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  1. Engine build for SC
  2. boost creep? will Eboost 2 stop it?
  3. 2-step vid
  4. front mount turbo
  5. Pictures of my new turbos for my APS car.
  6. 370 OR 408 for boost?
  7. Help! it cranks but won't start.
  8. $100 = 3 more #'s of boost
  9. Made a couple hits Friday, new best 9.52@148.95
  10. Meth Injection, GTO, Maggie
  11. o-rings/gaskets for boost?
  12. turbo oil return
  13. New dyno numbers!!!
  14. fast 90/90 or vic jr intake? how much increase will i see?
  15. What to put in Warhawk block rear vallys sensor holes ? few other questions
  16. STS Mechanical Boost Controller Questions
  17. Questions about the Kentucky Turbo setup
  18. Got the pipes back from coating....
  19. Getting Closer 9.25@150!!!!!
  20. Trying to find highest Hp/boost on stock heads and where weld 5 bolt on stock heads
  21. Procharger Mounting Bracket
  22. twin setup
  23. T-bolt Clamps.
  24. Can the stock map sensor leak under boost?
  25. Stock 07 ls2 with 7k miles.
  26. To those looking for an alky kit....
  27. HP Performance Turbo Kits?
  28. FMIC cooling
  29. <<blown stock l92>>
  30. Using a rear-mount turbo setup on a V6 fbody....
  31. fastest on a stock pcm?
  32. WG Temps
  33. Which electric fans?
  34. running boost on a stock ls1 intake.
  35. Anyone running an EBoost2?
  36. URGENT URGENT APS Turbo help
  37. Question on turbo blanket thickness
  38. FI Noob questions.
  39. CAN I BOOST MY 11.5 to 1
  40. Big thnx to EPP!
  41. meth with race set up?
  42. Got car dynoed today but concerned about tune
  43. Any 78mm or 80mm turbo owners want to upgrade to an 88mm?
  44. jus a little corvette build up.
  45. Max Cylinder Pressure / Boost on a Stock LT1?
  46. Quick Q: can I clock TC78 hot-side?
  47. patriot heads on turbo lq4?
  48. Looking for a used complete turbo kit
  49. Need some eboost2 help
  50. procharger install problem
  51. Scavenger pump install on front mount?
  52. Turbosmart BOV's Question for how hard to set them??
  53. BOV's
  54. 2-step/APS track times
  55. Need advice on rockers for my built 35th APS
  56. APS GTO help please
  57. 402 LSX with custom F2 set-up(Dyno vid & Graph)
  58. Air pump on a procharged car
  59. Harmonic balancer bolt for procharger
  60. Replaced the Injectors & Alternator = A/F is RICH! Turn up the boost?
  61. what muffler turbo guys?
  62. Kytp
  63. STS Install finally done!
  64. Who's running 25+psi?
  65. best 16" fan ???
  66. Thinking of a 383 forged stroker.
  67. BS3 guys, where'd you mount your ECU? Pics?
  68. turbo cam idle clips Wanted
  69. Where do you drain oil on front-mounts? Pics please
  70. What spark plugs and fuel to run in 14 psi ls2
  71. How did i make these numbers?
  72. Big sigh of relief!
  73. Car just doesnt seem to be as fast as it should be...
  74. Turbo Oil feed question
  75. Who has had to rebuilt turbo when it leaked oil?
  76. Headers for 454 lsx w/f2 procharger
  77. What parts am i missing? Will be installing a used STS GT70....
  78. How much exhaust wrap will i need?
  79. does anyone here have a throttle stop cause you cant control the power??
  80. Pistons and connection rods kit
  81. Which valve springs for boost? Playing it safe
  82. First Day at the track with the YSi!
  83. APS Problem need help
  84. Info on my 1000+ Rwhp TT build running on E100
  85. single turbo kit?
  86. If its not one thing, its another!!! HELP!
  87. Airesearch turbo's.
  88. APS Problem need help
  89. My BOV was leaking a little would i lose any hp form this ?
  90. ls6,vic jr. with sheet metal 90?
  91. crank case pressure, and your down pipe.
  92. Turbo Cam Help Please!!!
  93. Oil leak on 9+ psi
  94. Dumb question
  95. turbo cam needed?
  96. turbo tune HELP!!!
  97. ebay turbo kit question
  98. Looking for an STS install manual
  99. Which new turbo should I go with?
  100. Who makes oval silicone tubes or Stainless??
  101. Zombie made a boo boo and put e85 in his tank
  102. Retro fit 6.0 To supercharge or Turbo
  103. OK your thoughts on the Edelbrock E-Force (mp122)
  104. Made a couple of passes in the heat..sneaked in an 8.
  105. oil return line question
  106. Will the GT-67 support 15 PSi???????
  107. quick ? needs a Quick answer
  108. What fuel pressure Regulator that rises with Boost/1000rwhp/what are you guys running
  109. sts turbo need your input!!!!!!!
  110. remote turbo...pump location?
  111. Ebay Truck manifold hot parts
  112. Got the car Dyno'd, something isn't right
  113. ITS 274 Turbo.....X Trim?
  114. Exhaust gasket
  115. My Procharged TA is done.
  116. fan choice for a fmic d-1 procharger setup???
  117. Anyone tack welding reluctor wheels????
  118. LSX 427ci Turbo?
  119. What boost level will stock springs start to float ?
  120. Adding ARP rod bolts to a stock LS1 to add strength for boost.... is it worth it?
  121. Best place to get 3" SS blower piping?
  122. Air flow math question on PSI to CFMS
  123. Lt1 blower work on a ls1?
  124. 550 rwhp and +/- 10psi. What head fasteners
  125. Aps extreme kit anything compareable
  126. novi 2000
  127. Am I blind? Fast List?
  128. STS Turbo Oil Leak problem
  129. SDCE procharger vid contest makes the top 10
  130. Fast 90/90 guys
  131. oil pressure issue sts kit
  132. starting my truck manifold build.....
  133. What are you running for timing?
  134. oil feed for lt1
  135. Oil line kit worthwhile?
  136. Truck manifolds go 202.80mph
  137. what the hell should I look for??
  138. procharger video contest, our submission
  139. New Dyno numbers on Bob's V - 864 rwhp with 12.4 psi of boost!
  140. need some missing procharger parts
  141. trade t76gts for gt47-88???? yes or no
  142. Procharger Pulley Help really quick.....
  143. bov
  144. Fuel pumps and Regulators --- 8psi
  145. cadillac xlr v supercharger fitment
  146. quick question help please???
  147. stall for th400 (turbo setup)
  148. Progress numbers on TT vette
  149. Blow off valve on a Procharger ?
  150. Anybody use this tunner????
  151. how to upgrade the procharger
  152. what intake do i need to run with turbo
  153. Vortech T-trim can not build boost 2004 gto
  154. losing boost psi from some where need ideas?
  155. New to the turbo world, got some ?
  156. re-using cometic head gaskets
  157. killed one more APS turbo any ideas and who has a exrta one ?
  158. Anybody have TTP from new jersy tune for them
  159. considering supercharging/turboing the goat
  160. APS clunk
  161. Who's the fastest with A/C FM?
  162. F1 Install: 370 CI Lq4
  163. Cant find what turbo to use (???)
  164. What type oil on a 408 with an sts?
  165. Question an WG flange sizes
  166. Question on sheet metal intake manifolds
  167. Hotside coating/wrap
  168. what plug for approx. 1200 hp?
  169. First 1320 Track results
  170. Thoughts on 383 with SMALLER turbo?
  171. turbo cam
  172. Help.....
  173. Fuel related but more FI specific. 120 low impedence..
  174. t76 and pt4000.....
  175. Is there any way to lose/stay same boost going with a smaller pulley?
  176. 2007 LS6 into Camaro?
  177. Twin s200 borg turbos ? ?
  178. Ninetres 1st track day 2009; Bracket car??? lol
  179. About to start Build, Imput please...
  180. Maggie Tuning Problem Code P0341
  181. Need some advice.
  182. 35th LE APS FINALLY DONE (Not tunned)
  183. Favor from guys with hptuners running 2 or 3 bar
  184. Can't find OFI's Website
  185. Looking for 700RWHP
  186. Cheapest you can do a diy turbo?
  187. Which pistons are you running?
  188. Any one ever had this happen?
  189. Contacting Kentucky Turbo
  190. Question for all fabricators...
  191. MAF or SD?
  192. 396ci + D1-SC New #'s
  193. T6 v/s T4
  194. Any harm is running no DP at all?
  195. So...who's pushed a production LS2 block the furthest with FI?
  196. Mounting an eBoost2 in A-pillar
  197. Why a broken ring land @ 10psi with mahle?
  198. Cutting K Member Ok??
  199. Need some advice
  200. looking for more HP with F1C on ls2 going from 4.75 to 4.5 pulley
  201. inlet openings in compressor housing?
  202. More Boost
  203. AEM Tru boost
  204. ls7 turbo info
  205. Thread sealer on LS1 block?
  206. Brian(Fireball) Testing Drag radial @ Cecil
  207. Going TT@12psi, questions about engine build
  208. GT4088R Questions...
  209. question on whats the best place for breathers?
  210. 2 bar SD tune
  211. SDCE/ Aftermarket Waterpump ?
  212. vortech v1 tune
  213. Tight with money Tight on space
  214. Is stainless mandatory for turbo fab?
  215. Y pipe for sts
  216. summit direct fit radiator
  217. Mild Steel
  218. Who's running a T6 truck manifold setup
  219. Procharged... overheating... need a plan
  220. My TRUE cost of FI
  221. Help me decide!
  222. How to check wideband O2? I think mine is incorrect
  223. TTI guys Upgrading 67 trim over 60
  224. Magna Fuel boost ref reg (sales section)
  225. hight temp RTV for head to manifold gaskets
  226. intake and cam?
  227. Still bleeding boost, need help.
  228. Selling my single 4" exhaust if anyones interested
  229. gt45r vs turbonetics vs precision??
  230. problem solving at 1100 rwhp (help )
  231. procharger question
  232. Procharger Pulley Removal.
  233. Fuel Pressure Drop Going Into Boost
  234. What spring?
  235. Ebay 4" vs brand name intercoolers (what are the 1000hp guys using?)
  236. Went for a ride in a procharged vehicle today...
  237. Will my cam work with a supercharger
  238. Switching turbo turbine
  239. Boost problems
  240. New aps system 99 02
  241. Ms3 cam work with boost
  242. Eboost solenoids where did you mount them aps guys especially.
  243. Some advices on front-mount arrangement, please
  244. STS CARB EO sticker help!!!
  245. Meth and AFR question
  246. Procharger inlet hat
  247. STS Convertible Piping
  248. delete cruise control.
  249. Finally getting tuned
  250. dont know much about sts turbo