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09-05-2009, 02:42 PM
Stage 2 LS2/3/7 intake porting

While the intake manifold is more often than not a restriction in the induction we aim to make it as little of a restriction as possible. All of our typical stg 1 LS2/3/7
manifolds are ported to about 93mm, or 3mm larger than the stk TB flange opening. Our ported FASTs are closer to 95mm but they are over 94mm. This is all in the interest
of most gross flow at the entry and most plenum volume. Typical stage one manifold porting is very extensive and time consuming to port correctly. We remove a very
substantial amount of material from the plenum, TB flange, and runners. We offer the most aggressive porting for the dollar and strive to go the extra mile in all that
we do: porting, tuning, and installs.

We avg over 11rwhp and 13rwtq from our base Ls2 manifold porting with over 420 LS2s to our credit, 95+ LS7 (18RWHP and 20RWTQ), 60+ LS3 & L76s (12RWHP and 15RWTQ) and over 400 TB's.. We were curious as to how far we could take the manifold by really opening it up to the next level and taking a page out of the FAST/Wilson notebook...

Stage 2 porting is taking the manifold to its limit - as much of the plenum is removed while still staying safe from vacuum leaks, which takes about twice the time to port.
The FAST manifold utilizes as much plenum volume as possible within the space requirements - the larger the air reservoir the less likely it is to deplete it at medium and high rpm. Hence the difference from an LS1 to an LS6 manifold, plenum volume. (We have tested this manifold swap many times for an avg gain of 10RWHP and 10RWTQ; again plenum volume.)

We rework all the runners for an even deeper cut and we use a much more aggressive sanding method, even deeper than the 8 inches we typically port in the stg 1 manifolds. For stage two manifolds we remove the inner posts and completely flatten the plenum floor all the way to the back on the inside of the manifold as well as the outside so as to make a sort of air gap between the valley and manifold base. We epoxy small aluminum plates, screw them in, and then epoxy the inside as well, to prevent any air leaks. This stage 2 manifold porting is a cheaper alternative to a FAST manifold, but it is also designed for someone that is trying to FULLY optimize their power on a budget. We are targeting those that want the MOST from the stock manifold at a decent price.

On our own GTO we tested the stage 2 manifold vs our stage one and we picked up an additional 6rwhp and 7 rwtq on an A-B test on the dyno same day, same weather, same engine conditions. This is in addition to the 11/13 from the stage one manifold We also had an independent test done by a shop in NY and they gained over 15+rwhp and 18+rwTQ.
We do not offer stg2 for the FASTs. We port all of them as aggressively as possible over 3.5 hrs per manifold.

Stock opening:
Stage 2 opening:
Stock floor:
Stage 2 floor
Stock Floor:
Stage 2 floor:

Stage 2 on the top, stocker on the bottom:
Stage 2

The Stage 2 manifold pictured here has been on our GTO for the last year with out any problems what so ever. It is after this long term testing and dyno proven results that we are proud to now offer this power making manifold for $375.00 (like all of our manifolds, on an exchange basis). These are for LS2, LS3 and LS7 manifolds. We do not port the LS1 & LS6 manifolds, as we have not seen any measurable gains from porting.

10-02-2009, 05:25 PM
We have been receiving requests to purchase LS2 Stage 2 intake manifolds outright and we now have a limited number available, they can be purchased for $550.00 shipped in the lower 48. We also can sell the Stage 1's for $475.00 shipped.



10-10-2009, 02:16 PM
Here is a helpful tuning tip post for those doing there own tuning, or having others doing the tune:

11-02-2009, 03:14 PM
We now have a LS7 dyno to show the gains from a stage 1 to a stage 2;

This Car is an 07 Z06 with the following mods:
Callaway CAI, Fasterproms Ported TB and stg 1 manifold, STOCK EXH manifolds, B&B Fusion catback, Fasterproms custom tune.
Run 1 was a baseline pull with all aforementioned mods, fully optimized.
Run 6 was Stg 2 manifold and a tuning tweak, more fuel.

We were pleased to get this kind of power in weather in 90F + air temps.

Bottom line: Stage 2 over Stage 1 picked up 6 rwhp and 9 rwtq through out the rev range, and 10 and 10 in some areas.

Jeremy Formato