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  40. Anyone w/ Maggie or KB running Meth?
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  44. Not the best way to start the day.....
  45. it's coming....
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  47. 95 turbo TA inj. pulse disapears at 4,800 once warm
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  49. Holy crap - check out this video
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  51. Anyone using total seal rings w/ chromoly top ring?
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  54. Which spark plugs for boosted e-85 car.
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  60. just wondering???? sts exhaust pics
  61. My 408 iron block, GT47-88 build.
  62. Is There A Whipple Dealer In The House?
  63. what rearend/tranny combo are you running on turbo cars??
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  79. Plenum Box Exploded! (Procharger Race Bypass info needed)
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  81. 2 bar MAP
  82. new d1sc build
  83. OFI kit and aftermarket k-members?
  84. Its a STS kit? good luck making any sort of decent power
  85. Need 2.5" Merge to T4 flange, build or buy?
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  88. Dyno #'s for my STS set up
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  91. 6 to 8 rib coversion
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  94. 2000hp LSX Twin Turbo/STOCK CRANK
  95. Widebody Twin Turbo Corvette C6 (Turkey)
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  97. EvoByDawin's eBay build-up
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  101. Redid APS inlet pipes
  102. D1SC Filter Problem.
  103. FI98X Initial Startup movie
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  106. Exhaust diameter size?
  107. Rear mount guys. Has anyone thought of this
  108. my car falls on its face in 4th gear..Help
  109. For those that have asked about Turbosmarts new 50mm Gate....inside
  110. Cam for a S/C stock LS1
  111. torquer 2 cam and a procharger?
  112. motor and parts all came in!!!
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  114. vortech T.Trim
  115. pics needed: turbo bracing
  116. Mild steel pipes
  117. supercharger swap
  118. Stupid Question: weight???
  119. VIDEO of Superchargered F-Body by MTI Racing
  120. Gen TTr Install Pics on 04 GTO
  121. Anti-Surge system?????
  122. What should I do about the Oil Return?
  123. Who else ordered the new tc78?
  124. Upgrade crank pulley to SFI Procharger /w GTO blower pulley, who makes one?
  125. Turbo Build
  126. Compression Ratio?
  127. will a MPT-70 .96a/r t4 fit the stock t4 sts kit
  128. MTI Racing F- Body Supercharger Kit
  129. High HP Guys Not Using BS3 - Knock Sensor Question
  130. building a 1300-1500hp turbo LSx ?'s
  131. STS tuning suggestions
  132. Quick question about OBX
  133. SI007 Cam for Boost
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  135. LSX, F2 in another mustang
  136. How do you STS guys feel about your kits piping?
  137. belt tensioner question
  138. Any Sponsors make a Radiator Relocation Kit?
  139. D1SC-more boost-custom crank pulley
  140. Carrie LIVES!!
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  142. Radiator and Turbo Set Up!?!?!
  143. comp 918's gonna be enough?
  144. Cam for STS TT
  145. I finally did it..Thank you OFI.
  146. STS & Wideband O2 Sensor Placement
  147. Vacuum Source
  148. Gas Ported Forged pistons with boost?
  149. Which headgaskets are the best
  150. limit on Stock 5.3 bottom end? should i go more??
  151. Motor loses RPM at top of track
  152. need some help guys
  153. TSP 231 237 cam on turbo 6.0
  154. What fuel setup for MPT-70 kit?
  155. how runs 10psi with stock LS6?
  156. round 2 of my turbo build
  157. off road y pipe
  158. Has anyone used this product to quiet procharger?
  159. STS kit on a C5
  160. belt question..
  161. SDCE w/ Stock Damper Question
  162. Opinions on my set-up please
  163. Fel-Pro 6-layer MLS gaskets-where to get them?
  164. H/C Change pics
  165. Blower Header Delimma-Educated Input Requested
  166. Whipple kit
  167. My Turbo Project Has Started
  168. Eboost 2 reading low
  169. in trouble
  170. Factory feed line 'T' return size? Pic inside
  171. Procharged GTO -- Oil Leak?
  172. Got the car running and driving
  173. V8 RX7 Sigle turbo build
  174. bolt hole size T76
  175. I need help
  176. 06 GTO with an 402/ATI ProCharger F-1C being built at EPP
  177. Warm start up issue.
  178. wastegate reference issue
  179. ISO - HP Tuners bin for my car
  180. Who eliminated the STS PCV system and used a catch can?
  181. Turbo Question not for a ls1 though
  182. Twin turbo car making high pitch sound...need some help
  183. which block for big turbo power.
  184. Aps Dyno On Stock Bottom End, Trans, Clutch Etc...
  185. supercharge candidate
  186. sts guys come in!!
  187. What Bypass Valve?
  188. Vacuum sources
  189. Turbo Advice?
  190. Twin T-70s
  191. Ohio Boys and Tom Kempf
  192. meth and afr questions
  193. Quick ?'s about LS1's and F/I
  194. Has anyone done the magna charger from LM
  195. Where to get alt. reloc. bracket!
  196. BS3 vs 3 BAR factory computer
  197. FI EZ 94mm BB turbo?
  198. Ac mounting with turbo kit??
  199. Need Help!
  200. Blower Motors & Headers
  201. Short update on my Formula
  202. What do i need?
  203. ST80 problem....poop.
  204. ET LS7 41" or AllPro LSW
  205. Cam Power zo6
  206. How badly will a 3" exhaust choke my setup?
  207. MAF and turbo kits
  208. Manifold ?
  209. Buy FI set up or a C6 ZO6
  210. aps intake duct
  211. APS, little things
  212. Turbo In Battery Location??
  213. Twin 76 build.
  214. D1SC rebuild cost??
  215. Thanks To Shawn!!
  216. TIG welding hotside question.
  217. APS kit: EGT bung in driverside EGR cover?
  218. TVS Pickup (video)
  219. PCV with FI
  220. TRT is no more
  221. STS oil pump and fuel pump question
  222. Forged 347 piston Ring Question
  223. Official: STS Turbo choice thread.
  224. edelbrock intake elbow??????
  225. seeing 9 1/2 #'s with stage 2 snow meth kit 50/50 mix. safe???
  226. Question about getting new setup to the dyno?
  227. wastegate questions
  228. RevXtreme Sheetmetal Intake packages!
  229. To good to be true?
  230. O F I C6 Single Turbo Release!!!
  231. APS charge pipe came off oncesusp loaded
  232. has anyone had problems with spark blowing out with a msd digital 6??
  233. GMC Syclone/Typhoon pistons?
  234. Could I get away with 15psi?
  235. Project Pewter Turbo install
  236. wicked 1 dyno and track video
  237. CheaTR cam and P-1SC?
  238. Car not wanting more timing or boost issues
  239. Vacuum line routing ?'s
  240. spark plugs for high boost
  241. STS kit, Oil all over engine bay!
  242. Another stock bottom end APS Dyno tuned and on the road
  243. Eboost 2 with a twin turbo application
  244. TT/408 GTO Finally fired up
  245. Home made rear mount turbo ?'s
  246. No maggie for now
  247. where to order from?
  248. OFI did you run plug wires?
  249. 809 rwhp CTS-V we built for Bob Johnson is featured in the Aug issue of GM High-Tech!
  250. 02 Z06 STS 42lb max RWHP?