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08-12-2009, 03:44 PM
2010 SS TVS2300 Package

The package includes the following...

TVS2300 Black finish
RotoFab CAI
NGK TR6 plugs
Dyno Tune

$8049.99 + tax


-Chrome finish $ 800
-custom reservoir for added coolant/cooling capacity $259 Satin or $299 powder coated
-custom injectors for added boost 3.6 pulley or smaller $528

This combo made 518 rwhp on our 2010 6 speed with nothing more then the above listed Magnuson blower ( 3.8 pulley ) and RotoFab CAI.

dyno sheet shows dyno tune only v's blower, cai and dyno tune

pics of setup on car w/ upgraded reservoir

video of tuning

please email me for any further info or a detailed install list