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  1. Questions about STS
  2. Replacing the ATI plastic inlet...
  3. Blown 408?
  4. tial 50mm wg?
  5. Part number for K&N air filter for D1SC kit?
  6. My Custom 408 S88 Build
  7. D1SC - How Specific? Fit into thirdgen?
  8. OFI, LT1 kit fits like it should. I jumped the gun by posting this.
  9. Twin Turbo for 418?
  10. want to go from rear to front mount
  11. D1 Procharger Good to how much HP
  12. Solid or Hydraulic
  13. How much hp can the procharger gto kit FMIC flow for
  14. I need model number for new L92 head Diamond Pistons
  15. 2 Bar Maf installation
  16. Starting a DIY rear mount on my FRC! Well, about to anyway.
  17. Turbo Engine Porn
  18. to deck or not to deck.... that is the question
  19. Pics of how your meth nozzle is mounted in your tube
  20. Question about Patriot heads...
  21. Austrailians are crazy!! 1896rwhp and 1940rwhp inside.
  22. LS7 shortblock for high boost S/C or Turbo build
  23. Best Engine For SuperCharging & BigPower!
  24. compression vs boost
  25. Um yeah, this intake kicks ass!
  26. APS Waste gate springs
  27. LQ9 was missing alternator threaded hole?
  28. 2/3 bar map pigtail questions
  29. 99WS6.....boost?
  30. KB BAP and 65# injectors on C6
  31. need help with YSI from S trim upgrade!
  32. Anyone using the lq4 373 iron heads?
  33. Who is running ls7 mls head gasket on their afr 225 72cc heads?
  34. APS Help me
  35. APS Help me
  36. BOV Spring PSI??
  37. WS6 Build Pics
  38. Garrett turbo
  39. The official c6 manifold turbo setup for f-body thread
  40. What CR For Turbo
  41. TR6 plugs gapping recommendations
  42. possible valve float?
  43. F1 how much??
  44. Fast 90/90 or Vic JR
  45. How will my setup peform with a P1SC?
  46. tt ls1 headers for ls1 in 98 firebird need help!!!!!!!
  47. What gear for me?
  48. holding boost. 6 bolt heads yet?
  49. 91.5 vs gt4788
  50. With CME and Long tubes...
  51. how much Boost at 10.5
  52. sts turbo problems
  53. Cam spec opinions
  54. LS2 chain good for high hp?
  55. Turbo sizing,backpressure explained
  56. TH400 vacuum modulator????
  57. Long Trips = Problems?
  58. E Boost ll ??
  59. Turbo Truck Again
  60. Meth
  61. Stock MAF or SLP??
  62. Show your hotsides
  63. pt88
  64. What's the scam here?
  65. ls1/s10 turbo results
  66. why is my maf irratic?????
  67. 370 FI cam...?
  68. Kinda A Newb Question..BUT!
  69. Bad Turbo??
  70. What pulley combo for more boost????
  71. Flushing an a/w intercooler/tank?
  72. Hughes flexplate for the users searching
  73. Procharger pulleys
  74. A few questions for you guys on a couple of problems I need to resolve.
  75. 6.5 diesel turbos would 2 of them work 4 5300
  76. 370 vs. 408...which one and why?
  77. ProCharger air to water 1800hp intercooler being added to EPP Camaro
  78. Where is the oil return go on an OFI kit?
  79. Cleaning intercooler and pipes?
  80. What is a safe boost # on 6.0L iron block?
  81. MP-70 or Borg Warner S400-72?
  82. ETP Heads causing clearance issues with my OFI Kit
  83. Aps Y Pipe???
  84. Bypass or BOV better for Turbo?
  85. need Help with turbo setup
  86. Please help me with a few turbo questions
  87. TB spring tention???
  88. Procharged 370 GTO falls on its face?
  89. 1st start up! 383 procharged VIDEO
  90. KR when in low gear, low rpm...then accelerate
  91. Any APS TT C6 guys on here?
  92. Fast Intake & Big Boost?
  93. stock boost
  94. 2006 SE-R Altima wants F.I.
  95. Leavin the Turbo lt1 and goin gen 3 next month
  96. A new supercharger
  97. Need Fuel System help...
  98. trying to get 12 flat
  99. important is the crank referancing??
  100. intercooler,meth, or nitrous?
  101. Cam Choice for Whipple 3.3 on 434" SBC
  102. BOV selection
  103. Rear Mount Wide Band???
  104. FI virgin, critique my wastegate and BOV
  105. First APS TT system in the 9's!
  106. You guys with a VAC/BOOST gauge... what vac are you seeing at idle?
  107. Oil smoke
  108. Tubular K member for C6 manifold?
  109. overheat with verticle radiator?
  110. Will SuperCharger Off SS Truck Fit LS1?
  111. What FI set up should I use with 414ci
  112. NINETRES big D*ck turbo cam video
  113. 12 rib pulley for my ATI damper for procharger F2 set-up
  114. Quick truck coil question
  115. turbo...
  116. tall deck
  117. Need straight silicone 4"... anyone? Sponsors?
  118. LT1 turbo question
  119. procharger d1sc 6 rib kit good or no
  120. What supercharger Kit for LS2 Vette???
  121. Odd Misfire But Not Under Boost?
  122. Boost controller for ATI kit
  123. 38 mm wastegate?
  124. 02 ss with vortech s trim
  125. the little thins. need help (APS)
  126. Me new car!
  127. sts/ gears
  128. 2000 camaro
  129. all the th400 guys come in!!!
  130. S/C + Nos...Good idea?
  131. magnuson blower idle
  132. LC1 location
  133. SC or Turbo?
  134. LS1 Turbo
  135. Z06 twin turbo system new pics and tech info
  136. want to forge my stock block?
  137. new set up, what gap to go with?
  138. Sneak peak at My little turbo project!
  139. Boost spike of 1 to 2psi
  140. looking for pics of radiator support mod
  141. New FI-X turbo arrived
  142. .005 over 6.0 what pistons are you guys using?
  143. Should I key the crank for a turbo?
  144. Anyone heard of low EGT's causing oil leaking/burning from a turbo?
  145. 6.0L Manifolds For Rearmount
  146. boost controller ?
  147. Oiling system for big hp applications
  148. Turbo drain back
  149. speed inc tu3 cam?
  150. comments on my new 396 lt1 procharged
  151. Help on Procharger install LT1
  152. need some help with cam/compression
  153. Question about tuning in SD
  154. Puller fan or mist spray for intercooler...anyone tried this?
  155. Vic Jr vs Super Vic for a t76 370 motor
  156. Forged Motor Build
  157. My turbos are above the engine. Can I tap the valve covers for an oil drain?
  158. intercooler install
  159. cold side steel or aluminum
  160. Cold pipe size
  161. A Question about mixing and matching parts?
  162. MAC headers w/D1SC
  163. Went to the track for a little shake down and everything went wrong!
  164. Recent pics of my TT build
  165. how to remove swaintech coating?
  166. Planning my first turbo build. Lots of questions...
  167. Vortech 5300 Turbo build
  168. Best shop to Install my d1sc???
  169. My APS twin results
  170. how much dose methnol cost?
  171. Main Reason For Boost Controller
  172. few pics of the car and the turbo setup
  173. Need help building boosted LT1
  174. Turbo Selection Help!!!
  175. thick copper exhaust manifold gaskets
  176. E-boost2 help What are your SP, GP, SN?
  177. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  178. Procharger Power #'s
  179. For 2-bar SD turbo you "feel" your car making boost?
  180. My blown Z exhaust?
  181. Its Alive!!!!
  182. Oil restrictors for an S91 turbo?
  183. Alky Control Install...
  184. CP on DD
  185. C5R heads, blown application?
  186. Supercharger install
  187. STS feedback
  188. Couple Quick Q's from a N2o guy coming to the Dark Side
  189. Dual or single fuel cell pumps for TT LS6?
  190. ProCharger G8 kit development
  191. Rapid Motorsports now an APS Dealer
  192. APS TWIN, Which Gaskets for 317 heads
  193. help wanting to do a custom turbo build!
  194. 6 psi dyno pull... video inside * MY Build*
  195. Some turbo Questions
  196. Early results with the APS kit
  197. who makes the biggest T76
  198. LG G5XB specs?????
  199. What happened to the boosted lists?
  200. How much boost???
  201. where does the waste gape valve vacuum line go to?
  202. Red Top #30's for sale
  203. Has anybody changed injectors on a MagnaCharger
  204. can I run my na cam for turbo
  205. Whats The Best Aftermarket Maf?
  206. 402/408 with a d1 and EPP fmic
  207. LMR Turbo Camaro
  208. 63cc chamber 5.3 heads deck to thin for boost??
  209. where to get Down pipe for gt 45 turbo
  210. EPP FMIC install Q's
  211. Sneak Peek ! Magnuson LT1
  212. Alky control/Map sensor question
  213. Best catback on a turboforced ls1?
  214. Any interest in trading/buying gt55-91?
  215. best turbo headers???
  216. Made a little more tonight with the APS kit
  217. Silicone coupler elbow on Procharger?
  218. Is anyone running a GT42R or GT45R????
  219. W2W and other engine builders: break-in ???
  220. RevXtreme Keene Bell billet prototype...
  221. Help with my STS Kit.
  222. supers... maggie? procharger?
  223. Will 6 Bolt Heads Work On 4 Bolt Block?
  224. Anyone have a number for Tial?
  225. Opening chamber up on 6.0 heads...worth it??
  226. Will a D1 procharger run on an LS1
  227. AFR or ETP for the APS setup ?
  228. How many of your are running SD all the time?
  229. Question About Pulley On Vortech V9-G
  230. why not bigger
  231. meth???
  232. What HP max with my fuel system? What is easiest path to upgrade for more hp?
  233. Twin Turbo Project LS1
  234. What AFR are you turbo guys at?
  235. limitations of internals
  236. Drag radial car finished.
  237. If you where to buy a turbo kit.......
  238. 2001 SOM WS6 475.3 HP Procharged!!!
  239. Will I want to get new springs?
  240. Stock CR with 12pds
  241. Head lift
  242. missfiring bad
  243. is my headgasket going?
  244. Gen-TT G8 at the track :)
  245. custom pulleys??
  246. Ohio Forced Inductions Single T4/T6 CTS-V Turbo Kit!!!
  247. Any FI guys try the E3 diamond fire plugs yet?
  248. My GN with 6.0/75mm
  249. Turbo build for my 89 GMC Sierra with a 5.3 Vortec
  250. HELP!!! YSi is installed and can't run the car!!!