View Full Version : Anyone from Oklahoma know this car?

05-24-2009, 09:34 PM

I just bought it...It has a full borla exhaust that is 3 1/2'' or even 4'' not sure...I called the kessler performance and they said they put in a magic stick ms4 cam in it. I also noticed it had drag springs and msd plug wires. Anywho, the trans is out and I tried another one that a friend of mine had laying around and it doesnt work either, but a friend of mine said we can take them apart and put the two together to make one. the spider gears were broke and from what i understand the car had been repo'd. It has a dent on the passenger side of the car...I would like to try to get some info on the previous owner if at all possible. Or if you might know anything about it, let me know! P.S. this is my first camaro...wish me luck