealer in texas?
  248. New Procharger Support Bracket
  249. Where to find 220lb injectors?
  250. Turbo Manifolds