View Full Version : My drivers side door is scraping my front fender?! help...

11-26-2009, 08:37 PM
The upper part of my door is hitting my drivers side fender when I open/close it...

I was told to bend the tab thats on the bottom of the car, back to its normal position. I tried, but its bent pretty damn bad and I cant even loosen up the bolts. Do you think that will fix my problem? Its the top part of the door thats hitting, not the bottom. The top part of the door seems to be popping out a little too far...

any help is appreciated.


11-26-2009, 08:47 PM
You still havent fixed this? lol. Its the tab under the fender. You said nothing happened to your door right? It just started out of nowhere. Well, that probably means your door didnt just magically move itself. So you can try one of two things...get the bolts out of the fender, bang the tab back into place with a little persuasion. Or if it really is the door, open your door put something soft under the bottom and a piece of wood then a jack to support the door...loosen the door hinge bolts, tilt or lift (wherever you think it needs to go...mine had to be lifted) the door....make sure the jack is still supporting it wherever you have moved it, and retighten the bolts. Or get a friend to help...I did it by myself, so this was my way.

You say the front top of the door looks out to far? How does the back of the door look?