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  1. How much power
  2. LSX 427, LG Upgrade's, Goes 1040 RWHP !!!
  3. Methanol injection need help please.
  4. any1 know what turbo kit this is???
  5. lightweight flywheel for the street? (with turbo)
  6. D1-SC strange noise...
  7. Ready for LSX Shootout!!!
  8. Fuel Rail
  9. What size headers with my P1SC?
  10. F1A Procharged 1972 Nova pics inside.
  12. oil adapter plate
  13. 750RWHP + guys, which main caps are you running?
  14. Which 2 step msd or lpe?
  15. Boost Pistons FOr ls3
  16. Magnacharger Slop
  17. I need an alternater relocation bracket
  18. Small turbo limits?
  19. Is vacuum needed???
  20. IAT on the dyno
  21. spec me a turbo for a stock ls1 budget conversion
  22. LQ4 + whipple = what?
  23. Close to 8's in my garage built Street Car
  24. Would even 5# of boost go kaboom?
  25. best FI for daily driver.
  26. Speed Inc SHOP CAR....OH SO CLOSE TO THE 10s
  27. Eboost2 and boost ramping whos using it?
  28. Just bought an OFI hotside, what wastegate are people using on the kit?
  29. I need a 3 bar MAP sensor
  30. Wastegate Too Small?
  31. Procharger gear drive.
  32. aluminum or iron block
  33. Running a blower with the MS3 & Terrmy heads....
  34. turbo+stick...come ine
  35. lets see your 4" dp on driverside pics
  36. what cam for 434 f1-c
  37. GN with TT LQ9 1000HP?
  38. Tight space, Truck manifolds?
  39. 5.3 turbo build ring gap
  40. T4 PT88 owners! TIP ratio data?
  41. Smoke!?
  42. Car leans out taking off from a stop ???
  43. Ls2 cam for boost
  44. Finally figured out my low coolant (and possibly cooling) problems
  45. What happens when using wrong MAP offset values?
  46. so we tore down my Va Speed LS2 366 turbo motor today
  47. Procharger plenum and meth ???
  48. insanely low power, 427 TT
  49. Most boost on pump gas
  50. Procharged TA, pesky squeak! Please help!
  51. new procharger build!
  52. Turbo VAN goes 12's.....
  53. Budget Fuel System for Maxing Out D1-SC
  54. Can we start a FI LT1 specific thread?
  55. whats the highest HP sc'er package........
  56. new best!
  57. Turbo Backpressure theory questions
  58. t70 dimensions
  59. truck manifold turbo kit
  60. Anyone keep the AC with a Front mount?
  61. How much boost will FAST intakes handle?
  62. k-member for turbo app
  63. oil feed/supply -where to get???
  64. Kytp tt build
  65. Will TSP catback be good for turbo app?
  66. is this possible?
  67. L92 vs. stage 3 6.0
  68. Procharger Air Box - KABOOM! Again.
  69. Turbo SS/ 3550RW/ 12-14 Psi/ 93 Only/ 6 Speed
  70. Where is the best place to buy, Stainless Steel...
  71. New Procharger F-1D ??
  72. Breather Tanks
  73. Titanium Rod question
  74. And all i did was fix an exhaust leak !!
  75. Outlaw drag radial car is alive!!!
  76. -----bob@epp-----
  77. MSI V3.0 LS1 setup
  78. Do you think my turbo oil drain is going to work?
  79. Twin intercooler setup?
  80. 170* Intake temps... NO INTERCOOLER guys speak up
  81. Heat blanket for t70?
  82. Twin 38mm's over a single 44 on my pt88 setup?
  83. NEW Best - 403/D1SC with twin 4.5" coolers/4L60E/3800#/9.82 et/139mph
  84. Coating options for frt mount twin turbo set up using stainless steel
  85. ahhhh should i stroke my LQ4?? opinions??
  86. Need help guys, redynoed/tuned with meth
  87. Winter Project Help needed looking for high9s
  88. ls6 and maggie question
  89. Spark Blowing Out???? HELP
  90. turbo converter choice
  91. Those Running a Vic. Jr Intake
  92. LQ4 build for boost, how much?
  93. Turbo needed..
  94. EPP FMIC Users, need a few pictures!
  95. What might be the problem w/my #4 cyl and the spark plug???
  96. ok soooo i bought a LQ4...need advice on rods/pistons plz
  97. ATI Underdrive pulley
  98. KYTP S88 408ci
  99. Anyone have a crank pinning kit for an ati balancer?
  100. Looking for big power maybe 1000rwhp, maybe I don't know
  101. 98 exhaust manifold for turbo?
  102. 67 firebird turbo setup
  103. Input needed
  104. Help with Intake and TB
  105. Burkhart shop car build pics
  106. Stock LS2 shortblock + F1C = 805rwhp
  107. 970 RWHP Procharged GTO!
  108. Actual crank pulley size?
  109. Still a newb :(
  110. LS2/PT88---22x19x3" radiator too small?
  111. Will my APS kit hold up?
  112. gas mileage
  113. what is the reason to go to a colder plug?
  114. ORY with stock manifolds
  115. intercooler question
  116. Compressor Map MP T70?
  117. High Compression + Low Boost: Your Thoughts
  118. Cam in a turbocharged ls2 opinions
  119. E85 OFI 370 up and running...PICs
  120. 5.3 w/ mp t70 or tc76??
  121. Dyno #'s / PTK / 'eBay' turbo kit, stock bottom end, TC78
  122. Greddy Profec boost controller (HELP NEEDED)
  123. Problems holding boost in 3rd and 4th gear
  124. Mocal Scavenge Pump Reliability?
  125. which turbo?
  126. boost leak, low on power?
  127. recirculating/dumping crankcase fumes vs IAT
  128. Do I need a clean air source in my catch can system.. Pics inside
  129. What would last longer dd
  130. TBSS Single turbo setup?? Anyone done a nice clean setup on one
  131. sts turbo gt70???
  132. DIY rear mounted turbo
  133. bypassing an internal wastegate
  134. Been out of the game for years, need help with new FI car
  135. Catch can setup question.
  136. Too much boost too quick, idea's?
  137. flipping truck manifold!?!
  138. relocating a/c and alternator with truck headers?
  139. Need alternate LS2 vacuum/boost source for Elect. Boost Controller?
  140. need some vacuum and oil line routing help.
  141. Speartech LS9 Supercharger Swap!
  142. Intercooler Question
  143. Just picked up LQ9, some questions
  144. Rookie turbo question
  145. Placement of Air Filters
  146. Anyone tried Champion fans yet?
  147. Has anyone seen what this guy did with this nova 5.3+91mm=8.76
  148. What engine oil for 650+ after breakin?
  149. Spectre air filters?
  150. belt length ?
  151. Kaboom
  152. Which belt on vortech?
  153. How long will my bone stock A4 last after the vortech v1 install?
  154. Diamond dish piston boosted with S91 turbo !
  155. Magnacharger Questions
  156. 6-10psi T70 Stock Motor TR6s?
  157. IAT Style and Mounting...
  158. possible misfire above 12psi, any ideas
  159. magna charger
  160. Want a Budget Turbo Setup!
  161. Poll: What compression are you running at +/- 800RWHP?
  162. Front mount on 67 Firebird
  163. Max Hp w/GT42/74
  164. boost on 11.8:1 CR?
  165. what MPH should i gain going to XR-1 mufflers
  166. 317 Heads on ls1... too much misinformation.Help...
  167. Motor Time, opinions and help appreciated
  168. Cam help needed!
  169. Power Steering cooler ??
  170. 10.47 at 128 w/ 67mm - 6 speed!
  171. ShurFlo Scav Pumps?
  172. budget turbo motor: LQ4/LQ9 or L92
  173. Need help with cam selection on 408/LS3
  174. 112 lsa with turbo
  175. Converter stall speed vs spool up
  176. Open dump wastegates? Who's running them?
  177. FANTAZ28 wanted for murder!!!
  178. divided vs. undivided turbines.... What size A/R? Also WG size questions!
  179. twin turbo downpipes
  180. Show me your front mount turbo exhaust setup
  181. turbo cooling???
  182. rear mount turbos
  183. Need help picking a BOV for APS car
  184. Hobbs switch
  185. 408ci F-1R Compression
  186. ATI ProCharger GTO Overdrive Pulley for Fluidampr Available at EPP
  187. LMR Twin Turbo Camaro at 60-130mph Event 9/20/09
  188. Anyone making 700rwhp on stock block 346/347ci single turbo
  189. tuning for boost
  190. charged 3800 pulley
  191. reverse flow stock fans?
  192. Planning a big turbo build....
  193. opinions on stacking head gaskets?
  194. 2010 Camaro SS ProCharger Cog Kits are Available!
  195. Which Aftermarket Engine Management System?
  196. Backfire between shifts after Maggie?
  197. what size wast gate should be used for a 83mm turbo
  198. how big is to big when it comes to pipping
  199. Swapping the rear pullies on a 112?
  200. Help!l STS Oil Problem
  201. stock 6.0 turbo 600hp?
  202. vertical radiator and a/c
  203. Front or rear mount turbo kit
  204. stock ls1 and 2 turbos
  205. Best Procharger Prices around, Complete Kits / Parts etc
  206. -3 an feed line ok for T6 turbo?
  207. fuse block covers?
  208. Turbo timers which ones do you use
  209. Turbo Boost on a 5,3 lm7 engine
  210. TT LS1 typhoon back to the track
  211. Procharger guys, what gears are you guys running?
  212. What do you guys think?
  213. LSXTREME improvement update
  214. inconsistent boost
  215. Finally did it, I love my ProCharger, lol.
  216. will a t76s fit on my car?
  217. need some help on wastegate flange
  218. Anyone got pics of where they installed meth nozzle in reference to IAT?
  219. Best way to figure what BOV spring is needed?
  220. STS guys who went to bigger turbo in here please??
  221. Vertical Rad And A/C??
  222. 2 issues wth installing my d1sc, thoes with one come in
  223. Turbo camaro?
  224. underdrive pulley question
  225. STS dealers?
  226. Newest member of the 7 second club
  227. 98 Firebird Turbo Project ( 1200 HP )
  228. Can an angular discharged vortech v1 be converted to straight discharge? Help!
  229. STS guys with Meth in here please?
  230. Wastegate Max Boost Without CO2?
  231. Traded Victor jr for Fast. Good decision?
  232. new to turbo...again!
  233. need help picking turbo....
  234. Aeromotive or Holley boost referenced FPR?
  235. carbed and boosted 6.0....
  236. Anyone know what these are?
  237. Low Boost problems....98 ls1 sts kit.
  238. AFR heads
  239. Boost Spike! - 427TT - Damn HKS EVC IV let me down - Need EBC recommendations..
  240. Crank driven (no belt) F1R for a LS motor?
  241. ported 241's or stock 317's??? HELP!!
  242. For the ones building their own Front Mount setup...
  243. Best twin turbo kit for 08 Z06
  244. Will a V1 vortech supercharger fit on an ls1?
  245. Let's debate this cam for a PT88 370ci turbo build.
  246. APS 427 turbo kit?????
  247. Weird back fire issue--imput please
  248. Dry Nitrous
  249. Problems at the dyno :(
  250. forged piston broke... what happened