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  1. Is it worth it to port the exhaust housing on a Turbo?
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  20. Progress pics of my MPT76 Front Mount 01 SS.
  21. fuel supply turbo car.
  22. Should I blow my 408?
  23. how will she run?
  24. ati delivery. how long?
  25. 3-bar map
  26. kinda different FI idea
  27. Turbo AWD full size van lives
  28. Anyone ever see a turbo fail like this?
  29. why is my power so low?
  30. t-brake with a 2 step, what boost at what rpm
  31. My TURBO 'd 6.0 T/a Sucks!!!!
  32. anyone have instructions?
  33. Injector size for Magnacharger 112 on LS6?
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  35. It's ALIVE
  36. turbo newbie stupid question.. housing alignment?
  37. just got my car together and..
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  39. Lq9 or lq4 over the ls1 debate for boost
  40. Boosted cam lsa
  41. my aps dyno result
  42. eBay piping kit?
  43. Turboing while keeping a/c
  44. Both APS Turbos went on me
  45. tc78 and 241s on an ls2?? Good idea??
  46. Blower Cam
  47. Help! Turbine wheel bent..
  48. LS1 with procharger
  49. Gettin rid of my T101
  50. Intercooler
  51. help car wont start!!!! need help!!!
  52. speed inc alternator
  53. any chance of boosting a 13.5:1 SBC on alky?
  54. How high C/R is too high for forced induction?
  55. Blown LSX 427 Nova
  56. truck manifolds(power steering lines)
  57. Lets talk turbo and t-brake.
  58. underdrive pulley on a procharger?
  59. Where to buy 4" polished tubing
  60. Need help with cam choice
  61. help with setup
  62. Rear Gear Ratios for use with a supercharger?
  63. Virginia speed O ring block and head
  64. mild steel 6.0 truck flanges
  65. Basic design questions for a 6.0 turbo build
  66. ring end gaps for 12-15 psi
  67. Launching Procharger w/Transbrake question
  68. which spark plugs ?
  69. Rear Mount Turbo Support
  70. Any pro's or con's running Mufflex cat bypass?
  71. Can anyone tell me what happened to TRT?
  72. ? Timing out of boost for low compression motors
  73. alternater relocation bracket????
  74. blower general.
  75. ~Truck Manifold GT45 5.3 TransAm
  76. LS9 gasket fitment for boosted ls1
  77. APS turbo oil line replacement suggestions?
  78. will it hold
  79. Big power with th400, what converter are you using?
  80. BOV Location
  81. godzilla turbo
  82. Wierd Throttle Problem with SD Tune!!!
  83. SBC question-Looking for educated guesses on how much max HP it can make
  84. Turbo setups
  85. Cut out or no Cut out
  86. Tvs 2300
  87. Is my fuel pump shot?
  88. Oil Lines?
  89. blow thru 454 turbo suggestions
  90. Whats causing Blown APS Turbo's, any fixes?
  91. Speed Inc. 2010 SS is in for the TVS2300
  92. finally dyno'ed my ltx, s400, th400
  93. 416 LS3/APS Extreme kit pics and idle video
  94. d1sc pulley help
  95. Granny Regal 6.0 turbo questions
  96. Trying to find v-band flanges
  97. Twin turbo question
  98. Firebird front bumper grill? - for intercooler air flow?
  99. STS GT70 Rear mount to front mount..... Whats it gonna take?
  100. turbo 5.3 numbers???
  101. Need help with Cam ideas for stroked 383 sts..
  102. 2010 with a lil boosty boost!
  103. Tuning Question and Oklahoma Tuning Question
  104. approx spooltime on a 5.3 MPGT45 ?
  105. How much boost am i going to make
  106. WOW - We've got to be living in the greatest days of Hotrod HP...
  107. Pretty good read on turbos vs. s/c'ers
  108. lets see those DP setups!!
  109. aem truboost proplem
  110. 90 mm or ls6 for boost
  111. Feed Line Length?
  112. compression with 317's and mls?
  113. 1st Trip To The Track Results
  114. 4" exhaust guys....what torque arm??
  115. Do you think I hurt the motor?
  116. Compression ratio?
  117. Catch can setup
  118. FI timing questions
  119. What type of brake setups do you use?
  120. Bearings in Procharger Headunit?
  121. What should I do to heads on my STS stroker 383
  122. Right Compression Ratio for Boosted 383??
  123. Phil99vette wins MIR Real Street and runs 4.97 1/8
  124. M6 408 turbo... What rear end gears?
  125. what are the best turbo heads?
  126. Question about fuel pressure...
  127. What cam for a vortech blower in dragster?
  128. Oil temp out of control
  129. Going 383 need a check on the right pistons??
  130. scavenge pump question
  131. Good Price For D1SC Head Unit???
  132. Turbo setup question
  133. singles on a c5?
  134. Magic Stick 3 with a procharger???
  135. how to supercharge an L92?
  136. Question for you forced induction guys
  137. What ati balancer for a procharger
  138. Noob to turbo's, what power can I expect?
  139. Procharger Pulley Removal.
  140. Are one of my APS turbos blown?
  141. selling my d1sc procharger serpentine kit
  142. Hp increase with meth?
  143. Automatic vs. 6spd in the 1000 rwhp range
  144. LS1 vs. LS6 intake power gains with turbo 5.3?
  145. Procharged C6Z With VIDEO!!
  146. Vortech Supercharged C6 with VIDEO!!
  147. Forced Induction Porn
  148. Boosted 5.3
  149. hotside question
  150. Using a filter gives more HP?
  151. Overdriving a D1-SC?
  152. Need silicone or rubber Coupler/Reducer
  153. cam question for boost
  154. Any one run v band gaskets?
  155. Edelbrock Elbow
  156. now THIS IS A CATCH CAN !
  157. Heres the 383 quote to hold my STS help me pick it apart
  158. Aluminum bends cold side
  159. aps stenting inlet and tricks.
  160. new best for twin turbo car
  161. Twin Master Power T70's or T76's
  162. Master Power Turbo Opinion
  163. Procharger F1R LSX 50mm Cog Drive Kit
  164. What all do I need to complete a D1SC kit?
  165. jgs 50mm wastegate guys
  166. guys wit the ebay "ptk" turbo kit
  167. Air Filter
  168. oil smoke advice
  169. Oil pressure issues since wrapping exhuast to turbo could use some opinions.
  170. Cold side piping material
  171. Whats a V2 S head unit worth?
  172. Anyone got a pic of a Alt. relocat. bracket??
  173. converter questions for the procharger guys
  174. turbo/supercharger
  175. What intake is everyone running with big boost?
  176. Blitz boost controller question
  177. sequential vs diaphram BOV's
  178. Head and piston combination Help
  179. What is the effect of being to the left of the surge line in lower rpm?
  180. Can someone please explain the Bar setups for FI?
  181. Best catch can to use with STS and how many ports?
  182. Blew stock 346 with STS need help where to go from here? 383? 402?
  183. APS drivers turbo blew today!
  184. Eboost 2 tech info request. Plz.
  185. New best for Ninetres!!!! 18psi baby!!!!!
  186. O2/Wideband location on Twin Turbo
  187. what cc pistons?
  188. Ceramic coating hot side parts?
  189. Heads up to fellow aps guys on oil drain hoses.
  190. Pics of my rear mount GT88 build, what do you think?
  191. GT-88 oil drain size?
  192. I Know I Know, Not Another Ebay build!
  193. How many spray with a procharger
  194. Is there a way to wire your meth kit to a boost controller for safety?
  195. Why is my car so loud? Exhaust not the turbo sounds..
  196. Tune to pass smog???
  197. Dyno'd my 408 Camaro with TTi T76 Street Kit
  198. FIrst EVER 2.8 KB GTO
  199. C5 427 twin turbo with 4L80E to own?
  200. Your LS-F/I rwhp
  201. STS blown head gasket?? What head gasket
  202. what wall tube for primaries and log
  203. My s88 KYTP kit.
  204. Turbo guys what plug wires what protection on them?
  205. Wastegate leaking around the valve guide ?s.
  206. i need advise
  207. Custom made turbo kit for GTO.
  208. Meth Injection
  209. This ok for a rear mount?
  210. What forced induction to go with?
  211. Buying an STS kit
  212. Stock Crank HP????
  213. devil's own Meth kit nozzle selection help
  214. How much can I lower compression by just changing the head gasket?
  215. Dyno Runs on my twin 70mm Stock 6.0L.
  216. Boost leak (STS) help
  217. Where's the oil coming from?
  218. Aps turbo failure symptoms
  219. Would this be safe....
  220. 5.3 setup?
  221. STS LS1 needs rebuild.. Need help picking parts and staying around 3k.
  222. no need for APS?
  223. question for boost and octane tuning? 93 to 91?
  224. Where to buy Tial 60mm Wastegate Diaphram?
  225. Safe Compression/boost on a stock LS1 bottom end?
  226. mounting ATI dampner to SDCE pulley
  227. FI and EGR?
  228. Spool time via EBC discussion
  229. What size and thread is the bolt that holds the tensioner pulley for the procharger
  230. goind d1 procharger....need your input
  231. Anyone use a 1gen DSM Bov?
  232. new to boost got a few questions????
  233. Just got off the phone with Josh & KYTP...
  234. Guides for adding Catch Can and eliminating PCV from STS LS1 setup
  235. can someone help me out with my setup?
  236. Coolant tube????????
  237. question about this cam ?
  238. A2W intercoolers owners come in
  239. Boost level, air filter vs no air filter
  240. need some belt help!!
  241. C5/C6 D-1SC polished head unit for sale. $2,000.00
  242. Help with turbo selection
  243. does anyone make a bigger 6-rib crank pulley for prochargers?
  244. Phamspeed .. Fact and Fiction ??
  245. What size Compressor piping do I need?
  246. LS7 w/11.5:1 Can I add a Procharger?
  247. ?Rear Mount Turbo? Help
  248. dyno tomorrow. race gas to meth swap, tuning sugestions?
  249. Magnacharger
  250. Decided to sell my Precision SC61's