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10-10-2009, 06:34 PM
Going to try and raise the bar on the record for the fastets N/A pass, swapped the rear brakes out today and put a underdrive pulley on the crank.

To my knowledge no one has ran any faster then my 11.37 pass, going to try and see if I can break into the 10 second barrier tomorrow with out the bottle. I had full intentions of pulling the heads off this week and having them milled but we were too busy at the shop to mess with it.

This Texas weather is perfect for drag racing, tomorrow's high is 63 and the DA currently is less then 600 ft. We'd go tonight but ODRA has the track rented.

10-10-2009, 08:24 PM

10-11-2009, 01:34 AM
any updates?

10-11-2009, 11:50 AM
good luck

I look forward to hearing about your results today :D

10-11-2009, 03:35 PM
Freakin sweet!

10-11-2009, 08:52 PM
Track sucked a big one.......Left lane is me, clutch started slipping a little this pass.

10-12-2009, 09:54 AM
damn! I was hoping you would reach your goals.

was the clutch slipping on the big end or down low?

10-12-2009, 07:15 PM
damn! I was hoping you would reach your goals.

was the clutch slipping on the big end or down low?

It slipped all the way through 1st gear but not enough to hurt the ET. Usually it goes from 5800ish slipping the clutch and falls to 3800-4000.This run it never dropped below 5500 in 1st gear. After all of the slip in 1st it still showed quite a bit of wheel spin (15 mph spike) on the log when it was shifted into 2nd.
The fastest pass its ever been it bogged to 3000 rpm on the launch then the nitrous took over. :D
The clutch has 60 or so passes on it now and it still works pass after pass.If it ever is slipped to far and smokes you can let the car sit for 15 minutes and its back to normal. When the clutch does finally go bad I think we will put another stock ls7 back in it.Its acting like a cushion to keep from breaking parts from the shock. Same thing goes for the stock soft driveshaft couplers.