View Full Version : Looking for a job in September

06-20-2009, 01:53 PM
I will be graduating from WyoTech at the end of September from there Laramie, WY campus.

I have taken ASM (Applied Service Management), Basic Engine Management Systems, Driveability Diagnostics, Drivetrain Systems, Chassis, Chassis Fabrication, and will be taking Street Rod & Custom Fabrication as well as costum paint. I am 609 certified.
A total of a year and three months of classes.

Here is a link to my project that I worked on in Chassis Fabrication.

I will be finishing the Fab. 9", 4-link, and the sub frames once I'm done with school. I will be working on all the sheet metal work in Street Rod.

I have done all the work on my 2001 SS as well as my 98 Z/28 as well as helping many friends with their late model F-body’s. I love fabricating, and building motors.

I can have WyoTech send anyone a resume that I put together in my ASM class.

If anyone has any questions you can email me at

Thank you,

Sam Smith