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  1. tell me what you guys think about my new "blower" cam???
  2. 5.3 turbo build????
  3. Best 16 injector intake.
  4. Where to position methanol nozzlel, maf, and IAT sensor
  5. So am I the first one to blow up an LS6 manifold?
  6. How come there are so little F.I. bin files?
  7. New intake going on
  8. Wanting a rearmount, help me get it started.
  9. STS Problems
  10. Hey guys, Twin screw questions
  11. cruise control question
  12. Wastegate spring... maxxing out at 13psi!?!?
  13. my LQ4/4L80E tc78 build
  14. New Dyno Numbers: 700rwhp+ LS1 Stock Bottom A&A Vortech V2 S-Trim System
  15. Procharged C6Z?
  16. 8 sec Nitrous guy going FI??
  17. ??? P1SC to D1SC ???
  18. LS1 to LS6 need help please with supercharger!
  19. Simple question
  20. to much power
  21. Procharger+ nitrous?
  22. Need some help, GT42 turbo
  23. Looking to go turbo with stock motor. few ?'s
  24. APS turbo questions
  25. cutting out front grill
  26. l76 intake 2bar map part number
  27. whats the biggest cam i can go with on a turbo setup?
  28. How much power is too much for dd...
  29. Can a stock LS1 be built to handle more boost?
  30. Pullying Down... guesstimate on boost/power?
  31. Port or not.
  32. D1sc impeller damage.
  33. 38mm wastegate to small for 80mm
  34. STS Rear Mount or..
  35. too much meth?
  36. Autometer electrical boost gauge wiring
  37. Put forged rods/pistons in my stock LS2 or buy a shortblock?
  38. cobra s/c on ls1??
  39. 347ci 900-1000hp turbo build questions
  40. 403 Kene Bell
  41. I wanna go turbo
  42. DeModding STS WS6????
  43. 5.3L Turbo Build
  44. Wide Band With Warning
  45. engine runs for a second and dies out
  46. small turbo small engine?
  47. Need quick help mounting meth nozzle
  48. Finally! Higher boost levels with reliability from your current SC Setup.
  49. Will Procharger D1SC for LT1 work on LS1?
  50. ceramic coatings on hot parts?
  51. What Nitrous should I use?
  52. Question for turbo tuners
  53. truck manifold build
  54. YSi Pulley Combo
  55. Intercooler questions A2w vs A2A etc
  56. compression ratio question
  57. Paging peter@aps
  58. 14point7 wideband question
  59. Pics of turbo set ups
  60. turbo piping question
  61. roots blower on T/A
  62. Few recent pics of my turbo LSx 240sx
  63. pro charged lt1 stock bottom end
  64. My New KTP turbo kit .
  65. Reliable Daily Driver
  66. ATI inlet hat question
  67. What cam for boosted Ls1??? Help
  68. 88mm Turbo or smaller and F1R or smaller guys that want to race....
  69. Calling C5/C6 with procharger kits
  70. Incon twin kit question!!
  71. Forged 347 break in
  72. Interest in a 275 class for LSX Shootout????
  73. How to change Procharger pulley
  74. What engine config. will it take to get 1000+ rwhp under 22 PSI out of 62mm twins?
  75. motor builder !
  76. Top mount GTO turbo pics inside
  77. Anyone using E-85 instead of Meth
  78. TR Blower Cam
  79. Where do the head gaskets blow/leak/push water most of the time high hp builds
  80. 2009 Hummer H2 Twin Turbo Build - Pretty Sweet
  81. Turbosmart wastegates
  82. boost a pump
  83. 3inch or 3.5 inch down pipes
  84. Single turbo vs Twin
  85. radiator mod
  86. T-bolt Q.
  87. can i run a procharger with stock heads?
  88. Oil return fitting placement??
  89. big bore STS questions
  90. Low oil psi.
  91. Multiple Tees into manifold boost line, need some insight
  92. Intercooler Question
  93. PT88 Rearmount 408 (Longrange4u's LMR Build)
  94. Boost-a-pump
  95. Boost and valve springs?
  96. Procharger Plenum Fast 90/90
  97. what bearings
  98. Diamond Blower piston rings???
  99. Pic's of shaved turbine housing
  100. how do these cam specs look for a 427iron block d1sc?
  101. looking at a setup
  102. Am I alone in hidden charge from APSshippment
  103. How much will those pipes hurt my performance??
  104. turbo v6 camaro
  105. 3" downpipe HP limits
  106. ?'s for you blown ls1 guys
  107. Complete ATI ProCharger F Body D-1SC/F1A-C kits from EPP
  108. Finally started fabricating the turbo kit for my C5 yesterday
  109. rod bolts???
  110. some questions about turbocharging...
  111. a few turbo build pics
  112. STS turbo elbow diameter?
  113. magnacharger
  114. Car won't stay running after turbo install
  115. DIY TURBO sheild
  116. who tunes there own turbo car
  117. Turbo support pics..
  118. CLSD - Would enabling STFT be of any use ?
  119. another timing question
  120. Proud new Daddy teaching son the ways of Forced Induction
  121. 367 + 15psi + pump gas = which compressionratio?
  122. To anyone building a downpipe for their Borg
  123. Steam vent hook up options
  124. Magnuson / EATON TVS 1900/2300 Performance Maps
  125. My Truck Manifold Build
  126. Turbo/Supercharger C5 Question
  127. 76mm ideal size turbo for an LS2?
  128. Prochgr Enclosed or Open---Bypass vlv pro and cons
  129. turbo KR* question
  130. meth kits
  131. Some Upgrades Have been made, not sure on some other things!
  132. Joining the FI club
  133. just got it done
  134. FS: Methanol tank caps covers
  135. 85 MM LS2 or larger MAF?
  136. trade turbos..
  137. hot side suggestions
  138. What is needed to rework my nitrous motor for FI?
  139. Coated Intake?
  140. Who makes or can spec out a good blower cam?
  141. hp tuners 2 bar
  142. Boost gauge
  143. Our race track just banned forced induction cars from street nights
  144. Tuning Shops near the Deep South
  145. Best electronic boost controller
  146. sts turbo clip
  147. Which are better manifolds for a rear mount?
  148. Turbonetics TC78 or Precision 78GTS or other options?
  149. pham speed turbo kits??
  150. injectors
  151. Cam question
  152. jus wondering what you guys think of this supercharger?????
  153. L19 head stud and boost???
  154. engine build up
  155. One SMALL turbo and one BIG turbo, staggered on a TT LSX setup??
  156. Quick ? reffering to wiring...
  157. Truck manifold custom kit question...
  158. Turbo guys 4 bar map sensor for BS3
  159. CTS-V or ZR1 blower availability
  160. just wondering
  161. POLL: Intake manifold on my setup
  162. Catch can/ PCV installation confusion - help appreciated
  163. Great turbo minds, come in
  164. auto trans question with turbo
  165. procharger SC
  166. Turbo Cam, need input
  167. Intercooled LT1's
  168. So Shawn at VA speed tore down my turbo motor...
  169. Turbo Feed Line....
  170. looking for pics of dumps.
  171. truck manifold set up
  172. How much will the stock block hold?
  173. injector size vs tunning
  174. iron or lsx
  175. Turbo "Trim" questions
  176. How much timing?
  177. impeller question?
  178. newbie to FI please tell me what brand your using and price and results
  179. EGT's
  180. I want to run stock manifolds and y pipe..quick question (sts)
  181. MY dd needs more HP
  182. chemical cooling capacity of E-85
  183. stock internals good for turbo
  184. project tin can shootin for 9's
  185. L92's on a turbo car?
  186. STS ~T67.. What Headers/ypipe?
  187. EPP blower cam?
  188. mp70 .96 a/r w/ 6.0
  189. Twinscroll rear turbo idea
  190. Power stering fluid is over flowing after installing PTS kit
  191. Will this be ok for the vacuum lines?
  192. Cubic inches for turbo motor
  193. APS and overheating
  194. Defective Wastegate?
  195. help! trying to run a new setup!!!
  196. Camaro 3.4 with a 3.8 supercharger?
  197. supercharger blowoff valve
  198. turbo shortblock iron or alluminum?
  199. Procharger install
  200. Procharged with 317's inside
  201. Toonz... Another STENOD Turbo Build
  202. Does anyone know who made this?
  203. Should I get 3:73s or 3:55s with Procharger setup?
  204. What Gears for high hp guys.
  205. Vortech YSi torque values?
  206. turbo question
  207. what size pulley for 12 lbs
  208. Maxed out FI set up... Posible Nitrous solution???
  209. SD-concepts tentioner, What blower pulley= what boost
  210. Fastest Forced Induction Times - 2009
  211. victor jr or super victor ?
  212. Turbo 5.3
  213. waste gate
  214. Reached the limit of my D1 need advice.
  215. Turbo Mounting...
  216. header flip
  217. Side Pipes Sitting Pretty
  218. Stock 6.0 crank
  219. 402 ls2 gto F1A super damper suggestions
  220. 00-02 exhaust manifolds on a 1999
  221. comp 26120 springs on ls1?? 3 bar map?
  222. Street Legal Cam for Superchargers???
  223. Valvesprings / pushrods
  224. Basic S/C setup q's???
  225. how much boost with these pullies
  226. I want to keep my current cam and add a turbo, can I?
  227. Bent turbo intake piping
  228. turbo size???
  229. Belt-driven centrifugals..
  230. F1-C Corvette 403 CID
  231. Sts turbo Help!!
  232. What heads on a 427 F1C
  233. Turbonetics closed for the holiday?
  234. Tu1 sound clip for the curious
  235. Procharged LS1(catch can filling up with water)?
  236. New Dyno Numbers w/Tune After A&A 8-Rib Overdrive Supercharger Drive System Install
  237. GT4718R on 2.3 liter
  238. X Lbs of boost = X Hp??
  239. Needing a good tune......
  240. Supercharger and Header questions
  241. MTI Racing's LS1 F-body Magnacharger system now available for mail-order
  242. Lt1 with ysi or turbo for 8's
  243. pn for truck manifold collector
  244. Smallest turbo oil return line with scavenge pump
  245. mild steel or stainless turbo piping?
  246. Turbo Suggestions
  247. Need help supercharger swap.
  248. Turbo or NA for DD... real question, need help
  249. Blower Unit Cooling
  250. FI opinions for NA guy (long thread)