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  1. Moving Turbo up front...thoughts?
  2. Ready to forge my 346 what can I expect out of my d-1 and gt3 cam.
  3. Benefit of a 4" FMIC
  4. C5 Twin turbo build
  5. corrugated heat shields
  6. Got my turbo, now what size wastegate?
  7. D1SC F1A sound clips or vids
  8. front mount intercoolers..
  9. supercharger for LSx s14? which 'kit' will fit?
  10. LPE 2 Step
  11. Plugs and gap?
  12. OFI on '98 T/A at EPP
  13. Clocked to 4-4:30
  14. no breather
  15. At what power level has people pushed water with a 4-bolt setup?
  16. help wiring Harlan 2 step into clutch
  17. Exhaust for turbo
  18. 700 rwhp goal?
  19. help me identify this turbo and whats it worth...
  20. TT + 8.50 safety gear + all factory options = heavy.
  21. I don't like the sound of my BPV....
  22. Drive before tunning question
  23. okay a friend has me paranoid procharger and new cam
  24. How does this look for a build?
  25. start up of my APS build
  26. Going F/I?? forged low comp LS7 shortblocks $5,995.00
  27. What rings are you guys using?
  28. Anyone have a oversized 6 rib crank pulley
  29. boost limits on 93 octane
  30. Need some help pls
  31. Extremely Bad Night
  32. D1sc in my 3rd Gen with a LS1...
  33. Sell existing LS1 for new boost shortblock, or build existing one?
  34. Boost+Meth. Any reason for 100 oct. ?
  35. Tom Snitzers 402/F-1C/ 804 rwhp with 15.9 psi
  36. OFI - Resolutions
  37. F1a or D1sc
  38. 222/228 115+3 for turbo?
  39. Magnuson/Magnacharger/Radix
  40. Late Model Speed F-Body Magnuson Kit
  41. Supercharger Belt advice please
  42. LM Speed kit goes 545/550
  43. prochargers rock!
  44. virginia speed wheres it at?
  45. Round 3: 370 LSX Block Trans Am / F-1A Procharged / Est. 900+ RWHP (LOTS of PICS!)
  46. how should spark plugs look with meth injection
  47. Sudbury C5's F1C dyno results
  48. What do I need to sell for FI
  49. header wrap turbo?
  50. Going new direction...Boost
  51. SDCE tensioner setup and power steering cooler
  52. FI and engine stroke???
  53. Lots of smoke ??
  54. C6 Manifold kit - Hot parts
  55. Intercooler
  56. GM6 Turbo from diesel....Cheap FI?
  57. cutting radiator support to make room for intercooler pipe
  58. Controlling boost. Stock bottom end
  59. Filipowski with Uratchko Power goes 197 at CSCN
  60. engine combo
  61. Magnacharged 2002 z28
  62. sts or rear mount have serious question.
  63. LS-6 Block with a Turbo
  64. boost vs pump gas??
  65. not an LS but still pretty cool
  66. 2 Step and Auto
  67. Squires Turbo Systems
  68. Which block ?
  69. FI98X Transam 1/4 mile runs...finished my license runs...
  70. Supercharged /NOS/NA
  71. texas rearmount turbo?
  72. TT GTO Shakedown 1/8 passes
  73. FI LSX block machining costs?
  74. How will my car respond to 5-6lbs? |procharged fbodys advice, please!|
  75. 3 bar map
  76. APS T/A Vids
  77. sts oil fill cap update
  78. turbocharged guys with powerglides shine in
  79. who has the lowest ET on a stock cube car??
  80. Moving STS oil return line to pan; what fittings do I use?
  81. intercooler mounting
  82. whats the difference in a turbo cam and a blower cam
  83. No LY6 Turbo'd Users?
  84. Who's had the biggest ???
  85. World's Fastest C5 Vette??? Part 2
  86. APS TT Tubing Problems
  87. Hello, and My First Question(s) Posting....
  88. 3 bar map
  89. OKAy guys what am i doing wrong! No boost on my gauge!
  90. First runs of the FI98X setup
  91. vortech question
  92. Intercooler core
  93. turbo and altitude witch one?
  94. who is running Twin GT3582R's.. have a few questions
  95. Sticker Dude to the Rescue
  96. i need a fmic for a c5!!! got any pics?
  97. Ais?
  98. intercooler size?
  99. need help with pulley sizes
  100. Which WG for S91 turbo???
  101. Gen TTr numbers are in for the Goat
  102. pt91.5
  103. highest fuel pressure
  104. Wideband and Boost controller are ther any?
  105. Tune for 5psi?
  106. new 396 motor
  107. Late Model Speed in G.M. HighTech Performance Mag.
  108. aftermarket blowers on ZR-1??
  109. ofi radiator mount
  110. OK Dumb electricle quest. for boost light
  111. APS and Knock sensor
  112. Procharger? Or, third gen Camaro?
  113. o2 sensor location?
  114. Iconel/ titanium valves?
  115. SC Parasitic Loss vs TT
  116. front mount
  117. LT1 Eaton M112 dyno and site update!
  118. ls2 stock main caps how much power can they hold with arp studs
  119. vortech s trim questions
  120. procharger proflow valve
  121. NINETRES = worst luck ever!!!!
  122. Running off of wastegate only?
  123. Update on our EPP GTO race car
  124. looking to procharge the 408
  125. APS Camaro. Hp loss from single cutout over dual cutouts? Cats?
  126. Blown head gasket?
  127. c6/truck manifold setup question
  128. Quick question on external Fuel Pumps (which one of mine is better)
  129. Who sells me a nice converter (LS1 turbo)
  130. Got some parts!!!!
  131. when does boost hit?
  132. Twin turbo LS7 in a 34 ford 3w coupe
  133. Was bored Saturday so took the car out for a few passes..
  134. Just dynoed my TT ZO6
  135. F-body Procharger users......overheating in traffic?
  136. What motor oil (weight) to switch to after goin FI??
  137. this filter for ati bypass and hat?
  138. Turbo pipes melted the High Pressue Power Steering Hose =/
  139. 1000rwhp Warhawk + TTix build
  141. Long tube headers
  142. larger air filter 4 stock d1sc
  143. Twin Turbo... Turbo Size??
  144. BBC Ignition
  145. personal best 9.9 @151 with 6 speed
  146. just got my tc76
  147. Great Day of testing we are on our way
  148. Open exhaust after the TT
  149. Magna charger MP122 fbody?
  150. water storage tank
  151. 2 Step w/o T-Brake??
  152. F1 or single t88 a4 flange
  153. Oil Change --more than oil
  154. APS TT C6, feels like its hitting fuel cut/falls flat on its face?
  155. How to check blow off valve???
  156. ATI Superdamper gap between pieces
  157. I much can I clock the turbo before problems.....
  158. Waste gate sizing
  159. Problems with water tank/Pump
  160. Injector Flow Rate with 8psi and 60lb/hr......
  161. STS turbo Systems
  162. Submersible injection hose, PCV coated wire, Y block
  163. boost vs cubes
  164. Forced Induction on DOD?
  165. My LSx turbo manifolds
  166. help finding a thread
  167. Air filter locaton
  168. intercooler question
  169. Trick flow to release blower for the Lsx!!!
  170. some help needed.
  171. Some ?'s after dyno
  172. ALKYCONTROL help needed
  173. Pulley swap question
  174. first oil change...?
  175. Who would you have tune your car...
  176. Late Model Speed Magna Charger LS1 Fbody Supercharger Kit
  177. Best for Daily Driver, 347 or 370?
  178. boost/HP limits of ls-6 intake
  179. Fastest FI list VS Fastest N20 list =D
  180. Tial Q/50mm BOV on a C6 Procharger kit?
  181. Small turbo a/r housing COMPENSATION?
  182. Fully silicone cold side piping? Has it been done for rear mounts?
  183. Slower with tc78 than pte67???
  184. Head Lifting Input
  185. C6 Z06 TT, how much power will I make?
  186. PP Stage III ported heads? What cam?
  187. Bypass Valve recommendations
  188. Low Boost prob #2
  189. buying a Built single turbo 99 FRC vette - dyno graph - not a ls1 guy -opinions?
  190. STS TT 01 ZO6 Shooting Oil from the Exhaust!!! Need HELP fast
  191. I got my blower in!
  192. Boost referenced yes or no?
  193. vorrtech supercharghed+ nitrous?
  194. What Cam are you running in your rear mount DD cars
  195. Reverse Split Cam and Turbo?
  196. Cam Recommendation
  197. i want your help.
  198. I may Know how to fix my "low boost:problems .help me out
  199. 4" mufflex/custom exhaust question for a turbo car
  200. S91 Turbo Build SNL Performance
  201. If you ever had work done by TRT Turbo you might want to check your car out.
  202. Boost problem with D1SC
  203. little help?
  204. LME + ETP + FTI + NEP + 93 pump = ?????
  205. Best manual boost controller
  206. Will these heads work???
  207. Looking for a supercharger!
  208. What kind of vaccuum are you guys pulling(tial bov spring?)
  209. P1 question
  210. blower with heads and cam?
  211. 10.44@131 Finally got a Clean pass. Remote Mount 76MM S-10
  212. What Are The Best Hot Parts For Single
  213. Boosting a 5.3
  214. headers 1 3/4 or 1 7/8?
  215. mounting question??
  216. Under piston cooling.
  217. Tial or jgs?
  218. Multiple charge pipes for more flow? What are the downsides?
  219. s10 build ?'s
  220. Basic Build Question
  221. is a single 88 to big for a 408?
  222. turbo fabrication question
  223. Fastest (or most powerful) 317 head car?
  224. Turbo oil drain in pan location?
  225. Where can I get this peice of pipe?
  226. MTI's prototype MagnaCharger TVS 'vette
  227. How bad would this exhaust hurt me?
  228. STS dealers
  229. almost there....finally (kick rocks 56k)
  230. Vortech Custom Intercooler????
  231. sbc procharger bracket
  232. Turbo exhaust question
  233. Opinions wanted on my 6.0 setup?
  234. The feel of FI
  235. EFI Intake Manifold for Boosted BBC
  236. Meziere water pump/ATI
  237. What screen to use on turbo??
  238. High rpm miss while in boost
  239. Picked up my boost friendly 347 today
  240. 500rwhp guys what kinda times ya turning?
  241. New Turbo Install
  242. Any negatives to running a 5 rib setup?
  243. fastest twin screw supercharger car?
  244. Actual Cost of Truck Manifold Turbo setup?
  245. Worlds Fastest C5 Corvette???
  246. Single T76 LT1 Just Back from the Dyno-
  247. Head gasket type??
  248. which muffler ?
  249. wg and bov size
  250. S91 402 tuned and running! Boost question