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  1. Anyone ever used the GREEN Gates belt for their SC? Supposed to be HD belt....?.?.?
  2. Boost tuning today, big backfire/died, also temporary lifter clatter
  3. high rpm miss.... can you help diagnose it?
  4. Bypass Valve Question
  5. should I use the inlet hat for pcv air source?
  6. How much vaccum is normal for LS1's
  7. POLL. What manifold for 402 S91
  8. what pulley for 9psi on a p1 procharger
  9. Flexible exhaust usage and how to mount a turbo solidly
  10. pic of f body disc inlet
  11. Valves Question
  12. BOV Question
  13. Turbosmart EBoost2 ongoing frustrating problem
  14. lowering compression
  15. Tired of belts..want to go turbo(single)C5.
  16. Question Regarding Wastegate Spring and RWHP Guestimation
  17. silicone on a bov?
  18. Speed Inc Procharged my GTO
  19. 402 stroker with d-sc1 question
  20. How long to install a procharger?
  21. The new LS9 question
  22. BOV with SC
  23. Rear mount
  24. turbo radiator placement
  25. Rear-Mount Setup Q's
  26. Power #'s from an STS on a LS6?
  27. turbo or f1a procharger for dd car
  28. whats the most power from a p1sc??
  29. APS + AIS Meth kit
  30. turbo spooling.. differnce between manual and auto?
  31. Header collectors
  32. Paxton Viper - 672 rwhp 612 ft-lbs
  33. pulley selection for D1
  34. Finally dyno'd the 402 F1A today-some good news, some bad!
  35. Turbo Down Pipe flange Reducer
  36. OFI single turbo kit - Fbody
  37. Ebay turbo kit install to whom need help or wana see
  38. Boosting a 427 LS2?
  39. MAF in front of ProCharger question
  40. 900/900 RWHP TTC6Z06 91 octane!
  41. Those with OFI kits, a little help?
  42. Vortech Ideas
  43. If anyone is looking for BS3
  44. p1sc-1 questions
  45. Lt1 intake help!!
  46. turbo/environmental question
  47. 809 rwhp at 14.4 psi of boost on 93 octane fuel our Mustang Chassis Dyno!
  48. PLEASE post up any vids of ATI Race bypass valve!!
  49. 100mm Throttle Body cable acuated..
  50. CID, Stroke, and a Turbo???
  51. looking for ford fairmont 5.3 THREAD
  52. what oil do you recomend for a 383 stroker, sts rear mount?
  53. Meth only no intercooler?
  54. Safe PSI w/ Pumpgas and sub 9:1 static compression
  55. Magnuson vs Twin Turbo Streetability?
  56. help through off super charger pulley!!
  57. copper charge piping
  58. Poll: Twin 67mm, Single T76, other. What would you do?
  59. which of these cams
  60. Oil feed and return on STS
  61. Newest member to the FI family!
  62. Magnacharger
  63. turbo lt1 headers?
  64. 3.4
  65. procharger intake tube size
  66. Turbo size???
  67. FASTLANE trailblazer SS ( revisited)
  68. LS1 with twins ina 69 impala??
  69. best P/A for ls powered small AWD suv?
  70. anyone get a air filter on there procharged F-body
  71. who makes a good bolt on and go turbo/SC kit?
  72. turbo 408 in fox body
  73. What Twins For 600 RW, 12psi?
  74. APS exhaust down pipes or full exhaust ?
  75. HELP-piston rings gaps on DD ?
  76. Will a pair of T04E's spool quick on a 383?
  77. 3 bar map
  78. How much would you say this supercharger+ parts is worth?
  79. Cheap carb style cast elows from Edelbrock!
  80. X/H pipe for FI? (Supercharger)
  81. cam question for turbo setup
  82. Running a cat on an sts setup?
  83. Need advice from FI / Engine Gurus plz!
  84. BMR turbo k member install got some ??
  85. Whipple kit for a vette inside
  86. It's finally back together
  87. Turbo set up
  88. high rpm turbo???
  89. back presure turbo exhaust ?
  90. Calling out SuperCharged A4s
  91. High flow MAF worth it?
  92. Head Studs
  93. Best LS Block for Forced Induction?
  94. Up Date On The Firehawk Twin Kit
  95. Jet hot coating on exhaust side on sts kit, benifits?
  96. Boost reference question
  97. Worth changing out 241s for 317s on LC engine?
  98. Another Procharged ZO6 by Late Model Speed - 645RWHP/579RWTQ @6PSI details inside
  99. Bigger TB really needed for FI?
  100. Got the bird back!! More power@ less boost plus carnage pics!
  101. stock pcm and 850+ hp maf question
  102. BMR Turbo K-Member pic request
  103. 67mm=700hp???
  104. Intake question
  105. Having 2nd thoughts about my turbo choice
  106. firebird/formula body style?
  107. Methanol
  108. Road to Recovery (many pics)
  109. Are the 5.3-6.0 truck exhaust manifolds interchangeable?.....
  110. single plan help
  111. do you know if you want/need it
  112. Megasonic bov's with APS?
  113. TC76 3" V-band????
  114. p1 procharger
  115. low boost valve springs?
  116. Boost Reference Progressive No2 Controller
  117. what do you think for this APS setup
  118. Want to see front bumper with FMIC's
  119. Lines
  120. Port spacing on lsx manifold?...Answer anybody?
  121. meth install
  122. Summit 2500 dampener or asp
  123. Blower Friendly Cam
  124. Fastest stock production aluminum block?
  125. Holset HX35
  126. pt88 build pictures
  127. Finally My One Off Custom Fi Etp Heads Came In!
  128. Help!!!!!!!!!!
  129. should I eliminate my pcv system?
  130. another rear mount setup qestions
  131. Carb manifold with elbow?
  132. F-2 blower to big for a 408?
  133. twin t76 spool time
  134. STS MAF Question
  135. looking for a quiet bypass valve
  136. need help scaling for 83#'s
  137. HELP? how to check engine compression ?
  138. Dynoed
  139. Jet Superchargers
  140. Head/Cam combo + supercharger
  141. How to soften the low-end hit on a 434" w/Whipple 3.3?
  142. Turbo and Injector size
  143. Looking for 800-900 RWHP
  144. Pulley help on a P1
  145. some engine bay pics of my turbo little 6 cylinder
  146. Its back! TT Trans Am
  147. Anyone different cam dynos with same turbo setup and engine?
  148. cam question for my turbo
  149. Turbine side, small wheels & big a/r or large wheels & small a/r ?
  150. GTO Magnacharger on 02 Camaro
  151. 383 and APS input, advice, and questions.
  152. 581+hp 693. TQ at 8600ft.DA
  153. STS turbo on a lowered car?
  154. What is better for my 95 impala ss turbo or Supercharger
  155. upside down manifolds!!
  156. Boost gauge install
  157. Where Next?
  158. aps and tranny cooler
  159. Headers for my TT LS6 '62 Corvette
  160. 700RWHP Rearmount on PUMPGAS!!
  161. Fans/radiator
  162. Powerdyne Project
  163. Need Innovative MSBC-1 Boost Controller Boost Sensor
  164. HELP me find this a prize!!!!!
  165. Someone help me out
  166. Horrible knock that went away...WTF?
  167. Ghetto Mercedes got boost
  168. replacement down pipes?
  169. pt106 next to pt67
  170. Please Help - Question about tune?
  171. STS stock bottom end: 243's or 317's?
  172. 6.2l boosted motor help
  173. Turbo longevity
  174. APS C5 twin turbo upgrade power figures - 1000 rwhp
  175. Need help with fuel rails!!!
  176. Ebay turbo
  177. lowering compression necessary?
  178. 4.5" Procharger Intercooler Question
  179. New FI Owner
  180. F1R Procharger Lost boost after rebuild?
  181. STS T76 upgrade
  182. Turbo EGT bung location and temps? Dr Turbo?
  183. manifolds or headers??
  184. STS systems Jump on in here!
  185. 2 step rev limiter question
  186. any cooling issues with FMIC
  187. Cable acuated 100mm TB
  188. For those asking about the GP on Turbo blankets......
  189. Critique my APS TT Forged Motor
  190. Looking for some input on the rebuild...
  191. 2 stage boost controllers
  192. shorty headers flipped
  193. Exhaust suggestions for T76 LT1 build
  194. LS1TT Nova project
  195. pics of my sdce 8 rib setup!!!
  196. ls1 block quik question ?
  197. turbo 5.3L or 6.0L?
  198. 79 Camaro build-up / 6.0 L92 with twin S366's build pics inside
  199. Good eng. combo for torbo my engine build ?
  200. BDS blowers... whats the difference?
  201. FI and road trips
  202. New MAF for FI guys?
  203. Non-FI related, but Quickin Related!!
  204. need some opinions on my 6.0L iron block
  205. gt35 to small for 600hp tt lq4? Or gt45's?.
  206. tt lq4 buildup Best cam/Intake manifold etc.ADvice please?
  207. Lq4....How much boost hp till I kill it?Need Advice
  208. Lq4 fi questions......
  209. Twin Turbo Takes The Show !
  210. Question? Just Curious....
  211. Selling my Speed Inc GT35R Twin turbo set-up.
  212. Need BOost Advice with 91 Octane, 8.5:1 & AFR225 Heads
  213. Turbo air filter??
  214. Any APS guys have a problem with the windshield washer bottle?
  215. Piston Rings ? And Eng. Compression Help
  216. Minor upgrade to my Procharger kit.
  217. Vette Doctors 1000 rwhp APS twin turbo ZO6 build up
  218. My Introduction WITH PICS (ST80 build)
  219. New video's of the car running.
  220. a few quick pics of my pt88 mock-up
  221. anybody use this shop East Coast Supercharging
  222. Main girdle for FI
  223. APS guys, I have a question about the wastegate filter.
  224. Post Picts of any F body APS Exhaust
  225. FI and strut tower braces
  226. What Turbo Kit would you go with?
  227. KB Vs D1sc Discussion
  228. Meth water mix
  229. air filters, the bigger the better? for best flow!
  230. diamond or mahle pistons
  231. Cooling a boosted motor
  232. FI and solid roller set up's?
  233. All those FI street cars with more than 850 RWHP take a step inside...
  234. LS2 carbed aluminum intake or LS6 for FI
  235. Kenne Bell install with numbers now as well.
  236. Where can I find a 2.75" V band clamp?
  237. Fuel Injection Concepts hooked me up
  238. Truck MAF to IAT. Is this correct?
  239. Spark Plug Gap?
  240. Which BOV for my application???
  241. Roots Style vs Centrifugal Blower
  242. Catch can in APS PCV set-up
  243. Vortech overheating? Aftercooler or innercooler?
  244. Almost 700 rwhp with 10.5 psi APS TT kit
  245. Twin turbo lq4 buildup< :devil:
  246. TWIN s475's ON LS2/364 CUBES
  247. I found this Maggie MP122 video
  248. Mazda RX7 with LS1/ATI ProCharger D-1SC back at EPP again for more updates
  249. pros and cons
  250. Billet High Fow Fuel Rails!!