View Full Version : Bad Radio Reception

09-17-2003, 04:18 PM
I just had a Kenwood 3022 HU installed a few weeks ago. They forgot to hook up the power antenna wire when they installed it and I was getting really bad reception. I took it back and they hooked it up and I was still getting pretty bad reception. Not all the time, but enough to get upset over, espically sence it's a new radio. I had them recheck the connections and according to them, everything was connected properly. I eventually had them put in another HU, same model, and the problem hasn't gone away. When the stock radio was in I had no trouble with it. I replaced it because the display went out.

The reception, when it goes bad is sort of like when you get a weak signal from the station, but it does it on all the stations.

I know this was pretty lenghtly, but can any one please help me.


09-17-2003, 07:30 PM
do a hunt on the net. They do make amplified radio antennas. The majority of them are very small and draw very little power. Some are completely hidden some mount at the upper edge of the front window behind the rear view mirror. I have one in my ta & my tahoe that mounts to the window, never had a problem with them & they work just fine. hope that helps.