View Full Version : 71 TURBO-FIRE 350CID TREMEC/Borg-Warner T-56

10-08-2009, 06:24 PM
Hi ls1 tech guys,

Iíve just bought my first classic in the form of a 1963 Chevy C20 pickup, it has a grate 71 small block turbo fire 350 cid with exceptional bodywork, but the gearbox is atrocious, first gear is useless, unless you are planning on pulling stumps out the ground., top gear is appalling, 3200 rpm= 50 mph, I know the rear end is to low (4.57:1) but the gearbox makes it undriveable.
So my question to all you helpful guys out there is, can I fit a TREMEC/Borg Warner T-56 6 speed to my 1971 350 cid and if so, how?

10-08-2009, 07:55 PM

Measure where the shifter will end up on your truck, alot of them are too far back and end up in the middle of the seat. You can get a mid-shift relocation kit for a bit more.

The LT (94-97 fbody) version of the T56 is easiest, but depends if you want to retain the stock mechanical clutch linkage. The LSx versions can use an adaptor plate to work with a older muncie-style bell/clutch/etc.

If you're looking for new, you might want to look at the MagnumT56, since it offers various shifter options and other retro-fit features. (mechanical speedo, etc.)

If you throw back some additional requirements, we can narrow down the choices.