View Full Version : Raced a evo today.. little long

03-22-2009, 12:35 AM
so me and my buddy are ridein around during our lunch brake when this red evo (not sure on year but i a 08- or whenever the body style changed a bit)
pulled up beside us and it must of been a 16-18 year old boy kept pulling up and blowing his bov off at us, there is cars all over the place so there wasnt anywhere to really go for us.

so kept cruseing around kept looking at him with a cockey smile just letting him know i game, we hit a red light.
the whole red light he just sat there not even looking at me.
im thinking the whole time WTF he should be happy we are at a light atleast he gets to go from a dig. turns green he doesnt even hit it. so i just go slowly driveing away, look in my rear view and he hits it
im going about 35 in 2nd gear and i just hit it at that point, it went from a ricer fly by to me pulling about 3 more cars to 100.. all i can think about that race was what a chicken shit for not going at the light then trying to fly by.

evo's mods are- exhaust and ???????????
firebirds mods- in sig

03-22-2009, 04:44 AM
lol sweet dude i hate those cars even the fast ones r still gay and sound liek shit