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11-24-2003, 03:19 AM
Peter, I will be using the Holden LS1 oil pan in an upcoming engine swap and had heard some rumors that the front mounted oil pump pickup was causing some problems with running the pickup dry under hard acceleration. The fix was to add an extra quart of oil. Did this seem to fix the problem? How much oil needs to be run total (w/ the extra quart)?

Also, does the oil pan use the same gasket as the F-bodies? What about the windage tray (that bolts to the main cap studs)?

Finally, I noticed on the pan I recieved that it looks like the dipstick actually goes into the pan, instead of the block like on the F-bodies? Is there a plug on the block for the Holdens? I would assume it used a different part # dipstick? Would you happen to have this part #?

Thanks for any info you can provide!


Plan B
11-24-2003, 05:20 PM

It can be a problem, I guess it would depend on how quick youíre going to launch.

Most of the quicker street cars here only get low 1.6-60í @ low 11ís. Iíve asked the question to a few guys and there are no reports of low oil pressure. Iím not real sure what would happen on a decent, wheels up launch. I run a well baffled 7 litre sump on my car just in case.

The gasket and windage tray looks to be the same as it has the cut out for your dipstick location. There is also a plug available from Holden which seals up the dipstick, but itís a standard size welsh plug so you shouldnít have a problem getting one.

The dipstick part number: 9206 5825 the tube: 1256 1544.