View Full Version : 3.73 M6 for a 408?

07-09-2009, 03:19 PM
My 3.42 rear that I took from a wreaked 00 TA was just WAY too loud. So I swaped in my old 3.23 rear. Thing is with my new 408, this has a massive 3rd & 4th. I like it! BUT I think a 347 ls1 h/c m6 with 4.11 is nice. I have them in my LT1 and love it. Thing is I've got such nice TQ and with 4.11s I don't think I'll ever hook so, I'm going with 3.73s. It's a thicker gear than 4.11s and my hold up in my 10bolt a bit longer. I'm not a racer and may have a couple passes a year but nothing more.

I assume the 3.73s won't kill my mpg as they are already bad with the 408.

Anyone have them in a m6 with 500+ rwhp?

Yes the 12bolt is next year.

07-09-2009, 04:42 PM
when i had my 6spd i had my 402ci with 4.56's .....i wouldnt go less than 4.10's unless your doing top speed runs :D
all joking aside the difference in gas mileage is minimal go with 4.10's :)and who cares about gas when you have 500 plus hp :D