View Full Version : Fuel Injector Connection

11-27-2009, 04:59 PM
In a desperate time of need, I sought out those nasty little gaskets that go between the injector wiring harness and its injector plug. Searched many threads on LS1tech for this elusive gasket, not wanting to have to buy a complete kit just to get it...

Then I spotted a lone thread, one that gave hope. The exact same situation as me. FICINJECTORS told the Op that he had quite a few and would be more than willing to send them out to him.

I messaged him, inquiring if he could spare any more. I was quite willing to pay shipping or something of the sort at the time. Within 5 minutes he had messaged me back, asking for my address quickly.. I responded of course. He came back just a minute ago stating he would get these out today to me free of charge.