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  1. boost vs cubes
  2. Forced Induction on DOD?
  3. My LSx turbo manifolds
  4. help finding a thread
  5. Air filter locaton
  6. intercooler question
  7. Trick flow to release blower for the Lsx!!!
  8. some help needed.
  9. Some ?'s after dyno
  10. ALKYCONTROL help needed
  11. Pulley swap question
  12. first oil change...?
  13. Who would you have tune your car...
  14. Late Model Speed Magna Charger LS1 Fbody Supercharger Kit
  15. Best for Daily Driver, 347 or 370?
  16. boost/HP limits of ls-6 intake
  17. Fastest FI list VS Fastest N20 list =D
  18. Tial Q/50mm BOV on a C6 Procharger kit?
  19. Small turbo a/r housing COMPENSATION?
  20. Fully silicone cold side piping? Has it been done for rear mounts?
  21. Slower with tc78 than pte67???
  22. Head Lifting Input
  23. C6 Z06 TT, how much power will I make?
  24. PP Stage III ported heads? What cam?
  25. Bypass Valve recommendations
  26. Low Boost prob #2
  27. buying a Built single turbo 99 FRC vette - dyno graph - not a ls1 guy -opinions?
  28. STS TT 01 ZO6 Shooting Oil from the Exhaust!!! Need HELP fast
  29. I got my blower in!
  30. Boost referenced yes or no?
  31. vorrtech supercharghed+ nitrous?
  32. What Cam are you running in your rear mount DD cars
  33. Reverse Split Cam and Turbo?
  34. Cam Recommendation
  35. i want your help.
  36. I may Know how to fix my "low boost:problems .help me out
  37. 4" mufflex/custom exhaust question for a turbo car
  38. S91 Turbo Build SNL Performance
  39. If you ever had work done by TRT Turbo you might want to check your car out.
  40. Boost problem with D1SC
  41. little help?
  42. LME + ETP + FTI + NEP + 93 pump = ?????
  43. Best manual boost controller
  44. Will these heads work???
  45. Looking for a supercharger!
  46. What kind of vaccuum are you guys pulling(tial bov spring?)
  47. P1 question
  48. blower with heads and cam?
  49. 10.44@131 Finally got a Clean pass. Remote Mount 76MM S-10
  50. What Are The Best Hot Parts For Single
  51. Boosting a 5.3
  52. headers 1 3/4 or 1 7/8?
  53. mounting question??
  54. Under piston cooling.
  55. Tial or jgs?
  56. Multiple charge pipes for more flow? What are the downsides?
  57. s10 build ?'s
  58. Basic Build Question
  59. is a single 88 to big for a 408?
  60. turbo fabrication question
  61. Fastest (or most powerful) 317 head car?
  62. Turbo oil drain in pan location?
  63. Where can I get this peice of pipe?
  64. MTI's prototype MagnaCharger TVS 'vette
  65. How bad would this exhaust hurt me?
  66. STS dealers
  67. almost there....finally (kick rocks 56k)
  68. Vortech Custom Intercooler????
  69. sbc procharger bracket
  70. Turbo exhaust question
  71. Opinions wanted on my 6.0 setup?
  72. The feel of FI
  73. EFI Intake Manifold for Boosted BBC
  74. Meziere water pump/ATI
  75. What screen to use on turbo??
  76. High rpm miss while in boost
  77. Picked up my boost friendly 347 today
  78. 500rwhp guys what kinda times ya turning?
  79. New Turbo Install
  80. Any negatives to running a 5 rib setup?
  81. fastest twin screw supercharger car?
  82. Actual Cost of Truck Manifold Turbo setup?
  83. Worlds Fastest C5 Corvette???
  84. Single T76 LT1 Just Back from the Dyno-
  85. Head gasket type??
  86. which muffler ?
  87. wg and bov size
  88. S91 402 tuned and running! Boost question
  89. Hay Guys Need Help(did Search No Luck)
  90. who has the best prices on PT67mm turbos
  91. Procharger install- anyone else have this prob
  92. Any Truck guys in here?
  93. S480 mounting location
  94. E-boost 2 and questions about boost on a rearmount
  95. Fortifying motor questions
  96. 4.00 bore x 4.00 stroke.....good for FI
  97. P1SC or D1SC
  98. Question about adding the FAST intake to my set-up??
  99. Whats up with your FI car?
  100. TTI Twin C5, anyone work on one before?
  101. P1SC/D1SC guys.. passenger intercooler/plenum plumbing
  102. Modular Turbo sale!!!!
  103. Race Proven Motorsports 370cu in. D1SC Results
  104. what else do i need for procharger install??
  105. Eboost-2 for the novice.... questions/help
  106. Need!!!turbo Aps Help?
  107. FAST 92 vs GM Spider Intake
  108. FMIC and TA bumper. fog or no fog lights?
  109. T-netics having there stuff made in China?
  110. 35K to build a track toy - need opinions
  111. hypothetical.... APS v. OFI v. Procharger
  112. LT1 radiator
  113. Pounds vs Horsepower
  114. STS Firehawk Install Thread
  115. 2 much or 2 little oil???
  116. Need help with procharger
  117. 317 heads cleaning them up?
  118. bummed wrong parts
  119. OFI install pics by popular request
  120. STS oil feed check valve
  121. The New Forced Induction "Fastest" Times List 2008
  122. Is it possible to locate an Incon TT y-pipe?
  123. New GTM T-netic units!!!
  124. Cleaning engine bay concerns? Turbo/headerwrap
  125. Heat wrap on aluminum piping
  126. 3inch intercooler pipe to TB
  127. Who makes the best head unit? Paxton, Vortech, Procharger, etc.?
  128. Maggie build?
  129. TC76 upgrade price?
  130. homemade twin turbo
  131. Gear/ boost question
  132. critique my setup...
  133. can I run ls1 heads on a boosted 6.0 motor?
  134. Default Would you think STS and TTi stage 1 got close base tune?
  135. About bloody time
  136. Ebay C5 turbo kit
  137. What Plugs And Gap For A D1 Car
  138. c6 header diy turbo with lq9 block?
  139. Stock shortblock + 11psi + novice tuner...results inside
  140. Coolant temp question. FI car running too hot.
  141. What radiator for 850whp (with TC78)?
  142. what to do? keep ls1 or not
  143. what belt part #?? D1sc 8 rib, 4" pulley
  144. She's alive!!!!
  145. 2 newbie question
  146. best motor to turbo?
  147. Keep tearing up belts! PTK owners inside using Smokinhawk's bracket inside
  148. Just ran my STS Rag top Trans am at the track.
  149. 317 heads with stock ls and some boost??
  150. Whipple supercharger now on LS1
  151. Eaton m112 on T/A
  152. lingenfelter Gt3 cam. Any good on a turbo ls1?
  153. APS Meziere Aftermarket Radiator Fitment?
  154. Where to buy a cover for the radiator/condensor?
  155. F1A procharger question!
  156. TTi stage 1 and 42/60 lbs injectors
  157. Got my midwest Fab 9 in my Turbo TA
  158. How much hp is a solid roller worth vs a hydraulic on a max effort f1r combo?
  159. is there anyone on here
  160. Two routes with FI motor, what would you do?
  161. aps vids
  162. Got some dyno numbers and have some questions
  163. Site supporting shops in Houston???
  164. been along time
  165. Building engine for F-1c
  166. fast 92 intake worth it on a procharged car 402 engine. or stock ls2 alot questions
  167. Kentucky turbo?
  168. Garrett TP38
  169. New with Turbos and have a few questions
  170. Initial startup and dyno tune suggestions
  171. Anyone take a Mustang or standard Supercharger and adapt it to one of our cars?
  172. Temp/humidity and HP differences.
  173. Questions about creating a custom FMIC setup
  174. MAP based methanol kit
  175. Centrifugal Blower cam decision?
  176. Turbo LSX WOW!!! (Video)
  177. Cam for MP122 Overdriven
  178. OFI ABS location
  179. Took the TC76 w/MPS wheel out for a few 3rd gear blasts tonight
  180. Interested in D1sc but......have a cam...
  181. Is this cam good for a turbo app.
  182. STS dyno #s are in!!
  183. Tubing Size?
  184. SPRAYED 01 vs PSJ
  185. Procharger users/need advice
  186. Low mounted turbos, need some advice...
  187. Powerdyne pulley swap question
  188. Twin Turbo LS1 Question
  189. 408 STS 1/4 mile times.....aauugghh!!
  190. ls6 cam and some boost?
  191. starting turbo project
  192. ATI High-Flow IC Available
  193. Anyone fab up a blower sprag like ATI's?
  194. need help with identification
  195. Redlines 3 Boosted Car Video At The Track!
  196. pulley swap question
  197. How much power did a 4inch pulley make for you?
  198. quick and easy question...
  199. Oil supply line question
  200. Which 6.0 is best for a junkyard turbo build?
  201. Origin of Burst Knock? IAT sensitive?
  202. EZ-94X dyno#'s
  203. My c5 z06 twin turbo 402 dyno session-bleh
  204. Where to get budget twins?
  205. turbo cam
  206. intercooler question???
  207. rough hp estimates-before/after
  208. supercharger question
  209. how much power can I expect?
  210. Victor Jr. W/Intake Elbow Problems
  211. mocal wiring question
  212. what stock LS1 cam is better for turbo?
  213. ok to hook up wastegate/boost gauge at port behind intake manifold?
  214. HHR SS Turbo and intercooler
  215. crazy idea of mine for boost...
  216. Ford GT TT setup we are doing
  217. My Incon turbo kit and other parts for sale
  218. TC78 Goes on Mustang dyno today!!!
  219. What PSI spring are you running in your Turbo BOV?
  220. Aps !!! Stage 2 Kit ???
  221. Thinking about going with an STS turbo kit
  222. 187mph with 85mm inlet turbo
  223. Smokinhawk Bracket,i Cant Find A Belt!!!
  224. Looking for any Broken Wastegates and BOV?
  225. ProCharger Tensioner for D1SC
  226. 9" soon... Procharger gear ratio???
  227. Some pics from around the garage....forced induction friendly
  228. turbo ws6 project
  229. single versus twins
  230. identify this turbo
  231. TRT coupler split
  232. Good luck to Mike Brown in NMCA T/S
  233. Turbo oil return flanges
  234. Critique my return lines....
  235. high altitude turbo suggestions
  236. lookin for a scavanger pump, whats the best?
  237. Anyone with a broken Turbo?
  238. sts oil scavanger pump question
  239. Went to the track with the new setup, have some ?
  240. 346 Forged Ready For Boost Where do i start?
  241. AMS-1000 Boost Controler
  242. Just dyno'd with new blower
  243. Scavenge pump users, click here
  244. New FI-94X is going to the track....revisited.
  245. TT rear mount question
  246. Minimum acceptable clearance between alternator pulley and blower pulley?
  247. Advice on Engine...
  248. Oil smoke on decel after boost
  249. Thermostat Rec. On Supercharged Cars?
  250. ?'s dual ball bearing vs traditional journal bearing