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09-30-2009, 02:12 AM
Last event on the schedule. Lots of fun, shooting for $1000 purse in outlaw street(non-dot tires allowed), and $500 in real street( radials and bias only) Real street cars only in both classes!

Gates open at 6p.m. drivers meeting at 7. real street style grudge runs and money runs from 7 until 10:30. park in the staging lanes, set up your run, put your pride or money on the line. secret time slips, no display on the timer boards. "pinks" style arm drop starts. heads-up or we'll spot car lengths.

Cruise-in from 6pm 'til late in staging lanes 4 and 5. hang out bench race, and if u get the nerve put ur pride on the line.

shootout drivers meeting at 10:30 pm numbers drawn from hat. real street round 1 first, then outlaw street, round 1 next.

everybody pays $5 at the gate( goes to a local church(new life, fort gay, wv)
$15 to race, including shootout.

How this event was born:

I have been around street racing all my life, my dad street raced in the late 50's early 60's, all his friends, all my friends. I took over my dads car repair business, and for all my life and before, people have trailered and driven their cars to my shop parking lot, and "tried them out" at the 1/4 mile long, unobstructed strip in front of my shop. Well, all good things must come to an end. One year ago, Johnny Law decided to step in, and a bunch of tickets were written, cars were towed. I was on my property, but i still got a ticket. A buddy of mine that also got a ticket, said we need to have a street race event at the local track(tririverdragway)and it would look good on us in court. Well, we had the event last november, it didnt help us in court, but we had a blast. So we worked out a 4 race schedule in '09, and this is the last of 4.I set up the event to make it just like streetracing, but at a safe venue. so if u get a chance make the trip.

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10-07-2009, 11:55 PM
Last one for 2009!