View Full Version : my TA vs some chevy uhh 1500 series or whatever.

11-14-2008, 11:50 AM
ill make it quick was coming from KFC. a white chevy truck with 20" rims lowered big fat tires ect pitch black windows. was infront of me as we are going around a turn im slowly just going by him on the outside lane minding my business and he then decides to pace me and kept goosinng it.. 3-4 times.

I personally dont like someone to the right of me on a turn with traffic coming towards me people tend to drive of the line lol. anyhow. so as the road straightens up i tapped the gas once let off then just floored it. this was from about 45--48ish range. i wound up having about 5-6 car lengths between us by 85. sadly its the only race i have had in a couple weeks now :(