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  1. rough hp estimates-before/after
  2. supercharger question
  3. how much power can I expect?
  4. Victor Jr. W/Intake Elbow Problems
  5. mocal wiring question
  6. what stock LS1 cam is better for turbo?
  7. ok to hook up wastegate/boost gauge at port behind intake manifold?
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  9. crazy idea of mine for boost...
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  13. What PSI spring are you running in your Turbo BOV?
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  15. Thinking about going with an STS turbo kit
  16. 187mph with 85mm inlet turbo
  17. Smokinhawk Bracket,i Cant Find A Belt!!!
  18. Looking for any Broken Wastegates and BOV?
  19. ProCharger Tensioner for D1SC
  20. 9" soon... Procharger gear ratio???
  21. Some pics from around the garage....forced induction friendly
  22. turbo ws6 project
  23. single versus twins
  24. identify this turbo
  25. TRT coupler split
  26. Good luck to Mike Brown in NMCA T/S
  27. Turbo oil return flanges
  28. Critique my return lines....
  29. high altitude turbo suggestions
  30. lookin for a scavanger pump, whats the best?
  31. Anyone with a broken Turbo?
  32. sts oil scavanger pump question
  33. Went to the track with the new setup, have some ?
  34. 346 Forged Ready For Boost Where do i start?
  35. AMS-1000 Boost Controler
  36. Just dyno'd with new blower
  37. Scavenge pump users, click here
  38. New FI-94X is going to the track....revisited.
  39. TT rear mount question
  40. Minimum acceptable clearance between alternator pulley and blower pulley?
  41. Advice on Engine...
  42. Oil smoke on decel after boost
  43. Thermostat Rec. On Supercharged Cars?
  44. ?'s dual ball bearing vs traditional journal bearing
  45. Turbo 6.0 ???'s What heads?
  46. gto procharger upping boost?
  47. Cam Experts Please (Degreeing my cam)
  48. Vortech V3
  49. 3.8L Turbo Guys
  50. Intercooler piping, Is there a Benefit
  51. Hot side tubing size?
  52. What wastegate ??
  53. Stock long block Lq-9 makes 825/847 to the tires!!!!
  54. waste gate springs
  55. PTK Belt routing
  56. Which cam for a 402 with at 16psi
  57. who uses a launch controller?
  58. What to do about tuning?
  59. Have a inspection Comming and need cats to pass
  60. anyone run a BW S475? pics? dyno?results?
  61. SC gearing compared to Turbo gearing
  62. Oil leak from D1SC Procharger?
  63. Mustang Dyno Results
  64. How to secure turbo blanket?
  65. Fans for Griffen Radiator and Twin Turbo
  66. What magnacharger tune looks like?
  67. kentucky turbo build pics
  68. are there any advantages to polishing?
  69. Pros/Cons of T56 VS Th400 in a turbo car aka, why T56 turbo cars suck.
  70. replacing my lifters what to get?
  71. Boost question
  72. Rear Twin turbo Z06
  73. Supercharged guys-Cutout question
  74. Twin Turbo ZO6 by Speed Inc.
  75. where to get the steel procharger bracket?
  76. Plug gap ?
  77. Oil in downpipe....Heerrreee weee gooo..
  78. A2A or A2W on FI set up?
  79. F1C procharger impeller speed
  80. Procharger pinning kit with Eagle crank??
  81. well is this true about procharger?
  82. 500-550hp lq4 truck manifold setup
  83. procharger causing oil leak?
  84. NGK TR8 vs. gasketed plug
  85. STS Turbo system Intake question
  86. need more boost
  87. Prosport Gauges.Anyone running these?
  88. Auto turbocharged vs. Manual turbocharged
  89. New BS3/turbo setup won't start
  90. 3" Blow off valve Piping. W(here)TB?
  91. Underhood heat
  92. all verticle radiators come in!!!!!
  93. LT1 boost questions......
  94. My setup
  95. How much rwhp should I expect with my setup?
  96. Got it fired! Now a fuel pressure issue...
  97. adjustable alt. bracket for a truck manifold set-up
  98. new edelbrock cam good for a turbo setup?
  99. Another one bites the dust!!
  100. twin or single
  101. what size wastegate?
  102. Fi 94x Billet Build-up
  103. SBC turbo motor got one?
  104. Turbo freaks come in for feedback....
  105. p600b procharger help.
  106. Short video of my Magnacharged Trans Am
  107. Does a 10lb spring on a 60 trim equal 10lbs on a T67?
  108. Advanced look at BLOWER SPEED
  109. Lets see some front mounts!!
  110. FMIC On dumdumdumdumdum
  111. i got a FI Comp Cam and have a quick question
  112. How much boost are you guys running on stock short block w/6.0 heads?
  113. Best Fluids for Forced Induction
  114. APS BOV's removed
  115. APS PCV system... problems?
  116. Plug & Play harness for ATI Procharger fans
  117. Wanna see a 300+ft Long Wheel Stand
  118. thinking of trying race gas over E85
  119. My buddies whippled cobra*VID*
  120. intercooler?
  121. Yet another PCV thread
  122. Procharger Diaphram
  123. What brand intercooler is the best?
  124. Paging Turbo Gurus
  125. procharger 6 rib falls off
  126. Blow off Valve Flange
  127. I gotta pull tranny on my APS Camaro
  128. tial wastegates on ebay?
  129. single front mount
  130. Velocity stack with a screen ???
  131. Turbo Rebuilds
  132. Are exhaust cutouts worth it on a turbo car?
  133. Burkhart now carries Chiseled Performance Intercoolers
  134. Drove car for 1st time since removing turbo
  135. LS9 Build Video
  136. Any feedback
  137. Precision PT8047 turbos on sale
  138. intercooler
  139. Ontariovette's 427 F1R build up: UPDATE!!!!!!!
  140. EPP ProCharger Prices
  141. ATI Procharger D-1SC Kit
  142. How far are you supercharged going on the maching of the block??
  143. Please can you read this map for me?
  144. I need a CHECK VALVE, which one?????
  145. 365" or 403" LS2 with T-Trim?
  146. blowby with sts...poss pcv issue?
  147. 106 turbo questions
  148. Max boost with Stage 1 Incon kit??
  149. looking for detailed frnt mount intercooler pics
  150. MAF or SD tune? which is right for me?
  151. Wiring help.......adding 9 inch spal to procharger shroud
  152. dumb turbo question distance vs spool time
  153. Turbo setup nearing completion
  154. LMR Custom Twin 67mm Initial Start Up Vid!!
  155. Anyone w/ Maggie or KB running Meth?
  156. Uh, so..which charger..which cam?
  157. friend wants turbo
  158. So many ways to go...
  159. Not the best way to start the day.....
  160. it's coming....
  161. APS kit: Spark Plug Gap and detonation/gas mileage
  162. 95 turbo TA inj. pulse disapears at 4,800 once warm
  163. building my own sts kit??
  164. Holy crap - check out this video
  165. YSI 383 combo pully size and ect?
  166. Anyone using total seal rings w/ chromoly top ring?
  167. New Hardcore Parts are Ready!!!!!!!
  168. Need a Recommendation for Spark Plugs
  169. Which spark plugs for boosted e-85 car.
  170. APS TT 92/92, Vic JR or GM performance
  171. whats the biggest bore on LSX block with FI
  172. 408/PT98/Six Speed Build
  173. Are TR6 plugs available in Platinums ?
  174. gt47-88 with .69 a/r???
  175. just wondering???? sts exhaust pics
  176. My 408 iron block, GT47-88 build.
  177. Is There A Whipple Dealer In The House?
  178. what rearend/tranny combo are you running on turbo cars??
  179. PART NEEDED Silicone Reducer, 90 bend - 4.0" to 3.0"
  180. Procharger Fan Setup
  181. magnacharger + methanol + Nos
  182. aps turbo project underway
  183. Since its hot and my car dont run that well..
  184. Masterpower 2008 catalog link!!!!
  185. Anyone with the Ebay kit have a problem with the wastegate bolting up?
  186. Custom PT88-402LQ9 build pics!
  187. Forced induction timing and air fuel?
  188. Most Power From LSX TT setup
  189. Cam on stock LS1??
  190. MAF delete hose for APS kit
  191. What ever happened to the HPS Formula?
  192. Doweled Main Caps
  193. Tires size and spool
  194. Plenum Box Exploded! (Procharger Race Bypass info needed)
  195. Possibly stupid question about a 2 step...
  196. 2 bar MAP
  197. new d1sc build
  198. OFI kit and aftermarket k-members?
  199. Its a STS kit? good luck making any sort of decent power
  200. Need 2.5" Merge to T4 flange, build or buy?
  201. Forged LS1 build?
  202. STS turbo Methonol kit info
  203. Dyno #'s for my STS set up
  204. need advice on turbo
  205. Belt length with SDCE tensioner??
  206. 6 to 8 rib coversion
  207. blow off valves?
  208. ignition cut out...on turbo car?
  209. 2000hp LSX Twin Turbo/STOCK CRANK
  210. Widebody Twin Turbo Corvette C6 (Turkey)
  211. Anyone running a Proparts boost controller?
  212. EvoByDawin's eBay build-up
  213. Interesting pics over on another forum....
  214. Stock motor + turbo + 93 octane..
  215. Head studs on LQ9 block...
  216. Redid APS inlet pipes
  217. D1SC Filter Problem.
  218. FI98X Initial Startup movie
  219. garret a/r 1.39 hot side - go or no go?
  220. Possible twin build - Turbocharger's physical size
  221. Exhaust diameter size?
  222. Rear mount guys. Has anyone thought of this
  223. my car falls on its face in 4th gear..Help
  224. For those that have asked about Turbosmarts new 50mm Gate....inside
  225. Cam for a S/C stock LS1
  226. torquer 2 cam and a procharger?
  227. motor and parts all came in!!!
  228. supercharged map sensor question?
  229. vortech T.Trim
  230. pics needed: turbo bracing
  231. Mild steel pipes
  232. supercharger swap
  233. Stupid Question: weight???
  234. VIDEO of Superchargered F-Body by MTI Racing
  235. Gen TTr Install Pics on 04 GTO
  236. Anti-Surge system?????
  237. What should I do about the Oil Return?
  238. Who else ordered the new tc78?
  239. Upgrade crank pulley to SFI Procharger /w GTO blower pulley, who makes one?
  240. Turbo Build
  241. Compression Ratio?
  242. will a MPT-70 .96a/r t4 fit the stock t4 sts kit
  243. MTI Racing F- Body Supercharger Kit
  244. High HP Guys Not Using BS3 - Knock Sensor Question
  245. building a 1300-1500hp turbo LSx ?'s
  246. STS tuning suggestions
  247. Quick question about OBX
  248. SI007 Cam for Boost
  249. Fitting a 106mm turbo...
  250. LSX, F2 in another mustang