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  1. HELP with STS air pressure switch
  2. *** Cartek C5 Vette Rear-Mount 9.32 at 150+ ***
  3. Homegrown GTO tt setups anyone?Reference PICS
  4. Maintenence plan
  5. Forced Induction Cam
  6. my custom eccentric supercharger brace
  7. haveyou ever over tightened a procharger belt?
  8. need some opinions
  9. sts turbo lag?
  10. Second 2 Bar Map Sensor gone bad.....
  11. Turboed intake question
  12. cold side insulation....
  13. EPP's Project LT1 Formula in the 10's
  14. Procharger guys *LOOK*
  15. ****cartek Holds C5 Supercharge Record****
  16. Parasitic losses from different forms of FI?
  17. oil cooler
  18. Need a CAM!!!!
  19. Will this setup be decent, and how much power?
  20. 2bar vs 3bar?
  21. twin turbo results inside....
  22. new turbo build?
  23. Powerdyne LS F-Body Question
  24. Upgrade Procharger piping and clamps?
  25. boost problems??
  26. my friend vid trans 7psi p600p
  27. what dia. pulley to get 7 to 8psi???
  28. Preventing head lift!
  29. Foundation or Power House first?
  30. AIS trunk mount on left rear side of camaro/firebird
  31. how do forced induction engines respond to changes
  32. Texas Mile teaser-- LG Motorsports Twin Turbo Z
  33. I am running an sts kit and the clutch is slipping.(convert to auto?)
  34. LS2 Aluminum Block question??
  35. What c.i. LSX for TT?
  36. Video of my low 10 sec passes using only 1st and 2nd gear.
  37. where to start
  38. Turbo A/R question
  39. What head gaskets to use?
  40. Dr Turbo or Jose inside please, got a tech weather/altitude turbo question
  41. Final test before tune
  42. APS TT swaybar banging fix
  43. Hey PETER is APS having a Booth at SEMA this year??
  44. Our EPP Front Mount Kit with foglights
  45. OFI is making it in Headlines
  46. Cheap V-Band Clamps? Leaking.....
  47. ModularTurbo starter kit!!!!
  48. high compression and boost
  49. PTK/Ebay kit owners I need some pictures
  50. who built your 402
  51. Upcoming Turbo Build Questions.
  52. Am I getting greedy?
  53. Worth it to ceramic coat exhaust housing?
  54. Good internals for boosted 6.0 iron motor
  55. in search of boost motor
  56. ebay hot parts kit
  57. 3 bar map??
  58. STS longetivity
  59. 428" LSX - What size Turbo?
  60. how much boost would you run???
  61. Need input on heat and metal brake lines.
  62. TH400 swap questions (FI related)
  63. FM turbo LSx in a 3rd gen
  64. What rear gears are you turbo street people running? Highway race
  65. Late Model Racecrafts Turbo Mustang!!
  66. 317 heads & LS6 cam...
  67. Wastegate flange
  68. Initial D1SC plan
  69. New A2W intercooler finished
  70. Aps guys should I ceramic coat my exhaust manifolds?
  71. small frame 76mm turbos...
  72. What do you think of this air filter for my F1A???
  73. No 9's for me....broke the tranny. Need advice...
  74. I/C Water tank with tranny coolers
  75. 4" DP what are my options?
  76. does anyone know anything about this turbo?
  77. Gauge wiring
  78. Twin t76's
  79. NINETRES in the 9's all day!!!1!!1!!!
  80. 10.8-1 comp & 20#'s of boost ?
  81. Twin 76 first drive video.
  82. Which heads for 408
  83. guys with vented rocker covers inside
  84. Welding cast iron
  85. Install help on my aps asap..!
  86. Finally in the 9s, new best!
  87. Which Heads
  88. Went to the track and tried using my TH400 like a power glide
  89. Went for a new bst 1/8 mile ET and came back a little bruised :(
  90. large frame turbo DP pics..
  91. Twin or Single?
  92. *** Timing advice needed asap ***
  93. FI and reliability of "kits" on otherwise stock engine? Magnacharger in particular
  94. TC78 single or twins
  95. Stock bottom end, FI, what will blow up first?
  96. Monster Project 434 LSX PICS!
  97. First Hand Experience with GT-K Turbonetics
  98. anyone tried this kit?
  99. Are these heads worth it?
  100. Electric Fans Question
  101. Christmas came early...(56k Danger Zone)
  102. Troubleshooting a turbo car not making power it should...
  103. 523 hp 9 lbs boost on 402 LS2 APS alcohol advice requested
  104. car in the shop for the build!
  105. 365 d1sc lives!
  106. Kit (KYTP) came in, pics inside!
  107. whats a ati d3r worth
  108. Need Opinions Please!
  109. Electric forced induction!
  110. Was out testing on the 28" tall tires and got a Murcielago to play
  111. Electronic Bypass for Procharger
  112. GTO at LSX Shootout D1SC from EPP sound clip
  113. 8 Psi Pulley Size
  114. Safe nex shot with a 5 PSi boost( Stock)
  115. APS Inlet hose
  116. boost help
  117. turbo or nos
  118. video of my dyno pull at the LSX shootout...1213 RWHP
  119. Advancing or retarding cam..benefits..negatives..
  120. just incase you missed it(LT5 twin turbo)
  121. need help 454
  122. Oiling for turbo's
  123. Some clips form a few of our bbq's this summer
  124. Belt Driven Fuel Pump for FI
  125. Rearmount C5 v2, suggestions for improvement
  126. Which Roller Rockers to use with Boost?
  127. how to calculate ??????
  128. Chiseled or PT or ??? intercooler?
  129. i need advise on a turbo, please help!
  130. Crank & rod combo for turbo engine????
  131. 6 month turbo buildup complete next week! pics!
  132. P1SC Procharger Questions
  133. help quick
  134. Congrats on the LSX Drag Radial win Worm and LMR!
  135. [PRESS RELEASE] Cool down with Katech Performance Gen 4 LS Piston Squirters
  136. Would a 60mm Precision feed a 347???
  137. Aps guys and block heater ?
  138. Thanks from Burkhart Chassis
  139. How about this filter for turbo
  140. Changes I'm making on my quest for a 9 sec pass
  141. Rear mount guys...what gear are you running, and liking?
  142. CEL Help (Procharger)
  143. Garrett T76
  144. truck coils
  145. what are you running?
  146. Playing around!
  147. LSX Shootout Outlaw Drag Radial Vids!!!
  148. New pump gas best
  149. 50mm cog pulleys
  150. LT1 Forged shortblock -compression ratio?
  151. Question about header size
  152. Need Help With InconTT Engine Build
  153. Dyno on my turbo stock 5.3 mustang.
  154. Rear Mount twin 63mm???
  155. Tnt Results!!!
  156. turbocharging a 502. need some help
  157. Turbo Filters for APS kit??
  158. Turbo experts?
  159. This might be a bad Idea, but.......
  160. Safety blanket for Magnacharger
  161. ITS 80mm too small?
  162. SDCE question
  163. compression
  164. 9.60 @ 137 on 13psi
  165. K member question need help quick
  166. 347" question...
  167. ProCharger Video Challenge!
  168. 02 ss dyno chart e85 d1sc
  169. Inside a PROCHARGER !!!
  170. Cant rev past 5800. Help needed
  171. Got the LSX to the track
  172. Long after my turbo camaro...i am back to turbo car fun!
  173. Cant get car to make power past 5000 rpm
  174. Rearmount cars chime in.
  175. L92 heads + boost
  176. 91mm turbo
  177. Procharger Help: Truck To Camaro Style
  178. Brad/25.5/Stenod Pewter WS6 build?
  179. New Turbo's arrived!
  180. Budget Borg Warner Sale!!!!
  181. Term ""Pushing Water"" Explain
  182. oil pump seals
  183. Start up Video Twin 76's
  184. only for F1-C guys ( corvette )
  185. 370 or 408? Scat h beams rwhp
  186. Turbo Charge
  187. Base tune questions and stuff..
  188. BMW Project pics -turbo 5.3L
  189. magna question
  190. opinions.....check it out
  191. FI member/sponsor protection plan .
  192. cooling fan question
  193. LQ9 aftermarket internals for TT
  194. how much power
  195. Prochargers And Running 10.5xs???
  196. magnacharged 402ci throwing random misfire code?
  197. F1-C Camaro ??
  198. 2005 magnacharged gto throwing belts???
  199. injector and Fuel hope its right ( F1-C project )
  200. anyone ever use Greddy boost controller?
  201. A few pics of a little progress.
  202. PTK Downpipe
  203. Okay I made a decision, now just a question or two.
  204. sick car on the dyno
  205. Eboost dual solenoids on twin turbo application?
  206. Upgrading my turbo's!
  207. primary sizes
  208. Ebay kit or STS kit?
  209. Does anyone make a custom turbo kit for the G Body
  210. question about valve springs
  211. LS3 supercharger
  212. is 49psi at WOT with STS normal?
  213. Couple of STS Questions.
  214. Some good info many people don't know about ...
  215. Will my combo make 700RWHP
  216. How many High HP(1000RWHP) are running a Bottom end Girdle???
  217. Compression help!!
  218. Another ebay build
  219. New turbo arrived, is this normal?
  220. Anyone have STS instructions?
  221. What is a safe FI tune?
  222. Scooted to an 8 at Bristol today.
  223. what is the biggest plug gap with stock coil
  224. Is this gonna be a major problem?
  225. Flanges for truck manifolds?
  226. my C6 Vs Zo6 ( stock )
  227. Final Race of year, New PB -- 9.88@140.86
  228. my c6 magnacharger Vs R1
  229. powdercoating coldside
  230. Forced Inductions Turbo Stress Test
  231. How mush boost?
  232. what size turbo?
  233. Breaking up at 6k,do coils go bad???
  234. HP LOSS with FI?
  235. Magna Charger Worth Puting On A 408ci
  236. Stock bottom end LQ4 goes 5.72@126 1/8th
  237. When is spark blow out an issue
  238. F1R intake question... Keep the FAST?
  239. Wideband/Boost combo gauge?
  240. tt ls2 408 Chevelle
  241. Vendors for tubing/flanges for turbo build
  242. Late Model Racecraft at the Shakedown at E-town in New Jersey!!
  243. intercooler that fits between foglights
  244. Use a truck manifold for an LT1 turbo build?
  245. afr225 /370
  246. Paul Major Sets LS DR Record
  247. Procharger Race Valve (open) question...
  248. Made my NHRA license runs, best 9.21 at 153.96mph plus turbo thermal tests.
  249. 408 WITH A Magna Charger RADIX ?
  250. paxton sn2000 or edlebrock e force for a sbc