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09-28-2009, 03:16 PM
Hey everyone. Jeremy will be in Gettysburg tuning and porting from Friday November 6th through Saturday the 14th. The last trip we had 33 customers and the time before that a total of 27, so please call 813 476 7364 and let us know as soon as possible if you want to be scheduled. Jeremy will be at:

Keiths Pit Stop
2784 York Road
Gettysburg, Pa 17325
(717) 334-3153

The cost of dyno tuning is $400 + $80/hr for the dyno. If you are just looking for a street tune he can also do that for $300 w/ WB o2. We work very hard and are extremely thorough to make sure every vehicle is perfect and you are completely satisfied.

We will have ported intake manifolds for $300 and the throttle bodies for $150 all readily available. When they are done together it is discounted to $400. Installation is free.

We will also now have the new Stage 2 intakes for $375.00 or $475.00 for both the intake an throttle body together.

Why a Formato Fasterprom Ported manifold and throttle body?
Average gain from stock to our ported LS2 manifold is 11 rwhp and 13 rwtq, and we have done well over 350 of these intakes. On a LS3/L76 the gains on average are 12 rwhp and 15rwtq and have done over 60 of these. LS7's gain on average 18 rwhp and 20rwtq, we have done over 110 of these. We have had many cars gain much more than the averages listed: 20RWHP from an LS2, 32RWHP for an LS7, and 30RWHP from a L76 and 22RWHP from an LS3.

Porting the TB is a very nice SOTP difference, you will not see much of a gain on the dyno but your vehicle will be 10x more fun to drive and your throttle response will be greatly increased.

Porting the LS1 TB's is $100 installed. This will also greatly improve your throttle response. This is all on a core exchange basis.

We will be requiring a $100 deposit to hold the spots.

Here are some customer testimonials on Jeremy's tuning:

If anyone is interested in having any headers or exhaust installed, we can get that done with enough notice, please call the shop to schedule an appt for this.

Here are some graphs of some cars that we dynoed, tuned, and swapped the intakes and TBs. Some are direct A-B swaps and show the results. Some are Base runs then a rough tune and then we swap the intake and TB, and then fully optimize the tune.

Here is a GTO LS2 before and after our ported intake and tb:

07 LS7, base tune to our ported intake and tune:

Here is a C6 LS2 base run to ported intake and tune.

Here is a 2010 SS M6 with LMR CAI and our ported TB and before and after Formato Tuning(in 90 degree weather)

Stock LS3 base run to our ported intake and TB:

Here is a G8 before and after our tune and ported intake:

383 LS6 to ported FAST and nice set of heads:

408 LS6 to ported FAST:

Obviously the larger motors wanted the larger manifold more than a smaller motor but we have had an LS2 with one of our ported LS2s on it put a ported FAST on there and pick up 22RWHP and 30RWTQ on a 6L bolt-on 07 vette.

Note LS1 and LS6 manifolds are not ported as there are no measurable gains with porting.

To schedule please call 813 476 7364 or Jeremy on his cell 813 495 8778

10-06-2009, 03:05 PM
We have a few spaces booked, but still plenty available.

To Schedule please call the office at 813 476 7364, we will take a $100.00 deposit and jut let us know what day and time works best, and what it is you are having done.



10-13-2009, 12:34 PM
Just a TTT as we now have 13 spaces booked, but plenty of time slots still available to get you going faster in the north east.

10-15-2009, 11:39 AM
6th and 7th booked up, 8th in the afternoon is available and the rest of the week is pretty open.


10-19-2009, 02:06 PM
Link to GMHTP article with Jeremy Formato tuning:

The 8th is now booked, but the rest of the week is pretty much open.

Thank you

10-22-2009, 06:02 PM
One spot left on the 9th, late afternoon, rest of the day's are filling up except for Saturday the 14th -which is still un booked.

Thank you.

10-30-2009, 12:29 PM
Still have plenty of appointments available from the 9th through the 14th.

Thank you

10-30-2009, 05:12 PM
ust had Saturday morning on the 7th at 9am cancel, so if anyone was looking for then, please just let us know.


11-02-2009, 04:19 PM
Dynoed 4 exceptional cars Saturday, big cubes, 2 stage N20, wheel and weight comparison, and our stage 1 ported manifold compared to our stage 2 ported manifold.

Was a pretty hot day 90F+

416 LS3 Don O 563RWHP
This is a pretty nasty '03 Z06 Ls3 based motor big 258/264 duration .670+ lift and on a 110LSa with a few deg adv. Fasterproms ported Fast, TFS 245cc heads,11.5:1 CR, APS catback, Large 1.875 headers, UD pulley. FASTERPROMS SPEED DENSITY TUNE.
The 2 dynos show a comparison of his CCw wheels and tires vs stk Z06 wheels w/ flaken tires about 9 lbs lighter.

Ed c 347 D1 15psi to 11psi
This is a forged 347 CID 98 vette. D1sc procharger 15psi boost, mild ported heads, 220s small duration cam, Fasterproms Ported FAST, alky injection, Full exh.
The dyno shows the peak TQ @ 5100 RPM the car makes 15PS1 @ 5100 as well but falls off to 11psi. This car should be on par for 680RWHP- 720RWHP depending how high we can turn it.

Lino stg 1 to stg2 intake
This is the highest stock exhaust manifold car I have seen. We did a comparison of a stg1 manifold porting vs our stg 2 porting. This Car is an 07 Z06 with the following mods:
Callaway CAI, Fasterproms Ported TB and stg 1 manifold, STOCK EXH manifolds, B&B Fusion catback, Fasterproms custom tune.
Run 1 was a baseline pull with all aforementioned mods, fully optimized.
Run 6 was Stg 2 manifold and a tuning tweak, more fuel.

Jason 2 stg vs NA

A big THANK YOU TO NITRO DAVES NITROUS OUTLET for all their help with the 2 stg kit on Jasons car!

This is a 98 corvette, 232/236 cam, Fasterproms ported FAST & Ls2 TB, LPE ported 98 heads, TPIs headers, VR CAI.
Custom 2 stg nitrous sytem. Comparison of all motor power vs N20 2 stg.
Customer said he walked away from a 750cc street bike on the ride home!

11-17-2009, 01:28 PM
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that came out.

Here is a 2010 SS Jeremy did up there:
Wanted to share a the results of tuning and intake porting this 2010 SS/RS, done just this week.

Runs 1,2,6 are the 5th gen Camaro base pull , base tune, and then stage 1 intake porting and TB porting and final tune.

List of mods:
2010 2SS/RS, Kooks LT Headers, SLP Axle Back, LMR CAI, Formato Fasterproms Stage 1 ported intake and throttle body. 413.53/rwhp & 406.34/rwtq, tune by Jeremy Formato.