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10-09-2009, 11:17 PM
Hey guys,

I am proud to finally announce to everyone, that we at Nicholson Chevrolet in Edmonton are an authorized Callaway Corvette dealer, which we have been since the spring. We are the only dealer in Western Canada, 1 of 2 dealers in Canada, and 1 of 29 in the world that sell Callaways.

I was actually the one who brought the idea forward to the General Manager, Todd Nicholson, after I saw an article on the Callaway Corvettes in the auto section of the newspaper, saying that they were currently looking into Canadian expansion. Todd was actually very open to the idea and said to see what other information I could find on them, so I went ahead and contacted Callaway myself and expressed our interest to them. After passing info back onto Todd, they had several phone conversations with Callaway and the rest is history! :D

I feel that it was a pretty good accomplishment to be the one who spear-headed the whole thing (and I think they were impressed too, since I am one of the mechanics and dont really have anything to do with the car sales part of it, until now :nod:). I am currently waiting to get sent down to California, where I will even get to become an Authorized Callaway Corvette Technician.:D

Here is the article that we got in the driving section of the newspaper (p.s. please forgive the error where it says "the flagship ZR1 which goes for $110,000". That should say "the flagship Z06 which goes for $110,000". That also is not me in the picture haha):

10-12-2009, 01:29 AM