View Full Version : Back again from Chicagoland

09-14-2009, 06:03 PM
Hi all, former WS6 owner (04-06) back! As of today I'm the proud owner of a black 01 corvette coupe! I sold my T/A back in 06 to get back into Evos and I have finally had enough. I'm coming from a pretty rowdy Evo8 that was making 500whp on e85 with a 30r. I set the car up to be a true multi role car, it served as my DD, and was nothing less then perfect for 3 years of use. It took a ton of work maintaining it and couple of minor engine failures. The overall experence was great, it's making me a ton of money setting other evo's up like mine, but I just missed v8 power too much, so I got another one.

I'm hoping to accomplish a similar feat with the corvette, I have seen it done before, that's all i want to do. It's a SUPER clean car, 1 owner since new, bone stock, just had the clutch replaced and a ton of paperwork for service, warranty and stuff like that. The guy that sold it was practically in tears when I drove away with it. I picked it up for a real good price, and I have some cash left over from my other car going back to stock, so I figured I'll start with the bolt on's right away. I'm a 9 year Subaru/Mitsubishi tech, so I'll be doing all the work myself, my knowledge is defiantly rusty with these cars, but I'm sure any questions I have, I will find answers between ls1tech and corvette forums.