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  20. forced induction plus nitrous?????
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  23. Can I get guidance on if this is a good deal or not?
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  31. Carb Perimeter plate for meth injection ?
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  34. carb setup cam with boost
  35. Walbro 416
  36. help choose my turbo
  37. TVS 2300 cable throttle body and bracket??
  38. Does anybody have a cam only turbo 5.3 in a super light drag car? Need input.
  39. 3 255's hot wire?
  40. Lsx + tvs1900
  41. Not a build thread yet but just want to show the icing on the roots blower cake!
  42. What turbo size should i go with?
  43. whats it take to run 9's nhra lagitamitely
  44. Rear mount positives and negatives.
  45. picked up this turbo for $100 anyone know if its worth a crap?
  46. Keeping Cool
  47. VNT Turbo rear mount questions
  48. Which turbo with my build ?
  49. stummped on routing
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  62. STL Tuning???????
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  65. PT7675 CEA turbo
  66. OLSD - Hptuners guys, iat fueling fix?
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  69. WS6 Build #3 2 1/4" hot side twin scroll S480
  70. Compressor Map Airflow
  71. Looking for the best tq. converter for a turboed big HP 4L80E car
  72. What is the required TB CFM for a partricular application?
  73. Speed Inc. Stock M6 C5 picks up big power with A&A kit!
  74. Precision GT-4788
  75. best victor jr. elbow for boost?
  76. Turbo four door 55 chevy build
  77. How much HP am I giving up?
  78. NEED maggie 8 rib pullies mp112/122
  79. Did a auto swap do I need a retune
  80. Can I make 500-550RWHP with this setup?
  81. Tb???
  82. How much fan is needed for boosted+ac car?
  83. 05 S2000 (turbo LS1 swap)
  84. Non-ac turbo guys. Ways to keep cool? Little car fans any good?
  85. Twin turbo upgrades
  86. PRC 247cc heads for boost?
  87. Magnacharger parts needed
  88. CBM 2014 Performance Products Catalog
  89. External pump for "street car". Need help
  90. Question ab big injectors but stock fuel rail
  91. stock Iron headed LQ4 limitations
  92. LQ4 pistons for boost?
  93. spintech oval exhaust sound?
  94. 86 Mazda RX7 FC - 5.3 - TC78 build
  95. Looking to stand up my radiator
  96. Want to buy precision 8891
  97. New pulley availble for ProCharger users
  98. ~NEW Huron Speed V2 Single T4 Turbo Kit *GROUP PURCHASE*
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  102. 370/91mm/4l80 bird
  103. LS7 Exh manifolds anybody using ?
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  105. Should I loose the FAST?
  106. ***Big changes for 2014***
  107. Pure Evil - VR CTS-V Coupe, Heads/Cam, Nitrous, pulleys, Weld RTS & ADV1s...
  108. Who has the best price on s475
  109. First day above freezing, so what else to do but test the new TiAL blowoff.
  110. gt45 with 76mm compressor
  111. Part Number for NGK BR8EF spark plugs
  112. 1100hp with an f1r
  113. Need opinions on cam
  114. LQ4 Turbo S300 Or TC78?
  115. Corret part numbers
  116. ***LMR Twin Turbo C7 Corvette makes 836rwhp and 737rwtq***
  117. 1972 Chevy C10 5.3 turbo
  118. spark plugs
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  120. 370 or 408?
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  122. water/meth injection
  123. Methanol Injection questions....
  124. Slo-poc, Futral Motorsports Build
  125. Junk Yard LS...Cracking the Code!
  126. Am i the only one with this engine combo?
  127. Porting a holley hi ram for boost ?
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  129. 02 TA Procharged
  130. Huron Speed stepped up to the plate to fix an issue that was not their fault!
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  132. Sick 650-rwhp CTS-V Wagon content inside!
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  134. Stock LS2 and a TC78, is the turbine too small?
  135. budget turbo setups
  136. Who is running a bumper exit with a bullet muffler?
  137. Need some help picking my wastegate size
  138. super oil system for rear mount turbo setups
  139. how fast or how much power out of a bw475
  140. Purchasing an on3 turbo setup...couple questions
  141. Best single turbo for high hp LS1?
  142. Turbonetics .96 vs PT .81 vs PT vband pic comparison
  143. pt94 is it too big for the street?
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  145. Turbo Motor with No Turbo
  146. Budget Turbo LQ4 Cam selection
  147. Ysi
  148. Whats a good inexpensive twin turbo kit?
  149. Need some guidance
  150. My 80/20 meth/water experiment
  151. John Deer Hy gard Trans Fluid?
  152. Novi 1200 s/c on ls3
  153. Truck manifolds with egr, ok for turbo build?
  154. Planning P1SC
  155. Benefits of E85 + meth?
  156. Tial Q 50mm BOV spring rate test
  157. Frontmount LT1 Question
  158. help with piston/rod selection
  159. Truck manifold guys, how close are the flanges to the frame rail??
  160. Twin Turbo TA Upgrades
  161. Who to buy a turbo cam from....
  162. Twin 4.5" Intercooler question
  163. Which cylinders do I pair for Twin Scroll ??
  164. lsx intake
  165. Twin screw or centrifugal?
  166. Procharged and boost???
  167. head and fuel input requested for new build - supercharged 2003 Z06
  168. What to do with O2 sensors on stock computer/HPT?
  169. Best lq9 cylinder head
  170. hp guestamite on my twin 70mm dragboat deal
  171. Question about Fast 90 Intake/TB for boost
  172. O2 Sensor Placement?
  173. twin 5.3 converter
  174. Time for some upgrades to the Turbo Firehawk
  175. Noob...Please help 5.3 twin turbo build
  176. Incon Turbo owners what Rad cover?
  177. Cx racing air to water intercooler
  178. questions about Maggie setup
  179. LS style exhaust manifolds list / pics...
  180. UPP turbo kits for corvette's
  181. Keep vette filter with Aeromotive regulator?
  182. Procharger cam swap HP numbers?
  183. 4.5" twin intercoolers to single FMIC.
  184. post picts of your truck manifold set-ups..
  185. Turbo sizing for now and future
  186. intake........
  187. LS9 heads on LS3 block
  188. 2000 Mustang GT 347", single 88mm True street style Ride..
  189. Pictures of catch can mounting
  190. Carb and Inj question
  191. boost and pump gas
  192. Stock lq4 boost ??
  193. Precision PT8891 CEA
  194. HELP Turbo identification
  195. Compression
  196. Vortech discharge sizing
  197. looking for procharger bracket
  198. Billet wheel
  199. Which heads for my supercharged ls3? tfs255 or ported lsa?
  200. 1st gen c5 procharger kit
  201. LMR Twin Turbo C7 walk around
  202. Turbo questions
  203. turbonetics7875 turbine to small?
  204. EGT tuning? on unleaded vs. e85..... Nobody really talks abou it
  205. Wastegate suddenly not opening, advice needed
  206. **LMR in another Final in Qatar**
  207. 408 stroker with twins
  208. Junkyard turbo option for daily driver 5.3
  209. Picking your brains...
  210. Girdle Questions
  211. Live link to Qatar!
  212. BW s366 or GT45?
  213. Intercooler size question with meth
  214. C5 STS twin turbo system
  215. Does my cam fit its purpose?
  216. Is my cam efficient enough?
  217. 86 trans am + 5.3L + turbo+ th400 + Moser 12bolt no F*ucks given build
  218. So..What does the collective brain trust think?
  219. SEMA- NRE Maximus
  220. Power brake boost and trans modulator etc - under boost
  221. Tuning Meth with Boost
  222. truck turbo manifolds ???
  223. Turbosmart vs precision wastegates
  224. 1 BADAS Z (5.3 precision 78mm 280z build)
  225. Welding a 4" V-band flange to a T6 s480 turbine housing...
  226. GTO procharger advice
  227. Compression Ratio and boost
  228. RHS build for TT 1K Midengined Kit Car
  229. Getting some new skin....
  230. Has anyone used C02 or compressed air with an AEM Tru-Boost?
  231. ~650whp, 4l80e, what stall and rear gear?
  232. 4.6 mustang p1sc?
  233. Are the gt 45 turbos to big for a v8
  234. LSX block for turbo/procharger?
  235. need info about a 5.3L rebuild with porcharger
  236. gt91 smaller displacement or larger displacement
  237. advice on turbo build
  238. microsquirt
  239. Are 317's really worth it on this build?
  240. Intercooler Comparo....Custom Garrett vs. VSRacing (E-Bay)
  241. What upgrade bearing kit for stock rockers?
  242. Question about a Chinese turbo
  243. Looking for a large intercooler. 5" or larger core.
  244. Behind the wheel difference between superchargers and turbos?
  245. 402 NA power before a blower
  246. Turbo a/c kit need help
  247. Metal vac/boost lines
  248. 8-Rib or 10-Rib for F1R
  249. 300ZX Turbo L33 Build
  250. Turbo cam?