View Full Version : Semi Gloss/flat Black F Body?

10-30-2008, 09:54 PM
So im really considering the flat/semi gloss black paint scheme but done right. my car now is nbm, and a hardtop. I know there is more to consider than just a color. Here are the areas of the car that I feel need consideration. Im considering more of a flat black for the majority of the car, and a darker satin semi gloss black for some selected areas to add some distinction.

TOP: (my windows are tinted dark) so Im thinking the darker of the two colors for the roof and sail panels to be a closer match to the glossiness of the windows

BODY: not really an option other than exactly what shade Im going to use but its going to be the lighter of the two colors

HOOD: I have a ss hood ready for paint, so im thinking making the cowl the darker shade and the rest the same as the body.

BERGER: not sure on this one, dont know if it should match the body or be darker to add to the accents.

BILLET GRILL AND BOWTIE EMBLEM: not sure if i would rather have the grill match body and the 69 style bowtie emblem be darker, or the other way around.

HEADLIGHTS: I have the ccfl dual halos that come flat black but and Im thinking that if they are too far off from the rest of the body color chosen I will open them up and have them match.

SS SPOILER: spoiler is ready for paint as well. Im strongly considering putting a manta stripe down the rear in the darker shade to match the roof and cowl on the hood.

WHEELS: lastly are the wheels, the car will either roll on my 18" c5 z06's or my 17 zr1's. no idea of any color combos, light or dark, any polished areas etc. I am thinking of the zr1's for simplicity, lighter spokes with the lip darker.

Im not too good with photo shop, so if anyone wants to throw some pictures/ ideas out there besides what I have already mentioned im all ears. I know alot of people have done it and blah blah blah but I havent seen it done with any real style. I think with the different areas and two tone theme will set mine apart from what I have seen so far.

10-30-2008, 10:07 PM
basically I have everything now, hood, spoiler, headlights, grill, emblem, wheels. with winter here, and a dd I need to pull the trigger now if im going to do it as it will be a weekend project for my painter and myself over the next couple months and I want it done around the new year. And if not I need to have this stuff painted to match the car now!

10-30-2008, 11:50 PM
You got some good idea's there bud!!