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09-02-2009, 01:27 AM
1 newly refurbed palm treo 755wx plus a non useable esn parts phone to go with it, included is 2 batteries, 2 stylus', and 2 standard chargers. $98

1 used samsung omnia great condition,not perfect, but great, has had a screen protector on it from day 1, and a black silicone case, which has made the chrome around the edges of phone kinda dingy looking(very faint lite scratches), but the 2 small clear plastics down the outer edges are still intact. u also get another omnia with a non useable esn and a cracked screen, to be used for parts only!! Included is 2 omnias, 1 standard charger, 2 stylus', 2 batteries, and the silicone case. $225

1 used Pink blackberry curve in good condition, has a couple scratches on screen and the battery cover looks like it was dropped on floor and scooted a little, cant feel those scratches , but you can see them. tried to get pics of the scratches but camera wouldnt zoom in clearly. included with it is 1 standard charger, 1 battery, and factory leather pouch that comes with phone. $145

all these phones except for the parts phones i mentioned are clear esns and ready to activate
paypal only to
all prices are shipped priority mail to continental US

09-08-2009, 09:45 AM
bump........all prices are obo!!!!